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Published by CARRINGTQN & CO.
nrrniTQf fin-
yEW:iHiv yoimi hesjpamqring, September 7, isso.
vol. xlyiii.
Price Four Cents.
-Issued hf J. IT. ADAH & CO.
f ? "We add this week to our stock a large
' ' 'purchase of Black Silks, which will be
found well calculated to maintain our repu
tation as the silk merchants of New Haven.
We confidently invite inspection of these
goods, as we believe they are the best value
at the respective prices that can be got in
this city. A lot of Surah Silks of extra
weight and of the finest quality, in black and
colors, has also been received, and will be
put on sale at a very low price. These goods
we recommend as a very handsome and styl
ish material for Overskirts, etc. We open
also a full line of Colored Satins in all
the most desirable new shades, and some
very elegant Silk Brocades. Attention
is directed to the "Satin Duchesse" and
. "Satin Merveilleux," very rich and beautiful
dress fabrics. J. N. ADAM & CO.
We have opened a few new tilings in Fancy
Woolen Dress Goods anrr nula Uooils lor
the Fall Trade. Among them is the novel
and handsome "Handkerchief Pattern,"
which is to be very fashionable this season.
We have still a full line of Blue Flannel Suit
J. N. ADAM & CO.
For fineness of material, beauty of design,
perfection of work, variety and cheapness
we can safely challenge any possible compe
tition in Hamburg Edgings and Insertions.
J. N. ADAM & CO.
' Our sto9k of Ruffling, Ruches, Collarettes,
Cuffs and Collars is full and varied, all fresh
and in good order. We have a line of Chini
isettes at moderate prices.
J. N. ADAM & CO.
Important purchases have been made for
this stock, including some charming new
luces. We mention Point Gabrielle, Madras
Point, Yendeen, Duchesse and Afghan. Wo
have also some very fine specimens of Lan
guedoc and Point d'Alencon. Specially
J. N. ADAM & CO.
To retire from our slock two or three lines of goods we
have this day placed in our east window 150 to 200 pairs
.rrnlnl..l ..! Vnlrni T' Itnrtnn ItAnis. lailioe)
sizes Shoes that we have
Each pair is now marked in
Sixty-Five Cents. There is
county that can compete with
IV. It. To make matters lively we throw into our sale
tubs this morning four sixty
French Goat Iluttou. Roots
A, II, C, 1) and E widths. They are famous goods at the
price. .
H. N. Whittelsey, Jr.,
To CitlxeiM Claiming Exemption from
Military Duty and Blilitmry Tax for
ATTENTION is called to the following section of
the Burgeon General's orders :
Order No. 6 :
IL AU persons between 18 and 45 years of age de
siring exemption from military duty and commuta
tion tax by reason of mental or physical disability
must report to one of the Post Surgeons for examina
tion, and if found exempt will be furnished with a
certificate of exemption, to be filed by them with the
Selectmen of the town where they are liable to enroll
ment. Those who were exempted by Post Surgeons
in 1878 and 1879 and the disability classed as perma
nent will not be required to be examined again unless
ordered by the Burgeon GeneYfeL The dates for exam
inations are as follows : July 14. 31 and 28, August 4,
11, 18 and 95, from 9 to 9 p. m. Persons not filing
their certificates of exemption with the Selectmen be
fore the first day of September will be debarred from
exemption for the year.
Dr. w. R. Bartlett, the Post Surgeon for New Ra
ven, (Office No. 157 Church street,) will examine those
claiming exemption ANY DAY DURING THE PRES
KNT MONTH between the hours of 8 to 10 a, m., 2 to
3 and 7 to 9 p. m., free of charge, and the examination
must be made before September 1, 1880.
This matter must be attended to without delay.
Selectman and Town Agent.
New Haven. August 7, 1880. . aulO tf
New and Second-Hand
C CONSTANTLY on hand and for sale at bottom pri
J ees. I now have the following :
One second-hand one-horse Business Wagon.
One aeoond-hana Pin ton.
One second-hand side-bar Carriage.
Three new side-spring piano-box no-top Buggies.
Two new side-bar piano-box Carriages.
One new side-bar Corning-box Carriage.
One new turn-out seat end-spring Carriage.
ffjAnd ob furnish any style or quality of Carriages at
short notice. - L
One very fine and stylish six year chestnut Horse,
warranted perfectly sound and safe for a family
horse. '4
1858 , h , HOUSE 1880
GrmlnUtic, Glaixinir, JM.ln
per H.nKlnsi,
Patau, uua, Yaraua
...... Winrtow Ulaas, .
!. -
AH work'naontad In thabest possible manner bj
ompstesit workman. J,Oraars prompt .Jattonded to.j
ma3tf - TODD'S BLOCK. ;
TlllMiS mp BAGS
All kinds or Repairs mmle
at short notice.
Old Trunks taken In ex
change. .
IVo cbarKe for cartage.'
' PnlIadlnm Itulldlngr.
368 ui 868 Olapel Street
worthyjef attention are the beautiful Span-
isii liuves we 'nave just opened, ana aiong
with them the magnificent Ties and Fichus
of the same material. We have also a very
full line of narrow and wide Torchon .Laces.
New goods in MulL Muslin and Silk
broidered Ties are opened this week.
Our new styles of Dress Ginghams for Fall
wear have attracted much attention and are
selling very fast. From the testimony of
our customers we know that ours is the most
elegant assortment to be seen. - -
J. N. ADAM & CO. ! '
OES. ,
We are now opening dailyJFaU,8tyles in I
Calicoes, many of them being entirely novel
and very attractive. The prices we sou tnem
at cannot be beaten, quality considered.
J. JN. ADAM & uu.
Table linens a full assortment of bleached
and unbleached Turkey Bed Table Covers,
NaDkins, Tidies, Table and Fiano (Jovers,
Damask, Hack and Turkish Towels, Towel-
lnir. Diapers. Linen blieetmg, fine I tin ens.
