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The Pacific commercial advertiser. (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, August 30, 1879, Image 3

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At 10 o'clock A. M-. ( t Pale Room.
White and Brown Cottdnt,
A Line of Fresh Groceries,
. Consisting la part of
8a-ir-Curd Eastern Hams tod Breakfast Bacon, B lb.
Tin of Lard, Jam and Jellies, Tina of Hooey,
OoUea Gala Table aod Pi tra it, lib. Palro-a.
Tloa of Milk and Soda Crackers, Sof ar Pea.
McM array's 1 and 2 lb. Os stars, 1 tb. Lobsters,
La Crola Corn. Mixed Pickles, He..
Bbla Salmon, Kege California Crushed Puf ar,
Ca Kerosene Oil, Baje Petal.-, Ce A Idea Uriel Apples,
Reacts Large W tapping Paper. Ska Red a White Beans.
E P. ADAMS, Aact'r
Mortgagee's Notice of Sale I
that Martf-aftee dmJ in ac-riam Indenture of M-xajace
dated JalT 19. 1.7. naie- by Kahalewai and rnweu-eu. tf-r
hasbaad, Ut aaid Ales. J. Cartri-ht. I am directed lo aell at
pah lie auction, on SATURDAY, the 0th day of September,
1S79, at 12 M.. al my Sslearoota in Honolulu, all Ibat certain
piece or parcel of la' d aitoale at llooooiiali. Ka, Oaha eoo
taiaina; 1 men and 4M cbaine, and more folly described in
Royal Patent No. 3633, Kaleana liela hi tint farther par
ticular Inquire ol k. P. ADAMS. Aact'r.
CaciL Hioan, Attorney far Mortge.
Mortgagee's Notice of Sale !
Br D I K Et:T IO X mf A.J.CK RT W K IG II T.
the Mortfacnr aamed la a certain Indenture ol Morttw
dated January li, 1ST, made by KralaUma and otl.era to
aid A. J. (Jartvrivht. I am direct e.l to tell at pu'.lie auction
ao 8ATCKDAV, the ib day of September, 17. at 13 M., at
mf alerm in liooolulu. all Ihoae two certain pie a or
parCela of laod aitoate at Havae, llreia, KooUopoko. Oaba.
and beinf the aam aa dncribed In Royal Patenta 33'X and
3404, eoMaioinf reapectively 45-100 and 14-100 of an acre,
for farther particular Inquire of
E P. A DA St A, Aoct'r.
Cacti. Baowa. Attorney lor Mortfagee.
Mortgagees' Notice of Sale 1
MARK P. ROBlNsON, doing busineaa under the firm
name of Allen At Rcbinaoo, the m-rHMgtr' named in a Cer
tain Indenture of nnrteae dated 13th february 1S77. made
by J. Kaai to aatd Allen Robinson, of record in Liber 43 oa
saee27, 2S. and . I am directed to all at Public
Aactioooo iaturday the 13 day of teptember 1879 at li M.,
at my aalraroom In llonoiulu, that certain piece or parcel of
land annate at Koolaa. laland of Kauai, bring the interest of
E. tlelekunibi aa cooeeyed to aaid J. Kaai, b deed of record
la Liber 44 on pair-a Su7 and 204. Alao all the r(M title and
intern! of the aatd J. Kaai of in and to the certain piece of
land attaato at Makapala Kohala, Hawaii, and more parti
cularly dearribed In Royal Patent 4274, Kuleana tlelo, 8683
iaaoed lo Kioto, father of aaid J. Kaai.
for further particular apply to
;. 1. ADAMS Aact'r.
Or CECIL BROW tf. Attorney ix Mortf.g-e. au23
Pacific Iron Works,
Sugar Mills, Engines, Boilers,
la Connection vllh Sugar Plants.
Far Prices aid Terms Apply t
Agent fr the Hawaiian Talanda.
ay 10 79
or other pacta of the Ulanda.
Orders Filled at Lowest Rates
By application to Mr. E. I. ADAMS. Queen Street,
who uaa aar beecrtpttre Catalogue with Prices.
It Stre f L. W. U0PP, Klnr St.,
Black Walnut Beclroom Sets !
Black WaTnal 8iIebnrda.
' Black Walnot Dining Chair,
' Oak Cane Seat Dining'Chalrs,
Cedar Beilroom rteta.
Pine Bureaus, Ac, aC , Ac.
E. P.' ADAMS, Agent for Havv'n Is.
Just Received from New York,
An Assortment of
Superior Xxilxsiands
Brtue FlaTff, BUI Fllfs
Paper Weights Pen Ratks
Which Will be sold at Fair Prices
Pl4aa Call aaid Eiaatlae.
AT K A Kill I tTaicUe-a Kaarh.r;.
ThoroaghbtaJ Berkibire Pigs, of the fjr- Tf
Crown Prince. BoMee and Sambo iami TT .r-
ao readf lor oae and lor ealei
1 Berkshire Bear, 10 months aid, $12.
1 Berkshire Boar, 12 month old, $12.
Both of these pig were awarded the Silver Cop at the?ac
raaento State Fair by the Committee on tiwine.
Prlee of Berkshire Pl?s, $20 to $100 each,
according to numb-, are ad cooditioo. beirg about one half
the price charged tn tae uatern stages tor inuraujuui
Parties wishing pige can leave or.lrrs now, as 15 litters will
la in July and August next. Aoarevs,
jyj A. HEKBtKT, Hawaiian Iiotei.
California. SZa3'-
Oats, Bran. Barley, Corn.
Ground Barley, Gronnd Oats,
Cracked Corn & Wheat for Chickens,
Ground Feed Always on Hand
And Wareanted Good, Fresh Graiai, and It is
Torty to Fifty per cent, more Economica
than Whole Grain, and we Sell
it at the same Price.
taltta Ti V IIME GO.
1 , Kega of powdered aogar.
For bate by B0LLE3 CO.
Mortgagee's Notice of Sale I
By dlreetiuo of Th(-a. Crown, the M'-rtgaffce named in a cer
tain Indenture cf M'r;re. tiit-d April Ztib. l77, maile by
Keo Kalapana t i aaid I I," Brr-wn. I am direcil to all at
public auction CM ? ATI' K l A Y. the S"rh day of Aug. ISTi. at
12 M. al my al-rror.m, in Il'.-i.);u'.u. ail that certain pi-e and
parrrl ff Un 1 fjl-i in liory-'aiu. r-ar I'aar.ui. acl roTe
lully deanb-d in RVyal 1'atfr.t .No. 2'V.C, Kuleana No. 69 I L.
containing 61-1(A acrea; tog-ther wi:h the a;j.artcances
tbcreuiitn brloccxg.
C. P. BARTOW, Aoct'r.
R. F. BICKERTOS, Attorney f ,r Mortgagee. au
Executor's Sale of Real 'Estate!
