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H..ti u . Saturday Oct.Ur 27. W3.
. ,-tht r
jf t' 1 1
-r!i a- '
than the ordinary uany traiiic
retail store, ha, auriiis
lt.lv i" '
..r Mill I.l:aHia. wan oia i im.iie
',' ,;i7.-..i"'. -ubject ta mortgage
M r
inf-rc-.-i i
il. Turton
From Sao Fraociaco, j t Alameda. Oct. 22 MO aka flonr
i 7J0 BkaoaU, 2 tka bran, 20O aka barley, 037 bags pboa-
r hatra, t oxea druK, 1? rtw procrtes. etc, 300 ks po-
tatoe. 350 boxea appla. 13 bbU salmon. 153 ca liquors,
, 150 kira nails. 15 iron safta. lfri irfn bar. 9 ca sewing ma
; chine. 16 ra Renral men handise, 11 bale leather, 110
: la cat oil, po.ta.70 piecea lumber,! tuat, 3J ca
manufalnrini; c otton. 12 cn tobacco, 7'Jl bale, bay, 14 ca
dry gooda, IS ca hardware.
To can FrauriM.-.., pr City of Sydney, 4 tctober 22 2,909
lava aoar, 477 l.niitbea bananas, 5 bdU bttel leaves.
II. HackM.l A Co. were
-nauier f the Oceanic Steam-hip
Al.m:fl. artivtd on schedule time
bringim? r8c ,,rK of gnerl
si,., a mainmast and par for th
-' '" J. mrif: of Svilrif-T caD.e
v nU iu,'ht lat ail-l
,n Prt. taUine baK of sugar. anl
,n, K. bitiana.
T. uitcr-i.Ul ,t.ii.rr PUnn r arrived ou
? lt ii-t and on Tuesday next she will make
.1. n tript the lsiana oi ni.
arrive! the ame Uay, bringing m
...ja.-ry ai
i'T -i to a s-ner.il nr-o of merchandise, several j
l llV h. ad of .t.xk and cattle, the importation . i y
V.t r K MWof KohaU. HJrF.P.RF.l:A-At Ei
J " . , i ...... ti. en- J.re tim-rrera, a tf.:
... j,. rr,kt- f..- th- k ;ri- tl.-tity i
, "i .1 J. A. Fu'.Kiuh.ir,' f-.r Sii Fran- ; ------------------
Th kteaiunbip City uf yduev, Drarboru coruiuaoder,
diM hargel Syducy pilot October 4tb. at 3.41 P. M.; re
ceivei Aurkland pilot OctoUr 9th. at 2:10 l'.M dia
charged Auckland pilot October loth at 6.12 A. VI re
Hved Houol ilu vllwt October 21rt, at ":3o P. M.; 2 eabla
1 ateerag and 11 t' n of freight for Hor.o'.ala : 14 cabin
22 ttera;;e a ad l-na of freight for an rranclsco
Bad pleaar.t weather and L'ght winds.
The Oct&cic tearrithij. Company'a Kteamshlp Alameda.
! II. O. iiotze rurumander. aailed from San Irauriaco at
j 8 P. M. October l'lh, with 95 ton freight and 41 paen
l ger; di-chanreJ pilot at 4:16; October ICth. at t:V P. II..
i lat. 34 dei. 47 min.. long 120 de$ 57 min.. paied a briit-
antlne ataoding to the aoathward ; moderate west north
I vett and northerly wind, with fine weather ; arrived at
Honolulu at 130 P.M. October 22d ; average apeed, 300
knots per day.
Ealibi, October S2, ISM. to the wife of
f.r rortlatKl. Or-. .Marina
and the Mary K. D'-d;,'- for
.tntutfii and aiiHirtenaiii-s
auction thi- day l.v Mr. E.
l) ,vi
i .'i.aMe r.t
.i t Ii . t.nl'.:'
.. ral iu.l-rtant -hrter ere -rnt d at the
. , . f tl,. 1'i'iw t'oui.ril on Wediu day la.t.
ii - -
(Commercial oDcrtiser.
The Mile Morris brought 235 nbeep from Lanai.
The Dibcovcry ahipped 500 hags of sugar re
ceived from Waimanalo.
The Liloliho taken a complete set of rollers for
the Lihue mill.
The Planter will leave for Maalaea, Kona and
Kau on Tuesday next at 4 p. m.
Another case in which a minor was liberated
from contract service came Ix-foie the Chief Ju:
tice on Tuesday lat.
The bank aud principul places of businc closed
at noon on Wednesday last, out of respect to the
memory of the late J. C Pflutjer.
The eligible business premises at the corner of
Nnuanu and Kinc streets are undergoing repairs,
prior to being r.:ocii d by a Chinese firm.
The magistrate who issued the warrant for the
arrest of Kamaka, a minor, on a charge of deser
tion, is Mr. S. V. Kaai. a former member of the
Messrs. Antone Kosa and A. C. Smith, appli
cants for adniissii.n to the bar, have been
examined by the Justices of the Supreme Court.
The examination has not yet been completed.
Mr. E. E. Bailey, of the great 10-cent store, has
aold out his entire interest in that institution to
Mr. William Colby, who has placed Capti in James
Johnson, formerly of the firm of Lycan V John
son, in cnarge.
On Thursday evening Jamet Iiryce, Emi., M. P.,
lectured at the Hall of the Y. M. C. A. The
gentleman chore for hi subject ' Recollections
Houi-e of
.OCTOBER 27. 1H13
tl.- iid r.mn f
. lu ll !:-v' is I'-'i'I or notiriy. iu
iU from trie A-r-" and some
i h-r
,i.t of 1. b
,1 rue r bandit irom 1.011.10...
.cfaihirn- A '... are a,. nts r..r tin- vessel.
liotTiituu "f Indoii. 'iiiimisF.j..nfr ol
Imaiiirati.-ti f .r th.s Kingdom, through the tuter
pn f ! fir" broe a uuml-t-r of inimi
,'tauZa hv - brongh. h-re from Madeira aud
i.br cinr'-i ii iiw
.iir plantations. 1
V. Mj
,ork on
lv the Zc-ilalidia. which vel j
La Azores 1111
Iia:au'r' i"n
iirT"d to arriv
my W considered t be due bere tUU evening.
N.-w of Mr. lloJiiung-- intend, d vi,il w received
. Col. Mi.farUue by a cablegram forwarded
f r .in iii I'riu i l- r Alameda.
dl ad 01 TLurmlay U' H. tlie 1st
The Supreme Court adjourned yesterday alter
IK Hilt Se !.
The P. M. S. S. Zialaudia is due to-morrow with
date.- to the 2lst iurtaut.
The schooner' Ka Moi hroitght 2.030 bags of eu
gar. The steamer C. Ii. Uishoi took seven horses for
The eteamer Mokolii brought 1.UO0 bags of rice
aud paddy.