Ouilts verv cheap, especially in the better
qualities, Blankets, Comfortables.
J. a. AJJA.M. a jJ.
We are opening now new goods in this de
partment. Elegant hose in the new cloth
shades, finely embroidered in, the cashmere
styles : Polka Dot Hose: new styles in
Striped Hose with fine lisle thread finish, at
a Tery low price for the class of goods, and
other noTOlties. J. JN. ADA M a uu.
We have the best SOc, 58c, and Too. cor
sets in the market. This week we offer a
few of Madam Foy's Corset Skirt Supporters
at 2rc, slightly soiled.
sold at five and six dollars.
red figures Xwo Dollars and
no . bankrupt stock in this
- pair cases of the Ladies'
that we are selling at 81. OS,
Ii & GO.
26 Elm Street, Corner of Orange,
n30 ITew HavsB, Conn
The Highland and Vmthrop
THE largest, most PERFECT and SIMPLEST on
the market. They are the most even bakers
ever maoe. Bold Dy
si 3QO gtmte Street, near Chsipel.
No. 127 Church Street,
At lower prices than ever before. s26
Practical Plumbers andJGas Fitters,
Under Water Co.'s Office,
1KW UAVBI, com.
Jobbing promptly attended to.
.ti."BUOKLnr. x: i.F4 kelli.
WE HAVE now In store some thirty eases Salad
OiL same brand as sold by us for years past.
Our own Importation, In quarts, pints and hal I
pints. Quality tne very nnest. jrrioes moderate,
my 10 H. E, HALL 4 SOW
Hard and Soft Crabs !
Spanish Mackerel I Bass I
&c, &c, &c,
: -at- .ff, -
XAmb and Veal. ,
3 PHI NO Chlcksna and Fowl, dretsed to order.
T llaUbnt, Mackerel. Hpaolah Mackml. Hsa Bass,
Lobsters, Oysters, Bound and Long Clam.
Halt llaokarei, Ho, 1
halmon. - -
Bloater Jiaokerri, Fiokeral,
Choice Sugar Cored Fork Hunt, 8honldsrs, Break
ist Baoon, Smoked and Dried Beef,. Folten Harket
Smoked and Pickled Beef Tongues.. . - ,
- Veeretables and Frnlt. -
Now Sweet Potatoes, Watermelons, (ireea Citron
Melons, Tery One Peaches, Bananas, Pears, Apples,
Oreem Corn, Lima Beans, fce.
At Tory low price, lor cai. .' '3 '
Packing and Provision Co.,
auT X aad SOT Stat Street.
n ,1
Patents for the of Drv Cnnrlnn have been
graph is now the only gelatine oopying pad which can
pueiiia. jlu infringement! will e prosecntea to ui
in WWi'lJl. Jl'. j.u . ma.-, iik-mi in -i - i t it u ii nwue,
I . rsi o , , 1 I
- - - i
irn-.f-iwir.iffiWi-ri.iiMi in imrii niinnnnniiinii-iiiimiii iir nninai- iriiri i 11 1 1 1 n 1 1 iin.ii n. r. nim-ir iinrl j
ana all diseases of tne
The most acceptable tirenaration In the known worlds
f nice, won have an excellent Appetiaer and Tonic for general and family use. The immense and in
creasing sales ana tne numerous lesiunoiusUB receiveu
Put p in QUART sixe Bottles, giving MORE for the money than any article in the I
i f m I I fon common Kock and
I the only MEDICATED article made, the Uenuine
Exl rnct front Report of the Confmlfsioner of Internsl Revenue i
WASHrHOTOH. D. O.. January 26th. 1880. f
Messrs. LAWRENCE St MARTIN. Ill Madison Street,
Oestlkhkn : This compound, In th opinion of this office, would have a sufficient quantity of the BAL
SAM OF XOJ.U to cive it all the advantages ascribed to this article in pectoral complaints, while the whiskey
and the Byrap constltme an emmajon rendering u an
nil! to the lormnla. it may properly De ciassea as i meuiuiuu preparanon under tne provisions oiv.a.
Bevieed Statutes, and when so stamped may be sold by
rendering them liable to pay special tax as liquor dealers.
xours Aespectiuiiy, taigneaj " iu:an a, naym, voraatuuflaeri
LAW HKMK 4s HARTLV, Proprietors, Chicago, 111.
And 6 Barclay Street, New Qorkc.
Sold by DRUGGISTS, GROCERS and DEALERS everywhere.
Sold in New Haven by RICHARDSON & CO. who will supply the
trade at manutacturers prices. -
Fine Goods in
The' Novelty Adjustable Chair.
Rubber Goods of every description
Rubber Jewelry we are selling less
73 Church Street, cor. Center, opp. P. O.
03 Orange Street, Palladium Building.
f i T a 'J. fin i- nln n n at - : . - .
Thla nutritious and n3biltla marmnMna for Ttw
fantsand Invalids te hifchly reeommsndd by tb
most Eminent Physicians, being Car saperior to any
known Medicinal Food.
RoTAt, Dtetaicia most noe be emfoondod with ths
numerous articles of floor nmnared in aar munnrr
by beat, which, while they may contain a certain
decree of nutriment, are utterly devoid of those
merflrfma trualltieB whioh alone cbaracteriaa Rotax. T
r yoxrs. nRu;oi8T has rr,
wmbs sent by maapoiC paid) U not
. N.
CRITTENTON, I IS Fulton 8t., New York,
Cen'l Agent for U. 8., and Canada.
