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We note t!ie fallowing arrivals from foreign ports since our
latt Sih.Am wbr EmiTse rrns-n, from Han Franriwro;
Am wh bk Florence, from Coast if Cliiorrr, h-:und lo the
Arctic; ih, Am cht Lcltti, frcm Pan Fra&ci.:; loin, An;
brlj lirvpenan, from ?an Francisco, with merchandise to C
Brewer Ac Co; Am wh bk Elixa, frcm a cruUc Tbe depart
ures .luring tame period have been 7th, C XI Ward, for Ue
aiw vaaxjen, r.r fu'i rv-aa-l; tb. W 11 Mejer.f;
fcr fan Fra.nc.ac, with domestic rliictj value at $ l,-. I
naii; 0:b, lioranriI Aplani and ErctUie Fransen, (trad'-rs
fur the Arctic; ll:h, fa Brm-ze auj Mt WoILaat. n, (wha!iT,
lor the Arctic; 12th. K Moi. fur Kaxallaa.
tlark luUnl aails to-morruw for San Francisco; the Malik
Macleay cn Monday for Portland, and tbe Hesperian U loading
for San Francisco, to aail in about Un days.
April 7 Scbr Pauahi, Hopu, from Ililo. Hawaii.
ft Schr Iolani, Kalauao, from Maliko, Maui.
8 Am rchr Emiilie Fraoaeo, Jacobs. n, 17 days from
. , baa r raucisco.
4 Am wh bk Florence, Williams from the Coast, with
120 bbta wh oil.
0 Am echr !.oieta. Dexter, 16 days fin Sari Francifco
T A m brig llesrriao. Winding. IS dais f:n Man Fran
10 A m nrh tk Eliza, Murray, from cni;se, with 1 20
bl s spm oil.
10 Schr Kamaiie. Cluney, from Waimea A K-loa.
11 ?cbr Marion, Cbriatian, from Nawiiwjli, Kauai.
11 Mhr Fair Uuetn. Peni. from ilanalei, Kauai.
12 fcrur Manuokavai. Kalua, from rawi!iwili, Kauai
12 j"chr Kioau, Ahuibala, from ilanalei, Kuai.
U-Jfehr Ka Moi. Wilbur, from habului, Maui.
13 chr Jeno, Li aoa, for NawiliwUi, Kauai.
7 Am achr C M Ward, King, f ,r Guano Ular.d.
7 Am bk Camdeo, Robinson, fjr 1'uft K-mrj1.
9 rttmr KiUnra, Varchant. for Maui tc Hawaii.
9 Schr Pauahi. flopu.tor tJUo, Hawaii.
A si brig W II Meyer, Brown, for taa Francisco.
10 Haw schr Giovanni Apiani. W bitnew, for Arctic.
10 Am schr EmilUe Franseo. jacobson. f ,t Arctic.
10 S'chr lolani. KaUoao, tx Maliko, Maul.
11 Am wh tk kit Woliastoo, Barker, it Arctic.
11 Am wh bk Bre, ttaroes. t.r Arctic.
12 llaw bk Ka Moi. Rakrmann. for Mazatlan.
12 Pcbr Marlon. Christian, for Kolos V aimra.
12 rhr Ktkaaltiohl. Kiiuo. fr llanalel. Kauai.
II tcbr Kan.aiie. Clur.ey, for Knloa and Waimea.
13 Sett Fairy Uueen. Frtil, it Kohala, Hawaii.
II B M"s fl FanUwne, Cossmander Mactusy.
Am MIs brig Mornir.g Star. Colcord.
llaw h lotanl. GarreU. loading.
Am bk Lf! Tender, Mtnur, loading.
Am bktoe Discovery, shepherd.
Haw bk Mstile Macleay, Pope, leading.
Am schr lileta. Dexb-r.
Am brig HeiperUn, Wlndicg, discharging. -
Haw wh brig W Tl Allen. Gi'.lcy.
Am wh bk Florence. William.
Faow P Faaxcisco Per Loieta, April
-20000 bricks
nd 799 pkg f eneraj milw.
Fins Ham Fa A anaco Per Ileanerian. Ariril 10 60 in
bricks, 4oo bdis shingles, w cords wood aDd 101S pkgs general f
Fo Gi'aso Islaipii Per V M Ward. April 7
Mohusss, galls 280 : Potatoes, bags
Paiai.lbs 17000 Hope, coils 2
Value Dom.stic f 140; Foreign f 119.93
i fom Bam FBasciaco Par W 11 Meyer. April 9
. n . r 1
Hetei ie. bxV. a Moiaa'ses. gViis. i4ooiknow him intimately that the good qualities of.
I'SKtah it
1 Shells, bxs
'. Coral, bis
2, Sugar, lbs..
.$18,149.14 i
Value Pomes tic......
, VB Lot T J Not! Sc Co, n Ilackfeld A: Co. Castle A:
aJooke, A W Peirce 4c Co, A J Cartwright, II Hexter, E O
Hall ic Son. Bishop A Co, Wilder St Co, J W Ffluger, Theo II
I Uavlea, M Mcloerny, HAP Carter, Bev J Pogue.
- Pva IlKspaaiax H A P Carter. D Foster At Co, F T Le
nehan Co, C Brewer 4c Co. E P Adams, S Magnin, R Mc
Kibbln, D Macleay, C E Williams, A Pchaefer dc Co, II
Ilackfcld Ac Co. Capt Keen an, A W Peirce dc Co, Cspt Ilick
motl, Allen dc Robinson.
Fin Viinwiin Pot Per Kilanea. April 9 Sam'l Par.
ker. wtf and chiM. Capt Jas Makee, Miss Nellie Makee, Mrs!
W U Bailey. J W Ginrin And wife, 11 R Hitchcock, Mrs Ha- ;
oai and dannhter, O W MacfarUne, Capt Fraser, Capt Doane.fc ;
W M tiltSln. J L KlCOaniWHl, V AirxAuuct, imtu-
win, T II Pari aal son. E K Harris, T fc. Curtis, J no BucLa-J: J
nan, O W Lincoln. W R Cuthbert L Turner. P 1IB",A EJ
Marsden. J Msfnin. E L Harvey, J Roberts, W L Rose, Ihoslrl
Speoeer r, and about 101 deck.
