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The Hawaiian star. (Honolulu [Oahu]) 1893-1912, June 29, 1912, SECOND EDITION, THIRD SECTION, Image 18

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Well, allwlt Named by a mUftr ,oktfl v whI wild Him, m iMt TMt M iM m yon hmv rolle
om torn hMthon in the Sopnowwr PtWnw. hi fllow, wha conMYo H wn tM MitHir
ialon, we war flat) to hava thai not anltt without tkatr poai prandlal hjr IM sinw!
ararv. iv man ua inina inai wvrv um mnii iu iu
going to mt MHnethlna Mpaclal tnat loom. Hour, n. a ammnnr Oh, yi maaji lm n Hut Taina n Tan,
It waa hw to bnva it before lnwwl lirrf- Brother Jont,4 -vm prov! 'Mk! 'Hull!
of after. Jo-Jo'a coeMng likely to ,1" iHaapnolntmc-nt, in reitaln Or yon ohm'I b to Htmven when yon
be flavored with Oreek roota t ml an.lU; " h " Htt T onr f Tan. (! 'Ith! 'n!
etant h'.uory. Habitually he '.oncoct-i n,, t,mt we mi,Bt ,,ot forjftl. Qntmi'! Vuu have but to tliow your pin
ml wltlt readlna urme an and a bank MM raw anu Klff aJDitMr.) ii or nl Atiu urer i-eteni mt yon
nmlar self-control TWna(iJ
with hi in. Y '
iird fioin pnne IT.)
ii- rounded rheata,
da out ready with
ran grip,
to kave you eotno up
it' tWnner, If you ean,"
HM. . ,
telltiK had fluahml as If
all )itully milled at
IIS. ;.
' Up to the ohNiitaf
t didn't understand"
othor Parcollus; bnt we
Itnn to be placed upon
t ot Pe'terkln Tamilea.
y iHjlitely Interrupted,
'on down to the hall in
lrrnnged to' liavo dinner
va forty-five. That will
far from the chapter
s. Wo can have a car
" alleged Granny, with
nt But our distinguish
potldod valiantly, as
jjploro you. That won't
We allowed ourselves
t. "Er I shall go, with
tho chapter house, you
t know about the, chap
.ered Spuds and I; "got
: not bo late for the
" wo assured. "We'll
la plenty of time."
would ygnjtko uio to
t can. 'wujr'6 hero to
nos thought that he
efully convoying hlin
post of honor on his
uttlng in on tho left
ould. Spuds and I clos-
we steared a 'triumph-
street. Evor and anon
i Zeta Zip or Sir
m Wkoopsllou or
of arggtonip
It Saves Labor
In each band
' -The innovation by Brother Jotiea
rathar put n lf our stride; but under
the inatira;loi) of Granny ail1! TMffy
and the rest of v.i who hat. been in
loyally: And you'll nlwnya have ihy ext pleekl
or pie: -Run: iiaii! i A
Jugt to develop the jollity and help
hlin along to the uncorking point wo I Then we rendered our -yell: throe
nhoed him our wrap-book of dance nileoxo and a whoop-up which filing
training at home w gradually drew programs, and of other relict, that por-l out hands and logs Into the air.
Up oven again until, when the first the glories of Hot Ta.nr.le Tau This loft Brother Jones a bit With-
mouthfuls of steak had been Fletcher-,"! old 1'eterkin; and all the annuals, loss.
lied to that they would pass a four- with the joki-a about us, the pictures "1 must go!" ho Raiod, hastily, o
rM-ni. wo'of US: and Dink told i story thftt hoiiuaue tor me nan. . musi
Unnwfciiaw alm.mt. ns well ns wo did. not realize l! wrn rauier a uiiiuiuiu
teen and three-quarters
wero golng .itrong.
Granny told his only funny story.
As we helped Brother Jones laugh no
body would have suspected that we
tenlors had hecrd the rttory twenty-two
tlmos, juniors seventeen times, sophs
eleven tinios, and freshies already six
Brother .loueft'R center of jollity
(that bald place) grow rosy, as if be
ing warmed up; and wo wore quite
"When 1 wes at colloge " ho pre
amb'od; and Granny dived Into tho
times. That wr.i our Jap's duty; to1 hole in the line.