Yale Bureau of Patents. ;
AUTHOR of the new trade-mark and label law for
the Slate of Connecticut recently mssed bT the
Legislature. Applications received and Information
given. Address
AJiUHEW O'NEILL, Benedict Cnlldlng, 82 Church i
Street. Pox 602, New Haven, Conn. ap2 tf t
Trees at Half Rates.
he lanre aBortment of the best ornamental . Trees
ana onruDs in tne oia nurseries or i
J8 n"wJ nntit7 excellent condition; and
is offered at the above large discount from catalomie
nrieML ft. AnthrarM th nUntM whlnh hikv an lnr
been specialties of this firm, including Camellias, well -
budded, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Street Trees,
Conifers, lately moved, o. J
A. B. fhiS K.Kxs-., Box (
rVknifnra ls-Altr nnVAl An iatalnmaa - J J --
niKii?. c.Tr. ATM Pin.ki.a. sv -r
w.A4aWwtm i
- : i
IPWAlrV I ' fPW0lrV I ' i
nwnvii i m svii wii is.
. - - - r
at htre:e:teii( '
Old Established and Renowned Stand.
Cases Et-HUeI aad R-ttockd. All GtooAs
or Choice SelectioD.
Prices Low. , - '
lEAXTTIFUL Gold and Silver Watches of well
known and reliable makes. We cam fruarantee all
our goods to be as represented. - Have sold to thou
sands in this and neUjchboring towns. Plain gold and
Elegant Stone icings in great profusion. Look at our
Silverware Drartment before purcha . elsewhere.
xney are sranaara gooas. special a, ni iipn.te
Watch and. Jewelry Repair Id a;. .and also to
Engraving in all Its branches. The best work. All
are welcome to call and examine goo 3a.
. JaU daw ' "
ey, aa nnfaUlng
Weakness, Sperma-
07, and all rtlssasm
tuat follow, a. a aa- . Sfr
Abnaa, as Loss of C v L
Mamm. tTnlnml ta V a-.
BEFORE TAHm.i .itnde, ji mAFTEt TAK1HS.
Of Vision. Prematura Old Am. aiul man othar Triaraa
ap that lead to Insanity or Consumption, and a fmsn
Full particulars In onr pamphlet, which w de
sire to send free by mail to OTery one. Tka 6pe
rt&e Medicine Is sold br all drcuiata at 1 tmf naok-
age, or li pjeke. for 5, or will be sent fro. bj mall
on receipt ox the money by sxlilii lny
RAl1ln1EMtH.nfil.im . ' ' .
JaTlydaw BIOHABD8QW CO., whofeaade arta, r
Groceries, Fruit,.fec.
Ai.iM - 'taw.a
JrSl - 1T CkaMl Street.
Bald: M I take great pleasure la reoomtnendlng' to' pa
rents tba Academy of Mr. bwithin C bbortUdge."
Saysr I eheerfully consent to the use of my name
aa referenea. My boys will nton to yon (for tbelr
foorth year) after vacation." .
Fer new Illrairi-.tM4 (Htmlw mJlAra IwrrilTV
C SH1IHTI.IDUK.. A. M . Himnl Ilalnr.
all y tirailu.tr, Ulndlm. H. anVltdkwlm
Sailboat for KalA.
fjllGHTEEN feet long, eight feet bean, cat-rigged.
WJJ newly painted, all In salllna order nrln l
Inquire at ., 3S O02iUB88 AVK .
M 0)
Issued to na. dated May U and June 1, 1880. The Hektb-
be -manufactured,-KBed, or so 14 without Infringing osr
ruil extent as w in, I 'Si
22nd 04 Cfctireh Street, $ err Xork
r -
TiiKUAT and riUNUS.
Br addine to TOLTJ BOCK and BYE a little Lemon
aauy are tne dobs evidence 01 iu YixtueH ana popuiariiy
by unprincipled dealers who try to palm off upon
Bye in place of onr TOLU BOCK and BYE. which la
haying a beTCrsmant Stausap on eaeh bottle.
Chlcaeo, I1L:
agreeaoie remeay so tne patient, uomponnaea accord-
Druggists, Apothecaries and Other Persons without
; - "
; au3l eod weowtf
Walnut and Ash.
388. 390 and 392 State Street.
at Wholesale and Retail. ; ".
than cot at ;.
jTur In 1U Ingredients, It noorishoa in fever, pro-
, m mmvp, omuni sne screnirui or Sbe paxwnt and
In numerous instances na prored to be tiw only ac
joeptahle sustenance.
i In cases of PT7TJoxA!rr OowpTJtnrrw- OrarsaAjL Dm.
Af "BixrrT, Fktkbs and Dyspepsia, It win be found f
ta?l trial wul attord sufflcisnt evidence of Its
ncacious, ana bs a hsdicZsTaX. NUTBXrm Food, a
oh will get it fos Tou.-a
eaaOy procorsd. rrlea 7 Cents.
Marsh's Disinfectant !
ilOR foul odors in stables, water closets, urinal ja
a auuEs, sKOa a eampie win do zurnisnea zree
charge at . .
Whittlesey's Drug Stores
228 Chapel and 836 State street.
no O A riOlr
' ' . Urt. O. . VV I"l0l. t, .
Tlie ' Celebrated Clairvoyant rhysf-
11 W !w '
' uau auu iuaguuttav jxcttlci j
Business And Test Medium,
; Ia permanently located in Hew Haven, Conn,
! "Z
umce SO. S7UthSpl Street.
VV M Kri can be consul ted regularly every
month from the mnmlng of th loth until tha
A 1 1xS . UIAW.
uciw ihwih inHO v a. m. to tt m.
IV. Z IUL. OH llsMl twnitT.TiinA tmiv aTTwrlfinnA In
iwcmcfcjcfl m meaifsuie, ana nas maae tnousanas of
moB astonlah)ng cures of all ehronlo and lonK-
"iw m wuatever name or nature. rn
Ha km aAUhI vti-la - j i tjm
salt Dr. Flake at once, no matter how long you have
beee owt healCk er what diseases yen are suffering
uvu, w imiv "Kay aomm yen nave employ ea in
vain, or how much medicine yom have taken, or how
little faith you have. He will tell zon at once the na
ture of the disease and where it streets you the most,
and the progress it has made upon the system, and
describe the symptoms thereof : and will furnish
medicines prepared from the best of selected roots, to
those whe wish, fee thai speedy and permanent cure
as a reswonaois pnoe, eiwer oy xne week or month.
