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Inland ZVoten.
Our corrcspondant writes, under elate of
Dec. IGth, as follows:
Pcna, Hawaii, Dc. 1G.
At tbi dite it ia blowing a galo from the
SW along t!ie Puna, Coast. At this place,
I'oaoiki, U located Zlr. Cycrr.ft's steam saw
will, with a traction engine that brings
timber from the furest. Some fonr miles
from here L the only safe bay and lauding
to bo found for many miles along thi.s coast.
This jilacts is four miles from what must bo
called the "Spanish Ruins," as I have found
enough to establish the fact beyond a doubt,
and have hardly commenced yet. This is a
most interesting place to study the volcanic
forces that have for countless ages been at
work to build up this land of lava Here
grow the finest sweet potatoes without a
particle of soil, and trees flonrixh without
any other nourishment thin that afforded by
the a-a which U something like the blag
from a smith's forge. There are hills here,
surrounded by freth lava, that lock as old as
Punchbowl at Honolulu. They look like
i-dand in a sea of desolation, and are very
productive. The largest i owned by Capt.
EMirt and may be some hundred acres in
Honokaa, Hawaii, Dec. 19.
On Tuesday, the ICtb inst., we experienced
a, very heavy gale of wind from the S.W.; it
blew so hard that every store and house in
in town had to closo up. No serious dam
age was done.
Yesterday the shaft of one of the lower
rollers at the Honokaa mill broke; it will
have to bo sent to Honolulu for repairs.
The cano which is cut will bo ground with
two rollers. Thi3 is the first breakdown
that has occurred at this mill since it
LTho following communications expliin
themselves. Ei. P. C. A.
Editor Com. Adveetissk Sir: It ap
pears that thero is some misunderstand
ing about a petition that was got up here
and signed by several parties in Ilonckaa
and' Honolulu. The purport of said peti
tion was asking the I. I. S. N. Co. to re
tain Captain Davis on this route after the
steamer Dishop should bo withdrawn. I
am soiry it -had not the desired effect, but
rather as it appears tended to damage
Capt. Davis in the opinion of his em
ployers. Now I wish to state that I was
the ono who got up tho petition and tool
it around, and then sent it to Honolulu,
and I done so of my own accord, and not
at the instigation of Capt. Davis or any
other person (as people assert). Hy ob
ject in so doing was to keep a man who
had given general satisfaction and who
was thoroughly acquainted with this
coast. Capt. ftavis never hinted any
thing of the kind to me, nor did ho know
anything oi such a document until after
it had gone from here.
Yours, etc.,
J. R. Mills.
As one ot tho signers of tho petition in
question, I wish to stato that the same
was prepared with tho best intentions,
both toward Capt. Duvis and his em
ployers, and was certainly complimentary
to both parties, as it expressed our feel
ings of satisfaction (in Substance) to the
said I. I. S. N. Co., for the careful man
ner in which our freights had been
handled, carried and delivered at, to and
from this (HonokaaJ landing by tho com
pany's representative, Capt. Davies, in
command of the said company's S. S. C.
It. Bishop.
But since the petition has been read
by tho said company cn the Chinese
style, i. e., commencing the wrong end
on, and has been similarly construed, in
asmuch as to discharge Captain Davis
from its services in consequence, and by
reason thereof:
Therefore, we, the petitioners, feeling
and seeing that we (unintentionally) have
been tho cause of the Captain . being dis
charged from his position, feel i our
duty, as well , as a pleasure, in recom
mending him to any and all ship ownerr
as being n strictly temperate man, faith
ful, energetic and capable, jnst the. man
to handle a boat on tho coasts of these
islands; does not sleep on theoars.
- W. II. Rickakd.
.Police Court.
Tttesdat, Dec. 16.
Jas. O'Conncll, having been drunk on
Monday, paid a fico of $13 with 51 costs.
Kaahanni, albeit of the" gentler ser, was
pent to jail for ton day., for disorderly con
duct on ilonday last. She also paid SI
costs. i
Leong Hing, who must bo a host in him
self, was found to have assaulted Akin (a
kin to him) Hong Sing and Ah Kiou. For
so doing he has to work five days at hard
labor, and file a bond (with sureties) iu the
sum .f $73 to keep the peace towards all
men for ona year. The Court charged him
$6.10 for attending to his ca3C, and he may
be thankful it wasn't $6.50.
Jamea Welsh, charged with assault and
battery on Phillip Draun, denied the soft
impeachment, and will have to wait until
to-morrow to hear the end of the case.
