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nT .(vol. xx
f v.
i A.
CanoT?0,92c. per lb., 78.80
pop ton.
Boots. 12s. Oil. per ewt,
190.80 nor ton.
ill Inspect
o o
O California Is going to have plant O
O Inspection done officially right O
O here,' so that what It passes O
O hero will stand no risk of rejec- O
O tlon In tho market over there. O
This will' not Interfere with the O
O Territorial Inspection of fruit O
O and vegetable shipments but bo C
O supplementary to It. It can not O
'O bo deemed as extraterritorial po- O
O Hey either, for local men will bo O
O employed to do the Inspecting for O
O California. O
O o
"Wo are going to, start a branch of
the California plant Inspection hero,"
said H. A. Weinland, assistant super
intendent of tho state insectary of
California, to a Star man this morn
ing. "We shall employ members of tho
local frultfly Inspection staff. All
.fruits and vegetables Intended for the
'"California trad'o "will 00 Inspected by
this branch, and tho expenses will
come out of the fund voted by tlTe
California horticultural commission to
atj frultfly control in Hawaii.
At laet tho crmy has a boat house.
The structure has been completed at
Fort Armstrong and formally turned
over to the military. While not a
large building, the boathouso Is In a
way artistic and is lacking in but one
respect and that Is boats,
Tho army has no boats but Inasmuch
as a boat house has been provided It
' is generally believed that within a rea
sonable length of time an Indulgent
'government will equip It with boats.
The boat house Is Intended to shelter
Judge Whitney was occupied this
morning with the hearing of the Bult
for divorce brought by Lucy de Colto
against Manuel V. de Colto. Cruelty
Is charged. Tho suit Is being vigor
ously contested.
On tho ground that her husband,
Antonio Camacho, Is now serving a
term of life Imprisonment, Itaymon
Camacho was this morning granted a
divorce' by Judge Whitney. Camacho
woro rocenty clven a life sentence for
criminal assault on a girl under twelve
years of age.
Court Items.
In Judge Cooper's court this morn
ing was begun tho trial of tho caso
of Lahola Robertson and others versus
bum Shoo, alias Chung Lum, and oth
ers, an nctlon to quiet title. and for
Jordan A. Silva has filed In tho
federal court a petition to be ndjudged
a bankrupt. Ho claims in his peti
tion that his debts amount to T4G3G.70,
all unsecured claims, and his assets
to but ?175.00.
Sidney Benjamip Maddams, the
wireless operator nt Kahuku, this
morning filed with tho clerk of tho
United States district court his dec
laration of intention of becoming an
American, citizen. ,
In the matter of the Kaneoho Ranch
Telephone 2365 Star Business-
"Everything wo pass here will be
admitted without question at San
rranclsco. The work of tho local
bureau of marketing, Immigration and
statistics will not bo compromised in
nny way. Wo shall do nothing but
pass on their work. Where, for In
stance, the Inspectors of the local
bureau examine bunches of bananas
here and there in the field, our inspec
tors will go over ,every individual
bunch of a shipment and make sure
that-It Is clean.
"The intention of tho whole thing
Is to make the entire situation of
shipment from here as satisfactory as
possible to California fruitgrowers, so
that the present trade may bo con
tinued. California's Interests must
be guarded above all.
"The commission is ,not desirous of
arousing any antagonism whatever.
It has gone a step further with Ha
waii than with any other of our con
stituents by sendtng over a fund to
aid In combating the frultfly here.
"This Institution of branch Inspec
tion In Honolulu will mean that nil
the produce that leaves hero will-be
so far as wo can make It absolutely
free from pests, either by fumlga
lion or by the elimination of fruits
and vegetables that are Infested."
mine planters and army tugs, both
of which are badly needed by the coast
artillerymen. The tugs are needed to
tow the targets for mortar and big gun
practice. At the present time private
vessels aro used, necessitating a week
ly practice In towing. Tho handling of
targets under fire from big guns has
grown to bo something of a flno art,
tho tyro generally running 'he chance
of receiving a twelve-Inch shell amid
thlps through carelessly steaming Into
tho lire zone.
Judge Robinson this morning de
nied the motion of Attorney Lorrln
Androws for a now trial of tho case
of Chung Nung, who was recently
convicted of criminal assault upon a
little girl. Androws noted an excep
tion to tho ruling, and tho exception
will bo Included In the bill of excep
tions upon which tho caso will be ap
pealed to tho supremo court.