The doctor alee gives valuable advice on business
matters, and all the affairs -of life, both social and
financial, including journeys, lawsuits, gains, losses,
absent friends, and great success In selecting lucky
numbers. Sittings for business affairs er examina
tion of the sick, $3L Communications by letter upon
buHlness or health must contain $2, age, sex, a lock ef
nair ana ssampu awu uwb xkjx jkki, Aorwich.
TAKE NOTICE. Dr. Fiske will not visit Brfdae-
port or Anson ia again this season. Patients wishing
to consult the Doctor will And him at his office, 370
Vhapel street. New Ha vera, uonn., the days mentioned
above. He will also be at the City Hotel, South Mor
walk. Conn., Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 38th and
For sale by all Druggists. au90 d&w
OFFER tat rent (to be ready for
. in July) one or two fioors of a substantial brick
bunding on Grand street. 48x60 feat. Can
for stores or factory or heavy storaee.
A desirable house oa Middletown avenue, for sale
A lmrare ml well Assortecl stoclc of Ii-v
Lnaiker for amle. A l. iprse. pole, mm f tm.
Die m M.1 anmass. saavfr posea. sasige pol,
teles; i-a.pl. pals.
Bstatyor Ijstth, . -
' Sistthens Pine,
f'Jll '".. ' As at stntst 1 1 ' '' 11
axi a jow laiusav
i" j Clot Stra.'
y frog atr tha world, f
78 Bwkmkn St.N.Y
Vaults and Cesspools. ...
Tw nstwe av Vault air Cesspool, that
- . -, f .tw.uiw, swaist now .
Farnham's Odorless Apparatus.
Oxdersiisr!beIefta r
I . . . "K. B. BRADLEY;. OO.,0 State Street
' - BOBT. VEITOH BUM, tic Chapel Bt.
P.O.BOX276. r Jnily
Mason's Porcelaln-Liined Jar.
-,' - Rubber for all Jars.
. The Beat and Uheapeet In the WorlO.
en 91.50 Per Jontn.
Great Bargains in Tea Sets J
30 New and Hantaome Patterns and Designs.
56-pleoe Seta, deoorated, from $7 to $15. .
. ; - No Auction. Goods.
We also have a large line of Deoorated Chamber
Seta at bargains. - -
Another load of Ltraeh and Picnlo Baskets just
dumped off and must Do aoia.
Crwk.rr, Gliusvrare, Tinware, MTomteii
wa-re. Lamp Chamdeliera, and House '
- J?" wmtskiisia; 3kU In General, at
r No. P Cnurcla Street, s-jt,
arteod . NEAB
New fflnsic Books.
The Anthem Harp. $1.25. ' By Br. W. O. Per-
kina, iwt out.
A nev book intended as a successor for 'VPerklna'
I Anthem Book, pnbliahed some years since and which
was a decided vucoaaa. The new book contains music
perfectly within the reach of common choirs jmd is
destined to nave a great sale.
Dltaon & Co. also call attention to their three books
for singing classes, recently published, already very
popular, and wortny 01 universal adoption :
The Temple. $1.00.
By Dr. W. O,
The Voice of Worship
By L. O. Em-
' Johnson's Method tor Singing Classes.
uu cencs. iy a. .1. donnson.
The Temple contains an excellent Singing
f Scheol Course, and a large number of Glees, bongs
Ifeacrea runes ana Antnems lor practice, ana lor use .
in classes. Iu O. Emerson's Voieo of Worship
haB exactly the same end in view as the other, but
has a different method, and entirely different music
Johnson's Method is for those who wish a low-
priced book : is admirably simple and clear, has plen
ty of music, and has a thorough course in N ote Bead
ing. -
Any book mailed for retail price. " ,
A Blood, Brain' and Nerve Food.
A sovereii?n cure in all forms of Nervons Debilitr.
Broken-down Constitutions. Heart Affections, Ver
f tigo, Weakness of Kidneys, Bladder, and Urinary
! Organs, Female Weakness, restoring Exhausted Yl-
i tauty, V igorous ileaitn and JVlannood.
CURES all diseases arising from Alcohol. Tobacco,
Opium, &c.
AIo9 all farms of Nervous and Brain Dis-
cumcsucu as juupee vi mmuury, jjizziiieae, raiai) bis,
Neuralgia, Nervous Headache, Hysteria, Chorea,
Tremens, fcc , &c.
If vou are affected with anv of the above diseases.
or any' other Brain or Nervous trouble, don't fail to
try the f among -
Chemist and Apothecari,
Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers,
No. 143 Trnmbnll St., Hartford, Con a.
. Sold by all Druggists. Send for Pamphlet.
rCTnion and Victor
Lever Hay Cutters.
The three Largest,$troiig
est, Best Made and Finished
and Jlost Ieifect Working:
Lever Cutters in market.
Hide Roller Hay Cutters,
Baldwin's Improved Amcri
can Fodder Cutters, John
son's Patent Fanning: Mills.
Corn Shelters of the most
approved kinds, including:
the Celebrated Bur rail
Rig-ht Hand 'Iron Shelter.
Cider Mills, Press Screws,
Apple Grinder Castings,
lc, etc., etc.
fill. R BRADm 1 10,
406 and 408 Stats Street.
The untold miseries that result
from Indiscretion in early life
may do auenatea ana curea.
Those who doubt this assertion
should purchase the new medical
work published: by the PEABODY
H.IFK , or. SKI.K-Pli K.S.
EnVATIOflf. Eihanstntl vi
tality, nervous andphysical debility, or vitality im
paired by the errors of youth or too elose amplication
to business, may be restored and manhood regained. .