One of the crew of the schooner Man died in a
tit at Paauhau.
The JLehua brought 12o sheep and 50 packages
of native merchandise.
la-sengiTH already lokcd.
1 v;i ...... llr.11 l.rniirbt from Kahului
r, x and wiU lake av a fair car ft this -ei- "
,,ro. ami - ,.ri,,tt. uuiuUr of ' 2."'J bags of sugar; 3 horses.
i 1 ne L.iKCii,e viuuniii .- ""p,-.
j of cattle, 10 calves, 4 In aud 157 hides,
j The Steamer C. H. Uishop brought 739 sacks of
; sugar. 144 sacks of rice; 19 bales .f wool.
! The Discovery's cargo was valued in Sail Fran
j cisco at $13,909 and $6,898. goods in transit.
' On Wednesday, the 10th of October. San Fran
i cisco was visited by a heavy shock of earthquake,
j Ir. Ilrodie took a trip to the Coast in the City.
POltr OF HONOLULU, 11. 1.
How!.Cl.C, al.iroa . t -brr i
8i.ur Planter. x- 11 da l"
tm KiUuea Hm ar. troui Kahulu.. Maul
to "ne U,ry tm 11 day- tr. .0 . Pr.ie,-. ..
tkr Kliilka., fri Waia.ua. ahu
Srbr Waleao. U'ta Mali.aa
. hr Ualeaaala. Irnt llilo, Hawaii
-ur Oe swl tr-m v a.anae, Oabu.
llosoi.iLV. ?U!i !a, Ul.er il.
Sttm I'y ylney. Am.. Warb.re. 1t rylne an I
Aiklanl. 1.1....
Mur Ijenke. Kin. Irom windward ifi-
II001.L-1.l-, Mouda. .-to--r 11.
Alaiue.!a (Anil. Mono., from Pan Krauca.-...
ffht Mm Keiki. fnm Lauah.h
S. ar Waimaba. fromfaabau
bf !aJanukawai.lrwi llauamaulu
llos.-LCLU. ToesJay, Ih-l.iUr 2J.
itmr.Ume.Maie. Mrl'onald. from Kauai, Oahu
.vbr CttTka. f.--" Haualet
ilooiXLr. We.ln.--day, Ifc lofjet a
a. kr Mailu. frcaa Kuktuliael.-. Hawaii
rrtt Jlettie Merrill, from Lahama
Uoxolcli'. Thiir.!a. . tvjber 25.
hr Mil' M..rri. Irom Uanai
". br Kiilamanu, from lKaU
hr riuroa. from tl.eta
br W i.-li. from Paauhau
, nr V al.e. lr.m Malik"
H.i.ru', 1'fl'lay. ta:jr 2i.
rtfu.r Ia!anl. ISte.. from Kona an t Kau
Stmr il. k..ln, MtUregor, from K.-jUuJ
M.ur Lebua. bKrowu. fruiu M .Ikn "
A rt bra h.ur ( Am). I ro.u I tw An4ic
. Ur l'tuU.. lrin Puna
Uoi l lC. Saturday, trt..tr 20.
r I.kaul'i 'h'. for HaUi
liasou-U', Suu.lay. Ot tober 21 .
t M Cay ol Sydney, Ara IeartHrn, lor au Fran
l"' 11 ..soLCtr, Monday. 0t..tr 22.
atmr C R B.hop. Tamemn. for Kaii
' tmr EU..uea Hu. win. for Kahului. M.u.
Mur Lrhua. Ur. nzeo, for liana, Maui
,-tmr Mokolii. Mc.reifir, for KoUao, Oahu
i.-hr Leabi. for Kobolalel-. Hawaii
4. br Waiehu. for Waimanalo. Uabu
s br Kbukai. for Waialua. Oabu
Uo3ioi.ri.n. Tuesday. October 1
St.ar l-ikel.ke. Kmfc f.r anudward ytU
U.r Manna l.aT(ATu . r lloi.'konrf
naa k Alalls.'ate . Brii). fr port.and. Or
Hi'ne Jane A r alkmbiir? Am), l-r San Iraociaeo
?HLr Mary K Ibe ( tur llumUddt l ay
5. kr Waiuialu. for Uakaiau, Ilaa.l
HoN.itn.r. Wednesday. -tober2l.
e-nur aimaaalo, Nelo, l-r Waimanalo
0. bt l u S.-ifc-el. I"- Koolau. '!al.u
s Itr Nary Au. e, ir jtloitai
1I'X'L.UV. '1'hura.lay. OetoU-r 25.
?. Vr a. a Mot. for Laavn-.o. h
-. tr 'atenna. for Umra f
. Kaiaikeaoull. tar ' ---
k Uanokawto. V - v
ckt Kapiolani. tro H
!I s Li LC, r nday. O. t'be'n
att Jaiata Makee, MclXnald. for Kauai
av-k 'ti Merrill. fr Latiama. u
a j -ion, tr Kukuiba.-le. tlawa'i
avfer : -aa,for Ueeta
r-ar U.- i'bo. for Nalliwill
ttAt M.!oi, l-n Uakalaa
Kr..m 8yduv, per City of Sydney, October 21-Mr and
Vro.m San' Francisco, per steamship Tlanter, October
u k . VI rm i .rt.Ka aild Child. 1 tk. t Vf e.
Krom France. Wr atne Macovr7; October 20
W J luderh.. J Klin.-er an.l wif. t R Mile and wife.
From w aialua. per Mokolii. v wutr -
x v 11. 11. .it i-r..f Wood. C tlJridjte
w-C K Bishop. October 2-v-A O Forbea.
4i R Kowell. P P Kanoa, K 1. Moliz, U Willi. W Heine.
'rromKakului. Maui, per Ella .ea Hou, . October 20-E
. . u v . i .n.n.kr 11 i urneU sod wile. ne
mo-lin. ... ' ""I "
Mia-ea 1 amptiell. and J7 deck.
i-rom windw.rl porta, per Ukehke, October 21-Uoo
C Hart. K t sbearboro, J l'-ryce. K T spencer. Mrs
M lwai. M f-ebnii.lt. Mr Lee lVy. Lee Cbong.
T rurneaux. A Kana. tt .nee. W Haakanea. Mra J ii
MilU. Miaa A Mill. J W 1. M.-.i .ire. Mr. U Clarae. Misa
"aole.M T l-.noees.J W lUUn J ;U and wife. C
M .ford. i M Moiiaarra.t. Obed, Ah Lau, U K 1 as
enyer. I. A An trwa. tr Hotid. Mra Mabaolelua and
child. Ml Kalualui.
r. B.n I ranciaco, per Alameda, October 22 W B
ltoV M?a HulLsTk. i... Bullock. ' Blauck. Mr.
j Wrtlind. I H ennell. lt K McK.bb.n. Cb.rle. A
Ei. W uVtUcr. Mr. W C Wilde, and aon, Mra E L
. . 1 u. .
