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The Pacific commercial advertiser. (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1856-1888, July 15, 1884, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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Vol. XXX.---No.
The Weekly Pacific
(Commercial ilucrtiscr
T'.w.i .11 i !- a i 1 ! -i'ivriitln.:, w!e-n J : ci i in :el-
. " :t -..r; H2.."i f'r six iimii tie.
'r' i-ru sue -ri p ; n-, ??;.." r y ar. i : i-lU' 1 : 1 1
! T A 1 LY
Paoinc Cninmorcial Advertiser.
i' 1 iiiimiri!
Six rii 'Mtu-;
IVr a.- f 1 1 ii
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1 00
;.u 1 V.' t kly t tSi r i n- -11 1 r:-
t r. " intl'MIl
t. s. 1- i,y,.i:i.i: .!vY is ai anck.
' . 1; .1 t::i.-iti ;i-; tr m all Jirt-; of the la-tit.-
uiii :: l-- very ff t jtall-.
, , j , . -tilling in j-'iv pirt !' tli" 1'nite l
St'.i. nit t'i: tin Tint of suln'Ti itio:i !iu-s
f r ttf - j '-! I'i'-t il -Mou )r!-r.
, K'IXt; !:.t-. h.-.-ri j;ni-
:... . ; ;.; m r-.ii: !. the Il.m.Cl'UTJs
t-i.i'i i: : -l't tin- (! (ration u
(;.- ; 1 :' ' 'ii r f liolivnr, conf i-rrctl
,;;,.. 1. . 1 ; i .:- .i y th- irr.i'nt of t)u-
I.;- t.f V.-u--i-.:i-:;..
A !.!: ,vm il .Si.ly J'
j H'. I V- w It
w i. i 'Ii.n i.U- until .luly M, iu-
i.i -'.f-: '. -' -or for th? litrict of Hoio-
in! i, i i :..'.;:. t- in lus :lice, in the
t.ttl.-iittir it ; r.-.tr of A!ii'!;uu Hul'scn Monday,
W. i .r::'I. iv of ;n-Ii week. l)'twt'fi
tin. . ) m-- .'' .;. ! J-J noon for tho nirpo.'
t.1 i 1 ". r . r' ..ir-.-. of a!! p-T-:Mis to
i.. :;tt '.!! ri In' ! : i t" . 1 I .
...j:. r,-:ii.N tivin.r. r 'I' v.atin art- inot
i. - 0 . -tf :.'.! r ;'. - : 1 to iusiko -'M-ir returns sts
f!:it. pii.-i' :ii''! tnp! t" as pussibl", i;iviiiK
,,;;.,;;.,... ,.f wlr,...;. nvn of IuihI. stutinsf froiit-ii;c
-i ; i o l.-ptiJ, .har:.-tci of tru-turo
;i. : -il-':r t. to whom n-nt'l or
..;. il ai l !: -th of l af. ainonot rt i- iv l p r
Mimiin from prop.-rty. prop. rtv soli! .luring
It.'- v ar. :o whom ami tor what sum. talf if
yi'U I.av aa; nn.rtaic- on your property; -iv'
il;;-..' of tnorU'ui.--.', i.ano- of inorm-ai,'"' aiii for
h I.at ;vtr.o!irit !iiort.'.-. '!. I'roporty on h;i!l -liMt.'i,.i,"
toother-; ni.Tr!:uiu!iM- 011 Lju1 .Inly I.
mi otsiin;."!!t, .-.t!i i s l).mk or any otli-i pla--.-li
this Km--: !oiii. ..-., tf.
As hy tin- now !a.v hi : - -s a:f no loiter, r
r ticulty ui.m ! at so ni j!'i. 1 -r I. "a-!, hut art- now
i.rjf--i-ij as personal property, ai'-otili::' 1 t i ! r
val'-H-, jar:i.'!:::ir ;h'Juion vh.ul.! 1- --'i.-. n to
slnte in tli' rMU'iis i:umhT of ho"-'"s. 1 1 j - r
kiil, what for an! ttn-ir v.iliif. Al.l. kk-
ti:i:ns y, i"s r ki: aii: to tiik Akh: s.r
I AT HP. THAN JII.V :!! oil N Vl'lTAI.- "AN I'.N
uw iu: .ii t.NTKi, an i lh A"1 ssor ha-; f':l.