Fo Sax fcico Per w II Meyer, April 9 ii u ciif - ?; -
eH0MS!v Faawotsco Per LoMa, April 9 Mrs B L Dex-jau mo uu""n iulDUOJ .w.tuuuu mC
nd 2 children, E L Harvey, Harry Black, Louis Grieve. 8plcmn pageantry of death wafl viewed by a large
iiiV.VKMS of residents of all ages and classes.
BicMrds, T a Howe, F Vehimg. 1 pn t,lie evening, the members of Hawaiian Lodge
S7ek? 21, F. and A.M., of which the deceased
v raoM KiHi-tci Per Kamoi, April 13 Mrs sharratt and 2K Jwna a member, marched in a body from their
children. W II Bailey, W A Bailey, J Gracia, 8 Magnin, J no V! n . , , , .
t Morgan, Oov Moehooua and wife, ii Kuiheiani, F l curke f iLodgo Room to the Palace, and read the impres
Miss F Andrews and 30 deck. r sive Masonic service for the dead over the bier
. ' TarTeu. tnc'r eccasetl Brother; after which Bishop
-- - j' v;u;a of the Anglican Church read the Episco-
lAtBa-H-In tlii -mf. April 7th , by theKev HfeS
Kockmann. Mr Ct BTia Piehc Ialltka lo Mas Imilotti
m Iixa Honolulu.
In city. April , to the wife of Captain E I Crane, a
In this city, AprO 11, lo the wife of Mr J W Robertson, a
Letter from Jfaui.
To the Blitoreftfte Pacific Commercial Advertiser:
Makawao, April 12tb, 1677
DaUR SlK :
The J?chocuer Jolani went ashore on
the reef at Uamakuapoko last night
All that U kuown of the circumstances at this
time (9 a. m.) is told by a passenger who was on
board at the time.
'.At 12 o'clock midnight the Captaju went to
Wp, and the mate took the helm. A short time
.r....P.ia a nmwnjr said to him. "You are
T, v..-, w f O
goln ashore to which he replied "I know
where I am."
in fw minutea she struek the outer reef
where eb is at this time apparently good and fast.
All hands ffot aahore safe, and Mr. Baldwin with
a rew of men is at the place trying to save what
they ean. . . -,
As I am writing this to go by the Ka Moi mail,
am unable to say to what extent she is damaged.
or what may be saved. You will no doubt hear
from other sources lUr, giving more particulars.
The weather baa been dry for several weeks
past, but now we get the strong trade winds, with
oeejjional showers, and crops are looking well.
Block ii in good condition feed plenty. , .
Jhpbotimj bis Flocks. W. M. Gibson, Esq. the
enterprising " Shepherd or Lanai," arrived in
town from bis island last Friday, and the next day
secured the entire lot of pure French Merino
'. Sheep which were advertised as for sale in our
. ' - . A . . . .
last, at tne rouna price or iuuw. t-ue tBiruuuc
tioa of Improved breeds of sheep into these Islands
meriu especial notice, aad too much praise can not!
be bestowed upon the enterprising importers. Ins
. , -. , i n c cr ll. .f?
1B04. uauiornia oniy prouueru ua ij
l la 1K7 h nroduetion ot wool ini
California baa increased to the cAormoi fipure off
56,550.970 lbs. Ia the saue year IbtS Oregon r;0rijer3 of Francis Joseph and Isabella Catolica;
. j t -1 A A.n ((a IVa nAxi-t1 'SinM thnl I '
;ii .n im).wnn. ol the total!
production ot wool on the TacIQc Coast, at 3S6,-s
752.45 lbs. which has been Talned at A;rcntyixl
. - ' . , . L . T-frt-. f . . i . ccc t; I
millioas of dollars, California producing 330,950,-f 4
403 lb. Orecron 21.802.000 lbs. and tbe other
PaciSc coast States and Territories tbe -emainder..
These fizures show bow enormously the wool-tf
... . ! u .i,..i.S-J
growing business increases, when it is cleverly
managed, and we bare no aoiiDt mat it may De
found a very profltable speculation in these
Islands, with proper management. The return of
wool exported from Honolulu, during the past
quArter. according to the Table of the, Collector
Oeoeral of Customs, is very encouraging. Th.e
question of good mutton is also by noneans an
unimportant one, so that any attempt improve
the conditoa of our Island sheep, etvn from a
ctilinary point of view, should meet with warm
sympathy from our mutton-eaters. j
Shakspeabk asks. "What' in a name?" At
times Fe ire inclined to believe there really is some
thing ia it A sea-faring friend of ours recently bad ! f as
. Jj;i? x 1. :1. t f V a fumttlo BPr l.v?r..
an aaditioa to His ramny, 01 tne lemate eex, oi
whom has been given the name of Settle Merrill.
Let us hope the beauty, grace ana gooa iortane 01
tbe gallant craft will also attend her little name
eatie. through life.
We correct a typographical mistake which ap
peared in our last issue, in the name of Lieutenant?
Louis Knollys, whieh was erroneously printedi: I
TT-.. t I
Rabe Work. At West i Chayter'a carriage
making shop, King street, may be seen the hand-
Wmeat work in that line ever executed here.
Tin: pACinc
1 f '31 V i 1. fl
-SB IIIIIIII1III.II Slllllllltfl I.
In an Extra iw.u-.- J on Tuesday morning lost
we announcfHl the i-i ctent of the dcceae of
His Royal llighneto William I'itt' LtLKioHotr
Kalahooi.ewa, Brother of His Majcety the King
and Heir Arrdrent to the Throne, which
occurred at 20 minutes before 1 o'clock on
that morning. The " untimely taking o3 " ofl
this young Prince, recently so full of life and
promise, has cant a deep gloom over the Royal
Family, and elicits the warmest sympathy of
all cLiaure. both Datircs and foreieners. The
Prince had been ill with rheumatic fever for
some weeks, and under medical treatment wa
considered on Monday to be out of danger, but
unexpectedly to all the grim messenger came
At eunrUe the discharge of minute guns from
the battery on Punchbowl announced the ead
news to an astonished city. During the fore
noon, minute guns were fired from H. 15. M.'e
S. Fantomt. lvintr in the harbor, diaplayins the
Hawaiian colors at half-mast at the fore.
