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Cano: 4.405 lb' 181.00 ner X
', Titer, min., 71. ' V
X Bar. 8 a. m 30.04." (fl
BootB! 14a. G&d. cwt, y
j! 4101 Rrt nnr Inn f.
f Wind, 12m., 5 N.E. '
$ Rain, 24h., 8 a. m., .00. i
- ' - , A
Anyone Who Has a Few Friends and Can Hustle a Bit Can
Get a Prize in The Star's $3,000 Contest.
Telephone 2365 Star Business Office.
NO. 6168.
'The officers on the fleet did not
decern at all disappointed this morning
that they arc to remain in Honolulu
indefinitely. On the contrary they
seemed quite pleased about it, not
withstanding that they did not know,
how much longer they would be here,
or. where they would go from here.
Tho news was received late yester
day afternoon, and was brevity itself.
The cable message merely directed
.the Admiral to delay tho sailing of
the fleet until further orders. Be
yond this nothing has happened, said
'the officers this morning. Nothing
more is known than that they are to
;stop here for awhile longer.'
Glacier Included.
The United States supply ship Glac
ier is included in the message. Sig
nals were sent to her last night that
she was to delay her sailing also. She
was all ready to go and would have
got away by Monday at latest, but she
now lies here with the rest to see
what is to bo done with the six ves
'sels. No One Dissatisfied.
Admiral Thomas stated this morn
ing that he was qulto satisfied to re
main here a little longer. It was very
pleasant for him - here. Captain Har
low looked on the prolonged stay as
anything but a discomfort, and bo it
V . J I !? 1
urana jury rinas
Many Things Wrong
was all along tho line. Tho officers
were quite Jovial about it.
Where To From Here?
Where the fleet will go from here
no one In Honolulu knows. San Diego
Would like to have the vessels over
there, and they might go there. Thero
is no certainty about this. 'They
might go to China. This latter theory
Is strengthened, so it is asserted, by
the fact that the full war paint was
put on before the fleet sailed from
San Francisco. Tho distinguishing
marks wero painted out of the smoke
stacks of tho cruisers, with the ex
ception of some blanck bands that
still remain, but the numerals that In
dicated which vessel was the flagship
of the first division or tho flagship of
tho second division were blotted out.
Even the brass funnels of the little
steam launches wero painted the pre
vailing French gray.
If these boats go to China they will
only be useful on the coast, for it is
doubtful whether they could get very
far up the rivers there. The United
States already has on the Orient sta
tion a fairly large fleet of steamers,
not of all which, of course, are in Chi
nese waters. A glance at the follow
ing will show that they are nearly all
small boats. The Saratoga, Rear Ad
miral Murdock's flagship, 8150 tons;
I (Continued on page five.)
' In. a lengthy final report covering
many typewritten pages the territorial
grand jury this morning strongly rec
ommended an Increase of 32 men to
tho police department, urged the ex
tension of the flro alarm system to
tho districts that do not already have
it, urged that the Are department bo
brought up to- date by the substitu
tion of motor power for horses, roast
ed conditions at the .Boys' Reform
school and praised those at the Girls'
Reform school, recommended the re
vision of the building ordinance so
as to ensure the decencies of life for
tenement dwellers, denounced In scath
ing terms tenement conditions in Ho
nolulu, recommended the repairing of
certain court houses and jails, patted
Superintendent Popo-of the depart
ment of education, Sheriff Jarrett and
Superintendent Peterson of the Insane
Asylum on tho back anu applied a
coat of exonerating whitewash an inch
thick to City and County Attorney
John W. Cathcart.
In its report tho grand Jury states
that it has examined more than 300
witnesses, has returned G8 truo bills
and nine no bills, and says that, of
the indictments, there have been 48
convictions, five acquittals nnd five
(Special Correspondence of The Star)
HILO, January 5. Tho following
resolution will bo introduced at tho
meeting of the board of supervisors
this morning.
This move is at the instance of the
rapid transit promoters, who. want
their franchise amended so that, in
stead of confining Uieir power to run
ning cars, they may sell power and
Whereas, There Is at the present
time a hill before tho Congress of the
United States granting to L. S. Con
ness, W. H. Johnson and their asso
ciates and assigns a franchise for a
street railroad system for the city of
Hilo, county and Territory of Hawaii;
Whereas, It is the intention of said
L. S. Conness et al. to operate said
street railroad system through elec
tricity obtained from the water power
of tho Wailuku river; and
Whereas, A slight Increase of unit
in the power plant so designed would
afford great relief and public benefit
to the county of Hawaii and in par
ticular to the citizens of the city of
Hilo; anil
Whereas, The said bill before Con
gress 'contains no provision through
which tho said L. S. Conness ot al.
