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Ttwr., mtn., 46.
Bur., 8 a. m 30.10.
Wind, lin.. 12 N.B.
Haiti, 2th., 8 a. m., .06.
Telephone 2365 Star Business Office. The Largest Daily Paper in The Territory second edition.
NO. 6223.
Cano: 152c. lb., $00.40 por
Doote: 15s. Cit. per cwt.,
$106.20 por ton.
6k 81 jll BlSi p i 5 H
Following is the reply of L-. L. Mc-i
Candless to the letter of C. J. McCar
thy, in which the latter announced his
candidacy for the Democratic nomi
nation for delegate, published in the
Star of Saturday:
Honolulu, T. II., March 11, 1912.
Hon. O. J. McCarthy, Honolulu, T. H.:
Dear Sir In reply to your commun
ication of the 9th lnst., addressed to
me and also published in the Hawaii,
an Star, in which you state as fol
lows: "In view of your action at the
meeting of the Democratic Territorial
Central Committee held last night, 1
hereby withdraw any support which i
have promised you," permit me to
state that the support you promised
mo was voluntary on your part, and
not asked for by me; however, l
thanked you for the same, believing it,
at that time, to bo tho word of a man.
Your li'ttle combine in its effort to
make me, under pressure of your
promised support, rescind the action
of tho Territorial Central Committee,
failed, as you know, which fact en
ables you to come out in your true
colors. In your request you evidently
assumed that I am the Territorial Cen
tral Committee, when, in fact, I am
but one of thirty members therefore
control one vote.
This action of tho Territorial Cen
tral Committee was taken on Febru
ary 9 and, according to a motion
made by me at that meeting, action
was deferred for two weeks and the
secretary was Instructed to communi
cate with the absent members of the
Territorial Committee, many othe:
Democrats and yourself, asking for an
expression of opinion as to the advis
ability of our having a dual conven
tion. This proposition was published
at the time, in the English, Hawnliar
and Portuguese papers and copies of
the resolution were mailed to more
than one hundred representative Dem
ocrats throughout the Territory. All
replies, including your own, were
uanimous in approval of the dual cou
(Continued on pago Four)
Phenomenon Never
Happened Before
Molokai, for the first time in
tho memory of man, is decor- O
atcd with snow. This astonish- O
Ing fact is a mute tribute to O
the Intensity of the cold wave O
that for somo -weeks has been O
felt in these islands. Within O
the past few days patchofl of O
snow have appeared, visible O
from tho seacoast, in the moun- O
tain tops back of Pukoo on the O
south side of tho island, where O
the coastline bends toward tho O
ejvn end.
In its report of the arrival of the
Matson steamer Lurlino from Hono
lulu, the San Francisco Examiner
"Among tho passengers were Cap
tain A. Tullett of the Inter-Island
Steamship" Company, here to spend a
short vacation, and J. A. Balch of the
Mutual Telephone Company of Hono
lulu. Balch has come here to install
the old Paulsen -wireless system as
the San Francisco sending and receiv
ing station for his company. The lo
cal concern has been purchased by
the Mutual Company, which owns and
operates all of the telephone and
wireless telegraph business of Hawaii.
The company is said to be one of the
few , successful wireless concerns in
tho world and is now paying a divi
dend of eighteen per cent annually. If
successful, it is hoped to .send and re
ceive commercial messages between
here and Hawaii."
Mrs. Emma M. Nakuina, who owns
land in the region of Molokai above-
mentioned, gives the Star tho extra
ordinary intelligence thr.t snow has
fallen nnd rested long enough to hae"
its appearance notod upon that island.
"H. D. Bowen reports that snow has
fallen on tho mountain rango lack ot
Pukoo, in, large enough quantities to
show distinct patches In sovcnl places
on tllo ridges and in the ravines." said
Mrs. Nakuina this morning.
'The snow is quite perceptible from
Pukoo harbor and tho beach along
there, Mr. Bowen states. He latolv
bought a piece of land adjolninj mine
in that "section, and has been over
there looking after his properly.
"This is the first time in tho mem
ory of man I believe," Mrs. Nakuina
added, "that snow fits fallen on Molo
kai." And. it is to be remembered, Mrs.
Nakuina is one of tho recognized au
thorities on Hawaiian history.
