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Cniie: 8.8 Re. par 111., $77.20
HootH, 10b. 09ilj. ier cwt ,
f 85.60$ iwr ton.
Th'f , inln., 76.
Bar. 8 . HI., 0 B
Rain, llh. . m.. .02
Wind. Urn., UXK
Telephone 2365 Star Buinr Offirr The Largest Daily Paper in The Territory
vol. xx
Buchly Will
Fiddle While
Things Burn
Nero fiddled
while Home burned,
-...I IV. 11. 1.. I .1. -
unu iuc tuuuuuicB iu uuuibo ui wv
.i , .....
i.'iuiiiiuu ui i uiiuuuuwi uii iuu uigm
or July 4 lias arranged to nave a
Nero liddle during this unique and
(spectacular conflagration.
Buchly has been selected as the prop-, relic of the royal Hawaiian navy. C. hure IlltJ , Au d tQ b(j.
er person to impersonate Nero bo-,11. Drown, the present owner of the gtll work September J. A physical dl
cause of his skill with the musical , vessel, has entered into the plans for rcctor for tho nle nnsJ noUbeen Hc.
instrument and because, when attired, burning the ship with enthusiasm. Ho clim, ns yel but Socrcl s cx.
In tOKa and sandals, with a wreath will restore thn nimrnh'iirtiir,i nf Mm . .. . .
of laurel on his brow, It is believed;
be will look the part of the Itoman
All the supplies necessary to make
a Roman holiday for "Nero" Buchly
arrived on the Ventura yesterday. The!
Standard Associated and Union Oil
j a- .-.- tt.- nl.
compaules have donated the fuol nec
essary and it is expected this feat
ure of the 4th of July celebration
will bo the most spectacular ever giv
en in any country.
Not content with the hitherto un
paralleled feat of calling a volcano
into action to celebrate the Nation's
birthday, the committee has arranged;
Officers In the Department of Ha
wali received cheering news this
morning through a cablegram from
the paymaster general at Washington,
stating that he had discovered enough
money remaining from the last army
appropriation to pay the officers In
Hawaii for the month of June. The
enlisted men will not be paid but, in
asmuch ns they are provided with ra
tions and clothing, the fullure to re
ceive their pay will not affect thorn
tr the extent It would the officers anil
tho tradesmen dependent on the lat
ter. Another cable received this morn
ing related to provident measures to
be taken in view of the failure of tho
army appropriation bill to become
law. The message directed that clas
sified employees of the quartermas
ter's department bo placed on fur
lough without pay and that unclassl
fied employees be discharged because
of the failure of the appropriation.
Provision is made for tho retention
ol sufficient employees as may be
necessary to the execution of tho or
der, when their duties as such can
not bo performed by enlisted men.
Those so retained will enter into con
tracts which specify that they will
On Monday, July 1, 1912, the Hawaiian Star and Evening
Bulletin will he joined under one management, and one evening
newspaper, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, issued from the Alakea
street offices. This paper will have a minimum guaranteed
circulation of over 4000 copies.
The advertising rate until January 1, IU 13, will be on the
basis of fifteen cents an inch with the usual increase for short
term, special position, etc. This is twenty-five per cent. lower
than the combined rates of the two papers, and a circulation
is offered which, under the advertising rates prevailing on the
mainland, would call for twenty-five cents an inch as a
All the subscribers of the Hawaiian Star and Kvcnini?
Bulletin will receive' the Honolulu Star-Bulletin' for the full
lime they have paid on either or both papers. ,
The subscription rates will be the usual ?8 per year
$4 six months, $2 for three months, and $.75 one month.
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin semi-weekly will take the
place of the Hawaiian Star semi-weekly and Evening Bulletin
The subscription rate of the Semi-Weekly Honolulu SUr
Bulletin will be $2 per year.
, to burn a warship In the harbor In
1 J 1 .1.- ... ...... ......
. uruer iu nuw uie wuriu luai wnen
i iiuuuuiiu ueieur.ues no oiucr cuy can
hope to compete with her in original-
lty. The warship which will be fired
for the occasion Is the old Kalmlloa.
ship, with spars and rigging iu in-
flammable materials, and will place
i oil and gunpowder in the hold to make
the blaze on Sand Island worth see-
ing; '
All arrangements for the ble civic
parade on the morning of the Fourth
have practically been completed
I.... .. .1. ..
ing to enter in the "Antiques and
HorrlhW clafl nned not nnnounc
their intentions but can come In up to
the last moment providing they report
at the drlllahcd before the parade bo-
gins to move at 8 o'clock.
(Continued on Pago Tlve.)
be paid when funds are available for
the purpose.