8 lOtttrfttf
at' and 'r'n nit-"'
is ."- , key viv
Tl'.e i i- iter was, for-
if"' .glit. Even the
owars and coats in-
aweaters, and most of
ions wore on the couch
had been ptimevally, in
e floor. "P'.3 true that
'OS-gloves was on the
uple of caps were stuck
er; but otherwise tho
narred by human vile
e freshmen and Medics,
was abruptly changed
i frat. hymn, and then
fded forward, greeting
thqlr sinewy outstretch
i noble newly-washed
uest was visibly affect-
11, each and every one,
ds," ho bubbled,
a was a genuine olo"
Tamale Tau one of the
inly ho chanced to be a
Vh!lo we wero hovering
muling mlx-up, a wee
' a voice which never
jbeyed and never has
e Tau at old l'ete-rkln.
" grinned Jo-Jo, our
eeboy-steward when not
through having locked
his books, on the thlrri
Iiqw those Japs .study!
A-ont. In grand march,
faith that maybe the
aurned on one side and
er. I trusted a'so that
noticed Jo-.lo'.s barber
occasion borrowed out
.ho Mu Mu girls' Jap.
liieer thing happened,
was juggling iho first
nd we were set on our
I the instant when our
Ivo tho signal by stick-
q, said guest hazarded,
'0 not omitted some
like to wash7" blurted
d all the freshmen at
-and that was what wo
ow of us still retained
t civilization.
ju little brat." hissed
m with horror I caught
' jiios'b head the bald cen
jroffered to r.i a-down
I heard Granny saying,
take the lead. Brother
3 murmured grace, and
confused that he drlp
a poised bowl of soup
ok. But Biff was game.
practice his mathematics by keeping
Dink ttarted in on a story, but it
had a swonr-word in it, and wo chok
ed him off. No use sending Brother
Jonr.i to the Y. M. C. A. lecture stage
wltlt f swear-word echoing In his mind.
Ulrt tucked his napkin under his chin
to save his tic, and Spuds' knlfo clink
pd once on his teeth. So wo were at
ease and were comfortable. And
Brother Jonrn was O. IC, too.
"Past Brother Jones tho bread', Jo."
, "Have some potato, Brother Jones."
"Let Jo help you to some meat,
Bro'her Jones. Nice pleco of steak
waiting for you."
Brother Jones wasn't fooled a bit by
that tent bluff; he was wUo; he'd been
et a frat. house before. There never Is
any more steak. Or if there Is, it's for
Pretty soon wo felt out a little more,
with rcm oh as these, to make
our gi' in Granny led.
',t'i that at Stanford, so
tint a fact, Brothor
s ,,"omod not certain,
.ed, and Biff tried. '
certainly did clean 'om
j'i joI, tills 6easo,n; didn't sho,
ii . Jones? Must have a great sys
. out thero."
'T dnro say," responded Brother
Jones. "But I really haven't noticed."
"But how about Whitman Mem
orial?" prompted Dink, hopefully.
"Whoro la that, may I ask?" re
sponded Brother Jones.
So of courso he hadn't been there
which was fortunute, inasmuch as
Dink bad farRotten tho location.
Yes, sir; from Columbia to Talla
hassee Agricultural we made a water
haul. Nothing doing. Humph! But un
discouraged we continued our well
meaning little repartees, and switched
to Egypt. Granny elucidated on tho
pyramids, Biff on mummies. Dink on
flatfoot architecture of the human an
atomy as portrayed by the native art
ists, Sawbones on embalming, I on
Cook round-trips; we faintly Interested
our guest, but he plainly wes holding
in, lett we steal his thunder from him.
That was legitimate, only he could
have trusted h's brother Hot Tamale
Talis. Jo-Jo took notes. He learned
a lot, this dinner. Suddenly
"When I was at college" began
Brother Jones; apd we pricked our
ears. But he merely desirea' to Etate
that when ho was at co'lege they
boarded in a club at $1.20 a week, and
lived well, too. Possibly something
about our meal called up this recollec
tion; but we did not love being re
minded of the fact.
Following our pleasant social inter
course and pie we adjourned to tooth
picks on tho side mainly on the out
side for those who usee' them mostly
on tho Irslde. Herewith some of the
hardened devotees of the noxious
weed Immediate'y sneaked off to hit
the pipo; Granny grandiloquently
mrterialized a cigar that looked like
the kind smoked by Prexy himself in
the seclusion of his home (Granny and
Prexy were pals) and offered' It to
Brother Jones. Brother Jones declin
ed! While wo were resuscitating
Gran and two freshmon, Biff rushed to
the front, having produced from tho
Ice-box, whither we had exiled them,
his chef d'oeuvre tho Egyptian cigar
ettes mnde on Clark Street. Chicago.
