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The Pacific commercial advertiser. (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, July 08, 1884, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 7

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I '. I
t -t
'. f
c-fcill Khoo'i forovr i:-:tii tt1 onJ of tire;
Kcfco n t!:r .uh th. r -lUior.., ' ;1 n tj tL r
h-.irtv rejoice
rel lik it, in i- r l'-'n ' - ': '!-. r. !:f;ni;' ''p '
people"-, v,ic .
Thin ni followed Jt:u.-;e. an-.!
then ihv reading ,f i c 1 j : ation .f Inl' f ' n
denee Mr. W. I;. Au-fu. r!.- -Jl-l, White
and JUiV "' -a-ig ,y M i . .Urno T . V. hit . ;.:id
this ki!'iid '!.!'. !. -I'-iy ir. n:
1 he tollnwiiig i-
ftirriui; oration. H
t Mr. t -' 1 1
; , i I
A .in
.'lie i ti 1 ')
Mr. (hair:-. . u , J. i I . - '
the. pleasure, iiiy ;.t.:i ,
veiier;dd- U ry m.i:: a f.o : i
missionAry aii.o n' th Ir
met to h:.r an euit or' i..
hors th- K ii!i-n !
oeraMon to whi.h I dlnd. . 1
bv say inn t':t 1- va-
p"r-a her, i.:t he ! i'- "'
tore him, ami tl vt i;'-w v-i",n
text, So tit it le- iui;.d.t !.t Vi
Mih i-ft. t !.- ii pro ded
text for the v-nin' t'
riv.rs to th- end- i.l' !!.
I law thought that
hru krouii't : hi-tor
subject i-i.itt r for
r.rii L,! so -.ri. 1 and
Aim-man. io,t-v-r !
neil he i-t :l loss for
his tKWlie V.M-" vH-(t. :i. 1
lii vT-ary of oir Nit:oii:il
:illov 'l to-il iy tot ilk uSoiit
s lv-.-, uli'l to K'a.-t of o i:
tion. lint wliil" "'' ,l"
v; an- o :! i ufr".:A in ?
.,f Tiatioi:-. ' '-!'
.J.iMf'.ool. V..- n.i
Ioth r 'o;;Mrv !;ol;-i i
tct-n cfiiHiri'-sof h r ?.i tor
.:is--il our i r t V;ii
H.t f. ,f'. t our i r.il :.t 'I I" .-
th- I utiM! '.;' "'' -I'
i ... .1 !'! of
..,. 1. 1- t. i !n i it t:
V ; I v l.oul i i
tt 1 ou-i to - f"r
f .. i:.tll. !-.'
:'. 'i i. l ! pi .t. i i' i !
x. 1. I r
1 III i.'.o.tt tt."
1 .-.
r . 1 i
o !itl :ri-l. i v . t
, or" 1 i -1 :ii to .
I 5 -t iii.- lit.
i.i" I ';,' :i-i--ii
V !:": Til
j.; J :i l.lrt-.-.-i
.vi ::ii;c?i of ,t
;t ' ! 1 1 o jif ; i
I 'll to ( J.oo ; .1 l.r rt".'
:i-i r .. iV.iy froin l.i -
; . : j ! oi:i 1
.1 : l-.i - t:t: : lh .. i l)i
i- ! i-rs'! t ! I. . -
i f . : i T i 1
-It . ill lit ,
i V !! T
i il.ili; ' i' t ;i It 7i 1
lu rt 'i i i . Vt- ittr.y
hi - 1 to ), ii -i- o?ir
;ti' '. i ; ; ! !: T.- : :t ii i
. V- i'.o Ii 't f'T.-l t . i : i T
i . r oi i - ii- 1 1-. .1 i i . n i 1 y
in : si' oi: r
1-. 1
1 ..
' :
r : 1
i r
r t
v.:.T !
ii !ii .-. '
,-. l o.;c
t '.l uo .-.
.-omiii .- if.- t t'"-1 '
othrr I l-.i 1 1 11.'- i.urop.M'i
. ...v.-.l I-o.it ! r !-i our s
hT ho:i!U l.' joorl 1 1 , - : -.i.-.
T'i' nvc::' ,'' rii ti i 1
:i v ry ;oo.t i:nisi i.ia i n !
rl t- f'f mii-ii- r.illi'il -i i.hi i:
ii t,i :ir l!lLl lli- i- ' 'i iu
t t: ..
, M t ; i
11 !! 1 Vf l-.- l."'
to ol 1 i:n".
i : i !:',
.. . i: 1 i':- :;
; i 1 1 ! i : u
1 i !. . !. .W
- '.v!i. n . .
i ! !'; v. .
