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The Pacific commercial advertiser. [volume] (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, January 03, 1880, Image 3

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By OrJ- r cf the
Trustees of the Lunalilo Estate,
I will offer r a
Term of Ten Yeai-s
I V slkikl, Oaha, situated oa both sijes of the
Wvkikl Road, containing
AN AREA OF 24 27-100 ACRES,
Fish Pond.
Xalo Patches
and Grass Land.
CT TCRM AT S4i.ChrtM Eihibitioa at
Hatraruoas . .
CP. ADAMS. Auctr.
H l.kavU. la Prolate-, la UeV l.-TATE iF Joll.N I.
REW F.R. ef H.i-4ttlu. Oajlu, deerae-d. Intestate. Bf'e air
Jeatica McCuM. Order of antira of petition adinioisira
tin. Un Kulmf and Sling the netiliua of CIIA9. C. U ARRIS, oo
behalf of Mrs. aanie R. fc.-rwrr, ailr,( u( lhal John I. fcrrwi-r.
ci said lloaolafa. died intestate at ul Honolulu, oa tbe I jth
day ef LMe. a. Ii79, and pravmg thai letter of adminialra-
taoa lama la hira ml PUff iwhBU Jonrt.
Illorirmi tha WEbNfctibAV. the 2l.t day of Junuy,
a. a. MH. h and herefe. m appointed f hearwg mI prtutoa
be(iea Um said Juslirr, in ttt Court Room of Una Court, at
Honolulu, ai which lima and plae- ail frm may appear
and .how cuai. If any ibey have, why sail petition iti.ol.l
Dot a granted, aad that thia oJ-r a pabllha-l ia IS Ccctwrt
tan(oa Dim uccraix f , la ia faeiOc Coaunarcial
A'lrtiar, lo IJonniala.
Lriml at Uoes'lutu, II. I . Vrt. 7hh. A. a. 1ST9.
AUnl Juatm of lb eapraaa Court.
A ROSA. Drpaty CWk. 3
SCfRE.M K COf RT O f T II K II A W A 1 1 A N
ltUn.li. la Pmaate. la the Kitala of UEtRJE A.
BfUDOK. nt tlonnlala. atrtxtr, aod prorf of the
will ol MARIA HRlbOK. drcrawl. IH Mr. Joitice
MrCally. Urlrv of No(in of pptllmn lrc Aim:nttrmtinn.
(hi mJmf ind Blia ta prtitino ofjIIIRAM BINUHAM.
of Honolula. a'tsloa I hit Ucorgw A. Urkla, ol Uooololu
dml intrMat a lloooiula oo tae U alanf Nov. a. a. 179,
Utat Marta BrMrva dird oa tha 1Mb day of De. a.
147a, aad prayiec (bat Lttra of AdatinuMratioo iaae la him,
aivt alao t pmnf of Ibe ail of MarU BrbiM, lha widow of
aid Cenrve A. BrWfr, alkl ttt Lrttersol buantlansbipof their
Minor ehiUirm.
It la anleml I hat WKD.XIE8DAT. the Tib day of JANC
ART, A. t. 10. ae aad ar?by to appoinied (ur bearing aaid
peuitn befiira lha said Jastice. la Ibe Court Room of Ibia
Court, at Iloaoluto. at wbkh lime and place all persona con
ceraad may appear and how eaase. U any U.rj bare, why
ai-l prtilioa annkl But be irranted. and that thia onlrr be
pajbttahed in lao Caffliah lanenaf e Ihr three aocceasire weeka
la the Pacide Commercial Advrrtiaer, a newt paper in liooo
laloi. ated Dooolula, U. 1 IWraib-r 12th. 1479.
AUeat: Justice of the Hopreme Court.
A. R03A, Deputy Clerk. d20 3t
Iv me supreme court or Tiie iia
wanaa Rin.lom.
Libel ior Divorce.
K ALAR AC A, by lha iraee of God, of the Ilavaliaa Islaoda,
Kiaff: T Wm. C. Parke, aaq.. Marshal of the Kingdom, or
hm Depaty Grcellot
Yaa are hereby commanded to aomaooa Charles Smith, ile
fadaot, is eaae he aaaU file written anawer within iweoty
days after amrtee hereof, lo be and appear before the Supreme
C'oart at lha April Term Ih'reof, to be boklen at lha Court
Room of the Court House, Honoiuha. In the Island of Oaha, oa
MONDAY, lha 6th day of April next, at 10 o'clock a. m., to
snow aaaae why lha claim of Ramoaa Femandes Mmitb, plain
tiff, abouki aot ba awarded her, pursuant la the tenor of her
annexed petition.
Aad hara yow then there this Writ, with full return of your
ocedinca I hereon,
(fleal) Witness, Hoo, Chaa. C. Harris, Chief Justice of
Onr Boprrme Court, this 4th day of Dec, 1879
A. ROSA, Deputy Clerk.
1 hereby certify the torefoinf iuiomi lo ba a true and cor
rect copy of I he orifinal bow oo Ale in the Clerk's OIBce of
the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands.
Hooolula, Dee. 4th. IS79. (d 6t) ' Marsh'aL
Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands,
In Probate.
la lha mailer of the Estate of CIIA8. KANAIMA,
deceased. Petition lo sell Real Estate, and divide proceeds
among the heirs nf said Chas. Kanaina.
To the UOM. tlitif. C. HARRIS.
Chief Justice of Ibe Supreme Court.
PARSR mpertfully repreaents to Yoar Honor, that
as or about the Stb day of April. Is77. he waa duly appointed
Adminaarator of ibe Estate of toe said Unas. Kanaina, and
thalhedaly qualtaed as such Administrator as by law pre
aenaadt aad io pursuanea lo the Order of thia Honorable
Court, that ad of the debta of the said fcstate hae baea duly
paid and satisfled, that there remains belonf ins; to Ibe said
kstate. aad aoder the control of yoar petitioner. Real Estate
Situate and setae; apon the sereral Islaads of Hawaii. Maul.
Mohikai, Oaha and Raoai, as appears by Ibe Inyrnlnry herein
led, aad Ixmiaf a part of Ibia petlitoai that there bare been
decreed aa hairs at la of the said Cbaa Kanaina, the follow
Ins; persona Hannah Lilikalani. Edward LiSkalani.
rWAa b, Pasaahoa w. A. W. UaaJilio k. L. Ilaah-lea k.
Kaboakaiula k, Pahau w, Kaaaa k, beira f Kilinabe.
deeeaaed. R- II. KsrUkolani. an.1 Mrs. Berniee 1'auahl
Biaaopi that aa your petitioner ia lolormed and belirres Irae,
taa said beira are anaUe lo acre to a diriaioa of said
batata, aad lhal a maKriiy of the aaid heirs are desirous that
the balaace af the Real Katate ramaJnuis; and bekinirins; lo the
said Cbaa. Raaaiaa. saay be Sold at Public Aactioo, aad the
pensda taeraof diatnaosed amoosj the heirs at law of the said
Cbaa. Kanaina. therefore yoar peiitjoaer prays that an onler
saay aa made direetiaf him. the said Administrator, to sell at
Puotia AaeUuo, aB aod aincular the Real Estate now remain
ing aad feetuoclac the Kaiate of Ibt aaid Cbaa. Kanaina,
and that lb procewla Uverenf be deptaiied with this Honor
Bbi Coasrt. aad ba divided aawai Hannah Lilikalani,
Edsnvd Lll.kataol. Naibe k. Pamahna w. A W. liaahlio
h. U Uaaieka k, Kahaakaioia. Pahaa. Kaaua. heirs of Kill
Bahe. daaeaaed, U. R. II. KeellkoUni. aod Mrs. Beroice
lauabl Biaaosv, lha Baira at taw of Ibe said Cbas. Kanaina.
aeeaniina; la tamr reapeetiee bara ae intrreata. And your
petiliinar further prays, that aotir of Ibia appUeatloai may be
iablia bed ia the Eofliah and Haaaiian) laavoares, ia the
Pacinc Cowaaacisi. IsriiTKia aod Ktiocos. Iwo oews
papera pubuabad In Hoaoiula. caiiirg apua all persona loter
esusd la appear ant show eauas why the prayer of this peti
tioner should not SB r ran led- AM your petitioner further
prays aar all other aad further orders ia the premises aa may
B aaeeaaary, aad proper Sir the sal aad diatribulioa of said
Eatai. aa la (has Honorable Court may seem fit In lb
W. C. PARKR. Administrator.
absarlbed add awora lo before m this 4th day of Decemb
er. It7.
aedoc J NO. K. BARNARD, Clerk.
Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands,
In Probate.
la the aaait
iter of the Estate ef CHAR. KANAINA.
Usder aa petMloa of Administrator, before the
Chief Justin.
UPON REtDI.KO A M f 1 1.140 TIIK
lueeruanr petuioa of W. C. PARKE. Administrator of
the Estate of Cbaa. Krina. dereased. praying lor aa order
M la rale of all the remainins; RVal Rsiale. helooring lo the
aid Katate spaa certain grounds aa set forth ia aaid petition.
Il ia hereby ordered lhal aotie of sock appliratioa be pub.
liahed ia the English aad Hawaiiaa languages, for four succes
sive weeks, ia th Pacirw Cwusi il AMiarnia aod
Kcoiot, isra papers paMiahed la Honolulu, calling opoo all
persona interested to appear and show caaae if any they have,
aa TI EdDAY. the at h day of January. lt0. at 10 o'clock.
A. si. ef that dy. at Alilolani Hale, ia the city of IIooolulo,
why Ibe prayer of the said prtitiooer should not be granted,
and lot such other and further orders as to lite Court may
at m Deeeaaary and pmper ia the premise.
tiivea aader my band and the seal of the said Supreme
Court, thia 4th day of December. A . D. Ii79.
CM AS. C. BARKIS, Chief Justice.
Attest: J MO. E. BARNARD. Clerk. deo 8t
Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage.
11 suae I to a power of sale contained in a certain mortgage
deed, dated the 20ta day of April. 1977. by Keaoo R. Kldreure
and David P. Eldredae. lo II. A. Widesnana, ami of record io
Liber 30. on pagea 103. 104 and 106. and also in another cer
taia SBurtgaee dead mad by aael Keano R. fcldredg and
iHtvid P. Eldredge. to the said II. A. Walemann, d.iled Nov.
&h, lHTS.an.1 recorded la Liber 44. on pages 100.107 and
10a, and lor a breach of the conditions in aaid mortgage dols
contained, thai ail and singular, the lands, tenements aial
hereditament in such mortirage deeds contained aad describe!,
wUL, after the time Usui led by taw. be sold at public aurlioa.
oa aoeoaas of lb breach of the ennditioo aa hereinbefore men
twmed. The property la such sanrtgages described, and in
tended te be sold, being situate in Kula, Island of Maui, and
known aa lb Abupaaa of Kaoooam. and containing HO OO
Btrea, mora or lea II. A. WIDEMANN.
CECIL BROWN. Attorney tot Mortgagee nl3t
Notice of Foreclosure of Mortgage.
acasi ia a power of sale contained in a certain mortgage
deed, dated Kept 2Sth. 177. made by Dehor Haakalau and
Kaahaaaai lo C. 9. Barlow. Chairman of Board of Traatees of
Hawaiiaa Lodge No SI. P. A A. M . of record in Liber 23, on
pages 1 aad S. aad by aaid C. M. Bartow assigned to II. A.
W leanano aod J. L. Richardson, by docament dated May 27.
19.74, and for a braaeh of the cooditions io said mortgage deed
eonsained, shat all aad singular, the lands, tenements and
lii riilllam ruts la said saortgage deed contained and described
will, after tae liose Ca'Hi by law, be said at Public Auction,
aa aecoaal af the breach of lb conditions as hereinbefore
aoentiocad. The properly la aaid atortrage deacribe.1 being
aaaate in Lekas Hoaowru. Oaha, aad in Waianae. Oaha.
. . II. A. WIDE d AN N.
CECIL BROWN, Attorney for Assignees of Mortgage. diO 4t
NoticJ of Foreclosure of Mortgage.
waTOTICK is herebtcivex that PUIU
f saaat la a power "f sale contained io a certain Mortgage
baeal salad rVptamber Til. 1477. made by Keano R kklrerige
Bod David P LUreilge. Jr . to Ptepben !pencer. of record io
Liber U.oa page 317. 31 aad 319. and for a breach ol the
canditioas ia said Mortgag Deed contained that all aod aingu
lar the laoda, smemaota aad hereditaments ia said Mortgage
iMud cou sained aad aeacrtnad wUL after the time hmttrd by
law he sold al public auction on accoonl of the breach of the
condition a hereinbefore mentioned. The property in said
saortgag being taste ia Kula, Island if Maui, and known as
u7hpwa. of Kanaka, and ;r
rtrh.si.tor.ey la fact. I1'i1'-MUJU'4I
CECIL BROWS. Attorney fcr Mortgagee I3
-r tirtce or a deed or assiox-
" .Jot Aa Octobar 2H.h li.9, by F. II. WILT. then,
g tiislmss In HoooJulaas Cabinet Maker and L" pools tersr,
j hi Stock. Tooia, Accounts aad Property of whatever
IfoTlb beUl of hi creditor. Notice to hereby given
f. Arties aoncaroad la present their claims duly
CSdprtes swing IO make Its medial iwymenl ta I. B.
-M.Col-vior w ------- Aaaiena
XJ. O O 31
At 10 a- m. -t ry.m, !'!-
A Varied Assoihncnl
Tins of HarJines. fslmon, Loneh Tongue.
Oylen. 1 anl ilib; fioldeo Gale Fruits, Jams.
Tins of Crcers. Box't f p, Tint .f Sup,
Bottles of I'ickWs, Tint of Avrted Cracker.
Haot of Furniture !
C. S- BARTOW, AactIonr.
T Irai Safra, Oar Iraa TaaV, a Lt af Casks.
nl C. 9. BARTOW.
I"0 It HAIi I- :
Vltiiillo Real Instate.
eeJO Knaireof C. rt. BARTOW.
Messra Raupp & Schrader, Butchers,
m w
AVE OI'KXEI) A ll..4;E
1 M NE."A ixt ll-itel Mrei-l, near fort tl , a here ibry will
have always oo band the best of
Beef, Veal, Mutton & Pork !
And the Bctt of
Geiman Sausnfifes 3
Made Freak Every Day.
Abo inert! attention given lo their IIOI.Dfi.N A N AfJ
S.IUKI, whirh are warranled to keep for any length of
lime. The attentina of partie traveling is specially directed
lo thee Bologna haulages. They will serve their customers
at the very lowest rates. Orders from the country promptly
attended la. Miop kejt open from 4 o'clock in the morning
until 8 o'clock al OihU J 27 3ni
Houghtailing's Sausages.
M of an experienced, comjietent persen, the establishment
on Hotel street will hereafter be prrtiared lo furnish the pub
lic with choice
Sausages, both Bolognas and ordinary,
Head Cheese, Tripe, etc., cc.
Orr Orders left at yoar Butcher's will be promptly attend
ed tl20 3t
illarslmrs Sale.
SMITH, complainant, va. EDWARD BTKKilZ; b. B.
