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. -T r,
Tb KfTrn
71 are.
- tb IlrraU. Tho first, entitled State cf
X '- the Ot"," wm ,tlti-n fr rt hmrtnp In
jjjlf t,( 0orrni0f Mortox, In the f a;int
him aal IIolijwaY. IIqixoway i yet
tilcni. Tlf tw-titi n tu tw -half f lb Gorf
tor U tüf 'k'.'ln? frlT(.litj, n-J I otrrruIM.
Jo R'jbirt rvuA bate drawn a I t: r ieti-
The? con.l irlUle i bfa-Il Public riun
tier," aoJ di 1mm that the Journal ba !---n
er jftiiunt of 'm' raw tf uMic j.lun-l'T 'j a
jute r-rintir some y?ar$ ajo," bJVb it
kxt o nccalr!, an, now rarely h:at
- tVn.t 1 wch ;ni trim ai affrJ no
lnforuiation. A know nothing about
iL If we Uli we sbmiM exr it.
TLe Journal knows, it wt-m, t"ut this
Tillalny of a StuU PrinU r who wm a IVmo-
erat, ao l ytt rn al it. Why don't you
' ' lato blm tod czpi the vrrottf Thf next ar
ticle Is entitle! Cl'aHinjttuU" The Journal
aayt that wb'-n tbe .Stale interest became du-,
otae years turo, tbe Aii-IiU dM not pay it,
and tbe Attorn1 Jneral proeutel a case in
Court which went to tint Supreme Court,
where it ws Ic-i4tl tin re iru bo nrorria
tion; acae whi h was decided rightly, and is
rportM In fill In th Indiana Import , win n
It can be rend. TTu fcu t of tbe t.x vet rethat
the Il'j.ul,Ui'An Ls-gleUttlro bolted, ran off to
Madison, made no apropri-ttion fc pay th
lnlmt on the Stat df-M, anJ then JIKTf,
tu i-v tmible, wanted the ttHrrr, In viola
tUa ot law, to pay the money without
an appropriation, a J they would not !
It; tbe court tb bW tTwy could not, and tin:
üovrrnoradiftJt, Iii La1it KicMiaethat tin
legislature hat riwvi-r regarded that tb re w as
a itandin appropriation. Tbe Court was dr.
f.-ated with the rtat of tbe tbkft, la the late
" rlectbi by torec ttii fraud, and we will admit
because tbey would not unite In an tioninj;
tbe uwlrnii and usurpations' of the Rrput.
1 Irans. Hut the Journal add fwrnlxly
Xna-le (rood deal r.f raoney f.ut T that dod-
lon Now, we a.lc, who was It? "ome, out
with it. Give tbe facta. ' Come out. Come
out. The next article is entiUt-d "An Vnau
thorUid Invitation." Tbe point in this arti
cl If, tbat when w found that certain iH-mo.
t ratio Nuatr wer Uetcnuiaed to force
tbreiijjh a l-ili rnwii the lnttr t on our two
and a half per rent, bonds, wi withdrew our
opposition. . Now, wo ask, who arc those Iv-m.
wratic K-iiaton? Vh r the Mr. Jour
trnlt Ltuaknow.
Tbe ne-st'artid.; Laded "Exactly," has
omethin to wy about wb3t semehvly mil
about otneboüy makinir a noiae m New York
city. A w iTfTf hever there w know noth
ing about wUftJuT anylKxly made a nole or
not. Tbe nfxt article beaded " rerlinisni"
lntiro-it'-a that tb twrnty-tlin-e Rjmblicans
TOtol with the Democrats on tbe Maine law,
on tbe ground expediency, not principle;
that Is, in principle thry f.mr tbe l iw, but
" ' wer afraid of Ita tftVct uon the tl ctii-nj
bomc of thtir friends hay tlny voted aain-d
the bill bet-aiise it was not prohibitory s-noiih!
they were oppo-d to any license at all 1 It is
not explained this way to the (J rinnm. Will
tbe Journal tell us which is the true explana
tion? And whether he was f.r or nr.unt the
bill? Tbe article " IN form Needed," into
Mr. RiftTixr, Mr. Aciiey, (tvrrnor Wii.laki.
TnriM.ts) I. Wau-ole and "a iHiu.H-ratic
State lrintcr. If tbey were guilty of roguery,
denounce them f r it. The m ttters stated are
all new to us. Why has the Journal kept h
lotijr wijent on these acts .f w i keInes? The
. , last article headed "Hadn't a Lucid Inter-
' " al, Mtoo Important for us now to attempt
an answer to! Thus tbe vial of wrath, on be
in opened, are found to contain nothing but
- wind. Try ajakw
lallaarsllVlssrnnes) Hall road.
Is l3Uanap- !is to ahead. or n-cedc? That
1 a uuistion that our citLzins'Lae irot to
nwt j. Tbe war i. over. Tlieeatraordinary pa-
tmnair the city has rm-ivcl from It U ceasmir.
Tbe city must now look to something l.e, to
wme other Impetus to keep it moving ahead.
.01 tbi, wc Lave not tho lichtest doubt.
Nci;;btKrin)r cities, similarly circumstanced,
tindertnrnl thit, and are nvtinsj accordingly.
' Cincinnati, Cbieau, St. Louts, and other cities,
ate awake to new railroads, manufactures,
etc., as means of holding the wealth and impu
tation they have and drawing new accession.
One of the railroads Cincinnati I prosecuting
la from hclbrville to Martinsville, and an
effort Is Kin? made to secure the ri:ht of way
and the partially constructed track from there
outbwesterly to Vincennc, in order to pre
YfnttbU city aecurin a southwestern road;
whereby, necessarily, all business outh,MUst
bedirecUd to Cincinnati. What now is our
situation ? Tbe war is over. Tbe south is
desolat; but h Uas a n tlitnaW, a fertile
oiit and produces articles of prime noc-sity,
and constituting most profitable crops. Sho
. will soon be ablw to buy manufactured article.
. Tkesa articles tbe SUU ri-ht north of her,
near to her, and on better tnns with her
; thMl bigoted, persecuting Now England, ourht
to furnish tboso article. Indiana I one of
.tltOM States ani oogbt to funiivh lur share.