: s ; in-. . . f
!!.; -. ,,m i
f:l.- :o-
. i r i' iii
1 s!o.-'-:., ;
f.. j.- v
ii-tit :tt V
. i 1 I .'.ftp
inn -. : t i i
; t
:i IM -
iTi'i honorl throughout th t;irth still lull hi'h
'lvanr-il, iti arrn.s an! ' trohis htr-a!!iin in
th ir oriinl lu.-tr ; not n stripe er:t-ei r jiol
I 1 1 rl . iur a single st ir ot.-curi, l.t uri n;' for its
motto no suJi in inf-r.iK!f- i nterroitory Whit
ill thM worth?" nor tho-e other worfl.s of le
1 iision ihUd folly. ' Liberty first and union aft. r
v.nls ;" hut er where. sir-a 1 all over in char
actors of living liht, hl.izin on nil it.-t auipl.
fohls as tliey Mo kt over the se t and over the lnJ,
Mil in eery wind under the whole heavens,
that other -e nt i iue nt . dear to every true Ameri
can he. irt. Iiherty and Cnion, now and for
ever, on- arid inseparahle."
i Another 'riiid thought, framed and hun upon
th- walls ot the i:ep;ihlii as we Lan' inottoe-
upon th- walls of our homes : read ly millions,,
!iie;iiori.ed a nd dec la i Tu d hy the youth of the 1 nd
hy sehohir. .-til-.-:i.'!i and divines. Meanwhile,
other ;rea: sentinel- uard the landmark of
I.iherty. Sumner. Phillips, Oarrison. Smith,
Seward and Ioul;s are sowinn fresh seed on this
ri. ii, d. . soil r.f free thought and free speech,
ilai rie: r,. : ,-;.er Stowe. v.ith hold hut nentl
hrin-i, li:;- th- 1 itch of "Uncle Tom's Cal.in,"
an'l the v.orld looks in to i.ehold the Ijideoiisnes.s
o' that die;:e which is s:i Jijii 11' the lift- of the
nation. Helper, seeing the ri.-int; tide of puhlic
sentiment, points to the impending crisis. 'lint
the hau l of time on the dial plate of the century
points to 'id. I'li:- i.ow wntchman sleep.- ids last
deep -it .M.irshtieid. The eyes of the loyal States
are turned southward. The tiny cloud which
Weh-ter saw thirty years before, has thickened
and spre id out until the " Sunny South " is en
veloned i i; the .do.-rit o' nit;ht. Fear a nd .- la rm
i.ni is r eveiy housefiold in the land. The
oi l -r 1 ;.jo"k. over the .-ea and ioints to phuu
torn .-.'dp, :o-..- -1 '.,.-. 1 1 to le eii'-rulfed i'i the sea of
discord and di-u uiou. A teaceful nation, with
Tio army, :v navy, ai' J untrained in the art of
wa:-. A tla-'i ! The. voice of the tuition is hu.-died.
Th. ii comes (l'ej-t:ii;-d thunder of that report
vvht'di i- heard by th" world. The loyal North
and V.'-.-t receive the shuck. The granite idlls of
N'e-,v i-.M . a id viv back the eidio, which dies
away only i! reaches the far o!t slior. s if th
lii. i'.n if;.- () .i'i- ,'e look Th- .-moke li.is lifted
Kuiis Oi.c-nic ..210 o o H 0 6 u3
l:uns Honolulu 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 02
Itun.s liarneil, Octanic, 1: lionolulu. o.
I'irst liise on Halls Uce inie. 1: Honolulu. 1.
Stru. li Out My Wall. 17; hy Markham, 8.
J. T. Casti.i:, Umpire.
W. I). Au.xAM)t:i;. Jr., ' j.
I.. I.ow.
J Wkdical Directory of tub Ha
waiian Islands
' M . (t. IK!N.
l.i Ii t l'..r
the i--
.-. t p..rt
r. V. ! J.
I :.. !..---
I : : 1 1 1 a
i-l - hoi , -
.M.doi !
I r pi o -
i 1 ir'
ii .n. t I v
, ; .
1 ef.-v i r i
I !. 1: i W !! . h -.
hotel OH
;.:' filllv
ra I ' r I ! . I J.)
and we .- the iie.tr old f'.a;
lorv ot' iffy niillion- of 1
ill-lilt" d traileil in the
'i'h. d Stat--- are
cla -p t!o- ! ilhl of t; ir
he !': i -i I'd ru-i : !: i.
a 1
i .i :
a l!