"Probably you would prefer one of
these. Brother Jones," he suggested,
politely. "They're tho best we could
get. on short notice. Thoy're either
Egyptian or dago."
Brother Jones even angrl'.y briiEheo
him aside.
"Young man, 1 have never contract
ed tho habit and I hopo that 1 am too
old to learn. And 1 cannot no, I can
not refrain from saying, my young
friends and brethren, that I am more
than pained, I am .shocked, at the In
dulgence I see" he might have said
"smell" "In this vice in this chapter
"We'll cut it out, if it's offensive,"
npologtzed Biff, hastily. "Didn't know.
Paro'on us."
"It's not offensive to me; but it's
ungodly," reproved Brothor Jones.
So It was, if he referred to Spuds'
,;By the way, where was that, Broth
er Jonrs?" ho Invited, casually.
"Columbia, watn't It?" urged Biff.
"Whitman Memorial I" hinted Dink.
"Tallahassee Agricultural I" propos
ed Shad.
"Holla!" guessed 1.
"My college?" queried Brother Jones.
"Yes!" wo chorused. "Whore you
joined the fraternity."
"Oh! I came. into tho great brother
hood at Joseph Wd Ebcnezer Unlver
alty." A dreadful; jmuco ensued. Brains
wero racked ! Dink broke the Ice in
another spot.
"Didn't know wo had a chapter
there," he confessed.
"Oh, yes. A chapter house ""but al
florco turmoil lnterrupted.jfurlher'.con
fldouces. '. " :
Tho tVoo blindfolded freshmen,
with at iffed salt bags, wero in tho ring
pltchr; impromptu amide t the pre
cincts of tho once fair dining room!
Oh. the swats! 'Twas beautiful.
Promptly we abandoned our prize liter
ature left tho archives of Hot Tanialo
Tau am old-Poterktn loft them on
tho floor, and proparcd to devote our
minds to physical culture.
"What's the matter?" Implored
Brother Jones, rs wo roio en masse.
"Just a little fun," oxplained Biff.
"See them? Como on whore you'll have
n better view."
"Come on, Brother Jones," we all
Oh, revelry of a. high-toned kind
reigned supreme, and' we thought that
Brother Jones would feel at home;
that in his breast would revive the
Spirit "f HI old ilayo ot .Tnsoph null
bbenozer. One blindfolded fresh had
advr.med to the fray with Huge
strlilps: Fwlncinc his salt-bat: like a
war-club; a second had dropped' cannl
ly on one knee, listening for an op
portunity; the third stood stock still,
jabbing Into thin air.. Fresh number
one stumbled and fell over fresh num
ber two; fresh number three charged
delightedly forward, groped for the
sourco of the racket, and fell to pound
ing h's weapon flall-'ike upon his fall
en enemies. Presently these latter
arose In red wrath and battle-royal en
suedreally a sweet little fracas, So
"Come on, Brother Jones," we en
couraged. But when wc looked back, Brother
Jones was gazing in a wabbly feshion
after us, and upon his erstwhile jolly
countenance sate strange paleness and
"Come!" we beckoned. The three
fresh had each other In a corner; they
were mad; they didn't care how hard
they hit. Goodness me! Dearie dear!
We wished that Brother Jones would
But he shook his head.
With some natural reluctance we
tore ourselves Iooso and went back.
"Wont you join us?"
"No; excuse me, but I mcst be go
ing. I I thank you, but I must be going."
That was more disappointment, for
tho moot court and Jo-Jo as a monkey
were still to be staged. However
"If you think best," granted Granny.
"We'll take you down. But flrst wo
must have the closing hymn, you know
Can't omit that the ring chant of Hot
Tamale Tau. I'll get the fellows."
So he hust'ed and stopped the circus
and untangled the three fresh, and got
the fellows together, and assembled
for tho ring chant.
Perhaps they didn't have that at Jo
seph and ICbenezer in Brother Jones's
time, for he was green. However, wo
formed the ring, with him following
the Instructions. You know tho Hot
Tamale Tau ring. It's not secret. Fel
lows stand in a circle, right leg of one
engaging '.eft leg of next, and hand
joined with hand behind backs all the
way around. Brother Jones paFsed
the leg-work, but joined hands. And
we sang the famous closing hymn of
Hot Tamale Tan Tho Star Spangled
Banner song of the noble frat.
Oh, It's great to be a Hot Tamale
It's great to clasp a brother by tho
But there's nothing like the know"
. i.
or program than' I had expected,
Hi d 1 known, beforehand"
"You' 1 be in time. It's only soven
thirty," assured Biff. "We can mako
It In ten minutes, -easy."