Wm BleahdoTB. J 1. Braup,r.." I . " ' i, "
OiwMav. aW r raier.O l arltou. red Auderaoo. Mr
fcyan ail chi)tren,and M McCarthy.
From Kauai, per James Makee, October 2J-Mr Cak.r.
For Kauai. Is r C B Bishop. Outolr 22 Mr Iwis.
Mr Braikvroy. wife and ch.ld, Mr and Mr, Ueo Dole. W II
'"..""frJh.-HR H UliuAa'ani.
tkiTlJominVrMi L SUeldn,WU I uaim.ngs, Cecil
& i.tk n.l.lwin
w. . K ,,uIm7 cr kllauea Hon. O. tober 22 J Ivin, I
Mr 41 L Park.T and ebildreu. P T Tbornton, Mla J t
Muj, c M Turner, J A li rner, J P Ingram, U W ToIIo.
F windward port-, per Likelike. October 23 T J
Hayaeldeu. J Smith, k" Ma.-keuatw. Mr J Austin. 1-ewl
faolus. W ll.ine, C Notiey. E B Thomaa. U Turton Jr.
j w alker. Mra II Cornwfll. Sam Parker, J K lender, Mr
.Terr. L. A Andrew. J R Kynneraley. c A Kenney, 9 O
IT I'der. ii O-born. E M'rrie, L Way. W Y Horner. W 11
Richard. H Blank, O B Boe.
lord. U V Olade. Kobert Laverv. M Niser. J r ord.
wiiker. tie.. ewmau, Wni OHer. J.ha O Wilson,
From windward ports jr I waUnl. October 2-II A
tireeowell. E U Bobbins. J C Pan Jr. Mra L. Baolukou,
vJZh LaieVti Ii Boardman, O W C-onea, Mi-. U Jones,
Mr? W C Line. Mra J Kaae. W U Cornwell. G Klntf.
" cr, FennelL hitteck. Morton. Luoa.lol-
te, Porbe. Johnson. Scou. Stone, aud W deck.
r.ar Kauai, per Jame. Makee 0.fber 2o J Titcomb,
Vira Jobn Wngbt, r A Butler. Mr Onnu. Mr Eichardson.
rm h Proeico, per Planter, October 2-24,4.0
reicalW bl U-Tl P. k -U.nberlaod
L boM ..lmon.4 S P--.4. i2J pk. aundriea. 30
LmL7.m S.n r iau -i- o. lr bkm Pi-eovory, Oatobj-r 20
Jl'CalVlu?,: 10. aks J.I. 1- far. 270 mm barley
i.l..k. l..;.:i.3 Pk? rr.-eri, etc, 810 Ptdag aneral
iue--h-l'e 2U bbU lime, J bbU aalmon. 6 pka lead.
m-blnerr, carboy. adO. 115 -rhert, Ua. bbU
.tifi.k, 215 pkg. door, windows. loO pkg furniture,
21 mtti,li5horea,94ho(ra.lcow.
From Att-trsU and Saw Zealand, per City of . Sylnef.
October 21-03 cs mtiU. 2 ca plant. 2o CJ butter, hi
ftgt proTislonf , 1 pkg aaddlery.
. .
! of Sydney. He proposes returning neat muum.
! Mr. C. O. berger has received a new cousign
i nicnl .f Macneale A Urban' safes.
Judge Fornander advertises an important notice
': to the taxpayers in "Makawao.
' The Honpaul Neumann will make his first ap
', pcarauce at the Kar of the Supreme Court of the
'. Hawaiian Islands towUy (Saturday).
' In rerdv to a contemporary ur shipping report-
er de-ire to say that one posi-poie wouiu ma
Kilauea U 'U v,ry sof n if bored in her bottom.
In our San r-raucisc'j Utter will be found the
full particulars ,f the insult offered to King
Alfonso by a mob of Parisians.
We welcome the return of Mr. Furneaux, our
local artist after an extended visit to the Island o
? The S. S. Planter was examined in San Francis
co and rated 2.3 All in French Veritas, for ten
The J. L- Spreekcls ch ared from San Francisco
for Kahului with a miscellaneous cargo valued at
V neat corrugated iron fence about seven feet
high, is being ere.-e.l around the Commercial Ho
U B M Ships Swiftsure and Sappho arrived in
San Francisco on the Hth of October, from Esqni-mault.
Oar thanks are d te p Mr. J. M. Oat. Jr., for his
courtesy in placing the latest papers from the
Coast at our disposal.
The C-rrc,an bark Mazatlan, from Bremen for
this port, vu spoken on the 13th of August, Lat.
2 Lons- 23 W.
Amongst the- passenger per Alameda, we note
the return of Dr. Robert McKibbin who has been
on a vuit to the "ould country."
Flags vrere displayea at nan mast iuri,'
weekfrom the stTeral Consulates out of respec
.a a i T Tiflnnnw
to t: memory ol tnc late j. s. ahu0ci.
His - .tllency Governor Dominis returned on
Saturday morning from his trip to waiaiua, ap
parently much benefitted by the change oi air.
The live stock market was replenished by the ar
rival of tho barkentine Discovery on Saturday last,
to the extent of 51 mules, 16 horses, 94 hogs and 1
The Secretary of tho Kapiolaui Park Association
notifies shareholders that the choice of lots to
which they are entitled will be sold by public
auction on Wednesday, November 21st.
The United States steamer Alert, which has been
undergoing repairs for some time at Mare Island,
has been placed in commissiou. Her destination
U ta Asiatic ports, touching at Honolulu.
The S. S. Gaelic, 1713 tons, built at Belfast, Ire
land, in 1372. lately owned by the Occidental and
Oriental Steam Navigation Company (White Star
Line) has been sold tor Spanish account and her
name changed to Hugo.
A new device for catching fish Las been lately
put in practice in these waters. One night last
week some malicious persou cut tnc Ki toUUv
with it, no doubt in a fit of jealousy at the new
and successful invention,
We regret to let rn of the death of Lieutenant
T-r- of II. B. I. S. Swiftsure, who was recently
-,, i i. :l. I.r. ..
of our readers may remember the deceased
who was here iu April last.
Mi. and Mrs. D. K. Fyfe will sail from Hono
lulu for their uew home in the States on the 15th
proximo. Messrs. Lyons A Levey have been in
structed to dispose of their valuable furniture and
real estate on the 8th prox.
We are requested by Mr. W. H. Cummiugs to
state that he has not leased the island of Kboo-
lawe, as was erroneously reported by a contempo
rary last week. Neither has he any intention of
so doing at the present time .
It ha been reported to us that extreme cruelly
was practiced on Saturday night last on Hotel
street opposite Horn's bakery. The victim was
slightly inebriated, aud the wan who is reported
to have treated him cruelly is a poliueiuan.
