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Mane LiiEhALitY
(Npeclat Correspondence of (he Wtir.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. I'resldeni
Taft will wlltiasa b rosl rol tnlno ex
plosion nt l'lttsburK October 27 anil
will be nble to watch every niovemutit
of tho renotio crow an It ruihed to tho
aid of tho ontonild minors. It will
bo n real coal initio oxrloslon, al
though specially staged on tho Pitts
bnrg ball park, whore a stool gallory
With glass Bides will be oroctcd to en
ablo the visitors to witness cvory font
tiro In this dramatic portruyal of tho
causo of recont groat explosions from
coal duit. Immediately following tho
cxiiiosion, members of tno reacno
crow, In tholr oxygen helmets, will
rush Into tho smoke-filled gallory and
go through the work of rescue. Sup
posed victims of the explosion will be
brought out and given first aid to tho
Injured treatment now In use by tho
Bureau of Mines.
Tho oxplo3lon will be ono- of the
many Interesting numbers prer.ared
for the 1G.000 miners and operators
expected to attend the great national
mine safety demonstration at Pitts
burg October 2G and 27, by the Bureau
of Mines.
The demonstration, which Is to teach
greater safety In mining, begins on the
26th. The first day will show explos
ions of coal dust in tho experiment
gallery, and tests of mine safety
lamps. Expert rescue teams from tho
principal coal mines will give exhibi
tions In rescue work, and tho miners
will pass In review before tho Presi
dent after tho exercises on the 27th.
Tha rm land taw la nnqNMllttttabV
tlia moat aatlafactory of tht pmvflt
miliar! la mi .awa, In that It fwmtla
an adwitmta valuation or ilia daiwalu
Tha praaant cowl land law, lioYsf
has una aarloua dafect, which Hlioulil
be rainedled If a IohmIiik law la not en
acted. Tho rafltriotlon of the area
that mar legally bo acquired to a max
imum of 100 acres for mi Individual
and 040 aoros for an association la
not In accord with good mining prac
tice A law designed In promote the
practical utilization of coal deposits
whothor tho system contemplates aalc
or lensa, must provldo for the hold
ing of a unit large onough to justify!
tho opening and equipment of a mod I
orn mlno and to permit Its oporatlon
i on an economical scalo. Without such!
, provision for commercial operation
i too groat an advantage Is given to the
land grant railroads and tho largo coal 1
! companies that are already In posses
sion of considerable areas of land con
taining high-grade coal. United
States Geological Survey.
Morning Cable Report
(Continued from Pagt One.)
IT. I'BTBHIilUrtn, August St. Tlia war claims nualnat Jtfwn havr
tam adjiittl. Japan will wy privala damage claim to th amount of
$110,000, will return a captured hospital ship and will pay the Rod Croaa
$10,000 for the reetet taken from It diirtitK the war.
WASHINGTON, August 80. All officers and men of the United Itatea
army will be raeolnated with typhoid serum.
HlCVrtltl.lCV, Unsa., August JO. Proliant Taft sotit a telgpnmi yea
terday to Admiral Togo at Seattle wishing him a pleasant voyage.
WASHINGTON, August 20. The postofflce department hae iMtml an
order against the so-called "MoNnmara defense stamp," whtoh are now
eliminated front tho malls bocnuso thoy are called "stamps" on their face.
, A N TO FA G A ST A , thlle, August atl. Tho bark Thekla Is nahore In the
Htrnlts and Is bolleved to be a total wreck. Captain I.ewialra and fifteen of
tho crew are mlsslnc.
TUCSON, Arizona, August 20. After six days' Imprisonment In the
shaft of a mlno near hero a minor was roscued yesterday and will recover.
The shaft was that of an abandoned mlno.
IlEGINA, Saskatchewan, August 29. Six persons were killed and n
numbor Injured In n freight wreck on the Canadian Grank Trunk Railroad
Classified Advertisements
One Cant Par Word. Six Words Counl Ona Lino.
Per Line, One Week, 30 cent; Two Wecki, 40 cents; One
Month, GO cent.