. . ; i
: d r
once th- pride and
ei-meit - dishonored.
lusl at 1'ort Sui-itej-.
v. a ke. Therr iovernors
ii it leader, and bid him
'. oj'le. Tlse o!ieri n;,r is
lt.:. '1'lic riiu''ed Sierra - and th'.-
peul.-rf the Jiocky '! ' . ! ! 1 1 '. ! 1 1 s : , ; e
i- ;.; :11a Id sons of "the l bdden "tate
the Alps, and stand :-t'"iil.l.-r 10
: the .-iTi-oi New Kit '.lii! I. The
..- I. v -tore, supported i,y the V'c.-t
v. -i. pr a sidid halait: and,
at ir.vord oi" the "I.ittlc 1 i 1 1 1 , " "
u tli- evening of the 4th quite :'. num
ber of invited quests assembloil on tht
spacious vc-rainhi of th Spreokcis' man
sion to witness a tu iLjuitif - tit display of
Th' iitt-rt i it iiit-nt l.tstrMt over t'.vo
hours, rocket .after rocket soaring sky
warJ, roinau caudles shooting many co
lored stars, and )in-vheels whirling, siz
zling or t.ikino headers into tho ground
uccojilino to their disposition.
Mr. John Sptt-.-kle-; was indefatigable
mi : t-vi 'o !i'jy oujoyc-i '.'iidin oil' tht liro-W'.ik-.
.ilmust us nid'.-h us the noisy and
delight' .' orU) of childieii on th second
t..iy vi-r ii, 'hi enjoyed .seeing th'-m.
Judg- 'Vjilemann's activ ligutv was
st en nlternately lighted by greeu, rei.i and
yellow ii'lit.-., en. rgetieaily waving Ji unan
candies or stamping the grass that was on
WM, G. IRWIN & Co.,
I'.K'TOItS -tml ioiuiuiHHiuii
tO A;i:.VTS. Honolulu. II. I. jan I fl-dw
Vent to lake nekiioM l'MliriiMMil (
Coiitrai.'ts for Labor. Ddice. I'. M. s. s. l.x k
Telephoue No. 41. oct I i'f-(!Aiv
Viiet ioii'r. Kolutla. IIat:iii. Sul'
of Ileal Kstat'". (ioods and Property of ev.-ry
description att-ndetl to. '.miinis.ioiis moderate.
K.t l s::-dvtv
tloriti'y at IiHiv.
No. mk in ir ant T!ii-:kt, nkai: lour sr.
jau 1 s I-Utw
S. J. LEVEY & GO.,
irM'rs ami S'rovision Uali".
V.JT I-'amily Jrocery and 1'eecl Store.
Orih-rs entrust"'! to us from the other island will
he promptly auen.l--I to. ."'J Fort St., Honolulu
Jan 1 s 1-ihfcw
Honoi.vi.f Oahu.
ttros-iiiuti. M, ofliec and tt .-. '. Hotel at
McAllister. V 15. onice as.d :s. cor of Fort
and Hotel .t- , up-dairs;
Thatcher. I! II. lor ; Tort st. to 20S Kiu- wt
M .ui.
Sheldon. I' 1!. High st. Wdiluku
I1-uu,;iH aitil AMitli4ari.
lloMiiAU' Oahu.
lienton. Smith. A Co. lid 1'ort ft .
Hollisti r ,v (,'o, .. Nuiiauu t (mum store)
McKih'niti, see "p!j .ieians and .-ui'geoti"
rtiiM.si:. - (loiuduhi.
Hung Tcneug Ton:;. 71 MMiimikea st
I'an Oh Ton;;, .'5 Hot"! , ra. rear
Clnmg Chin. 11 MatiuaKea st. res. rear
(iuan Vielv Chong A Co. IM Hot I st
Wan Chin Tunp;, '. Nuuatiu k
Wong Vneu Chiug, 'lu Hotel st. t sj, rear
Yu Hop. J Hotel r. ii e.u-
oat i :ii
1 liCet-
n t-
fidoa ;:ni..t
i he re- .
: i e an
I tld .- ha II he l.re.s rv d,"
Ti e w.u Id lool.s c.i t : n ;
it', l.ni'ii iia(lav. Tin ir;
f i
tl-i.-. i-ojce.
l r I'Ooms ;ire one.
ne drawn atid tiie strurle b. -i n.-.
:tor our l'.tei.ioT i.al dav, but our dav
r. .1
tropical elim n- h.a e
I'M r. to that
t.u: it would
' .- r.et .- . f 1 h i s
i p t : : d hi-- v .
;ae calia-sed
i n search of
. r i
r. i;
ii-i -,
I him
o I ' i e v h : t i
cal organs, tor your omm'.n. .