This it now tht great oytninj fr manuac-
i furc." Shalt Indianapolis entrj U? SLe will
, da s, if he Ls not struck with business blind
ness. The South will have, with which to
ray u lor our manufictun s, rotton, su.'.ir,
tobsoo. rice. -te. All these article we iuut
kave; and tbe South stretches out the broadly
cxt?nde4 BrUnwn axnis of her great Father of
Tateri to us in Invitation of friendly and
profitably comnuTfial intercourse. Nature,
through her michty rivers in this Mississippi
Valley, says to tbe Jsouth and us, mingle in
your intercourse, as mingle the w aters of these
stream, and nri h each other. The U rritory
of the scuUi I ituuieaH,i but sparsely settled
eviBi pared with the North, but if peace coutin
ues and trod foclins; I rtorl. mut rapivtly
11 up witU Northern and F.uropc.m emigrants.
"Ve are pn pvrcd. and must uUr Cjh the
manufacture of cottcu. tobacco, etc. n must
i dolt. IP taut dt vr die. (nor intercourse
hereafter, m list te more with the .vuth and
lcssiwith the East. It it W thus; and tU
West prrows to manhood, to lndtondcn-e: she
beeotne an adnlt. Iet her continue to han
upon the skirts of New Kulaud, and she re
mains a hewer of wood and drawer t f w ater,
a slave to II Um capiUlist..
Said one of our wholesale dealers the other
day, wa can undersell Cincinnati Wc can
plao potxU ftr iitribution in our state in thi
city Just a cheap as they can W placed in fin-
dnnati. Where, viJ we, l9 r h et jour
IkhI? In New York, was the reply. Put.
aid we, wit! yea not ere lon obtain your pr-
erriv in New Orlcan? W sh.iii, w. tfit rr.
: r"- Then, said we, h'sr will jou stand
rsdativtdy to liaciuuati? lio answered: h
Will Lave We a Irir i.-es rf U ur.less wept
" a railroad south-wet to 1! ans iTIe r.nd t ' -rft.
Then wc eaii oaalntaiu vursdv- all iLe
time, cn ccjual f.sdiiv. A road to inetune,
we ouht to remark, e. nne, tin - there w ith the
tvansvlllc road, inaxi ai.mMrn.to tor.v.t, . . i r,u. ' ,
rstht t' lite mtrd ! the -i-r?-trv nliruis
ansvie, aoiJ will t. Cairo. ,toid .! corrwtnos or tte v i,w he l.a-"j r - nt. d.
tbe intrreU tf Lhb Htr d. ittand t!ii uth ru ! It the btiin -f the o-uidrv r. -i.-l u;. u a
rhanm l of tvtnmunicat ::, thc tinuarf!. a
a channel i f et tnmuni ati n f. r t!i
ines intrpnire that we must hm
r-si.-.n ffj.t va.tv ,. in.i atva-.
' ,
u.th tlie
k-v-fi .i...!-. ) t.. . r ...
uiü iL tiuiber; In Ctort, wc must hue the
trde f that rci.-n. M'c
hav e reflect, d . n
this ubj.Y-t; and ve av witho
Ut the hast
a railroad'
.rvni tuis nty to V lt-, ,., ,i;
in. t imp. r-
tani want i f this ity ; furth. r. that it i
that it i an
..'v haM It
ab Attic -cti:y iu a, prx,.cr,
lx constructed?
ThelMbuUm,. t!i, V,tu ,n , tb. C, ntr.d
Kaltrrais are d. t ly t. ,Tst-.l it, Uiia mat;. r.
reiht fitic f t l-vsnd nnd ItnJal .. ai.l
Kort Wajne, and T. b d . Ail fr.in u tb.
.... , .... .
KUrrr.OthttoU-obta.ne.l. 1 bi city u -Kt
to rai cue hundred thvu-an 1 liars f .r th.
road in a day.
Leak a In I tar Trettry.
RTU1 the Journal t U u w by Judr- Nu r j
trodueed Uli Jfttathe. Nfvate UCatop leakage
lttrodueed Uli lnha.th
In the public treaaury? W it that the Uea-
ury watlelin?way,frrunnin.' away? H.d
lb auy, rtUtlsÄi: to the Public J'ruit. r?
VUI fjr AfWfafi ljivm tilbl t0 this Jsjlntf
Repsrtf the kerrelarr t Treasury.
Tbl Is very eis? Tab ui J frmk dnrument.
AfbTtbri'f inUJutl"n. the r n taiy r
rerf t fh t-nfT rf the jrrttt ts f
thf Curr'nry. th Vulllr lhhl and the litre
u. 11 eoiuhH-n w?5l lb rurreijcy. He
firt dime- the reutitutionatity of the legal
tf.4er W.U ; and 1 d- e!.ir s that m li notes
are unauthorized by tbe tntitutioB. and tbat
their i-ue, when made, could f nlr bve x-rn
ftnioii war Ture of nee aity; and.
iH-n1, that the var b in eea d, th-e ntes
houtd, as fart as may ritirt from exig
ence. They are une(ntitutinal nw, at all
event. II-r-it raU-s the d'trin- -f hi Fort
Wajtje pe.h, that ff'-ld and ilr are the
prop r curr n T, th it th y are re'rnized a
u h by Ute roiniiwrrial world, and that our
currency thould ci.rrej nd with that of other
mrnereial n-t!,,n w itli w bom w e exchange
pr'xlurt. He, at the s un' time, aprove of
limited amount of bank p:i r eonvertibl
inU p l- at Üh- will oftle b'ldr. Ileillu-
trate the J.Jen thnt the Li'lur price are.
the Kreab r mint U: th viI nine f currency, af
if a buh I of vvbeat is t n dollars int ad of
two, it requires tbo- uv of fic times more cur
renej-in the pun hiv .f it. lie i ojijKe 1 to
an extravagant cn-dit ytem; it tempts to the
exebm'e of the habit of prodiRtite labor, fr
that of unproductive peeulation; i--omniy for
extravagance, and reckless bargains for saf--ones.