By order of . S. Pratt. Esq , Executor ef Ibe last will and
testament of It. T. O lJa!l .ran, deceased. I am directed to sell
ON 8ATCRDAT, the 3-Jih da of Ansust, 1879. at 12 M., at
mj Sa'esroom, In the city of Honolulu, all that certain piece or
parc-l of land situate at Waikikt. tiaho, and adjoinlov Kapio
lani Park, containing about 4 acrea. There la a New and
8obtantlal lisellinr flooee on the Premises; also, a Kitchen
and Oot-hooaes. Ti le perfect. For farther psrticuiars, en
qaire of
C. S. BARTOW. Auct'r.
CECIL BROWN, Attorney V Executor eu
Mortgagee's Notice of Sale I
iaKKol C f. B.rlow. Chairman f tae ISoerd of
Tru.lees of the Hawaiian lynlge No. al, of Free and Accepted
Mas-ns. tr.e mortgree n.m-'l it a certain .V'rtgaire DtM,
lay 13th, HTS n-a !e by l.uis hicb.rds to tail C. S. Hartnw,
Cha.rnan. a-..l by Inm . el M aait M. Mclwrnr. 1 am
dirrced lo sell at Public Auclrn on iATt"RIA, the 30-h
day A Aa:ut. 1S7, at li M . at my ralrsrooro in Honolulu,
ail (Lat tractor Un.i siual- on tbe Island of Moloki. and
ko'.wnae lh--At.upaa i,( Kimiioda," contain. ng upwards
of 4000 acre. For further particulars inq j re of
C. S. BARW, Aoetr. or
Cicil Brow, Assttfoee of MortgKee.
At 10 o'clock, A. M , will be sold
Iry Oool.,
A Lot of Furniture !
Assortment of Groceries
C. 8. BA RT0W, Auct'r.
Mortgagees Notice of Sale I
N N ITI RIA V, SKIT. 13th. I8T9, aaarr
and b virtue of a power of -ale contained in a certain
ta rtcage. made by Lilia ( v) and Kekahuna (k) ber huabard,
to athcrine Stewart, dated 1 1th day t.f February. I S76, and
of record in Liber 44, on page 371. 372. 373 ami 371, ami fur
a breach of the eonJitioas in said mortgage contained, I am
directed by said Ca:herine fctewart. to se.l at Public Aurtion,
Oj the above mentioned day, in pursuance of said power of
le. at lT rialea Room, in the lily of Honolulu, at 12 M. of
Ibat day, all and sinrular the lands tenements and heredita
ments, and all Ibe right, life, estate and interest of the said
Mortgagor, in land described in Koyal fatent, no. 3tU'J, to
Lonj deceased. and mentioned and descrilied in aaid mort
gage, the aame being all situated at Mokuea, Kalihi, Island of
Oahu, and more particularly derribed aa follows:
K hoomaka ana ma ka ponaku nui, ma ae aim o aa aina o
Kanakaikaaa. e pill ana me ka aina o ke Kooohiki, a e holo
ana Akau 37 9 , Rom 11 kaul, e pii ana ma ke awawa. e komo
ana ka laau aUni a hiki I ka puka laau. ma ke poo o ke swa-
wa t.Ii iluna. alaila. Ilema 67 . Kom 0 60-100 kaul, e iho
ana I kai ma ka hnli hem a o ka lapa a hikl i ka ponuha laau
kiekie, alaila, lleroa 49 , Kom 3 70-100 kaul, a hiki i ka
palena e moko al keia mahele a me ko floomanawanui ma
hele. oia hoi ke aihi Akau o ko !!oomanavranui mahele,
alaila. Ilema 30 , Uikina 7 00-100 kaul, e iho am malalo ma
ke kahawai o Kaohi i ke kae pali. alalia, iletna IZ5, Ilikina
3 60-100 kail, e hele ana ma ke kahawai o Kanhe a bikl 1 ke
kahawai o Kamanaiki, alaila, holo ma ke kahawai o Ktmi
naikl a bikl I kahi I hoomaka ai. a maloko o ia apana aina, he
omikumamalima na eka a oi iki aku a enii iki mai paha.
And alao, ail the right, title, estate and interest of the aaid
Mortrsrors on and to the makal half of the aaid tract of land,
described in aaid Koyal Patent as aforesaid.
For further pariiculara enquire oi
C. S. BARTOW, Auct'r.
Or R. F. BICKKRTON, Attorney of Mortgagee.
Dated Honolulu, August 23. 1079. au23
108 Days from GLASGOW.
Wculd Call Attention of
Planters and Agents
To the Following
Frcm the Celebrated Manufacturers,
Messrs.-Mirrlees, Tait & Watson,
Just to band by the American Clipper Ship
Governoi' Groodwin,
After a remarkable passage 109 days from GLASGOW
Which will be offered For Sale
On very Liberal Term, via:
1 Patent Horizontal Sugar Mill
(12 Taai per diem capacity.) wilh open gap head stock.
for the easv removal of side Hollers and Patent Wrougl.t-iron
Trash Turner. Kallera. 30 luces diamster and 60 inches
long. Tap Roller Jauraals. 12 inches diameter by
14 inches kins:. Top and Mrinua roller pinions cf malleal.I?
cast-iron and cane rollor pinion of toughei.ed cast-iruO, with
one spare set of Mill Pinions of toughened cast-Iron.
Heavy JLonllo JSpin
Oearing for above, mounted on a masive Cast-iron Bed
plate, with Tail bar Connection to Mill, 1 spare firat motion
finion and 1 spare f rgme ut each, for lt and 2nd Motion
Iron Work for a Cane Carriage,
40 liet long, wilh Driving and Traveling Chain, and
for driving above Mill.
20 inches diameter and 4 feet stroke, filled with Feed and
Cold Water Humps, Hy-s heels, wilh Centre-arms and e
ments separate, for convenience of shipment, Governor Equili
brium Vlve Cheat, anl set of h Id.ng down I'lates and Holts.
One Patent Horizontal Sugar Mill,
(S ton per diem capacity), rollers 20 inches diameter and
4 l-rl 6 inches king; c niplete as above, with double spur
gearing, cane carrier and Megaas elevator, and for driving
1 High Pressure Horizontal Steam Engine
Cylinder IS inches diameter and 42 inches stroke. Also,
2 High Pressure Compound Steam Boilers,
Each consisting of a CORNISH and MVLTITI'BCLAR Sec
tion. The former 6 0". dia. by 19' long, with 2 i4"
Flues, and she latter 6-. 0." dia. by 15'. 0 " kng, contain
ing HI Gae l Tub. 4" external diameter, each section fit
led wuh Internal Mcain Collecting 1'iiie, and the sections
conne led by copper and cast-in n piping, each Boiler
proviled with 2 Safety Valvta and a complete Set of
Mounting, inclu'ltng furnace and Dmier, spare Boiler
Tubea and apre Fire-bars.
4 500-Imperial Gallon Steam Clarifiers,
Each with Patent Treminn Pi, and solid uraan brass
beating Tunes.
1 Pair Centrifugal Machines,
(Weston's Patent.) 30in.. Self-balancing wilh strong Mon
itor case, independent Iron Framing aud Belting, and
1 Diagonal Steam Engine,
Cylinder 0 inches diameter an J 1 fjot stroke fr driving
above Centritugal. Also, receiveJ per
Lull ix JTooliili a& Dovenby
U lUll'GIlT IRON COOLERS, 6ftxjftaJ0io deep.
t'K.V rKIFl U.tl. WIKi: CL.tiTlIS, old and new
INDIA K I II It K K KINGS, for Weston Cet.lrifugals.
StMKW t'l TTIMi L.A T II K for Plantation use.
R1EK, i t lifting and carrying heavy macluuery from
landings to Mill site. Also,
Fire Bricks, Fire Clay Steam Coal, &c.
au23 Ag n:s f. r Mirrless, Tait 4c Watson.
Frain.L. Nrafrld. Uerlln.
