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Cnno: 4.016c, lb., $80.30
por ton.
Beets: 13b. CViJ. per cwt.,
$D7.G0 por ton.
Inability to socuro Immediate trans
portation of the immigrants arriving
hero to the various island plantations,
coupled with the firmly rooted idea
on the part of the laborers that they
only wont employment at places
where their friends and relatives are
employed, has given rise to a problem
which, if unsolved, It Is stated, will
result in adding materially to tho
city's colony of unemployed and nul
lify in a great measure the work of
the immigration bureau.
It appears, as in tho case of the
'Russian families now at the station,
that unless the now arrivals are
shipped as soon as possible to planta
tions their friends in tho city, mixing
among them, soon persuade them to
remain here instead of going to tho
plantations. Rarely, say the Immigra
tion officials, does an Immigrant go to
Hawaii Is
(Special Correspondence of the Star.)
WASHINGTON, April 13. Hawaii
is well represented at the sugar hear
ings before the Senate Finance Com
At almost any seraion from
three to eight cltzens of the island
may bo counted in the room from
tho opening until the last witness is
Dr. Pratt, president of tho board of
aealth, In company with Dr. McCoy
and Major Kennedy, left for Lollehua
this morning. Tho party is out on an
inspection trip, and various sanitary
arrangements at Schofleld Barracks
will bo looked Into.
Tho military authorities are always
wliTlng to work In with tho local
health authorities, and the board of
health helps out In any possible way.
There have been no reports from
Hawaii for a day or .two, so no frewh
developments in regard to the rat
campaign are known.
General orders prescribing tho regiment,
strength of tho various regiments The ordors also provide for six bat
comprising the army, at different sta- terles of field artillery of 133 mon
tions, was received at headquarters ot strength, and six with 150 men to tho
tho department In the morning mall battery.
from tho Coast. Ono regiment of cav-j First Lieutenant ErnoEt K. John
nlry and ono of infantry aro montion- stono of tho medical corps, stationed
cd as permanent details In Hawaii.1 ot Schofleld Barracks, now on leave
Tho cavalry stationed In Hawaii I? to j-In San Francisco, Is directed to pro
consist of twelvo troops of 70 mon , ceed with the Third Infantiy to Fort
each as against 05 on tho mainland. Ontario, N. Y., and thoro rcsumo his
The pormanont rog'lmonts of cavalry! leavo of absence. Through this or
in the Philippines, two In number, aro dor Lloutonant Johnstono Bocuros a
to maintain a war strength of 100 men ' trip East. .
to a troop, 123C to tho regiment. Another order recolved this morn
' Infantry regiments In Hawaii aro lug , directs that thrco cooks and ono
to mustor 8C4 mon to tho regiment baker bo dotalled from Schollold Bar
- n against 780 mon on tho mainland. rackB and Fort Shaftor to proceed to
rru tn 1... ii PalnrM Qnltnnl ni rhn
Telephone 2365 Star Business
a plantation after living in the city.
On tho other hand, they Induce their
friends and relatives to leavo tho plan
tations and come to the city.
In the case of the Russians now
here, they were held by tho federal
authorities a long time before being
turned over to tho Territorial immi
grant station. They have been there
ten days now, some of them, and they
HiS I It
harass Dr. Clark with inquiries as to , going on, by the operators of the ships need help."
when they will be sent to the various j In the fog, hundreds of miles away. April 14. "10:42 p. ni. "Am trans
plantations to which they desire to i Hero, in brief, is tho chronology of furring call for help tc. all ships at
go. Many of them, growing Impatient, ( how tho wireless messages came In sen," answers Cape Race operator,
have found work along the water-, this most wonderful demonstration of i "Where are you? How's weather?"
front and in other places with the , the modern magic of science: April 14, 10:50 p. m. "Wo'ro in
idea of remaining hero. There were-i April 14, 10:25 p. m. "S. O. S." ; 40:40 north latitude and 50:14 west
three cases this morning of men who "S. O. S." "S. O. S." is flashed out ' longitude. (Which Is about 000 miles
were going to relatives on plantations by the operator aboard the Titanic from New York.) "Weather cold
but who, when Dr. Clark called their (
names, oald'thcy 'woref tired of-waiting'
(Continued on page four.)