It is considered possible that a
strict interpretation of this order
might result In putting an end to
construction work in trinces ' where
this is being performed by day labor
under the direction of the quarter
master. General orders received yesterday
relieve Captain Clifton C. Carter from
duty with the 15'Jth Company, C. A. C.
and direct him to report at tho prop
el time for duty on the stair of the
commanding officer of the Artillery
District of Chesapeake Uay. Captain
Carter served as chief of staff to
General Macomb uutil recently when
the ofllce was abolished.
Captain Edward Carpenter, C. A. C,
has been relieved from duty with the
general stuff and has been ordered to
the ir9th Co., presumably to take
Captain Carter's place. The order
takes effect Oct. 1.
First Lieut. Walker C. Howell, Med
ical Reserve Corps, has been reliev
ed from duty at Schoflejd Barracks
and granted a leave of two months
and twenty-six days. Captain Leartim
J. Owen of the samo corp has been
ordered from Fort Ucnjamln Harrison,
fnd., to Schofield Barracks.
Super Meets
Old Friends
In a letter received at tho local Y.
M. C. A. from General Secretary Paul 1
Sii)ier yesterday, the latter stated that
he was attending a conference of the '
employed officers of the Y. M. C". A.1
; in North America at Silver Hay, Lake
George, N. Y. Secretary Super said
j he met a number of his old secretarial '
'frlmulu nil if rlinm ll'tii-.i mnnh tntnt-
Asf., , .,, . ,, ... '
... iu.o
i.i ,,, . . ...
l,(jine a strategic point becai
mac of
the population of Anglo-Saxon, Latins
and Orientals.
The thrpp ni'W ninn fnr lin trfnl
force of v ,r n . u.m op .
pecis io secure a capable man soon
,hrr.i, t, ..,.-..
.p,... '..,. ...,... ., ..
mon, nf .,, v n . , . .
JJt h I II i h i m
V " . i
"'ro me return oi sec
,.ctary Super Ju,y 3l Th(J ,argc room
- - . ..
Ir. tUiA nnrlhannl r.v.AM l. - "
... ....UCUot vuiin-i ui iuB ijiisc-
J " " ST
BDon oruors ana a pantry room.
t , .
Nicholas K. Hoopll wants u divorce
, from his wife Margaret
He alleges
in his libel that Margaret Is consld-
erable of a booze-fighter. She goes
on periodicals at frequent Intervals,
rendering it unsafe and impossible
for him to continue to live with her
and making It Inadvisable for her to
be permitted to continue to exercise'
control or authority over their five '
1 mIllor children, tho custody of whom
he prays the court to award to him
The marriage of lwa. Joseph to Wil
liam Joseph was annulled by Judgo
Whitney this morning, on tho show-!
ing by the libellant that the libelled'
had another wife when he married her.!
Judgo Whitney this morning grant-' None of the parties, locally or na- Jarrett. in McCarthy's ollice, at Me
ed Jiose McCarthy a divorce from tionally. have anything on the local Carthy's Invitation. Wo shook hands
Frederick McCarthy on the ground of, Democrats when It comes to kicking and agreed to support one another
nonstipport. ,up u row among themselves. Link after a talk In which I explained that
In the divorce matter of Manzuburo McCandless this morning paid his 1 didn't llko some of the things Jar
Chlda Judge Whitney today ordered respects to Col. C. .1. McCarthy andjrett bad done with the county com
the husband to pay the costs of court Sheriff Jarrett, In terms that were mitlee. Within two weeks I found
and an attorney's fee of $25. . j lately the fashion in Chicago. Jarrett opposing mo., There was noth-
James ICalani, who is being sued for It "'as all because McCarthy had lag for nie to do but fight back, and
divorce, was today ordered to pay tern- Ba,d that he would not support Link if 1 did so.
porary alimony in the sum of 3 per l"ik didn't support Jarrett and that "It was a contest for delegates, and
week, and also tho costs of court and moreover if Link opimsed Jarrett the I got them, didn't I? They tried to
an attorney's fee of $10 I colonel and his friends would "work' control the convention ncainnt mo ,i
At the annual meeting of the Hawal-
Ian Society Sons of tho American Kevo-
lutlon, held iu Cooke Hall of tho Y.'
M. C. A. on Juno 17, tho followlug or- Now ho makes It conditional, says ho
fleers were elected to servo for tho will support me If I will support some
ensuing year: jono olse. What kind of kindergarten
President, Itobert J. Pratt; vice' politics have we, anyway?
president, Perley T. Home; Ilegister,
Howard ('. Mohr; treasurer, Charles
H. Dickey; secretary. Ira D. P. Can
field; directors, Clarence H. Cooke,
John W. Jones. Frank C. Atherton.
Sugar men ver0 cheeied a bit again
today by news of another slight rise
in tho price of beet sugar. Tho quo
tation today was 10s 0 3-td, or $85.00
per ton, ns against $S.".07 yostorday.