Just Received in Splendid Order
A ad far Sale by
my IT tf IX. HACK FELT) if CO.
ca.r-r- . 'tS
v The Fine American Clipper Fhip
gov. goodwix,
LESTER, ConimaDder,
Will have Dispatch for the Above Port.
For Freight or passage, apply to
X. B. Freight Ukcn at reduced rates. ma23
Well Found Ready for Sea.
,23 Apply to H. HACKFRLD Co.
For an Francisco.
as a
9 9
M0NSEN, Master,
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Port.
For freight or passage, having superior accommodations,
apply to (aul8 W M.C.IRWIN A CO., Agents.
Will Have Quick Dispatch for Above Port
For freight or paaaage, apply to
k nu2 WM. O. IRWIN a Co., gents.
Will leave Honolulu for San Francisco on
or about Mondays Sept. 1st.
For Sydney, via Auckland !
Csirifill. C.iuiuuiidrr.
II. H ACKFELU s CO , Agents.
Gasds far Shipment per Klramrr au how
be Staled, Frre of Charge. In the Fire prool
Varrhsae near the Slramrr Wharf. Jl 79
Tuesday, Bept 2, 6p m - VI?"
Tuesday, Sept 9. 5 p m Circuit of Hawaii
Tuesday, Sept 16. 6pm 'Ar'""';;,-.
Tuesday, Sept 23. 6 p m Circuit of
Tuesday, Sept 30, 6 p m u"
No Credit for Passage Money !
We positively decline to open accounts for Passages, and we
particularly call the attention of the traveling public to the
necessity of having Baggage and Freight plainly market; the
Steamer will not be responsible for any unmarked baggage or
for any Freight or Parcels unless Receipted far.
In all cases of Freight for parties not tesponslble or un
known, the Freight Money will be required in advance.
For the prty whom they are for, or plainly stated in the re
ceipt to whom they are consigned. .
All demands for Damage or Loss, must be made within one
In no way liable for foss or accident to live stock.
try Hack Drivers, Boya, and such like, will not be allowed
on board the Bteamer upon arrival, until after the passengers
have been landed. - - - ; " "
0ih8 79 WILDER d. LU.
8. 0. ALt-lg. A0BW80M.
1,1' M It Kit and all kinds of BUILDING MATERIA!-
Paicls, Oils, Nails, Ac, ate.
del) Ilonololu, Hawaiian Islands. Of
WaUele, Malolo,
Waimalu, Kamaile,
Waioli, Liliu,
Waiehu, and Juanita.
FLAG. Red with White Ball. OFFICE, Corner of
ja!8 79 Nnuanu and Queen Streets.
T. E. FOSTER & Co.,
Mary E. Foster,
And the Water Boat.
ge30 ly Office on the Esplanade, Honolulu.
Favorable arrangements can always be made for
.1 . a i3 . ... n I n,MA Viuil 11 . rl
sai p w oioraRe aiiu piiiiiiicui v. v.., vu.c, , . lu .
and other Merchandise to New Bedford. Boston. New York and
other Eastern Porte. XT Cash Advances made.
ja 79 C. BREWER A CO.
Merchandise received STORAGE FREE and
liberal cash advances made on shipments by this
j2 79 C. BREWER A CO.
1 PARED to fill Orders for Single Specimens or Complete
felts of Hawaiian Ferns, unmounted, on short notice.
Prirr 10 Cents Earh, or $10.00 for thf Sett of 115.
The Specimens are beautifully preserved, retaining their nat
ural green, and moat of the varieties have a portion of the root.
Orders tor Mailing Mail Include Paatage.
mbl TH0S. G. THRUM.
B notify the public that Ihey have perfected their arrange
ments, and are now prepared to furnish to consumers any and
Wheat, Oat, Barley, Alfalfa and Manleniella;,
Oat, Bran, Barley, Wheat, Corn, Jliddlin?,
Mill Feed, Oil Cake Meal, Cracked Corn, Ete.
Having a First Class Mill,
We are Prepared to Fill AU Orders for
Corn Meat, or any kind of Ground Grain. Orders lett for
Mixed Feed, L e., nay Cut and Grain Ground, bagged and
delivered, a ill be promptly attended to. Ground Grain is
from fifty to one hundred per cent, more economical than
Whole (irain. to feed to slock. We have a larg and commo
dious Warehouse. 150x50. Dear the Steamer W harf, where we
can accommodate persona who requLe storage; and our build
ing is rain proof, rat proof and wind proof. Also, a Stock
Yard attached to our Warehouse, where we are prepared to
accommodate Mules. Horses, etc., and guarantee them plenty
of Good Feed and attention, at reasonable rates. Plantation
orders, as well as all others, will be thankfully received and
promptly attended to. OFFICE on Fort Street, next door to
Lucas' New Shop.
mhl 6m LAINE Si. CO.
X Jal nfl For ! by
M Jjtrlistintnts.
I -Ian. la. In Bankruptcy. In the maUer of EDWARD
STR EIIZ. a voluntary baukrupt.
EDWARD STRMIZ. havtrg been this day adjudicated a
bankrupt at a bearing before Mr. Justice Judd, it waa ordered
that notice be given to the creditors of aaid Edward Slreha to
present their nanus acd prove their debts; and tht due pub
lication be made thereof for three aoccessive weeks iu the Paci
fic Commercial Advertiser.
Nutice is hereby given that 1UISDAY, the 16ih day of
September, a. D 1T9. at 10 o'clock a. f., at the Court Room
at Aliiolani Hale, Honolulu, be the time and placa f r ail auch
creditors to appear and present aaid claims.
Br order of the C-ourt: A. RUiA, Deputy Clerk.
Honolulu. Aogut 2dtb, 1ST9. au3d 3t
- in the matter of CHIN K AC, an alleged Bankrupt.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting ut the creditors who
have proved debts against the estate of Chun Ksu. a bank,
rupt, to the amount of (100 or more, will be held at the Office
of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, at Aliiolani Hale, in Hono
lulu, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of September, a. .
1579, at 10 o'clock a. m.. for the purpose of electing Asaigcees
of the aaid Bankrupt's state, pursuant to tbe Statute.
A. B.OSA, Clerk Supreme Court.
Honolulu. August 19:h, 1879. an.23 2t
Islands, in Probate. In tbe matter of the Estate of GKO.
C. McLEAN. late of Honolulu, deceased At Chambers tefore
Mr. Justice McCuily. On reading and filing the petition and
accmnts of Mary A. McLean and Wm. G. Irw:n, Executrix
and Executor of the Vt ill of Geo. C. McLean, late of Honolulu
deceased, wherein they ask to be all'-wed $21,833 75, and
charges himself with S21.633.75. and asks that the same may
be examined ar.d approved, and that a final order may be
made of attribution of the proper y remaining in his bands
to the persona thereto entitled, and discharging him and bis
sureties from all further responsibility aa such.
It is ordered, that Wednetday, the 24th day of September.
A. D. 1S79. at 11 o'clock a. m., befjr the said Justice at
Chaml-ers. in the Court House al Honolulu, be and the same
hereby ia appoio d as the time and place for hearing said
petinon and c-ou: l. and mat an persons interested may
then and there appear and show cause, if any they have, why
the same sh' uld not he granted, and may present evidence as
to who are entitled to tbe aaid property. And that this order
in the Englmh language, be published in tbe Pacific Com
mercial Advertiser" newspaper, printed and published in
Honolulu, for three successive weeks previous to the time
therein appointed for aaid hearing.