By J. A. Breckons.
(Special Correspondence of the Star.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 12. -r-
-jne mucii discussed question of tho
proposed visit to Hawaii by Secretary
Fisher of tho Interior Department Is
likely to be undecided for several
months so far as the exact date of
his visit is concerned. Tho Secre
tary, as indicated in dispatches to the
Star, wishes to make hts visit to Ha
waii, if he should make one, at a
time when Delegato Kuhlo will be
there to explain his charges, and this
Chief Blrdseye, of the topographic
survey department, who is at present
in Hllo, has finished all the field
work in connection with tho proposed
National Park at Kilnuea. The field
work took some m'omhs, and now the
Indoor work has to be taken up. An
office has been secured In Hllo, and
tho staff will now start on tho map
ping of tho park.
ip to
Settled Before
Office. The Largest Daily Paper in The Territory second edition.
The wondors of wireless telegraphy
have never been so vividly shown ns
they havo been in the caBe of the loss
of the great steamship Titanic. Hun-
dreds of messages were exchanged be-1
tween tnentanlc and thOBhlpsatsea, Hurry! woneed help!" comes the.Tltanic. "Proceeding to Titanic."
which transmitted them ashore, to distress cry from the Titanic as soon j April 14, 11 p. m. to midnight In
two hemispheres. While the Titanic as the operator at Cape Race gets his termlttent messages from Titanic:
was sinking the world at large was
given fleeting glimpses of what was
which has run Into an
night ''
iceberg at
' ";
April 14. 10:35 p. m
"S. O. S." Is,
lec. Fisher Comes
is not likely to occur until after Con
gress adjourns. No definite date,
therefore, has been fixed for the vis
it, although the month of August in
tho .present year has been mentioned
as the timo it might be made. As at
that timo the Seretary of the Inte
rior is likely to be tied up In ie
Presidential campaign, It may bo pre
dicted that possibly ho will not bo
t'blo to make the trip then. It is rea
sonably certain also that the govern
orshlp question will bo settled bcfoio
the Secretary visits Hawaii.
(Special Correspondence of the Star.)
WASHINGTON, April 13. "They
couldn't run fatt enough to hand me
the governorship on a silver platter,"
was tho comment made by Attorney
E. M. Watson of Honolulu In answer
to a Star representative's query. "You
can .say for mo that I am entirely too
busy to even consider tho question;
that I would not under any circum
stances accept any such appointment
If It were offered, and that no amount
of argumont, or tho election of a
dozen Democratic presidents, would
cause mo to chango my mind. Tho
Idea orlglnatod !a tho fertile Imagina
tion of a nowBpapcr correspondent
here, who was probably temporarily
nhort of copy, and while appreciate
tho honor ho conferred, f positively
deny thero Is tho slightest truth In the
This morning about elevon o'clock
C. W. C. Doorlng's auto driven by tho
owner crashed Into street car No. 3S
ni the cornor of Berctnnla and PHUol
Tho auto was going up Pllkol street
at u fast rate and hit tho car about
twelve foot from tho roar end break-
Wifeck Storv IL0SS
heaid by tho wireless operator at the.
Cape Race station, and, realizing It
is the code signal for danger at sea,
hurriedly answers.
April 14, 10:40 p. m. "Hurry-
instrument in tune with tho liner.
, "Wo have struck an Iceberg. Wo
much ice fog."
. AfJill 14. 11 'fern. "Hurry! IlurrvJ
Hurry! We're filling ana sinking by
"It will bo decided within a few "If thero be a special session, it will
days from now If a special session of bo for tho purpose of providing ap
the legislature will bc called," said ' Illations for lighting contagious
., , , diseases. There are other matters
Governor Frear this morning. .He add-' , . , , .