may generate and sell electrical
power, or use the same for other than,
street .railroad purposes; and
Whereas, The present prices charged
hoth to tho county of Hawaii for
street lighting and to tho private con
sumers for lighting nnd power pur
poses are based on the proposition of
the present company being a monop
oly, and the service is correspond'
ing poor; and
Whereas, Through the introduction
of competition from the system to be
established by said L. S. Conness et
al., such prices would bo brought
down to a reasonable and proper
basis, and through such competition
an improved servico would be forced
from the Hllo Electric Company;
Therefore bo it
Resolved, By tho hoard of supervis
ors of the county of Hawaii, on this
5th day ot January, 1912, that they
do horehy petition the Congress of
,tho United States to make such
amendments to tho bill now heforo
them, that the said franchise shall hi
elude tho rights and privileges of fur
nishing power, light and ice, at reas
enable rates to tho county of Hawaii
and to the people of the city of Hilo;
and ho It further
Resolved, That copies of this reso
lution bo forwarded to he President
and Senate and to the Speaker of tha
House of Representatives of tho Con
gress of tho United State, and to oar
Delegate to Congress, and to tho. Gov
ernor of tho Territory of Hawaii, and
that our Delegate and the Governor
lie asked herpby to uso their influ
ence to forward this amendment na
ono in tho general interests of tho
(Continued on page Eight)
nolle pro9equie with ten cases still
The Inquisitors stato that they con
sidered it a . part of their duties, to' In-j
quire into the condition of various pub
lic instlutions. Most-Of them wero
visited by the grand jury.
Regarding jails and court houses,
tho inquisitorial body says that tho
premises at Kaneohe are In good or
der, except tha- two coats of paint
should be applied to the building. Tho
premises at Matiula are not in good
order and need immediate repairs. Tho
Waialua jail Is In good condition but
the court house is in bad repair and it
is dangerous to life and limb for one
to walk over the quivering floors. Tho
Pearl City jail Is In good shape but
the court house is in very bad condi
tion. Tho county prison, says tho report,
Is in excellent condition and is evi
dently well cared for, but the terri
torial prison Is entirely indaequate and
unsuited for the proper caro of pris
oners. The grand jury strongly rec
ommends the speedy erection of a
modern, fireproof building.
Police Force.
Regarding tho Inadequacy of the
present police force tho grand jury
speaks plainly. It says:
"The police force is most inade
qilatoly equipped to begin to take
care , of or protect the city. Sheriff
Jarrett is struggling along with a force
of men too small to afford police pro
tectlon to a city tho size of Hono
lulu and wo would urge that tho force
bo increased as follows:
Hawaiian foot police from 17 to 0,
increaso 13 men.
White foot police from ono to 6, in
crease 5.
Mounted police from 8 to 14 in
crcaso C.
Detective force 8 to 16, increase 8
Bicycle officers, no change.
Number of men employed Increased
from 40 to 72, increase 32.
"It Is unnecessary to enlarge upon
the vital need of Increasing the police
force. During sixteen hours
of the day tho force available for duty
consists of six officers In their respec
tlve districts and two bicycle officers
in reserve. For eight hours, from 7
p. m. to 3 a. m., thero are fourteen
officers on beats and these men are
supposed to extend police protection
from Kaimukl to Moanalua
1 . 1 . . II tUn W f TTnnn
I (Continued on pago four.) .
(Associated Press Cables to the Star.)
SAN FRANCISCO, January c Cold Is Increasing and there are snow
falls In the Middle West. Tho mercury registers 38 degrees below zoro on
Lake Superior. At Duluth there have been four deaths from 'exposure.
CHICAGO, January C Zero weather. Scores of families have been
routed out by fires caused by using loo much fuel In tho endeavor to keep
NEW YORK,. January C. There have been six deaths due to low tem
perature and inhaling coal gas.
KANSAS CITY, January C There has been great distress hero owing to
the freezing weather. A coal famine is threatened.
A large number of interested spec
tators were present in tho police
court this morning when Judge Mon-
sarrat took his seat on the bench.
Yesterday afternoon at tho close of
the proceedings in tho examination of
Harry Murray on a charge of man
slaughter, Attorney Peters asked fo.
a dismissal, and tho court took the
motion under consideration over
This morning he stated that tho
motion to discharge was overruled.
This decision clearly surprised tho
"I ask that tho matter bo allowed
to stand over till Monday or Tues
day," exclaimed Peters, "in order to
take such steps as may bo advisable."