Two handredtb. edition, revised and enlarged. Just
i papiuoea, x la a srarHiarq meaieai wora, the best in
tha English language, written by a physician of great
experience, to whom was awarded a gold and jeweled
medal by the National Medical Association. It con
tains beautiful and very expensive ensravincs. Three
hundred pages, more than SO valuable prescriptions
foraJl forms of prevailing disease, the result of many
years of extensive and suoeessful practiee, either one
oi wmcn is wonn len times tne price or the book.
Bound In French cloth ; price only SI, sent by mall
ins l-onaon Lancet sayss "No Derson should he
without this valuable book. The author Is a noble
nenelactor." . c . . :
ine rrlDune says: "The author haa had nnmm.
wcuwm ia urauHK va nervousnees or all
kinds and its affectioas,-whether due to pernicious
habits or inherited, lie is a Nervo-specislist, and
therefore knows whereof he writes with such power
and ability."
An illustrated sample sent to all onrecelntof Rimita
'L he author refers, by rjermisslon. to Hon. J A
BISSKLL, 3d. D., president of the National Medical
Address Dr. W.' fi. TTTS '"A TT
PABKEK,Ko. 4 Bnllfineh I B Pi A I 1
Street, Boston, Mass. fTl TT 7 XT' T Tj
rue autnor may be H ill iry I'j a I1
oonsulted on all diseases requiring skill and experl-
". jeiu M l Haw
No. 330 CThapel Street,
Kew Haven, Count,
: Gives his personal attention to procuring
Patents for Inventions
' Ilf THE " 1- ' '
United States and Foreign Countries
APKACTICE of more than fourteen years, and
frequent visits to the Patent Office has given
him a familiarity with every department at. and mnAm
of proceeding at, the Patent Office, which, together
wun ine iact tnsx ne now vibiui Washington semi
monthly to give bis personal attention to the interests
of his orients, warrants him in the aasertlon that no
office in the country is able to offer the assne sseUitiea
to Inventors In securing their inventions r Letters
-raen ana pamcuiariy u loose wnose applications
have been rejected en eramleatlrn of which he will
maae rreeor charge. '
jrreiiminary examination, prior ce apiicetloxi 8or
patent, made at Patent Office, at a small chars.
His facilities for trocnrinii Paten ta in Fnmlim
tuers to more man one xnousana clients for whom
nenas procured lsstters jTatente. - jut j s s el w
WTiORMEBXT F. Beharfschwerdt A Co., receives or.
X aersat JtajMAii!.BH, 4x1 uuauel street, or
mm- u. out ftjs.
834 Chapel Street, New Haven, Ot
Fancy Chairs.
We have a fine line of Wilton
Carpet Folding1 Chair for ale a -retail
at the Fnctory, fiSSi $ tate Stv-
New H3Y8H Folding Cfialr Co'. '
I t J-manailsM tfi
Ml lrf. as
r till t
WE take pleasure In informing the peeple of this
city and the country at large that n better as
sortment of fine carriages can be found la this State
wan can os xonna at tha liepoaltory or
61 Chapel Street,
RCor. of Hamilton,)
' -
and at prices that shall ' be satlsfactorx to purchasers.
We Have a Few
in good order and at low phem ; also, a few of thoa
nloa No-Top Piano-Box Utiggieg. Plas
call and select one if in want, aa Uiey will oost
more soon
Repairing of all Kinds
I one In the best manner at reasonable prices bj
I nudfi-
- - OF .- '--
Will Plaase Remembef Tbavt "
I Thii-;l Door Above WHcox A Co.'l Dry
txooa score.
I With improTed facilities for buying goods Goan pro
poses to sell tne same
geal Estate.
Pirst-Class Kesidence for Sale.
OWING- to a contemplated chance in bttsin
location the ensuing fall, I offer my residonoa.
corner of East Grand and Ferry streets, for
in is is by lor the nnest place in ralr Mmvi
Lot 131 xii feet, well stocked with every variety oi
fruit in bearing condition. House built of founda
tion stone, contains ten rooms, all heated by steam ;
also gas and water, stationary range and wash tuba.
Large barn and carriage house ; accommodations for
five horses : gas and water : room for man. Large
hennery and garden. Parties meaning business can
apply on tne premises.
nayai ti jr xv.ii.jlijvm.hj a. tv. jPA.jtnjiwjJB
E?:ii Sherman avenue, handsomely fitted with mod-
Kifotl era conveniences, and most pleasantly located.
vi ill be sold at a great oargaln. Inquire at
myl2 dtf THIS OFFICE.
A DESIRABLE Furnished Bwn will 1
rented to one or two gentlemen. Call at
20 ELM 8TKEET. "
niy!3 tf Corner Orange.
ajjSB. BRICK BUILDING, with engine In good or-
uer, witn or witnout Dam; poasessian anytime.
f-Ktf It Pearl BtreevU
BUILDING LOTS on NicholL Eagle,
sides or jNasu street; nn fees
i) rice low : tenris easv.
in ce place ;
f2THf 19 Pearl Vtreet
. W. P. NILES,
(Notary Iublic,)
Ileal Estate, Fire Insurance, Loan
and Collection Agency.
i& A beautiful place on Townsend avenue, over
'13 looking Long Island Sound, with is acres of
;jtl choice land, good dwelling house and barn.
To exchange, a finely located business property In
this city, well rented, for a dwelling house, cen
trally located. Call for particulars.
1VI11 pay cash for a good residence, centrally
located, with modern imiiroveaients Hot
over $5,000 can be given.
jj&oney to loan.
Office, 270 Chapel Street,
jyld Boom No. 1
Iteal Estate a nd Exchsnfe Broker.
1 1 (tt
Spanish Doubloons wanted, united
States 4 per cent. Bends and -For
eimi Bmritios t
eign 'securities bought and sola and divlaends paid
in United States currency. Tenement fer rent corner
of George and Day streets, 5 rooms, $9 per month.
Also wold and Oliver exchanged at the office ei
ap26tf 238 Chapel Street.
B. 1 1. JOHNSON,
Real Estate and Loan Agent
Office, 487 State Street.
