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ist of Licenses Expiring in the
Month of October, 1883.
ri -tr- t, li-.U'l.-'-a
i:i.i..a trr-t-t, U'.n'.lul-i
N tt. t
. i i. i-i "
'' ' t Y.T . i-rt -tr.'t. Honolulu
- J J , u"..ir.U iet, Unnrli.u
; T.- ;'y..;u' 4. co. Min trr.t. Ho
' R""Y. vi-iaau vr- Honolulu
, i " ... v ... ,:;. IIoii-jIuIu
uc lulu
1 h '- -i h- Nuuiti-i tr -t. Honolulu
' .. ' V ,,t... il tl 'r-t. H..Ii'.lUiU
, ,ir- l ' v, fZi. r i ,Tt K.n' ftr-rt.s, Honolulu
1 ' u i .ui'K-r ., H .t.i . Honolulu i
;t . v-' ",ra" ..' -
U .a.. lulu
r it :i- t. H )t l "1
1 . v l- '"
iui.u trf-i. n ,i.i'.u..
1 H' f N; 'Njw.n'.ri-.t. Honolulu
' k'' ' .T . .rn. r K.'.; I N-j..
4 1 Nn j i t T..t. ii IH-
: ft "f T Nuuirilinl II. .1-1 -irr t-, H-i.-
i l I i.iilu
fi, "r-. r. ll .11 i:iilu
"ill .l'"
k .rt ' r1"!. ii'-n iiiHij
., ..ri. r i-u a .1 Nuuiiu lr.t-, II . I.
..' ''."hr ,t'i.-r. N'U'Wii -tr'. H n..lu!'i
J' v ' n N.l:unalit. II Ml'llul
7 . , 1 ... ... .. ... U t- I -"'. '""
;. .1'.''kV t.-.l .ir t. 11 .uolu.u
;l i I. in
l ..
il 1.
I I 4 ' . . '
i.'.iuA k"-. Wmil iliu
j TU-.I-eB'-et. '
- H U :ir, i.it..... Hi!..
k i:v rot, Poi.o.Wi.
3 l:?i..lt.n..rak..K..b..!1
U UKI,II-I.nt".! K....
. . :. ll ". " , ,
.,-.-i,ta !.o.t'. l4k:.ta- N iv""'
ji ih . Hoy. -""
K Al . I.
J VV t I. . Kr. Hn
iT iv. K l" '
J li Ku.Jl-l"pus VN irur
i Surih KhU. IIwiii
AUt.N.Ttil k..tl. UWH
Akii.., W.ih.kn. Mu.
I. v.sll 'O'l'"". U.hu
i', .! Uui. U.-rlr. KUl.
in I r.,.. H .i.-'. .l.iku. Mu
,i S. ll -. W'l-V.. '
21 K.ua. H.Ki-.kM. Ilwn
H- A ortr Ki.l. Uaw.ti
J Hart Hr.thrr. "- Wu-.-n.rvl Nuuanu .Ire. Is lluiv.-
tt .riant. Kl". rwii.
W '..n Hiu.-. Faa.i:.- uam.au.. .....
I Jame O. l. cru' r N .nar.u anl Hot. 1 tre. t-, Hon..
J .'"viII.'iit.tailiu, Hotel tw, Honolulu
A Jam.- vauti.tt f""- 11 .u dmu
1 r. . Cunb.s I'nton 1 " 'Ul!i'"
J r'h.-w A l...oit. Coiiirnerciai Hotel. Hoi.o.ulil
1 w e Si.r-.uH, V. l H o 1. Il- nolul i
i H.-nry Vnra. ' ll'r. Honolulu
i J M.ftvw. Hawaiian II I- I, Hou .lain
t it (.nuUuiui C -. Vi-en ' " wl'ili
4 TI.H llr t:. Kaaliuuiaua ;rrrt. Honlull
j H Uatkiria . u-ei ,ire-t. Honolulu
I lrj y ". Mr. Uant stre. I, Hon-. lulu
j l-.rovu. JlT.-haiit V.eel, Honolulu
j j. -f La-nrhaa tt Co, Nuuaau atreet, Honol-.lu
V 11 0 LEI A 4. K.
I . g.i'-enatrre:. Ilooululu
I ! J Le.-" at Co. rt atreet. Honolulu
b Rw.n Lr Yueu t Co, Maunakea .r-et. H-.uolulu
I imlui k N uu.nii atrret, llouolultt
Wilder Co, corner Fort au.l yu.-en fclreel. Honolulu
I , l jjj,! a u, rurnt-r Fori au.l KitM -lr.--t. Honolulu
II '.l n.-.Nnuitnn street, Hon .lulu
1 I un li l o, M.uL.krt tte. t, ll .riol ilia
7l l'a. o7, Lyon. Fort-.tr.rt. Honolulu
; . i-"!i P- riy, Honolulu
'ij a..a .Sot. Uonoluln
1 v.4ilawn ta.ry. !! i.. tutu
f i i.i.a.- Syla, Honolulu
11 J.iiiu i: silta, KuD 'lulu
1 j.m a-i-ay. Hon. tula
1 ,J.: U' l-ruK, Honolulu
li li..U L-'t . II"" dlilil
i ir.i i:.p iiiiton. ii ....'i u .
.in o lif-e o Co, llonolu.u
1 L.e,Vaia. Vakwas Maui
I iuj ?"uf, llotl atr.et, ll.if.oli.lu. -ahu
t L.Mk Hop, liot-l irr-t. Ilonoluln. hu
I ; ana, Kaknliiarle, llauiakia. Hawaii
1. i.lonK ! rtli Kabaia. Uavail
i Kiiuo Zake. Hawi. North KoliaU, lliw ui
Mb H in. Waiana-, Oaau
't .1 fcv K.uuamano. llami.kua. Hawaii
lit Jam.--. ul, N'ortu Kobala. Hawaii
U W .lr. k.ni atr-t. Honolulu
JO U W .Ur', Nutanu afreet. Honolulu
II K f Kiukai.i, U .nialuii atre.-l. 11 .u .lala
T W Ewcrett Maui
1 1 Lu. Kr.UuMko. Oaliu
i I'll llit.-l.c-M k. llilo, Hawau
K.iuo. .lamtu.a, U iwan
XI John i'.iat. lioloa, Kauai
il M kaua.li.lo. KooUuL-'a, -hu.
