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The Pacific commercial advertiser. [volume] (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, December 03, 1863, Image 2

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The oeramnct tit two hoIulaT &nd the death of the Kin?
ha Bkl broken and very quiet wrtk of the past one, ii.j'J
.ill... IllMV WWtlVW U wTU m
AmoDf the foreign arrivals are two whaleihips from H.lo.jq
1 the bark'DUoe Cof-ufio, iron Pugrt r-um, wilfi
, wis.!
The tark Itmay Utetor sai'ed on I-aturdsy tfternuoo,
a fall cmrjo and a few psrngT., fr 5an Frsnc-ro.
will foUow dc xi week.
Thw? axzijint cf i-rtJif-r-i
eter moTe l oa the wtr i f.-vra f l.5OO.0OO.0fJ U i0vKi,uA.-j3
tJ", aJ trie average annul lu4 U f -J.txJO.VAKI. r
The New Yerk SLItiir.f Li-t note ale of A 1 bark "' "fa
l-iiv. 477 ton. tviUt at WVU)rooii n 1 jJO, (aow JUwiia barkp
Vv1, o-. . , utoMB
S-ri Active, ef r London, 97 ton. h been w .ir.M
Wiaiai & iiarrn, of that city, a&a fiueJ by ttec for a u-a-g
tiac voyage tn the Pacific Ocean, under the c.tLtnnl of t apt .J
w. i. fcu.a,of ew Lun-ion.
Thebar Hytaape.of NVw Id fori, ha been condemned anJjJ
old at CaJUo. lh imp fcr $ inventory fr 5-J. '
Mr. Mrk. uteof the firm of cro,by Co. s.'e wa to be nr-p
Urwl I the whalin bu-ineM, act be coiuinat in the corn E3
inanacfC.Dtain Puoe.
A tj-aoer L bein ba itt
P-r-t lonir. As thre u not
!uit.-hUr fir m Urice a veae
and irrrgtio pise. The enei
.mith. m u in. u rrrt a nri-cis ;nicr "
v .... . r,.l rMn!.l trt rnrrr from I' !
I.HI wt - j II
jua toru of cargo. ji
VaLCaBLl IOT.EV.-Tneientificrw.frcmKa.:
ti tJ rh. it aiYirrYf of & mean vhireLr th mcrrrunr uea in m f-i
manufacture of luokimr-gla3r may be hardened as to t
rendered Urnant of tumidity, fricikn or blow. The i-lav-jrlaa
thus rnvpared may conrr,u-jit!y be tranponed to anj
distance wuhrut fear of damage ; and the i.lvennr bein c
roropLshed by a cheaper pnce than any Jrt known, th-
jjlasa ia ten or twenty per cent, cheaper titan at presciit.
Dascrrji or I)ebt. Eay to keep out of debt ! No, in
vaar trf n.1 it i dificnlt- Are vou rich ' The btaod tralcs-
nan cn.. - ray u ,.,u F.c-. - j-a
father allowance will not be doe for three months ; your j urscM
iu th mean hite, caunc aff..rd you tome pu?a.ant vice or some M
inrvint Itivnrv arhth tft Ttjfin- hnrl me-rn'. want - TDU art Ui
; - ..fl . .Ij... tl nun.. -. lUl 1
about to rehnqoUh the vice or dUpense with the luxury; at
cL-irminc acquaintance, who lives, m one know how, thoughr
no one hve brtur. introduces an amiable creature, sleek as g
cat. with i of velvet hiJin c aws of steel ; h:s manners areT
plei:r,j, Ms casing usury. Voa want the money for three r!
liionth. Why say itree t Toor name u a bill fr six months. U
and the vice or the luxurv is voar's the next hour. CertainivN
the cxy ttine hre is to put your name to the bill. 1'resto
jcj are ia debt the deroor. has you dwn in ht b.Hk.
Are too v?r T Stiil your charai.-u-r t. yet without a stain fci
and jour character is a property an which ycu can borrow hH
.Larger that you leave in tan. Th property to you iM
ficrsa, aud the loan that ubf.-ctj it to be ikt!xei ut:re-f J
iemed U a trifie,
Ycca? friend, be thoo pVrician or plebeian, t-arn to tay
No" at the firt to your charmin acquaintance. The worst
that the No can iu.ci on ycu Is a privation a want alway:
short of starvation. No yoon? man, with the average health
of youth, need be in danger of tvtioo. But drspite that
privation or want, yoor youth itself I such riches that there i?
uoc m purse-proud okl miliiunaire of sixty, who, provided voiir
iroud name be aiolled, would not delijchteiilv rhar.pe with you. h)
to coountd ! Pay No Keep unscathed tlie pd name. ke-j
nut of peril the honor, without which even yon battered old aol-
lier, who ia bobblin into his grave on a wooden leg, would no:
ccorige aith Achillea.
-Ship' Mail.
"or Sax ractto per Yankee, about TJecerober 10.
2C Ant br:t Curlew. Newbury. 18 days frtn San Francis
co, en route tr Manila, passed tliis port at nn.
y S-h Kamehameha IV. Clark, from Maliko. with l'Zi
kg sujrar, U brls molasses, 12 bgs fuugus, 4 cab-ll
in. iv oecx pass.
-7 Am brktne Conalitutton, Pwnroy, 27 day frtn Fuze:
Sound, with lumber to II Ilarkfckl & Co.
151 Sen Kalama. from ports on Hawaii, with Si bis pu!u.
2UO mil suirar, a pa.
