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The Hawaiian star. (Honolulu [Oahu]) 1893-1912, January 22, 1910, SECOND EDITION, Image 4

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I. ;
Cublished every afternoon (except Sunday) by the Hawaiian Stak
NEvsrArEK Association.
the star accepts no liquor advertisements.
Subscription rates:
Local, per unnum $ 8.oc
Foreign, per annum 12. oc
Payable. in Advance.
Entered at Post Office at Honolulu, Hawaii, as eecond class mall matter.
Subscribers who do not get their papers regularly will confer a favor
by notifying the Star Office; Telephone 365.
The Supreme Court of the Territory of Hawaii has declared both THE
f general circulation throughout the Territory of Hawaii, ('suitable for ad
vertising pVoceedlngs, orders, judgments and: decree entered or rendered
(n the Courto of the Territory of Hawaii."
Letters to THE HAWAIIAN STAR should not be addressed to any In
dividual connectsd with the o;ce, but simply to THE HAWAIIAN 8TAR,
or to the Editorial or Business Departments, according to tenor or purpose.
As long as he has the backing of the local community, as Frear has,
It may be doubted whether the governor of Hawaii should resign even
in the face of plain and open opposition to him in Washington. Happily
that condition does not Nexist, but suppose it should ? The governor is
appointed for a certain term and confirmed by the Senate of the United
States. In justice to himself, he has a right to expect to serve that term,
assuming that he takes the office with large plans and policies for the
benefit of the public which take time for development. Viewed in this
light he is an independent executive whose duty is to serve the people
here according to the terms of his appointment and his oath of office.
1 he doctrine that he should resign if he happens to disagree with the
President would make the governorship a mere clerk's job.
To JReci-t
Morris Lane 2 13. R....$ li.UO
Morris Lane 2 D, It.... 10. Ou
Chrlstloy Lano 2 D. It.. 16.0U
Wahlawa 2 I). R 20.00
1479 Thurston Ave, 4
11. R 40.00
Beretanla St. 3 B. R... 40.00
1286 Beretanla tit. 6U.K 40. uo
Wnlkane 4 B. R $30.00
Walklkl 2 B. R 36. 00
Kalmukt 3B.lt 45.00
Kalmuku 3 B. K 00.00
Pearl Harbor 3 B. It.. 60.00
Pacific HelghtB 4 B. R. 60.00
Governor Frear's statement is cryptic. It 'closes with a remark that
"the matter here has now been cleared up somewhat." Well, if it has
tile governor certainly hasn't cleared it any.
Russia and Japan have both rejected Knox's proposal for the neutral
ization of the Manchurian railway. ls it because Russia proposes to
make it-Russian and Japan proposes to make it Japanese?
In this issue 'The Star prints almost complete, the San Francisco
graft inquiry commission's resume of its findings. It throws light on
some of the details of the most remarkable graft exposures America has
ever known and perhaps contains suggestions of an explanation of fail
ures to convict public thieves known to be guilty. Certainly in some of
the parts of the story there is a showing of strange civic indifference to
public graft. Tlie recommendations of the commission are surely
worth attention, for if any city; ought to know all about graft it is San
Francisco. But it is a striking fact that at about the time the commis
sion reported, San Francisco was changing administrations going back,
by vote of her people, to control of the party of Rucf and Schmitz.
Halley's comet is an old story now. . But it is nevertheless still a sen
sation, and its being sighted by people on our interisland steamers is a
cause for a thrill of wonder at the intellectual achievements of the men,
among whom.Halley is only one, who led the human race to look for
the heavenly wanderer at this time. Before Christ this comet has
been traced, and its course of travel has not varied since. It has figured
in history all down the ages. It is reputed to have helped William the
Conqueror at the battle of Hastings by frightening his foes, and century
after century since his day it has awed superstitious mankind. Today it
is looked at from all overthe world through wonderful telescopes such
as Gallileo never dreamed of, and the world calmly makes calculations
on it as a part of a celestial calendar ! In the light of what it means, its
uite inconceivable velocity, its constant reiteration every 75 years, of
Halley's wonderful certification of the magnificent conceptions of New
ton, the approaching comet is perhaps the most impressive spectacle upon
which human eyes can gaze. Looked at in this way it means more cx
cq)t perhaps to the learned astronomer than any other body in .the
heavens. The least initiated and educated may gaze at, this body and
see in it a ratification of the greatest of human scientific theories and
discoveries. Century by century as it fulfills the predictions of its ar
rival, it confirms the Heeoccntric theory and the laws of Newton and
Kepler, and all that go with them, in human efforts to understand the
heavens. There is unlimited food "for thought in this wonderful inter
planetary traveler, which moves so fast tljat it has traveled several times
the distance round the world since the reader began the perusal of this
It is a pity that all the travelers on the steamer .Cleveland cannot go
to the Volcano of Kilauea. There is no exaggeration scientific reports
show it in saying- that Vesuvius, so famous in history and so much
sought by tourists is but a toy compared to the vast cauldron "of fire
on the slopes of Mauna Loa. The "Innocents Abroad" arc at the end
of a long tour,, but we doubt whether they have seen anything while
they have been rounding the globe that is more wonderful, impressive
and awe-inspiring than the gigantic pot of boiling world material nine
thousand feet beneath the snow-capped heights of Mauna Loa.