Dated al Honolulu. 11. 1., tnis jvin aay or August, A.
Attest: Justice of the Supreme Court.
A. ROSA, Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court. au23 3c
waiian Kingdom. Kalakaua. by the grace of God, of the
Hawaiian Islands, King: To William C. Parke, Esquire,
Marshal of the Kingdom, or hia Deputy Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon AMI A (k), of Ho
luaioa. North Kona, Island of Hawaii, defendant, in case he
shall file written anawer within twenty daya after service
hereof to be and appear before ihe Supreme Court at the July
Term thereof to be holden at tbe Court Room, of the Court
House, Honolulu, in the Island of Oahu, on MONDAY, the 7th
day of July next, at 10 o'clock, a. m , to show cause why the
claim of Mikala (w), plaintiff, should not be awarded her pur
suant to the tenor of ber annexed petition. And have you then
there thia writ, with full return of your proceedings thereon.
Witness. Hon. Charles C. Harris, Chief Justice of our Su
preme Court, at Honolulu, this 21st day of April, A. D. 1879.
Seal of the Supreme Court. Signed, A. ROSA,
Deputy Clerk.
A copy of the within summons and petition annexed were
left at the house cf one Kaohimauou, by Officer Kamauoha;
that being the last known place of abode of the within men
tioned Ahia. He being suspected of being a leper and having
hid away In the woods of Kona, could not be found up to date
of this return, June 21st, 1S79.
Signed. DAVID DAYTO.V, Deputy Marshal.
Honolulu, Oahu. ss. I hereby certify that the within and
foreeoinK ia a true and faithful copy of the original summons
(and Deputy Marshal'a return thereto) issued in the libel for
divorce, Mikala (w) T- ADia (X ;. ana mat ine cage waa oroer
cd by the Court to be continued to the next October form,
when the respondent ia required to answer. As witness my
hand this 28th day of July, A. D 1879.
au2 6t JNO. B. BARNARD, Clerk Supreme Court.
waiian Kingdom. Kalakaua, by the grace of God, of the
Hawaiian Islands, King: To William C. Parke, Esquire, Mar
shal of the Kingdom, or his Deputy Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon LCI KEKUA, 00 of
IJilo, or Puna, Hawaii, defendant, in case he shall file written
answer within twenty days alter service hereof lo be and ap
pear before tbe Supreme Court at the April Term thereof, to
be holden at the Court Room of Ihe Court Uouae, Honolulu, in
Ihe Island of Oahu, ON MONDAY, the 7th day of AprU next,
at 10 o'clock, a. in., to show cause why Ihe claim of Kauwe (w)
plaintiff, should not be awarded her, pursuant to the tenor of
her annexed petition. And have you then there this Writ,
with full return of your proceedings thereon.
Witness, Hon. Charles C. Harris, Chief Justice of our Su
preme Court, at Honolulu, this 20th day or Jan. A. D. 1S79.
(Seal of the Supreme Court.)
. Signed, A. ROSA, Deputy Clerk.
The within mentioned summona and petition not served, dil
igent search having been made through Hilo, Kau and Puna,
but failed to find him; and hia whereabouts is atill unknown.
Signed, W. C. PARKE, Marshal.
Honolulu, Oahu, ss. I hereby certify that the within and
foregoing is a true and faithful copy of the original summons,
and Marshal'a reiflrn thereto, issued in the libel for divorce,
Kauwe (w) va Lui Kekua. (k.), and that the case waa ordered
by the Court to be continued to the next October term, when
the reapondent is required to anawer.
As witness my hand this 28lh day ol July, a. D. 1879.
au2 6t JNO. E. BARNARD.
waiian Kingdom. Kalakaua, by the grace of God, of the
Hawaiian Islands, King: To W illiam C Parke, Esquire, Mar
shal of the Kingdom, or his Deputy Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon WM. H. J0HN30N,
residing in Calitornia, or other parts of the United States of
America, defendant, in case be shall file written answer within
twenty days after service hereof, to be and appear before the
Supreme Court at the July Term thereof, to be holden at Ihe
Court Room of the Court House, Honolulu, in the Island of
Oahu, ON MON DAY, the 7th day or July next, at 10 a. m.,
to ahow cause why the claim of Akaneki, (w) plaintiff, ahould
not be awarded ber, pursuant to the tenor of her annexed pe
tition. And have you then there this Writ, with full return of
your proceedings thereon.
Witness. Hon. Charles C. Harris. Chief Justice or our Su
preme Court, at Honolulu, this loth day oi June, A. D. 1879.
(Seal of the Supreme Court.) Signed,
A. ROSA, Deputy Clerk.
The foregoing summons and petition not served, aa the with
in mentioned person is beyond this jurisdiction.
Signed, DAVID DAYTON, Deputy Marshal.
Honolulu, Oahu, ss. I hereby certify that the within and
foregoing is a true and faithful copy of the original summons,
and Deputy Marshal's return th. reto, issued in the libel fer di
vorce, A kanekl (w) vs. Wm. II. Johnson, and that the case
was ordered by the Court to be continued to the next October
term, when the respondent is required to anawer.
As witness my hand this 28th day of July, A. D. 1879.
au2 6t JNO. E. BARNARD, Clerk Supreme Court
issued from the Supreme Court or the Hawaiian Islands,
daled July 2Sih, 1879, in favor of Robert Lighman agaiost
Henry Giles, I have levied upon and taken into my possession
the following personal properly of said Henry Giles, and ahall
expose the aame fur sale at Public Auction at C. S. Bartow's
Auction Room, on
Monday, the 15th Day of Sept.,
1879, at 11 o'clock A. H i
1 Sorrel Mare Nellie, a carriage horse; 1 Gray Horse,
1 Black Pony Sultan, 1 Black Pony Charley,
I Black Horse, 1 Iron Gray Mare, 1 Bay Filly,
4 liamiMO Chairs, 1 Lounge, 1 Bureau, 1 Telescope,
Lot of Coral Shells, 2 Clothes-Baskets, 1 China Toilet Set,
1 Buckskin Coat, 3 Flower Stands, 1 Kitchen Table,
1 Kitchen Stove ti Fixtures, 1 Meat Sale, 1 Open Wagon,
1 Phaeton, 4 Bamboo Stools, 1 Magpie & Cage, 2 Brooms,
1 Garden Settee, 1 Shell Monument. 1 Dog House,
2 Feather Dusters; 1 Fanny Cateh All, 1 Large Basket,
1 Fancy Hanging Baaket, 1 Fish Globe 6c Stand,
1 Fancy Ink Stand. 4 Iron Brackets, 1 Fancy Card Case,
1 Fancy Smoking Stand, 1 View of Honolulu, 2 Albums,
2 Oil Lamps. Lot ol Garden Tools. 2 Horse Brushes,
1 Framed Kesoluiion of Chamber or Commerce,
1 Large Map or Sandwich IslauLi, 1 Glass Decanter,
2 Straight Edges for Drawitig, 1 Fancy Pillow for Lounge,
1 Foot Stool, 1 Pitcher At Basin, 1 TiunV of Sundries,
1 Bread Box, 1 Lot of Books, 1 Fancy Cup Ac Saucer,
3 Fancy Brackets, 15 Platter Dishes, 33 Dinner Plates,
12 Soup I'lates, 33 Common I'lates, 5 Covered Dishes,
23 Breaklast Plates, 23 Supper Plates, 9 Tea Plates,
11 Egg Cups, 2 Fancy Salt Cellars, 2 Knife Rests,
2 Tea-pot Stands, 1 Cork-screw, 4 Oval Dishes, 12 Cups,
1 Fancy Pickle Stand. 1 Sugar Bowl, 14 Saucers,
2 Gravey DUhes, 1 Gravey Pitcher, 14 Tumblers,
1 Sack or Oat Meal, 1 Large Cabinet, 1 Small Cabinet,
1 Curio Case, 6 Pictures, 1 Black Walnut Dining Table,
1 Chandelier, 2 Rugs, 1 Fancy Clock, 1 Book Case,
1 Fancy Writing Desk, 1 Fancy Cigar Sland. 4 Foxskins,
1 Lot Knives. Forka a Spoons, 3 lialvan zed Buckets,
1 Saddle it. Bridle, 1 Fancy Carriage Kug, 1 Blk do Rug.
W. C. PARKE. Marshal,
Per DAVID DAYTON, Deputy Marshal.