.;t.f ..lie ,r inure t )l I II t. ' V, ee 1
liuii"".' . .. .
ut orator for this occasion, but have tailed u.ter
ly it"tvith.t Hiding they have had such a bril
liant list of nones to choose from. 1 be lieve the
uniform ecn h:.- been that they had served be
fore li.i- v.ieihl t., ..i.pi.al i ide to ipt'ly li office-seekers,
but I fear that the rule would
he rejected bv an immense majority, if they were
allowed to vote for themselves. Your onunittee
did however, secure, a., they thought, one whom
we would all have been delighted to hear, hut
alas the. appointment proved, like so many other
inerican enterprises, a "castle in the air."
The American has another characteristic, name
ly love fo-i traveling in foreign lands, do where
.:ou will, and he is there before you.
J -Should a successful Arctic explorer reach the
North Pole, and find new world beyond, he
will doubtless find some Yankee there .starting a
new ice fas or telephone company, hut at what
time in the history he began to go abroad, I do
not know; hut I remember that in lHCdand 18(14 it
became quite fashionable in New England to visit
forei'Mi noil, and Canada was the objective point.
Many left l ite at night or early in the morning, in
order, I suppose, to avoid the pain of leave-tak-in"
Now it was never thought that the climate
of "Canada possessed any advantage over that of
the New i'.ngland States, but these lrave and pat
riotic men fancied that they would be less ex-ro-u
d to strong "drafts." which at that time were
1 . ,. i in these men were not the less
A.iriems beciu-e they su-dit -Au
jrms of oif
have 5i dot:
destroyed, -
I do not kn i
Oese beauti
t. ruih r tie.
ri fa ed ill
, h .w ::m ny
i ;.: :i I oi
'. I .-ee
-1 itt.i
! t:-
l acii'u
: '. . : : o r
r-helteri n.
y v ou!d. 1
.it Keouidk
- lelaiions.
mi -.;: 't.- ! f
i .". . : '
;no e
V o.-d ,
I'heJi, 1 t fill tin- curtain upon that Ti.';;ht
of conllict.
?.iorn came and went, and came ag;dn, but
i.rout'lit tio day. Int tlur is no fear. "Truth
i ru.-iinl to earth shall rise again." The eternal
;.;! r.- of Cod are hers: but error, wounded,
v ritht s i n p ti n an I ilie.s amid its worshippers
Four years have passed. Again we lift the cur
tain. I'i.e winded angel af peace hovers over the
broad land.
Yonder, beneath the shade trees of Appoiuatox
sit the centuries -twa. great chieftains, The
sword of slavery, of secession and disunion, is
forever sheathed. Two million six hundred and
fifty thousand have exchanged their peaceful
homes for the tented field, and there faced those
fearful storms of leaden rain and iron hail until
the Stars and stripes float again on every flag
staff in the land, and there is no missing star,
and with the ?lood of more than a quarter of a
million of their comrades, have fixed eternal the
decree that Idberty and Union must now and for
ever be one and inseparable. No more North ;
no more South, hut one tlag and one country.
Ihit, fellow Americans, is our work done?
Shall the fires of liberty smoulder while we re
joice? Our forefathers tended those fires hy day
and hy night, through sunshine and storm, when
all was not sunshine, as now. They gave all tint
they might fan into life the feeble, flickering
spark of liberty, while ours is the more delight
ful task of casting our" fagots upon that broad,
deep, glorious flame, which is to-day the beacon
li glit of ti'.e world.
'IIIY. SO AT U.il'K.
i ue ii'X iteise." o;i tie- o.iicony were re
fresh--! with c-.tk'- f. v.iue,
ieft nt t'-n o'e:n;-:c : attend lii.
tie- Mtl'h- II dl.
Anion;; those? pre-'-. a Weiv Ur
iel icv W. M. (iihs,!t. His leiicv iilid
Mi's. "Paul X.'iiiiiUUll, iiis KxCelleHCY und
Mrs. (iulie-Ic, (. V'. !;;(; niul Mrs. I ).)iuii;:s
C.-hmel Jud-.t. Mr. :ui i Mis. Deun. , Mr.
a;id Mrs. S.Miiiiidi, .Mr. .tad Mr.-. Crl-ide.
Mr. .iint Mrs. Strong, Mr. ntul Mrs. l,r
lii;Ul rtud ' tin rs.
1HK iSALf..