A Nice House and Large Lot on Eld street at
a oargaln.
Good Cottage House on D wight street at much
tian it is worth.
A fine place in Fair Haven and several ether places
lor sale very low.
Some good Shore Property in East Seven and Bran-
For Sale or RentFarms,
A very desirable Farm of 70 acres in Southlngton
Will be sold low to close an estate.
A list of eood Farms in other desirable locations.
Good rents in St. John and Greene streets. Fair Ha
ve a, and other parts of the city.
Wanted, $2,000 to $4,000 on good first uortgage
cunty -
" For Sale at a Bargain,
Kirst-elass House, with modern
improvements, good lot with barn, situated
on flue avenue, i routing on two streets, can be
seen as any nine, i or particuiara, cau at neem no. a,
jjdiStf Id. iP. COMSTOCK.
nooaiey rtauamit. y uurcu wr3a.
63 Church Street,
Xoney Loaned on Real Estate.
Honses and Lots in all parts of the city fer sals and
liens, items ana interest money collected.
Sstui Rock Shore Property, l.OOO Front
jreea oat kpiu Ii street.
'l'he most desirable on the shore, a beautiful groTS
upon a portion of it. Fine water will be supplied
from the Artesian well to all purchasers, making this
particular location very desirable.
saaanftre uousget M or neat.
- Fire Insurance Policies written In all first-lass com
ap-i 1A nxjsyta, agta.
: ' TO RFNT.
w THE STORE So. No. 61 Church street, oppo- j
It sBe the Dostofncs : two small rents an Whalley
ML'jl STenue; second noor Aa. ai esyium street:
whole house on Henry street, all msdsrn improve
ments : whole house No. 341 Crown street: whole
house No. 6. Whalley avenue, all modern Improve
ments. KJ ; wnole house on uunton avenne ; seoona
floor Na 39 Auburn street : whole house en Water
I street: whole house oorner Union and Fair streets.
I $21 per month : whole house Cedar Hill avsnna ; three
small rents Cedar Hill. Apply to . -
aplT - v : e Church Street, Boom 8.
- - Hall's Bitters.
JT la now twenty-nine years cine w. raw isvraood
ths preparation of this article. That truly val
uable medicinal properties, in esses eonneotsd With
the stomach and nervone system, their exquisite tests
ss a eoraiai, ana agreeable effect as a tonie are reaaiiy
acknowledged by all who have used thera. 'in fact.
Halls Bitter, stand unrrraled. and their nre-emlnenoa
overall newly started and much advertissd Bitters
will be striking to any one, after a fair trial ana oom-
panson.-;:V e should be pleased to show tnem.- -
ap &. E. HAL.1 iM Chapel wrset.
l n Investment Sec uritf cs.
. Hartford Toirn ix per dent Bonds
vP iWIM New York and Haw England C per
eeut Jttmas
14 shares Merchant. National Bank Stock.
a ' New York. Hew Haven and Hartford ILK.
lO. tUOCK. '
Bunnell & Scraiiton,
mm - Hankers and Brokers.
It Is Such a Perfect Fit.
"Eialimle Patent Shirt."
The bmtt In the world.
;'' , - Italy to be bad In this eitj of 1 -
) X. 1 . ivierwln, - :;
Ofllrs (at residence) Bio. MM Colleae Btreet.
Orders per mall for showing or deliver will rscslve
prompt attention. ,auoi
. Hm Remored Hii
No. 400 State 'Street- Courier BaUdlsk
Tuesday tforningr, Sept. 7, 1880.
CHESTER A. ARTHUR, of ft. York.
HOBART B. BIOBLOW, of New Hartn.
WILLIAM H. BULKELEY, or Hsrtfinrdi
CHARLES E. BEAKI,S, at Tbompson.
N W. X. BACHELLER, of Wtmcbester,
- HEURT B. "NORTON, of Norwich.
A HI J A II CATI.IN", of Hnrwlatoa.
The Democratic party is a sensitive party.
It is especially sensitive to any infringement
npon the rights of voters. The freedom of
the ballot is dearer to it and more desired by
it than even the spoils which go with politi
cal victory. Consequently, when an assault,
or anything that looks like an assault, is made
on that freedom, all other work is dropped by
the Democratic forces and a grand rally is
made in defence of "the right preservative
of all rights." To be sore, their eagerness in
defence of this right sometimes makes them
ridiculous, but they console themselves by
feeling and reiterating the importance
their mission.
Certain manufacturers and business men of
Vermont have recently given the Democratic
party an opportunity to show its sensitive.
ness and its abhorrence of any interference
with the freedom of the ballot. These man
afactnrers and business men, profoundly im
ssed with the importance of
victory -for the principles of the Re
publican party, issued a circular - ad
vising working people to vote for the candi
dates who represent those principles. The
circular contained, not one word or phrase
which could possibly be understood
threat that failure to comply with its advice
would be followed by loss of employment,
though it did contain arguments addressed to
the understanding and judgment. But the
sensitive and freedom-loving Democracy can-
not sit calmly by and see any voter subjected
to even tbe bulldozing influence of fair argu
ment, and consequently a great howl has
arisen from the party press. The 'Cermont
workingmen are deeply sympathized with on
account of the circular outrage upon their
rights, and the freedom of the ballot is being
battled for with that courage and fervor
which have always characterized its defense
by the Democratic party.