1 ?ch Nettie MerriU. Wetherby. fjorn Lihaina anl Ma
ker's Lan.iin. with 2So kgs nuzar. 34 brls mo!a-
se. IJVjO li" wb bone, 4 hordes, 12 rds Wool, 6
cabin. 9 deck pa. t
US Sch Odd Fellow. Johnson. fpcn ports on Kauai. wi'.hL
S cds wood. 0 bndls pai ai, 11 bps tice, h"gs Jfl
i mme. i norse. ucck pass.
CO AmwhhiptoT Troup. Aihley, from Ochotsk, vut
ililo. ul and on.
30 ?ch Moiwahine, Kuheana, fnn Hanairi, with 40 brN
muliMff. 11 ril workl. A ilf-ek ri i
1 Am wb ship. Mount Walla-itou, Willis, frin Ochotsk.N
via liilo. Off and on.
2 Steamer Annie Laurie, Marchant,fm windward poru
'1 Svh Moikeiki, Napela, from Lahaina and Kahului
with usual freights, 2 as.
Nov. 26 Ara wb ship Iaac IlowlanJ, Sisson. I r New Bedford
2(5 II I F M's corvette t Cordeliere, for an Francisco.
'26 Am wb bark LafrMa. Eastwood, for New Bedford.
"JT rch Kamoi. Wilbur, for Lahaina and Kahulul.
"JS Am bark Young Hector, Chad wick, fx Saa Francisco
S Am wb Dark Horenoe, rpencer, for llilo.
le. 1 Srh Kamehameha IV, Clark, for Ma.ikJ.
1 Scb Old Fellow. Jchuson, for f-or.s on Kauai.
1 Am ship Syren. S-.-ars, for baker's Island.
1 Am wh ship O-orge J low land. Jones, lor Coast C;i'a. U
i Haw wb bark Harvest. LovcUcd, for Line tr Arctic. PS
2 Scb Kalama, fr ports on Hawaii. T.
2 sch Moiwahine, Kuheana, for Hanalei.
'2 Sch Nettie Merrill, tireen, for Lahaina. Slc.
X7 Bark Constitution, Pcmeroy, reports Left Port An-g-elos,
Oct. C0:b, in a strong gale from West. Nov. 1st, Cape
Claftett N. K. 23 miles a sea loarded the bark fore aud aft,
shifted deck load, broke in skylights, filled cabin, store roon.
and tee state rooms with a foot of water, spoiling a part ofM
nips sma.i stores, wasne.t tore-stay sail out ot tne dcii rope.
aikl started top ga'Unt forecastle, causing the bark to leak
6o'j0 strokes per hour. Shortly after found the bark water
log red ; shortened tail to two reefs and started buth pump
with aTi hands, for & hours and 40 minutes, steady pumping, t
a.tShari5hae,th keriof which ir.'a in the co-j! air of his country eoat in Nuuanu
any umber in iba pari oi vii;i.t . . -
i. it wa baiit t-ak, s:am w.xnt H alley. l)n r riday morning he returned to
ne are from the er-tu:ie iroi, t -ii.i-v i
in thanae bv Mr. James a U t wn accotnpanKd by the Queen, and it was
1 .
2 nig
free her, 6th, split f-.-re-U ail in several places, 15th, sph:
foresail, and fore-topsail went clear frcm the yard two reefetl
Hove to, and lay for 13 hoars, blowing frcm S. S. W. From
the 1st to the 16th of Nov.mer had continued gales frotx
S. S. E. to W. S. W.; both pumps at work over hal of the time
and one continually. Took the N. E. trades in Iit. 27 41, 15-
W., light, with a heavy cross sea to the Islands. Was obliged
to lay to 3 days on the passage with head sea ; both i-ump?
would not keep her free. Arrived at Honolulu Nov. 26 : cam
into port the CTth. 28 days from Port Angel. -s.
VrweU Eiprrlrd frn. Forritfta Porta.
Ecg VI nh'ouer Drmiti'.a, Gri:uth. from Victoria. V. I., with
mdse t. janioo. treen & Co. shortly expected.
I jig bark Dolphin, would leave Prnambuco about An; So. witl.
the cargo cf the sain! Rotv-ru-m, to Wilcox, Richards A
Am aUir Cara I-rse wa'.I lavs Paz-t Si.an 1 early in Oct
fcr China will totwh at Honolula for mn.
Hw ship Hae Hawaii Ai trvi from New Bedford Jane 2?, witv.E3
general m ie to Wilcox. R.charrl A C shortly expected 1
Old t br Julian. Uuhhers. ul"! from Brrm-n July 4, '!
general mle f Melcc-r s Co.
lla sch Ooomea. Way, sailed from B'ton AOtrust 7, with a
aarco f general mdse.
Am hark Arctic. Hammond, was to Wave Bosun about October
1. with general mde to C. Brewer & Co.
Am bark Yac. Cctr.otnre Paly.
Am brit S Perkins. Robinson.
Am hark entitle Constitution. Pi mroy.
Am bn Advance. Birlow.
Kr.g ship Jaspar. TalT.
En ship Ann Mry. Tu-eyroan
Kn bri rbelkfn. IhriMuu.
Hawaiian steamer Kilauea.
f waiLra.
hip Henry Knlan !, S-ai. I
Adelin. Barter. j
Joha Cotrz-haa, Dran. j
Milton. Iial-y.
Oregoa, M mirni. j
Europa. Jt B. Milton. I
Z". Lone.
Paciac, R-sj.
Martha il. Ia:tey.
t"oviotin. Jenk.
Hercules. l-xtr.
Cicero, Stivers.
' Kobola. tVgan.