Kvvvr to jissoss prop'"ty ;:f'.T t!u:: 1.H- r. "irn
(f v.li'h li;i- r..; Nt't'i. ni.ii!'' an-1 - a orr. t- h"
foro l,:ui prltr to July ' a ..r;y .ih'..; .. he
may thinK proper. .f-'I (:' !;!.. .i!t
thero ran f'e no a''
Hlntc fc-rn.s on v;n..-.. :.. ie:- 1 ii.ros .-!. ".
tuI ..m :ippti it:o: ;o ih: !-U v-;fi--:i.
:Ui:i;. il. 1 1 A vi-;;.!i.N-A
s.s ssi r m - ''' '! '-'"' ' : ' ''
I.-,:ai i of
Ilovi'ii u , Jnh 1. i- i. J. " ' '-'if
rrmii. i:i-:iu;i.ai: sr.MMi-.:; ai.'n ;f:
fi s,.rI, v. eks, of a!' f :.!. - - :i -:'- '. f - ,
?-i.ii.r.'.-.:ii. w er. :"! ir-."-- FilI-'A - J.";1. o: j
Jl.'I.Y ii-s:. : V.l'!lAV. t.' !':: of -Ki't'FM- j
HKl'. NF.XT, o" wn'-h ital i.-"w t-T e wu.
P.y e;'.e: f ti" P.- .r. of l-:.j;:t .,;an. .
v.". J as. s;ii : n . j
I.. o: -i . a: i ::. .iii!;. h::.,j"-t. .
.'; ." i ,'iUv a ;t .
it A X N i .. ' I'.i.lC
: : i ; . . ; . : : i :
. .- -1
ILxjtiritm in ill- .TfoiitSi i" Jul.v.
.If out Si -.!'
Kwoii Wo i lioni; "c 'o., k'ano!
k iko
Ilym.-tti Uro 2Uf-n street
. K'ool.ui
1 1 n 1 . 1 1 1 : 1
T 11 I avit s tV: 'o, KaaiiamalliJ street
Kan Wo Tin Kve, Nuuanu street
Man Kim l.iiii,' Co. I. eleo street
Cluing Kim-ii Kee, I. i!i!ia street
M V McCli' Mii'V A'soii.Qi n street
Kin Feu Ciu'oir,' (.', Hotel street
.1 l;.is. eor Puuehhow l it lh Tetania s;
liou 1 Yiek ( holi 1 lotel street
Wim; On Wo. Nuuanu street
Ko l.i c.n.'t Punchbowl street
John ("he.- l-'oo. Nmiuiiii street
.-"in II iiiic la. eor Maunakea iv: JIoP-l t-; '
I.00 l'oy. eor MaunaUea .V Kin;--t-
Xee l.ee, II. retaiiia street
K 11:11 Sun, or Nuuanu .v Kinr .-t
Sn .jvi'-h, Cray t Co. Hotel i
Mai n Clmiu'Tnii,'. Nuu;'.:iu si
11 May A- Co. Fort st
en Choni;, Jint;st
ijuonir V:in I.uniT, l;eli iani.t st
C 1 Akana, l.aie Koolauloa
Cum Yet- Kee, Kind's!
Von Hop. I lotel st
Mi I'one, Ih retaliia st '
I lias A: Coiisalves. Hotel st
Coo Kim. eor Fort .'y Hot 1 si.-.
Kaumualil. Koloa
Cliouu Wii,
C W Aw a, Waio'iini. K'au
Hui Kalepao Konu Allan Keiaihon X Koiiu
Tai I.oiilc, Makapala X Koliaia
A hap Aeliine, Makapala X Kohala
('has Williams. K ukuihaele, Hamakua
T II Hainliim. K'ilae. Kona
!;,.v s S.uhiau A Co, iionomukau. X Kohul.-i
Mow Kiaii. Xaalehu, Kau
Akim A Aehueir. Kaiopihi X Kohala
H X (ireenwell. Kalukaiu. ICona.