An xc-i.ie i"u: of pH r monej pro
duces the same elTiN-t. He ways:
If the war could Uac U tn prwctuUd on a
n'cü' bai.s, there would d mbtltks hie len
a eonaitlerabln adranr in the price f thote
article which were in demand by the ejovern
ment; but iua.much as in the condition Tour
ixflitical affairs extensive, credits could not
have In-on tabliheil in Kurofie, the tendency
in this direc tion would have l-cn kept within
reasonable cbek by the outflow of -oin to
ether nations, which would have la-en the na
tural reult of the adtanciiuf prices In the
I'nited btates. On a bais of p;tn-r money, for
which thre was no outlet, all articles needled
for Immediate uf, T which it lfiin' the
measure of value, b it and rcjKnded to the I
daily Increase of the currency; eo that rents
and the price f nio-t articles iur which there
ha. t-eu a demand, have been, with hlizht
fluctuations, contantly advancing from the
commencement of the war, and are higher
now, with Kold at forty-ccn r cent, pre
mium, than they were" w hen it was at one
hundred and iihty-tive. Ktn those which
were affected by tlie fall of ld upon the i.ur
rtinder of the Confederate armies, or by tbe in
creaot'd supply or liininixlied demand, arc ad
i'u in a'aiu to former if not higher rub s.
'I'ht expansion has now r-acbed Mich a p.int
as to tw abwdub ly oppre!ie to a I arire por
tion of the jx ople, w bile at the name time it la
diminishing labor, and is becoming subu rsiM
of iocmI moral.
'1 here are no indication of real and perma
nent pro.M rity in our lare imrtations ot
foreign f'bri-!; in the heavy operation at our
commercial mart'; in the splendid fortunes ro
iMirted to h ie Im cu made by skillful inanipu
iation at the jold n)ru or tlte totk board; no
evldenres of lucrenn? wealth in the facts that
railroads and stcaiiiho.it are crowded with
passengers, and hotels w ith truest h; that cities
are full to overflow in, and rents and the pri
ces of the neces-i tics of life, as well a luxu
ries, are daily advantin. All these things
prove rather that a fureiu dvbt is b in' crea
ted, that the number f non-producers is in
creasing, and that productive industry l. be
iiiiC climiiii-li'!. There is no fact more mani
fest than that the plethora of p i r money is
not only undermining the morals of the iople
by encouraging waste and extravagance, but
Utriklnat the root of our material prosper
ity by diiuinihin laKr. The evil is not at
present In-vond the contn l of legislation, but
it is daily increasing, mid, if not speedily check
ed, w ill, at no di-buit day, culminate in w ide.
spread disaster. The remedy, and the only
remedy within the control of Congress, is, in
the opinion of the secretary, to beloiind in the
reduction of the eurren y.
The pajHT circulation ")f the I'niteil States,
on the ölst of OctolHT la-t, w a substantially
as follow s:
!. I'DiteJ . Slstea . totes nd frsctiuaaS
eurroM f 434,21s P3i 20
2. Notrs tf tb ns 1nsl biuk I vi.OUO.IHO 00
3. Not' of?ta batik, iiieludit)) oat
tatidlD l-cjo cf state bauk coavert
J,lutuiatt3ual banks 65,00,100 00
$704 21,0 20
The amount of notes furnished to the na
tional banks up to and including the 31st of
Mol.-r was a little over jc.lCi.usijitMi, but It
is estimated tint .i.ixh,(hJ of these h:id hot
In-on put into circulation.
Ill addition to the I'nited States notes, there
were also outstanding .'!2v"s.!H!0 five percent,
treasury note, and ?l7:5,oi:M 10 compound In
terest note, of which it Would doubt le.M be
safe to esti'nate that cV'."00 Were ill circu
lation as currencv.
From tlii statement it appear that, with
out inciudiu seven und three-tenths u tes.
many of the small denomination of w hieb
were in circulation as money, and all of w hich
tend in some measure to swell the inflation, the
pajH-r inonev of the country amounted, 011 the
ölt of Ih tober, to the sum of T.U.-JlsKW 'JO,
w hich ha lcen ilaily increased by the notes
since furnished to the National Hank, and is
likely to be tili further increased by tlio-e to
whUh thoy ary entitlid, until the amount au
thorized by law ( i;mi,iKA,lsK) shall have been
reached, subject to such reduction as may be
made by the withdrawal of the notes of the
Stste banks.
The follow in" is m statement of the bank note
circulation t-f the country at various periods
of liLdieM and lowest isuo prior to the war:
Jaoutijr, 1S30....
" ls3l
" 1S3T....
" ISiS....
" 1S6U....
.$ Cl,3.'4,OO0
. Ie3,63-.',4'J5
. 140,3 1, o:w
. J4y,lSV,S9l
. ftS.564.COQ
. 196,:4:.j(
. SU.TTi s."i
. 15.ViOS.l44
. '--OT,!!.)
Nt'thln beyond thi statement is reuired to
exhibit the pfem inflation or to explain the
causes of the current and advancing prices.
If disaster followed the expansions of 1N7 and
lViT, wh:it must In the consequences of the
prese nt expansion unless speedily checked and
red nets I?
The Secretary proceeds to answer olj- ctions
to the reduction of the ciirn ney. He says it
will n t b- rapid enough to oaiisir serious in
jury. He things It will but temporarily rv
duce the publb revenues, as it will lead to
solid stead) busiuess. He d-es not think it
will retard the sale of bonds, and bethinks
the contraction is necessary to save the nation
al hanks from excision. Thu l:ilo of re-
dlliill the currency will ' by convert ill
greenbacks into loti; lMinds. He prcs-eeds:
. ITw Last Objection whi. b Will U U. diced to
the nieasire reeoinim u led is, that it would. ly
reducing the rate of foreign exchanges, reduce
exports and iiu Tca i:npvrts,
Iti doubtltws true tiiat hih rate of ex
chance did lor a time increase the xHrtation
of our productions, andilininisi the importa
tion .f fniii articles., bnt this advantage
was much more than counter-lalane d l.y tlie
largely increased expncs of the jroverniiictit
and f the iH-jIe rexuitinc from the very
cause thut prtHliieitl the bih rateote bans.,
nestle, this nt'pan'nt alv ant.ice 110 b nrcT exist-.