DOl.Band W. L.WILCOX, assignees in bankroptcy of said
E. ikrehs, and CHARLES W A LL. defendants.
By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court ol Law Bad
Eauily of the Hawaiian Islands in a certain cause depending
in said Court, wherein 1. Mot I Smith is complainant and Ed
ward Sfrehx, 9. B. Dole and W. L. Wilcox assignees ia bank
ruptcy of aaid B. Gtrehz, and Charles Wall, are delendantav
II was ordered, that all the right, title, interest and
estate of the said Edward Strebz, of, in and to all and singular
the mortgaged premises mentioned in complainant's bill of
complaint, and therein described as follows: All those cer
tain pieces of land situated in KaliM. Island of Oahu, and con
vey el to the and Edward Btrehs by Henry J. nolle by deed
dated the 3rd day of July, A. D. 1SG5, which aaid deed to re
corded in the otrice of the Registrar of Conveyances of the
Kingdom, in Liber 19, on pagea 451 and 452; and alao all that
piece or parcel of land situated in Kalihi aforesaid, conveyed
lo aaid Edward Btrehi by William Adams, by deed dated the
29th day of Jane. A. D. 1WT7, which said deed It recorded in
the office of tho Registrar of Conveyances aforesaid, in Liber 24,
on pages 114 and 116.
Aod in accordance with the above decree, I aball sell at pub
lic auction at Kalihi, oo the aaid premises, on Saturday, the
17th day or January, A. D. 13.H0, at 12 o'clock noon, all the
right, title and Interest of the said Edward eSlrehx In and to
the following described premises, to satisfy the demand of J .
Matt Smith, mortgagee of said premises, omler a certain mort
gage dated Ibe 31st day of August, A. D. 1972, which demand
was aarertaioed by John E. Barnard, one of the masters or
d Court lo amount to the sum of I i.ltis -O Bawl premises
are bounded and described aa follows:
Commencing at a redwood post in If nee al west corner of
this piece on government road, said post being 67 it N B of the
second mile stone, and from which post the government sur
vey station, Sail Lake, bears N 42 11 W true, and running
N M 6i' E true, 06 ft along Meek's land; H 31 25' E true.
45 8 It along Meek's land; N 474V E true. 143.9 ft along
Mnek's land; ti 43 3 19 W true, 641.1 It along aieek's land;
biV W true. 82 3ft along Meek's land; N 4110' W true.
22 3 ft along Meek'a land; N 43 57' E true, IKS ft along
Meek's land; S 4"4o' K true. VSM il along it r e;a tpi; n
60 23' E true, 72.2 ft along R P 674 Ap l.(aaid piece deeded
by Kahele to Mrrhx); N 7 2i' W true, 2J s ft aioog R H 67f
Apl;N84 9 2n E true, 60 7 ft along Konohiki (I'eapa); N2
36' E true, 81 8 ft along Konohiki (Tea pa); N 75 4V B true,
161. 4 It along Man to comer of tmne wail; n B " D.J' r. true.
1H ft along stone wall along Kaobimaonu; n as - in a true.
274 6 ft along alone wall along Kaohimaunu; N 64 62 E true.
116 6 ft along stone wall along Kaohimaunu to corner of alone
walL thence 8 36 3 35' E true, 454 1 ft along stone wall along
tan to comer of stone wall; S 67 c 3' W true. 402 ft along
stooe wall ag a-aohimauau an. I Ualal; thence K 16 12' W
true, 206 ft along Kuloa R P 673 Aplto corner stone wall;
thence a 65 2U W true, 66 ft along stone wall along above
patet.t ; tl 12 9 IV K true. 77.9 ft along above patent; 8 61 4'
W true. 1518 ft aloor above patent; 14 6' K true, 95 ft
along above patent; N 6 26' E true, 102.3 ft along above pa
tent; a 27 a 45' K true, 61.6 ft along above patent to stone wall;
b 66 3 2W true. 15 ft along Ualai to corner atone wall; 8
2S o XV E true. Mill along Ilalai lo comer stone wall; B 61
I0 W irue. 105.8 ft along stooe wall to eorneri N 21 47' W
true, 79.6 It along Wilkinson lo corner alone wall; Ihcnee S
634V W true. fx along Wilkinson's; N 37 s 60' W true.
163 ft along R P 673 Ap 1; 8 60 9 12 W true, 116.2 ft along R
P673 Ap 1; 35 3 27 E true, 23.1 ft along R P 673 Ap 1; S
67 3 3 W true. 79 9 ft along R P 673 Ap 1; B 33 9 10 K true,
2ti2 6 ft along R P 673 Ap 1 and Wilkinson to corner of stone
ail; 8 66s 13 W true. 9 i 7 ft frnce to south comer of this
piece on government road; thence N 30 3 o' W Irae, 466.3 ft
Be ng g'.er-.ment mad to initial point.
Alao Ap 1 f H P 1247. He tnonaina lloko o Ilikau I uauna-
po. R boom aha ma ke kihl akan a e hele be aa" ton 1.10
haul ma ka Kon-hikl, alaila he 61 he 1.79 haul ma ko Wa(-
mahol; alalia A 61 1-2 3 be 67 panko; alaila A 19 9 koca 1.20
kaol ma ko ke Konohiki, N 66 9 W 83 chains kahl I honmaka
24-100 cka,
The whole containing an area of 8 25 acres. The above piece
of land Is composed of I i rant 2922 to II J Nolle. Lot 11 of R
P IrM to A A 4am a and Ap 1 ol It F 1247 to Kabunabuna leas
On the said premises are Iwo substantial dwelling bouses.
tocether with the neeeaaary oat-bouses, aad has a water right
of 3 days per week, there is also a paid p In Inauranee
P'licy on said premises up to the 251 h day January A. If.
140. The locti.-n is unsurpassed being on the Government
road and about 3 mites from town, most of the above land caa
be planted with kalo, the patches all being laid out and some
wider cultivation. Tbe premises can be viewed on application
to tbe undersigned and a map of the same can be seen at his
odlce. -
L'olesa said decree costs and expenses be previously satisfied.
Deeds at expens of purchaser W. C PARKE, Marshal.
IIooolulo, Dec il to. is.ir. - - U1J Dt
I nlh day d Nov. A. p. 179. Tho. G. Thrum, of Hono
lulu, Island of Oanu. in accordance with Section Sol aa Act
- To Encocraee learning io this Rl gdom, by Securing tbe
Copies f Charts an.1 Books to the Authors and Proprietors of
su-h Copies." approved on the 31sl day of Dec. a. D. 1S64,
has deposited in this oft We the litre of bis Hook The Hawai
ian Almanac and Annual, a Hand-Book of Information on
Matters Relating to the Hawaiian Islands, Original and He
lerteil.of Value to M. n hants, Planters, Tourists and Others,
carefully compiled by Tilt a. G. THRUM the rights of which
be claims as owner aixl iroprietor.
In teatimnny whereof, I have hereunto aet my hand and
caused the Meal of the Interior Dapartment to be affixed at
Honolulu this 26tb day of November, a. D. 1479.
(.Signed) SAM'L O. WILDER,
n29 2m Minister of the Interior.
Department of Interior, nonolalu, Nov. 7th, 1S79.
7lh day of Nov. A. D. 1879, George Bowser, of Honolulu,
Islsnd of Oahu. in accordance with Section 3 of an Art To
Kncnuratfe Learning in this Kingdom, by Securing the Copies
of Chans and Bonk lo the Authors and Proprietors of such
Copies," approved on the 31st day ol Dec a. r. 1964, has
deposited in this offlc the title of his Book Th Hawa
iiaa Kisxssn Mnlisllral mmd Cssimcrcisl
Dlrrrlsrr aad Twwrl-la Owide rontaioiog names
of all Ibe while and foreign residents except Chinese on all the
Island, alphabetically arranged, alao the houses ol all the
bo-tineas men on all tbe Islands classified, a full and elaborate
description and History of all and each Inland. Invaluable to
Tourists and commercial men; the names of all the Plantations
and Ranches, diatance from Honolulu and distance from
county or chief Town, name of Road, Ac. The whole publish
ed and compiled by liEOROK BOWSER. The rights of
which be claims as owner and proprietor.