Tho motion for a new trial was bas
ed upon tho ground that tho defense
has discovered now evidence, not
available at the tlmo of tho trial,
which, It Is claimed, would probably,
If It had been available, havo resulted
In a verdict of acquittal.
Dr. W. C. Hobdy will give his clos
ing lecture on tho subject of tho
"Physiology and Hygiene of Sex" at
tho , M. C. A. tonight. Tho lecture
will lncludo a summary of preceding
lectures, with general Information and
value to those who missed tho pre
vious talks by Dr. Hobdy.
Company, Ltd., versus the Kaneoho
Rice Mill Company, notice of appeal
to the supreme court has been filed
by the defendant
Office. The Largest
Both the civil and military author
ities are prosecuting a vigorous hunt
for two general prisoners who escap
ed from tho guard house at Fort lin
ger three days ago. Tho men In ques
tion had been sentenced to terms In
a military prison on tho mainland fftr
their offenses and are said to be des
perate criminals with bad records as
Detachments of troops havo been
hunting the fugitives through the ba
nana plantations on tho southern end
of the island, but although traces of
tho men havo been found they have
not been sighted by the pursuers.
Civil officers aro Interested In the
chase, fearing that the fugitives may
commit depredations before they are
Seventeen Japanese students took
their first lessons in English In tho
class for the purpose Instituted at the
Japanese Y. M. C. A. last night with
Professor Coustns as Instructor.
Tho Peter Roberts system Is being
used. The majority ofJ.he students
are young men employed in local
American stores, with a few of those
employed by the big Japanese Import
ing firms where a knowledge of Eng
lish Is essential. ,
In honor of tho officers of tho First
Infantry, a smoker Is to be given at
Schofleld Barracks from 4 to G o'clock
this afternoon, with the officers of tho
Fifth Cavalry as hosts. Invitations to
the smoker havo been Issued to all
tho officers In tho islands. General
Macomb will bo among those attend
ing from Honolulu,
War department orders received
yesterday grant a leave of one month,
beginning September 1, to Capt, Rob
ert McCleave of tho Second Infantry.
Notice of tho promotion of Frank C.
Burnett from first lieutenant to cap
tain appears in tho same grist of or-
ders. Captain Burnett is assigned to
the First Infantry and his commission
as captain is dated March 30.
Another official order places First
Sergeant John Ewart of Company C,
First Infantry, on tho retired list.
In the police court this morning Ta-
kemoto, charged with larceny In tho
second degree, had his caso stricken.
Mrs. Oliver, charged with profanity,
was fined ?5 and costs,
Shlmamoto, Yamamoto, Nagawa end
Ah Pul, charged with assault on Offi
cer Georgo Holt, were remanded till
tho 28th Instant.
Salki, alleged to havo violated tho
antl-rubblsh-sweeplng ordlnanco, was
C. K. Nacho and Kim Sang Pang,
drunk, were fined tho customary $3
and costs, both being first offenders.
Tho body of Mrs. Mary A. Rose,
mother of Charles Rose and Minnio
B. Charlock, will llo at Williams' un
dertaking parlors 'from five o'clock
this aftornoon, and tho funeral sor
vlces, will be held at ten tomorrow
morning at the. Catholio cathedral.
TO 6
Daily Paper in The
Iteports on the present cemetery sit
uation will -bo mado at tho Board of
Health meeting this afternoon by Dr.
Shepherd, who. has boon Investigating
conditions for some time, and, accord
ing to Kirk B. Porter, secretary of tho
board, recommendation that a ceme
tery site several miles out of the city
limits bo chosen will follow.
Present congested conditions in tho
existing cemeteries and the sentiment
that no moro bur'als bo mado within
tho city limits aro said to be the cause!
of tho recommendations to bo made.
Nuuanu cemetery has reached tho
limit of Its capacity, Kawalahao bury-.
Ing ground. is already'overcrowdod and
the Hawaiian Cemetery Association,
which maintains a cemetery, r.t Pearl
City, has announced that burials, will
tie discontinued there after Juno 30,
This leaves the city without frcill
.tles for burial purposes and conse
quently Immediate stops will have to
be taken by the Board of Health to re
lieve the situation. In order to do
this, a site for a burying ground will
Problem Is
The Mediterranean frultfly dotes on
onions, presumably, for under no oth
er hypothes's can tho ban which hns
been placed on the succulent tuber by
tho frultfly commission be rationally
A wnil has come up from Kauai to
tho Territorial marketing division,
that the "Board of Health won't lot
any onions bo shipped." Of course
the correspondent has his departments
mixed, but tho effect is all tho samo
to him. Didn't Superintendent Star
lett sell him Bermuda onion seed, and
urge him to grow onions? Then what
light has tho Territory now got to
refuse to let him sell the results of
his toll?