His Royal Highness was the eon of the high
Chiefs C. Kapaakea and A. Keohokalolc (the
'parents of the present Royal Family) and was
of the funeral of KingKamehamdiali7 Irom
which circumstance he derived one of bis namet-
Kalahoolewa. In infancy he was adopted
after the custom of the Chiefs, by Her Highness
Rutb Keelikolani, tister of King Kamehameha
V., who lias ever regarded him as her own
child, and whose grief for his loss is poignant
He waB educated at St. Allan's College on this
J inland, where he proved himself an apt scholar
After leaving school he for some time fulfilled
with zeal and ability the duties of a clerk in
the department of Foreign Affairs, and cn the
accession of His Jlajesty was appointed and
proclaimed Heir Apparent to the Throne
On the King's departure for the United States
3m rsovember, 1874, be was appointed Prince
iRegent, the duties of which responsible office
be discharged with distinguished ability unti
His Majesty's return on the 15th of February,
18(5. The late Prince bad received the decora
itions of Knight Grand Cross of the Royal
r XT l . . i i rr t i .
oruerti ot ivauieiiiiuiciiu anu naiaxaua; ne was
fa member of the Privy Council of State and of
Ithe House of Nobles, Captain of the Leleiohoku
n l ,i r r c r n . I
i viivmrji uuu rurcuiuu ui XiDgiue voinpany ioi
I iof the Honolulu Firn Deniirtmpnr.. In thpl
jOrder of Free Masons he was a prominent and
advanced member, and held offices of importance.
But it was among those who had occasion to
i thc latc Prince were underetood and valued, for
he was of a quiet, retiring and unassuming
disposition that courted not observation. With
fine natural talents, he was an excellent English
scholar, of studious habits, well read in current
1 i f orl t li rfk na u-f!f n a in tdo cni tin fc ffAvnrnmiin
.... w fe1-"""""-'
methodical and careful in business matters, and
in social life a polished gentleman. Well may
it be said that in his early death the Hawaiian
nation has suffered a grievous loss. But in the
language of Byron,
Whom the gods lore die young" wag said of yore,
And many deaths do they escape by this:
The death of friends, aud that which slays even more,
The death of frien lahip, love, youth, all that U,
Except mere breath; and since the silent shore
Awaits at last even those who longest miss
Xhe oIJ archer,. ,uafw perhaps the early grave
. . .. ..
jwtich men weep over may te meant to save."
5 The remains of the lato Prince lav in state!
. ah.,T(.h Kf.rviee in Hawaiian, and the bodv
. fr. , j
was then deposited in the leaden coffin. It is
understood that the funeral of Ilia late Royal
Highness will take place on the 25th instant,
;of which however due notice will be given.
On Wednesday last at one o'clock P. II.,
fj proclamation was made, under a Royal Salute)
I from the guns of Punchbowl, of the appoirit-l
Jment of Her Royal Highness the Princess Lyda
K a m a k a En a , as the Heir apparent to the Throjie
This appointment the prompt announcement
of which must meet with the unqualified ap?
proval of all is made in accordance with the
nrnviainna nf thft fonsti tu tinn . which llprlnrpn
that the successor to the Throne elected by thei
Legislature (as was his present Majesty in
1874) " shall become a new stirps for a Royal
Family ;" and that in case there is no heir of
the bodv of tho reieninz Sovereign, then "thej
successor shall be the person whom the Sover
eign shall appoint with the consent of the
Nobles, and publicly proclaim as such during
the King's life.' The proclamation (which
appears in another column under the official
hP'wlin(T was read first in front of the Govern-
"- est a
ment House by Col. W. F. Allen of the King's
Istnff, who was accompanied by Colonels Juddl
fand Robinson also of the stall, and a guard con
sisting of Company B. Hawaiian Guards and
i detatchnicnt of the Household Troops, under
hc command of Major C. T. Gulick
-crTtoyal ntgnncsB the Heir apparent la the
oldest 6ister of His Majesty; was born September
2d, JS.38, and married, September lotn, IHbJ,
rrt ii;b Preeliencv John Owen Dominis. Governor
t '
.n.t. rr r r. r t. t i r-i r ir
lluu. UI Wlue ui
(bameha and Kalakaua; Kt. Commander of tbe
iWemoer at tne iiouse oi i0Dies ana ot tne
Privy Council of State, Scc &c. Her Royal
J,,. hna ;a nr.f.nTnnlIshp.1 lfi.iv hnnnr.l on.i
r , v . , ,
by tbe
t-iueiovvu u
foreisrn and native community.
! Chapter LIX of the Tcnal Code of the Hawai
ian Kingdom provides for the public health of
the nation. The First Section of this chapter
sanctions the appointment "by the King in privy
council, upon the nomination of the minister of
the interior, .of a Board of Health for the King'
dom, consisting of three persons, who shall serve
during the King's pleasure, aad he .charged with
the general oversight and care of the public
health." In accordance with the foregoing leg
islation, the Board of Health of this Kingdom,
at present constituted, is formed of tbe lollow-
.1 . IT' T 1 1 . T ttnlt
me eentlemen : 111s excellency o. iiott
Smitli is its President, and His Excellency A. S.
Hartwell, the Honorable S. G. Wilder, Dr. R.
McKibbin aad Dr. F. B. Hutchinson are the
members of the Board. The duties which
d.eyolve upon those gentlemen are multifarious.
It euniGes for our present purpose to point out
tv.- f.l.ii-i f :iinfl which their office im-
eposes upon them.
J The Fourth Section of Chapter LIX of the
J Penal Code requires that " The Board of Health
-iilatione rc?r-octis
' . . .
IX hall
make Huch regulations rcju
f IncM. "MUT'iio Ol tun. a"J -f-i
... ,.r tf... tm'Jom.tiW
. , r . ; hn!I iudr.!-
ncct-pirjr j wa -
The Tenth Section sets forth that Whenever
- ,r ;rrt nf muse
lany eucu nuisance, tuurre j """i
of eicknees shall be found on private prur-j,
. . . .... . .t.nll
the board of health or any ceaitn agem
order the owner or occupant thereof, at his own
expense, to remove the same within forty-eight
hours ; and if the ower or occupant shall neglect
to do bo, he shall be fined in a sum not exceed
ing one hundred dollars." Now, it seems to
us that sufficient authority is hereby placed in
the hands of the Board of Health, to order a
general inspection by one of their health agents
or other duly authorised person, of the closets
r,r r,;a rtv n,1. in rase of the condition of
rlnsota" bein? found to be such as
to warrant the apprehension of their being a
" cause of sicknese" to the community, that
the Board has powers to oblige their owners
to remove their contents, according to the pro
visions of the code. We quote these autuor
itie and make these remarks, because we be
lieve that an impression seems to prevail here
that some special legislation is requisite, in
order to enforce the cleaning out of the closets"
of the households of the city. We are of opinion
that the Board of Health is at present sufficient-
i n i . toVa xpnmTit nation in til is f '. t
i- -- --- Ures. Thus, the red irjuns " have been almost
matter, of such paramount importance from ajrar,t-s-
tjj6. r w Liexttrruinated in the Lnited States of North
A suggestion has been made to us, on this j: America, unae. a renuhlican eoverntwn. o-J
subject, to which we hae unavoidably rererredy thus, of 50,000 aborigines on the island of Tasma
so frequently of late. It is that a good planf&ia at beginnkig of this century, the very
for disrosine of the ni-htsoil" of the city would ght their old qucn, died not long since at
he to have a larrre t.unt or scow made, with
moveable bottom, into which the " night-soil"
could be brought in carts from the closets."