In testimony whereof. 1 have hereunto set my hand and
raaaed the Seal of the Inte.ior Department to be allixed at
Honolulu Ibis 7th day ol November, a. D. 179.
(Signed) SAM'L O. W ILDER,
dec6 3m Minister of the Interior.
Wanted by September 11. of this year, $50.0u0 In
160,000 on first mortgage, on a first class Sugar Plantation,
valued ai S 200.0UO.
The crop of l-0 will be from 1000 to 1200 tons. W ill com
mence taking off 3O0 tons in October, 1479. The Plantation has
ISO laborers, and is well found in Mules, Carts. 4-e. Machinery
la Oral eUss order, and caa crash seven or eight tons per day.
Por further particulars apply to lbs undersigned,
ft U SD having aerurwl a plot of ground, and desiring to
erect such HoiUiing nr Buildings as may be moat suitable lo
Carry oot Ibe intent of the i.nor, namely, lo provide an
Architects and others, who may wish to aid. fur sketch's and
plans which may aid them in determining lbs bet method of
building. There will be needed. acroeoroodaUonaon the ground
Q kx for forty or fifty couples, aod for the resklene of a Sup
erintendent, a business ollice. store-rooms, a chapel, Ae.
Soggesiions will be received fut such accommodation in the
firm of one or more large buildings, or ol single or double
The buiUinrs are lo be of brick, of plain but tasteful style
that may be creditable to the memory of the donor. When
the choice of the general plan shall have been made, the
Trailer will call for building plans aod speciflealJoua.
A fair remuneration will be given for any plana which are
B-srd. in whole or ia parti and all designs ahruld be sent to
the undersigned bef ore the l(Xh day of Sanuary next.
For the Trustees of Lunalilo Estate.
Dated Honolulu. Dec. 2J. 179. d 6
sea For sale by
The American Schooner VacU
'Clans Sprecltels,
TON f CUM IDT, Slaster,
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Port
For Freight cr Passage, apply to
d72t WM.C IRWIS A CO., Agents.
For San Francisco.
Will have Quick Dispatch for above Port,
For Frelg-ht tr Paiitte apply to
D0V16 WM. 0. IRWIN dc CO., Agent-
For Sale or Charier.
t tt ttt "1raTTraA,, nA
XUUU iiiiuvni
Well found and ready for sea. for particulars, apply to
nil A. FRANK COOKE. Agent.
New York & Honolulu Packet Line
W. II. Crossman 5o Bros.,
118 Chamber Street, New York Agents.
M. Line will leave New York in ail the month of December.
Parties having freight for this port, will do well to patronise
this Line, being assured of a good Teasel ana a low rate oi
freight f
Well Found Ready for Sea.
au2J Apply to H. H ACKFKLD A Co.
CHEVALIER, Commander.
Will leave Honolulu for San Francisco on
or about Monday Jan. 19th. .
For Sydney, via Auckland !
H. UACKFELD A CO., Agents.
Gwads far Sblptne-wt per 8 lea aster cam wave
be Slated. Free of Charge, la the Flre-atrwat
XV srrssssf srsr the leer Wharf. Jsl 79
Tuesday. Jan 6, 6 p m......
..Circuit of Hawaii
..Circuit of Hawaii
..Circuit of Hawaii
..Circuit of Hawaii
..Circuit of Hawaii
..Circuit of Hawaii
Tuesday, Jan 13, 6 p m
Tuesday, Jan ZU. a p m.....
Tuesday, Jan 27, 6 p m......
Tuesday, Feb 3, 6pm
Tuesday, Peb 10, 6 p m ,
Tuesday. Feb 17, 6 p m.....
Tuesday, Feb 24, 6 p m.....
Tuesday, March 2, 6 p m...
Tuesday, March 9, 6 pa...,
Tuesday. March 16, 6 p m...
Tuesday, March 23, 6 p m...
Tuesday, March SO, 6pm..
No Credit for Passage Money !
We positively decline to open accounts for Passages, and we
particularly call tbe attention or In traveling puouc to ids
necessity of having Baggage and Freight plainly marked ; the
Steamer will not be responsible for any unmarked baggage or
for any Freight or Parcels unless Receipted far.
In all cases of Freight for parties not letponslble or un
known, the Freight Money will be required In advance.
For tbe psrty whom they are for, or plainly stated In the ta-.
ceipt to whom they are consigned.
All demands for Damage or Loss, must be made within one
In no way liable for loss or accident to live slock.
03- Hack Drivers, Boys, and such like, will not be allowed
on board the Steamer upon arrival, until after tbe passengers
bave been landed.
mhS 79 WILDER dfc CO.
' 8. 0. Ai-La-a. . I- hOl80.
LL'MBKR and all kinds of BL'ILDINU MATKR1AL8
fair Is, Oils, Nails, c., Ac - ;
scuts roa scaongKas
KCLAMANU, . . -; , : -
, . LEAUI.
- n29) Honolulu. Hawaiian Islands. (79
FLAG. -Ked with
and Kaluna.
WhlW Ball. OFFICE, Corner of
jal9 79
Nunanu and Queen Streets.
VY Favorable arrangements caa always be made for
'lSLt? Storage and Shipment of Oil. Bone, Wool. Hides
and other Merchandise lo New Bedford. Boston. New York and
other Eastern Ports. CT Caih Advances sonde.
,a2 79 C. BREWER A CO.
Merchandise received STORAGE FREE and
liberal cash advances made on shipments by this
ja'J 79 C. BREWER A CO.
I ADUERLY, a short distance above the first bridge, on
Nuuanu Avenue. The lot Is nearly balf an acre in sise. For
further information enquire on the premises. n22 2m
For particulars, inquire of
It I tlUl
opposite the Court House, suitable for B drst-class HoleL
All in good order and repair. Apply to
J. II. CONET, Honolulu,
feS79 arC. RICHARDSON. Hilo.
I on School snd Emma Streets, Honolulu. Is in excellent
order and repair, with good and sufficient pasturage for two
or three horses. Ha.f the purchase money may remain on
mortgage for Iwo or three years, at 8 per cent, per annum,
enquire of (ufl tf ) THOS. BROWN, Registrar's Office.
J Wheeled Ox Cart of very sujierior make; Just the cart
lor plantation use. (jalZ) C. BREWER A CO.
Valiev. eontainins' ten rooms, servanta houses, horse
! L ajid carriage stables. Alan, three acres of good pas-
lure land. A great variety of fruit trees aod a large flower
garden. Government water laid on. The premises are in a
good condition. Address: P. O. Box 109, or enquire of
1 on queen street, belonging lo Dr. R. W. Wood, at pre
sent ncerpied by the undersigned. For terms apply to
seal-tl B. UACKi-ELD ft Co.
aul Merchants. Planters and others wishing to engage
trustworthy employees, are invited to apply to
8. B. DOLE, '
. B. F. DILLINGHAM,' - .
sel3 Employment Committee of the V. M. C. A.
1 XHI.NS fiir work from book-keepers, sales aod freight
clerks, jewellers, bouse pa inter a. store masons, gardeners,
grooms, wheelwrights and for general oat and Indoor work.
8. B. DOLE,
noli tf Employment Committee of the t. M. 0. A.
iLa Joseph O. Caeteb having tcnJereJ Uis reigcti"n
of the office cf Itefrtstrlr cf rut lie Accounts, to take t fleet
January 1st next, I have thi3 day appointed Mb. Ooctket
Ebowx to fill tie vac-aary thna occasioned.