Dated at Honolulu, Aug. 14th, 1879. augld
Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage.
auant to a power of sale contained in a certain deed ol
mortgage dated Ihe 12th day of Jan. A- D. 1878, made between
Victoria A. Tell and Wm.Tell, her husband, of the one part, and
Peter Dalton, of the othtr part, and recorded in Liber 63. on
pages 256.257 and 258, in the Registry cfll e, Honolulu, to secure
thepaymentof $650 in two years after the date thereof, with
interest at the the rate of twelve percent, per annum, payable
semi-annually. The said Peter Dalton intends to foreclose aaid
mortgage, aud after the time limited by law, to cause the mort
gaged property to be sold by public auction in Honolulu, for a
breach of the conditions contained ia the said mortgage deed,
auch property being described as Mlows: All that house lot,
together with the wooden house thereon, situated in arJd Ho
nolulu, upon the east side of King street, arlj fining the prem
ises of Captain Meek, opposite the Police Station HouHe, and
more particularly bounoed and described in a certain deed
dated ihe 9ih day of April, 1875, from W. A. Tell to Victoria
Banister, and recorded in Liber 42, page 186.
PETEK DALTON, Mortgagee.
R. F. BICKERTON, Attorney for Mortgagee.
D ited this Slh day of August, A. D. 1879. au9 4t
Notice to Creditors.
i. undersigned has been appointed Executor of the last
will and testament of A kong of Honolulu, deceased, and all
persons are truly notified to present claims ddtfy authenticated
whether secured by mortgage or otherwise, at his office on
Kaahumanu Street, in Honolulu, within six months frcm the
dale hereof or they will be forever barred, and all people in
debted to said estate are hereby notified to make immediate
payment thereof. ALhX. J. C A KTWKIGHT,
kxecu'.or of the Last Will and Testament of Akona, deceased
Dated at Honolulu, April 22, 1879. ap26
and others, that we have on hand and
For Sale at Reasonable Prices,
A Large Assortment of the BEST American
from 1 inch up to 3 inchea in diameter. ALSO,
from J inch up to 7 inchea in diameter.
Gas Pipe, all sizes. A Liberal Discomt will lie
Allowed to the Trade.
APPLICATION'S for the tircbase of Government
Lot, on the Knlaokahua Plaiun, vrill be receiveJ at the
Interior Otfioe.
Parties desiring to rnrchaee tuut state the number vt
the Lot, and the price they offer for the same. Appli
cants mu!t state that they desire to purchase with the
intention of improving the same ; the Govrromeut de
cline to sell to parties dealring to hold for an advance.
Should the price offered be satisfactory, the Lota will
be put op at auction, after a reasonable sylvertieemect of
the aame.
TERMS OF SALE. One fourth cash. One fourth. In
on year. One fourth In two years. Ontfourth In three
years with 9 per cent interest per annum payable semi
annually and a mortgage upon the land.
Map of the said lots can be seen at the Interior Office
and all information given.
Sam 'i. O. Wild La
au23 Miniater of the Inerior.
Bi rr tsows to all whom it may concern, that official
notice having this day been communicated to thia De
partment by Monsieur Eugene Deloz, Consul and Com
missioner of France, that His Excellency the President
of the Republic of France has commissioned Monsieur
Jules Ratard, successor to Monsieur Charles Pernet, as
Chancellor du Conimlat and Commissariat de France, for
the Hawaiian Kingdom. Therefore the said Jules
Ratard is hereby acknowledged aa Chancellor aforesaid,
and all his official acta as such are ordered to receive full
faith aud credit by the authorities of this Government.
Given under m hand and the Seal of the Hawaiian
Kingdom this 1Mb day of August. 1879.
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Department of Foreign Affair. Aug. 18. Ih79. au23 3t
Iolani Palace.
Tenders for bricklayiug on this work are invited.
Flans and specifications can be seen, and all particulars
ascertained, at the office of Mr. Stirling, corner of Kaahu
manu and Queen streets. Sealed tenders, marked
"Tendars for Brickwork," will be received at the In
terior Office till Monday.. the 15th proximo, at 12 M.,
when the tenders will be opened by the Minister of the
Interior, in the presence of the Architect and Superin
tendent of the work. SAM'L G. WILDER.
- u23 Minister of the Interior.
Clkbjk's Office, Supreme Cocbt,
August 20nd. 1879.
JAMES M. MONSARR.VT, Esquire, has thia day been
admitted as a practitioner at the Bar of the Supreme
Court of the Hawaiian Islands.
By order of the Court. A. Rosa,
Aug. 23 3t Deputy Clerk.
Sale of Government Land.
ON TUESDAY, September ICth, 1879, at 12 o'clock noon,
will be sold at Public Auction at the front entrance of Aliio
lani Hale, a piece of governmennt land, situated in Kani
ahiku, Puna, Hawaii, and containing 7 C5-100 acres.
Upset price $10 per acre. TERMS CASH.
Sam'i.. O. Wildeb,
Aug. ICth. Minister of the Interior.
Sale of Government Land.
ON TUESDAY, September ICth, 1879, at 12 o'clock
noon, will be sold at Public Auction, at the front entrance
of Aliiolani Hale, the tract of Land situated in Eaniahiku
make Aa Pele, Puna, Hawaii, and containing 68 73-100
acrea. Upset price J 1 per acre. TERMS CASH.
Sam'l. G. Wildeb, Minister of Interior.
Honolulu. Aug. 15th. 1879. Aug 16 5t.
Leases of Government Lands.
On Monday, September 1st, 1879, at 12 o'clock noon, will
be sold at Public Auction, at the front entrance of
Alitstl.vil TT.l a lha fnllnwiiiff T.paapa:
1st The Lease for ten years of Lot No. 1, known as A'u, '
in Honokaa, Hamakua, Hawaii. Bounded, niakai by the
sea, mauka by Mahiis land, east by the Nakuwala Grant,
and west by the Kauhaiulei Grant. Area 103 acres.
Upset price $2 per acre per annum.
Terms of payment, quarterly in advance at this office.
2nd The Lease for ten years of Lot No. 2. situated in
Lauka and Kulihai, in Honokaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Bounded, niakai by the Kuehu Grant, mauka by the Wai
ahole Grant and Inaina award, east by. the Nieule Gulch,
and west by the various lots in Kulihai and Koloaha.
Area. 132 8-10 acres. Upset price $2 per acre per annum.