The advance of price iu the I'nited
Malis, ntw r.li.:audin tbe coiitinued hi.'h
rat of European t li..nue. is now cbts-kiu
es r!and invlrine imports, and i crc:itin'
a ImI nice in favor t Eun js- that 1 likely to
U- the cr at. t bstacle in the way of an arly
resumption of s., je pav in. nt. " r must it
U forgot t n. that w bile t!ie export of tur pn
ducUoii wu siuoubitid by tin-hi'!i rate of
ex hansre. this v ry bih rue ( f exchange , n-abb-d
Eun pc to pun ha- them at cxceediiuly
low prici.
I'nlos m unusual dim uid f r our produ ts
is creatitl iu Fun pe by extraordinary c ni s,
it will Is-- asc. rtained". by r b rein-."- to the
prors-r tvMcs, that Mir fmiM.rt in r nv, and
our export liniinish. und r the inl'.uuue ci
a n dun. l int cum io y. I'.i.t nn n ios- to f .
Ire 1 hrd! lieveärT to sultalitiat-- t!iis
jTopv'siti'-n. It is Ubst.intivtetl t,r the state
no nt tfit. A country ia width. LL-h price
prevail i. an iuviiin out f..r rs, but 111 uis
invitin one fer .ui li.t i . su-!i t oui.try
is unfortunately the I'nitod M.ib-sj at tlie pres
ent time. In nl r. however, that t!n re uiav
be no appn h-ni. n on this isnnt. the attniti. ii
Cf Congress j iT;-ct:,i:!lTra!litlto a I. ir and
inurestin pa;rf:o:u Ir. El ltr, t.ditician
j cf th:- d-partti ict. a. e. nip anv in tin r. ys rt.
table hais. or it' cn dits v i.Ui Jc ktj-t wvtu
I into, stoi Ktoif . i.i i ..... f .i'u.u
i Ks, iH-i-jsio0 f-T soludu le mCti sui.i. . t. P.ut
' Wlt n not the facu Ilasim i h-1 in a
. healtbv ftiditi .n: it i s:t!i!..tie. feverih.
i :m ftsu.i i ...,11 i.
ti::-ertA.ti. 11 ry d i v that . nit ra. t o n i .!.-
. rr..t tn. ri . . fn- .liTTl. ;i;'V . f I re 1 1 1 1 1 1 h
; t;u.aicid c.4Uie. Pn.- &ti I r.-dit w id u. t
r. m ull a tliey are. 1 lie toi w ill otln r r
vsd; or r.lv an; audit wid itriNd- with-
OUttlK' wX.nise 11 t.U coldrvMUAaf sVtr if
i iirrcs.
Tl Ssr. tary. tb.rtf.re. pi'ni,iüv but
eoj-r.ej'Jv ri oinut n L.
' " 11rt."That fmrres d. clarcth tt th.-eom-
1 IS'UIld UUercsl Il.'lC Sil ill n .iw i,. ; .a
. ... .i f.... ...br.
J ret rv Vi- aut'b ri d.
at tbdr distnilonätasil tüd, of ihr Lnitcd
! M-U. U-afiiC in 'a rtv-t at rU- "ot ct.ifduu
' w v t" r "'" rebt!.al and p .v tl.'.e at
u. h ts n-si as nriv Is-eendu iv e to t..e in-
i vTetJof t'ie 0A cT-itOf T, f! :T t!m 1 of
' mlrlT!? u. t n fr eorrrpnnd Intcrrst tute, but
a .
U.e I tllU-d tat. 11. t
I h "s, , r. tarv adv an
to tht
rt hi t- ris?rr.
p iid : tin ir Jit pf the tiovt rn
I.. .iidain. d. The otintrv is
This must 1-
m.T.t irm-t b.
j prv.f,ui u i. tt n. u as it vrould have
J Usn if we hvi no war. but it i. stiu ri.h.
j Hi- det-t. b- admits, . k.r, at t.r.ten.
i'rwat vil, aud niu.l be jJ by U) iu tu
tbt wUl prMuce an Income b the srver;irn- nt
eiceeJ!n5 it rxpeniliture. lie it:
While It is capital t tbe hold rs of th- ?
curities.it is still a national debt, and an i.n
cumbranes upn the national etat. Neither
its ad latitats uor IU burdens are cr can U
bared r lrne etjuaMy by th js j,l. t in-
nuence are anti-republican. It aU " Uie
I so wer of the exMutive ly jn r.a.-in fed ral
patronize, it tnut f- dit it. ful to tlie
je, tseraue It fill the eountry with ir.f-rniTs
and tax-eathen-r. It is dato rou to t!i
public virtik. bvau- it in l the e-.ll..--
tion and fiburs-fnent of vat ums cf uv neT.
and render riid national cv.-iiomy lin-t
tmprar-teai.ie. it 1. in a wert, a n.vbnM
burden, and the work of r-tnv in; it no nut-
. I .
br how desirable it may ! fr individual in
vestment - shoul 1 not be I-TiiT I'-tpned.
The debt will I e alx ut three thousand mi!,
lions on tin $h v .Inn-, l-. .ft r that, be
boj.es to reduce it about one hundred million
a j ear, by which pn-o it will le extinguish
ed In thirty years. His -tiiiiat s ar-, f r the
next year:
Tke rc1ps for tks ytr rl tj Jea 50, 15T iet
t'matrd aa follow
rromfaeoni l'0 no000
from Jn'eroal rnu. . .27i,Oi' p m oo
frvss lar ds 1 uou.OcO (M
Yrfrm mr l'u art. a,ji,iasj IO
I ::w.oo,o-o oo
Tbs f xpt (li:nr, ccoril tg to tit
tiaats will be:
For tb ciril Mrvk f il 4?
fur lauua acd Iixllar.a . . IT.WS.tio 21)
for IU war department. ...3'i 417.416 M
Kortta natj tparimei.t.. 13,' 407 W
for iaurjst sa putl.c
ibt 14I4.1.(6 CO
Iatriax a titles of !tnistfi rc
ocipt tr uiiiit-d ripuJ.larri, of. .11 1,C.42,13 li
Tbes tstimaU are based, of coure, on the
assumption of continued eae und pre-perity,
atid of a speedy restoration of kindly and con
fidential f. lins ari l relation bftwecn the
North and JJouth.