Horeloforo anyone talking about
"snowy Blopes," without making it
clear that only the big three moun
tains of the Inland ot Hawaii and the
vast domo of Haleakala on the Island
of Maul wore being mentioned, would
have been denounced as a traducor of
tho country. Such a thing did happen,
eight or ten years ago, to the author
of a bit of promotion literature.
Now, however, Molokai is to bo in
cluded as a snow-supporting island of
the gro.up. Tho ovidenco of that is
land's advent to Arctic-crowned hon
ors, as here given, Is authentic and
ranks in point of interest not far be
hind the discovery of the South Pole.
Whether tho event may bo taken as
supporting the theory that the earth
is going to enter another glacial, pe
riod is a question the scientists may
(Continued on Page 5)
(Associated Press Cables to the Star.)
NEW YORK1, March 11. A world coal strike is foared.
HE11LIN, March 11. Two hundred thousand are on strike in the col
lieries. PARIS, March 11. Tho price of commodities hero has doubled, 'it is
estimated that a million of people are unemployed besides the miners.
SOUTHAMPTON, March 11. The liners St. Paul and Oceanic have
been withdrawn for lack of fuel.
NEW YORK, March 11. Parsons, former attorney for tho Sugar Trust,
will plead "not-guilty" in tho Sugar Trust case. Meyer 1b ill. They will
bo tried separately.
WASHINGTON, March 11. The Supremo Court affirms tho fino of
$500 in the sugar contempt case by refusing to show tho trust's books to
the Federal grand jury.
Cruisers Go
Off to Sea
The three cruisers under Admiral
Southerland's command, tho Califor
nia, Colorado and South Dakota, got
awnv this morning for tho week's
maneuvers and drills outside. The
California went out to Join tho Colo
rado and South Dakota, which have
been lying off tho harbor entrance,
about 8:30 o'clock this morning and
together they steamed into deeper
Admiral Cowles is entertaining Rear
Admiral Nicholson today during his
brief sojourn in Honolulu. Admiral
Nicholson is a passenger in tho Si
beria, going to the Orient with his
personal staff to take command of tho
Asiatic squadron.
At the next meeting of the land
board, which may bo held this after
noon if a quorum can be obtained, the
matter of the Kauai homestead lots
in the pineapple region of Kapaa will
bo discussed.
Land Commissioner Tucker said this
morning that ho was trying to arrange
a meeting for this afternoon, but was
doubtful If he could get the members
Market Superintendent S. T. Star
rett is away on Kauai, where ho is
looking after several propositions.
There appears to be a fine chanco for
tho establishing of a pineapple can
nery on tho windward side of Kauai,
and when the homestead lots are taken
up there seems to bo no doubt that
the factory will bo built.
(Special Correspondence of The Star)
PITTSBURG, February 25. Wo call
ed on Mr. Brqwn of the Chicago Ath
letic Association for information and
learned that the 220-yards race would
be held in Pittsburg, and the 50 and
100 yards races in Chicago on March!
12 and 13. i
We left Chicago for Pittsburg on!
tbe 19th, traveling by tho S:30 p. m.,
train. Tho weather in Chicago wasj
good and cold. . We arrived In Pitts
burg on Tuesday at noon. Tho weath
er was warmer than In Chicago though
there was more snow on the ground
than we saw coming through tho
Mr. Haddock of tho Pittsburg Press
took hold of the boys and made them
acquainted with Mr. Freeland, mana
ger of the Pittsburg Natatorium. Tho
accommodations there were very fine,
as tho boys wero handy to the tank
and their associates were all swim
mers, and wero only too glad to teach
the boy.s all they knew about tank
Mr. Wilkinson, the Natatorium in
structor, will never bo forgotten by
us and it is safe to say that he is
responsible in largo measure for the
good showing made by tho boys in
their first race, which was tho 220
yards event on February 22.
Duke's Debut.
Duke swam in tho first heat against
tho final winner of this championship
event. Tho hoy made tho prettiest
start you ever saw, mado tho turns
wonderfully well, held the lead for
five lengths, then was seized with
cramps when he only had 1 1-3 lengths
to go to finish.
Genoves swam In tho second heat
which was the fastest heat of the race.
Ho also mado a beautiful start and
bully good turns. He was fouled sev
eral times by the winning man, though
ho had no chance. Still at that ho
ilnished not a full lap behind.
Neither of the boys expected to en
ter in this event, but knowing the ex
(Contlnued on pago Four)
How morgan
CITY pF MEXICO, March 11. The rebels have been routed at Tor-
reou with a loss of 150 and at Culiacan with a loss ot 200.