C"om-t. Wilhelmi.
; Bark Br-r.ia, Felhehr. j ErI:
Jirtth Swift. Williams.
From PtrGrr 5ir- per Constitution, Nor 27 S1512 ft
. I w. nrii L - l . i , A Xf .i,M
: .. r
ni2i spars.
For St Faasasco per Yountr Hector. Ntv 110csk
whoiUo csks p oil. 136 bndls wh bone, 137 pkgs molasses.
13 k?s tvgr, 243 bg salt. 13 n.ts rice, 275 pa.1 Jy, 1'rf
Ms palo.
J For Sas Fasscrsco per Young Hector, November 23
T Carter, O C Huntiejr.
iy The Sheriff of Maui writes that a part of a
yessel drifted ashore on the extreme windward
poinr of Molokii. It consisted of the head, cutwater,
head-rails, and one boat's skid, and appeared to
have bee a in the water bat a short time. It prob
ably belonged to one of the vessels which came in
collision off Hib about two weeks ago.
the pAoinc
Commercial Advertiser.
Ir becomoa our painful dutj to announce the
death of our beloved Sovereign Alexander Liuo-
""o, which occurred verj puddenlj at the palace
jR Q- Qn JJonJy morning at 91 o'clock,
. . . , , . . ,
For feveral months IIi3 Majestv had not enjoyed
.i l,;,,;),, tt.nQ
I -""'
j soon arrmrent that he was growing worse, though
o r n
...... 1
no reports oi tiangerouu uin?3 uau ueen maue
jt 6tated tfa t jurinK Sunday he Said to One V
oi tm attcnuants tnat lie could not live long,
aavww M a iltui a m 1 14 V blAUV V IIIJ J
a w... . r'l
ne was attendee bv the uieex, .Mr. vllie and f
the members of the Iloval Household
1 ..- . . . . 1 . . I- .
. 1113 me juajt'tftV WUS XiXVi On the Vttl 01 tet-
' J .
ruary, 1834, and was therefore 29 years, 9 I
. f"
months and 21 days old when he died. His
lnothcr was Ivlr the dlUfhtfr of Kimplii-
lnUl,,tr JV,-NAL' lIie uaugliter OI ivameiia-
ineha the Great, and his father is our wnorahle
... i-i-.fl
uovomor Kekuanaoa. An anecdote is related, li
.i . ...i r -l ?i i t- -i i- M
that when Liholiho was born, Kauikeaouli was
so p repossesseil with the babe, that he wrote on I
the UoOr-SllI that he should be called hl3 Child and
heir- IIe wa afterwar-ls formally adopted as his
11S j3
" - tH
.i Kauikeaouli, Dec. lo, 1851, in accordance with 1
that choice, he was proclaimed King. His reign 1
thus extended a few days less than ninp years. 1
In .June, I?oG, he wa? married to Emma Kooke, Ej
who survives him. Tr ey had but one child, the :4
late Prince of Hawaii, whose death, a little more
than a year ago, robbed the nation of the fond tj
hopes that it had placed m him as their future N
overein. ti
r r
It is not the fit time nor place here, while the 1
nation is still unrecovered from the first shock ri
of grief at the announcement of the death
their King, to make a review of his short reign, tl
or to -kiss a eulogium on him ; that should be I
reserred for the future. Hut we cannot omit tJ ;
speak here of one act of his 6hort and eventful
reign, which will place his name and that F
of his noble Queen Km ma in letters of gold on k
the pages of his country's history and this is,
the dsign and successful completion of theJC
benevolent institution, known as the Queen's -tj
Hospital. To the united efforts of the late Kin- H
and his Queen, it owes its urigin, and now stands H
there a monument of their sympathy and love
for their wasting people. Well do we remem- X
ber seeing him in 1859 going alone and unat- W
tended through our streets, from house to house, 1
and from store to store, with his memorandum j
book, and how the addition of oO or 100 to ij
his subscription list brightened up his counten- K
auic, iiu lucvicu iiiui uu ill ins gLHiU tVOrK till
.. ...i i....,-..i l. z ... . . : . i - i ... i. tzj
he saw some sti.flOO r,ledTf t.. ..n.l biin in S
g his noble undertaking. You,
reauer, may re-
v tar.
HitnuMr ni4 nnipr iirripvr ruafinry o a o c l- cr z
w - " j ,i-'-- w,-i' v
you t 4 allow him the honor of setting vour ?t
.7 . . - a. ri.a. -l. a. irJ
nuuj'j uuu lor itin amount you migiu cuoose l fj
ivp " .ipcnmnnivin l.ia i-onnri.ir ,1
smile or by some lively remark. As Ion- as that '&
smile or by some lively remark.
coral building stands and serves as a hospital,
so long will the names of Kamehameha IV. and y
Queen Emma be cherished and venerated by all
v,: i.. K
1 5s
On Tuesday the body of the late King lay in
state at the palace, and was visited by thousands
ui iuiciucit auu ii.ni.ua. Aiie iaiiii;c pities nvrt-Fj
heavily draned in black, after the titvle iidur.ted t3
y - g , - . 1 9
at the death of Kauikeaouli and the Young B
Iloth sides of the broad avenue were I
lined with household troops, and the steps lead-
r, t,L .r.n,n,l .i,Q i. ti,n ii,..,ii nui ,D t r.F i
I LI L, IV L L.Li IlltlllUaiiJ " ' , 11U1IUIUIU AWIUVC", Ul f '1
which company His Majesty was Colonel.) At 5
the door ot the hall, Staff officers received the vis-
itors, and p;issed them to the reception or throne
room, in which the body lay in suite. Arranged
about it were four large candelabras burn
ing numerous wax candles, and vases of flowers.