The following passengers departed for San Fran
cisco per City of Sydney, Oct. 22: C. E. Stackpole
wife and child, Miss Nellie Dix, J. II. Shearer and
wife. Dr. Brodie. II. A.Woolley, H. Cornwcll.Mary
Ferreira and four children and E. Iieddon.
Purser Kibling, of the S. S. Lehua, informs us
that the shock of earthquake felt in Honolulu on
Mondav evening the 15th instant, was alao exper
ienced throughout the Island of Maui, and a sim
ilar report has reached us from Hawaii.
A match game cf bsc-baU Trill take place this
aiternooii between the Honolulu J3ase-bs.ll club
and a picked team from Maui. Play will corns
mence at 2 p. x. The following gentlemen com
pose the Honolulu team: Messrs. J.H. Wodehouse,
G. Markham, G. Wodehouse, F. Oat. A. Swan. F.
Winter-, J. H. Fischer, J. I. Dowsett, Jr., H. M.
Whitney, Jr-. (Captain). The gintlemen from
Maui arrived last evening in the S. S. Iwalani.aud
the nine who are to play will be selected from the
following named gentleman: Messrs. Shannett,
Perry. Fennell. WbJtteek. Morton. Lucas, Forbes,
Coffee, Johnson, Scott, Ston.
of an Oriental Tour.
Training fer the anticipated regatta on Iris Ma
jtstv's birthdav has commenced. It is about Xime
a maetiiiir was held and a program me decided
Some of our Chinese leading merchants would
to sin- Hi.; va.ant act tmt in practice as regards
mauv of their own countrymen. Taerc are report
ed to be hundreds of Chinese in this city who have
not done a day's work since they landed here
The Supreme Court will sit iu Bankruptcy to
day, to receive proofs of claims against llobert von
OehlhalTeu. a voluntary bankrupt, and also to hear
the case of Horace G. Ci aMe, an alleged bankrupt.
To-dav (Saturday) the Supreme Court will
;.. P.'.nitr t 10 a. m.. to hear the argument of
counsel on demurrer and dissolution of iujuction in
.1... f It. A. Macbc. Jr., vs. ivliauca .-uyar
Co. and W. Y. Horner. Me.-i. E. Preston and F
M. Hatch for the Plaintiff and Messrs. Niunuuu
Smith and Thurston for the Defendant
A match game of billiards of 505 points will be
l.laved between Sain Makaiwi and James Saunders
at the Commercial Hotel, commencing at 7:30 p
x. on Friday next November 2d aud will be con
tinued t.n the following Monday and Saturday
evenings, the best two out of three.
There was to have been a meeting of the Direct
ors of the Honolulu Athletic Association yestcr
.l.v l...t iw.lv the President. Vice-President and
Secretary attended. They determined to can an
other meeting, iu order to make arrangements for
getting up an entertainment, including a display
of athletics, in aid of the funds of the Association
On Saturday evening about 9 o'clock one of the
lamps illuminating the Y. M. C. A. entrance burst
from overheating. The oil ignited, and by flaring
up rapidly created some alarm. However, the
flame was soon extinguished with the aid of the
hose attached to the building. The framework of
the lantern is intact, but the glass and ornamental
lettering will have to be replaced.
The Ella sails for San francisco Monday.
The Discovery shipped 1.000 bage of rice yes
terday. The Iwalani brought 2.273 bags of sugar and 117
The schooner Pauahi brought 3G cords of firewood
from Puna.
The Ala-.ueJa took iu yesterday 2.700 bags of
sugar and 150 bags of rice and has commenced
The whaling bark Europa, Captain Baker is in
the stream and has on board 800 barrels of oil.
After refitting and provisioning she will proceed to
San Francisco with her freight.
Messrs. H. Hackfeld A Co. have received pome
fresh Austratian butter in nus cu ueK,
be of first class quality.
The creditors of the bankrupt estate of Lee Chat
.... r a AK X4 - , 1 a v
will pav a first dividend: oi so per ui. ou
morning at the office of Messrs. 1-. i. lneuau
Mra J. M. Oat. Jr. have just imported a
a large variety of Christmas and New Year's cards,
also several varieties of diaries for 1884. of the
most approved styles.
Mr. Crnzan will take ior ins iiieuie .o.-..
..! ..m. not ill til
morning, "wny "
n.-i ' i. tin. evenintr, "A. Business
VJi yw . aaaaia
a sermon especially for young women.
A large foreign steamer was reported offaia-
lua vesterday afurnoou. Altera patient wan...b
for her appearance off Barber's Point, it tunica
out, as usual, to be the Mokolii.
Messrs. Geo. W. Macfarlane .V Co. exjcct a
consignment of mules and horses, specially select
ed far the wants of these Islands by a vessel to
arrive within a few days.
. .. ..... t ......nine small fectcd Chinese women
were out of doors Sunday ou Nnuanu street.
These poor clippies being rarely seen alking,
excited considerable attraction, more especially
amongst the able-bodied Hawaiian Women.
V young pedestrian has called upon us to state
thathe is prepared to match himself against any
one iu this city for a foot race of 100 or 150 yards,
the raco to take place on His Majesty's birthday,
the ICth November. Is any one prepared to make
a direct challenge?
II. n. H. Princess Liliuokalani and His Excel
lencv Governor Dominis proceeded to Haua, Maui,
last "Monday in the steamer Lehua. During the
Governor's temporary absence, the Hon. A. S.
Cleghorn will perform the official duties of Gover
nor of Oahu.
The band concert at the Hotel on Saturday
evening was largely attcnted and deservedly ap
plauded. The enterprises proprietor received a
fair amount of patronage in return for his liber
ality in so generously catering for the public
A very pleasant sociable was given ou Saturday-
evening last in honor of Mrs. T. H. Walker, nee
Bolster, who was born in Honolulu, but has spent
several years of her life in Sydney. Numerous pres
ents were Lauded to tho young lady to commemo
rate her birthday.
It is with extremo pleasure that we find iu tele
grams to hand per S. S, Alameda, that the report
... r i t? - at Pantnn l
The City
of boston Banquet.
During Lord Coleridge's recent visit to the
United States, he and the Foreign Commission
er's were tendered a banquet ut the Parker House.
Boston, which was worthy of the hospitality aud
character of that city. Mayor Palmer was the
President cf the eveniug. aud he sat at the cen
tre of the table, with Lord Coleridge aud Judge
Devens on his right, and Governor Butler and
Government Jarvis on his left. After the dinner
had been served, the President called the com
pany to order and made a brief speech, iu w Inch
he said : " I know I express the feelings of
every "Bostonian when I say that we greet the
coming of the Chief-justice of England to Boston
as a great event. Great Applause. And I may
k nii.. tr, cue nv. I must be allowed to say.
uc hwo.;ia , j - - I . .!.