The punt, beinz Dlaced beside the end of theMbe trul termed model government," surely)
esplanade when filled, could be towed out
sea bv the Steam-tus. and when at a consider -
able distance bevond the reef, and in deen water.
... ...... -
its contents couia be emptied, Dy the opening j J i '
of the false bottom, into the ocean. This Planf:!tioQ of foreiSn borers into these ialangs,!
would have the advantage of removinz thetlUDaTOldabIJ forca lt8elf uPn the attention of.
. nirrhtsoil" mn.teffMh.ll, .n.1 mmrietrtv on t
of the way of human beings, and precludingptant' " maybe'' the tour of inspection of the
n :,:i:t r u ti. i.i ft Hawaiian Royal Cimmissioners, euch a measure?-
seem much referable to our Dronosed rlan of
burvinp: the ' niirhtsoil" in nits. The difficul -
t-l .
ties of the removed have first to be settled
operation ia so disgusting that, if sewerge were be highly deploret that this amiable and sjmpa-
r.i, L MMIthetie Hawaiian race has gradually dwindled!
an ait iaLttuuiC a w nuuiu ainaja plu. ni f
desirable plan
ab we nave aireaoy remarK;ea,ta
m 1 -a
there are two points to be considered.
Can sewers be made to carrv off the fecal matter
of our closets" to the sea? And, ii not prac -
ticable, How should the nigbt-soil of the
How should the niaht-soil of the?BUSar- neretoioo uinese uiuorers were mainiy
.. . . ... ,.
pestilence overtaking the city. Now, the latest"' iUiuulc lfum - "
suggestion made to ue
to carry it out to sea
suggestion made to us, is, as we explained above,
And we think that thisnj. , ,. , .
would be an improvement on our proposed planfil, . , , ... J ... .
t lL -t t , . , f l legislators of thB country, the question has been
. .i, t ,. . ' . . . V A
nlno-tie will not eaten us. hnforfi vvr- h:vp.VA
j . . . ,t,
Tl , t, . - t..j . 5
It caught Buenos Ayres, in the "Filth Pe6ti-S
i rio j . ., . , . .64
lence of 1872, and we humbly hope and trust $
. . , , J. . , &
in God that we shall never again witness suchrL9
, , ,. , , . , WL
a scene of desolation and death. The putrid x
. , . , , r, .. iSf
bodies of the dead were then taken out daily
in hundreds on the " Tren de los muerlos.',i
t ;
The train of the dead by the railway to the3
J J i-.jt
Rptnleta eenieterv. there ta he hurinri in ditr!iea
-almost as we propose to bury our " niht-F
jsoil?" And the mourners, where were they ?
TflK recent return to this city of the Hawaiian
Royal Commissioners appointed under the Actand c Geieral t iIonoiulll who had him.
to aeveiope tae resources ot tne.ngaom,- iromee,f t note the paUCity 0f population
their tour of inspection on the Islands of Hawaii viQnd the t yant of laborers durirjg the
remarks upon their proceedings, and the objects
wnicn tney nave m view, as our presen. on-the plan of introducing East-Indian laborers
servations may be read elsewhere than in thisberCj and tbat ;D the event o it8 being adopted
Kingdom, we shall recall that the Royal Com-Ob tbia govcrDment, he is disposed to recommend
mission in question includes Their Excellencies the matter to huj own government, so as to
the Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs, facilitate the negJtiation of this government with
UW1U" a ..ujr u.u uuuliua,tI) Anglo-Indiar government, upon the subject
auu vuau ii.-u.v, .ptouittut;
i TT : : t i ri :
UM i:iB"r
sion on different occasions during the previous
0a.,0f.?t.ei-r t0r. ,f jnfI)eCti0n; -
ttUUCU 4UO" uuiuio uulj 10 nob jci. tunjr
cbargeu; that tbe lioyal Commissioners, witn thei?j
substitution of His Ex. the Minister of theVi
Interior for His Ex. the Minister of Foreign
Affairs, unavoidably detained, have, since thcirj
return to Honolulu, paid a visit to the district of v
F!vra nn thla island nnd that thev to!11 erft lnnoK
set out on the tour of thc Island of Kauai, thus
completing their mission. We may further state,
upon good authority, that an official report of
His Majesty'B Privy Council, and published in
rln rrmrsrt of time Tta nnrwnrnp will wo fool
sure, be naiica witn tne liveliest interest by all
classes of the community, who are hopeful in the
present and future of these fine islands. While 5 ;
we await the publication Of the official report in
. - a . i - a
question, we ieei at lmerty to avail oureelves ofti
some private information respecting the late Por-
tion of the tour of inspection of the Royal 3
rnmm;sinnir whlph ineltided th Tslnnds nfK2
. T . ,
maul BDU iittwuii. iicic ngttiu, no mnjr lemma,
for the benefit of non-resident readers, that theVi
latter of these lsianas (Hawaii) is also tuePI
largest of the whole group of the Hawaiian
Archipelago, including an area of 2,500,000
nrrfla. while Maui contains about 400.000 acres.