Kimo, who stole a hat, goes on the reef
for a month, and then to the Reformatory
School, besides paying Si costs.
Ah Chung, Ah Kan and Ah Wa, charged
with having opium in their possession at
Honolulu within the week last past. Mr. Rus
sell for defendants. Alt Chung pleaded
guilty. Ah Kan and Ah Wall pleaded not
guilty. Ah Chung turned King's evidence,
and gave testimony agaiuat the two other
defendant. Found guilty and fined $50
each, and sentenced to imprisonment at
hard labor for one month each. Costs, SI. 10
each. Appeal noted in the cases of Ah Kan
and Ah Wa.
Olailai and Inoa, charged with truancy
within the last we?k; reprimanded and dis
charged. Wednesday, December 17, 1881.
James Welsh was found guilty of assault
and battery on Philip Braun, and fined $6,
and $1.20 costs.
Tho Portuguese who were charged with
beating a Portuguese girl were discharged
yesterday, except one Antono de Lima, in
whose case judgment is suspended.
Kalu, who was charged with stealing a
violin, was discharged on a nolle pros, being
entered by tho prosecution.
Thcksday, Dec. 18.
Ono case drunk. The custos morum
ordered his forfeited bail of $6 to be taken
in charge of by David, and adjourned the
Fcidav, Dec. 12.
Naaloha ves accused of quarrelling with
Ah Ho about a matter of S2 paid by Naa
loha fcr tho services of Ah Ho in a matter
which was not performed. As Ah Ho
would not return the money Naaloha, it was
alleged, pounded him. Offense not proven,
Naaloha discharged.
Monday, Dec. 22, 1831.
John Thomas was found guilty of violat
ing No. 23 of- the rules governing hack
drivers. Ho also paid S3 costs.
A boy named Kahclo was sent to the Re
formatory School fcr a year for disobediance
to his parents and truancy.
Tho girl ilaria do Lima, who was the
complainant in a case of assault and battery
a few days ago, was given into tho charge of
the Portuguese Consul, it being shown that
her mother is a women of bad moral 3, and
the Court did not deemit best to send the
girl back, she having left her homo en ac
count of ill-treatment.
'-.Just CJIve me a Iocal."
He run across an Advehtisek reporter
yesterday and said. "Don't forget to give
me a nice 'local' in tho paper. Say some
thing about the , etc., etc, that I have for
sale." The reporter cacao back to the office,
and hunted through the paper for the "ad,"
of tho party he had met. Couldn't find it
anywhere, but, all the' same, having prom
ised bo would give a "local," sent in the
"It is a real pretty sight to visit, his place
and see thorn running around. . There must
bo a good many of them, together with
others that are in just the right kind of
order for Christmas. Tho prices, no doubt,
are not more than they ought to be, and the
quality good."
Answers to the 'Bulletin's' Puzzles.
Diamond Tuzzle
C .
Square Word
Word Puzzle Choral, Coral, Oral, Floral.
Charade Kingfisher.
Numerical Enigma Democrat Dinner.
All the steamers of the 1. 1. S. S. Co. are
this port this morning.
A communication from Mr. . Annua wil
appear iu to-morrow's issue.
There will bo an immense sale to-night,
oramencing at 7 o'clock, at tho Hawaiian
Bazaar, 109 Fort street, of toys and general
fancy goods, by Messrs. Lyons &. Levey,
Icrjetnal Motion Discovered.
Wise men hare decided, long? ago, that
tho problem of "perpetual motion'7 was
ono of those that are past solving. Learned
societies throughout the world have re
fused to consider papers submitted to
them by people who claim to have found
out how to make a machine that, once set
in motion, will run forever bv virtue of
the force it generates by its movements.
Patent OfSce examiners decline to report
upon models and plans of such machines,
and the man who snends his time and
money in trying to make such self-pro-
peliing machines is sji down as a fool, if
not an idiot.
But it seems that the wise men, mathe
maticians, patent examiners, and savants,
are all mistaken, for the great problem
has been solved, and in one ot the skating
rinks of San Francisco can be seen ac
cording to one of our islanders now there
perpetual motion" practically applied
and iu operation every day.