But it is not alone in Vermont or other
northern States that we find the Democratic
party doing battle for the freedom of the
ballot. That party is not a sectional party,
and it labors for the good of the whole coun
try. Consequently when "the right preserv
ative" is attacked in the South it rushes to
its defense with the same zeal and courage it
displays in the North. Its methods of de
fense are, it is true, different in the latter
section, but so is the South different from the
North. The freedom of the ballot has lately
been in some danger in South Carolina, and
Wade Hampton led the Democratic forces
its defense. This is the way he cheered
them on : "Try to convince the negro that
we are his real friends but if he will not be
convinced, and is still joined to his idols, con
vince him at least that he must look to those
Idols, whom he serves as his gods, to feed
and clothe him. Agree among yourselves and
act firmly on this agreement, that you will
not employ any one who votes the radical
ticket. " Ex-Goveraor B. F. Perry, a man
dear to Andrew Johnson and General Han
cock, has also struck powerful blows in de
fense of the freedom of the ballot in South
Carolina. One of them is as follows : -
Every true Democrat "and every honorable
man should nseoup in the majesty of his
strength, and swear on the altar of his coun
try and his God that this (Republican success
shall not be, let the consequences be what
they may. The poor, miserable, unprincipled
wnite man wno tries to - restore tne radical
party to power in South Carolina should be
socially ostracised, and not even spoken to on
tne street. He should be treated as an ene
my to his. race. HoKtis humani gcnms.ftTEhe
colored man should be told that his leaders
are making tools of him only to gratify their
pitiable ambition, and have a chance of steal
ing his hard earnings. He should be told.
too, that if he will vote to place rogues and
scoundrels in office and power no honorable
Democrat will employ him in any way. This
should be resolved jon and adhered to
throughout the State. Social ostracism for
the white man and no employment for the
The Greenville News does not wish to be
behind Hampton or Perry in the good work,
and therefore it declares : .
We mean that the white-skinned man or
negro whoUeliberately enters the fight for a
radical state ticket will do so with the under
standing that he will hereafter receive no fa
vors or recognition from white men. .Let
them understand that there- will be no em-
ployment for them where it is possible to
avoid it ; that there will be no credit given
them : that from them the last fart tunc will
be relentlessly exacted ; that the kindness of
masters will cease.
And the Aiken Journal falls into line with
a call for the reorganization or tne 'Ted
shirt clubs,' and urges them to get at work
breaking up Republican meetings.
Those melancholy ones who feel .that the
Republic is in danger can take heart. So
long as the freedom of the ballot can be pre
served there is hope. The Democratic party,
the party of the whole country, has prom
ised that it shall be preserved, and is taking
vigorous measures to that end, especially in
the rSouth, where the danger is greatest.
That party has never yet failed to keep its
promises. It saved the Union once (accord
ing to Ben Butler) when it was threatened
with dissolution by armed traitors. It will
save it now if red shirt clubs, shot-guns, os
tracism anS "branding" can do the great and
noble work. ' -
There are 20,141 persons who hold regis
tered United States four per cent, bonds.
Of these, 7,683 hold $500 each or less than
that sum, and of these 0,687 are women, .
An interesting proof of the growth of gen-
! era! business prosperity in England is in the
fact that the British railroads disbursed dur
ing the first six months of the current year
dividends $7,500,000 in exoeos of those for
the corresponding period of 1879. ' :,
President fiayes is said to dislike the death
penalty ever since the dreadful hanging in
Washington which resulted la the decapita
tion of negro. . There is a murderer.in the
District of Columbia jail waiting to be
hanged, and it is expected that the President
will send a message from the West commut
ing his sentence. -
The Philadelphia Times puts it about right
when it says: "After all the defamation of
candidates and the petty cunning of leaders
and the waste of party money, the-' common
sense of the people will settle the presidential
question. If their considerate judgment
shall regard a change of administration aa
beat calculated to promote the peace and
prosperity of the country, Hancock will be
elected ; and if the, same considerate judg
ment shall decide agawst a change of admin
istration, Garfield will be the next-President;
but all the campaign tracts or defamatory
speeches or low inventions of professional
politicians or expenditure of money beyond
the organization an.d polling of votes, won't
change the result in a single precinct of the
whole country."
It is election day in Vermont to-day. A
governor, ' lieutenant-governor and treas
urer are to be elected; also' members of
the Legislature, which will elect a United
States Senator, and members of Congress.
For governor the Republicans are represent
ed by Boswell Farnham, the Democrats by
Edward J. Phelps, and the Greenbackers by
M. O. Heath. At the last election the Re
publican ticket polled 87,312, the Democratic
17,274 and the Greenback 2,635. In the last
.Legislature there was a Republican majority
of 146 on joint ballot, the Senate standing 29
Republicans to 1 Democrat, and the House
was composed of 175 Republicans, 43 Demo
crats, andl4 Greenbackers and independ
ents. - A Republican majority of at least 23,
000 is expected to-day.
By a strange irony of fortune the shares of
the failed City of Glasgow Bank have become
a valuable property. They have become scarce
because very few shareholders have survived
the blood-letting process of the liquidation.
Every holder who has been "sold up," or has
made a compromise with the officers appoint
ed by law for the winding-up of the bank,
loses his right as a shareholder. '3 The rem
nant of solvent holders being thus enormous
ly reduced, the value of the shares which re-
main to represent the claim upon the bank's
assets becomes proportionately enhanced.
With what feelings must a notification of this
sort be read by the hundreds of ruined share
noiaers. ana by the thousands of now im
poverished persons dependent upon them.
To think, too, that the directors of this
so-called bank, just released from prison or
still expiating their offense there, should
have the questionable satisfaction of know
ing that they have actually raised the market
value of each share to 3,000.
Sentimental considerations aside, says the
Boston Advertiser,what benefit has the busi
ness man to expect from a change ? With
the advent of a new administration what un
certainties are to be removed, what burdens
are to be lightened, and what opportunities
are to be improved, which would tend to im
part more confidence to the business man,
and to promote greater commercial activity ?
In what direction is radical alteration in busi
ness conditions and relations desirable ? One
by one the restraints and obstructions have
been removed, and it is safe to say that the
basinets relations of the country were never
in a better condition, never more free from
perplexingembarrassments and the danger
of interference with established usages than
they are now. The finances, which a few
short years ago were in such a condition that
the business of the country necessarily par
took oi the nature of a gigantic . speculation,
are now firmly established on the bed rock of
a gold basis. The merchant no longer stands
upon a shifting bottom. The proceeds of his
sales no longer represent an uncertain value,
which is worth a given sum when received,
but possibly a much less amount when he
desires to pay it out. His proceeds now rep
resent money in its true sense, and not a sub
stitute, for it as variable as the changing
minds of men and a shifting policy of gov
ernment may make it.