In attendance on the body were the family of
the deceased. Chiefs acting as kahili bearers;
Ministers and high state officers ; Members of
4 Lodges Le Projres Jc V Oceanic and Hawaiian Xo.
21, F. and A. M., and other friends of the Royal
Family. Then passing again into the hall and
out of the opjx.isite door, where the same
disposition was made as to troops, passing
through the rear gate into palace walk. In the
yard we noticed an old native repeating in a low
monotonous manner an ancient Mcle. Crowds of
natives were in attendance from first to last
Loud wailing was heard on everv quarter, and
wherever the eye turned everything conveyed f
the sad intelligence that another of the Kameha
meha's ha passed to his long home.
orriciAi. NOTICK.
His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs
issued the following circular to the Diplomatic
Representatives and Consuls of Foreign Gov
ernments resident here.
Open Circular.
Palace 9i A. M.
SO XoveinbtT, 1S63.
Sir :
It it with a sorrow that I cannot express, that
I make known to you that it has pleased Al
mighty God to call hence to a better world, at a
quarter past 9 o'clock this morning, my Sover
eign, King Kamehameha IV.
II. C. Wtllie.
Minister of Foreign Affairs. .
November 2Sth. This Hawaiian anniversary oc- M
curre-J on sainraay last, ana, as customary, was Kept
as a holiday. During the forenoon the Rifles parad
ed, and had a target excursion and practice at Wai
kiki. In the evening a reception was given at the
palace, which was numerously attended by the gen
tlemen and ladies cf Honolulu. Her Majesty Queen
Emma presided on the occasion, the Kinj being too
.... moM n otf on."?
In passing, it may not be cut of place to re-
' mark, what has doubtless occurred to every oi.e, that
the keeping cf two days (July SI and Nov. 28) as
the anniversary of the same event the independence
appropriate. One diy should be selected and kept, j
and the other dropped. Whichever day is chesen, it
should be done by act cf the Legislature.
It hav njr plea! Almighty God to close the
earthly career ot Kmc Kamehaniena I at a
November, 1503.
fSizned K A A II UM A NL . f'.
l quarter past 9 o'clock this morning, I, as p though lying thus directly in the track of vesse
rj Kchixa Nil, by and with the advice of the rj bound to that port, it is somewhat remarkable lb:
y Privy Council oi State, hereby Pkoc lum I rixcf. N th have never beQ geen b cther Tq 15S c f i an j many were
y Lot Kamfhamhia. King of the Hawaiian Islands, U , , , ' (5 , T,
H i..i.....i,.B,i.:,r.f !:...,.. v H Baker, of the bark 11 hatcheer, steered directly for & ai?,e3- ibe Ptr
I II UOD I RESERVE THE rvlNG . f i ' ' . - M . ... .
I J ... ... 0 , - , . . f not exactly over it. without finding any sign of land P 10 D0 ul 01
, , m t. i . w three miles of the spot, without observing any indi-
On Monday last, at 3 P. M., His late Maiestv s tj , Tr.v, r . r ic 1 1 l
' J tj cations of 6hor. Is. In October, Capt. Redfield (whom
Aids, J. O. Dominis, David Kalakaua, L. Uaa- our rea(3ers well know M formeriy master of the
k-Iea, and Peter Y. Kaeo, accompanied by the H Olivia) reports having observed the rocks about
Household troops, arrived at the Court-house, II mid-day, but gives their locality eleven miles farther
and from the portico, read the above proclama- M north, and rArer miles farther west. Now if, as he
tion in Hawaiian and Knglish. A crowd of states, there are only ten feet of water on them, they
several thousands was present at the time, and are very dangerous, and ought to be surveyed by
the most enthusiastic cheering followed the un- some government vessel at once and the exict posi
nouncement of the aecessioa of a new King. H tion IaiJ down, to prevent shipwrecks. In the Bulle
The heralds then proceeded to the Post-office, i iin we nJ CaPr- KedSeld's report referring to these
where the notice was again read, and received
Wltn ttie Same enthusiasm. It was alSO read at
... .. - .
the corner of Kin nnd N'nu inu itrt irnl
tin. torntr oi rvin una .-suuanu streets, ana
before the residences of the American Minister
. .
ana Lritish Lommissioner.
! Prince L. Kamehameha, who has succeeded to
the throne as Kamehameha V., is an elder
brother of the late King, and was born Dec. 11,
1S30. He was educated at the royal school,
'where the late King and his sister the Princess
( Vic
J Mr
ictoria were also educated, under the care of
and Mrs. Araos S. Cooke, of the American
Mission. In 1849, he, with his brother Liho-
liho. visited the United States. England and
trance, accompanied by Dr. .Judd, and on that
tour had excellent opportunities to become ae-
quuinted With the leading Statesmen in each Of
..... .... .
those Countries, as well as With the general eliar-
r . t i
acter ana peculiarities OI Hie people. .VlKiUt
L II I J I Ul LL , Llll. A I1IIVL, k.-lJ UllLUL, lUlUC L 1 f
Victoria, and spent several weeks in traveling
'""r" ' .....w .-v. .... .t v
Ctovernor Downey.
f VnP SIT lr C..V-I rwifj tllkt 1 Il 1 ll,l.l 1 1 1 n
. . V ' w. - I . . . I .. ., - - ...... . . . ...
pffiee of Minister of the Interior, one of the most
responsible and difficult positions to fill of any in
The knowledge that lie
d W v a (iiiiv -aa.wa mm a aav pm iim "Lk
hap thus acouired of the necessities of the nation,
. , ... 0 n
r. -. i. il 1111 .