II 1' Kuikahi. Hamakua
I.en .John. X Kohala
Coo Chun, Kapaau X Kohala
.1 1 Mills, Hilo
Chum; Fat Kee, XiuliiX Kohala
" Y Aiona. Ililo
Hui Kal ia Hawaii, Waiohinu, Kan
Kail Taeh Man, Kaiopihi X Kohala
C Y Aiona, Pniiahoa, Ililo
(;-! Fat, Kaioiiihi X Kohala
i;i;TAl It MAM
C II Hi-key, Ilamukuapokn
Kon Wo, liana
Aka. Kaluaaha, Molokai
.Man Sim; Tontr, Wailuku
Clans spreekols, Knhului
Akina, Wailuku
Alfreu A: Smith. Makawao
l.ini Hui Kee, Kipaluulu
Kalauokolaui A. Keaweolu, Kuinul,,, Mo.olc t
(.iuonr lam Hop, Haim
(jiiontr Vin'n, Haiku
Tom Sini;, Wailuku
Ton Sen. Kaanapuli
Tim; Sin it Co, Wailuku
Arliomr. X Kohala
Mow Kiau, Xaalehu Kuh
Sam; Hum; Fa, eor Muunukea V Hotel
Ku See, Hih
Ah Kom;. 'iueen street
S.ha Siho, Wainieu, Ka'.iui
W Foster, lieretunia stret 1
I; V Kuikahi. Wuipio, llaiiiiikii.i
1 1
1 1
1 1
1 :
1 1
1 !
! ".
1 ;
1 ; t
1 1
I 1
1 I
. t
i JI C MeCuiidless, Fish Market
if, ieo M umio'i Koloa
force 10 riii:se.
hi Ah J im, l.'.hue. Kau:;i
17 Akin A- Akuna. Kahalina, II il"
l'J W 11 shlpm.tn, Hilo
VI Ilit. h.-oek A Co Fiipaikfiu. Ililo
i:;:taz2. sebiicit.
1; ..; N i.v .'mi i (: K i"i--," :sri4i Xnnami -is
1 .0! e I ;fn!a. I.:.h:t':i:.
I J "L" Vm!'.. V.':::hi.i!
7 .! JIa!!: hi.". Hoim.'k i I am.-k 1;::
"J-'. J'' k '. Heie.ii-:-:
.. i "11. ts I i
- li !:.. :; liro, ti'.a- u sll ret
! T ii Havies A Co, Kaah : l l ..Ti s;
:. ' .1 ) 'isliel, .-..r Fi'.rt ami Ho'''!
::. H May ' F-.r: i
i r.Vf'S .V I'Ook. I-'ol'l -1
l- I.e. ";.
: ' l i . i ; .v i.
'! J"S Kuii.nu
N ;ii-:i:(;N ;:;i nvvi: ;ohm;.!
i'-.- tirr-i n. !:n-' of
1! 1 " i-l i ' ! .s ,v c . . i : ;!:;-!,! .-.(; c.ur'. nu'
..'! a i;--t:- " .: h.iitK.n. a': I -.-,,-i:-;.- h.is'.n.-- ;.:
He:'; a': I otieT t s !"! ti.e ! I -'V . . '. . : " .
Kl : !. -:i as may : -I - .n- I .. Ivn .".!.-.
: e i '.. A is sPilF.Ck' I I .
,--.-! v" M . i ;. I 11W f N.
r. r. w.
: - " " r
; e : v: ra . i aa-, .
? Z
Titrsrftrt, July -V, ISSf.
Editorial Articlos.
t'i'.OM 1'IIE DAILY P. C. A.
W'itJiin the lust two weel;s two peti
tions Iiave !ecn jresen;eil to His
Majesty. The lir-l was eireulateil : i n j i
signed hy oine meinheis of tiie ( )ji
position and their friends. No sooner
was it handed in than the Jhitlriiu
and Hawaiian urged its f'avorahle
eoii-sideration. The signers a-ed the
iing to remove his Ministers. They
had no confidence in the Cabinet, and
they hoped thai His Majesty would
entertain a similar sentiment". New
when the King receiYed this petition,
to which l-riO names wen' attached,
he natural desired to arrive at a cor
rect estimate of the importance of
this proportion of his subjects. The
petition was thoroughly analysed,
with the following result: Of loOU there
were o04 foreigners, :7s Ilawaiians,
and 829 Chinese. Of the foreigners rf
are voters ; of the Ilawaiians 190 are
voters; and of the Chinese none are
voters. In the 1509 names, then,
there are but '2:25 voters. The aggre
gate of foreigners and Ilawaiians is
712, giving the Chinese mimes on this
petition SI majority. So we find that
827 Chinese, with not a voter among
the lot, appeal to the King for a
change of Ministry ! Now, as we
have often stated, wo believe in the
existence of a good, healthy opposi
tion in any Government. Hut we
S3'mpaihise. with the respectable por
tion of the signers of the petition
that its unwise promoters should
have given them such a terribly long
Chinese tail, and thus noi only weak
ened, but actually made ridiculous
the entire document. Better the 742
names, even though they represented
but 22" votes, than this string of Mon
golians who have no care either one
way or the other for the government
or the country who never spend a
dollar more than necessary for the
actual ncessities of life in the country,
and who, with few exceptions, carry
olfevery dollar they earn to spend in
their own land.