He insist that the I'nited tates lond must
remain exempt from Mate and munieipa' taxa
tion, as an inducement to their Mn retained
at home; if thsy wir taxed here they w ould
be sold in Europe and the proceed of them, of
course?, be taxable by States and cities Ik re.
He recommends indulgence towards the South
in the enforcement of tax collections, and that
unstamped agreement existing there bo legal
irrtl. On the.
UFA v.suv.
lie desires our trade relation with Canada to
be reTlstd discusse s the subject of our mineral
lan Jsaad marine hospital; the national bank
system is eulojdzed. over nine hundred t:ite
banks have been forced to lccomo national
banks; State power, on this subject, has been
stricken down and centralization, to that ex
tent, increased. There arc now over sixteen
hundred national banks; he recommends that
they obould be compelled to redeem in Eastern
cities, and tbat the present limit of their power
to issue, namely, three hundred millions be re
tained; the Government has made over twelve
millions by selling specie, and an increase of
salaries of clerks is recommended. Some other
topics aro discussed. The report is able, in
teresting and frank, and, barring its advocacy
of national banks, there is not a great di al of
anti-Democratic doctrine in it, w hile there is
much that meets our hearty approval. We
have no doubt of the truth of the proposition
The Secretary says we can never expect to
si e prices down uain to the old iK'int, because
of the taxes. The landlord charges the taxes
in his rent; the manufacturer in the price of
bis articles; the merchant upon hi goods, and
thus the jjvr men in the end pay the taxes.
Iteport of the Postmaster General.
This document t-how the prosperous state of
the iMistal service in the I'nited States. The
war has stimulated correspondence to an ex
tent that has almost doubled the number of
letters by jiost. The Department has Won
s If-supportinir, but w ill not be so the coming
year, ow ing to the expense of owning mail
communications South. There tire about .'50,
ooo post otliccs in the United States, and, of
course, as many Tost masters, of which the
President appoint about 7 and tho Post
master General the balance. The report says:
Tbe introduction of stamped envelopes War
ing n request for the return to the w riter of
unclaimed letters has considerably increased
the sale of envelopes, and is Ulieved to have
diminished tho returns to the lH.ad Letter
Ituincs cards are printed on envelopes
without additional cost, win n ordered in füan-
tities not leas than one thousand for the same
parties. .
To eneonrasre the purchase of request tn-
rdnpts. the law should be changed so to
allow the return of auch letters to the writers
free of p ist age.
As stamped envelope, aro cancelled bv Use,
and therefore safer against fraud than "those
with stamps attached, it is submitted whither
the Postmaster General should not lie author
ized in his discretion to furnish them as the
separate stamps are now, without reference to
the cost of manufactuie.
New stamps have In-on adopted of the de
nomination of 5. 10 and -o cents for prepaying
iostage on packages of newspapers forwarded
by publisher or news dealer under the au
thority of law, whereby a revenue will be
secured hitherto lost to the Department.
Inder the act for the relief if postm.-nrers
w ho have leen robbed by bodies of armed nun,
seventy-seven cases have Ixen decided, and
allowances made to the amount of $4,-Ju7 70.
ficncral Carrlngton.
General CAUUrviiTOV w as a i-et or Governor
Midirux. Hu continually interfered, so we
understand, in his behalf, when he g t into
trouble, and prevented hi dismissal. We
understand private vidier have lilt d immense
claim in the military agencies here, for money
they left, a tbey nay, in the hands of ti. neral
Carrinv.tox. Wt'asLif this is so? We ttk
if General CAKiUNt;nx , paying on" these
claims. We supjiose it w as pure forgttfiilne-
in General CakiunüTon. if he h i failed to
repay any of these soldiera. Will the J,uruil
tell u where the money was kept by tlie
General? lid Governor Morton sustain
General 1'akkin;ton while lure? Iors tlie
Journal indorse Gem ral Caki:i'i;ihn
Thr Vote on the .tfaim Last .
Why dil the Ib-puMican split on this ques
tion? With which wingdid the Journal side?
Did it go with thov who joined tlir Demo
crats to defeat the bill, or with those vv bo voted
for it? Or bad it not courage enough to jH-ak
at all on the subject Whi. h side had its in
fluence? And, we ask agaiu. why uid those
minority Kepublicans vote against the bill?
Will the Journal tell us
quirting Contempt at ftorernor
The Journal, tu squirt it contempt on tlv
Thanksgiving of (iovernor 1oi:ti- and Presi
dent Johnson, refused toobsirve tho day or
pay it any respect.
TIe Secretary of t be Nennte.
fan wetzet an account f those act toward
the ecrtary which occasioned his can!, and
th- in ILmant pr.s etdln-s in the S-natc tr
has party busied it up?
They Voted .t guintt I t-M hr '
It i sr-nerally con.-eded that the r. tunud
SvMvlia T of W i.l4.l ,rf.,l ......i.i.f tl... ... !
( i . . .. . I I
, i-'-i nuiiiexus oi mir "Ute (. oiistitutioti.
xt. r.dinz the rl.-ht i f MirTruv tu n. enn s. and
the pMtriotlim of tbe ts. ldier iu dtin ' ,o m!I
Uol Is' denied.
11 'W iiappmed it that I
unanimously aaint the !
.' s. I r ot.l
minaiit partv on
Ttn .lUe.iion r It certain v vv i. ii. .t
they vv. re "e, r-js rhcads."', r Uvm.f .,v
W üU fiiit' ilut ucu and patriotism m-j m, j;,".