.u, in i.iti,. of the ereat office ami of the last of your American invaders w no na.e i-u
v"" - o ... r . i -I rri..,..
Km? and bv storui. Applause. aucsc
sentative, and whose eloquence I have humbly
studied ever since ; Story, a household word with
every Euglish lawyer ; Parker, perhaps one of
vour hisrhest aud greatest souls. Applause.
Hawthorne, if you will forgive the expression
a foreigner, is, perhaps, taken altogether, almost
your foremost muu of letters applause; Long
fellow, the delight aud dulling of two hemis
pheres; Holmes, the Autocrat of the Breakfast
Table applause the autocrat, if he chose, of
every diuner table, too; but there I am told he
is conteut to play the part of a constitutional
sovereign. Emerson, as broad and as strung as
one of your long rivers, and a.s pure, Lowell, 1
am proud to say. my own honest fr.end ap
plause, your representative at this moment in
ray own country. Like Garrick in Joseph Rey
nold's picture, be excels either iu tragedy or
comedy, and is delightful whether as Hosea Big
low or as James Russell Lowell, skilled with
equal genius to move the hearts of his readers
whether to smiles or tears. And Howells, the
On Mr. John Ilusscll resuming duty on Satur
day last, he was besieged with clients who were on
the defense. It is a noticeable fact, that during
the temporary absence of Mr. Russell from his
professional duties, the criminal business of the
Police Court has been of a very mild character. It
would le hardly fair to infer that the ability of a
lawyer to defend, is an incentive to crime.
Official notice was received at the Foreign office
,n Tuesday last of the death of Mr. J. C. Pfluger,
in consequence of which the Government flags were
displayed at half mast throughout Wednesday, and
a similar token of respect paid to the memory of
deceased at the various Consulates.
At the Y. M. C. A. Hall, Sunday afternoon, Mr.
Cruzan will conduct the service and preach a 20
miuute sermon upon the theme "A Note of Invita
tion for you." Miss Otto will sing a solo, Mrs.
Cruzan will sing "It Passeth Knowedge," Mrs.
Damon aud Mrs. Pierce will sing a duct, and there
will be hearty congregational singing led by a
large chorus. A cor dial welcome awaits all who
will attend.
Official notification has been received at the
Palace of the death of the two infant daughters of
the Enipcror of Japan the Princesses Akiko and
Funiiki. This leaves His Imperial Majesty with
out a direct heir to his throne. The two Prin
cesses, the elder of whom was little more than
three ytars old, died within two days of one an
otherone on the Cth and the other on the 8th of
September. No height of station keeps sorrowr
f rom tho door.
Messrs. Benson, Smith A McCartney, Jr., have
ed assassination of Consul Seymour at Canton is
untrue. Under the head of "Foreign News," the
text of tha telegram will be found as repriuted
from tho Morning Call.
The friends in our community of Mrs, D. J.
stnnles and of Miss Katie Staples-of San Francisco
will be !:lad to hear of an intended visit from them
at an earlv day, probably by the Zealandia to
morrow. Mrs, Staples visits us for a few days fr
the benefit of her health
The Hawaiian steamer Camilla has been re-chris-
tPne.l the Planter. She arrived here early on Sat-
urdav morning. Captain J. M. Sass reports Lav
in" left San Francisco on the 9th instant and ex
perienced rough weather the second day out, ne
cessitating tho vessel being nove to ior a uaj
After the heavy rains that fell last Friday, a
lake appeared in Merchant street (corner oi Ala
kea) on Saturday. The grading of Alakea street
has not added to the benefit oj perambulators on
Merchant street. Tho streets will be dusty again
before the waters subside in the neighborhood re
ferred to
The President of the Board of Immigration in
vites tenders for the debarkation of the immigrants
expected in the steamer Bell Bock.also for supplies
for the Immigration Depot during the time the
new arrivals remain there. The tenders are
wanted by 10 o'clock ou Monday morning, so those
wh waut to get either of these contracts have no
time to lose.
Mr. Geo. H. Luce, the tax collector for Hono
lulu, announces that collection of taxes will be in
order on Thursday next, the 1st November and will
so continue until the 15th of December, after
which date he is authorized by the new tax law to
sue all delinquents through the Civil Summary
Court, with 10 per cent, added to the amount of
In the bankruptcy cases of Wong Park, and C.K.
Hapai, final accounts were filed, approved by the
court, and bonds cancelled. The former paid 15
f ,.n,t tho UflflT .1-2 42-100 ier cent. After
ye. vo... "7 ,.
great officer, we caunot forget the great country,
we always remember that it is our dear mother
land. We never can fo: .1 we never do
forget, to claim that we sh. -vcak her lan
guage ; we inherit aud we .u.ioi her laws; and
we partake of that liberty which is the proud
glory and boast of the Saxon race. We receive
our guest as the Lord Chief-justice of England ;
we reverence the office as at the head of Euglish
jurisprudence. Hut may I be allowed to say that
above all titles we honor aud respect the man.
Applause. Aud may I be permitted to add, as
u closing remembrance, that the name of Coler-
idce has always stood iu the thought and the
memory of Americans as representing much that
is supreme in literature, in philosophy, and in
law. I ask vou to join with me in
I propose tho health of the Lord Chief-justice of
England." The toast was received with loud ap
plause, which was renewed aud prolouged when
Air. Coleridge rose. He spoke as follows:
'Mr. XTuvor. Your Excellency, aud Gentle-
... - - - - i -
men: 1 assure you iu; a ime i ivuuu '
on this occasion with feeling of the most un
feigned gratitude gratitude to you, sir, for the
gracious manner iu which you have been pleased
to propose this? toast; to you gentlemen tor tne
cordial manner iu which you haue been pleased
to accept it. It is true that on nioro than one
occasion during my very short stay in America,
J have bceu compelled to inflict a speech upon
long-suffering American audieuces. Laughter.
Iu the stately city of Albany ; iu the cheerful,
picturesque, homely, delightful city ol Portland,
the charms of whose men aud whose womeu I
shall never more forget, aud one more, to-day, iu
this city. Aud yet I can truly Bay that never in
my life till now, or not more than now, rising to
return thanks to this toast iu this splendid and
magnificent city, have I so earnestly aud uu
feigucdly desired that some more adequate ex
ample of my dear old country were before you
that there were some more competent and ade
quate exponent of the loaruiug and elo queue
and the refinement of Englishmen than an old
and weary lawyer, who, although by some acci
dent, he chances to have attained, aud to hold
all but the very highest and proudest station in
the great piofessiou to which it is his pride and
privilege to belong, has never ceased to won
der how he came to hold it. Laughter and ap
plause. Nevertheless, the kindness aud cor
diality of this greeting will be remembered.