'This yt'ur's hall wu.- si oiMtnl success,
well arranged, the hall beautifully decora
ted, and the? iloor managers knew just how
to put the whole thing through without a
Though a public ball, most of our best
people attended, irrespective of nationality,
ant with Minister Daggett's charming
wife to receive, th whole affair was as
quiet and delightful a a private .recep
tion. His Majesty the King was present; ac
companied by Col. Judd, Prince Giovau
ni del Drago and the officers of the Vettor
Pisani, also Commodore, Captain and
officers of the Vanadis, His Majesty's
Ministers and the Consuls of nearly
all the nationalities represented in Honolulu.
B rsiporf tMTH :tiul V'lioIes;iI Ienler in
H Clothing, T.oots, shoes, ll:it-. Men's Furnish
ing and Fancy ( ;oo.s. Xo. II Kaahum;iiiu s:re t,
Honolulu. II. I. jau I sl-diVw
nd many j h.ut t. ci:. -
M . .'ll'iiE
LEWERS t 000KE, .
S'J'-l-fSvi! s t' I a-:- A' ook
3fiilers in Emthef :5 Usjildsit .2;;-
AJ leriai-. Fort .street. . t I'. I-UV.-.
imv '-1 :'-! i:-fii sr.. ifoi'olut'.t, 11.1.
Thotupson, Miss Nellie, res, Kahopihi, North
t'liiMist: 3iaui.
Chi; Saa. n . l'a:a. Makawao district
alan Chin Tong. Market I'laee, Wuiluku
a n Sing Toug. Market Place, Wailuku
Ili siein jts ami Siirseons.
1 oNot.r 1.1;.- - ( lalitt.
Atiiitig. I'd. j.hysiciitn (engaged in .scientific
i:ive.tig:i timis . ta .
I'r.i.eJd.i.v.l st
JKiXuhn.r. nil lyUv.w
And Solicitor in Cliaiiecrj.
OFF1CK OVF.li hEDEHLK'S u. M. F. iiA
ZAA li, southwest corner Merchant and Fort
streets, lionolulu. II. I. Kntrance on Merchant
street. fJ-:JmdJtw
A N I-
t-nly.thc Liliu !ind Puahaulaui,
! tie
lit!' e.
0: T; : 1 1 r r
ra-presented here
C duuilda :vnd New
; v ry wisely sent us
lesi we nii'ht carry
Yd, hut if an
I dould if there is .1 St. 1 :
merican Fuion that is not
day, hesides the I-i.-trict .'
Jersey, lint our eountry ha
. ... .t.-li i.r 1
oil the Volcano, or id out the K.ipTolam and Tut
tohea in sarch of sone- new neld of op. ration.
IJut we love this little Kingdom, its treedoui. its
charmin- davs and more charmm;,' ni-hts. its
T.ehhled l.eitch. its shady Lowers and its peak.
cl iil in eternal v. nhir. . F.ut as a people w. have
heen t ui-dit from our hirth to se ilod in hi.-tory.
to t'.elieve that lie to Whom "the Nations are as a
drop in the hucktt." has raised up men for every
-reat crisis in the history of a people, men tr.un.-d
and fitted to lead and tfuide the people upward
and onward to a higher level of nawonal lite and
PTfti'i" Vaith he true, and we Fv o to cherih it.
then who shall call the roll of honored names ot
those who have fed the fire of I.iherty and of
Union for the past century. Our minds turn in
stinctively to our Washington and our Lincoln.
Uonored names, indeed! Names revered to-day
wherever the sun --hints on a civilized -ace ot
T .en. Hut the life and erowth of the -rreat Uepuh
lie has not depended on the leaa-T of her armies
nor her Presidents. A hrillimt host ot others
have wielded ait intluence. les- telt in th. ir day
it nW hut nrd th.- less potent m dr velopm
Vnd Ion din-th. character of the Nation than
the reat vv or!? perfortned l.j Mn ysh" rst m
war first in peace, and first in heart, ot hi.
countrymen, or him hy the stroke o. uhos.- K
t,.cU1fs of four millions of -lae ten
hearth The!e n w. re hut the servant, of
VeoA ? Spired by th. principle of freedom
BtU whence, came this inspiration, una how has it
heen transmitted ': .
Let us review hrieuv .-o:..e ot the t.l- m f
ssliich have served to keepaliw The spirtr of . ...
d s ink d-t ptr the found.Uien pillars on wn '
res Jh "he r'at XU r.-dir. V1 fl,dl e Timatc t-..
: ...... ..... ..I .1 vl"''ll' I ..Ml..i . ' I - .
mil ir- ill f i'i - ,
1 y, 1 t .0.1 1
eoiiHicU-d for
F'.:i! 'ii .: a ' 1 1 i 'ai'.i!
v. ' - m 0 , i! v 3 .i 'it. -1. V'i
t.tt r ;-v " . Fv . : ): ' -at clu!-.