The second petition presented to
ilis Majesty was an expression of
confidence in the .Ministry. This
bore over i2 ' f signatures, and every
name represented a vote. I'nder
these circumstances, ii we assume
that this matter depended up a ma
jority petition, which tf -ouie it
does not. but taking these do u
metits Minpiy as un expression of
(minion, how should 1II Majesty re
gard these appeals V The activity of
the Opeod! ion's p opie was unques
tioned, but numbers- v.vighed too
inui-Si with Mtcm. and (hey allowed
tiie go.'d names on their petition i
he swamped j;, iv-an o' Mon
golians a veritable Chinee s
Again t iiey -"ut this iio-umcn: to 'he
Kint: he for:' i he ;tpo-;!tion im-miners
ei the L".
:;nt i-M i;ii
virUial i v
i Ce
ions, and i hus
HiiiL'iion- of
whole light
i, and - ecve 1
f ei;d and
el" ' ' ; i i : ': c ! i
1 1 :
. s w
l : - e . ! " . i I 1 s
a ? d CC. a ' i "a
j'A-t aae,
- i 'o t -;t I io , ;
t K (
i ; i-r
:uitte"is to express;., want of confi
dence in His Ministers, and was fol
lowed by a vote- of the Legislative
Assembly, which failed to express a
want of confidence in thorn, as His
Constitutional Advisers.
Therefore, for rlu-s,' and other con
siderations 1 1 is Mtuc-ty dors not deem
it consistrni to disregard this expres
sion of the Legislative Assvmhly-."
This ends the matter. Let the
Legislature lto to woik now, and per
form their duties zealously and pat
rieticallv, olace the affairs of the
country in a proper condition, and
allow all this petty bickering to die a
natural death. N
We certainly recommend those
parties who are dictating the policy
of our evening contemporaries to en
deavor, no matter how faint the hope
of success may seem, to keep within
the bounds of decency and modera
tion. They were ousted iu the poli
tical light which has just been de
cided, but this is no excu-e for ikeir
threats against the head of tins Gov
ernment. We refer more paitic-u-larly
to the Hull tin because t is the
most virulent and unscrupulous organ
of the Opposition, though the Ha
waiian is not far behind in its im
plied warnings.
This pure and high-minded mouth
piece of pure and high-minded men,
who would noi take an ollico under
any circumstances, declared Tuesday
evening, that "things have come to
the pass that continued silence
would be at the expense of the public
good, and we shall speak of th: King
hereafter in terms nrv ;'rom vitupera
tion but plainly. He has placed him
self in a position antagonistic to the
best interests of the whole nation,
and as an incumbent of such a posi
tion it is our duty, as public Journalists
to discuss his acts."
This is a deliberate and audacious
threat. They will discuss the King!
Who are they? Jiy what authority,
and under what seeming do those
newspaper guerillas make this declar
ation of intention? Half a dozen sore
heads, (half a dozen we believe is
about the col lect number) hire a little
newspaper for the campaign, and then
proceed, with wise importance, to
constitute Themselves the public
judges, ami to arraign His Majesty.
And for what? Because he will not
make himself the instrument ot sore
headed malice, and chop oifthe official
heads of a cabinet to which this
mighty syndicate of Solomons is op
posed. Here again crops oil! the
blundering character of the entii- Op
position. In its ranks are many in
telligent, upright and conservative
gentlemen, but they have permitreil a
few ho:-headed sCOlds to take (lie
reins, and beslobber the movement
and themse've wit. j; vit upcrai ion and
We have o'ecare:; -"'ii tia s:ar(,
and wed"ciare now, thai when h shall
be proven that the exiting cabinet
has violated tiie Constitution of this
Kinifd 'in. we shall be the fnt :ode-
m mi I - a
! tVi! th.-v oe tieN! i'; .- 1 10: s i i I;
for their a
one s a i tie
uphold hone-ty
our eoo-jiLra" io
We owe no fealty to
ii.ihT, out We w;!l
;:d impartiality in
o : : i i e . i - -1 i o ! i -,
culminating r. !;--
! : i : i ! :
tin - e;:
bu-ir;e-- are
' "mi -s; v.