Prosecuting Officer Brown stated
that ho was agreeable and a continu
ance till Wednesday was agreed on-
Tho prosecution's caso against Har
ry Murray, charged with tho man
slaughter on KImotoe Hernandes,
camo to an end yesterday afternoon
about 5 o''clock.
The last two witnesses were M.
Silva and Philip Kekuwa.
At tho conclusion ot tho case for
tho prosecution Attorney B. C. Peters
moved for tho discharge of his client
on the ground tnat the killing of Her
nandes had been without homicidal
Peters satd that It looked very much
as If Murray had been brought into
court by a political trick. He con
tended that tho evidence hadn't re
vealed the slightest lota of mallco In
his actions. Ho explained Murray's
threat to Bolln, if he satd anything
about tho matter, to a desire on his
nart not to shock the guests at the
Buckle Inau.
County Attorney Cathcart touched
on tho popular misconception as to
the part which malice played in man
slaughter cases and which seemed to
be shared by tho attorney for tho do
fense. Ho left his caso to tho court
with but few words of comment.
Judgo Monsarrat asked for timo in
which to consider tho argument and
tho case was adjourned till this morning.
New Submarine
SEATTLE, January 0. Submarine F-3 has been taunchd. Extraor-jr"
dlnary secrecy attended Its construction. Tho motivo power is kerosene-,
which gives the boat a radius of 3200 miles. , ' '
Richeson Confesses
BOSTON, January C. Rev. Mr. Richeson has confessed, without do-'
tails, that ho poisoned Avis Linnell. He wishes to live so as to reedem
himself. - The trial' will proceed.
Tveitmoe Reindicted!
LOS ANGELES, January C. Olaf Tveitmoe and the others have been,
reindicted in th Federal courts for conspiracy. , ",
Forbes to Stick
MANILA, January
to resign.
6.: Governor General Forbes denies that ho intends
U. S. Troops for China
The new grand jury has been sum-
moncd to meet in Judge Roblnson'i
courtroom at ten o'clock Monday
morning, at which timo it will take
up its duties for the year. It is prob
able that tho first important matter
It will have to consider will bo the
Harry Murray case, the grand jury
that went out today passing this oa
to Its successor on the ground that
it did not havo time to consider it In
tho expiring hours of Its term.
Tho names of thoso who havo been
summoned to appear as grand juiy
men for tho coming year aro:
Henry A. Afong, Bernard F. Beard
more, Harold K. Castle, Chas. Lucas,
Win. H. Sopor, Arthur F. Wall, Edwin
H. Paris, James L. P. Robinson,
Arthur Berg, Richard A. Cooke, Chas.
S. Dcsky, Jos. A, Gilman, Theodore F.
Lansing, Clinton G. Owen, Gustav E.
Schaofer, John Waterhouse, Harold B.
GlfTnrd, Frank E. Richardson, Jas. W.
L. McGuIrc. Walter E. Shaw, Ernest
C. Winston, William W. Harris, Wil
liam Woltcrs.
MANILA, January C
to proceed to China.
-Tho Fifteenth United States Infantry is ready;
New Mexico a State
WASHINGTON, January 12
ico statehood proclamation.
President Taft has signed tho Now Mex-
Speaker Clark Sick
-Cham p Clark is threatened with pneumonia!
Johnson and Flynn Matched
CHICAGO, January C. Jack Johnson and Jltn Flynn have been match
ed for a finish fight to take place in Nevada on July 4. Johnson has been
guaranteed $31,000, and one-third of tho moving, picture receipts. Both
men ngreo to engage in no other contests after May. This will mean a
postponement of tho Johnson-McVey fight in Paris on Grand Prix night.
(Morning Cable Report oil' Pago Sixteen.)
Over thrco hundred immigrants into shape to receive tho noxt lot that
wero released yesterday afternoon by arrives, to tho best advantage, will
the federal quarantine officials. bo undertaken. At present, however,
This has made a matorial reduction ' tho staff is busily engaged in looking
in the mimher now at tho station, and after the present occupants and can-
Dr. Ramus will release tho remainder not spare mucu time w
as' early ns1osslble. From now on anything elso.
they will ho ready for releaso in Tho federal health officials wore
small batches, and by Thursday next very much elated at the appointment
ho hopes to havo them all away with ot Dr. Blue. Dr. Blue was well known
the exception of thoso who are sick, to several of tho members hero,
or aro not well enough to bo removed. When tho official Intimation comes,
As soon as this lot is cleared out, no doubt, tho usual felicitations will
then) tho work of getting the station . bo sent from here.
A new problem is now confronting
tho officers of the Civic Sanitation
Committee in tho shapo of large pllos
of junk which have been accumulated
by dealers In this merchandise. In
ono case discovered yesterday by Dr.