- . a :, . 1 ' i luutch for
.: .. !..-. 1. and the latter
diic-ction of 31 r. W. 1'.
eomposcd of J. L.
T. Mon-;arrar and C
-v rhe
.1 nitr
i lilltl'. r 1
crew bci
Lyle. V.
.it:d tho
Tilt Liliu
ie Myrtle
u rasily
i .ova . tie;
Tai'i.ot. A.
. f. t'urdv
Weuo yot hola ouvseives responsihlc for the
statement niau' . or opinions expressed hy our
rorres po;t den t .
ii.Vi:HALI. MM'U.
luiiucdiately- after luncheoii several hun
dred peojde wended their way towards the
Makiki Ilcserve, to witness the contest be
tween the rival hasohall clubs, the Hono
lulu and the Oceanic. The first named had
the call in the- betting, whilst a few firm
friends of the Oceanies stood by the juve
niles, and their faith was rewarded by the
Oceanies obtaining a glorious victory. The
game was admitted on all sides to be the
best ever played on the ground. The pitch
ing of Wall and Markham was extremely
good, ami would do credit to n professional.
The fallowing is the s -ore:
Mi:, iddio;;, Is ii true that the editor
oi a weekly newspaper in this town vvas
lowered over the. side ot a man-of-war in
this harbor in-a hopeless state of intoxi
cation V
is it trite that the same man was seen
hanging to a lamp post outside a saloon
in this town, with a yearning desire to
enter, but with legs too unstable to move
liissotten carcas?
Is it true this is forgotten? Is it true
this man dares to set himself up as a
critic? XXX.
Keal Estate in any part oj'llic JtLi nu
llum iiouht, Sold and Leased on Commission.
Loans Negotiated and Lesal Documents Drawn.
Xtu '27 MKlStL'II.-lS'T NTs:a:'j..
(ia.ett" J.Ieck, Ilonohdu. 'a t 1-dttA
S. f. AI.I.KV.
a. 1. CO li IN so.v.
1 ) !KA lJs
thinking. ' n e
ht ni.:!it co:i-
far I t:
, 11... it..mi t, fve.iri." fl
ICll lUMJW" " - -
. 1 i:..v.. 1 r.i.m I hat 'l".
t un in cTehrvo. the -armies and .V
-hall ovi rtum u:t F:nl ne or yUut .v ; 1 .. ;.'
- ,..i.... .... .i i:f i .i-ie.iio.i
(Jo vv ith n e : a. n i. -'
.. . . ..i , 'i'i .. ..rear stri'i:
Delegates in 1:1 o... . - ,.'.., ir-
depeudence h tdalr.aly ,.-unin J.ot-n. . M;
-inia pau.-ed ir, .lr.:! t v-!m th. r to c.it her I d ...
? e Fol.o.ie. , r listev. I n-r to th- IT.,:. ,
..f ;l.e F.rili.-h Mini.-trv. Fatitc!-. He i.r tep
Pcd to th. fr-.nt the .nt.ra pern...
5 -i.. .. .1 . .s :i.terer to the world.
irauuui Klin . , , ..-......
! a sian : mi iu n . . .
i . . ..... .
it all 1 ' o' lv eeo ii
r ls -. l.i life dear.
i... o'oc' a-. -d at the price
:.i I li
. .l.ei
.: .:iv e i
i iau ne r a !. i ta:-,-.llll.ll
l ' ers of
fruit. A land c.i"
i f . very iciti-.n
ave. Uiore, rai
Scott, c
K. 1. lialdwiii. -2
W. Kinnev. 1 b
! ('. W. lkiMum f
I ;. .Tones t. f
j L. A.Thuritoh 1. f
J W. Wall,
j li. l'..:ldvin. .
I Fiaitenh.-rt.'. -
0 1 " I 11 C r
1 1 a -J. 1 1 0
d d 1 1 1) 0 1
: j i m o
0 d i i o i u
A ?, 'A i 0 0 0
1 2 'A ! 0 2d 2
. i '
i " i 0
l o ) 1
. .; . I..,., ilt;tl
ana wiin i;' n'" -
where t v r m ut c m se
K-i.i .fivi-rv. Hear hi-
or peace
i -vv. . t. as i
-.1 l.