Tills is the burden of tho cry, and
It has stlrrefl up big gobs of worry
In Marketing Superintendent Starrett's
office. What Is to become of tho now j
Questions that seemed to lead no
where and answers that ended at tho
samo place wero the order of the day
this morning In tho federal court
where tho second of tho Mahuka slto
cases is on trial. R. R. Reldford, tho
real estato expert, was on tho stand,
under rigid cross-examination at tho
hands of United States District At
torney Brcckons..
Reldford had placed an estimate- of
117.50 per square foot upon part of
tho property Involved In tho suit
and Brcckons' questions woro direct
ed with tho lntont of finding out JuBt
how Reldford had reached that valua
tion. Reldford replied that tho flguros
woro arrived nt as a result of his ex
perience and gonornl knowledge of the
real ostato business in Honolulu,
Brcckons Insisted upon a moro spe
cific answer. Ho wanted to know Just
what real ostato transactions had on
tored Into Roldford's calculations.
Reldford Insisted that he could not ah
swor that question, that ho did not
know that he had any Bpoclflo in
stances in mind at tho tlmo. Brcckons
returned to tho attack time and tlmo
(Continued on Pago 'Eight. J
have to be purchased immediately, ac
cording to the Board secretary.
Public sentiment is against permit
ting burials and burying grounds with
in tho city limits, and In providing for
the new cemetery a tlte several miles
nway from tho center of. population
will be chosen.
"Placing tho cemetery sites a long
distance from the city limits Is a nec
essary step and must be taken sooner
or later," said Mr". Porter while dis
cussing tho projected recommenda
tion this morning.
"Of courso the added cost of body
transportation will work a hardship to
the poorer element of the population,
but the location of burying near resi
dence sections is a detriment to pub
lic health and must be done away with.
"In choosing the new site, however,
care will bo taken not to establish it;
so far outsldo the city as to mako the
funeral expense prohibitive."
This problem has been on the Board
of Health order of business, off and
on, for botweea fifteen and twenty
market division If garden sass can't
even be shipped to Honolulu from
t!ie other Islands? Here aro profes
sional truck gardeners arrlvelng from
California especially through tho ef
forts of tho market superintendent
nnu taking up land on Maui and oth
er islands aro they to havo no show
for their white alley?
We Get Cull Potatoes.
Assistant Superintendent Wall Btat
cd this morning that ho was at a loss
to Understand why such a regulation
had boon passed, whllo at tho same
tlmo Irish potatoes full of dlscaso
and pests, which aro brought hero
fiom tho coast, aro permitted to ba
shipped anywhero In tho Territory.
Acording to Mr. Wall tho potatoes
which Hawaii gets from California aro
tho refuso stock that havo no mar
ket on tho Coast.
Several members of tho supervising
pilnclpals board mado veiled Insinua
tions regarding tho oxtrnvagance of
the expenditures for text-books pro
vided for In the "Insurgents course-of-study"
and it was suggested by ono
person that the "Insurgents" wero
moroly acting ns tho tools of tho Book
Trust In attempting to tako tho reins
of government out of the hands of th
educational department.
In tho "Insurgent" courso of study,
thrco times ns many text books aro
required as In tho present courso now
being remodeled by the flvo commit
tees of supervising principals and in
somo Instances, tho "revolutionaries"
provide for moro than ono toxt-book
to bo used In tho samo courso at tho
samo tlmo.
Tho committees at present nro reo
ommondlng a cutting down of tho
number of text-books In uso already;
In mathematics whoro formerly, a sop
arato text-book was provided for each
year, tho committee on mathematics
is suggesting the us of two books
ono to bo used throughout tho four
(Associated Press Cbles to the Star.)
WASHINGTON, May 23. The transport Prairie has been ordered to em
bark GOO marines at Philadelphia for Cuba. There is danger to Americans
In an uprising there of negroes.
(Special Cable
oporatlng vessels In competition with
NEW Vnni: Mnv Ol L-n,nnnmnl,n TI.II I Y-!