. . . P . , . , , .
t u 1 1 tiic ioniinin ui ouinci"ii lu xiihii nc 11
. - .. . . . .
been called by the providence ot tiod, and to ml
the place with honor and dignity. The whole I
nation looked to him a9 the constitutional suc
cessor, and will greet his accession to the throne
with joy even amid grief.
?pebm Whamxq off IIoNOLULr. Hearing that E
fhe ship Gov. Troup, lying otf and on outside, had j
aken a sperm whale on the passige down frpm Hilo 8,
;o this port, and having some curiosity to witness the
iolus operandi of extracting oil from blubber, and j
whatever else was to be seen, we started for the f
wharf to find Capt. Ashley, from whom we expected
to obtain a letter of introduction to his first officer.
Upon findine the Captain, and statine our errand
he kindly offered to accompany us off; so getting into U
A a boat, the Captain, ourselves and two gentlemen as
.m.ln;a fnr rbvp frtI fnr ibrn. ..h
a sua iraue-wiou, wnere. vn t?eiuiig siKirti ior
. i i i . i
rno tpg( . snp sroni i in inr 11 w . Jinn wr were winn
v. - - ----- -
aiongsi-Je. Lpon reaching the deck we were intro-
7mo.1 t rk I t I T i vp thp 1st ffTlppr. from whom hp
- j .
received every attention. After the distribution of
,etters which the h!iJ brought off we com M
, , . i . l .
roencei our searcn oner Knowieuge.
Ttnt Kofnro wo nrwppil. n von) to trip crrvrxl fnltN
at home about letters and letter writing,. Our worthy
friend the Rev. Mr. Damon has often, through the
columns of the Friend, urged upon seamen the ne-
cess;ty of writirjp letters home, and we now say to
you, uo your uuty anu write icuers 10 me neet. von i
. , , . 1 . . . I n T . . . 1
put it ott until there is a nare possibility oi reacn- s
i. ,-. ;n t;m fnr ih fill rr nrint? apaon hut
' ii.i ii. "'"n .v. ... ..... v. f-- " a w.-.-v.. , - -
write frequently, and send the letters on. They are
safely kept here, and always welcome to the receiver, r
be they never so old. We witnessed the emotions of
rtirtof a shio's crew on board the Gov. Trouv.
X L .
while the names were being called off. Anxious ex-
rotation marnev. every couotenancc.
. . w . I 1S is
lengtneneii until me name whs caueu, wnen suaueoiy
the length was the other way and broad smile3 of
sitisfiction gleamed forth. Proceeding to examine
the whale, we first inspected a huge mass of blubber
which was securely lashed to the rail, called in whale
men's parlance the junk, a part of the head from
which oil was fast oozing out. Casting our eyes below
we saw a pile of blubber cut into pieces about two
feet in length, and six or eight inches wide, called
horse pieces' ready for the mincing machine, from
which they were passed into a tub, wait'mg their
turn for the try pots. After boiling they were thrown
into a press from which they came well cleared of oil
and then served as fuel under the pots. We were
shown the spermaceti as it came from the case or
head, the material from which sperm candles are
made. The jaw was lying on deck, in which we
counted 42 teeth. The whale was large enough to
have made 70 or 80 barrels, but was poor, and 50
barrels is probably all that it will yield. This oil
will be shipped per Yankee for Sin Francisco, and
from there to Kastern ports, to take advantstre of the
H present high prices. Uur questions, not a few. were
P kindly answered, and we felt amply repaid fur the
trip. After inspecting the cabin and officers' accom-
h modations, we were again on deck, and the vessel
ij was headed in shore aud we were dropped handy in,
cj and after a half hour's pull were again on shore.
San Francisco papers are somewhat jubilant from
the fact, that humpback oil has been taken outside of
their port and urge it as a reason that the whaling
A-iit cli.-ml.t rpfif ihprp hilt thee must Irr cna'n
. " 1 J ' J
lor twice ill iuc p-asi. i o jciij iinc iruns lahru
from 50 to TO barrels of sperm oil olf this port.
"The New Hose Carriage. The hose carriage im
ported by Pacific Company, by the Fan";?, has been
landed and set up, and is now in the Hirris store
house cn the Esplanade. It is a light four-wheeled
carriage, with springs, and appears as if it might be
drawn by one or two persons as easily as a handcart.
It is most beautifully and tastefully painted, with the
name Pacific in front, and the motto " To the
Rescue" on the back, and has also four very hand-
some lamps attached. It is altogether an establish-
S mant r:ki.-h 1V1B pninnanv ITiaT VJtl be rrnn.l fit.
With eood hose and plenty of it, the company will be
able to do good service in any fire that may occur.
Not less than a thousand leet oi hose ought to be
piu'i'acia iur iuc tuuiLjiiuj. fj
: i i . u - m n
Now'a Your Chance. Christmas is coming and j
so is New Years at least the young folks say so, j
on.l "iHinr. frr.m 1hrir till, thev exr.r(t tlio r.1.1 fS
folks to buy up the entire town and distribute gratis
among them. Well, Mr. J. II. Cole promises to sell
out an endless lot of Sxins" as Artemus Ward H
. o . i i . . i . . . i
Stiys, on ouuruay etcuiuj, uci i, auu tajs mar iuc
ladies and all the rest of the world will be welcome
there and expected too. Goods open for inspection
on Saturday.