Terms of payment, quarterly In advance at this office.
Maps of the above may be seen at this office and the
Honokaa Post Office.
Minister of the Interior.
Honolulu, 2Cth July, 1879.
Sale of Government Lands.
On Monday, September 1st, 1879, at 11 o'clock noon,
will be sold at Public Auction, at the front entrance of
Aliiolani Hale, the following tracts of land in Honokaa,
Hamakua, Hawaii :
1st.- -Koloaha Lot No. 1. Bounded, niakai by Huaka'a
land and the Makal road, mauka by the Kalhnmoku
Grant, east by the Keliikinolua Grant, and west by
Kaiwi'8 land. Area, 41 8-10 acres. Upset price $5 per
2nd. Koloaha Lot No. Bounded, makal by tt.e Kal
hnmoku Grant, mauka by the Government road and
Kaias kuleana, east by Government land in Kulihai and
west by Nahakuelua Grant. Area, 35 8-10 acres. Upset
price $10 per acre.
Terms Cash at time of sale.
Maps of the above may be seen at this office and the
Honokaa Post Office.
Minister of the Interior.
Honolulu, 2Cth July, 1879. jy 2
Col. W. F. Allen is appointed Acting Governor of the
Island of Oahu during my absence.
John O. Dominib.
July 15th, 1879.
Tax Assessor's Notice.
Under instructions from the Minister of Finance I
hereby notify all Tax payers in the District of Honolulu
that where claim is made for deduction of debt, that a
schedule of the debts, and to whom due, must be filed
with me and made part of the sworn returns.
If the Assessment List is not returned to me on or be
fore September 1st 1879, 1 shall proceed to make assess
ment according to law. 0. H. JUDD,
Honolulu July, 11th, 1S79 July 12-8t
Last of Licenses Expiring in Sept., 1879
Notice is hereby given that all Licenses must be ap
plied for direct to the Interior Office, and all parties are
cautioned about failing to renew expiring Licenses, and
all Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs have instructions to pro
secute without discretion, any and all parties doing
business without the proper License.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office. April 30, 1879.
O HU 1 R Love & Bros, Nuttanu street Honolulu '
2 Apeo & Paulo, " " "
2 E C McCandless, " "
6 H E Mclntyre k Bros, cor Fort & King eta
7 Kun Sai k Annul, Nuuanu st Honolulu
7 On Chong, ' "
7 Fook Chung, Hotel street
7 F C Achong, cor Nuuanu k King '
9 P Mclnerny Fort street ' ;
9 M 8 Grinbaum & Co. Queen st " '
9 Loo Ngawk k Co, Waiauae,
10 G C McLean. Nuuanu st "
12 AM. ' "
14 Aswan, " "
14 Anin & Co. Hotel st "
16 WunOng, cor King k Puneboowl st llono
17 F C Achong, Nuuanu street Honolulu '
17 Max Eckart, Fort " "
17 H J Nolte. " " "
18 Henry Bird, cor Punchbowl & Bcretania st
19 Knng Wing Lung A: Co Hotel st Wonolulu
19 T Asee, Nuuanu street,
21 Ah Zu. Kaumaksplli, "
25 Wing Wo Tai & Co, Nuuanu st "
29 Ah Fan, Puheemiki, Koolauloa
MAUI 9 Chun Kau, Haiku, Hamakualoa
10 A S Cleghorn k Co, Lahaina
10 A S Cleghorn & Co, Wailuku
10 A 8 Cleghorn A: Co, Waihee
15 Man Chuck & Goo Gin, Haiku, Hamakualoa
18 F C Achong, " "
HAWAII 2 C Y Aiona 4: Co, Honokaa, Hamakua
23 SpreckJes k Spencer, Hakalau Plant, Hilo
28 AS Cleghorn & Co, Hilo
KAUAI 8 A C Con Chee k Co. Kapas
20 P S Handchett, Waimea
25 Wing Wo Tai k Co, Nuuanu st Honolulu
24 G W Houghtailing, Hotel st Honolulu
7 J McColgan k Co. Kamalo, Molokai
20 Bishop k Co, cor Kaahumanu k Merchant st
2 E C McCandless, Nnnanu st Honolulu
2 C he-one Honokaa, Hamakua. Hawaii
7 Knn bai & Anuin. Nuuanu st Honolulu
7 H Alana k Apo, Kaiopihi, N Kohala
9 C Akina, Niulii, "
9 Ahoa, "
9 Jan Richardson. "
10 Ah Tiona. Kaiopihi.
11 An Nee, Honomakau, "
12 Aki,
12 Wong Hoo, Hilo
13 Ahsen. Kapaau,
14 Anin k Co, Hotel st Honolulu
15 Tong Wo. Nuuanu ft "
1G Amina, Makapala,
18 Awai, Lahaina, Maui
23 Awa & Afong, Waiohinu, Kau
2a Aliona & Co,
1 G M Lake. Kaiopihi, N Kohala
12 Jno Kaalepo, Lahaina
14 O G Clifford, Queen st Honolulu
23 W McCandles. Fish Market
28 W T Martin, Waiohinu, Kau
1 Jno N Wright, Koloa, Kauai
tion Agents, Graziers, etc., who are in need of a light
handy machine for setting up and mending fence wire,
will find just the thing at Dillingham & Co.'a stoni. Fort
street. tebl
the pacific
(Commercial Slbbcrtisc r.
Court Decisions. Two decisions of the Su
preme Court will be foHnJ in this iwuc one on
tbe fourth page, and one in tbe Supplement.
C'In Vino Veritas, it an olJ saving, and those
wishing to teet its truth are referred to the adver
tisement of Madeira Wines in another column.
y .
ST Tbe regular montblr meeting of tbe Mission
Children's Society will be held this Saturday even
is? at the house ut V. W. Hall. Esq., Xuuaou
PosTPONtD Tbe auction sale of tbe stock, store
and residence of T. J. Moss in an. advertised to take
pUce at Wailuku. Maui, on the 27ib int.. bas been
pustpon-d until Sept. 2-1 tn.
Masonic. Hawaiian Lodge No. 21. F. & A. M..
will bold its regular monthly meeting on Monday
evening, Sept. 1, in the new hall, corner of Queen
and Fort streets, at 7:30 p. m.
Madame Camilla Urso, the celebrated
vioiiniet, will leave San Francisco for Australia
by the eteamer of Sept. 1st. Should lime permit,
she will give a concert in this citj, about Tuf
daj, Sept. 9th.
I EJT" We learn that Mr. Robert Stanley Ren
ton, (a nephew of Mr. Ronton, of Kohala,
Hawaii) who is President of the Hawthorne
Literary Union, of Brooklyn, N. Y., will short
ly lecture in this city, due notice of which will
be given.
A Holbrook of gushing water.
As it babblea aud runa a Long,
Simma to speak to the heart of tbe lover.
In Joyous aud merry aong.
And his soul Wella up at Its murmur.
Naught to Bock hia happiness now
Save the Weed, which he thought was Habanner,
But whose smoke, amelleth strong of Chin Fow.
Rats. At nearly the " witching hour " last
Thursday night, the kitchen of the -Hotel waa the
scene of action for the destruction of. Dutnbera of
the rodents whose presence at that hostelry hare
become somewhat obnoxious. The audience as
sembled enjoyed the celerity and ability displayed
by the terrier; but his aptness has caused his ab
straction, and the Captain now mourns tho loss of
his dorg."