which gives the prlnlcpal facts con
cerning the new company:
"The Honolulu Lava Brick Company
will be the name of the concern. It
will have a capital ofN $100,000, 75 per
cent of which Is paid up. The stock
has all been subscribed.
"The contract for the machinery to
be used In the factory has been let to
the American Clay Manufacturing Co.
of Bucyriis, Ohio. Mr. F. L. (Myers,
who came here for thafpurpose, has
taken the contract for the plant and
will leave In the Manchuria for Ohio
to 'have It filled.'
'The 'brick manufactory will be lo
cated in Kapahulu.opposlte the reser
voir. ' ' . ' ' '
"No ofllecrs have yet been elected,'
that matter not having yet been'feacn
ed. However this Is a matter of de
tail whlpK ci'an , just ns well be attend
ed to later on." ''
The business of' the company will be
the manufacture, of brick from volcanic
lava. Specimens of these brick, mado
up on the .coast, have shown their im
mense possibilities and it is believed
the new company solves once and tor
all the bidding; brick problem of Ha
waii. .'
Convicted of conducting a campaign of falsehood to discredit the
municipal government with regard to a building ordinance, the Adver
tiser retreats behind a cloud of nonsensical badinage, the product of its
hot air retort. In its favorite game of underhand attack on the municipal
system, that paper has for weeks been saying what was not true about
the Board of Supervisors relative to the subject just mentioned. It even
went to the length, in its semi-editorial news columns, of making a fur
tive attack on the Supervisors who are trying to secure the passage of a
milk ordinance unconsciously or stupidly, in that regard, setting up
the principle that property is a higher consideration than life. Speak
ing of property, it will be noted that the morning paper has nothing to
say about the fact that the property interests of Honolulu have prevented
the enactment of modern building laws for a quarter of a century. Now,
when a local administration nearer to the people than any government
that has preceded it endeavors to bring the city up to date in this and
other vital matters, the Advertiser joins the silurian obstructionists by
slanderous attack upon the authors of the necessary measures. And
when called down for its misrepresentation, it replies vith a farago of
twaddle about its being a twentieth century protagonist.
The week's business has been with
out notable, features, there seeming to
be a gradual ' recovery from the tem
porary slump which invariably suc
ceeds the' Holiday season. General
trade is picking up and most mo.cnants
j report; a, far more satlsfatcory codf-r:
tion than fpi" the same period last
jjear, while all appear to be satisfied
i with the outlook. County business
shows-iinusually well, indicating that
; the prosperity holding up so well vA
Honolulu extends throughout the en
tire group.
I Banks have a satisluctory call ror
healthy negotiations, although there
is considerable inclination to borrow- .
. for the purpose of speculating. This
Is a matter, however, which adjusts it
self in proper season.
I Stock dealing hus been on a larger
j scale than fqr any part of January
a year ago, although there was a sl:gnt
slump of prices toward the. end of the 1
week, due, perhaps, to a false quota- J
tion by cable of the sugar market.
The activity of the stock market
has had tho' effect of checking what
would otherwise have probably been
quite a boom In real estate geentally
and bulldlnc lots In particular. The
demand for properties in the Kalmukl ,
and Palolo neighborhoods seems to
keep up, however with excellent pro-
mise of quite lively developments in 1
the near future,. Mr. Stanton, of the
Kalmukl Land Company; Dondero and
Klrkpatrlck of the Hawaiian Realty :
Company, and Charles S. Desky, of tho
newPalolo tract, all report a satisfac
tory condition of business and pro
mising future.