I'IKi: A It MS.
t Fr.l i arfc-T, Kona,, ll .hu
uwa While, Rona. nihil
! John Lisaoian, Koca, ojkti
11 J U Ubiaon. Kona. I'aliu
i' Ilrrj Aul.1, kona, Oahu
II Joarjtli Soii'-h. Makaiala, North Kobala.
iH Hart Hrther. Nnutau street Honolulu. Oal.u
Ji) Joaquin Irfacls. Wa.luku. Maul
11 John -Xt. pjeleen, K-..ltie ir.n-t, S Itoha'.a, Hawaii
14 Pkeli3,WaiaIua. O iS i
J J Napapa, Halawa. 1 l kai
i Jaoira IoLI, Pantopon
i Tvl FerkiBj, LaUaina, Moi
- HElll,INO.
V, Ja.vb Lyoo-., Kia.loin
MK. XORTENSEN ha bern appointed
surveyor and Guard fur the Port f Mahakona,
Hawaii. Tic (. M. L.iKE, rfsigned. .
... - w F ALLEX. "
.ArraoTED: J. M. K-VPENA,
Mini.-ttt r of Finance.
l,ou.ECToa-ir?ir.BAi. Orrics, Octr.bor 1, 1S33.
" ,2Sr.-ffrry ElfWird U thU day appointed Agent
to take Actnowle Jeoient-i to Labor Contracts for
the District of North Kohli. Inland of Hawaii.
MinisU-r of Interior.
Interior pppartmcnt, October 13, 1593. .
. . oct2w3t
Mr. SUe Uille is this day appointed Agent to
cake AckaowleJssmeuto to Labor Contracts for the
IH-ttriet of liana. Ialand of Maui.
Minister of Interior,
taterior Depa.rttiM.nt. October 17, 16S3.
Daring my absence from the Island, the Honor
able A. S. Cleghorn will act for ine as Governor of
the Iiland of Oahn.
Governor of Oabu.
O&cq of the Gort-ruor of Oahu. Honolulu, Octo
ber 22. 1 Si J. , o23d2twlt
-X --4
t .
; 1
rt- CKtGTII. 14 lb- HER TARD',
mmi to amv per Dke of Abereorn from
A BDlr to
W. L. ORKE.N, or
. W. JHCraaliSE at to.
Agent kr John fpvler Co."
Sax FiiAxcisco, October Is. 1883.
Tl.n f . , .I 11 . I ... . .
u.oi v.. mis inuuiu me ions laiuea auont
redaction of siiii'ie-rate letter Dostaee to two i
. , 1 p-aiee 10 iwo (
nts took effect throughout the United State
lY.r , ,. . !
:iWFibi me i-ohi umce
IKpartment Lave exceeded the expenditures, so. ;
as the ina!! service is not intended a.s a money-
makin- business tbe Government owed us eitb-
er d.ereaMd rates ot postage, or inere:.ed postal
-"J emeu. " Mrnu ,
ft letter to our fnend m tbe next ptrcet at tbe
same cipex.se that we send a letter to our friend
3, GOO miles away across tbe continent. Long
jueaes wne ft.riiied ait tbe po.t-ofiioes in all the
1. rgor cities on tbe Lrst day of issuing tbe new '
stamps, and thousands of dollars worth r,f the i
ne7 stamps were sold. Another reduction, not
quite so easilj- accepted, is that of tbe price of
tbe daily newspapers in New York: One fine
im-rniuK. apparently for mere caprice, tbe New
lwrK 11,us Hlrea lor two cents a copy in- j
siea i oi inrte. ji course me omer great dailies
bad to follow Fmt and in their wild efforts to un
dersell each other, purchasers run a chance of
obtaining their daily news for nothing. News-
,,-,,,, i
iitM-r in tii- W:ir ait rii t i u ttt-ir rf.mnnct.irtria 1
d i reu.-e with the dropping j rice of the papers.
d a half
i ii ritii-'f-ti irimi liHii a cfiii ic a ct-ni hi: a r iiaiz i
... . acb paper. Now it ranges from one-third j Sr,alu to tLe mmanl of tbe Scblesw.g-IIol-.4
. ,-ent t., one cent. Outride ol New York Citv i ein ULlau K'H, garrisoned at Strasbnrg
i . .ii i . , i. i.. . ii ii .i which sounded emiucutlv civil on tbe part of
iieMsbovs and dealers caluilx sell all tLe papers i - '
... ". , , , . . ,, . . . ! Germany, toward a roval personage who was
at tbe old rates and yet neither newpuper pro- 1 b
prietor-s uir patrons get any
h.Ivm OB f.c- i
e.uiat .f the dropping of the price. Newsdealers
held ii.ditiatkn nii-rlii.gM and signed pledges
to at udvantv,' us prices and tbe aetiou of
tli" uiiii.lb men is Im.k.d to to check the demor
alization in rates and restore the old rates. The
New York Herald, which is nothing if not sen
b:itioiiaI, converted a whole page of tbe World,
the Journal, the Star, smd the Truth, and two
-.dumns of tbe Times aud the Sun, into adver
tiing posters of its owa reduction, maintaining
dead silence on the subject in its own editorial
cqIuiuiis. Later, by the way of circumventing
newsdealers, tbe Herald advertised for men and
women to sell the Herald and all other New York
papers, preference given to widows with child
ren to support, middle-aged women in straitened
-ir-un..-taiiees, orphan boys and girls and crip
ples. Tbe agent in charge of the scheme is to
purchase a large stock of the Herald and all
other journals, ami establish stands where the
paper can Le purchased at the prices printed on
them, giving bis dealers the entire profits of the
papers they sell. Depot will be established
where large quantities of newspapers will be
j,.lt Uf.r,.,l fr,)ln te YurioUS offices. In its editor-
i.il ..n tbe subject, tbe Herald finds it absurd
tb:tt the extortionate tleinau.lH of dealers abould
il. prive no w.i paper readers of tbe bcuefits of tbe
reduction made by the publishers. The news
dealers, of course, now hate the Herald most of
tall the dailies, so they now sell the Herald and
the WorH together for three cjnts, will not sell
separate copies of the Herald for less than three
euts, yet will give both pupt-rs to newsboys for
gratuitous distribution us au advertisement, and
the boys iu order to get three cents a copy for
the Herald, throw iu the World which costs
theiu nothing. The cutting down of rates is not
wholly confiiuJ to New York either, the Phila-
delphi 1're.s has reduced its price from three to
two cents a copy.