'i il"
t i i ;(
a I ; l
A a ea : i
: i ' A a. I b-ev.-ry
i a ' . .
- : " :
. : ii '
. - i '
i. "V
When we consider the habits of the.
papulation of other cities, we must
come to the conclusion that Honolulu
has much for which to be thankful.
In the first place its singular freedom
from cliques should be a great cause
of gratitude. In other towns, men
and women resolve them-elvc; int
organizations for the discussion of
the frailties anl pecul iarit ies of their
neighbors. They say unkind things
about each other. They hint that
Jhown is hopelessly in debt or
Smith is surely and steadily erinUing
himself to de-tth. Not so here. There
is none cf that sort of gossip. No
man or woman c m be found w'thin
the limits of this charitable' cdy who
would, under any circuin.sfanci s,
speak a disparaging word of their
neighbors. Suihh might go on drink
ing himself- f o dent h, and Brown keep
running bile- a mile long-, but no one
would rnmmem on these melancholy
j farts. They would ln f be discussed
I in s-'wiirr circles nor outside the
ch'.reh dour, nor at t:. People
! wo ii 1 con dder t iiesc purely private
n ;;;;-. is, and aould therefore preserve
a st j jr i lence.
The i nl! uence of Christianity is very
prooerlv credited with this. Tiuc
there are some honest nat ores which
could not err on the side .f malice,
but it is t the cluiirli wo owe tnis de
lightful condition of Christian feeling.
There is nothing like the Gospel for
taking the malice out of human
nature. I'erhaps intense devotion,
combined ith the climate, may in
duce le'anue s, but the bubbling wells
of kindness How on as before. The
rigid Christ ian is always forbearing,
charitable, and intensely aflccl iomite
towards his enemies. How anybody
can refai u from Christian perfection
in these islands, teeming with Chris
tian example, is incomprehensible to
us. And yet we have heard that
some of our leading otlicials are not
perfect Christians, but demean them
selves with levity iu chinch.
This fiaternal feeling has stood an
admirable test in the recent liery
campaign. Gentlemen who have at
tacked one anottn r with virulence on
the floor of the House, have been seen
going to lunch, arm in arm, at the
noon recess. Kvi rybody loves every
body else, and has tin.? most perfect
faith in the motives and sincerity,
even of his political enemy. We
do not find this elsewhere. In lens
Christian communities political
foemeu pay newspaper men to say
hard things, scowl when they meet
on tin,- street, never di ink, s.noke or
walk together, and io many other
ways show the r mutual ih-giist and
abhorrence. Here they are til)
brotherly, all 1 vin'.r, a 1 ki id. and
never inseiL sharp things about each
other in the newspapers. There, ih
no such thing a - scandal known in
this community. We believe that
if any prominent citizen were io go
reeling drunk f Plough ihe stieeis, or
beat his Wile o;, '
would mention .1
mum, -imply b;
Chri.-t ian--. and
-i l.-'. dk, nobo ly
All would keep
a use 1 bey were
adhered l i t he
Gold 'ii IJn'e. I low hi-ehy e.- ;iped
tiie e-li'pie iiusio.-.s it ihhie.ilt fo
s.-iv. Th'.- ai!y mis-donarie-, !ho--;
d-voied men who coud.med !heni-
M'lvci to live-, oi vol ii :ii i ry pov
for ! h"ir f i to - -aa", and w J i in
' y
a 1 lov' ' i co a e :
with tin.' (' ', - a
i t ' As V.Aij i : ' "
efj U
i.... a j . ,
i l . 4 1
; a ;
n'v :.o:
hole ao.
. . a e -1
( '.
i i .e
i 1
I "
I. t
f "
I i
I. I
i "
t ?
i ; ;
i. i
j t
n !
p i.
1 1
.'..na. u?a, "u-is b i imi-v . ei:ed n r
i r ! :'
"., ok .". ', a : e
jyli.e; ":
a:n i ' . o .
e a ; : ; -
! , f ( :
' ' i " - '.
:.a-; a.n

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