and Oahu and Kauai, nearly equal in extent,
some 350,000 acres each ; (he remaining Islands,
Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and Niihau, being
about 400.000 acres in extent, unitedlv. So thatl-
the whole surface of the eight principal inhabited
islands of this group may be set down atvA
4,000,000 of acres. Isow assuming the whole
population of these islands, as returned by the
last census, to be 56. SOT individuals, it arrears
- .. . t r
tbat at present there is about one individual to f J
islands of the group. The paucity of inhabitants
1 . t i 1. 1 I it "S
paeea, 18 a lacs wmcu at, ou eirih.ee an moee
who travel over these islands and this depopu -
v v
Jated Condition Cf the Country produced a
, . . . r J ,i
profound impression, we hear from good author-
ity, upon all the members of the Hawaiian Royal
through Hawaii and Maui Her Britanic Majes -
ty's Diplomatic Commissioner and Consul fej
General in this Kingdom, included. hi
Without anticipating their official report, weJ
believe we are correct in stating that in every
other respect, th.8 Royal Commissioners were veryfj
favorably impressed with the-natural rfsourcps
of tbe two islands in question, and that many
advantageous circumstances struck them which
have escaped ordinary observers, the result, veryfjj
naturally, of the exceptional nature of theirjj
inspection. But, at every step of their progress, ti
vuw nauk ut iuijuiaiiuu auu liic euiviuilt poi'lj re
that has placed immense tracts cf Publio lands
under long leases, inevitably pressed itselfVJ
upon their notice. Beauteous regions teemingj
witn natural resources, in the mute lanzuace of ti
.tl- tn lnm l,.ii, .
'twni tailCU U KiVf bllCUJ AKJl liauug KJ ?
draw forth, with tbe aid of industry, the mani
jil. Even the glorious PI
nui-f'JfoSJ riches of the
: r.r t
. V 7 ., U
urinf t if iip r wiui t.7' i u'ai
,Uiltinvv - w v. - A a
nee through whic'j ll.eir Excellencies rode inj
' . m -r -I
delighted adtuiratioo, m-iucea in vueir miuu
i feciinz of rCiiret that the r usy nana 01 man wa
t f t
11 waatini to utilize and imrruve the prodigali'rc'f
nature. All three Royal Commissioners orougy:
I with them, we are told, on their return home lo
itonolulu. the firm conviction that tie first &Al
mpst imperative duty of the government of this
singnom is, to uevotc no uucu.iuu mc iuiw
dpxtion of laborers into these comparatively
dtpopslated islands. We employ the term
depopulated," because, as the Commissioners
are well aware, the decrease in the native Ha
waiian population, estimated by Captain Cook at
400,000 souls, has been eo great as to warrant
the apprehension of the total extinction of this
race. It is true, of late the births among the
natives are abouk. equal to the deaths in some
localities. Now, as we are discussing the sub-
Ivrt of normlitim. we are aware that some
:rj -
I people here seem to thick that the preservation
.lfri a Mtn- Il iu-inan rav is a matter of no im-
Iportance, and, m short, conclude that the
Hawaiian are tbomed to die out, like other
(races heretofore. It appears to us that this is a
ifVitnlitv which tin native Hawaiian eovernment
of this kingdom cught, of all things, to endeavor
r,rpvfnr V7 ran understand how fureizn
T- K v " ' J3
governments can tave an object in the extinction
?sof native races ir certain parts of their territo-
awHobart - town. But where a native race is gov-!
Ilned by its owi native king, and fortunately
Menjoys, owing to Christian influences, what may
toiMttnJ PolicJ mJ ,e called 6uici(3al which
overlook the very possibility of the decay a
iigradual extinction af the native race of the coui-
f:J rvv I T on rc tvfiilf tha nnafiAn nf Ilia lnmAt1r,
M government, as oie result, and the most impor
MBhould never loBe 'Sbt of the Bti11 more imPr
!! 131)6 question of be preservation and increase of
1! the native Hawaiian race itself. Indeed, it is to
? 1 onav bo ekuut a tu reuuer lUo iUbrUUUCtlOIl UI
loreign lauorers mw a matter oi aosoiute
t J r- .1 1 i 1 i l . a
UB1V Ior iae Pani, wnose capuai is invested m
H'6' tbe Tdwta of these islands, principally
t-lJ r i t r t
tipmr.lnved nn thei? rlnntationa : and some of theirt i
.f 11 C At, u ... T M T...
In frliA win I tstw f tliA imWk1til tinn rF F. 1r rrr
3 . . .
raised as to wheiher it might not be better to lay I
is out the money ol the country on the importations
. -m- t . f g.
of East Indian Laborers, Df a superior class, who
... . . , . r ... ..
are more likely to amalgamate with the native
.. OI . a
Hawaiian race, than Chinese. We have already
. . ... . . . , . . ,
expressed an opiiion on this subject, and lately
.. , . . r.. . ,w , , r
alluded to Sir Xordaunt Wells' schemes for dis-
, i m l t j-
posing of the " Eurasians," or East-Indian
.. , ir k.;- '(,.-, K
41 tiali-eajttes. Tho. beino- Christians, miirhr. we
. , . , . , ..,,. . ,
HHiTtTPKtpd. he liivantaoreouslv lntroducea into
:Si . ao ... . ......
JTy rliRA lKlAnilri. An lrnrn thnt thin cmvernrnent in
! these islands
- r t. . e . rV
9c9 mnrn in fiivnr nf fh BPhpmA nF imnnrtatinn ntJ
'more in favor of the scheme of importation
East-Indian laborers, than any other. We also
v'Jhplipvft that wr nra enrrect in statinc that TIr
T B... Mafefitv,a Dir)iomatic Commissioner
5f sums that he azcomnanied the Hawaiian Roval
ConimiBeioners on Hawaii and Maui, approves of
y have d that, should this governmen
elf decide upon tlx introduction of East-Indian
vi 1
vou,u,,-glaborers which we are told is very likely the
J! aUw win thr)Ugh tfae kin(1 offices of Major
d Wodehouse, be etsily settled with Her Britannic
Majesty s governnent in India.
Lodge Mo. 1, I. O O. T. are respectfully requeued to at-
end the next Keguiar Aeeting, to oe held April ltftb, 18T7, a
usiness or importance nt come up Derore them.
t Per Order JAMES F. NOBLE. Sec'r.
JL existing between tie undersigned, has this day been dis
Ao'ved by mutual coniat.
C. C. Cfll.KUIN
Honolulu, 2nd AprilJ.877. apl
JL announcement, the undersigned would respectfully give
notice mac tney nart rormea a co-partnersnip, and tbat the
old business will be caried on at the same premises. Kine
Street and Esplanade under the firm name of West Chay-
f ter. All liabilities of Test t Coleman will be assumed by the
- "k nsfetar firm
Honolulu, April 23, 1;77.
s .uw .wi.w B - v UV UIKIM JMHUUSC
r.g nuneno oesiowea uponme, ana in connection with my new
.p'u 8 CCQUtnnce tne j T CHATTER
V,L. .