CITY OF MEXICO, March 11. Machine guns have proved a great aid
to Madero. Tho revolution is waninc in the south.
WASHINGTON, March 11. The Supremo Court upholds the patentees
iu the right to dictate to .retailers in selling contracts.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 11. Tho Chinese tongs centering in this city
have signed an agreement for perpetual peace.
Tho San Jose Mercury of March
gives the following account of the
tragic death of James F. Morgan of
Honolulu in that city the day before:
James Francis Morgan, a prominent
businesg man of Hawaii, lost his life
under tho wheels of a passenger- train
J at the Southern Pacific station yes
terday morning as he was trying to
board a car' after it was in motion.
Ho had hurried from the ticket-ofllce
to reach tho smoker before the train
pulled out, but did not reach it until
WASHINGTON, March 11. A resolution has been Introduced in Con
gress to investigate the baseball trust.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 11. The seismographs here give record of
a distant earthquake.
PARIS, March 11. The aviator Tabuteau accomplished 261 miles Jn
155 minutes today.
SAN DIEGO, March 11. Nineteen lishcrmen from hero are missing In
a gale.
it had gotten well under way. He
grasped at tho rail, but missed hie
hold, and was crushed to death undor
I tho wheels.
(Continued onpago Five)
F. E. Pillsbury, head of the Pills
bury Picture Company of San Fran
cisco, returned to Honolulu yesterday
from- Kauai, wfcero ho spent a week
in photographing tho beauties of the
Garden Islo under tho guidance of
Hon. E. A. Knudsen.
Mr. Pillsbury is most enthusiastic
over his trip. He declares that the
scenery of the Walmoa canyon Is
the finest he has over seen. This is
made the' more significant when it is
understood that scenery photography
is Mr. Pillsbury's specialty, and that
ho has spent years in this work In
tho Yosomlto and Grand Canyon of
tho Colorado country. Besides many
small pictures, Mr. Pillsbury took
about thirty largo panoramic pictures,
which ho declares will bo the finest
nitim in his collection. Ho leaves
tomorrow for Maui, and, after photo
cranhlnir tho best of tho Valley
Island, will go on to tho Volcano.
Dr. Pratt and his party are stilt on
Hawaii, and the members are working
hard on the problem ot exterminating
tho rats. At tho present time the par
ty is in 'tho Honokaa district, whero
experiments are being conducted as
to plaguo germs.
Dr. Shepherd is expected to return
tomorrow, as ho is urgently roqulred
in Honolulu on account of the rather
serious illness of Dr. Hobdy. It ap
pears that tho latter medico scratched
his thumb a few days ago, and now
it appears to bo infected and Is much
Work at tho hoard of health ofllco
Is progressing well, and no very so
rlous problems at present confront tho
acting head.
"Tho Study of tho Sea," by Prof.
W. A. Bryan, Is tho lecturo for this
afternoon in tho short courso for
teachers at tho College of Hawaii.
osnei dinger butie
times "Home" to Honolulu
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Butler wero
among tho passengers who arrived
from tho Coast in tho Siberia this
morning. They went directly to tho
Alexander Young Hotel, where they
will reside during tho Christian Ex
tension Movement, in which Mr. But
ler Is to take a prominent part.
over to him and he himself will sing
This Is Mr. Butler's second visit to
tho Islands iu seven years, tho interim
having been spent in touring tho
United States. When interviewed
this morning tho singer's remarks re
garding Honolulu and Its Inhabitants
Tho work of organizing the choir j wero of a most flattering nature.
and of superintending tho music dur- After dwelling briefly on his trip
ing tho campaign have been turned (Continued on pago Five)
(Morning Cable Report on Page Twelve.).
Tho official call, signed by Mayor. in which event, if tho Democratic
Fern, chairman ot tho Democratic ' convention of Hawaii had previously
Central Committee,' for tho holding of endorsed the National platform, tho
tho Democratic territorial convention j local Democrats would bo left in a
on April 15, has gone out, tho call most embarrassing position,
being published in full clsowhore in it Was T. J. Ryan, amaicntly, who
these columns. This call, howevor, is!(cchled McCandless to ntick out for
sent out, according to statements of tll0 ,lual convention after ho had
prominent Democrats, in opposition to ( glven hls word t0 McCartny to favor
(Continued on Page Eight)
There is a possibility that Kauai
may have a first-class tourist resort
hotel within a comparatively short
time. If It Is built, it will bo upon tho
brink of Walmea canon, In oneNof the
most magnificent scenic localities in
the Territory. It Is understood that
Hon. E. A. Knudsen is enthusiastic
over tho idea, and If such a place is
built It will bo largely through his ef
A. C. Pillsbury, tho well-known Cal
ifornia photographer, suggested the
plan to Mr. Knudsen while making a
tour of tho Garden Island last week
under Mr. Knudson's guidance.