'lditrs. Wvertbeb th. rvw a areanf.-r
their action, and we appn bend that is a rea
son which i worthy the c..:;d. rat; n . f
Northern electors enerailv.
lot of our returio-d . I ii. rs tdi-t.-.l f r
the vv .r f-ur Vtars :u'o. all I rvid durin ti...
vvn.ic.r a ur r irxi. ri -t th. tune .it
v .-r. Purine th.it tim- tin y tvv in re an l
I .. v f-.i I iM,.rt ..r tK.. 1 Tri.i. ... ...... i.
................... ...... .. i I a- I il Till 11 UT! II
. M I. . . M .1 .
ail nie pin o.in. tca.s i ;mir Xi Id. :;,t :tt
home, llv the e.-uaj -5r. ti t!o- mar. h and iu
bittic, they wire ::bri.d . ; rfniiii. u,
study LV true Chirac:, r if tint r..ce. und t.
co:n; re!i.nd tin- I ra. ti.-nl -.unldiciti-n of thr
ne;rf r t x. rci.in the ri'i.t d of..-.n, ni.
imnt. It certain I v is iu.t unfair t. infer that
the ilif iMUlll. U tblls ol t.lit..xl by ur s. Idiers,
isthecauw of their subs.sju. tit un:!iiinitv lu
vi tüu x-'uiut lu-ro siiörvc ut the bull, t "box.
Ml. h U i:i the eae, , u,'ht not the jK-vpIc
of tb- North, vv h have l j r o ti. il kn- v I
V.fUpvll the subj.x t, t. 1 -.: In f . re at-
t mptin t. f nx- nrro uüTr.ij'e up. n the n-
t-lllo'ls sjat a a c. n.iitl. II . t the r t.T:itioU
rf the l'ni..n. Milatiiee .Ve..
lTho t d in. nt of the I'liblic 1. I t on N'- 1
virnUr vi ivi-s the b tal amount. de.luctin'
fuudaoU hand, at iJ,.llll T'-l it.vn :lM'
dunnr the month of f -.i;.i:i.4i 11. The
aiaount i t coia on hand NovemKr ;U1 vva
jT.'-JIT?. Pan increase Mnee vtohr St rf
f 1 TO. CurrenrT on hand.
Ill "T an increase f jl.TsvVi ut 11
ten.b r in circulation, -V.,-ji-.b; a dccrc.vse
of s:,4w.i:x
tU A rv'l-Ht)t-r, lunnsd Pdnnc. vva
Itiliesl at tl thtett.T In Wllciinrtcni, S".
kiHrrk, by fjdUn; wo tko r js iutv tLo
Mate Heina.
--Vlnccnnc ulsw-ril s J "Vtvard bud !
i: a t ri l'. a. r-k-ts lb' Wabi"-?! at that ioint.
.tüfe IrV.rr svn tried at Kk"n, r
eidly, f r 1 in 1- rin,r i'.. .?. hvsc and In I b
pay si1 lyii;.
Tb" lucrdcrer ( f William Nlson,of Mun
1, wji tri- d at CiiJnun. 1 1! :n U.-twnk,
f -tin 1 jruilty, an I scntcncnl toWhun cn Fri
d.iy ii' t.
I Mr. I-njimiii llubl, a w il-known eon-
darter 4i the 3Iadi'ii ati I Indi iapoli Hail-
ro.id. e. niriiitted sui-ide at Madiv n on ?dond av
Ut by sh.s.tiiig l;im If in the h :;J
Mr. Amin la C'.srp iit. r, f Iifjyett, ha
p-covired tl,'" d-imau'es aaint t.lark
I!r ther. fr injuries sustained in f-lling
throii.-li a Kratin iu froi.t of a building t
hmging to them.
The Indi.inaj.ol; corn sjioiob id of the
Kand .Iph Journal, a li ubli au sbo t, thus
; ak of the Journal: "I j redi. t the day U
le t far litant when the Indianapolis J.vt.'il
will not have mu ll infiuuiceia the Filth Con-i:rt-ssion.-l
The Wriion lUinufr, of the 7th instant,
We ham tint the A dims Express IVtio
ji inv's safe, at the North t-rnon otliee, was
I rokeii oj n and robbed on Friday ni'ht last.
W e have not li ii al.lo to learn bow rauch
money was taken.
-Henry li. Moll, a t itin of Torre Haute,
has mysteriously di'pcarsl. He left tbat
city in April last for Vinetnno, with tix or
seven thousand dollar. lie was accompanied
by h man named Met Ta klin.w ho rctums to
Terre Hauto in ten or twelve days afterward,
saying that Sb.ll would soon return. It is
believed tiiat MeCraeJklin is in some way con
nected with his disapjH'araiiee.
Ati:m-iih Ot:TKA.E. One of tho most
borrÜtle outrag a we cvi-r rrwl of was in tjkv
t rated near Edw ardsville, Floyd county, last
Mi inlay. Mr. iK-nton hirley,a well known
and resieetable farmer, was found in his barn
in an insensible condition, with forty-thrco
cuts and staSs aluit the bead and face. In ad
dition to this, bis shoes and stocking, had bei u
taken oil, his h g laid across a block, and his
foot cut off. Who the jw rp trators were is not
known. Hopes are entertained of Mr. Shir
ley's recovery. If he survives some clue may
le bad to the would-te murderers.
A FAMiLY PulsoNEl. A family by the
name of Jloiiton, liv ing on Third street near
the upiHT Wabash lridge, was most strangely
and terribly utllictcd on Tuesday night. There
are three ladies in the family, all of whom took
s-ujier together, isoou after tbev were seized
with giddiness and nausea, and one by one
w ere attacked w ith convulsions so violent as
to require several persons to bold each of tbe
sufferer. Tho first one attacked was waited
on by one of the others, who soon was simi
larly atllicted. Tbe lat of the three minister
ed to her two suffering sisters until she, too,
fell into convulsion. Dr. Chestnut was sent
for aud did everything possible for them.
Last evening they w ere somew hat relieved, and
were considered out of danger. The symp
toms indicate poisoning by btrychnine. No
one is susjiected of the deed, and the whole
affair is yet iu mystery. Lafayt.tt Journal.