Nlw I'0ik. In the track of te.sscls bound from
. - . . c 1 - . . 1 1 . 1
IUL3 pun iy oau rraucisco. uc, wnni arc ca.icu vu
S.1! Bomi charts. Heed's Rocks." rn others. " Fal
H mouth Shoal?,' haviue been di-covered by the U. S.
sloop-cf-war Falmouth, Capt. Reed, in 1S50. These
rocks lie, according to the statement of the discoverer
J lu ,e ---g- io
ti aooui ue uays pan rrom tan rrancisco.
ji or shoal water. Last .August, the bark Yankee (on
which at the time we were) also ran within two or
fa rocas, wiucn is important to Liptains :
II T . i T. t- . .
Wr. '...r.r vts K 1'LUttHI.U III! l-'iK I A LI U K 1 .1 LPAST.
13 r rom Captain KedBeld, of the huleh:p Susan JAjyui, we s
li ,earu 1 l"e ulovery m l,y s" '".v uunserou
f k3aw sh l i N .
,rom tl,i IHjrt' ri'ht in the ,rHCk of vese
fJ the Saodwich IslatiJs.elc. Captain Redfieli
s bound in from
Id sailed from this
THirt on the 2ii:h Mar. nnA nn t.e Krh ..f Jnn at rim a if afrr-
j i - w - - "
ewu.n r.h;urv.t; in m rmr a K j. ik.. I . : I: -V .... 1 V,
- imv.i wi-o. omuu, s.t w me luias, me 1 1 i i lyciiiK 11 Kilt Mild mc
sa very smooth at the time. Their posi-.i.m, as taken by him.
was iii latitude 37 de. 55 min. N., ionc -de 137 deg. 2ii min.
. tie had ju taken his afternoon obs. rvation and had had
an excellent noon uiht. On seeing the rocks he repeated his
observation an 1 found the result of the two apr.e. As ,is
chronotr.eter prove.1 correct m all of his land-falls afterward, he
feels certain that the position of the rocks as above dated, is fj
3 perfectly correct. The rocks were passed by Captain Kedfield M
5 wuain me lenuin ci nis vessel, lne largest one ne juapes to p
uc awui uuj i-i oroaa auu one nuuureu anu nity leei ion); ; m
c 1. . : . V L .. . r 1 i F 1
f c. sr. n. ui n ii. in, uv iouipas, uim'ui a (juarier oj, a nine, uc
2 U 'l T a 1 1 i rfl 1 f r J ' I in f i f Vi j r. I, liuninir K .1 antuiu.utinA
tliere in-inp another and a smaller rock. Vn passing the larger M
'A rock, ail of his boats being ou deck repairinir at the tinie. Cap- M
t.iin KelfiolJ did not stop to sound ; bet from the color of the bj
rock and long ribbon kelp prowing on it up to the water's ed:e, M
rj. r . Ill.li.tl it tt h - I'M iM.linlJi. ..... .... nn... .....1 In n V i-
heavv H'
sea to break badlv. Reed's Rocks, as lai.l down on the charts. M
' J " . - ' . i. V" in. l jiiunaint 11. H 11.1 I " a II. I , (Wit LA .
- -
t3 'iave never been t und by vesnels arriving at this port, many of fci
h whom have reoorted saiiine over the location. The rocks seen H
p by Captain Uedtleld are in the same longitude, but eicht miles
.he further south. lie lt-I:vt3 tvit thpr Art tiintit 4l:mtrrmii to
fe? shipping, both on account of their not being seen untilclose on r
J thui. and frum Che eonial disbelu-f of neii caDtaii in the evi.4- R
fAn.a .f R.-.-Pfl tt.Y-o fc
While speakine of sboals. we mar suggest an ex- m
f H . , . ... .. . . . 7 . , w
peuiuon to aeiermine wnexner the snoai iau aewn on ti
rj the Admiralty charts in North Lat. ilT 4ty W. Lone.
liflf AW ronMo o.ta m.ln u ntl. T Imo i rx
. . U . . L. . T I . . 7 u. l.T I'U 1 I LU T I 111 J,. .LVD . LA
M the track of vessels bound from San Francisco to U
this nort. and it mav have been nn this or some K
r other unknown shoal tht the U. S. Sloop of war IS
n Levant was lost three years ago
.fl T i r.
13 ts7 xiic cut't'cr &uip j I iiiuras way uc imjueu iui y
Ef by the 10th lust., with a mail, and :an Francisco
tat , . , . . i n . .
Ei dates to about the 21st
j 5?" An unusually severe shock of earthquake
f n rut wyt I at Tfilrk ahnilt A i V I tn lr r, n thtt mnrnlnff ftf P
the 2Gih the heaviest that has been experienced
there for many years.
a a n r. t
PACIFIC FIRE CO. bei? to trn.lt r the sincere thank of tlie
Company to the LADIES and GENTLEMEN of Honolulu, who 3
so kindlv and promptly pave their aid and services for the
lenefit of the Company, at the Concert on the evening of the
"Till itlt. Aluo to the Ft, ..ml i,f Triwtee of the Fort Street ;
Church, for the free use of the church on that evening. .
VV. W. Hall, W. H. Diniond, J. P. Huphe?, '
J. Hasint;er, Uobt. Lewer. .1. T. W atlierhou?e, jr.
C. K. Clark, 11. Prendergast. J. A. Thompson, .-
39d-lt Executive Committee.
HosoLrLC, November 30. 1S63.