San Francis has been indulging herself .,,
.... -:..... t. ..nn.
several iiuiu bcushuuuj, iu. .u.u", r.
chase of the Alta, our oldest newspaper, by par-
tie, who design running it in tbe interests of
Uemocraiy in general and Judg Field in par-
J e . , .
ticular. The directors are James A. jonuson,
ii-.wara i.. jc.uubuu, t: .
Bn.Miaw uud Walter Turubull, down in the ar-
ticUnof incoi poiation of the "AlU Publishing
1 ....... ......
...v fnr i.tnct iu tbe total alUOUDL OI I
tompalij, lor stock in me touii uiuouui, o
sSiV.0W). The Alta has always been known to
I fa- as "Our Grandmauia" and the newdispen-
M-1,L u JUl " ... 1
sation ba not brought about anything very lur-
. idlv i-ousrivU..
4 t bus far. Time must snow po- I
. liticilly however. Jutliie Field certainly did a
very popular thing iu hi decision of a certain
i Chinese case just before ho left Han Francisco
' lu-t month. A Chinaman, Pong Ab Lung, was
! detained on board the steamship Oceanic by its
Captain, in the harbor of Sau Fraucisco, on the
: .'round that he came within the Act of Congress
i of iUy 6th; 1SS2. which declares tbat from and
after the expiration of ninety days from its
passage and nntil the expiration of ten
years, the coming of Chinese laborers to
the United States, without any limitation of the
country from arbirh they might come, is sus
pended and during such suspension it 6bali nop
be lawful for any Chinese laborer U come, or
bavins come, after the expiration of the ninety
days, ta remain within the United States. Tbe
second section of the act make it a misdemean
or for the master of a vessel to land or permit to
be landed any Chinese laborer from any foreign
port. So when tbe Chinamen claimed that he
was unlawfully detained because he waa born on
the island of Hongkong after its cession to the
English, and was therefore virtually an English
subject and no Cbi.c.aman, Judge Field regard
ed such a construction a subyersjve of the pur
pose of the restriction act," which U to ?ljide
Chinese laborers from the State, and ordered tfce
centle Ah Lung to be returned to the ship irom
which he waa taken, aud it waa so, and there
was much joy, eren (be Herald commenting
. .
Two of our prominent citizen bave got iwrn.-
into err. very warm water. William
t -.-i o . Vtn.U.
Aharon, ex-cnueu ocua " 1
bomevervone supposed unmarried, appear, a
whom everyone supposed
defendant in a suit brought against him by a
previoly obscure fair one who claims to be
secretly married to biro. The prosecuting wit
ness, a man who bag obtained some notoiiety in
tbe city, Senator Sharon characterises as on un
scrupulous person with a scheme to etorJ
money which the Senator swears be will nerer
The gentle lady promptly published
tAtmpnta about the business
affairs of ber so-called husband. Affairs which
.v.wn.! aatotrranb letters from the
Senator to prove. Meantime the wne oi me j
prosecutiug witness died in Arizona and the gen- i
tleman was obliged to gfl tbUber and be absent
for a week, for which time the ppsnsel of tbe
lady aska continuance and so the matter rests for
the present. - ,
The other scandal U that one of our most
prominent merchants, senion in a firm of unex
ampled integrity, f jund it excellent on kis re
turn from abroad, to try to rush twenty-seven
trunks through th STew York Custom House
without paying duties on tbtir contents. Tho
Custom Ilouse official were not aatis&ed, burst
open the trunks and found them full of dutiable
goods to the value of seven or eight thousand
dollars, wearing apparel, lace, toilet articles and
table linen, making the omces loo lute a uazaar
during tbe examination. People who did not
like Mr. the merchant, remarked that smaggling
was a crime for which people were banged a
hundred years ago, and that if it wpre a small
shop-keeper who got caught in this way, hbi
goods would be confiscated. Tbi beru however
made an arrangement to pay his duties and keep
bis scented sOap and bis wife's pointe d'Alen-
On the sight of the 9th we had two smart
earthquake shocks which 4id no damage beyond
frightening people, yet wsra caljed the was ?e-
rere shocks we bare hail since 1S63. By a co
( incidence earthquakes were telegraphed from
I Agram in Croatia, and from Irkoutsk in Siberia
nn v,a lo.v
t ' .i i
In pontics tver tLiiig is r.repaiiug for a grand
i Democratic jubilee iu 1384. Everything points
that way. tlie Democratic majority which ha
tk.c.ttj Judge Houaiey Governor of Ohio, the
Democratic majorities in tbe State tlecti.ms in
Iowa aud the rt..I1(IniljaliulJ llf u,u Uut!tr bv
UUulliujOUS acc,uluittlllll for jV,rllor of Mas-
.M.haht.tu jn ,L
in tbe JJt ruoeratic Convention at
Springfield, all tuuke the Democrats extremely
jubilant. The New Yotk Sun booms William
S. Holtnan of Indiana, as its candidate for tbe
Presidency, with uch unquenchable persisten
cy that everyone teiieves it is a sort of blind to
cover the paper's real advocacy of Tilden. At
all events whatever Democratic candidate se
cures tbe nomination for tbe Presidency is ab
solutely certaio of election, for the Republicans
themselves have given up all hopes of tbe lead-
in Northern StatfcS Mlld the Southern States, in
Epite of all the speecb-Luaking in the world, will
continue for many a day to identify that party
with their conquerors in the rebellion.