Dnm mtmor ipse mii, dum spiritus hoa regit
artus. Applause. I am quite conscious that
such a greeting as you have been pleased to ex
tend to-night is made to my country, aud not to
me; or, if made to me, because I am an En
glishman, and because I represent to you in
some faint' measure the great country from which
I come. Applause. I knew enough, from
newspapers and other authentic modes of infor
mation, laughter, of the kiudly aud cordial
feeling entertained in American cities toward my
beloved sovereign, not to be surprised when I
heard "God Save the Queeu." But I will con
fess to you, gentlemen, in spite of all 1 nave
heard of American cordiality and American hos-
Continucd from
Slling intoxi
Appealed from
liquor without a
your glories, these a re the men who make your
history. These are the men, forgive me for say-
i.irr rf ulmm Villi ml lit to be in oud. if von are
"a j -o - .
not heartily proud. Applause.
Gentleman, in the person of a very humble
Englishman ou the one side, and of this great
company on the other, let me think that Euglaud
aud America have met together to-night, that
they have come together and may they ever stay
together. Applause. Gentlemen, we are one, as
Was hington Allison said, and most truly said, the
great paiuter aud the poet who worked iu this
city, aud who lies not far off in the Cambridge
churchyard, wo are oue in blood, wo are one iu
lau"uae, we are oue in law, we are one in ha-
sentimcut as tred of opposition and love of liberty. Cries of
"Good," aud loud applause. We are bound
together, it I may reverently say so, by God
himself iu golden chains of mutual affection and
mutual respect, and two nations so joined to
gether. I am am firmly convinced, man will
never put asunder. Loud and prolonged ap
plause aud cheers.
Lfrt.re at thf Y. ffl. C. A. by James Bryre, Esq.,
31, P.
Last evening James Bryco delivered a most m-
i.itln.' Wtnra at the hall tif tho Y. M. C A. oil
v - " - .
"ltecollections of an Oriental Tour." Eastern Eu
ropo and Asia Minor, and their inhabitants were
the subjects on which he particularly dwelt.; His
descriptive account of that peculiar, but little
known of people, the Armenians, was highly
instructive and exceedingly amusing. The lecturer
also astonished his audience by his announcement
that he was one of the few persons in the world,
who had ascended and reached the top of Mount
Ararat, seen the locality on which Noah's Ark
reste'd, viewed the site of the Garden of Eden, (no
garden there now) and found a piece of the Ark, or
rather a piece of w ood or an elevated spot, where
no trees exist, which he naturally concluded must
b part of the wreck.
Mr. Bryce's fluent address was listened to with
the greatest interest by an apparently appeeiative
audience. The hall was not crowded, but was com
fortably filled. At the conclusion of the lecture,
Mr. P. C. Jones, Jr., rose, and proposed a vote of
thanks to Mr. Bryce for the literary treat that he
had afforded his audience, remarking that the Ho
nolulu people were not known to be a lecture-going
people, and during his twenty-five years' experience
in this city, he had never before seen such a largo
audieuce on a similar occasion. He further re
marked that it was a financial success for the in
stitution. Mr. Theo. H. Davies seconded Mr. Jones' propo
sition, adding that he was pleased to see so many
ladies present. The vote was carried by accl
Calendar of Criminal Cases Third Judi
cial Circuit Court, November Teim, A.
D. 1883, at Waime.
Rex vs. Nakaikuabinc and Hanohi. 1'-m v.
Continued from May term.
Bex vs Talau, k. Forgery.
May term.
Bex vs. Keoui KamuLiai, k.
eating liquor without a license
Hilo Police Court.
Bex vs. Haupu, k. Selling
license. Appealed from the Hilo Police Court.
Bex vs. Maraea Wahine, w. Larcci.y of pri
mal. Appealed from Hilo Police Court.
Bex vs. Ah See, nlias Ah Shune, c. Lnro. ny
of animal. Appealed from Hilo Tolicc Couit.
Bex vs. Kahookaumahn, k. Robbery. Com
mitted from Hilo Police Court.
Rex vs. Makaweo, k. Robbery. Committed
from Hilo Police Court.
Bex vs. Ah Kam, alias Ah Wong, c. Having
opium in possession. Appealed from Hilo Polit e
Rex vs. Joseph Chest'
ceny 1st Degree. Coir
Rex vs Mu Kea we, k.
Appealed from Hilo Poli.
Ilex vs. Asing, c. Scl
without a license
Court, Hilo.
Rex vs Kaohu.
without a license. Appealed from Noith llilo
District Court.
Rex vs. Nuuikauua, k. Gross cheat. Appealed
from North Hilo District Court.
Rex. vs. Men On. helling intoxicating drinks
without license. Appealed from Hamukun
Rex. vs. Kaohimaunu k. Selling intoxicating
drinks without license. Appealed from ll.im i-
kua Court.
Rex. vs. Chec Yong p. Larceny 1st degree.
Committed from Hamakua.Dist. t'onit.
Rex. vs. Awai Naulei k. and Lameka Naulei.
Larceny 4th degree. Appealed from llama
kua. Bex. vs. H.Burke. Selling spirituous liquors
without license from Waimea Court.
Bex. vs. Han Sam and Ah Hin. Gainim;.
Appealed from Local Circuit Court, North K
hala. CIVIL. l.-AMKM.
Kapaniauu vs. Kahuluna; equity suit.
Ahiu vs. Awong; action ou tho case.
S. B. Kahalawamaka vs. Kanakaol
Kalihilihi and Koui Kane vs. L. kuimi; ej
uivoncK casks.
W. C. Jones vs. Mary Aina Jones.
O. E. Slasko vs Melo Naai.
And nine native cases.
Ah Sin, c. Lar
: l 'rom Hilo Police
j -r.r.v Degree.
...loxieutiug liquor
Appealed from local Circuit
Selling intoxicating liquors
. . . I' .. . .... . ... T.T . Tl.. 1- ... n
fnrmed a copartnership under tne style auu nrm ..avin.j. all the dividends in tne wus
of Benson, Smith, A Co. for the purpose of carry- thcr0 wasJ a surplus of $2 50 which the Court
in" on the business of druggists and apothecaries ordered to be paid over to Mr. J. H. Paty, for the
at 113 Fort street, Laving purchased the stock and eucfit of the Queen's Hospital.
trade of the firm of Palmer A Thacher. These gen- Mr. W. Geo. Ashley, tho enterprising Agent
tlemen are not wholly unknown to the commu-I 0f Wells, Fargo A Co., has handed us a pamphlet
nity, having had charge of the drug department rcct.utly issued by tho Company. In addition to a
of Messrs. Hollister A Co., Nuuanu street, ior list 0f on4Coa agents and correspondents oi tno ax-
nearly three years, while Mr. McCartney Las pre- pre83 Company, it contains much data of public
sided over the Fort street establishment of the inter08t including the Tariff Graduating Table of
same firm for a period of little over a year. They tto company, allowing charges on packages of 50
hope that the public will find it to their advantage p,und( and unacr. Copies can bo had gratis on
to favor them with orders m tneir line to uu.u application to tho agent.
