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fublishcd every afternoon (except Sunday) by the Hawaiian Star
Newspaper Association.
Local, per annum ' $ 8.oc
Foreign, per annum 12.00
Payable in Advance.
Entered at Post Offlce at Honolulu, Hawaii, n8 Becond class mall matter.
Subscribers who do not got their papers regularly will confer a favor
by notifying the Star Office; Telephone db&.
Tho Supreme Court of the Territory of Hawaii ha. glared both THE
HAWAIIAN STAR (Daly) and THE suiYii-wctixui omn
of onc'raV JZMon throughout the Territory of Hawaii ('suitable for ad
verftlslng proceedings, orders, Judgments and, decree entered or rendered
fn the Courts of the Territory of Hawaii." .
Letters to THE HAWAIIAN STAR should not be addressed to any In
dividual f connecTid wVth the o!ce, but simply to THE HAWAIIAN STAR,
or to the Editorial or Business Departments, according to tenor or purpose.
In less than two years,
Honolulu will be saloonless. It may also be
T!. TJ...:,'.i., tnrr.clntlim line nfTnill made a verv creditable record
, . ... i...r.;nncci!l-n nrnifiw 111 tho. snecial session. An
it nas actea in a. vci uumumh
odd crazy speech or two by a single member doesiit matter much m
the whole record.-therc never yas a legislature Without its proportion
of freaks. t
The responses to The Stars statement of policy last night, with rc
. . .. ,. .i..i dirw tlmf the nrincinal Republican
card to tne nquor quesuun, uwij ... ,. . t,0
leaders are prepared to take up the issue. They w,H not ttw t ffljte
satisfied with a plank in their platform merely dec anng for rctent on
of the present liquor law. The party, beyond a doubt, will take the
aggressive and call upon the people to vote for a much more stringent
, &b 1- w.ji. .:ii of loncf nut tlip saloon out of business, and it
law, a law wuiv.11 nm m -
is pretty likely that the people will respond.
The gravity of the situation in England is indented well by a cartoon
. -r,..-u n..jf ; rnnrospntpd as -a bov. backed by AsquitU,
... M,nu linn Inhclled House of Lords. 'Suppose He
ties a turn is- "Itll be the greatest mistake lie ever made in I s Me
Tve 1.- waiting for a'reaUy fod
m ...j. ,, 1, tlint Vif Lords will attempt to eat up
ine inuicuuuiia sctm iu ut ....v t,n PVtra
tho hudnet. to oreserve the vast land estates they hold from the extra
taxation demand by the Commons, and that another Br. ish revolution
m ,-f f t linnnr! rind nresumcd. will result. The House
A, , u: f ripfv tho rnmmons'now any better
01 .uorus is nut in u ijvmvm ij ... ,.
than before. .
" 11
Commercial News
This was a "waiting' day" In stock
circles, tho bulls seeming satisfied with
their triumphs of yesterday and tho
bears undecided as to what might or
should be their next move. Attention
was districted, also by a largo, drlvo
of tho Waternohse Trust Company to
corral Paauhau stock. This firm Jump
ed hi and bought up all Paauhau In
sight at $30, a substantial advance on
the market of weeks past This was
one oC the features of today's bustness,
the other one being tno announcement
of dividends by Hawaiian Commercial,
Honomu and Onomea,
Walalua today has remained exactly
as It was at tho close of business yes
terday, C5 shares selling at $121. The
same was offered for more, hut holders
of tho stock wero demanding ?122.
Paauhau, above referred to, began
activity on the streets yesterday, whun
200 and 25 shares were bought in at
?30. On Change this morning 100,
100, 100 and 15 shares went at the
same. At the close pf the session the
same buyers were offering S30, but
holders demanded $30,125.
Pioneer seemed a little stronger, 25
shares selling at '$104. For the stock
$184.50 was bid, with $185 asked.
Onomea appeared strong, 125, 5o, C5
and 125 shares selling at $57. This
figure was .with tho dividend, paid
later In the day, still on.
Side sales were 23 O. R. & li. at
$135.75 and G Rapid Transit preferred
at $102.50. For these stocks $135.50
and $102, respectively, wero bid. A
large blockr 500. shares Hutchinson
sold at $17.50. ,
On the boards 5 shares Waimanalo
sold at $250, and. the same was bid for
more. ,
Ten shares I. I. S, N. Co. sold at
$113. No further bids were recorded,
although the stock was offerpd at
Ten shares Oahu also sold on the
boards at $32.75. For the stock $32.50
was bid and $32,875 asked.