The islander, a well-known business
man here writing over the initials T. G. T.
describes this skating rink, as follows :
It is an irregular circle of but about
five feet wide, elevated at one side some
fifteen feet, from which the coaster rushes
down the inclined race with sufficient
gathered momentum by the time he gets
at the lowest part that it will keep him on,
and carry him bad: again to the top.'1
The italics are our own in the above
quotation, the grammar "T, G. T.'s.'1
But it is not with the construction of the
sentence we would deal, but that of the
wonderful skating-rink. San Franciscans
may well be proud of this triumph of
mind over matter, and it will be one of the
proudest boasts of future old men that in
their boyhood they bound on the festive
roller-skates, started at the elevated part
of that irregular circle, rushed down the
inclined way gathering, as they rushed,
sufficient momentum to carry them back
to the top again, again to rush down, and
again to be carried by the gathered mo
mentum to the top again, and so on in
definitely. We await, breathlessly, the
detailed statement as to how a skater once
started on this irregular circle stops him
self before the skates are worn out.
A JLady mesmerist.
Chronicle "Undertones."
It has always susprised me to find that
here few people have ever heard of mes-,
merism. Yet in the old country it is so
common a thing that mesmerists have long
been relegated to the country districts. I
can renumber as a boy the scholars having
a half-hoadav and being taken to a mes
merism exhibition. I think the worn n's
name was Mrs. Hamilton and she used to
seat a lot of boys in chairs, make each of
them in turn fasten his eyes upon her
while she made a few passes before them
and then they did exactly what she told
them to do. Some of them would abandon
themselves to their natural impulses and
fight, or talk, or give themsclv s and their
companions away by telling things "ley
had no business to. It was fun for those
who looked on. "When they had gone far
enough she reversed the passes and they
woke up quite unconscious of what ey
had been ing. The fact is that scien
tists are so jealous of the genera! intelli
gence that they ridicule anything that has
not been d:"Covered by one of themselves
and they never will permit anybody to be
lievo in the genuineness of anything
science can not account for. They have
some scientific explanation of mesmerism,
which, however, simply defines the process
end the result.
The Severn Tnnuel.
London Cor. Philadelphia Telegraph.
English engineers are making' a great
deal of the new tunnel in course of con
struction under the river Severn, and
which is designed to give the Great Wes-'
crn Railway company a direct route into
foouth Wales. When completed tie tun
nel, whic- passes under what is really an
arm of the sea extending from the Bristol
channel, will be four and a half miles
long, or twice the length of the famous
Box tunnel, on the same line of railroad,
which has hitherto been regarded as the
acme of railroad tunneling in this coun
try. The Severn tunnel will be 140 feet be
low high-water mark, and about 100 feel
below th bed of the Severn. Three
thousand men are emplojred upon the
work. . Nearly all these men reside in
a little town they have built themselves
on the "Welsh side, which contains a
church, schools and all the accessories of
civilized navvy life. In carrying out the
work3 the engineers have encountered in
numerable difficulties, land springs being
among the most serious. Ono of these
springs when first tapped poured 6,000 gal
lons of water per minute into the tunnel
This and other springs are held in check
by pumping machinery which - pumps up
00,000 gallons per minute, or 3,000,000
gallons per hour. The boring is twenty
six feet in diameter. The only thing not
quite clear yet about this big work is the
manner in which efficient ventilation is to
be obtained in a tunnel four and a half
miles long.
lie Understood It.
"See here, " he said to his clerk, "I
don't mind letting you off for a day or
two now and then, to attend your grand
father's funeral; but I think you ought to
have the courtesy to send a few of the fish
around to my house. "
The Swiftest River.
The Sutlej, a large river in British In
dia, with a descent of 12,000 feet in 180
miles, or about sixty-seven feet per mile
is the fastest flowing river in the world.
modern Definitions.
Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
$1: "Thief!" $50,000: u Defaulter !"
$100,000: "Shortage!" $500,i00: "Cana
dian tourist!" 1?000,OCH "Brilliant
financier I"
Drifting away from each other,
S, eedily drifting apart;
Nothing between but the world's cold screens
Nothing to lose but a heart.
Only two lives, dividing
More and more every day;
Only one soul from another soul
Steadily drifting away.
Only a man's heart striving
Bitterly hard with its doom; '
Only a hand tender and bland
Slipping away in the gloom.
Nothing of doubt or wrong,
Nothing that either can cure;
Nothing to shame, nothing to blame,
Nothing to do but endure.
The world cannot stand still,
Tides ebb, and women change
Nothing here that is worth a tear,
One love less nothing strange.
Drifting away from each other,
Steadi'y drifting apart,
No wrong to each that the world can reach;
Nothing lost but a heart.
A marked Copy.
L'.uvlin.'rt'on Free Press.