One tnfe and latest model oash reg
ister In the beet condition. Will sell
cheap. Partlenare at Star offloe.
I ro-he auto stand. Two att teat
Cadillac care. Phone lltl. liorataalR
r-ewr Nuiiami.
Itargalne In Iteal ICetate, on sea
shore, plains and hills. Telephone
1002. "Pratt" 101 Siangan wald Build
On credit $1.08 a week. No fwenrity.
Wear while paying. .1. Oarlo, Fort St
Halelwa offers unusual attractions
to tho tired man at tho week end.
There Is excellent bathing and a good
beach entirely free from coral, and
tho golf links rank with the best In
tho world. A tennis court provides a
means for men and women to enjoy
tho best of all outdoor games, and
there Is fishing In the sea off the ho
tel. The cuiBine and service at Halelwa
cannot be excelled anywhere, for the
vegetables and poultry come from the
hotel farm and the fish from the sea
at the door. It is a fino place for a
day or a week, and the trains of tho
O. It. & h. carry rtissengers to tho
The feeling between the Portuguese
residents of Punchbowl district and tho
Furnished House, for the summer;
all conveniences; fine view over city;
very reasonable rent for a desirable
tonant. Telephone "Pratt" 101 Stan
genwald Building.
Sot of books to keep at night or
during odd tlmos. Address 'N," Star
Hondst people to wear a gold watch
Governor Froar holds up the Maui or diamond ring $1.00 a week. No
homesteading row as as object lesson
Kaplolani Estate Is evidently becoming to the Territory, of how homesteading
quite acute over the matter of the should not lie done,
proposed surrender of the lease held on 1 The Star's report yesterday of tho
tho property from tho Territory, and fcUl1 conditions existing between the
which has about another year to run. homesteaders" pf tho Waiohull-Keo-
securlty. J. Carlo, Fort St.
Womanly Strength and Beauty
Tho woman who is really beautiful is tho woman who Is well. The
languid, nervous stylo of beauty once so popular with fiction writers is no
longer in favor, either in books or In daily life. Tho beauty of today eats
heartily and sleeps well and trusts to nature to paint its roses in her cheeks.
No medicine is better adapted to women's needs than
Stearns Wine of Cod Liver Extract
It appeals at once to the palate and the eye, pleasing them by its taste and its
tempting appearance. Its action is very simple and natural, since it builds
up the bodily health by stimulating the appetite and digestion and renews
and enriches the blood by Introducing more iron. IJ can always be depended
upon, for besides being the best of tonics It speedily breaks up hacking
coughs and other bronchial troubles. Get Stearns' Wine of Cod Liver Ex
tract at your druggists, and be sure you get tho genuine, STEAItNS'.
Come and get Jewelry, Diamonds or
a Gold Watch $1.00 a week. Wear
Various members of the community ken Iots- "ear Kihei, Maul, and the'wh,1 VWlne. No security. J. Carlo,
who have preference rights under tho -ornwo'1 Estate, which holds tho lnnd ' "" ot
organic act to the purchase of their unucr an '1 lcso until the first of
homes from the government at tho ex- next November, has aroused; much
pnration of tho Kaplolani Estate lease, r' 1110 Cornwell ranch peoplo; Tho best and most moderately
claim that the Estate Is practising a ev,(IentIy resent the claims of the priced lino of clothing for Boys In
gouge game on all who are unfortunate a"cge,l ll0mesteaders, on tho grounds Honolulu. Trunks, suit cases, Gents'
enough to have their leases expire bo- I?at tho land Is l,ttferly "nsed to; Furnishings, otc. Kam Chong Co.
fore the expiration of the general lease. """ "7 ul aim irnu port and Beretania.
in order to renew these small leases "7, , ' . I, ino ,,e""
the holders are being charged a bonus " " ' " . .. l,u lusu-
of from $40 to $75 for the nrlvlleee. !.. " uwoa l" uoavyl Vulcanizing Works on
without which the persons who have to ILrZ - , ' T Btr,0et 18 noW pr,epared t0
iiv,i i, rtW S 'Pply- Al,arently. therefore, the make repair to any size tiro for any
mJin . , V ranch has decided to make what it vohiclo. Prices reasonable and quick
. """a l" l"c'"' can on of the land before lts lease delivery.
expires, and so hns put a large force j
lave already f men at work cuttlnc the firewood
. V , , V . " - useu. u is even said to bo cutting Wear while paying $1.00 a week no
J;u,-u mu,. ouieia, OII uuucu ol u.o anu miming the smaller growth as security J. Carlo, Fort St.