,f cham an i i ...... .
i tod ! I Mi:"'.- hot wh.it cour,
l.i-' as for me. - lo erty
amotto ne-l upon th.
the hearts of three 1
History show- .; - the
where the opi-re.-sed
1..,, .. weh'omed :
ui.iy ta'.o- :
me death
'jped uiou
;' freedom.
ii.e free,
on earth
s.-d to the
- i I..,.,.,-,. ,ti.,L, !' ive 1
i-i-he-t tvpe of citieu-:.ip .i.o.. :
covers a ctovid. and, with ear prophet.. . h. .n t..t
nnmnuriturs of the serf on b a.st i s ho-s
of disunion. Hear his note of warnu - on the
"oor of the Sen.it in 1SK : " Vheu my oe, suall
he turned to heboid for the last time, the sun in
hven in-xvl not see hira shinin- on the broken
Sad hotmred f anient, of n:
Cnion: on States dissevered dnd or
li -ereut; on a land rent with ou -xu l.-. . r
dVencheii. it may r,e, in fraternal f
lt fpehle and lineerins shince rather nenom
hi ?r" u "n.lKn of the Kepuhlic-now known
I'., tat J '2i 1 27 "2'd 'J
ii( Ft M.i. L1'. 2 -'
: :
Swan, ii!' 1 3 o o 2 2 1
Saa i ret t, lb 0 I 0 U . 0 0
oat. s. s 0 d 1 1 0 1 0
U. Whitney. 2 b i 2 2 2 4 1 0
H. Wotlehouse. c 0 4 d 0 7 7 1
J. Dowse tt, r. f 1 3 o o ti 0 Q
G. Wodehouse. c. f . . . . 2 2 0 1 1 1
C. Markham, p 0 4 0 0 1 0 1
F. Winter. 1. f 0 2 1 1 0 0 0
Tot.il ... 2 27 tj 4 21 21 4
Kohala, Hawaii, June 21, 1334.
Judge Hart has been on a trip to Hamakua
to hold Court.
Kaffle at Kaiopihi llall for a breach-loading
rifle resulted in Mr. Harry Iiickard
shouldering the article.
Kohala didn't "snap" everything at the
races, as it expected to, but we ought not to
expect all the good things.
We hear that Akiona- has sued the Ii. S.
Co. for $3,000 damages for forcible removal
from property ho claims to own. It seemed
a little hard ro turn a man's family into the
itreat in the absence of the head of a family,
but if it was done on the order of the Judge
it would seem that he and not the II. S.
Co. should bo held responsible.
Thj Lock Chia Ton ocity formed a
regular organization by the election of Aseu
President, Lung He, Vice-President: Ah Mo,
Secretary, and Ah Fer. Treasurer. We think
the. society will prove of much value to the
plan tors of the district, as it is comprised
of the best Chinamen we have here.
When was the petition against a bank
charter, and said To contain -evenly names,
circulated:- Kohala petiti insure very iiuietly
gotten up, and generally contain the names
of those of least importance in the district.
Paper money backed by gold is all right.
Several of the Kohala people go to Hono
lulu i.ext week to give evidence in the
Kianu inurdjr trial. They hate to go so
bad that they almost wish there had been no
Hamakua drops wages of field laborers
from 2d to $13 per month on the lirsL of
July, and requests Kohala to sustain them
by doing the same. We certainly ought to
do so, but, as everv planter pulls for him
self alone in this district, we can hardly ex
pect much unanimity, even in so important
a move.
At iui:h:nsixn HJiAitr, xs;Ai,i:ies
I.N J.FMF.ldt and Jill km is of 11 1; I Id I iN ( i
MATKltlA t.S, Faints, Oils, NaiU, etc., ete.
AO li N'T KOI'. seHOo.vl- Rs
kkka ffuo aj,
'AlliV '.N l.K.N
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands.
oct 1 s:i-dfcw
n. .. LEVEY.
.t.c tio n e e is
General Commission Merchantsf
Heaver Block, Queen St., Honolulu.
?ioIe AentH lor:
American & European Mere
alen of Furniture. Stock. R'l Instate
uud (ieneral ilercbandi.se properly attended to.
feb -w tf
Tolm Daniel & Co.,
Importers and I) -.'ders mj
Italian IVlarble
And Scotch Granite
M:t?iif:i. tur.-r of
Monument. 3I-aI Stum--.
IMiunlior's SIal.
Tnblt and i'ouutor Tops.
Iiiisiii Stones, itc.
A L( )
C-ritriito "Worlc of IvindH
Mit,nufactur-d to order. .
Plans and specifications furnished free of charge
upon application. ADDP.KsS,
my24-w3m San Francisco, Cal.
Fdd'viii. J v.-i 1 t . !' , r '.:!. N inland st.
le-".-1, . .1. ;! v-i-.-i -.o .-!"! - om, "ince and
.- v. XS.f i; oi r -
i -,. Ii;i .-...ji. '!,:n. - ,; .nid IrtiiHt,
d'liee ml . i :
r.ieei-on. N F. i;i n . ' - n t, K , fli(M
.i id !'. 2 Kilkiii -!