11 Is another Indication that the lout;
scries of drops has about finished, and
gives hopo of a rising market.
f w
The Sun Ohong Kwock Ho quotoiithe provisional government,
in its issue of today news, from China1
contained in cablegrams to a San Fran
cisco paper, of which tho fol owlng Is
a translation:
"I'EKIN, .lune IS. The promier,
Tang Shao Yl, heard that there would
be au attack made mon him and his
pollciea by the army. Iast night hear
ing the lire of guns, this mornjug ho
took a special train to Tientsin, to
avoid an attack.
j "Tho Irsllent, Yuan Shlh Kal, on
account of the departure of Tang
shao Yi from t'ekln, sent his private
sucrelary- So YI- wlth an offll'lal
document coh.manalng Tang Shao Yl
to return to freldnan.l rpsum hlB otn.
t.,u, jiosiuon.-, .
. . .
"The nvlvate Reretniv hpi-vI thn
'TV" 1 rem'er and M
t0 r'ek,n Ta Sh0 VI
absolutely refused, to obey
com -
"Owing to the refusal of Iho premier
to return, the president h.i.s now ap.j
pointed the minister of foreign Effairs,
Look Jin Chon, ns acting premier.
"CANTON, June 18. A circular has
bcfii distributed In Canton fiercely at- of education are. members of the Tung
tacking Dr. Sun., SciiHjul.Uie govrpiun Wn, one nf.-thcr seven -Wlttcnl
einor, Woo Hon Mun. This circular: societies that existed t th limn f
wns aigned by Wong See Lung, u tulli-
,arv officer, who was governor under!
actively" against Link.
"They talk like a lot of children,"
said McCandless. "What has the
sheriff's job got to do with the can-
didale for delegate to Congress any-
way? What sort of a reason for sup-jot
porting or opposing mo, for Congress,
is it that 1 support or opposo Jarrett
for sheriff? '
"In tho convention McCarthy said,
he would support the nominee of the
convention, and I hecamo the nominee.'
"Before the convention I talked with
Hy a transaction negotiated by thf
Hawallan TriiBt Company for Mrs.
Oeorge It. Carter and James W. Pratt
for A. W. Carter, Mrs. Carter today
became tho owner of nearly four
aoros of land 011 tho beach at Knala
witl, adjoining tho progent Carter
home, and about doubling tho slzo of
tho Carter lot. The piico paid Is ?1S.-COO.
"It l rumored that Wornr Rpo i.nnt?
has control of tho army In Canton.
cj -"O
"PKKIN, June 18. The minister of
education, Choy Yuen Pui, has nlso
left Pekln for Tientsin.
"The assembly sent a dispatch, to
Premier Tang Shao Yi ordering him
to return. On hi.? refusal the assembly
held a special meeting, at which sonio
members suggested that an official
command to the premier to return bo
adopted. Others, suggested that tho
Cabinet should be dissolved. The as
tembly has not yet decided what steps
to take."
ilaymond Hoe, translator for tho
Sun Chong Kwock Bo, said In connec
Hon with the foregoing news:
"When Or. Sun was Inaiigura'cd afl
ment China was nivlded be.We
en north
, and south and It was feared the divl
tlon might, become permanent.
"Yuan Shlh Kal was then premier
tnd, after he hnd succeeded In secur-
ing the overthrow of the monarchy,
wsw elected president by tho assembly.
"Doth the premier and the minister
the overthrow
Lately the other six
(Continued on Page Five.)
I won. That's politics.
"Now, If they want to fight mo let
them got tho control of tho next con
vention and do what they feel like. As
far an supporting Jarrett Is concerned,
course I can't do it as effectively
now . as 1 could have done if he bad
not forced mo to fight him before. I
can not, with as good effect, go to
the same men 1 asked to onnose him
before and now usk them to work for
"I don't know who Is advising Mc
Carthy and his crowd, but all I have
to say is that talk such as McCarthy
gives is very ill advised. They talk
like a lot of children."
Tho ot purchased Is located b
yond Diamond Head, on tho water , !
edge, and has nn area or 3.01 acres '
It is between the lot Oeorge It. Car I
tor alrendy had and the WodolioiiB-1
lot. Ex-Governor Carter Is nway and I
the doal was negotiated in the name!
01 .mis. nolen S. Cnrtor. It gives
thorn a vory largo lot along tho boacn
beyond Dlanfond Hoad.
(Associated Prets Cable to the 8tar.)
UALTIMOHE, June .-Throughout the eighteenth ballot there was
little variation. The poll stood. Clark, r,3r,; Wilson, 361; Underwood, 125
Harmon, 23; Marshall, 30; Bryan, 1; Kern. 3; absent, 3&.
Hawaii, on the fourteenth ballot gave Wilson, l; Clark, 4; Under
wood, 1, and continued.