The Lato Mr. J. C. Pfluger.
On Wednesday, the flags on all public establish
ments in Honolulu w.re at half-mast, in respect to
the memory of the lato Mr. John Charles Pfluger, a
member of the liou;.e of H. Hackfeld A Co., of Bre
men and of this ity, and Charge d' Affaires and
CoiiRul-General for this Kingdom for Germany.
Baud (ourr-rt.
The Band will play in Emma Square this (Satur
day) afternoon commencing at half-past 1 o'clock :
Program me.
March Delilir (new) Itoseii
Overture French Comody (new) K1 r liela
Finale Belsario '. Donizetti
Selection The Pirates Sullivan
Chorus Bivouac (by request) IVtiella
Waltz Southern Breeze (new) Meisler
The Band will play to-night at tie- Hawaiian
Hotel. On Monday ovcnitig the Rand will play a
usual in Emma Square.
Official notice had been given to the diplomatic and
nitnlitv I was for a moment surprised to hear consular representatives of other countries resi-
TtnlA Tlritftmiia'' nlavil on the shores oi tne aent in iionoium, auu ), mmuui e.i ,.o...
a la it nit.i.s i t; i :
Commercial Advertiser Co.
they promise prompt and careful attention.
'At the Supreme Court in Chambers yesterday,
before Chief Justice Judd, Mr. C. W. Ashford ap
peared (or Robert vou Oehlhaffeu, a voluntary
bankrupt, and Messrs. Smith A Thurston ap
peared for the defendants. Upon tbe sworn affi
davit of the petitioner, which was not contested,
the Court declared the said Kobert von Oehlhaffeu
a bankrupt. Tho claims presented were : Messrs.
G. W. Macfarlane A Co. $18.05 ; Brown and Thil-
e bu 'gy riding near Esquimault. A few Hps $23.79 ; Estate Robert Love $1C33 ; Edward
Hoffschlacger A Co. 7.ou ; s, J. icvcy o. v.
Mr. Asnlord
A meeting of the Privy Council of State was
held Thursday at noon at Iolani Palace. Charters
were granted to the under-mentioned companies,
viz.: Puuloa Sheep and Stock Ranch Co, Humuula
Sheep Station Co., Pacific Navigation Co., Hawaii
an Stone Co., Wilder Steamship Co,, Ewa
Church, narmony Lodge, I. 0. 0. F. Several pe
titions for pardon were referred to a committee
which will report at tho next meeting or the Coun
cil. The attention of the public is called to the new
time table of the Faciflo Mail Steamship Coin pa-
Atlantic. Upon that great ocean, heretofore,
the two great nations have contended, with equal
courage, I hope 1 may say, but not always (in
the nature of things it could not be) with equal
success. It we could point to the battle of the
Chesapeake and the Shannon, you cau point to
the battle of the Java and the Constitution, and
your victory in that combat is, through the me
dium of mezzotint engravings, one of the ear
liest recollectious of my childhood, because, al
though it was long before I was born, yet a near
relative of my own was au officer in the Java
and for some time a prisouer in America, and I
can testify that he never forgot to his dying day
either the gallautry of American women or the
kindness of American people. Appl ause.
Gentlemen, the welcome that has been extend
ed to me sinoe I lauded at New York has follow
ed me here. I am hero as the guest of this an
cient and famous Commonwealth ancient, I
say, as far as thiugs in America can be called
ancient as I have said, the guest of this Com
monwealth, at the hands of your excellency, the
Governor of this State. Applause. And I
must say that his excellency has spared no paius,
no trouble, no thoughtful care, to make my stay
in this place happy aud cheerful, an J, to use an
English word, thoroughly comfortable. I thank
you and I thank him inort cordially and warmly
for his welcome. I thank him lor auomer tning.
He has changed sticks with me, gentlemen,
lau 'hterl aud h has given me in return for one
of no intrinsic value a very valuable aud excel
lent stick. Now, iu the Iliad, when Gilaucus ex
changed his golden armor for tle mail of Dio-
mvA ill-uaturod neoulo said he was. airaia.
. 1 -V-. . SIM K
.w ana a . - T 7' v t n0 "d ny's boats which appears in another column of this
ni5n,d n th claims of IS. J. aLet V to. auu I rsr , 4. - -i- .
v fjj v v. a
that of Samuel Nott ou the ground that they were
claims against Oehlhaffeu A Co., and not against
th3 petitioner. The Court, ou taking evidence in
this matter, admitted the claims. The further
hearing of the case was continued. In connection
with this bankruptcy case, Mr. Sam. Nott peti
tioned tho Court that Horace G. Crabbe be ad
judged a bankrupt he having been an interested
party in the Deluionico Restaurant which, will be
beard ou Tuesday next.
The case tried on Tuesday at the Superior Court,
in which the Board of Education laid claim to
certain lands which have long Ueu occupied by
the defendants Homai and Paako, was decided in
favor of the Board. The land is a lot at Kulao
kahua (bettor known as "the Plains"), and is of
some value. Defendants had occupied t for
nearly twenty years, and appear to have done so in
mistake. They lose some buildings, and their
case seems to be rather a Lard one,
which somebody might well bring oeiore
the Legislature when it is in session with a
view to getting them some compensation. While
addressing the jury Mr. Kaulukou grew eloquent
about the advantages the couatry Lad derived from
the recent changes in the composition of the Edu
cation Board. Evidently, he said, what even may
baye been (he good qualities of the late Board,
about whioh we have heard so muph, they did not.
look very well after their land. Pursuing our in
quiries to ascertain the exact facts of the case we
have come to the conclusion that instead of being
a case for charitable consideration it boars all the
appearances of an attempted fraud; although it is
probable that the female defendant being an ig
norant woman was led on to it by her husband or
by other parties.
.... ii ah., a:... a . t .:i:n.. f ..m
issne. it win oe seen mat mo nmo ui mhuis hou.
San Francisco will be so altered that it will be five
weeks from the departure of tho Zealandia before
ther? is another boat to the Colonies, after which
the regular'four-weckly interval will be resumed.
On tho other hand there will be two boats from the
Colonies next month, one coming a week after the
other, after which the boats will come as before at
intervals of four weeks. The flue steamer City of
Teklng is expocted to arrive here from Hongkong.
via Japan, about the 10th prox, and will take pas
sengers for San Francisco. There will be no lack
of steam-carried mails to the Coast during the next
five weeks.