Abroad the great sensation has been the biss-
ing of KiLg Alfonso of Spain, bv the populace of
i i - i r
Paris. The wav of it was this. There came an
. II. .1 : t T 1 .1 .
ror ''am at appointed King Alfonso of
I'ajiug uer u irienuiy timi, mraurnry v,viuueicie
of Prussian reoir.ients having been accepted
bv the Czar and tbe l'lince of Wales,
but the nest thing we hear is that when King
Alfonso XII. proceeded t? pay a similar friendly
vi-;it to the President of the French ltepublic,
immense crowds of the workiugmen aud lower
classes of the Parisians congregated outside of
the railway station where tbe King was ex
pected to alight, aud upon his appearance
booted aud hissed him, crying lJ Down with the
Uhlau King !" The soldiers aud i.olice had
great trouble iu keeping order, and tbe clamor
continued in all the streets through which the r
cortege passed, and insulting cries directed at
the King were persistently kept up. Presideut
Grevy s interview with poor Alfoi.so ut the
Spunish Embassy next day was, of course, of
the most cordial character, and all tbe Icadiug
Pans journals bad editorials deploriug the
bostile reception, and pointing out that the
populace. by its insult, was playing into the
bands of Bismarck, who possibly instigated the
Lmpe ror to bestow the L Ulau colonelcy ou Ai-
f onso just before the latter's departure for
France, on purpose to rouse the Parisian faua-
tics and alienate Spain from i ranee. President
Grevy apologized to the King, aud said after-
wards that he never expected to meet so inucu
coolness and dignity, in so young a sovereign.
Naturally Alfonso did nut prolong his stay in
Paris, but there was no demonstration by the
people upon bis departure. In Madrid be found
himself wonderfully popular. lie had ac
cepted a French escort to the boundary, and in
' I
dismissing it said that the courtesy ol the Gov-
...,t t i.;tfc- f l.ia
, : i.. .1.... i. : i.i
i-.rr..Tiil. r t li.. lilK Hlifl so Ibt liatlUU behind
ti... Kin,.. 11. ua ur.eted with an ovation on
bis arrival in Madrid, lie gave a reception and
Jered h QO wne should btJ refuseJ udmit.
Uuct alld tLe walls of the city were placarded
with sentiments hostile to the French, and the
- ..... t. i. - , ...
excellent rrfwm icsiuruis m j.uuhu iuii. .u
dtl,,ore tbe action of the mob in 1'aris. and
the, e was tv general row. Germany believed the
demonstratiau was really directed at her; that
. ........
the French wvi- lashing tneir old enemy over
l'u" '"o " " o
ceutly stated '.hat she regarded tbe whole inani-
. . i , , ,
testation as a sign of weakness, and that she
will taKe 11O uipioiriauu uoiicc oi iuo ouai. . .
WUi w uo P
Ring Alfonso's Ministry has resigned, and lie
has called for Posada Herrera, to whom he will
. 1 .1 m 1 i-k .
eTant power to dissolve the Chamber of Depu-
ties and make a uew illUltry more muepena-
. p.i-
tnt than the previous Cabmetrt.
In England the Queen is discovering some of
the naughty doings that have made the delight
of the newspaper fcr the past ten years, and she
baa adopted a most efficient way to end them.
She'bas issued a private memorandum, enjoin-
. L . . ,
ing the occupants of certain royal palaces to the
correction and reformation of their manners,
This means gambling, which she has found .ut
goes on regularly iu one of her palaces to an
nn...,n,U..t.1 rtcn (.nnrmnnn Ruma beilii?
""i" """"""" . .
lest and won, and the players sometimes keep-
t r
ing up their diversions late into the morning3 of
Sunday, and ofher days directed to te kept
. t . . a : x
holy. She waves fcer scepter and pommands,
Less bapcarat, young gentlemen r- lo
wmcuine repiy is, -o.e nu.uuu.
It is painful lo learp that th Czar's ride
through the streets of Moscow when he entered
it at his coronation, and whiob argued 6uoh con
fidence in his devoted subjects, and 6uch cour
age in his father'a sou, was all a sham, the per
son who rode not being tbe Emperor at all but
an officer of the Imperial Guard made up to re-
cmMi. V.5m Th nflliftla ftttnphed to the Brit-
,h .special embassy found ou the deception .and.
did not teep any more Biieni man peopie usuaiiy
. V it .
dO in SUCQ matterb.
Here in America we have a new horse and the
promise of a new comet. The new
comet, called
. ... .
one wno nas oeen fciuuying u, is uemunsira-
ted to belo2 JO tbi5 expected comet oi ana
I cinea its discoverv it has much Increased in bril-
. ,. .. ' '
honey. It ,s fast approachiDg the earth and sun
and will be vUible to the nakea eye Ueiore
Christmas. Tbe horse is a great trotter, Jay.
J r r
initials spelled out make the horse's name. Case
is of Keene. Wisconsin. Jay-Eye-See won the
Fleetwood Park great trot for $5,000 in New
fork City, against St. Julien in three beats, all
, it t. a t. i o
I which Jay-Eye-fcee won; first beat m 2:-
o,.u - , 010x7 tiV T
oU'f the second in 2:lSi and the third in 8:1a.
Jay-Eye-See ba trotted against time bnt has pp(
beat "uu reuora m, um fcTfnaiuEb arc
expected of bim.