:i 'f IIP fjfj
.'. f
Bishop Trust Co.
11 IVi .
Real Estate
Bethel Street,
Honolulu . h
- .
' ..-5
' 'Oi V 1 ....
',' ' if
1 ; :
$35.00; 10 Oahu Sugar
Hutchinson $18.50.
Ewa Plant. Co
Hawaiian Agrl
Haw. C. & S. Co
Hawaiian Sugar
Honomu Sugar Co....
Honokaa Sug. Co
Haiku Sugar Co
Kaliuku Pant
ekuha Sta. Co
Koloa Sugar Co
tCO. ?35.00; 5
Bid. Asked.
33.75 34.00
McBryde 7.375
Oahu Sugar Co
Onomea Sugar Co.... 53.00
Olaa Sugar Co 6.75
Paia Plant. Co........ 140.00
Pepeekeo , 152.50
Pioneer Mill Co
Waialua Agrl 124.50
Waimea Sugar Co
I. I. S. N. Co....-. 115.00
Hawn. Electric Co.... 160.00
Hon. It. T. Co. ocm... 100.00
Mutual Tel. Co 6.00
Nahlku Hub. Co
O. It. & L. Co....
Hilo It. B. Co....
Hon. B. & M. Co 22.75
Haw. Pine Co 29.00 '
145. 00
. 35.00
Hawn. Irr. Co. 6s.... 100.00
Honokaa 6s 103.00
Hon. R. T. Co, 6s
Kauai It. R. Co 100.50
McBryde Co. 6s 99.25
O. R. & L. Co. 5s 102.00
Pacific Mill 6s.' 103 i 00
Waialua Agrl. 6s 100.00
Fine Job Printing. Star Offlos.
Governor Frear has announced that
he does not intend to resign at pres
ent. His days of doubt have I3eec
due to tho question ofwhether, belngr
an appointee of President Roosevelt,
he field the entire confidence of Presi
dent Taft. He says that now that
point has been somewhat cleared up.
Fine Job Printing, Star Office. -
125. '50
Colonel John H. Soper has acquired
the property of the Lemon Estate on
( King street between the Kapiolanl.and
! Young buildings and will erect a
1 warehouse to be used In connection:
with the business of the Hawaiian
News Company.
BRICK COMPANY FORMED, factory can be erected, the work of
Final details of the Honolulu Lava turning out brick will begin Of the
Brick Company have been completed matter A. N. Campbell, of the Water
and the concern may now be regarded house Trust Company, this morning
as under way; As soon as the manu- tiuthorlzed the following statement
Manager Ballentyne of the Honolulu
Rapid Transit Company, stated this
morning that he was only awaiting
the arrival of material before begin
ning tho doublcftracklng dC King
street betyeen Llllha and Alakea.
Sugar 4.00c
Bet is, 12sJ2 l2d
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co,,
Uumbere Honolulu Stock and Bond
One Cent Per
Square Foot
Or a trifle over for home sites of more than
one acre each, adjoining the celebrated Pukele
Homestead in PALOLO VALLEY, ten minutes'
walk from the car line. ...
These lots are adjoining lthe beautiful homes of
Owen Williams, WilliamA. Rideout, Charles J.
Schoening, Edward F. Patten- and others. . The
rear of these lots extends to the hill slopes, from
which grand views are to be .had. Correct ,soil
for all kinds of fruit. , ,
Let me show you this property.
'"?5oo per acre and tip.
Session Sales 50 Ewa $31.50; 35
Ewa $34.50; 10 Hon. B. & M, Co., ?22;
15 Ewa $34.50; 45 Hutchinson $18.60;
50 Hulchlnson $18.50; 15 Ewa $34.25;
100 Ewa $34.00; 20 Honokaa $22.50.
Between Boards $6000 McBryde 6s,
$99.50; 15 Hllo R. R. com $12.50; 15
Oahu Suar Co., $35.00; 10 Pioneer Co.
$210.u0; 30 Onomea $54.00. 36 Paia
$140.00; 05 Olaa $7.00; 10 Olaa $7.00;
50 Olaa $7.00; 20 Oahu Sugar Co.,
Pineapples and
Chas. S. Desky
ananas are now
at their Best.
Island Fruit Co.
72 King Street. Phone 15
Coyne Furniture Co., Ltd.

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