"Well, I declare, M exclaimed an editor,
as he inspected the baby of an old news
paper friend "if he isn't a marked copy
of the old gentleman!
Mixing tlie II's.
The Boston Courier tells the story that the
servant employed to announce tho guests at
Delmonico's ou ball nights is a cockney and
as erratic in the use of the letter "h" as the
worst of his race. For instance, Mr. Had
den would give his name to him, which he
would call out iu a loud tone of voice as Mr.
'Adden, and Mr. Appleton would hear him
self frequently announced as Mr. Happleton.
A number of gentlemen whoso names begin
with the letter A and H, towards the latter
part of tho winter, became quite disgusted
and at last hit upon the ingenious plan of
giving their names wrong in order to have
them announced correctly. Mr. Appleton
gave his name as Mr. Happleton, and, as he
expected, heard the servant announce him
correctly; and Mr. Hadden, calling himself
Mr. Adden, had the extreme pleasure of
hearing his name called Mr. Hadden.
New York Graphic: W. R. Travers, it is
said, recently attended a party in Newport
and was asked by a lady when it would be ?
o'clock. He replied: "It-it-n-not-s seven
How Slang Is Used In Boston.
Somerville Journal.
'Dear, dear, where have you been, girls?"
said a Boston mother to her daughters who
returned late from an entertainment. "We've
been carmining the municipality," giggled
the eldest. "And observing the pachyderm,"
laughed the second "And vociferating the
female to an extraordinary elevation,"
chimed in the third. "Dear, dear, dearl"
exclaimed tho mother in expostulatory tones.
"There's no harm done, mamma," pouted
the fourth, "every thing is amiable, and tha
fowl, whose cackling was the salvation of
Home is suspended at an altitude hitherto
unknown in our experience."
Explanatory chart PaInt!ng the town red. f See
ing the elephant. $WhoopJ.n?r her up. SEverytbing
Is lovely. and tho goose hangs high. tSomervllle
misplaced Confidence and AVIilsky.
Detroit Free Press. 1
They gave a Tennessee darkey three pints
of whisky to cure a snake bite, and then
found out that he had been stung by a hor
net. Then the man who furnished the whis
ky had to get his pay by booting the darkey
and ;aying a fine of $5.
Cine. Sat. Night: "Ever had a cyclone
here?" asked a Kansas man who was visiting
a country aunt in the east. "A cyclone! Ob,
yes," aid the aunt." Deacon Brown's son
bronght oue from Boston a spell ago, but,
law! he couldn't ride it. Tumbled off every
time he tried it."
Norrlstown Herald: Locomotives that cost
$15,000 apiece a year ago, can now bo
bought for $8,000 each. Despite the great
fall in price we advise our readers to defer
purchasing for a few weeks their winter
stock of locomotives. They may be much
cheaper in the falL
Texas Sif tings: "It's the early candidate
that catches the most mud.
f s prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial & Leral Work!
cosBEGiiA and vrrru DISPVTCH.
Having ju
a lie con ed
i Comr.k-te and New
! Job Types and Ornaments
Of Iho Latest Styles, from the moist Cele
brated Foundries of the United State.
and employing only Experienced5
and Tasty "Workmen, wc are
prepared to turn ou
I.rlter lleatl,
Bill Heads,
Note 3I'm2.H.
Si ntcinonfs.
Rills 1 lAnling,
XIortzHzv Bin ii ft m.
Mi J piling Contract.
( In Hawaiian & KnMshj
lUant. Clic-fH,
Nt-5 Certificates.
IJiiMincss CarlH.
Meal Check,
Ulilk Ticket,
Hank ChecEtf,
JlnrrJnaro Certificate,
niottln Iad,
Iniists' Labels.
KliippliiST Iteceipts,
mrm mm m & ' t
Theatre I'roi'rnmnKyi,
And hi fact evcrvthina which a JFirst
Class Ojficc can do.
We have Special Facilities for
turning ; out Books and Pamphlet
with K'eatness and Dispatch, and in
a Workmanlike Manner.
Printers' Stationery.
Our stock ol Printer's Stationery i
the most complete in town, and
Tie are com Inunllv rccet-
lug nil the Latest
Ifoveltles in
Oar Selection of Wood Types ia of llio
Latest Designs, and "vre aro pre
pared to do
In from 1 to 4 Colors, and at most
Direct from Europe & America,
Estlmats cheerfully given,
and Proofs .shown
when required.
P. C. A. Job PrintiM
E. C. Macfarlano & Co.,

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