Finance Dept. IVc. M. lS. SIMON K. KAAI,
Pec 20-3t Minister of Finance
The Election of Representatives to tlie next Legislative
Assembly, will take j lace thrvntout the variotia Election
Districts of the Kingdom on W ednesday the tth day of
February next. The following places axe designated for
holding the election.
District of Hilo Court House in Hilo. Court House
District ci Hamakua Court House In Waipto, School
Honse Honokaa.
District of Kohala Court House Waimea, School House
N Kohala.
District of Ji. Kona School House Kailua.
District of S. Kona School Hotibe Hookena.
District of Ku Court House WaioUnu; School Honse
y unaiuu.
District of Puna School Honse Pohoiki.
District of LahaJna Court House Ijhalpa.
District of Kaatiapali School Honse Honolua.
District of Wailuku Court House W ailuku. Court House
District of Makawao Court House Makawao.
District of Haua Court Housu Hana. School House
District of Moloksi and Lanai Court Honse Pnkoo Mo-
lukal, Store House Kalaupapa, School House Kaohai Lanal
District of Koca Aliiolani Hale Honololu, at the front
District of Ewa and Wsiaiiae School House Waiawa
School House Waianae.
District of Waialna School House Waialna.
District or Koolauloa School House Lale-Wal.
District of Koolaupoko Court House Ktneohe.
District of Waimea School House Waimea, School
Honse Ntib.au.
District of Puna School House Libue, School House
District of Hanalei Court House Hanalel. School House
Anahola. Sam L O. w ildkb.
Dec 1:U lii79. Minlsterof the Interior.
Licenses Expiring in January, 1880.
Notice is hereby ftiven that all Licenses must be ap
pUed for direct to the Interior Office, and all parties are
cautioned about tailing to renew expiring ucenses, ana
all Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs have instructions to pro
secute without discretion, any and all parties doing
business without tbe proper Uicuw.
Minister of the Interior.
, Interior Office April 80, 1879.
OAHU 1 F H Wilt, Hotel Street, Honolulu
1 P Dal ton. King st, ' "
1 Whitney & Robertson, Merchant st, "
4 C EdwanU, Valley Home.
' " 4 Sara Wo Chung A Oo, Hotel st, "
C Ching On, Nuuaiiu st, '
8 Chulan & Oo. Nnuann st, "
8 Lewers k Dickson, Fort at, "
10 Honolulu Iron Works Co, L lakoheo, "
10 Ah Peck, Nuuann et, "
, 12 Pukoaku, Waianae,
-12 Laie Plantation Co, Laie, Koolauloa,
13 Lin Four, Waikikl,
15 Lai. Maunakea st, "
16 Wong Park A Co, Nuuanu st, "
19 Akoi A Co, Nuuanu st, "
20 A boon A Akana, Kaalaea, Koolaupoko,
21 TJ Mossuian, cor King A Nuuanu sta.
2i T J Moasmau, Kuuanu st, "
23 Kong Oee A Ahong. Nuuanu st, '
24 Sing Chong k Co, Hotel st,
26 Sing Chong k Co, cor Btretanla and
Nuuanu sts, "
23 Anee k Asing ft Co. King st. "
HAWAII 3 Akiona, Kaiopihi, North Kohala,
. ; 7 T Spencer, Hilo,
7 Tong Wo A Co, North Kohals,
8 Ton Kong A Co, Makapala, Kohala,
18 Ho Oin. Punahoa. Hilo.
27 C Melnecke, Waiobinu, Kau,
MAUI 4 Malailua, Wailua, Koolau,
30 Wong Lau, Kokouio, Makawao,
KAUAI 14 Akiona, NawiliwiU.
20 Q S Pinkbam, Koloa,
25 Paahana, Hanalel,
27 Aloiau, Eapaa, Kawaihau,
1 H E Mclntyre A Bro, cor Fort ft King sta, Honolulu,
4 Aswan, Nuuanu st, "
1 Pereira k Yereira, Bt-e Hive,
1 AUI, Punahoa, Eilo, Hawtli,
1 Aki, Waiauax, Oahu.
1 O K Aioua. Waiobinu, Kau, Hawr.ii,
4 Afo, Labaina, Maui,
8 Tuckong k Co, Makapala, N Kohala, Hawaii,
17 Oeo Mnudon, Koloa. Kauai,
22 Allen ft Stackpole. Kawaihae, Hawaii.
24 Tung Hang. Nuuanu st, Honolulu,
3 Avan. Kauai.
14 Apaua, Molokai,
23 Akatnukal, Molokai,
20 W Ii Davis, Makawao, Maul,
27 J H Black, Kona, Oahu,
1 F A Scbaefer ft Co, cor Kaahumanu A Merchant sts. '
Music. The bund will resume ita concerts at
Emma Square, this afternoon, commencing at ball
past four o'clock.. Following ia the programme
Overture Emma of Resburg Meyerbee
Cavatina Lucia di Lanunerinoor Donlzett
Waltz For Thee Waldteufel
March Turkinh Review
. Michael is
Selection Daughter of the Regiment
Galop Per Force.......
...... .Donizetti
Eclipses i.v 18.0. These will be six eclipses
during tbe present year, four of the sun and two
of the moon. Two of these w ill be visible at Ho
nolulu, that of tbe sun on Sunday. January Utb.
and of the moon, on June 22d. Tbe eclipse of the
sun on the Ulh of tbe present month will be par
tial, tbe magnitude of tbe middle being 0.78. Com
mences at 10.59 in tbe morning and ends at 2 In
tbe afternoon. That of tbe moon, wbicb will be to
tal, commences at 2.59.6 a. m. June 22d ; middle,
3.19.1, a. M.t ends, 3.38.6, a. M. We are indebted
t Capt. Daniel Smith for these 9gurea.
Rain Fall. Tbe reports are as follows for tbe
onlh of December just passed :
li Me J K tt'lKlee'. Knninn Vallev... 12 13 InrtiM
At lr. McKibbin's. BereUnis street 8. HO "
At W. W. Hall's. Nuuanu Avenue 10.71
Tbe record for the year 1879. U as follows :
At Mr. J. K. Wilder' 95.39 Inches
At Dr. McKibbin's 38.20
At Mr. W. W. Hall's 55.97
As compared wilb previous years, tbe rainfall
for 1879 shows a considerable increase, the last
lour years baring exhibited a gradual decrease,
while that of 1874 was a maximum year, tbe
figures having been reported at 52.95-lOOlh inches.
Doixas of a lTawaiian Conscl. A telegram
from Panama of Nov. 25, via New York Dee. 11,
contains these words: "Tbe Perurian torpedo boat,
detained by the Colombian government aa contra
band of war, baa at last sailed for Peru, flying
the Hawaiian flag and with a license from tbe Ha
waiian Consul. The Peruvians place great reliance
in the torpedo service now organizing." We are
at a loss to understand by what authority a Ha
waiian Consul abroad can license a foreign belli
gerent to fly tbe flag of his country. It would be
rather uncomfortable were the Chileans to send an
iron-clad here to take vengeance by knocking the
ugsr and molasses about our ears.
The Uai.Iformax. We nave received the'Orst
number of this new monthly from tbe publishers.
The A. Roman Publishing Company of San Fran
cisco. It is beautifully printed on extra good
paper, and contains 100 pages of entertaining and
instructive reading matter, the articles being all
original and mostly on Californian topics. In ita
prospectus the publishers say " The Californian
will be thoroughly Western in its character, local
to this Coast in ita flavor, representative and vigor
ous in its style and method of dealing with ques
tions, and edited for a popular rather than a severe
literary constituency." We had intended to par
ticularize some of the articles of this initial num
ber, but where all is so excellent it is difficult to
discriminate. Tbe Califorhian ia published al $3
per annum.