Mcsic.-The Band will plsy this afternoon at
Emma Square, commencing at 4.80 r. at. Tbe fol
lowing is the programme:
March Black Peter Suppe
Overture Fra Diavolo Aubcr
Cavatina Lucia . Donizetti
Waltz The Officers Coote
Selection Traviata , Verdi
yuadrille The Sea Cadet Genee
A moonlight Concert will be given by the Band on
Monday next at Emma Square, at tbe usual time.
Admitted to the Bar. We are pleased to
note that Mr. James M. Monsarrat has recently
been admitted as no Attorney aud Counsellor at
law in the Courts of this Kingdom, Mr Monsar
rat is native and to the manner born, which nat
urally gives him a claim upon our good will ;
his family arc part and parcel of us llawaiians,
and that is another point in bis favor. Having
graduated at Harvard Law School, and being a
young man of talent, a brilliantfuture is open
for him.
(jSoodbye. Among the passengers booked for
tbe mail steamer on Monday; we note the name
ol Mr. J. M. Davidson, who for the past two and
a half years has followed the practice of his pro
fession in Honolulu, as Attorney and Counsellor
at Law. Mr. Davidson has proved himself an
an eloquent advocate, a thorough lawyer, and a
polished and genial gentleman. His presence
will be missed and his absence regretted. We
wish him every success in the new field of labor
which he bas chosen the city of San Francisco.
A Runaway. Tbe restive war horse at present
onfined to tbe shafts of the smaller' street sprinkler
lecame imbued with some of bis old time SDirit on
uthe afternoon of last Thursday, and under the in-
uueuve iiicicui, Biarieu uu suuug lueruusui sirevi,
at a rate of speed that threatened to jolt tbe ma
chine to pieces. The. driver made, a futile attempt
to get within the portals of tbe barrel, but Ibe hole
was not large enough to admit his entrance, and
before be could form another plan to escape, the
volcanio fire within tbe equine beast died out and
he came to a standstill on the corner of Nuuanu
street, thus obviating the necessity of recording an
accident. ,
Irrigation on Maui. We learn that the grand
irrigation scheme of Mr. Speckjes on East Maui,
is fast approaching to completion, and that the
water will be down on to " the commons " from
the mountain in about ten days. We are re
minded by a correspondent of the fact that a
little over two years ago he and we stood on a
rising ground overlooking those commons, when
we made the remark, " It will not be more than
two or three years hence when we shall see all
these rich lands, now so dry, covered with crops
of cane." Our prediction will be verified within
the coming six months.
Croquet. This game seems to have taken a
trong bold of a certain portion of the native
population, for the air has resounded with tbe
stroke of the mallet from early morn till late
(midnight) during the last few moonlight even
ings. The ground selected is close by tbe banks
of a slow winding stream and in the classic
region o1 Ford's Avenue. Tbe inquisitive foreign
er attracted by the noise and who mayhap has
played the game in -days of yore, cannot appre
ciate the Hawaiian manner, as the quarreling al
though plenty of it, as is usual in croquet, is in
a language which he nix for stay, and the classi
cal quotations and bon mots made use of are
dead to him. There should be a ruhj compelling
all natives, who play this fascinating (7) game to
carry on their conversations in English or else
foreign sightseers will lose lots of fun.
Statue of Kahedameha I. It will be remem
bered that the last Legislature appropriated the
sum of $10,000 for the purpose of procuring a
statue of Kamehameha the Conquerer, to be
placed in some prominent situation in this city.
The Committee to whom was delegated the duty
consists of the Hon. W. M. Gibson and their
Excellencies the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and
Finance. We learn that plans have been sub
mitted and adopted by the committee, which will
be sent forward to the artist, Mr. T. R. Gould,
of Boston, bv tbe mail steamer on Mondav.
rThe statue will be of bronze, representing the
rung in ancient warrior costume, its neignt,
from the bottom ol the plinth to the top of the
helmet will be 8 feet 10 inches, and the pedestal
some twelve feet. The panels of the latter will
i be appropriately inscribed and ornamented. So
Jar as we can judge the work will be an honor to
ithe country and an object of just pride to Hawai
jians as well as to the gentleman who is the
author of the suggestion, the Hon. Mr. Gibson.
ue Theatre. During the week mst
passed the community at large, both native and
foreign, have been very generous with the guid
pro quo necessary to obtain an entrance and
view the last and really tbe best efforts of tbe
California Theatre Company, who with to-night
will close a six weeks season. The plays present
ed during the past week were Cinderella on
Monday, Othello on Wednesday, a miscellan
eous programme on Thureday, the occasion of
Miss Eliza Long's benefit, tendered ber by her
numerous admirers as a token oi their
esteem, and which included scenes from
Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and recitations
by Miss Nellie Holbrook and Mr. Fred Bock.
En passant, it is but simple justice to mention
that these two artistes have contributed greatly
to the success of the plays presented; and on this
occasion the recitation of Sheridan's Ride, which
tbe writer has often beard rendered before by
Miss H. when she was the ' daughter " of the
Hayes Invincibles, took the audience by storm,
and the applause and tenders of floral tributes
made by them to this lady evinced their apprecia.
tion of her merits. Mr. Bock's Seven Ages from
As You Like It, was a finished and masterly ren
dition and received the applause it merited.
This evening the burlesque of Cinderella will
be repeated, and Mr. Wells as the prince of
pretty fellows " may cause a palpitation in the
hearts of some of the fair sex; but it is doubtful
if the witticisms of Clorinda will not have the
effect to chaDge their thoughts from grave to gay.
lo dropping the curtain upon the departing play
ers, their forms will not be entirely lost to view,
for the memory of tbe pleasant evenings passed
in their company will live within us when they
are far from these Island shores. Wishing them
Jon voyage and success in their profession v?a
ring down and omntt exeunt.
IIaintall for Arci'rr. Tfcero hate been an un- .
ureal number of showers during the T&tnonth,
and the rain guae at Dr. McKibbm's, in this
city, registered 1.73, up to the lh int. At
Waikiki, Capt. D. Smith report ft little 01 or
two inches.
. Arrival or I migrants. -The Britih ship
Ractnscrag, which we announced on the) Vtb
inst. as daily expected, arrived on Saturday tbe
23d, 154 dav from Liverpool, including a at ay
of twenty days at Madeira. From that Laland
she brings a total of 423 souls 135 men, 110
women and ITS children. These immigrants arc
all healthy, hearty looking people, and will prove
valuable acquisition to our population real
hooulu lahui for they bate com to stay. . Dar
ing tbe passage three children died and fire were
born. We understand that about all the male
immigrants have been engaged ae laborer oa
plantation or otherwise. The Board of Immi
gration, of which the Minister of tbe Interior ie
President, ha had it time and attention quite
fully occupied during tbe pant week in providing
for the want of these people and in arranging
for their future settlement. It will be noticed
that considerably more than the stipulated pro
portion of women and children (40 per cent.)
compoe this lot of immigrant. This may be
somewhat embarrassing in tbe outset, but will in
the end we are jxrauaJed prove advantageous to
the country The people are nearly all poor, but
thrifty. We have reason to doubt the talos that
are told of the $7000 and $1000 " solid cash "
men among them. Such men would not readily
leave Madeira.
Letter from Maui.