H woulJ through this medium, giatefully acknowledge the re-
ia , . cK; e :
moi l ut ui rtitiai ciut' iuav.i3 v tt h ini h,
v, . . , , r
ut. t'iuiita lor vour wciuire. y jtu ue puiatssiui trvtru 10
ii the planting of the star Spangled Banner upon the North i
M Pole."
LA PR A F. DICKSON. Trensurer. I
To several American Ship Masters. 393-lt I
M. M volume has the ownei's name, Capt. JOHN MEEK.
IIONoLl'LL," in gilt letters on the ccver. The nd-r will
please return it to th office of this paper. G90-lt
Xom-iiiiipr Paper I
-v sr v tnini'ii v 7 xr 'Vi tTl. I! t Til.
m letter, with envelopes.
: a . . . . - ' m. m-.. ---- - -
For sale by.
393-1 m
' :.JJ. rv tl J r:f '-K"V ' :f-i -- iT'l I
torni h'S friends aud the public gene-rally, that having
secured the services of
lie is now prepared to furnish everything, appertaining to the
a Pawfrv anil fonfi-r liano rv Riisinrss!
te " -"j
. ....CCV-Il .1 c .
I CAKES of every Description !
i Ornamented in the highest etyle cf the art.
jj M inufactured on the premises and warranted FHEE FRLM
? THE INJL'UIOrs COMPOUND?, so usually found in import
s' ed Confectionery.
Cake Orna m e n t s ,
? Autl all kiiicla or Snfiiir To? a for Cbriatiuna
i Trre..
I Jellies Marmalades, and Syrups g
or aul. rv i .-x l .
ry Orders from the other islands promptly attended to.
Store on Kinp; Street, two doors
from Messrs. Castle & Cooke
pAt Iiis Lumber Yard corner of Fort
and Qneen Streets,
The following assortment of LUMBER being cargo of the
N. V. HOARDS, 11-4 Inch
" 1 Inch
PLANKS, 2 Inch
1 1-2 Inch
SCANTLING, 1x3, 2x3, 2x4, 2x, 2xH
3x4. 3xG, 3xS, 4xG.
1 1-4 INCH
Every Dravrlpf ion of Redwood Lnmbtr,
10.000 LATHS,
... I? the locality named, and run verv close to tho 9r;t. if tA lt ,s cot eXl-
Mcsical. The Concert on Friday eyening last,
given for the benefit of Pacific Fire Company, was a?
brilliaM affair and a perfect success. Never during!
El cur residence here, have we witnessed such a gather -
ins oi l&e laaies ana geuwenien ui uuumuiu,
never one where there appeared more satisfaction on
the part of the audience. No one who has a soul forJf
2S music or a heart in sympathy with thenoble wora. oi
pathy with the noble work of
13 g the fireman was aUent. Lvery Feat, aisle, nooK &nae
it m corner of the house was packed as closely as possible,
ob'.iged to stand in the porch and
formers were Amateur singers, and
eeding the ttuth when we say thatg
its size in any part of the world.y
can be found more competent or better tramedij
musiciaus than in this. We owe this in a great meas-g
ure to Prof. Hasslocher, whose skill as a teacher of
vocal and instrumental music has never been excell-
ed, and will long be remarked. It is much to be
regretted that he could not continue his labors among
;J us, when their effects are so striking, me pro
J gramme of the concert was published by us last week
5 and need not be repeated here; but the pieces which
3 met with specl favor were the two solos by Miss
1 M.irv Cooke accompanied by Dr. Hoffmann, in which
both had an opportunity to display their fine talentsH
the one as a vocalist, and the other as a pianist
The Duett on violin and piano forte, by Mr. and Mrs.
Barnard, was most charmingly performed, and called
forth an applause from the audience, that compelled
a repetition. The Duett, " Two Merry Minstrels,"
hp the mups IToMpn. was very prettily sune. But
zAtrtA rra(liced artists
&-si i, ii rr uiclc n u iv ti a vwuwii j f
El 47
- ,. . . ,Aa i U a llnAtt
H as the one that displayed most skill, was the Duett
64 AnA Chorus of Miserere" from II Trovatore."
SJ . . ,
m Ihis has been pertormeJ on several occasious uciorc.
Es j . fa b rrecision and beauty as on Fri
M 1 ul uc,cl " 'lu ' UV"J t J .
day last. All the singers and players displayed
their talents to great credit, and no audience ever
appeared more gratified with the performances than
on this occasion. Ve hope that ere long another
public concert will be given. The receipts on thisll
occasion were about S450.
V iiriilo l- i lT n 1m 1
: 'VI B. F. SNOW .
..... tilt Uliai i Jiauvin
-a existing between the undersigued having expirea dj limi
tation, notice Is hereby given of the dissolution of the same.
By his attorney C. A. Williams,
392-2t JAS- M. GREEN.
J. U. Richards.
San Francisco.
Johs McCrakgn'.
Portland. i
1 Richards & McCracken,
Commission 3Ierchaiits.yKcs',ar fapatcii wne
Tortlaiitl. Oreuon.
sent business for upwards of seven years, and being i
located in a fire pro..f brick building, we are prepared to receive
and dispose or Island staples, such as Sugar, Rice, Syrups, Pulu.f
Coffee, kc. to advantage. Consignments especially solicited.
f.r the Oregon market, to which personal attention will be paid.
and upon which ca?ti advances win oe maue wneu requireu.
sjy FRjycisco refer Eye es .
Chn?. V. Brook Jfe Co., Badger : Llndenburg,
Mcliuer & Merrill, Jas. Patrick & Co.
Fred. Iken, W. F. Coleman if Co.
Stfvens, Baker & Co.
Allen & Lewis. Ladd & Filton, Leonard & Green.