McCoy thero was an enormous pllo ot
this matter, composed ot scrap iron,
toilet bowls, 'V shaped llxturos, etc.,
tho articles containing small quanti
ties of stagnant water. Tho top of the
pllo was taken care of by tho ofilcers,
but it was impossible to turn over the-
whole. Tho dealer is a Chlnamau,
and he was requested to appear be
fore tho officers, with a view to having
him abato tho nuisance.
At tho meeting of the Civic Sanlta
Hon Committee hold yesterday after
noon it was agreed that in future the
expenso of tho mosquito campaign
shall fall upon tho citizens. It Is
honed by tho committee that there
will bo a goneral good will in earn
ing on this work, and that thero will
be no need for any prosecutions.
Chief ot Detectives McUufilo re
turned from Hilo by tno sieaiuor
Mnuna Koa. this morning. His mis
sion was to take to Hilo a prisoner
named Francisco Castro, charged
with embezzlement.
Castro has confessed to taking $103
belonging to Osorlo, a Hllo merchant,
and about $2500 belonging to tho Olaa
Sugar Comiwny, for which concern
ho has been working as camp boss,
McDufflo visited Uio volcano and
states that tho lava is now sixty feet
from tho edge of tho crater and that
It has a rising tendency.
Ho brought back somo specimens
which ho gathered whllo red hot and
allowed to cool with spoons aud othor
objects embedded therein.
Whllo climbing hack to tho edge ot
tho crater from tho ledgo to which
ho had desconded to get his speci
mens of lava, the wind suddenly
shifted and bore the spulphur fumes
to McDuffle. Tho stuff filled his lungs
like an anesthotlc and almost caused
Realizing that to falter would mean
certain death, the dotectlvo managed
to staggor up the sixty feet declivity
and was assisted tho last fow feet by
willing hands which wero luckily
within roach of him.
For a mlnuto or so McDuffle was
"all in," and he says that bp felt as
if his lungs had burst.
Tho cool breeze of Kilauea speed
ily rovlved him, however, and ho is
going nbout today to tell tho talo ot
his narrow escape, as well as over
but a trifle more experienced.
In a conforenco held at Governor
Frear's olllce this morning, the ques
tion of tho fruit fly and the handling
of local bananas and pineapples was
thoroughly gone Into. It was decided
that there should bo established a
thorough system of inspection through
out tho Torrliory, and that tin addi
tional man should bo added to tho
force, thus preventing heavy loss to
tho shippers of fruit to the mainland
through fumigation and other strin
gent process. This will sorvo also to
ralso tho standard of fruit shipped
from this Torritory, with probability
of improved prices. It was originally
Intended to put two mon into tho
Among tho shipments brought by
tho S. S. Alaskan this morning Is a
consignment of pipe for tho city. Su
porlntendont Campbell is now going
over tho plans of tho King Btreet main
In detail .with Contractor Wilson, who
will commence work as soon as tho
froight is discharged.- ThlB plpo Is
twelve Inches in diameter, and will bo
him to 'collapse and fall back into laid along King street from Nuuanu
the fiery flood. to Alapal street
inspection servico as soon as required,
hut until now, when ono man will bo
constantly traveling about, through tho
other Islands, tho occasion had not
arrived. When tho new man is ap
pointed, ho will take up tho dutlos
of S. T. Starratt, who has mado his
headquarters hero, whllo Mr. Starrott
will handle tho remalndor of tho is
Tflioso presont at tho conferonco
wero Governor Froar, Secretary E. A.
Mott-Smlth, Prosldout C. S. Judd ot
tho Board of Agriculture, Director W.
M. Giffard ot tho fruit fly campaign,
Market Superintendent S. T. Starrott,
Richard Ivors, E, H. Wodohouso and
H. A. Wolnland.
In tho police court this morning
Claude J. Whooler, stenographer fo
tho AValalua Sugar Company, was
charged with assault with a weapon
loadly to life.
J. K..do Mona, a clerk in tho employ
ment of tho samo company, Is com
plaining witness in the caso.
Attorney Douthltt appeared for
Whooler and asked for o continuance
until noxt' week. This was granted,
tho prospcutlon stating thnt complain
ant Is In tho hospital at Waialua.
Both parties aro woll known youncj
men, de Mona being a golfer ot soma
Tho dotnlls of tho affair aro not
forthcoming In tholr entirety, but the
Rtinntlntv rnnlr ulnno nn r.rwl nnciimr
last at tho rosldonco ot Wheeler, the
circumstnncos loading up to do Mena
getting a bullet in his log being of a
'domestic nature.

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