Great Destruction of Property
The HopgKoii Duily Tresa of the 14th
September gives a full npd detailed ac
count of the recent riot at Canton, from
which we glean the follow lug particulars:
The antl-1'orelgn spirit which has latterly
been developing itself in Canton, growing
partly out of an unfortunate shooting affray
at Honani, has come to a most disastrous
cliwaJf by the aid of another lamentable
collision with pativts. It appears thatou
Monday morning, the Jith Sept., just be
fore the Bteamer Hankow's time of de
parture, the dead body of a Chinaman waa
brought on board, the persons bringing it
declaring that the man had been killed by
a watchman on board the steamer and de
manding justice. The Chinaman killed
was a young boarding hou.se runner named
Afung, nineteen years of age, lie went on
board the Hankow, to engage passages for
a number of boarders at hia house who in
tended coming down to Hongkong. He
wa9 met by the watchman, said to be a
Portuguese, who told him he had come too
early, and ordered him oft". The young
man seemed not disposed to go, and then
the watchman gave him a push or a kick,
and knocked him overboard, so that he fell
between the steamer and some boats and
was drowned. The body was uot recover
ed until some time afterwards, when the
Chinese took it on board as already stated.
This information was given in Hong
kong as the Chinese version of the cause of
the outbreak, and the accounts of people on
the spot seem to show that it is substan
tially correct.
The magistrate of the district, after hold
ing a hurried provisional inquiry, went on
board tbe Hankow, and demanded of the
Captain the man who had kicked the de
ceased overboard. This Capt Ogston re
fused to do, and then the magistrate left.
A vast crowd had by this time assembled
on the wharf and around its approaches,
and they clamorously took up the demand
of their magistrate, and finally becaue
highly excited and threatening. They
made an attempt to board the steamer; but
were repelled, and then they began to
throw brick- and other missiles on board,so
that it was deemed advisable to move the
vessel out of reach. The crowd fast increas
ed in numbers and temerity, and the
steamer having got out of reach they set
fire to tbe wharf, which was destroyed, to
gether with a steam launch belonging to
Captain Ogstou, which was lying on the
wharf at the time. News of the riotous
proceeilings having reached the officials a
body of soldiers were sent to the scene, but
tbey proved quite insufficient to control the
mob, who pelted them with stones and
drove them off. The rioters, having looted
a kerosine store nearby, then proceeded to
Shameen and attacked the foreign resi
dences, of which thirteen were burned
down aud some others looted. Fortunately
110 lives were lost, nor were any of the for
eigners much injured. The foreign con
suls, seeing the serious position of affairs,
hauled down their flags. Later on, the for-
eign community seem to have made some
stand against the mob, and to nave ueaien
heul back, and the work of destruction
came lo a en, for the time. 1 be watch-
man was in custody on board the Hankow,
jj. wag expected he would be transferred
Q one Qf tne KUnboats as soon as tney ar-
rVed. It appears a complication arose ow-
iug to the nationality of the man. As he
j3 a Portuguese the British Consul refused
jQ nave anything to do with him. Hie
French Consul, who acts also for the Portu-
guese,was willing to take the responsibility
Qj. t,e mans custody if the British Consul
wouu piace tho the British Gaol at his dis-
rgai for that purpose, but this also the
British Consul declined to accede to.
The foreign residents, not having- the
smallest idea of anything threatening, were
utterly unprepared. The day before they
had been moving about the place as usual ;
.1.-.. l.l ..U..;., In o nlana nitlMl 11 UPll for
- -
tne purpose, ana ine unve
The attack was partly irom monves ui c-
vuoc "'e-1-
"Iways to be found among the lower class-
es of Chinese, whose chief object was plun-
der and n.iscliief. 1 hey seem to
. . 1 . . . n J n av-m riAuni i rr r fit rii 1 nip
uuk wu l - ... .I ",,T
Ilve ueeu uasiiv uii.cu uai,w vuM
a 8'tt" for,Ce ' f tbe f H r f "Int 1
lectod to repel them. A numbei Btle-
-i,.jr M7 K,,f fcnriflp
(im bolnrr armed with about ten riues.
.,i ,m. awrrla
. . , .. iM,,i nfF
lurueu uui upu iu .aUU.c, '
lilfM smnkp before the Wind. SCrambllUET
Ike smoKe ueiore ine wina,
throurh the creek into the town, not wan-
- ..... 2 . I
. . ... Bmii hand to come to close
- !.-.
" , ,
ities. as USUal, appear tO have been either
le . W
" , , , . ' . -ii
I JOf me UIOU WUiau lueu ui" o nr cc. .T...
f. ui.i hl. cf,nH wna mn, nnrl
Q,i t o tn tUa ,lfnrftdatif.ns.
Hf 1 hArl hPPn mad before, the loss
. nrobablv have been prevented, but
vervone waa unDreDared. and flight was
tlmnwbt of thin resistance at the time
more lUOUgni. Ol man resihianco nixie,
gQme hftd nofc r,gen frQm bgdj amongat them
gome ladles, one of whom had a very nar-
' Chinese. She was has-
tny aroU9ed from bed caUfrht up her child,
. . ,1
I hurriedly threw on a erarmeuc or two, ana
, . f . . gh w&g
then galned forth for tbe boats, sne was
fay gome chinege and only just got
the boafc in time other ladieg gofc Qn
1 - -
steamers under almost equally
hft-doI19 cinm5t.n, fr0m the houses
Proved or looted, several had hut a few
o-nrmnta h.mtllv thrown on. but haDDllv
all gop on QOara ine Sieamers saieiy. vjne
lady With an infant only a few week Old.
was Simply in ner aressing gown arm ine
Child in its night Clothes. Another lady
r. i t.m. hotl. tvliari fV.a alarm urna orlvAn
wtv3 ,u " " e.
and she also only had time to sup on a
uMS:np' P-own. Mr. Orundv was assistinsr
. . "
I XI 1 ,1 1 nf V. Tnrlnn M iQQinn t ttla
8teame- when his ownhousewa9 firedf and
, .i,;
1P went down to Honkong with nothing
I . . ...ii,.. V,f tn Tha r.l-.r or. co'
uc r" P "
. i w i ii .ir . r . i r l u i ui rkj i . r i u ' i j t 1 1 iih r i
'"jj -w r'" x
was mat oi Mr. oeuroeier, suipuiuu uicim.
jNiessrs. csiemssen a. kaj. ut vaui
ceived fiome small ghot WOuuds, which are
. , f h h firl bv one of the
. , . , . j i .