Honokaa was1 strong although it
still failed to reach the $20 mark. Fifty
and 10 shares sold at $19.75. The
same was offered for more, while
$19,975 was asked.
There were no transactions in Ewa,
although the stock was offered at $31.
SUGAR $4.49.
The cable this morning reported an
advance in beets from 11:6 to 11:9
the parity being 4.49.
from tho Alameda Lurllne and Hilo-
nlan, the two first named coming to
tho islalds and 'the latter on her way
to the Coast. Tho following camo
from tUp Alameda:
"Alameda 8 p. m. All well. 557 miles
from Honolu.u. Fresh east northeast
wind, rough rea. Rainy, squally wea
ther. Bar. 30.22. Will arrive Dia
mond Head 7 a. m. Saturday."
Tho Hilonlan wirelessed as follows
612 mles from Honolulu. Strong
northeast wind and moderate sea.
Squally weather.' All well.
Tho following report also came in
from overseas:
"Eight p. m. X-urine, 140o miles
from Honolulu."
Edward C. Brown, of the Dearbol
Drug Company, has sent to the Cham
ber of Commerce a large map of Cijba,
showing tne location or tn tiiiieijenr
large sugar estates. The map will
f:.,rr SnmmcnN large BUgi
The Literary Digest gathers togetner some i iiu'b tC(bo displayed at the headquarters of ;ihe
nn thp P-eneral situation in tlie far nasi, repicsv:.iv..B ,v rr" " , 1 chamber.
views of what the forces at work are leading up to: ine recu.i
cSiat on and treaty between China and Japan may be viewed erther
as a mere trade agreement or as a r'J
The way in which China and lapan nave oeen urn.
1 Viiiua unu ci.".. o ,
. 1 f t1i Pnrtsmntlth
r.,inf I iknmn set HIS siizuavuii; vu
Oilier cvci auiv-- , r T7 TTncf
. . . ii cf.itiiVilitifr-Viinrk- of the far nasi.
Treaty has oeen ine scuuuai ai.u - ,.t
i J ... tt 1 - MnMirlitPn recentlv counseled Germany to
The following have been filed up to
yesterday afternoon for registration:
Cecil Brown to Victoria K. Kaawa,
H. K. Panui and wife to L. K. Kau
mualll, deed.
L. K. Kaumualil to Herbert Mundon,
McBrydo Sugar Co., Ltd., to E. H,
Wodehouse, tr., deed.
E. H. Wodehouse and wife to Cecil
Brown, td. security.
Mutual Bldg. & Loan Soc. of Hawaii
to Magnanl italo, release.
Juan M. Levlnho to Alanuel Furtado,
bill sale.
Manuel Furtado to Maria Q. Levlnho
bill of sale.
T. Kanemoto to H. A. Gerlrich, chat
M. Murlyama to Hilo Bldg. & Loan
As., chat mtg.
Haiku Sugar Co., et al W. M. Kalei-
kapu, deed.
Keapapalanl Mannawal and hushand
to Apaki Manuwal deeds (two.)
Josephine Cornwell to Hawn. Trust
Co., p. a.
Mutl. Bldg. & Loan Soc. to John A.
Legros, release. 1
Lucy C. Legros to Wm. E. Legros,
John A. Legros and wife to San An
tonio Ben. Soc, mtg.
Trent Trust Co., Ltd., Fred C. Miller,
Fred C. Miller and wife to David L.
Austin, deed.
John Hamilton to Laupahoehoe Su
gar Co., cancellation of leaso and new
leaes. ,
David K. Nahale and wife, et al to
Nahlnu Nahale,' deed.
May K. Brown to Blanche C. Walkei-,
deed. -
Blanche C. Walker to Walter F.
Dillingham, mtg.
We serve the best meal in the city and serve the
meals best. There is a distinction. The difference
is' in the price of our ood meals and the indifferent
ones served elsewhere. ,
PALM CAFE, Hotel near Union.