Government, have refused to pay. They one man put It, "clearing up tho landi '.
will probably be ousted by the Estate, for the poor settlers." And the "noorl
We ask you
ly note the
very high
none high
er - - - of
but expect to be protected In their settlers" aro roaring vigorously. Evl-i
claims when the land Is apportioned dently they prefer to clear their own Men's Clothing on credit $1.00 a
finally. land. week. Suit given at onco. Francis
Tho Knniolani Estato has dnnllno.l The Governor Rtntnil vnatorrl. fhot' Outfitting Co., Sachs Bldg., Fort
r .lnnl ivIU. ,1 1 .,1,1 .. p 4 1. lift lin,l li n .1 II, , I. - ! CCU
ucut n,LU lliutviuuai!) 1U1 LIIU IClcitSU "v i.uu tcij ilLLIU lu UU Willi I Il-J
of the remaining period of the govern- matter personally.
ment lease in order that th holders' "The case illustrates the need of
r,p ij. . i, crnat. Mrs in nnonini, inn,i (,. i,. J Cocoanut plans for sale. Samoan
Or. T. Mori, ofilco 175 lloretatiia
street near Union street, Telepheno
1876, Honolulu.
U. Koneko, 108 Iiotoi street, cornor
of Hlver. Importer and dealer in all
kinds of Japaneso matting.
Royal Hawaiian Garage, Phone 1910.
Tho finest rent cars in the City.
Day or night. Special rates. Prices
M. E. Silva's 1911 Steveus-Duryca,
six-cylinder, seven-passenger car. Spe
cial rates for cash to rny named placo
around tho Island. Dan Pokl, chauf
feur. Hupmobllo auto, on hack rates,
25c, DOc, 75e, $1.00. Charles Spencer,
chauffeur. Niiuauu Auto Stand, near
Beretania. Phone "i5r or 11 7U.
Ohio Clothes Cleaning Company,
Phono 149C, Harrison Block Beretania
Subscribers not receiving the Ha
waiian Star regularly or promptly will
confer a fnvor by telephoning 23C5.
Diamonds and Jewelry bought, sold
and exchanged. Bargains in musical
Instruments. J. Carlo, Fort St.
Gentleman, good appearance, ad
dress and capability, would like com
mercial or clerical position in Hono
lulu In exchnnge for country. Address
"Energetic," Star oHlce.
variety. Apply A. D.
tret thfilr nrnnnrtv nnilnr n olonr tlUn: Stead purposes." said he. "Everv
but on the contrary demands that tho "ieco of laml should be studied very ,lCaua1, ,
Territory treat with it for the can- cnrfuHy with reference to the size FOR SALE.
cellatlon of the entire lease, and the ot tho Iots- the ternls "Pn which A very lino lot of California mules
payemtn to the Estato of a lump sum ,they should be offered, and the peo-' and horses, ex-Lurlino. See A. F
Choy Tuk You, carpenter, contractor
Hills, Llhue.'and builder. Estimates given on all
kinds of work. OHlce, Korean Hotel,
King street near Biver. Phone 1072.
for the relinquishing of Its claims,
plo who desire them. Scarcely any ,,i. i ,i. a,i,i0 ,
irru iriiuiB can ue ircaieu in precisely i
the same way. In other words, in
that matter, as In aU,' other matters,
tho scientific method the method of
investigation and then being guided
according to the facts found Is tho
only proper one.
"It is necessary to go into the whole
Good second-hand piano, $40.
I Kalakana avc, Waikiki.
Furnished cottage of three or lour
rooms by couple without children;'
must be modern and near car line;
good neighborhood; permanent; stato
U'ice. Address "Kinney," caro Star.