LiUipese fFoqps, wno are Baiu to uye oeeii
"L'thv with tbe rabble than
. f t m, V i
with the foreigners,. There is a strong feeN
I I fntrln traofarl hv iYta TlritluH mitlmrl. I
ucc" ,
ties In leaving them Utterly unprotected af-
ter the uneasiness caused by the late fatal
"booting. affair After the Settlement was
cleared the Chinese troops arrived in great
- , a nftm
numbers, and formed a large camp ou the
..... . .
Bund. Tbe residents. alsoXofnea a defence
th evenintT. Which thev divided
7 :F .7 .rt. r
three hours each in patrolling the plaoe.
In order to allay tho popular excitement
and induce the people to disperse quietly,
the Provincial Judge issued a proclamation
of which the following is a rough transla
tion: i
'Tne Kwangtung Judge issued a special
TKPl,lnMa.lV!ffn manalansrhtr naa
will be tried by the authorities. If you give
vent to your angry passions then surely the
affair will be magnified. Each one must
A 1. anA off ur.il f r Kia nivn K.iai.
neSS, then there .Will not be anxiety.
A speoial prqclamatlqu. Jwpne Sju, qtn
vanr CtVt mnnn. lAth daV. A. DrOClamatlCn.
J 1 - .
The Daily Press says, editorially, that
" The result of this riot will of course be
the demand, by the Treaty Powers concern
ed, full compensation for damages done to
property and an ample imdemnity for in
Jury suffered This wiU raean a heavy
claim on the Chinese Government. The at.
tonlr woo nil tracrAOIllJ. unwarrantable, and
j Til . V-.V.?V. tKrv,ln
wholly indefensible J for wbion the Chlneae
flovcrnmflnt will hav to accent, tne resoon
slbility and pay the piper."
UTlie Cabinet.
His Ex W M Ciibsuu. Foreign Affair. Premier
His Ex Johu M Kai'eua, Finance
His Ex C T tiulnk. Interior.
His x W M Gibson, Attorney-General int-rxm.
Supreme Court.
Hon AltK-rt F Juda. CLit! Justice
Uou I, McCully. Fnt Associate Justicr
Hon li ii Austin. Second Associate Jutice
Wiiliaiu Foster, i 1. rk.
Ilt-urv .-niith, le;mty e le:k.
uy ntm;;s in ;:: lulu. First M. m iay in Jnia-v
;.rl!. J my anil October
I'olioe Ciirt
Hon H F Uickerton. Magistrate
Board ot Kduoutluu.
His W M Gilson, president
1 D Baldwin. Inspector oeneriU of Soh'ol
W Jarues Smith, Secretary
Board of Health.
His i i V M Gibson. 1'rcsident
Dr O Trosseau, Port Physician
Dr. li. W Parker, Secretary.
John H Brown, Agent
Board of Immigration.
His Excellency C. T. Gu!ick. President (ox offlcio).
Walter M. (iibson
" J M Kapena,
lion. J. S. alter
John S. Smithies, Secretary
Government Oftioials.
Audltor-General Hon. J. S. v"f.;
Department Foreign Affairs CP . -k-... ; lief IMerk
Department Interior J A Uassin . ' -r Clerk
Department Finance F. S. Pratt, i..-.irar
Department Attorney -General, Autoue Kosa, 1'lerk
Professor W D Alexander, Surveyor-General
Curtin J Lyons, Assistant-Surveyor
W C Parke. Marshal of the Kingdom
David Davton. Deputy Marshal
Thomas Brown, lit-jjistrar of Conveyances
M Haau. M D physician to the Insane Asylum
C B Wilson. Superintendent Water Works
Othce hours from U A 5. to i e M ; on Saturday they close
at noon
Postal Department.
Postuiaster-General, Hon H M Whitney
Assistant Postmaster-General, I B Peterson
The Post Ottice is in Merchant street. Ordinary office
hours, 8 a M to 4 P M every day, except Sundays. When
mail steamers arrive alter office hours, or on Sundays,
mails are sorted as soon as delivered, and a Reneral delivery
i, ,.!.. Letters are not delivered in Honolulu by carriers.
but mu-t be enquired for at the delivery window of the
Post Office. Private boxes are obtained by application to
the Chief Postmaster; annual fee fii.
Mails for Foreign Countries are dispatched by the reg
ular mail packets of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company.
Note When sailing vessels leave Honolulu for San
Francisco at dates which render it probable that thy
will reach that port before the next mail steamer, mails
for America are dispatched by them.
Mail matter must be deposted iu the ottice osB Hoi'Kbe
fore advertised time of closing the mails to ensure trans
Postal Rates.
United States of America, Dominion of Canada and
Mexico : Letters, 5 cents per )4 oz ; postal cards, 2 cents :
newspapers, - cents per 2 ozs.
Japau ports iu China having U P U Offices ; Straits Set
tlements and Manila ; Letters. 10 cents per 54 oz ; Postal
Curds, -J cents ; newspapers, 3 cents per 2 ozs.
Great Britain, France, Germany and all other U PU
Countries and Colonies ; Letters, 10 cents per J4 oz pos
al cards, 3 cents ; newspapers, 2 cents per 2 ozs.
Australia and New Zealand ; Letters, 12 cents ; news-
apers, 2 cents each, irrespective of weight.
Kegiatration fee. 10 cents.