The monthly meeting of the Guild of St. An
drew was held on Thursday evening in the school
house in the Cathedral close. The attendance was
notilarge,Mr. Bryoo lecture having attracted some
of the members. The Bev. Geo. Wallace gave an
exposition of the changes in the American Episco
pal Church Prayer-book, which have been pro
posed for consideration of the c hurch by a com
mittee of seven bishops, seven priests and seven
laymen, appointed in 1830. Many of the proposed
bn"ea are in the d irection of a return to the
r.bnnk used in England. Others would
e -
legalize innovations which have already been made
by the clergy, such as the use of a nytnn during
the offatory- Dt- Ewer's definition, of the aiins of
the Ritualistic prty in the Church, is to he the
subject for consideration next month.
The New Atlantio Steamer.
New York, October 14. -The new Guion
line steamer Oregon arrived from Liverpool
to-day In seven days, eight hours and
thirty-three minutes.
followed the example of the Government. The
bank and all tho princiial business establish
ments in the city were closed daring the latter
half of the day.
We have been favored with the following par
ticulars of Mr. Pflugcr's unobtrusive but eminent
ly useful career. He was bom on January 18,
1?33. His first visit to these islands was mado
in 1849, when he came out with Mr. Hackfeld in
the brigutinc Wilhelmina. Mrs. Hackfeld and
Mr. B. F. Ehlcrs, father of tho gentlru.au of that
name no., resident here, were also passengers with
him, the vessel being under '.he command of Cap
tain Schrieve r, still well known amorgst us. Mr.
rr.ugcr remained here till 1857, beir3 during the
interval admitted an a partner by V.. Ht-ekfeld.
Ti c firm of II. Hackfeld A Co. ewes much of its
present eminence to his great businc.-"S ability and
untiling energy, fact or which i.uuo arc mora
ready to makj remark than Lis own partners.
Returning to Germany in 1857, Mr. Pfluger mar
ried in the following year und after remaining
some time iu Bremen, returned to Honolulu whe.-c
he remained In tho managomeut of the firm's Vusi
ncss from 1802 to 1872. Leaving this city hi the
latter year ho made his homo iu Bremen, but has
since made two visits to the Islands, in 1875 and
iu, 1880, remaining here in the latter case more
than a year. Those who bid him good bye herein
August, 1881, thought nothing to be more probablo
than that they ahould have the pleasuro of
greeting bin on some future arrival.
During his rcsidouco iu Honolulu Mr. Pfluger
took an active and earnost, though unobtrusive,
part in all public movements likely to advance the
material and social welfare of tho Islands. He
never entered into polities, but on many occasions
assisted the Government of tho oountry financial
ly. While residing here ho held tho position of
TOItEll 1ST, 1hh:i.
( iC-
Kust be Settled at Once,
And all bills due by tha 1. :. A. C'oi.iimny mu-t .i . re
sented at the olice for scttleim-nt.
Is called to to tbla advertisement, as Hie Company d.
sires to wind up th' tr biinine.H ai aoon na possible.
"Mow I think uo man. ill-natured or good-ua- Consul for Germany, for Russia, and for Sweden
tared, will say your Governor is afraid of me.
But, as I have told him in private, so I say in
public, he sends me back to Europe with this
proud aud consolatory feeling that I am the on
ly man iu the world who ever got the better of
General Butler. Loud laughter and appiause.j
Gentlemen, passing away from the kindness aud
cordiality and generosity of General Butler, how
am I to rise to the heights which the recollect
tions of Massachusetts and of Boston would fain,
invite me to aspire to ? I spoak in the neigh
borhood of Bunker Hill, in the-neighborhood of
T wharf, which, a friend of miue has told me
since I came into this room, has nothing to do
with the Boston tea fight. I scorn such strictly
historic accuracy. I believe faithfully that that
admirable beverage, which you have brewed ever
since, has been improved siuce the fight at T
wharf. I have seen your Old State Haute, with
the building with tho lion and unioorn upon it.
I have seen your noble building, in which" your
two houses assemble, with General Burgoyne's
cannon in the ante-chamber. J have seen Fan
euil Hall, a plain but most magnificent building,
I have seen that most magnificent building with
in a few miles of this place the Memorial Hall
of Harvard University. Gentlemen, these
thin"S are full of intere st and history ; and I
don't believe men who tell me you nave uo
history. Jt may be you have a short history,
because you cannot help it ; but you have a
creat history' Yoa have a hittory of which any
commonwealth may justly and rightly be proud.
Applause. You know forgive my vanity if
I say that 1 know, too that you bred Benjamin
Franklin, and Daniel Webster, and Joseph
Story, and Theodore Parker. Daniel Webster,
whose hand I was privileged, as a boy at Eton,
to press, when he was in England as your repre-
I'er V .
I, V O N H .
and Norway, and when he went to reside in 15 rem
en he beoame Charge d' Affaires and Cons ll-General
for this Kingdom, a post which ho held till his
death. In that post ho was indefatigable in his
efforts to uphold the good name of this country
against the aspersions that have of late been cast
upon it. Through his intimate acquaintance with
the Islands aud t&cir affairs, both poiitioal and in
dustrial, he was eminently qualified for this task.
One of his la.tct Yul'ks was to secure a copy of Mr.
Grip's report on the condition of the Norwegian
laborers here ami to snperinteud its translation
into German. He had the translation printed aad
distributed far and wide throughout Germany,
The Islands have lost in him a good and faithful
Mr. Pfluger held several well earned dooora-
tious; one from Russia, one from Austria, a Ger
man order, and the Order of Kamehameha I. He
u the friend aud advisor of the last two Kame
hamehas who were wont to consult him on
many matters of iniporrwhce.
He leaves behind him, to mourn their loss a
widow aud a family of eight children. The eldest
of his sons is a rising lawyer who has already
earned distinction and promotion in the employ
of his Government as an Assessor.
The endeavor made in this city to give
expression to the universal feeling of respect
which Mr. Pfluger's life Lad inspired and of pain
which the news of his death had caused, says more
for what ho was than any words we could use and
we conclude this brief notice with the tender of
our own heartfelt sympathy with his family and
the members of his firm in their great loss.
and good will of tho
And the JOB PRINTING IiLFINKHB connect. . I there,
with, iubrribera aud Advertisers, and other MiMtomers
ol the office, mill pleane take notice that all account
incurred on and alter Oetolier 1st llon to the n-w
Maangrr I. C A. Vm.
Honolulu, Octoler 15, is).
The business at the Police Court yesterday.
comprised two oases of drunkenness, one assault
and battery, for which a fine of $4 was inflicted,
and disorderly conduct by one Kauhu, w., who
was sentenced to five days imprisonment at hard
connctwl with the business of this paper, or of the
JOB PttlNTINO OFFICE, be addressed t tli under-
J. S. AVE3J3,
Managing Irriiar.
Honolulu, October 10, li83.
1ST OTIC 13.
Kapiolaui Park Association
;at the choice or
ii b.
aold at the Auction Room of K. P. ADAMS on
Lota to which Shareholder, are entitled.
Wednesday, the 21st Day of November,
By order of the Board cf Trustees.
027-wlm Secretary K. V. Assoclatiou.
1 1

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