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
existing under tbe rirm name of Jones & Richardson
day dissolved b' mutual consent.
JvfthuScu Ranch, Kan,1 March 21, 1377.
Kshutu Ranch, Kau, March 21, 1877.
The undersigned taring purchased the Interest of Mr.
C E. Richardson, h the business heretofore conducted
under the firm name of Jones fc Richardson, assumes all
the liabilities of and U1 collect all accounudue the late
firm. loaslnil G. W. C. JONES.
one, and all persons Indebted to me are requested to
mate iruiuetl late payment, as I am abont tearing the
Kingdom. 339 Sfl O. S. CCMMIXG3,
Co-Partnership Notice.
jj c5r,tne,?bip' to commence from the first day of
April. IS. 7. forthe pirsose of carrying on theGrocery and
Vf Provision Business, tnder the firm and name of FRTEL Jt
A. w. bush.
r K"Qiulu' Api,il M 1S7'
Manufacturers and Dealers
s as lllinf Of" O fl f t I
Leleo, King Street, Honolulu,
Beef MuttoQ aad "fjt Tallow Wanted !
0p'r Ir Richaraisa's Bl mud
She Stare will meet with prsiaal
apH Alteatdancc 17
s. . rt(t
VJi f4aily Oncrrj and Vrrd !"u p(,
TT Orders enu-nstol to os iron the oth'r :oi wiil b
promptly auended to. 52 Fort Jwt, II ooiala. rl ty
Valuable Ileal IZitato !
la Wailwkw. Istasiw fMaal,
Property known at the Good Tenplari' Hall
taiaed in a certain mortf tf deed, dated the ttst day o'
March, 1S73, aaade by th Cwporatton kaova a the Itao
LodC No. 4, IodepeDdeot Order of Good Trasplars. exUticf a:
Waiioko, la the lsiaod of Mta , to Rotrt Lore, and recordset
in tb OSee ef the Baistrar of lee!s. to liooolula. la Liber
37, on parts 8i. S3 aad ti, and for a breach of the cuodtuoci
ia tbe said deed 1 wiU caase to te bom oy rurtuc aaaioo, rj
II. W. Daniels, on the premises, at WaUuka, la the Island o:
Maul, on Saturday. April SSih, 1ST7, at uooo, a certain p.eee
of laad sitaate In Wailoka. aforesaid, and tmvnded a folxsrs
From the soatbest corner of the said premises adjotoiof ihr
Coort Hoasa Lot, run mirth S4a east 4 95 chains alocf the
said lot, tbeoce aortti 31 wm 3.73 chains aUcf tha Hauuku
Plantatioo. thence south Tl vest Hi chains a'.ocs tt
chorea lot, thence souta IS J east 2 ii chains aJoog the
kapa road to the starting point, including an area ol one acre.
With the Large and Substantial Building-,
erected thereon, known as the Good Templars' Hall.
By his AUoraey, EDWAKD PKtiTON.
Dated this th day of April, apl St
On the Premises of His late Highness Chas.
ON MONDAY, - - APRIL 30trj,
At 10 o'clock a. m.
The following personal property belonging to the estate
of taid deceased, via:
Sofas, In rarious coverings; Chairs, Rockers,
Kasy Chain, Cane beat Chairs,
Table Koa, Marble Top, Extension an J Inlaid ;
Mirrors, of raricoa aiaes and stands; Vases. Ulass Shade,
Pier Tables. Koa Bedsteads, Pillows, Hair Mattresses,
Silk and Velret Spreads, Koa and Koaewood Wsrdrobes,
Dressing Cases, Work Boxes, Japan and Chinese Boxes.
Hat Cases, Work Tables, Trays. Centre Tables,
Lounges, Chests of Drawers. Whatnots, Writing Desks,
Side Boards, Cabinets, Book Stands. Rugs,
Mahoftaiy Secretary, Iron Bedsteads, Sofa Bed.
Waahstaod Marble Top and Plain;
Trunks Camphor, Koa and Plain; Fans, Spittoons,
Trareling Bags, Opera Glasses, Piece of Silk, Clothing,
Rifles, ReToIrers, Albums, Necklaces, Ewords,
Rolls of Mat, Stereoscope, Laces,
Fisli TVet.s and JLinen I
laL 1 L1L1L "tilllllLU .
Lot of Chioa(aew) Knive, Fork and Sp3om,
silver and Plated Ware, Plates, Bowls, Napkins,
Towels, Store and Fixing. Water Coolers,
Tea Poya, Lamp and Shades.
t !. ... - . ....
i M.mon, i tsroou aiare, x kmh and uorB.
Drive Single or Double 2 Ilorses, 19 Work Oxea.
W A G O N S, Etc.,
1 New Express Wagon, 1 Old Express Wagon,
1 Boggy, 2 Doable and 1 Single Harness, Stirrups,
Saddles, Spars, Head Stalls, 7 Carts, 0 Yokes, 3 Canoes,
2 Anchors, 20 Hens, and a
Large & Varied Asst of Articles
apH St W. C. PARKE, Administrator.
C. S. BARTOW. Aoct'r,
iron snip
Sailed from Jjiverjwol, Dec. 123, Due her
l Early in May,
;the c ar g o
i Comprises a Full Assortment of.
:GOOD8 !
a7 3m
J Choice Ales, Wines, Liquors, Cigar?, &c.
or 3J o T7r "ST orit
For the Year Ending December 3lHt, 1870.
,Am " Na. isi"ir:7is
In fcrrs January 1st. UTS M rr.M Tf i la fcirrw Jaaaary 1st. llTT M .M.OM M
adJ Prrmiam Anautuss . ta i 44 rrmna AmiUti 1 mn M
lasu.d lSl M ! Twaaioatwd I t3t 1
co trr t ' ' m.w st
Sn. Amoaal. Na. AsmmsjI.
In lure Jacusry 1, 1ST8 3.M3 f.V 0&T 211 la lurf, Ja. 1. ITT tt.lll M1XT 037
Srsr Risks IM M.12T.W4 j : Tvrmtrvaisd M.Mu,i;t
10I.T8T t337.lU.H4.' 10U3T im.Usliu
Nora Th amount of UnninatrJ Pullcles la larjr Ibao csual. Tlis Inrrvass a, la a grrmi nuuin, raa l hs r.
chase ot nnmaturvd Kodogots, eltbr paiJ ap at dus la less (baa Br jrars, trbtrh vers diacouoinl al ara ft ccil.