Bryan made a sensation when be explained his vote for Wilson on
the fourteenth ballot. He said he would withhold his vote from Clark
as New York was for him as the latter represented only the wishes of
Murphy, representing the Interests which sought to dominate at Chicago.
Wilson mude an impassioned speech to the convention amid uproar.
It is believed Bryan has eliminated his own chances as a candidate.
There was no nomination on the nineteenth or twentieth ballots.
vyhuu zviiHBiui ueserieu Clark for Wilson.
The Underwood delegates are regarded ns pivotal.
BALTIMORE, June 2U.-On the 20th ballot Clark had 512 votes WIN
so.n S88. On the 21st. the Clark vote was COS antf Wilson's 3H5.
mVri V1" 29-Twent,etu bt: Clark, 512; Wilson.
J81-.., Underwood. 121 U.; Harmon. 7fl: M..rUhmi -jn. n .. '
James, 3.
lncidDpn?nf8 nPt'eCU CC?,oned th0 ne the most sensational
Incident of tho convention. He leaned on the rail, holding a palmleaf fau
and shaking a warning finger at tho delegates. A defiant glaro was in S3
madrffl ,WU8 8'ream,nK frm h'8 fnce' hla lce wa Husky, ho
made a defiant harangue for a progressive candidate and platform. Hla
remarks were greeted with cheers, yells, hisses and queries
Wilson may possibly reach Baltimore today. He ignored a telegram
from Senator Stone asking him to withdraw in favor of Clark lC'CgTiUa
The Senate of Georgia wired that a resolution had been introduced in
struct ing the delegation to swing to Wilson if ,t was apparent that Under
wood had no chance. The delegation voted to ignore the inStrucUouL
. ; U is currenHyrreportedlthara dear is on foot for" Uudorvood o stet.
aside in favor of Clark, the former to be named for the Speakership
rwenty-second ballot: Clark, r,00; Wilson, 396; and others little change.
POUGHKIOEPSIB, June 2!.-In the race today Cornell was first
lowing" BOCOml COll,m"ltt' S'rac,ls. I'ennsylvania and Stanford fol-
After a war or words on each matter
preceding a foregone conclusion, the
board or hiipervlsors this afternoon
voted to ba Queen .street paved with
bitullthic aud to give $14,000 in aid
of blinding the projected" X. (1. H. arm
In the p.ning matter the resolution
was to have the work done according
to the specifications of the engineer
and under a ten-year guarantee, on a
board, by the Honolulu llitulithic and
Concrete Company, at a cost not to
exceed $2i;.mio.
.MeClellau plei'ded In valu for delay
until tlir iiii'iiiheis had time to look
Inio tin- 1I.1 ;i i Is. While hitullthii' us
For Contempt of Tax Appeal Court
ol Ililo:
Circuit Judgo Stanley $10.00
Kx-Attornoy General Hemeuvvay. 10.00
Richard Ivors 2.1.00
'flu above aro the lines that wero
Imi'oned Inst Saturday, by Presiding
Judue Delbert K. Motzgor, of the Tax
Appeal Court of the district of East
Ilatt.ni. for actions which Ills Honor
(n.i ted were n grave retlecllon up
111 Hi. dignity of tho court.
hii. was attondlng (lie court as
. tin ney in fact for the Brower Es
i:.'. . in the matter of various appeals.
Manley and Heinenway wore atlor
n in fee. M) to spetik. Judge A. A.
ilder appeared for the other side,
both in fact and foe, and he nppotu's
to be tho party really responsible for
the fine, according to the story tlmt
' """"' l' rosH' '
$14 000 APPROVED
a. good pavement, it was not a heavy
tralllc pavement, he ald and toltf ot
elticvs on the mainland where it waB
torn up after being down only a few
years. Wooden blocks would cost
$30,000 but would last thirty or mora
yocrs. Warren Brothers of Boston were
selling the bitullthic materials to con
tractors, while here Gilinatrs company
hnd the patent right and the monopoly
of using bitullthic.
Murray and Low made the fight for
bitullthic and McCIellan himsolf voted
for the contract after a test vote on
taking the matter up at all today show
ed that bitullthic was the choice ot
(Continued on page Five)
comes from the city of frogs and rain.
It appears that the court declared
a recess or luncheon shortly after
oon lust Saturday, giving witnesses
and counsol an hour In which to sup.
ply the Innnor man. The end or the
fcour found the supplying apparently
still iu progrew, for neither Stanley,
Heinenway nor Ivors showed up.
Wilder was on time. With all tho
mithorlty or a formor justice of tho
supreme court he Informed the tax
nppeal court that It was boing treated
with contempt, and that it was cloth,
od with just ns much authority as
sny circuit to punish any person who,
happening to have a contompt for it
showed such contempt In n vlBlblo
and practical munner.
When Stanloy and Heinenway
strolled In, flftoon minutes late. Judge
(Continued on Pago Five.)
tffriiffti iiiVh

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