More About the Tbxatt. A Washington special
dispatch to tbe N. Y. Commercial Advtrtiter, dated
Nov. 29, after stating tlat tbe agent of the Treasury
Department sent to Honolulu bad reported that no
foreign made sugars were aent from here to San
Francisco under the treaty, says :
" There has been considerable pressure brought
to bear by sugar merchants to induce onr Govern
ment to take steps to abrogate the existing treaty,
but from the best information attainable it ia not
considered probable that this will be done.
"Tbe government loses from one to two million
dollars annually by there being no doty on the sugar
brought from tbe Sandwich Islands, bnt this waa
fully anticipated by the officials who were instru
mental in having the treaty negotiated. If the
present treaty did not exist, it ia regarded as certain
that the British Government would bave control
of the islands, and it was to prevent this and to
secure to tbe United States tbe trade of those isl
ands that tbe concession was made that all sugars
manufactured in the islands should be admitted to
the United States free of duty."
"One to two millions" annual lost ia duties, is
rather indefinite, besides it Is not true In fact.
-a- :"aa k , .
Uinilllllf If IHi -ADLTfrilSrr.
The recent j revalence of malarial fever in
this city havic directed public attention to tbe
subject of sanitary measures, tbe question of pro
viding a general system of sewerage has been
much talked of. As a matter of course, the ab
stract faet- beinj; admitted that such a system if
properly carried out, would be an excellent thing
for the health of the city the conclusion is at
once arrived at by some that it is the duty of
government to undertake the work, irrespective
of consideration of cost or other obstacles that
might be in the way. There is indeed much to
be thought of, and carefully weighed, before an
adequate system of sewerage can be provided for
this city. There are grave engineering questions
to be met, the solution of which will tax the skill
of experienced men, not the least of which ques
tions will be, bow to dispose of the sewage. We
understand however that the whole subject has
been under consideration by the government, and
that steps have been taken to obtain plans and
In connection with the discussion of measures
for the special benefit of the capital, inevitably
comes up the question of a municipal govern
ment. While tnoat people who have lived under
municipal governments in o titer countries, wil
readily concede that this city could be better
governed and better taken care of by a Mayor
and Board of Aldermen chosen by the citizens
than by a Ministry with all the multifarious con
cerns of the country at large on ita bands, and
moreover restricted in its expenditures by tbe
biennial appropriation bill yet we question very
much if more than a respectable minority of our
citizeus would be found to vote in the affirmative
of euch a proposition if submitted to them. The
first objection in most minds would be, that a
municipal government would involve increased
taxation on rropcrtv holders in the city. The
next question that occurs, is whether fit and
responsible men could be incldoed to accept office
Our " solid " men are all in active business
occupations, would they willingly and gratuit
ously devote the time and labor required to di
rect the proper government of the city ?
As to the first objection that of increased tax
ation it by no means follows that eucb a meas
ure must be resorted to in order to provide the
means of carrying on a municipal government
The taxes on real estate and the license fees col
lected in Honolulu form no inconsiderable pro
portion of the revenues of the country, and a ccr
tain per cent, of the amount bo contributed
might be annually set apart, and made available
for tbe purposes of a city government. As to
city officers a committee of the Privy Council, a
body of able and responsible men, not by any
means over worked at present could, we opine,
be Bafely entrusted with the general management
of municipal affairs, the necessary executive
officers being paid stipulated salaries.
But whatever may bethought of these crude
suggestions, it is evident that as thia city in
creases year by year in population and enlarges
its borders, with constantly recurring questions
of a local nature, the proper government of the
city will require, if it docs not already require,
more care and attention than can possibly be
bestowed upon it by the general government
And we say this without in the slightest degree
impeaching tbe ability or the industry of tbe
present Ministry.
There will tie a foot-race on the Esplanade
is evening, at 5 r. m., of 100yds. between William
Allen and George Mclvey.
Sailor's ITomk. In consequence of public servi
ces at tbe Palace on 31st tilt., the annual meeting
of the Honolulu Sailor's Home Society was omit
ted. The meeting will take place to-day at II a.m.
For Mickonksia. The bark Hawaii, Capt Whit
ney, will sail un Monday next, at 10 a. m., Ior Ja
luit, for another lot of South. Sea Islanders. Tbe
brigaiitine Storm Bird will follow for the same
desliiiution in about a week afrer the bark.
Kona Storms. In view of our statement that the
late storm was the first "regular kona" eince 18CC,
a correspondent reminds us that there was one in
November, 1874. On referring to files we find that
there was a comparatively brief blow from tbe south
at that time, with very copious rains, nine inches
having fallen io this city within 24 hours.
Miss Zoe Gaytox, Is expected to arrive
on the 11. W. Ahny. shortly due from San Francis
co, and propnsex to opeu a season at the Hawaiian
Theatre with her Star Company " of actors, on
the lOtb Instant. If however the vessel does not
arrive in time, the opening night will be postponed
to the 15tb.
Tiik TiiKATiiK. Messrs Adler und Duray took a
farewell ben-fit at the Theater on New Year's
night, and produced for tbe amusement of the au
dience on the occasion, a variety entertainment,
consisting of songs, dances and recitations. The
performance was fair, Ferrie, of tbe Lackaicanna,
n bis specialities, and Duray 's trapeze act, earn-
I ine well inuriled applause.
" The Polygraph." This ia another new inven-
n in the way of manifold writers. Messrs. Whit
ney & Robertson bave shown ns the operation of
the " Improved Polygraph.' whereby it is claimed
that one hundred good copies can be tuken from a
single writing, and as fast as the sheets can be
laid on and taken off. It is certainly a valuable
discovery, and will banish the cumbersome copy
ing press from the counting house.
' A Vacation. Among the passengers arrived by
the Australia on Monday, was tbe Rev. Father Hugh
P. Gallagher, for some years pastor of St. Joseph's
Roman Catholic Church in San Francisco. The rev
erend gentleman has spent twenty-seven years of
active service in California, and bis heal:h becoming
impaired he now takes a vacation. After remaining
at these Islands for several months, be will proceed to
Europe, and visit his native place in Donegal, Ire
land. Ax Improvement. The old wooden building on
School street, adjoining the store of J. T. Water
bouse and formerly belonging to Her Highness
Keelikolani, having been pin chased by Mr Water
bouse, bas been demolished, and in its place will
be erected a brick building. For the present
however, the lot bas been utilized by the erection
of a temporary building for tbe storage ot incom
ing goods. We bad occasion some time since to
call attention to tbe (act that tbe old building pro
truded on the street.
Patti is Coming. Carlotu Patti. the world-renowned
vocalist. Is expected here by tbe
next steamer from San Francisco, en route for
Australia on her tour around the world. If oppor
tune in the arrival of the steamer, she will give
Honolulu one concert. This lady bas a most bril
liant record in Europe and America. Queen Vic
toria said of hei Never in my life have I been
o chaimed by such a sweet and magnificent
voice." The steamer will be due here on Monday
Jan. 2C.
Lauaina Sugar Cane. A correspondent residing
in the village which was once known as the
" second city of tbe Kingdom." writes as follows:
"This place continues very healthy notwithstand
ing our dense foliage, our stagnant ponds, canal
and marshes, and tbe progress of malific planets or
stars. I am beginning to think that our panacea
is sugar cane, which everybody chews here at all
times of the day. There are chalybeate proper
ties in cane, especially onr juicy Labaina cane. I
estimate that the molars of the men, women and
children of Labaina grind up about forty loads of
Turton's cane per annum." -:
Diktu-dat or Qcei x Emma. YcsterJtj, Jad-
j aary 2J, was the anniversary of the birth of Queen
I IowagerEinmh,rcUct of lha Ute M.jcatj Kamehw-
meha IV.