To Balattca from last arcoaat
Prrmlams rwvived . . . . .
Interest and Rents
...:j.41ia 41 1
14.i:'6 703 sa
4,8Tt,M0 94 :
95.4W,HT 13
To Resenrc at four per rent
Claims by Death, not yet due.....
Premiums paid in adrsnce
Contingent Guarantee fund.......
Surplus for Ii vision.....
... tT7,K,02 00
410.760 11
84.372 43
4&4 842 44
3,MS,141 47
tS2,S0O,lH8 60
Premiums deferred and In transit in th fcreoinf Balanco Hbeet. have twen subjected to m dedoetloa ut twnty-4v prr
cent, by the Insuranec Department, for th ostimated coat of collecting lit same re. Offldal fcleiort hel.
Not. If the Ne York Standard of four and a half per cent. Interest be used, th Kurplus Is IO.y41,l79 44.
From the Surplus for Division, as appears In th Balance; Shoal, a Dividend will Im apportioned to tack Policy wbluk hall
be in force at its annirersary lo 1877.
I hare carefully examined th '""going stateueot. and Bod tbe same correct.
January 17. 1877. . VM. i. I A (TON, Auditor.
Nora. By act of th Trustees, the membership of this Company Is limited to one hundred thousand lur4 lit..
T It U H T 12 12 M I
Frederick S Winston,
John V L Pruyn,
R 11 McCurdy,
Wm Betts,
Samuel K Bproull.,
Samuel M Cornell.
Lucius Robinson,
W gmith Brown,
VTm II Popham,
Samuel D Babeock,
Henry A Smyth,
Wro E Dodge,
Oeo Co.
Wm M Vermltye,
John K Devslln,
Martin Batea,
Was A Uatoes.
Seymour L Hosted,
RICHARD A. McClRDV. Vlo Preslleut.
ROBERT A GRANNI83, 2n4 Tic President ISAAC 9 LLOYD, Seorwiary.
W II C BARTLZTT, LLD., Actuary. O II TALKER Solicitor.
O B WIN8TO!, M. D. I ..,,.
W S OILLKTTK, If . D. J Mdk4
To th b Tatsrsas or ti Miitval Litr Iiisvaasca CoMraa or Niw Yoaa i
The undersigned, th Annual Committee appointed pursuant to th By Laws of th Company, eu th 10th day of P trail) rr
1878. to e am los at th doe of each fiscal yoar th account and assets of th Company . '
Respectfully Report, Tbat they hav carefully eiamlned all tbe assets. Investments, and securlile f th Company, aud
That it bad on th 1st dsy of January. 1877, stocks lo th form of Bond of th United Scales, and of New York and
other cities, amounting In par vaius to 12.W3W), and In market vslu lo 12.87S,fc,ll J. and that tbl Islter sum I la,
mediately convertible and available in caab. Tbat of thro securllls 17,474,660 ar la Cnlied biale res lir4 Stuods, and
$1,600,000 chiefly in city bonds. Tbey ar all specifleJ in lb aceomiaoylu( ocbedule ara all genuine, nod, la th otrfutam of
the Committee, are all Judicious and perfectly secure investments.
The Committe further report.
That on January 1, 1877, tho Company had Invested lo Bond and Mortgage npoa real estate In 4m, wrltli h was appraised
at the lime of each Investment lo b worth, at l.ast, twice the amount loao.1, ife sum of f 0U,kk.O0 14
Th Committee hav examined each Bond and Mortgage, and find th same correct, as stated on th book of the Company.
The Coromltiee Sod that th Interest on three bond has beeo paid with great punctuality, and that th arrears of Interest fur
the laat six mouths ar only a very amall per eeotsg on tbe amount due.
In addition lo the security of th land covered by the Mortgage, th Company holds In.uranrs no lbs buildings thereon, a
collateral. In solvent and responsible Fir lnauraoc Companies, amounting to th sum of $:i4 ,000,000.
Th Committee further report.
That tbe Company now own property formerly pledged lo It la Bonds aad Mortgage le th eitenl of $4X4184 47, thai
this is th total amount of all property purchased by It sinew Its organisation on Foreclosure, aud held by It al the rlos of the
last fiscal year and the Committee believe that Ibis property will be scld without Incurring any considerable d.SclL. 1 bin
sum bears a small ratio lo th total amount of th Company's assets, being about on (.01016) ier cent, thereof.
in addition to mis neat estate, in vompwoy owns, ior in iransa-uon or us basins lo the cltle of New York, BiwIiisl.
and Philadelphia, valuable real eslata coating lb sum of $1,410 461 41 Th building In New York pays 4 per awt. nw Pa
cost, charging a fair rent for the part oocupied by th Company. That In Boston is Incomplete, and thst in rkikadelpbta, ka
recently been finished.
The Committee have ascertained that lb cash on hand on th 1st dsy at Jsauary, 1477, waa It, 141 001 IS. aum
added to the ecuritiet immediately eonvertble into cash, makes a total of csth asset equal to $14,464,671.04 Imwtdlat.lV
available. . '
We have aacertained that th expenses of lb Company fur acquiring It business ar nearly a qoartaf ? on ( $233) ft
cent, npoo the aum insured 5 and th expense of conducting tbe businee. which loclode sipeoses of every kind, saorpt cUima
by death, la less than one quarter of on per cent, on tbe earn ( 2191), which, la all, I leee than on half of on per awnl. npoa
tbe sum insured ( 4424), and U six and seven tenth (4.701) per cent, upon th Inroca of tbe year. '
While the Committee were maklnc Investigation, th aupcrintendent of th Insuianr Department, with Ms Deputy
Assistants, and Experts, waa also engaged in examining th a flairs of tb Company, as required br law. lis la ami at
exauiiulng not only into the liabilities of th Company, bul
la coaauctea ana it iiauiiiiies are aetermioea. 1 nis essininaunn win d toorougn ana Sknaustlve, and Its I
a report wnirh will be poDUsnea in au tini. ana 10 wnicn me
AU of which U retpect.'uliy lubmitted.
Dated January17tt, 1877.
The Report of the Examination
To tbs Eniroas or Ts Evixixa JocaxiLi ' i"i.