To tht Editor of the I'acfi Commercial JUctrhttr:
Sir : Thing about Wailuku are th aam a they
have been for year past, uulea we may call it aa
improvement to tb place to boast of having the '
measles, and more pill and apotbeeariee than form
erly, rbjsiciana here are as thick a huoVleberrle.-,
Tbe Female Seminary, io Makawao, ia turned Into ft
hospital at present, on aooount of Meaalea, bat there
have as yet been no death, owing bo doubt to th
good car taken of tbe children by their kind teach
The only matter that has excited the ptblio pule
here since the death-of tbe chinaman " Kela," waa
the passing of two heavily loaded team over ft little
native girl, and she escaped quite uninjured ! The
only way tbe almost miraculous escape eaa be ac
counted for, 1 the fact that tbe child wa uader tb
bridge bathing while the team went over It tb
bridge, you know.
raaaiog from here to th beach we come to the
rail road, which 1 being eonitruoted from Kahaluf
to this place. It looks, I was going to aay, like ft
thing of life " but I forbear when I remember seeing
that quotation used a few thousand time lately ia
relation to Steamboat in Honolulu harbor. Bat I
will use a more classioal exprsacioo, and say It look
"Nifty" to aee tbe Iron bore running overtb
track, carrying tuutt-rial to tb workmen, and alao
carrying lot af laity Kanakas back and forth, per
haps as much for Kxeroiae as for fun and tb novelty '
of tbe thing. Native in these part become demor
alized in about exact proportion aa they decrees In
population, and tbe demand for their servioc In
crease. Chinamen are superior ia all klnda of labor
they know b?w to perform. They ar more Indus
trious, and if kept under proper diaolplin ar for
more peacable and trnotahlii. Tbey are gentle, they
are kind, and to exhibit at .11 further cbaraoteriatlo
of that model of fidelity old dog Tray their tall
atick out behind.
Tbe Hawaiian Commercial Company' great Irri
gating eanal I nearly completed, and wbta done
reservoirs, etc, ia intended lo carry water enough to
irrigate four thousand acre of land.
Tbey will now begin plowing, ferrolng and plant
ing ; and with a proper person a manager, oa who
ia practically acquainted with farming, tb soli oa
the commons, th seasons, winds, and a thousand
other thing that would laka a stranger year to
learn, it ahould be and easily could be mad th
model plantation of tb Sandwich Islands, If not of
tbe Sugar growing world.
Wailuku. August, 19tb, 1879.
The Sanger of Unrestricted Chinese Immi
gration. The stroagpst argument advanced by those who
encourage Chinese Immigration, is " Wa must
have labor or we cannot develop our wealth."
What do tbey mean by development t U tbe only
object to be attained ia the speedy cultivation of
large tracts of sugar lands, to make the produc
tions and export0.au large as possible within -a
given time, to get all tb sugar out of tbe ground
and out of the country wilh the greatest possible
speed aud tho least possible expense and tbe pro
ceeds thereof centralized and controlled by a '
few foreign or resident capitalist or lncorpora- -tions
if that ia what tbey mean by tbe develop,
mentof our wealth," then certainly it I neces
sary to import large droves of ignorant, Immoral, -degraded,
but industrioua and cheap human cattle
to do the work; but I claim there are other and
more important modes of development. Jf tbe
Islands are rich io undeveloped wealth whorefore
tbe necessity of such -undue baste in production
and disposition T In that wealth lies ample se
curity upon which to rest a strong local Independ
ence and all that is ueorssary of foreign credit;V,
wby not tbeo develop the resources ourselves,
slowly and healthfully, with home enterprise and
home industry, Inviting to our assiatrnce class of
labor and capital tbat can also assist in tbe pro
motion and perpetuity of enlightened society and
government, and tbat will be permanent among
us. There is capital enough here if pfoperlj
directed and assisted by proper enterpri carry '
on all necessary industries on a sufficiently en
larged basis for tbe general welfare, but if more
must be bad let it be of a kind that will benefit us
permanently, and let tbe luborera be of a class
tbat will make good citizens, conaumers as well a
producers, whose offapiing will grow up healthful
and intelligent supporter of good government and
law. Our resources developed under such aus
pices, would give us aa a commonwealth lasting
independence. Wby then allow a selfish few who
advocate a mistaken policy to crowd us Into a
mushroom growth, ruiuing us with Chinese cheap
labor, and morally, financially and socially stulti
fying usT But here, the chief danger of unrestric
ted Chinese immigration does not lie in labor com
petition, for tbe Chinaman doe not atop a mere
plantation machine, assisting in tbe " development
or wealth," but with hi natural acquisitiveness,
thrift and frugality of habit, (creditable attri
butes) he gradually encroaches upon all branches
of industry and trade, forcing upon tbe more liberal
wbite citizen an unhealthy competition, and even
tually driving him from tbe field. Tbat tbe Chinese
are iudustrious aud frugal, no one can deny, and
therein lies a strong argument against them, for,
such attributes make them more dangerous aa
competitors, and as they do not have tbe olber
necessary traits wbicb make the good citizen, such
aa moral character, liberality, charity, pride of
country, etc., their power to injure a community 1
enhanced by tbeir apparmt virtue. Tb Cbiua
tnan' come to our tborra with no thought of con
forming to our customs or laws, except under
compulsion. be does not affiliate in any manner.'
witb the wbite resident nor baa he any sympathy
with our form ol government, or any interest in
our domestic institutions lie brings no wife witb
bim ) bedoe-suot Intend to became ft permanent
resident ; bis law is to produce and acquire much
and consume little; be is devoted to himself aod
to his race in aotugoniatu to the rules wbicb gov
ern enligbteued society j and tbe reaull of his en
couragement here is to discourage and drive away
tbe intelligent wbite artisan or laborer who ha ft
family to support and educate. For competition
witb bim is hopeless ; he lives for six cents day I
He drives tbe shoemaker, tbe tailor, tbe sbirt
maker, remorselessly before him and lake bread
from their children's mouths. . Soon tbe retail
dealer of dry goods, groceries, hardware, will
have to " follow suit " and se-t-k a more congenial
clime ; aud after them the importers and whole
salers. Then peihape those business men, who
are now so naturally or willfully obtuse, when it la
too late to remedy the evil, will see their mistake.
It will be seen from ibe above showing tbat tbe
Chinese laborer, who (except fu rare eases) cornea
here the slave of bis countryman, is capable ol
sufficient cultivation to work incalculable injury
to tbe interests of the commonwealth, but not
enough to make an enlightened and desiiablo citi
zen. Only tbe capitalist who uses bim while in
his crude state of acmi slavery la temporarily
benefited by his cheap labor, while tbe community
aa a whole are seriously injured.
Bid tee wimsi have labor, or capital ttitt nol torn
here and develop our teeatth.
No man who has a borne here or expects tobave
one, or who feels any interest in the welfare of tbe
Kingdom, Bhould be guilty of apathy or indiffer
ence oa this subject. AU should work together to
avert an impending evil. Tbe moralist should
lift up bis voice against tbe influx of this immoral,
polygamous, opium eating scourge. The laborer,
tbe mechanic, tbe merchant, wbite and native,
should make a common cause against a common
enemy. Not against individual Chinamen ; tbey
are not to be blamed lor coming ; but against tbe
policy that enoourages them.
Such a representation may appear extravagant
and extremely radical, but tlie evidences are naany
and indisputable of the magnitude of tbe danger,
and although tbe evil may not be wrought in a
year or five years, it is sure lo come unless some
effectual mean are speedily adopted to avert it,
Jl, 0.,l4

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