China" Excise Co. No. 5. At a meeting of
this Company, held on Wednesday evening. Dec. Slst,
the following officers were elected for the ensuing
year : W. C. Akaua, Foreman ; Loo Yim, First
Assistant Fore in an ; Yim Quod, Second Assistant
Foreman ; L. Aseu, Delegate ; Hcng Quan, Secre
tary ; F. C. Achong, Treasurer.
Registrar op PrBLtc Accorirrs J.O.Carter,
Esq , who bas for the past five years filled the re
sponsible office of Registrar of Public Accounts
under successive administrations, with credit to
himself and to the satisfaction of the government
and the public at large, having resigned tbe post
tion for the purpose of entering tbe counting bouse
of Messrs. C. Brewer & Co. of this city was sue
ceeded on New Years day by Godfrey Brown Eq
a son ot Thomas Brown. Esq. Register of public
Conveyances. Mr. Brown is a skillful accountant,
of thorough business habits, and his appointment
is considered as an excellent one in all respects.
A Castook. Oo New Years morning a large
sized sketch in pencil and water colors appeared on
the bulletin board in front of our office, the work of
unknown hands, but suspected to be by our Ha
waiian Nast. The subject is his favorite one the ir
repressive heathen Chinee. The centre is occupied
by the figure of a Bemi-nude coolie, with folded arms
and the self-satisfied look on bis countenance is life
like, while Hawaii nei all about bim bows in submis
sion to not the coming man, but the man who has
already come. Tbe satire is sharp, and Ibe picture
has continued to attract a crowd since Thursday
morning. We understand that photographio copies
will be taken of it.
Overloading Drays. There is a provision in tbe
laws of 1878 which declares that " No vehicle li
censed to transport freight shall carry more than one
ton of two thousand pounds, for each drawing horse
or other animal, under penalty upon tbe licensee of
double the license." We have every reason to be
lieve that the law ia frequently violated. One day
this week we counted fifty bags of flour oj a dray
going by our office, and the not over-powerful horse
was compelled to strain very hard to drag along the
2,500 pounds, besides the weight of the dray, the
driver and another man altogether say 8,850 lbs
By Section 3 of the Act of of 1878, it is made the duty
of the Marshal or his Deputy to prosecute for viola,
tion of the same.
'a -r
The U. S. Coxsi i- Late telegraphic dispatches
are to the effect that President Hayes will shortly
nominate J. M. Morton. Esq.. tbe U. S. Consul at
this port, for the office of Collector of Internal
Revenue for San Francisco. It is understood.
however, that the California delegation in Con
gress will oppose tbe nomination, desiring this
emolument for some one pf their own particular
partisians. Without pretending to speak authori
tatively, we may say that we do not believe that
Mr. Morton feels any particular solicitude on the
subject ; and we are confident we speak tbe senti
ment of this community when we say that his leav
ing tbe post of Consul at this port, where be has
already made many friends, would be regretted.
Sad Accident. On the 21st ultimo, Alexander
Libolilo McLean, eldest son of the late Geo. C. Mo
Lean, left this city on the sloop Sarah, for a trip
to Waianae, on this Island. At about 5 o'clock on
that day, after the sloop bad anchored at Waianae,
McLean fell overboard and waa drowned. lie was
subject to epileptic fits and is supposed to bave
been taken with one and so fell overboad, but no
one saw bim at the moment, and it was too late for
assistance when his absence was noted. Mr. Rich
ardson of tbe Waianae Plantation, with the help of
native divers did all that be could to recover tbe
body, but in vain. It is supposed to have been
taken by sharks, which abound in that locality.
The deceased was the first foreign subject born iq
the reign of Kamebameha IV. and wan therefore
named after that King. He would bave been 25
years old on the 27tb of December.
The Hawaiian Gazette. With tbe first of the
new year tbe proprietorship of this journal chang
ed bands Mr. McDowe'. tbe editor and publisher
during the past two years retiring, and is succeed
ed by Mr. Robert Grieve. The latter is a practical
printer of long ; experience in newspaper affairs,
and we wish bim all tbe success in his enterprise
wbicb. from our knowledge of bis industry, perse
verance and ability, we are confident be will de
serve. The retiring editor, who we understand In
tends to return shortly to the United States, took
formal leave of this community tn Lis issue of Wed
nesday, intimating that he hits a rod in pickle for
somebody that we shall by-and-bye find that there
" A chrll aruanc us taktn notes
And faith he'll prent em 1"
Forewarned is forearmed but we don't think we
shall provide any extra armor on account of the
threat. We however regret to learn from the Col
onel's valedictory that he bus made enemies during
hia residence here a fact that is news to us.
Blue Rihbon Temperance Pleimik. We have
received from tbe publisher. Mr. R. II. McDonald.
of San Francisco, copies of bis Temperance Circu
lar and Pledge. The latter reads as follows :
" God helping me. I. the undeisigned. pledge my
word of honor to obstain from the use of distilled.
fermented and malt liquors, as a beverage, and
im the use. of Tobacco in all its forms ; and I
will use all honorable means of inducing others to
do tbe same." The circular, a large letter sheet,
contains nine columns of printed reasons why
everybody should at once and forever abandon
tbe use of liquors aod tobacco. Tbe writer says :
My design is to furnish forcible arguments and
suggestions concerning the wide spread effects of
these twin evils, Intemperance and Tobacco. The
tail of one is but the head of tbe other. All users of
Tobacco are not drunkards or bad' men, but all
drunkards and nine-tenths of all bad men use
Tobacco. The evils arising from tobacco are lets ap
parent at first, but none the less fatal. Intemper
ance by which I mean tbe use of ardent spirits io
any manner as a beverage, and tobacco in all its
forms as a luxury or habit, are evils of such enor
mity that they may be said to embrace all others;
they are certainly unlike all others, they wound
wherever man is vulnerable. Ibis cannot be said
of any other evils to which man is heir."
New Yeavs. The first day of the new year waa
celebrated generally in this city, about everybody
making a whole or a partial holiday. There were
the usual luaus and picnics in the suburbs, and
plenty of horse riding. In the forenoon the native
Sabbath School scholars were marched in procession
to Kaumakapili Church, and after appropriate exer
cises, enjoyed a feast of good things provided for tbe
a n a a V m 1 A V 3 J
occasion. The mnce s uwo i voiunieen j inn a at
tachment of tbe Household troops, the whole under
command of nis Majesty, paraded through the city
and marched to Makiki, where a competitive drill
was bad. To Company B, Capt. David Kasha, was
awarded the first prize, a silver cup ; to tbe captain
himself, a silver medal ; medals were also distributed
as rewards for punctuality at drills and meetings.
The troops made a very good, soldierly appearance.
In the afternoon there was a boat race in the harbor,
between Governor Dominis' six-oared barge the
Kapiolani," manned by a Hawaiian crew, and
boat, also of six oars, belonging to the U. S. 8.
Lackawanna. Tbe distance was five miles to tbe
Sag boat and return. Tbe " Kapiolani" was the
winner, making the flag-boat in 27 minutes, and 26
minutes thence to tbe winning post total distance of
five miies in 63 minutes the Lackawanna's boat
coming in two and a half minutes later. Considering
the chop sea that prevailed outside, the time may be
considered good. It is said that considerable money
changed bands on the result We learn that the
plucky boys of the Zactaiciiia propose to try it
again. Tbe Honolulu boys re naturally somewnat
proud of their victory, inasmuch as the Lackawan
na' t boat, in fifteen previous contests in other coun
tries, has now been beaten for the first time. The
names of the " Kap iolani's" crew are : Chas. B.
Wilson, F. W..Wundenberg, Geo. Fredenberg, Keoni
Kila, Kamakanui, Kalolii, with Alex. Smith, jr., as
TiioioiiTFVi All tbe employees of a certain
firm in town received a New Year's present In tbe
shape of cash $25 each.