' i that may come up also, but thoy aro
ed, when asked why there should bo ,10t lnlportant enough to call a spo
a special session: "Last year, when c-ial session for."
the yellow fever matter first came up, I The governor received a letter from
It was thought that perhaps sufficient! M. L. Quezon, who is the Philippine
funds would not be nvatlablo to car- j lulnnd representative in Washington.
ry on tho light. It was then that (he ,
question of a special session of the'
legislature was lli-Ht brought ul. flow-'
ever, tho mosquito fight has been enr
iled on nt much less expense than!
was anticipated. I
A meeting of the gentlemen who
are to
become directors of the San
Milling Company, Ltd., upon
Its organization, was held at iho
offlces of Alqxander & Baldwin, Ltd.,
yesterday afternoon. Those attend-
ing tho meeting were J. P. Cooke,
George F. Davles, vIce.F. M. Swanzy,
R. Ivors, M. P. Robinson, E. D. Teh-
ney and A. D. Cooper. The directors
not present wore George H. Falrchlld
O o o o o o o o
o o
0 In an opinion of the Supremo O '
O Court by Chlof Justice Robert- O
O son, and a concurring opinion by O
O Justlco Perry, tho Supromo Court O I
O this afternoon nfflrmed the de- O
O creo of Judge Whitney enjoin- O
O Ing tho Lprd-Young Engineering O
O Co., Ltd., from proceeding with O
O tho contract for constructing tho O
O Heela section ot tho Onhu belt O
O road, awarded to that company O
O by tho Oahu loan fund commls- O
O slon. O
O John Wilson, potltlonor for the O
O Injunction, does not got the con- O
O tract, though, ns tho court finds O
O that, owing to faulty spoclflca- O
O tlpns, jop ynlld Sgntot could O
APRIL 23, 1912.
6 R
tho head,
women oeing taKen oain both rang and telephoned. Tho Titanic then swerved but Its speed was un
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" Blackened. Fleet Raid that thn crow'n nent hlnrvnilnrn wm tnlrnn own. n
April 14, 11 p. m. "Got ydur mes-
sage," Allan lino Virginian flashes,
both to Capo Race operator and to
"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry- Sinking bv
tho head."
April 14, 12, midnight 'We're about
170 miles from Titanic. Hurrying with
all speed," tho operator on Virginia
flashes to the distressed ship and sta
tions. April 15, 12:10 a. m. "Havo heard
distress calls," wires- steamer 01ym-(
pic. "W.o are hurrying. Are In lait-i
tudo 40:43 north and longitude C1:1S
west. Should reach you soon."
April 15, 12:10 a. in. "Making all.
(Continued on Pago Five.)
Tho request was conveyed that Gov
ernor Frear give his support to n
movement to make the Philippine Rov
eminent Independent. The governor
has not had time to consider tho mat
ter yet.
and W. Pfotenhauor, both of whom
are absent from the Territory
! It was decided to proceed with tho
organization of the company Imraedl-
ntcly. Incorporation papers are now
being -prepared and It Is expected that
' they will bo ready for filing with the
Territorial treasurer early next week.
To expedite mnttors, tho first assess-
ment of 10 per cent of tho capital
stock has been called and Is now pay-
ame. notices "i tma ict wcro
! mailed to all subscribers this morn
ing. i
WJth the exception of 1775 shares,
nil of which Is under option, tho en
tiro capital stock of the company has
boon definitely subscribed for; thus
tho only opportunity atlil remaining
to secure shares Is In caso somo of
those holding options do not exorcise
their privilege to subscrlbo for tho
, , ,, , ,
It Is planned to commence opera
tions very shortly, the construction
of tho wharf at San Carlos being tho
1 first Item to bo nttondod to In tho
Philippines, while the most Important
matter here Is the placing of tho or-
Jdor for the sugar factory. This will
bo of tho most modorn design and
I construction throughout, and will om-
body all tho latest refinements In the
wny of sugar-making machlnory. Tho
first shlpmont of machinery to San
Carios will probably bo mado botweon tions In California, Hawaii and oUo
Blx'andovijji moptlu from thg Jb;. wjjggj," &J&JW2$Si8kli&.
(Associated Press Cables to the Star.)
WASHINGTON, April 23. Lookout Fleet, who was one of tho survi
vors of tho Titanic, today testified before tho Senate Investigation commit
tee that ho reported a mass of ico ahead shortly beforn tho collision. H
Southampton. If they had been on
NEW YORK, April 23. Seventy-seven bodies from the Titanic havo
been recovered.
NEW YOItK, April 23. Tho life, accident and marine Insurance in
volved In th0 Titanic Iobs, amounts to J15.000.000.
COLUMBUS, O., April 23. The
tc proposal to embody tho recall in
cials Including tho judiciary by a votp.