Ckimk in llABnibON CotXTV The follow
ing item we eliji from the last number of the
Corydou Democrat:
lioLn Kouutnv. The boldest and mostdar
ing robbery we have beard of for sometime
occurred one day last week in Uradford this
couuty. Three men, named Jx-vi liaker,
Charles lSurns, and a young man from New
Albany whose name we did not b arn, entered
in daylight the bouses of Mr. Henry Jessburg,
Lawrence Merstetter, Frederick Ott, and John
Hunter, and w ith pistols in band, robbed them
of w hat money they bad. Tbey then lied for
Iart unknown. They arc supposed to bo the
same parties w ho stolu Mr Lapping's horse the
night loilow ing.
Moke Horse Stealing. Three horses were
stolen from the stable of Mr. Lapping of Mor
gan tow nship, this county, one night last week.
We learn the horses have since been recovered,
but the thieves aro not arrested. We would
advise those having good horses to have them
A young man from Nevv Albany, named
William Adams, w ho bad put himself outside
of too much bad whiskey, amused himself iu
our stnrts one evening lat w eek by snapping
a pistol at ik. r sons passing along. "The pistol
wxs loaded, but fortunately failed to dis
cbarge. 1
Aus x. On last Saturday, while Mrs. Craw
ford and fauftty, living "about three miles
southwest of this place, srerc absent, tomsv
scoundrel set lire to ber bouse, and betöre dis
covered, the flames had so far spread as to
render it impossible to save anything. This
sad occurrence leaves 3Irs. Crawford, who is a
widow vv omau, in very destitute circumstances.
We learn that a horse was stolen from the
stable of Mr. Henry UarUxiu at bis residence,
near Lain sville. this county, on the -Jd instant.
The horse was the property of Mr. Ecrry G w in
of New Albany, and was ä valuable one.
Ilexi Cllotr.KA. We understand that tho
hog cholera has made its apjcarance in the
southern part of this county, aud that a large
number of hogs are dying" from the disease.
It appears to lie mot fatal amon those fatted
and ready for slaughtering. This w ill advance
the already hij.b price of pork iu this couuty.
The State of Pennsylvania has obtained
judgment against tbe city of Philadelphia for
s l-'i.'.Jsj for delinquent taxes.
JOIIXSIOS CUMMINS. At Laporte, ludhuia, on
Dtcembcr 0:h, ia tbe EpiMiopal Church, by tb Etctor,
Uev. John N. Lee, Mr. Wai. J. Johnston, id lud.aiajio
iia, to Mi4 I aaiii eldest iiauhtrr of Prif. Camnius,
ot th fumu r plac.
EESIIAH-CUOIT At tits am time, la tlierrty
teriaa Chnrth. by the Pastor, Rtr. Go. Nat-e, Mr. 1. If.
Beiiham, ot Indianapolis, to Miss Molh Croft, dugter
of William Croft, Esq., of Lsporte, Ini
or ins
Dallr and Wcrklf, lor IZC.Z-M.
Its Ui.derdd, PulIUkera of the
Indianapolis Daily & Weekly Herald,
In aol;c;t:n a fneron upport from the po of the
State, Lave l ut few word to ay and ttw pmniaes to
make; hile it ball b their mrpoe to mare it equal
in mechaaica! exrcuUoa aai literary merit to any paper
ponied in th West, thfj prefer t let it peak for
Ia politics tbe Hsuld will bt tboranf'ily Demo
cratic, aast to asr tb part y of Iu political flJeliry
aaJ ability, Its eiitorial colaaias have been rJaced naJer
tbe exclusive cottrol of tL lion. S. E. Pujus:, one of
tbe allet ani readiest writers a tbe State, bua long.
anJ iu: rav.e acquaintance with tbe history of political
part es in ecr State, V;eüier witb hi llfe-k-t j dorotlon
to Dziocrat:c prinrplt, make him pecnlarly Cttel
f.T that p si:iun.
Ia a'uitiaa U tL poV.l;cl matter contra In tb
HrAiJ, a large rj.acv will b devote.! to funeral Dew
, anl iitenry suJct, o as to raike it a fulfil ctroLl-
lerof pa!nf event. "
Pi Loral Cdcmi tall recfiTO pecial ater.tiui:, a:,J
j an ableefrp his beei erj-ssJ to report tbe Special
.-!, .n if tbe Legilamr horiiy to cocreie.
li Cemxerr:al arti-le an! Pr1s Carttt i!lle
e"fa!!y revit, as to make ft an cb,'et to men of
j r-u-isei i) crr.ult it daily.
i 1. 1 fh rt, we ii c.t iiilruJ to tpar :ber tiaio or
I m..tiey to make th
; Herald Meet the Demand
A a F.rd
i'..a Pulitica!, rimilr, ,tl Omrerria
sit. ill we a.-k U a fair trial a ieDerwxt rp-
, It
t "
T;.e iUsti ,'JV
u l .bfsl ua tie titers
0a ccpy, um jear..
" " '. tun.tb
-.-. ......at, oo
s to
- " VS..
Ten ef-t-t i.f tbe Pint Dtuu wi3 VeforlixheJ c
.r for $;ai, od aaiUaefy U tie getter-tp cf tko
. te cjj lej at 3 cect pr copy.
r j'e c..i ie,otiTar f J CO
f it.gle e.,; i., iv ts .tb t
j Tea
'pin, or more, to otic eroii. tM r.ar.
. , . I
each e cry 1 Z
Teaty cvji.ea or nur-, to on j-ervc, ooe year,
ab cory i so
Witb aa aJ0.uBai cvjy to ta r-twr-sp cf each CInb
fcf ten.
peclraen e.-ptta wtll bo oect b aay dea'.nnf it,
ca appUcalioa. :
AAltoaa, . .. c 4- , '
iiali. jkc iurrciiiAfto".
Millinery, Straw
Tür LarfM and MojU'omplrtr Stock
I A I A I I A . A
And tho Very Latest Styles.
STJt-cVAA" goods;
8 E. Wash. St., A. IjS. Meridian, St.
m70UIJ respectfully lLfora C.ty aai Coantry
Bayer tbat te is now rrerared to tticw tie
tD'.ti comp'ree anJ best anortJ .tuck of
That bat teen Imported Into thi city for many y
Bit atoctc cf
Will found completa In allstj for.Ladies ,
and CbilJrn. Full liu cf goods to
Felt, Silk, Velvet nnd Straw Hats
and Rounds
ritiMin:i a.üi i;.Titii.in:i.