KetfistraUou fee if return receipt is required 15 cents.
G overnor of Oahi'
His Ex J O Doiuinis
Customs Department-
W F Alien, Collector-General
E 11 Hendry, Deputy-Collector
Storekeeper, 1 Q Tewksbury
First Statistical Clerk, Warren Chaiuborlaiu
Second Statistical Clerk, George Markhatu
Entry Clerk, Charles K Stillmau
Capt A Fuller, Harbor Master
Captains A Mclutyre, W Babcock, P P Shepherd, PiloU
J U Morrill Port Survevor
Guards J Markham, K H Mossman. il M Fuller, It Par
menier Inter-lsila.ii.cl -Mailt.
For Hawaii Tuesday, per Likeiike, 3.30 p M
for Hawaii (Kona and Kaul, per Iwalani, every hird
Monday aud every third Thursday, 3.30 p u
For Maui Monday, per Kilauea Hon, 3.:!0 pa ; Tuesday,
per Likeiike, 3.30 p m ; occosionally per Lenua
For Kauai Monday per 0 It Bishop, 4 p ; Thursday
per James Makee. 4PM
Xjioenssecl Camuaes.
SUnds for Vehicle plying for hire have been fixed as
follows :
On Queeu street, corner of Fort street
On yueen street, corner of Nuuanu street
On Merchant street, corner of Bethel street
On Merchant street, corner of Fort street
On King street, corner of Richard street
Uu Hotel street, corner of Fort street
On Hotel street, corner of Nuuanu street
On Hotel street, opposite Hawaiian Hotel
The rates of fare are ;
For tbe inner area, say to or from any point between
Beretauia street and the Harbor, and between Punchbowl
street and the Kiver. 12)6 cents each nerson.
For longer distances in town, say to or from any point
between the Second Bridge, Nuuanu road and the Harbor
dtue Wuat caeer House" on the Ewa road and the
p1,i,n.Ktreet 25 cents each person.
,-i.ii.irei. under three vears old are free : from three to
ten years old, half fare.
Time iutes-For one passenger for the first hour. $i:
for eaou additional passenger, SO cents j for each addi-
Jjonal uour 50 cents per passenKer
I Drivers are not obliged to take a single passenger for
. ordinary rare oeyouu idb iwn-mue unm. io wagon i
licensed' to carry more th,u t -r persons including tl,e
ifo-Tickeis of ta v .lue of ias cents can be ob-
?L"e,1 V.SSZiJ leg1
" c-iia.
nrTBF.Rev s a Damon. Chaplain, stu
street, near the sailor s Home. Preaching at ll a m.
Soatafree. Sabbath Sohool before the morning service.
Prayer meetiug on Wednesday evenings 7 o'clock,
fobt street chchch itev J A cruzan, Pastor, corner
f. SllttZ&TiSlV? mt "
St. axdhbw's Cathedral English services; Right
th. Kishou of Honolulu. Hawaiian services; Kev
v." ".r , i.,Linth. b.mo: Hoiv Communion. 9.30
Matina and on (Uawaiian) ; 11 Matw; Litany and
1 rn.tiioh h vpnmiri' 1 :i&w&hbui : i.ju. i.vcu
bodk aud Sermon cEnglish).
I Tr wr ' a rtlllT.TO UHUllCrl uuusr IUO UUHI 11 V VI iUVU
1 .
v (Er'sSeX
day : mw at g, 1 ,u4 M a - s Vespers at 2 and ?
BHie Districts ot Honolulu
No. 1. BoundoJ by School, Lililia, Judd. V4 Punch
nQlluae4 y Beretania. Uliba. School, and Fort
by ki. Berotania. and Port street..
No t.Bounded by water-frout. King and Fort streets.
u0. 5.Bouadod by wator-front, Fort, King, and Richard
I trefcts .
N 6Bounded by King. Kort. Beretanla, and Richard
. ? '.
I boWl streets.
I .. . . . . . i u:. j u
Punchbowl streets. .
No.9. Bouudea oy water-rront. ruucuooi, JO
orU 8treets.
I . vr in c,.r-.o,l l.u Ki nn. Vifttnria.tand Piikoi Streets.
No.' iT-Bonded by PUkoUtreet, Wilder Avenue, and
i , . .
i rumnou-Bireej.
o. n. uiswici uej-oiu ruuuuu-...
No. 13. The Harbor
Engine Company No. 1 Corner King and Richard sts.
Enzine Company 2, aad Hook and Ladder Company
Engine Company No 2, a
lu Bell-tower Building,
lu Bell-tower Building,
En3ine Company 'a. 4-v uiw Juunu d iJeretsaia
Engine Company -n a s-.a.ingrsiree, vwu uuwi
tnd Maunakea streets.
Pacific Hose Company No. 1 King-street, between Fort
IIonoluluFlre Department.
Chief Engineer John Xott.
First AssUtant Charles B. Wilsoi.
Second Assistant M. D. Monsarrat.
Fire Marshal James W. M'Ouire ; office, BeU-tower.
Secretary Fire Department, Henry Smith.
Fire Alarm. Sia:nals,
ti. K.A.ir.l number struck on the tell at Towesnp to
and inoludinaKo-lll Nos. U and U are struck with one
tap. followed by two or three.
Hawaiian Counoll . !!, Araer
loan ijoif iuii . . n.i. .
f tt vidMdcre. Commander. Meeting nights, second
l" fnnrth Thursday in each month. . K. of 1. Hall, next
to Reading Room, Fort-street.
Le ProgTes de l'Oeeanie, No. 124, A and A S It, mts
on Kinar t I-- Mon in eacn month.
Hawaiian No. 21, F and A M, meet oor Fort an.4 tU,
rti Hrt Maaday in each month..
Royal Ai.i.n Chapter n.eew in Hall of Le Progres de
sl 1 hurliv of the month.