Wo all swarmed' Into the hall with
him, and hustled him into his coat
and hat
"Thank you," quavered Brother
Jones, who seonied much affected at
the parting, prospective The bonds
of Hot Tamale Tau are as aforesaid,
In the preamble to this sad tale. They
stretch only with pain; and they bust
never. "I will say good-night, then.
Good-night, my dear boys." He was
flushing with his jolly flush t.nd if ho
was to uncork, now was the supreme
and finnl moment. But he merely add'
ed: "I shoiul like to have had a littlo
different parting something a littlo
moro significant of the principles ot
our order " Ho may have been upon
tho verge of offering cs a stein, to eko
out our harmless art collection; or a
now piano. You never can tell. How
ever, he concluded: "I can only say,
bless you, bless you; and good-by."
, "Hold on. We're going with you," In
formed Gran.
"What! All?"
"Sure. Wo escort ou down."
Also we'd go in with him dead
head. This wo did not announce, but
the othor wrs enough. He brightened
wonderfully, with real pleasure.
"Good!" ho exclaimed. "I didn't asl
you. I was hoping. I shall be delighted,
brothers, delighted. And will you at
tem.? This is a surprise. Blew you
I heard Spuds gurgle rapturously
over the scheme; and with mutual
congratu'atlons emanating from our
expectant visages we flocked forth. To
bo guests for nothing, of an Kgyptiap
lecturer, is worth the price. As previy
ously forecasted, the Y. M. C. A. hall;
is at the campus, only three blocks
away; and when within half a block
jest to let the interested populace
know of our existence and our late
honors, we struck up n song for Hot
Tamale Tau:
Oh, you must be a Hot Tamale Tau,
'Rah! 'Hah!
Or you can't go to Heaven when you
die! 'Hah! 'Rah! '
But ere our finale of three sneezee
ana a tiger for Brother Jones had toot
led out in second breath, with lift of
hand and frantic halt he cilt it off.
"I beg of you! Not here! Isn't that
the place?"
"No; opposite corner, brother," in
structed Biff, as cheerfully as possible
iinoer the circumstances. "This is the
Methodist church."
"Then It Is the place! I am shocked!
They may have heard !"
"But the Y. M. C. A. auditorium Is
yours, isn't it. Brother Jones?" prompt
ed Gran.
"1 didn't understand so."
"Certainly it is ! that's what the bills
say," we rssured. "Lecture on Egypt,
Parcellus II. Jones, April 10, Y. M. C.
A. auditorium, eight o'clock."
"But, dear me! I have no lecture on
"We beg your pardon. We thought
yen wanted the Y. M. C. A. hall. You
are Brother Jones?"
"Yes, I'm Brother Jones, r trust."
"Parco'lus .1. Jones?"
"Potlphar J. Jones is my name."
Uh! i
"The distinguished lecturer upon
"Tho very humble cvangelitt, for
church and' soul."
"At the Y. M. C. A."
"At the First Methodist church, of
this city, for one week."
The woild icelcd off a few reels of
stars; and Granny spoke.
"We beg your pardon. Wo wero :lnd
to entertain you but wc thought that
you wore ;i brother Hot Tamale Tau.
We were directed to tho St. James and
we saw your name on the register. The
ahem circumstantial evidence was
presumptive of your guilt.1'
Granny loved the legal sound of him
self. "Yes? My dear boys! TIipji It has
been a mistake all 'round. We are
brothers, just the same, but I tuok you
'or members of that glorloiu bond, the
hretlnon of the Holy Grail an organ
ization of the Chrlstir.n yotnh militant,
with chapter? throughout tho United
Stntes. I was," ho added, generously.
"a little purr.rlBed at tho furnishing of
your homo; bu' then, you know, wo
are blessed with chapter comes in
A Pure White Soap that will not injure the most
Delicate Garment.
Your urocer bells It
Honolulu, T. H., May 20th, 1912.
Honolulu, " v
Dear Sir:
h gives'jrrie 'pleasure to inform you. thai, both the one
hundred gallon Sun Water Heaters placed at the Salvation
Army Home have given perfect satisfaction.
.' Yours faithfully.
C. L. McCA'BE,
Matron, S.A. Home;. '
... , .