1'iti h. ( 1 1.. (lor roiuent j... i. i i!i, 4'iiieo Ga
.".!.iuri;ik! :i -I. I';' F -' t
':";;in, Al . J'li.' sjei;i e ;i I ., -M. oi'licii llill
i-'or ; 1 . r i i .'; i l oi i i
lloM in in ii . Ya. jh .-ieiau :'.:e! - iii,'eon, res,
Wvll-e lane
Martin, (f H. ; !:y.-ieian .tint -..: t n , fioars
at the Jlo.vid ilaaiian lie:. !
McMrew, Hi iui (!. .i;.d Mi(li '. . I iliysi-
eiatis ami i;reoh.-. ollie- and res, 01
llot. l sr
McKil-hiti. !i- ihysieiau jlihI lirugiiit, 37
Fjueen st, rot I'.rretannia and Miller's
Moiiritz. A. (iovi ritment phytieiaii, for dis
tricts of Waialua and Waianao, roa
I'arker, Ci Y '. Seeretarv to the JJoardJ of
Ilpaltli. res, Lunalilo, near PunHacoia st
Pierce. Miss Surah K4 physician, oflicu and
res. 5 School nt
liodgern.Cy T. physician. Hotel and Alakna at,
Stangenwald, Huo, phvsiejan and surgeon,
res. 10 Nutiann wt
Trousseau, (!, physician. .;1ico and re.1, 73
I'unelihowl si
Tucker. S (J, jjhysician and .-.urgoon, oflico
and res, 17 J-dnma ;-t
Wong Yuen Ohing, rjiijie.e doctor and drug
gist, 'JC Hotel .-t, us, in rear
lJoiiil. J'enj I, physician ami burgeon, North
Kohala .
(Jrei iifiohl. .! JJ. ( iovi i niient phytiician, for
Ilamaliua oishiet, res, HonokaaJJJ
Kiiniull, A JI. iov erntiu nt phywician, for
llih district, res, Ijaupahocnoo
Olivrr JI, Government physiHan, for district
of Kau, res, Vaiohiira
Tlioinpson, J iS, Ciovernment j-liyaician, for
Kohalr. district, ics. KfliaJa, on TJiomj-
J'ro.'f) plantation
Tlioiriison, J.is (v.itli LS Thoriip.ion
W tinoi e, Oh i s H . physician .nd toirgcon,
38 Fro.it st, Hilo '
Uailey, A H, )iy-ieiau ami iiuig'jon, oflico
r.rid res, jvahului
liailf v. I M. (iovernment pliysician, for Ma-
kawao district, ic.-, Kahuiui
C'arpentcr F Ji. Oovei ninent physician for
Iiliainr- district, res, Lahaina
Knlrs, V il, Government physician for
Wailuku district, ofiicti Maui, ron High
st. Wailuku. President of the Alden
Fruit and Taro Co.
llawson, G A, Government physician for
Hana district, r-s liana
liorland, J, Government phjtucian for
Northern district of Kauai, res, Kilaaea,
Smith, J K, Government physician for Wai-
mea and Koloa districts and island of
Niihau, ren, Koloa
Smith, J W, Kev, j)a8tor Koloa church and
physician, re3. Koloa. (X H Smith. A
Co, planter.-.)
Walters, St I) G, Government physician for
Lihue district, res, Idhue
Tirlo lasses Barrels and Sugar Keg h,
Ket up or in :ihook i; also Hoop Iron, H, Ida
llf in. in width, and 'I ivrhi by :5dr.. At
Co'I'ei;ure, No. IU 1'ort St., IIOTloltlltJ, H.I.
G- U" v. N" o -
Warrant"-'! 7J.TD J'liO-p.'.iii.'--'.
?v.r s.tle 1 iUf, A. 1'. C'OOKK.
BoueMeal! Bone Meal!
)Ni: MEAL iWAldlANTKI) I'l Tj; ,I KOM
the Manufartory of JH ( K V A"III.AND
San l'rnnei-o. Orders for tliK
Celebrated Fertilizer
will now t r.-f l ived l.y the iiri'l.-r.-iried. Planter.
are requested to send their orders in early, so that
here will tie no delay In liavinLf them tilled in
ime for the. planting season. Al-o.
Super- Phosphates,
A fine Fertilizer for Cane.
Orders received in quantities to ult.
fetS-wtf WK. O. IKWIN A. CO., ACM
t 1 '
f t
1 V
" i
i'i 1
i . V
.:. t
ci'.. I
t - 1
.' , 1
'o T' '"' -t-'-''

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