WASHINGTON, April 23. The Senate has sustained by a vote of 42 to
SO, tho Federal control amendment to tho bill calling for the direct elec
tion of senators.
NEW YORK, April 23. Judge K napp of tho Court of Commerce has
temporarily averted the locomotive cu glneers' Btrlko by a mediation offer.
NEW YOItK, April 23. It Is state d unofficially that th roadB involved
!n the proposed strike will accept Jud go Knapp's offor.
CITY OF MEXICO, April 23. General Dominquez, Madero's former
treasurer, has been arrested on a charge of plotting against Mndero.
CITY OF MEXICO, April 23. Cougrc.ss has passed a bill to increase
the army by C0.000 men.
Morning Cable Ttei
(Speclnl Correspondence to tho Star.)
SAN FRANCISCO, April 17. As an
explanation of an unsuspected and
particularly vicious attack by tho San
Francisco Exnmlner recently, the
Bulletin a day or two ago later camo
out with tho first Installment of the
autobiography of Abo Ruef, and tho
contemplation of whut Is going to fol-
,ow nas BOt tho town tno ears
I Not that tho publicity is going to
r1!ow at on00 for thcre aro severo
aicunoniB nnnging over uuer at the
present time which will prevent tho
ex-boss from uncovering his entire
pnst, but he has stated enough to whet
By J. A. Breckons.
(Special Correspondence of tho Star.)
WASHINGTON, April 13. J. A.
llalch of Honolulu, vlco prcsldont of
t telophono company, who has boen
a visitor In Washington, has gono to
cll'caKo for the. purpose of purchasing
now equipment for the Honolulu wire
less plnnL He expects tile now ap
paratus to put tho city's system on a
'pur with that ot tho largest cities.
During his eastern visit Mr. llalch
visited the wlroloss stations nt Cape
Cod und tho new ono building at Fort
Moyor, nonr Washington. Whllo nt
tho former station ho was permitted
to tnko tho rccolvor and distinctly
hoard a wlroloss conversation be
tween Nova Scotia and tho English
"With the recommendations of the
Secretary of Wnr for wireless Bta-
Abe Ruef s Story
Of His Degradation
Ther. mln., 70,
Bar., 8 a. tn., 30.14.
Wind. 12m., 10 N.li.
Hnln, 24h., 8 a, m., .00.
NO. 6260.
hand they would havo prevented the
constitutional convention has defeated
tho organic law of all public offl
of 57 ''to 45.
ort on page Ten)
tho appetite for the astonishing thlnjii
sure to come if Ruef Is once put In i
position whero ho can unbosom him
solf. It remains with Judge Dunno
who recently refused to dlsmisB tho
indictments, as to whether" tho stor
will be told In the near future.
The story us recently disclosed by
the Bulletin is to tho effect that tho
lawyer representing tho Hearst In.
terests handled the situation in behalf
of his clients, John Drum and W. F.
Horrln, and In order to prevent tho
releaso ot Ruef, which would be an
exceedingly dangerous position for bis
old associates who tried to bribe htm,
tho effort was mado to prevent his
parolo by an attack In tho Hearst
organ on Ruef.
The attack was mado, but a hornet's
nest was uncovered. Tho Bulletin,
under the leadership of its socialistic
editor, Freomont Older, camo out with
tho Ruef autobiography which that
paper had possessed for somo time.
Tho latter attack can only bo con
strued as an attempt to coerco Judga
Dunno into dismissing tho indict
monts. On tho other hand It Is said powor
ful Influences woro brought to bear to
prevent the publication ot Ruot'B auto
biography, men going direct from tho
Southern Pacific offices, It Is said, to
Ruof's Bister. The latter refused to
The first chapter of Ruef'a story is
nbsorhlngly Interesting. It touches
tho honrt Btrlngs of tho old Snn Fran
cisco, and Is horo given in full:
"With others, I cooperated in selling
out tho city of Snn Francisco; and so
I am In n prison coll. It has .kon
these stone walls, this area G by 10,
whero tho only light or nlr is that
which comes from a narrow wlckot to
bring mo to tho full realization ot tho
iniquity of this betrayal.
A. Biariea mo . .ouoyaniivasBiiU

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