CT A copious shower of rain lat nljhl. It
appears as though the p rediclion about a wet
year were to be fulfilled.
Ax Omxibis. Mr. Dodd, at the stables corner of
Fort and notel street, is preparing an omnibus that
will prove a great convenience fur picnics and riding
parties out of town.
Mails Social Clcb. Tbe second anniversary
ball of this Club, which constitutes oas of the pleas
ant features of Honolulu social life takes place
oa Friday evening next
HT See supplement for a translation "cf ths ad
dress of His Ex. J. M. Kapena at the lalag .of
tbe corner stone of tbe Palace; and for ittertatiDg
and full foreign news telegrams. Also Calandar and
Directory for 1880.
Supreme Court In Probate.
(Before Mr. Justice J add.)
Oct. 37. EsUte of D. KalanlVahua. deceased Petition
of Kahele (w for tbe approval of her accounts as adjuin
Istratiiz of said estate, and for her dlscbarga from fur
ther responailiilltv in the matter. Tbe Court examined
aud passed tbe accounts, aud ordered the administratrix
Ai at barged and ber Loud cam elled.
Proof of will of Poupou (w. de.-rs.ed. Petition of Kb
uisalo (k) for probata of Uie will of the decedent. After
bearing the evidence, tbe Court admits the will to pro
bate, and orders that It Hers testamentary ba Issued to
tbe petitioner without bonds, and that be advertise
notice to creditors for four rusiaecntivs weeks ia the
Aaoavaj newspaier. ' '
(Before Chief Justice 11 arris, In tbe absence of Ut.
Justice Judd.)
Entate of J. D. Watson, deceased PatlUaa of fi 0
Smith, administrator, with the will annexed, for settle
ment of his accounts as such. Tbe accouuta were ap
proved by the Court, and he was ordered discharged, the
widow having filed ber receipt for the balance due.
Nov. 10. Estate of William Weight, deceased. PrtlUoa
of H. W. Rchnildt, administrator of this aetata, for aett le
nient of his accounts aa such, and for bis discharge from
further responsibility In tbe matter. Tbe Court -xarained
the accounts, which are found correct, and the adminis
trator is directed to file the receipt of Mr. Weight and
tho children who are of ace, stating that Ibry have re
reived the property mentioned In tbe schedule, and that
the accounts presented are correct ; and thereupon a (Ha- '
rhargo will be prauted and tbe bond rauctdled. t , i
Mortuary Report for December, 1878-9.
Honolulu, Jan.' Sod, 1880. '
Mr. Editor : Will you kindly publish the fol
lowing figures : Tbe number of deaths ia Honolulu
for the booth of December, 1879 was 95. December
of 1878, 75, included in tbe 85, were 5 sent hers sick
from the other Islands, and 8 of them new Immigrants.
11 were Chinese, and 14 of other nationalitius. aot
including natives. 87 died from fever, of which 13
were foreigners including Chinese, 35 of the 95 re
ported as with our medical attendanoe. There Li bo
reason for this, as the Board of Health will cars for (
any sick natives if they will accept IL
Sam'l U Wiuier
President of the Board of Health.
Beef Eaters.
Ma. Editor : Perhaps It Is noi generally "'
known, but il is nevertheless a fact, that at the
slaughter houses over on the point below the
prison, where beef cattle are kept for taught- .
ering, the pen is In a shameful condition. Cattle are
kept standing up lo their knee) In filthy BUid, ,
awaiting their turn to be killed, without food or
water, their tongues banging out of their months i(
for how long a time Is, unknown -and uo place
to lie down in but mud. Is it any wonder that
people are attacked with fever and other diseases,
when they eat beef that bait gone through wttb
such treatment Where Is the so-called Board of
Health, or tbeir Agent 7 Or will some publlo
spirited person, with a regurd for tbe, public '1
health, take Ibe proper step Ui bave tbe filthy
condition in which beef cattle are kept, brought
to tbe attention of tbe courts of tbe country. ' '
, a
To tin Editor of tiie racific Commercial Advertiser: ,
Sir : Allow m to throw out a suggestion tela-
tivu to treatment of the fever that la prevalent in
your city.
I h ive used steam balhs in my school, lo fever
cases, and with success. . Eucalyptus leaves boiled,
tbe water to be placed near Ibe patient who must
be well covered ; Bve miuuies steaming will be(
sufficient . Mart E. Greem. '
Dec. 22, 1879. Waialua Female Seminary. '
It will be rememlt-red Hint in our last week's
isHiie we gave an account ol a souiewnat similar
course ol treatment of malarial lever aa Laving
been adopted by native Hawaiian. Ed. 1. C. A. .
From tbe 8. F. Merchant, Do 13.) ,
Our Australian Mail Service;
The Sun Fiaiu iwo 1'osi li nni clrcurntanc well-
liridetatood in j .nro ili-livJ circle, ia a better, au-,' y
tbority on Auwii .illin postal matters than any pa
per published on Ibis coitxt or in the United States,
nd is probably better infoimed than General "
Reyes himself. We liu-t Congress will llsleo to
its warning of the jeopardy thai surrounds this Sao
Francises and Australian Mail, in time,, and take
some measuaes to remove the cauaew wblok threaten-'
its withdrawal. Considering that the United
States pays no part of the subsidy which an y ,
American Steamship Company receives for its ser- '
vices, and that a healthy irad wilb tbe colonies
is opening up by its aid beside tbe gal oft our
railroads, hotels. kc.. are making out of paa eager
on their transcontinental trip, it would be policy
instead of charging double rates for transmitting a i
closed mail across the country, to frank the mall
through by railroad. This would be taking upon
ourselves only a reasonable share of the cost.
Without Imperial and colonial asbdanoeJ or both
this S.n Franciaco line cannot be miintained ; and
unless it is maintained, our young but healthy and
promising general trade with tbe Colonies ceases.
Any member of Congress from this coast who does
not take the pains lo muster this Australian mail
question will bave failed in bin duty to the peo
ple who, elect bim. Tbe-Posf of Dec. 6th says oo
this question : - ...
Trade with Brazil and the Argentine .Republic,
we are told in tbe message to Congrene by Preal- (
dent Hayes, is improving ; and he suggests tbe es
tablishment of direct postal comrnnloatlon with ,
those countries by American ships. Thia is equiv
alent to recommending a subsidy. L t us hope , ( , ,
that while tbe Brazilian trade is fostered our grow-
lag Australian trade may not be overlooked.
It is kept op by colonial subsidies paid to tbe ' j ' j
Pacific Mail Company, bat Is faaodicepped by. ex- .1 - '
cesiive freight charges on British Inclosed snails
crossing Ibis continent. Tbe effect will be,usWMu .; .
Congress takes some action in - this matter, to ' '
break down the Australian service altogether.
Tbe British government has just approved aeon-.,
tract by tbe Melbourne government with tbe Pen-' ' '
insular and Oriental Steamship Company, for a .
fortoigbtly mail service to and from Australia-on i 'li
condition of Sydney being made the terminus of
tbe line. This la done to . detach ,Nf w South
Wales from tbe New Zealand alliance, and cause
it to withdraw from tbe Pacific service via. San '
Francisco. Tbe British government bas mean
while doubled Its demands upon tbe contracting
colonies, exacting four cents for every two cents
now paid, on tbe grounds that tbe excessive de ? y
mandsoftbe United States government for the 1
freight of inclosed mails necessitates this measure.
This new arrangement likewise takes elect la
Febuary next. Unless Congress lakes the matter r r
in hand, therefore, and deals with it In a fair and
generous spirit, British policy will prevail, be
cause it is absurd to suppose that New bourn
Wales and New Zealand will continue . to pay
a high subsidy to an American steamship com- ;
pany for the mere privilege of sending tbeir mail
across this continent, while deriving no advan
tage whatever from postages. .

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