Dividends aggregating $13il250 were
paid out by three pjantatlons today,
ag follows: Hawaiian Commercial,
20 cents a share, or $80,000; Onomea,
SO cents' a share, or '$40,000; Hono
mu, 112 per cent, or $11,250.
Wireless messages came In last night
. . . I.:....
.. - :r ocrpnt nrnvocateur had been alienating v,uuia
so 11 iookcu as 11 wniv b - nfiinl rpsources at Ia" ma or tni.
and Tanan. Trade was balked by boycott s and the natura 1 rebecs . CabIeneWfj Qc 12
of Manchuria were lelt half-developed, ine .giu-j . -has
been imperiled by the claims Japan urged against China. Count
Okuma suspected everybody, and declared that in the dispute about
the South Manchurian Railway "behind China is America ; but it is not
America alone. England, Germany, arid France all approve of China s
Japan, as represented by her newspapers, is, however, quite satisfied
at last by the terms of the new agreement. "It is a compromise and
also an accommodation," declares The Japan Weekly Gazette (Yoko
hama)'. The Kokumin Shimbun rejoices "that the clouds of mutual
distrust have been completely cleared away. This paper congratu
lates the Chinese Government "on the successful steps it has taken to
prevent the circulation of incendiary .views and to avoid recourse to
the boycott boomerang." The adjustment of the railway question
affords profound gratification to the Shogyo Shimpo. But, much ex
cellent advice is addrest to China by the editor of the Yomiuri Shim
bun. "China to have forgotten," it says, "five y?ars ago the
whole of Manchuria was completely lost to it, and that the Chinese
Have received it back as the gift of the Japanese Army and Navy. . . .
Unless China learns to look upon Japan with different eyes it is im
possible to tell what troubles the future may have in storc;" "Japan
(has lost many of her claims in this convention, tho the loss is lightened
by the prospect that Japan will in the future secure the compensation
of other and better returns." "The two nations must know each other
. better," remarks the Mainichi Dempo, and it thinks, the amicable efforts
pf. the imperial families and of the statesmen of the country ftvill "prob
ably prove efficient factors'' "in restoring truly cordial relations."
But while these journals see little else than a peaceful and profitable
commercial cooperation as resulting from the convention, German and
Russian observers view the new compact with foreboding and alarm.
The new agreement deals only with the building of railroads and the
.exploitation of mines, yet it unmistakably Has "a bellicose background,"
declares the Hamburger Nachrichten. "This view is gaining ground."
"Japan and China are making warlike preparations," accprding to the
newspapers. To .quote further:
"If the statements in the press have any foundation, the vast mili
tary preparations now being undertaken by both the yellow races can
he accounted for only by the presumption that possibly, nay probablv,
these two Powers will unite in an attack upon Russia in the near future."
. Trie Novoye Vremya (St. Petersburg)' is of the same opinion, and
In this leading Russian organ wc read that "in Japan nothing is talk
ed about excepting this new war." To quote further:
"Japan is building vast food magazines and raising many new reerl
ments. She is manufacturing firearms of the newest pattern. The
; artillery is laboring with feverish activity on the completion of Uat
teries. The troops are practising at the butts 'and carrying on maneu
vers day and night, unhindered by rain, darkness, or storm. It is reck
oned thai Japan possesses dozens of dirigible air-ships of the most
recent' construction." .....
The writer concludes thai such preparations "can not b'e ma'deHgainst
China" and that "it is not impossible that 1910 will b'e another 1904
More than 1,000,000 cigars, manu
factured under Various brands by the
well known Alhambra Cigar and Oi-
garet' Factory, will bo shipped by va- GOVERNMENT OIL STATIONS,
rious export firms on the Chiyo Mam; SAN FRANCISCO, October 10. As
sailing for the United States on Wen- oil becomes more and more used on
nesday, October 13.
Another big shipment Is to follow
at the end of this month. ManMa
battleships Instead of coal, oil stations
must of necessity follow. Advices
from Washington state that the Unit-
Somethinir llkn ano.nnn nf thono m. ed States Government is soon to es-
gars are believed to be for Honoluni tablish oil depots on Puget Sound, at
merchants. The Chlyo Maru will he San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu,
due t0 arrive here on November 12 Guam and Manila; and in this con-
AEROGRAMS FROM SHIPS. net,0n U ,n" there wlU h0
(Continued on Pago Four.)
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