"I never saw such scenery in my
life," declared Mr. Pillsbury this
morning. "I have spent my lifo In
photographing the scenery Qf tho
West, and the Grand Canon of tho
Colorado can't begin to approach tho
Lot K. :. Lane, lately a sanitary in
npoctor in Honolulu, has applied to
Tho very vastness of tho Colorado's tll0 Board of Agriculturo and Forestry
Walmea Canon in beauty. That
Bounds absurd, but it is tho truth.
tho wishes of tho majority of the par-1
ty and only because of a technicality j
that obviates the possibility of a re
consideration of tho vote to send out
a call for a dual convention. j
As a matter ot fact, Mayor Fern se
riously considered resigning as chair-
man of tlio committee in oruer to
avoid sending out this call which Is
repugnant to his own ideas. IIo was
advised, however, by other Democrats!
that his resignation would have no of-' Thero will he a meeting of tho
fect, tho territorial central committee boara ot afrr!culturo and forestry this
having mistakenly voted In favor ot ftenl00ll( nn nt R the VM,oug re.
canon makes it less magnificent than
tho ono on Kauai. Tho distances aro
so great that It can not bo so well
seen and appreciated.
I am suro that it should bo possi
ble to have forty or fifty tourists at
tho Walmea canon all tho tlmo, wero
there a hotel built sultablo to accom
modate them, and a little advertising
dono among tho California resorts.
I told Mr. Knudsen this, and I think ho
was considerably interested. Such a
hotel should bo located near whero
the Knudsen mountain houso is, nnd
there is plenty In tho vicinity to keep
a tourist very busy for four or flvo
days. This is the average period, wo
find in California, that tho tourist
stops at a resort hotel."
H. P. Wood, of tho Promotion Com
(Continued on Pago 5)
for permission to kill off wild cattle,
goats, plg3 and jackasses in certain
parts of the district of Kau, including
tho government forest reserve He
offers to pay a certain percentage of
the valuo of tho sldew and tallow from
tho carnage. The board Is consider
ing .the offor this afternoon.
Tho men's class of tho First M. E
church aro noiaing a dehnto on "Wom
an's Suffrage" in tho church this even
ing at eight o'clock. Somo Interest
Ing points should bo brought out on
both sides of tho discussion nnd all
those Interested in tho subject aro
cordially invited to attend and ex
press tholr views or listen to tho ar
guments for and against. Tho sailor
boys aro especially invited to attend.
the dual convention plan advocated by
McCandless and Ryan, and It being
necessary for somo ono to issue tho
Mayor Fern, at the meeting ot
Democrats held Saturday noon, em
phatically stated that ho was opposed
to tho holding of a dual convention
which should not only name delegates
to tho National convention but also
select a platform and namo candi
Colonel McCarthy, whoso candidacy
for tho nomination for Delegate was
announced last Saturday, stated that
it was tho concensus of opinion ot
most of tho leading Democrats, after
duo consideration, that it would be
a mistake to decldo upqn a platform
and to nominate candidates beforo
tho Democratic National convontlon
should have been held. It might be
that tho Natlonnl convention would
decido for frco sugar, tir instance,
ports of the different departments will
bo turned in.
Tho new" chairman, W. M. Glffard, is
expected to proside, and a full board
will no doubt attend. There are sev
eral matters ot public Interest to bo
considered,' and a report on tho fruit
fly campaign will bo road.
Entomologist Ehrhorn, who visited
tho other Islands, will have something
to say on the matter and tho chair
man, who beforo his appointment also
visited Hawaii and investigated tho
fruit lly situation will havo somo In
teresting remarks to make
Tho annual meeting of tho Oahu
Central Improvement Committee will
be held on Thursday evening, March
14, nt eight o'clock, in tho rooms of
the Honolulu Merchants' Association,
second floor of tho Young building.
Duslness: Election ot officers, reports
ot committees, etc.

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