Special orders taken for Boudoir
Un- Caps and wedding trousseaux in
By an experienced chauffeur,
thin,.- n,i adwi.r ,v, ,,, ,,i ... I doistands overhauling, etc. Address French and Madeira embroidery. Per-
(- .,i,u oniuj 11 0 a 1 111 (I LIU it UUilSIU-.
er what the land is, what the areas
"I?," Star ofilco.
Sousa organized tho band that
bears his "name in September 1S')2,
and since then ho and his men have
traveled about C0O.O0O miles. Sousa
estimates that ho has given between
S.OOO and 9,003 concerts, and when
he reaches Vancouver, in the latter
part of September, ho will begin tho
last lap of the longest tour he has
ever undertaken. This tour, which
began in New York last August, has
taken Sousa and his band around the
world, and they visited South Africa,
Australia, Now Zealand and Honolulu,
In addition to being heard onco more
in Great Britain and Ireland. The
band will be heard here on Tuesday,
September 12, nt tho Bijou Theater,
before their return to New York.
Seats on sale at tho Bergstrom
Music Company, September 9.
should be, what the price should bo
and under what forms ot homestead
ing tho lots should bo allowed to bo
taken up. You canuot simply say to
a surveyor, 'All right, you go ahead
and cut that land up into homestead
lots.' You have cot to consldnr tlmt
no two tracts are alike.
Successful Not Nominal Homestead
ing. "Hitherto very little attention has
been paid to theso things. Tho lands
have simply been given out. Now wo
do not caro so much about giving out
tho lands tho question Is not how
can we get lands disposed of under
homestead forms, but how can wo
successfully homestead the lands that;
aro disposed of. In other words, if Is
successful homesteading, not nominal
homesteading, that wo aro after."
Fino Job Priming, Star Ofilco.
tfect satisfaction guaranteed In dress
making department. Miss 'Woodard
1141 Fort street.
English and American Weaves. Made to your order with S
and style unequalled. -
W. W. AH ANA 62 South King Straat
HUGHES-BUNGO At Catholic Mis
sion, on August 2G, William E.
Hughes and Clara Lily Bungo, both
c Honolulu, were married by tho
Rev. Father AVendelln.
Physician I
175 BERETANIA AVE., corner Union St. PHONE 1733
Vour Bosom Friend
is this laundry when it comes to laundering dress shirts.
beautiful finish and no harm to the garment.
FRENCH LAUNDRY, J. Abadie, Prop. Phone 1491
Uso D. D. D.. that mild, soothing
wash, that recognized remedy for Ec
zema and all skin troubles. First
drops take away that awful burning
Itch, cleanse the skin waBh away
every pimple overy Impurity. Noth
ing llko D. D. D. for tho coraploxlon.
Get a bottle today, worth ten
times its cost to havo a bottlo in tho
house. At any rate, drop Into our
store to talk over tho morits ot this
wonderful proscription. Bonson, Smith
& Co. '
ROBERTS To Mr. and Mrs. .Too
Itoborts, at home on King street, a!
son, August 27J 1911. '
MJM YEN KEW To Mr. nnd Mrs.
Lum Yen Kew. at homo on King
street, a daughter, August 13, 1911
I 4
LARSEN, FANNY Eight-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Lar
son, at Children's Hospital, from
diphthorla, at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning, interment at King Street
Catholic cemetery today.
HUGHES, Mrs. E. Ago flfty-throo
yoars, at Oahit Insnno Asylum.
Cause, caucers-'-August 28.
Thirty-three abotf ot now goods In
cluding Boy Scout Bults. Everything
free for green8tainps, Fort and Bere
tania. , "
For Outdoors
Our showing of Women's Regal Shoes includes smart
styles for outdoor wear. 1 hese Kegal models
have the neat, trim lines and the exclusive shapes
and leathers of the expensive custom-made
shoes from which they have been patterned.
They also give you the perfect comfort
essential in outdoor footwear.
We have other Regal models
correct for every occasion and
in every style you can get your
exact fit, because Regal Shoes
are made m quaita-dzcs.
in1 mmmfmim&im-initZ&.

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