110 yards in sixty-four seconds at the
Buiea unit uuininco into ino uiympic
This la a new amateur record for
1:08 1-5 made five years ago.
LONDON, May 23. Tho Transport Workers' Federation havo orders to .
ttrlko. One hundred nnd fifty thousand will go out tonight. Th'a means a
that the entire transport work of this port will be at a standstill.
WASHINGTON, May 23. The House hrs reaffirmed by a vote of. 147
to 13C, Its decision that no tolls shell bo exacted of American coastwise
vessels. The decision was received with cheers.
Tho American Canal government bill passed by 20G to 61.
NEWARK, N. J., May 23. Roosevelt and Tnft have "begun their Now
Jersey campaign! Twenty-eight delegates will be elected to the national
convention nt the election on Tuesday.
COLUMBUS, O., May 23. It Is estimated that Roosevelt has 387 out of
750 delegates to the States convention. The total La Fol'.etje vote la about
RELLANO, Mexico, May 23. Tho rebels havo gained a slight advant
age in a three hours' desperate fight between forces of about 4000 each..
Rl'JLLANO, Mex May 23. The rebels have captured a battery.
. COLUMBUS, O., Mny 23.
convlcted of bribery.
(Morning Cable Rci
At tho conference of supervising
principals this afternoon, Mr. Brodlo
asked for more tlmo for tho committee
on "Languages," which was granted.
Miss Ben Taylor presented a re
port from tho commltteo on "Mathe
matics," which Is being read as tho
l Star goes to press. Tnis is tho com
mltteo on which Mr. Copeland de
clined to serve.
In all probability none of tho re
ports will bo considered, or acted up
on, until all havo been submitted.
At tho annual meeting of tho Ha
waiian Bar Association on Wednes
day next, two leading topics for dis
cussion will bo tho appointment of
Judgo Hardy's successor and tho re
call of tho judiciary. Tho annual din
ner of tho association will bo held
on Juno 15, tho commltteo, of ar
rangements being F. B. Thompson,
Attornoy General Lindsay and L. A.
Dickey, and on literary program W.
O. Smith, R. B. Anderson and D. L.
primary grades whllo tho othor one
will tako up tho work in tho fifth
prado and will follow tho courso
through to completion.
Tho flvo committees havo been
working hnrd all morning and have
nearly completod their work and it
Is expected that when tho meeting Is
called to order nt 2 o'clock, two ct
thorn will be nblo to mako reports
whllo the other threo will require
another twenty-four hours extension
of 'time.
lore Time
For Report
Thor.f Mln., 71.
liar., 8 a. in., 30.08.
Hnln, 24h a. m.. .02.
Wind, 12m., 10NE.
NO. 62R6.
to The Star.) -i
Canal bill prohibits railroads from?
their own lines.
Unlversitv. of Pennavlvf-nln. which nn.'
contest ai Stoclinolm. ' ra
ihe distance, tho previous best bclnor
-Stato State Senator Isaac Hoffman has been
ort on page ten)
With more than 1G0 persons In tho
city eligible to membership, the alum
nl of tho Iolanl Collego met last night
and organized tho "Iolanl Alumni As
sociation.'" A. F. Clark was elected;
president, A. St. C. Pllanala, vlco '
prosldont, I. M. Domlnls, secretary,
nnd Sam Wong, trensurer.
The association is arranging to hold raj
u reception in nonor or lilsnop Willis,
tho founder of tho college, on Juno
Tho organization will lncludo tha
alumni of lolalil college and tho 1
church schools nfllllated with tho col
lege. Tho visit of Bishop Willis sup
plied tho Inspiration for tho forma- 3
tlon of an nlumnl association at an
appropriate time, this boing tho Jubl- j
lee year of the founding ot the Angli
can church In tho Hawaiian Islnnds.
It Is understood tho natlvo Epls-
copal church Is also arranging to hold
a roceptlon for Bishop Willis nextl
week. '
A wireless dispatch from Hllo says
tho strongest earthquako In four yeara 1
shook mo jsinuu or Hawaii at 11;
o'clock last night, uhd that Mokunweo-:
weo Is bolchlng smoko.
What Is supposed to have been an. J
earthquake shock was felt at Kalmukl,
Honolulu, on Tuesday night.
The Episcopal convocation, In con
nection with which tho Jubilee ot tho
church In Hawaii will be celebrated, ,
will opon at 10 o'clock on Saturday
nnd continue until 2:30 for tho first?
day's session.

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