Oxxtlxm i Having caused a thorough personal examination to be anad of th condition and affair af tb Mutual Life
Iosuiance Company of New York during tb month of Jaaaary. by II, m. John A. McCall. Jr Iui. h
which examination th Acting Superintendent has altJ personally participated, I deem It for lb public Inter seta that lha .
of said Investigation should b published . r""
I therefor anclose the asm for publicaiion. Yours, very respertrully, '
V II.UAM t MYTI. Aetlug BuperliiUodrat. .
Hon. WiLUaM Emtth, Acting Boperinlendent New York Insurance Department! Aluaif, Fabraary 1st, 1177.
In aceordanc with instructions received from you under appointment Mo. $63, 1 reptet th oiijnieUon of the xaanlnallM
into th affairs of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of Mew York. a
Mad at a time when th annual Investigation by tb Trusts as called for by tb Company' charter . was In luijisui
the work was considerably facilitated by each department reprrsentativ acting with on of th said trustee thus irlvkua a'
double force with a check that was invaluable as to tb correctness) of lb labor perform. '
The valuations of the Policies in force have been made In th department under the upervreioa of Mr. D. Krefer our
Actuary, and have occupied his attention with that of tbe ret of our actuarial lore not ngaged la Mw York. '
The investments of ih Company, with other admissible assets, make a total of $02,074. 704 42.
That tb Company has been successfully managed Is everywhere conceded 1 and Kt is rerv neoessarv thai tl.m ,aiuii..
of this sacred trust fund should be men eminently competent to guard aaaloualy lb SBoneys tb in tb future aS'irw tb pro
tection guaranteed by contracts with th holders of ninety-two thousand 00 hundred and twenty. Are policies.
Tbe Company does not need any other endorsement by the Department than Is shown In th assets and liabilities
merated below, exhibiting a surplus, as regard! pobcy-bolders, of $10,202,179 44.
A schedule giving In detail tbe Information necessary for valuation of property, verllnatloo of till, Ac., of each of the
seven thousand one hundred and Sfy-six (7,164) mortgages, has been compiled, and with a list of nnooilooted and deferred
premiums is now on fii in tb Department.
Tbe following was th cooaiUvn of the Company on December SUt, 1S74
Real Estate
Bonds And Mortgages
Stocks and Bonds.
U. S. Bonds, Registered
New York Citj Bonds, registered..
IJoston Water .Bonds, registered
Providence, R. I., bonds, registered. , .
Cherry AlIey Town Bonds
City of Yonkers bonds
Buffalo City Bonds
Elmira City Bonds
Missouri Elate Bonds
fan Francisco Bonds.......
Union Co , N. J., Bonds
Plainfield, X. J., Bonds
Caab in Bknks and Trust Companies
Interest due and accrued
Net uncollected and deferred premiums.. . .
Total admitted assets f 82,070.706 87
Net value of outstanding policies and additions
Lnpaid losses not yet due (including resisted claims)
Premiums paid ia advance
Total liabilities
Surplus as regards policy holders
All of which is respectfully submitted,
The Superintendent in person was present during
and mortgages and other stocks and bonds, owned by tbs Company, and took part fn said examination. II
desires to join with his Deputy in assuring the public tbat tbe system cf management and accuracy of detail,
as well as the checks and individual responsibilities imposed on each person, who has anything to do with.
loaning or intestine tbe funds of tbe Cwnpaay. command his most hearty approval. Tb President and all
other officers of the Compaoj were most prompt and
f perfect is the orgaoifitic,n cf each department tbat any
its necessarj sod satisfactory vouchers. This will sccount for a fact tuat a corporation or such vest mag au
tc.de and importance could be fully and satisfactorily examined, In a few weeks, which under ordinary sir
aumstanoes, would have required as many months
aP14 2t WILLIAM 8MYTII. Aoting Buperlntsndsnf.
fly Pal4 IWaih a4 Kudovsaeat Cialsna H.Ut Al t t
AnonlliM t,4 ai .
KirtJeiHls. Toi too M
hurrewtered I'olieies and AddllMHta.... i,l,:4
CuSDBilsstoat (paysneat of Carreot aad
Citinf uUbateol of future) MT 44
Contingent Oaarajtte aeoount... 4 )aO at
Kapensra and Taast... a4 us S4
Balano lo New Avouunl ? bM.ntie 41
fU 4i.SI1 if
By Mort(aa-es on Real Estate
Vol 11 (Mate aad feat Boada, ote
... tooaM.too 14
... 1I073,M4S
Real festal
.... .... 4 244.844 40
Cash In Hanks and Trust Coaaiila al
Interest S.lil,(Ml 73
Interest aerrued l.Hii.sVi 14
Premiums deferred quarterly aad aensU
annual. tXI.Mi M
Premium lo trau.it, principally fur !... 187, IW4 14
Dalaocrs due by Afrnta... It 44 74
1'1.!VM.1S M
Oliver II Palmer,
Henry K Davie,
Richard A McCurdy,
Francis ftktddy,
James O llolden,
llernsu O Von Post,
Oeo O Kichardson,
Ales II hk-e,
W t Baboock.
R Ratclifurd fit are,
Pradortrk U ( o.iU,
Lewi May,
Oliver llsriiioaa,
Thomas iMrksoa,
lleary W Hoitili,
Jora II therwuod,
EgiMo P Vablrl,
Ue II Abdrews
likewise Into tb mathematical prlnolples upon which Us bu.ln
1 results prsenl4 in
Liomniuiee refer.
by the Insurance Department.
9 4.218,246 40
C0,66ti,209 18
Par Value. Market Value.
87.473.CM) 17,907,840 1'2
2,406.000 2.412.C87 W
600,000 660.00 00
000.000 M7.000 00
60.000 0,000 00
118.000 128.2S0 00
140.600 H.74.17 60
66,000 67.425 00
215,000 226,025 00
6'JO.OOO C37.628 71
14,000 14,785 00
1,600 1,6.0 00
9 12,063,650 1 12,.73.6c7"s!i
12.679.6C9 3
2.1&3.001 73
1.822.2J4 IS
7.5,S'JC 07
171.031,206 00
764.260 00
24,872 43.
$71,818,827 42
...... 10.2C2.879 44
$82,076,708 81
Deputy (Superintendent.
the examination of the United States securities, Lotds
courteous in affording every information wail
special item required was at one furnished with all

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