Commandery of Knights TempUr meeu every 2X tnnrs-
deanev Ttaft
a,v in the month,
1 1,
I Alexander Liholiho CohucU of Kadoah, A It A BR,
ml?et4 Cn third Mondav of alternate months from Feb.
I Exlsior So.1,100 F, meets each Tuesday in Chl Fel,
OffltNoi.ioop.iSMeUatoad rd.
I i jTiToii tir.it sn.l third Friday in each. month.
I . vVt r n r. r ... .ur.h Vnnrl.v'in hall nf
ilinnOBj a, " " .
Excel-uor Lod?e.
Uahu No. 1, K OX i . meets ean euneiiy n".
CnrnM ' KlflClC. tort St.
Hawaiian Tribe No. 1, Improved Order of Red Men,
mota verv Fridar at hall of K of P.
Court Lunalilo No. 6,600, A O F, meeU at hay qf Z of
P second and fourth Tutdday f nonth.
Sloinictr Star Lodge, No. 1, Knights qi JertLsakm. moots
every Frilay everting atliall onvMnnaPa St.
Hawaiian Gouncil No. 6a9, A Lot H, nyt on the 2d and
ast Thursday of eaoh month in Knights of Pythias Hall.
Oceania Council Jo ?. i. A i oi tt, meets an tne um
I thirdTuesdaTsof each month in hall of Knights of Pythias.
eg6 w DeLong Post x? . a a r. meets in tail of
- Knights ot t-ytnias on "ui uuay u w
Algeroba Lode o. l, i u w i, meeta ia an(ii ci
PTthiaa' Hall event Monday sight.
At the Old Stand, No, 8 Kaahumanu Street,
Tift, COPPER & SHEET IRON 170 ill: E
PLUMBING, in all its branches;
Uncle Sam. Medallion, lliclmiunil. Tij" Tip. Uulatv, Flora. M:iy. t'oiitest, (iian.l l'li.c. New Kn.il,
(lor. Derby. Wren. Dolly, (!ypv. Queen. Pansy A Artvy ilani s. Miina C'hovta. Hurl,. Snj i lwr,
Magnet, Osceola. Alnieda. Eclipse, t'l.ai ter Oak. Nimble, lnwood V Laniiuiy Stov s.
Galvanized Iron A- Copper I'.oil. rs for I!aiiK',!4. (iranite Iron Wan-, Nicl.il Plat..! Plain,
Galvanized Iron Water Pipe, all sizes, and laid
on at Lowest Hates ; Cast & Lead Soil Pipe.
Mouse Furnishing Goods I
Lift and Fores Pumps, Cistern Tumps, Galvanized Iron. Sheet Copper, Sheet I.ea.l.
,Lead Pipe, Tin l'late-. Water Closet-., Marble' Slabs and IJowU. r.iiaineled Wali St.uel ...
Chandeliers, Xiaanps, Xianterns
ral public tbat he has opened a
(mv Stoye & House rurnishinn Hardware SI ore
Opposite S. G. Wilder & Co.'s Lumber Yard, about JULY 1st,
Goods per " Discovery " from San Francisco, from
New York ; and also from Liverpool per ' Oberon."
By the ' Discovery 1 1 have received the following Stoves & Ranges
fcfc 1 If " 2z-. A fix Hole Rarifje wiiii I1HOI 1.1 Ml 1 1 K A UT II nml LtllilK 20 inch
Vl. MJM JM. OVKN, htind a new fe .ture in a family Hani'.-.
6 Hawaii,' 6 Aloha 9 and 'Oahu' Ranges
Built to Stand Hard Work.
Wrought Iron Ranges for Plantation Use
Largo Assortment oi
Mouse F'urziisSiing Mar&was?,
Jtc., X.c, A-r. ic, l.r.,
"Well Casing and. 1-tydraulic Pipe
Made to Order, and Work of All Kinds in mv Lino promptly attended to.
P, O. BOX 294.
Most Complete Assortm'nt
IN Tfl K
Hawaiian Islands !
As the greater portion ol our Block
Is Obtained from First Hands
Sell at Very Low Figures.
Crown Perfumery Co.,
Parke, Davis & Co.,
Manufacturing Chemists
Homoepathic Medicine Co.
Warranted notio Breai ! Rust! Qr Wear um
Physicians' Prescriptions
....carefully prepared
By an Experienced . Pharmacisv
r4'82 69 NUUANU ST1BK.. madlm
l VfT T
Stock; Broker
OFFICE With E. P. Adams, Auctioneer.
O and Bears cab hny Lon or Sell Short on small
money to loan
ON ST OCK S, Q n ft S,
or any good collateral, at lew rait at Interest
' ' marl 7 If
:: ,-...- 1
sir 1
w - , mm
sax iv
Can Seud Mimcy hut This (lllbi-
1J.V I- - rVXone.v Order,
t:T.Ti:ornLE ok iti-K.
Jljll) .IA-W
Important to Shipmasters.
The Daily Pacific Commkiicial Auvun rsEit chii
lje Hiijiplicd to HliipmastcrH in I'ort on board t.f
ifir voMselH every morning lK-foro H clock.
JeruiH 2-y cents j)er week.
Tlio Paixtr Carrier will tako orJerM and collect
the HubHcriptionH.
Mrs. W. H. Wilkinson
in now Opening a 8ilcudid Stock of
Rich Satins,
Dress Silks, &c,
Just Received from Liverpool
Ail tho Latest Styles
Ladies Undorwoar, etc..
Carefully Selected by Mrs. Davis in Per
son, in San Francisco.
Whom,- Taste ami Arctic Skill Lu Uor tofwre met.
the hearty approval of the Ladies of this City.
Particulars in Future Advertisement.
tnch dtf. '
IVo. AI Merchant Stiet,
has opened the same a
A First-Class Boarding IIouso.
Tho cl.arg n will be reasonablo, and th.-TkbU will Le
served -with lh- Cost the farket Afford-.
CT Hot Lunch every day at 12 o'clock.

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