"SSS -
Fine Oregou Apples.
Boxes raisins.
J Sack Golden Gate extra family flour,
1, aud i Sacks Golden Gate bakers extra.
Cases pilot breaj,
Casks pilot bread,
California cheese, tc, c.
For sale by
T. 90SSMiT
California Potanes.
California Lnion8.
California cream cheese,
Extra familv- flour,
HamtMin & Baker's oysters.
Fresh apples in '2 lb tins.
Fresh California mu'tan!,
Tins water crackers,
Coward's jam.
Hatty's pie fruits.
Wetphaiia hams.
Fine lemon syrup.
Tomato ketchup.
Field's stenmed oysters,
darkish prunes.
Wine Venisar.
Boloena nansages,
Layer raising, in j and i boxes.
Lea 4- Perrin's Worcestershire sauce,
i libls. dried apples,
Pearl seo,
P. M. Yeast powder.
Pearl barley,
lndiiro blu.
Loaf ami crushed suirar,
' Corn starch.
1 Gallon demijohns.
Assorted sptces and herbs in glass,
Cream tartar,
Kiln mackrel.
Christmas candles,
.superior dinner setts,
Water monkeys,
Tea kettles,
Sauce pans.
Heavy denims,
Blue co'.ton,
I trey blankets,
Victoria lawns.
Mosquito netting,
ewinjr cotton,
Hickory stripes,
Also on EEaiad :
A splemiid assortment of
(Jrorkr rywnrr, GInuwRrr,
llolloTrsvnr-, Woodenwnre,
Cm 1 1 cry. Dry Good.
Groccricn, w Cal Hops,
lluwuiiiin Rice, Fresh Batter, 4ic.
392 lm
Biiiiiiiiiuts u Li v m - i. Ti vr 1 V LI
M I a. fainted Adniinistrator on the estate of the late L EORGE
W. BA:; KTT, of liilo, Hawaii, would notify all persons whr
sr.ay have claims Bainst the said estate, to present them on orji
yf..re the 1st day of February, I54 ; and all persons indebtedH
to the said etate are requested to make Immediate settlement's
witu the enders:gned.
Administrator estate G. W. Bassett.
Hilo. Nov. 10th 1S63. 392-3U
For Sale by
m W7
Thasksgiviso Day is Hoxolci.c. In accordance
with the proclamation of the President of the United
States, published in our last Lwue. Thursday, the
fi 2Gth of November, was observed as a day of Thanks-
gmug, t njn auu vnise. iiengious services were
held at 10 A. M., at the Episcopal Church, Biahop
Staley officiating. At 11 o'clock. Key. E. Corwin
v preached an appropriate discourse at the Fort street
J preached
Church. The day was observed as a holiday, motj
of the atore9 being closed, and work generally bus-
pended. .
a Thanksgiving Day at IIilo. Thursday last was
observed by the residents of Hilo, 'according to the
proclamation of President Lincoln. A correspondent
wntea : " At 10-i o'clock, the citizens assembled at
the church, and listened to a very interesting sermon
3 by Key. Mr. Coan, suited to the occasion. Flags
1 were thrown out to the breeze from the principal
3 buildings in town, as well as from the shipping in
t 'po. We are happy to say Americans here are not
behind the most patriotio for love to their country.
as displayed on all proper occasions.
The Hawaiian schooner
'22 tons burthen, well adapted for the Island trade all ready
for sea. lying at the port of II A N A LEI. KAUAI. Will be soVl
cheap for cash. Foi terms, apply to
392-3ui , Haualei, Kauai.
Will leave Honolulu
At hal C-paat 4 o'clock, for
Returning on Saturday or Sunday.
. Agents II. S. N. Co.
Shippers please take notice, freight payable in cash on
delivery of goods. 3"t-
The A 1 Clipper bark
Capt. J. PATY,
Will sail for the above port .
On Thursday December 10.
For freight or passage, apply to
392-td Agents K. D. Line of Packets.
V" Till' -r T I.DL'II T 1 T XT
D- ROBIN'SOX Master.
Will have immediate dispatch for the above port
For freight or passuse arp'y to
X) omitila-.
A. 1. at Lloyds for 20 years,
GRIFFITHS, : Matter,
I daily expected and will have immediate dispatch for the
above port. For freight or passage (having superior cabin
accommodations,) Apply tn
392-2t JANION, GREEN & Co.
asp ex-,
WILLIAM TAYLOR ........ Mnicr.
Having part or her cargo engaged, will have dispatch for the
alfove port. For freight apply to
N. B. Liberal advances will be made on shipments.
-- Tins oji-ter crackers,
Tins milk crackers.
Tins soda crackers.
Tins wafer crackars.
Tins butter crackers.
Tins ginger enaps.
Fresh herbs, in bottles,
Hlf. bbls. mackerel,
Rye flour,
liuckwheat flour,
Wheat meal, ground
Corn meal, j every week.
Dried peaches,
Dried plums.
Dried cherries.
Fresh malaga raisins,
Fresh zante currants,
j Fresh macaroni.
Fresh vermicelli.
folloving assortment of very-
Fine TEAS.
Very fine JAPAN TEA. 5 lb. bsifs,
.. 10 lb "
40 lb
Flowery pekoe 8 lb
Souchong, 8 lb
Oolon??. 8 lb
Good rnmmon Oolontr. 36 lb
10 lb
4. lb
C lb
First quality
292-1 m
the y;ir l859;.Dd becemHr.of l861 which a fair pnee
I will be given. Apply the pnoKSTOR E.
-rn. n ri l-j T

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