. '
Manoa. ' '..!.' y; ' ,
i . . -
many towns ;.nd cities, anl I am fre- dian section of tho Victoria and Al
quently entertirlned although 1 would bcrt Museum a series of beautiful and
say, without criticising, that the pro-: highly interestln examples of Mogul,
gram usually takes a little different Rajput and. Tibetan industrial art.
tone from that employed by you, my The most important among them is
dear boys." ' the toilet-trny of a Mogul Princess, oi
WO had Halted t-om the house' crysta1' qulaltely rveil a!
twen.y four suxng; but during the re- llrI1IeJ wlt,h potltlona of a flower ny
cent moments I had elt an cubing In ",nnt 10,tlv?.: l,he ISI,1" am,
the human tide, and a chilly back. A I
hasty gHni o revealed us to be about
oloven weak.
"WVie sorry" !tillorea'(Iran. "Th's
is tho Methodist church. It sotms to
bo lighted for joii. '
" "You're coming In, though aren't
"Not tonight, thank you," we chor
used. "Wo muEt study."
Advice to Expectant Mothers
The experience of Motherhood is a try
ing one to most women and marks dis
tinctly an epoch in their lives. Not ono
woman in a hundred is prepared or un
derstands how to properly care for her
self. Of course nearly every woman
nowadays has medical treatment at
such times, but many approach tho
experience with an organism unfitted
for the trial of strength, and when it
is over her system has received a shock
from which it is hard to recover. Fol
lowing right upon this comes the ner
vous strain of caring for tho child, and
a distinct change in the mother results.
There is nothing more charming than
a happy and heahy mother of children,
and indeed child-birth under the right
conditions need bo no hazard" to health or
beauty. The uncxplainable thing is that,
with all tho evidence of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an un
prepared condition, and with ample timo
in which to prepare, women will persist
in going blindly to the trial.
Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, a most valuable tonic and invig
orator of the female organism.
In many homes
once childless thero
are now children be
cause of the fact
that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound makes
women normal,
healthy and strong.
If you want special advice write t
Lydia L Plnklinm Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
bo opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
"Brother Jones was .disappointed.
"I understood that you were," he the place where the Begum's
said. "Come tomorrow night, or next, box, also of Jeweled crystal,
manner, the hollows being Inlaid or
filled in with soft gold set, with cabo-j
' ebon rubles and emeralds. j
This tray was made in Delhi dur-j
Inn. tho clvtonntli nr Hnvnnlnnntli nnit. I
v..w .... ... w. . w..v.....
tury, and was evidently tho work of
ono of the celebrated jewelers at
tached to' the court of Akhar tho
Great or of ono of his Immediate j
I successors. j
I A depression In tho center marks
Phone 1148.
Cor. King and South Sts.
Successors to
Kellogg & Dempsey
Auto, Motor and Carriage Repairing
Painting, Trimming,
The watches other watchmakers cab
not make keep correct time. No work
too difficult. Wm. Prucha, Fort St.,
near Pauahl.
We have services all the week. Good- have rested.
night, then; good-night, hr I con- q-Wo silver-gilt and enamel per- Of all kinds of Sewing Machines.
.... .. . I 1. 1 . .... I
rots i uio. unu mo timinei uuiiae a nime uoxes, made Hi, j.uckiiow miring , work guaranteed. We
little different from those heretofore tho seventeenth century and former-1 GI30 f, coULTEIt
visited ny me. uui-;kouh-ihbi'i ly uie property oi uio msi King n
blcv3s you." Cudh, and a Mogul kalamdnn a bo !
So we parted from him.
te hold writing materials of curved . 1211 Nuuanu St
""Great Scottlbus!" murmured Gran Ivory aro notable specimens or Indian
his strongest cius-word since he had art-
the glrl-back-home and life-insurance "ei' Hems In the collection aro a
with a tontine po'ley. "Where do you naJl't kalamdan of ivory, painted
i,lt,or PnrroliiiH is?" i with sprays of flowers; n powder flask
I I wtwv.... -
Phono 3395
Wo didn't know. But wo darted
across to tho Y. M. C. A. building to
Dud out. A little knot of people were
reading a notice on tho board out
sju'o: Jones Lecture Postponed. Train De-
layed. ,
the entrance hall) In tho Indian sec
ART TREASURES FROM INDIA, j ti, of the museum. London E.v
Tho Queen has presented to tho In- proas.
of rosewood, inlaid with engraved
Ivory, mother-of-pearl, and buffalo
horn; an embroiderer's workbox of
Shlsham wood, partly veneered nnd
partly Inlaid; and a Tibetan betel box
of brass, formerly gilt.
The Queen's clft Is nxhlbited in
the central case of room 2 (adjoining' TtB B. F. OMInOuSm. COulPaiig, Lid.
General Agents for Hawaii.
Fourth Floor, Stangenwald Dulldlag.

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