The Stock of
French Flowers and Plumes
Wilt te found larg, well .elected and at reainnat.'e
price. In
Bayer will find hero every Dumber n PUln, Tlsld anJ
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large variety of
Silk and English Yd vols,
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Will find at thl housfl every article ued la the lr busi
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Orders from the country will have prompt attention,
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R KM Wahii (Un ntreet.
, li South ktri1iD street,
nevl3dlm IndanatolW, lud.
Indiana llnsic House.
A. 1. It.:.IIAI At CO.,
Bates House Corner, Indianapolis,
Musical Merchandise,
or i:vi:itv iicitiiTio.
TChoIesale and Hetall Agent fcr
toIti'tTny Sc Son's, KnnWA. CVm
nnd otlici l'ii-s! 4.1
State Amanta f
Estey & Co.'s Organs,
The beit Reed Intrnment la .
iL r"All tho Street Railroad Line pas oar Store.
bot13 d 'm.
W holesale Dealers aol Manafactorer' Agents for tbe
. . . sale of
G T Gr A. JEb S ,
And nil kind or.tlons.
Gen'l Commission Merchants,
Aud rrclmntllzo Ilrokrrs.
aciurrs tv
? mutii ni:i. vv.Ki: vr.
Just received from t ilaiiafactirers
M K r-- Ihnni's Fine Cut Chewing;
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l l Kt-s Fino Cut CLt win, as't bran.I;
1' Half BMs. sjuiokin:;
l." CaJtlio Vlr'iiUA Natural Iiaf;
2V) Cad!lc Mlcart Tobaero:
W) C&vt n-Tuirtii-s;
.V)."00 Cl?iT5, TrJon;
irvi(rV) CT.-ars, asort-.l F.ranJ;
Casf4 X. York an.I Conuwtiout Iif.
Tie alteoMon of our Wholesale Grocers is rrnpect
fal'y solicte-i to oar smrles of Sacars, CuCe and T-a,
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Tcrk. tmrT! d.Tin
city nuiA'xnii y
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II is,
11imni.GS nnd
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Orr rtr raS rotatry frletts w-.U find our awruwet
the Tet and ehespest rathe nty. . .
Wo cuttUVf U icah, ri', C'fvr aod ?o an old
o:k. ... ... ltkl. XX. SIE ACT.
1 715T11). Th us ti a
FUseC ia prttafo
V V fiialiy. tkro tlaaeo wk. tw atora In tb.
.tma. for which a tair c
Ui bs ax
doci n
A. 1 vo !! M 111 lock.
o. 3 Alvord'i Block, S. Meridian St.
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Dress (iooils.
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C Ti rJ? 11 55
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Corner florid iau antKaoorsla St.f
u. um,
j. c. ALVoan.
sra.i irri cuirr.
1 Indianapolis.
Late of A. A II. ScLnuil. j
Hook and Paper Trade.
We lurk the attention of Wholes! dealers in
To oar isnenie lock of
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prtoaw. .. . . ; , , .
u ' " laoisxrciia, co.
iMiimrous dailv nniau)
ITIl.l 1
Book and Job Printing
pioasare In returutiifr tb.ir tliatika tu Ui.ir frtriui
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eeen flt to lett;w them Jarinu their bn. f c.i.i.rl: n ,
wiib tbe ai.ove etaMlhmrtit, and woil 1 rr-jnTtfuliy '
solicit a cuatuiuanoe and increase of tbe same. We .to
t.ot beslta'.e to siy tbst oar ,
IIOOK A.M .ioi: OS i K i:
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onr business.
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aiiJ tt tbe vhtj lonest liiog ralei.
Railroad Printing.
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Toys, Fancy d'üccls a;:d u!ior.v.
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(iauie rlags, l'.1rr IU, M!1 i'..u(b.', T.m t
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S.Iver Head, lwd.'d; Kwr'td a' d (,(!;, l'are, J;'..k a,
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Wbisk7; leach Fraud jr. Uiuli :iir, Mis'. A!;
Purler and Reer, ami !'... r r,f ririnn.L;.,'. ti ..... . . .
I tides are ail o3rd f. r sale ly tie t ottle i: l..-g. r
IM POIlTED CIO AI;S and TOr.'.CCO. ef tbe ibo ;.t
brands, w.Il te kept covts&Vy Li.i1.
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MawLaa, Eoarbca coiintj, Kj;
J. & D. DUNCAlTy
TTLo'.taiie Im al r ia
ApiI-. lV;i-Ii iinil ciris Itriiii
JIsh Hinea, i n und SI.
"roIi Ituin,
Xo. 77 South Meridian Sirrrl,
wizfj i.M)i.i.ii'omn, nn.
i5s joiiv swi:i:ti:r v co., i
Brandies, Runi, Gius,
j Nti. Ca'awl-a, ani other 'W.n,
i ."o. IZh Vst W iikliinctori Slr- I,
four doors vrt ofStitic II,uh-.
Indianapolis, Ind.
JPAretU f n tbo bi st tra:.d cf K"i.iariy j:
TIIOIIAS I.i:i.120.I,
VIiolr:iIo nittl Itrtni:
Liquor Dealer,
Ar d In ; rt r of
50. 13- south iu trrois TIV.rZT.
JTT'All Llq":tr wirrs.t a repreite. r.o13 1!
(La1. Ear.aiosb i Vr T a.V
Foreign &Doiu(tk Liquors
Tlononcnlsrlit, tiyr und
TorL Hilclri. lfut:ct, Xrfsji JJ
5t S. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind.
orldtf J. flllKL. A rent.
wa. twg Biaar.
a. r.caataai e.
a. aaa.ai.
WJt. SlVmilAUTA; C
Merchant 'Tnilor
21 ftwutb TIrridlan ftlre.t, Idl
anapolist IbI
UaXX Bs0KJl for Cawjrc? ,w.?i v?
ttJmJmmiw 4VaVV S SV

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