General Melikoff's common sense method
of restoring public confidence in the Russian
Government is illustrated by the official re
turn that from the date of the military dicta
torship in February to May 1, about 1,400
students and other young men were liberated,
and 4,300 persons freed from police surveil
lance. Besides those, 2,000 youths who have
been expelled from various educational estab
lishments have been allowed readmission. It
is also officially announced that from May to
August one hundred and fifteen persons were
either altogether freed from police surveil
lance and restored to their homes from exile,
or received some mitigation of their sen
tences. Of this number thirty re-entered the
universities, and remain there at present.
One thousand six hundred and ninety-six per
sons continue under surveillance. The re
cent ukase abolishing the Third Section and
the Supreme Executive Commission is re
ceived by the St. Petersburg press with a
chorus of rejoicing. The Golos says that
Russia has entered upon a period of gov
ernment by established law. . The abolition
of the Third Section sho its that arbitrary ad
ministration has been radically condemned,
and the personal seourity of every honest
subject is rendered inviolable ; whilst the
nomination of Count Melikoff proves that
the necessity of confining the Ministry of the
Interior, now more than ever a post of the
highest importance, to a statesman who can
rise to the height of the occasion is - fully
recognised." Anothem journal exclaims
"The ukase rings out an appeal to each and
every one to work henceforth witn leariess
confidence for the good of his native land.
under the protecting shade of legality and
justice. God grant that Russia may never
again see such dark and troublesome times as
she has lived through these two years."
'A Short Life of William Ewart Glad
stone," by Charles H. Jones, is added to the
AoDletons' New Handy-Volume Series. This
short biography is admirably written, its ar
rangement and method are excellent, and
those who wish to acquaint themselves in.
general way with Mr. Gladstone's life, char
acter and work will find just what they want
in this book. For sale in this city by Judd
the bookseller.
'The Fate of Republics," by an ex-Union
soldier who does not give his name, is a book
written for the purpose of proving that our
reriublio is in danger and is likely to meet
the fate of other .republics which have pre
ceded it. The work gives a sketch of the
causes that led to the decline of the ancient
and medieval republics, with an account of
the condition of those which are in
existence at present, by way of introduction
to an essay, upon the dangers that threaten
the United States. The author holds the
chief of these to be the growth of popery in
religion. Ignorance and communi8.ru in social
life, and the doctrine of State rights in poli
tics, and sees no. other remedy than a revival
of Biblical Christianity. The author includes
in hist list of republics . some governments
whioh cannot fairly be called republican, he
deals ' loosely with other facta .and studies
tendencies, somewhat superficially. Never
theless, there is much that is interesting and
impressive in the book, which is, by the way,
dedicated to General Grant. Published by
Estes A Lauriat, Boston, and for sale in this
city by Judd the bookseller .
Titfor.Tati a Teutonio Adventure,", by
tha Marchioness Clara Lanza, is a lively lit
tle summer book. The scenes are laid in
Dresden and New York, and the story has
action enough to retain the. reader's interest,
and is planned with considerable ingenuity.
young American in Dresden is decoyed and
robbed by a flower girl. One of his friends
afterwards becomes engaged to an actress
in New York oity, who proves to be the flower
giri,' calls her a thief and backs out of his
bargain. Published by G P. Putnam's Sons,
New York, and for sale id this city by Judd
the bookseller.
Perkins' ' -Congressional District Vote Map
of the United States" is an outline map of
this country, 24x38 inches in size, showing
the State frontiers,, the boundaries of the
Congressional districts, their sizes and shapes,
and the official number of each. Their votes
in 1878; for members of Congress, are indi
cated with great care, within the boundaries
of each district, by a system of colored bars,
one inch long for each 25,000 votes, red for
Republicans, blue for Democrats and white
for the various third .parties. Marginal ta
bles confirm these records by giving the pre
cise number of votes of each party in each
district during the election of 1878. Who
ever feels an interest in the present and pro
spective government of the United States
may find material for hours of deep study in
contemplating the conditions indicated on
this map. Published by James R. Osgood &
Co., Boston, and for sale in this city by Judd
the bookseller.
TBbse who have read "Mr. Smith,"
"Pauline" and "Cousins," by Mrs. L. B.
Walford, will welcome "Troublesome Daugh
ters," from the same pen. This story is per
haps the best, it is certainly the most enter
taining, that Mrs. Walford has written. The
plot is a clever one, the characters are finely
drawn and the interest is kept up through
out. This book is published in their excel
lent Leisure Hour Series by Henry Holt &
Co., New York, and is for sale in this city by
Judd the bookseller.
D. Appleton & Co. send us the authorised
"life of Hancock." It was prepared some
years ago by his friend, the late Rev. D. X.
Junkin, D. D., chaplain in the army, and has
been brought down to date by F. H. Norton.
General Hancock himself read the proofs of
the book, and pronounces it complete and
correct. The author does not attempt to
idealize his hero. He paints him as he found
him. Hancock was not an infant prodigy, -but
he was studious and sedate, and at an
early age won for himself the distinction of
being just and magnanimous. There was al
ways a touch of chivalry in his nature, and as
a boy of nine he made himself conspicuous
among his mates as a defender of the weak.
At the age of fifteen he was called upon to
read the Declaration of Independence at a
Fourth of July celebration, and has, from
that age, evinced an interest injmblio affairs.
He organized a military company among his
schoolmates and at the age of sixteen entered
West Poinj). An excellent steel portrait of
Hancock is an attractive feature of the book.
For sale in this city by Judd the bookseller..
The Appletons publish the learned and
elaborate treatise of Dr. H. Charlton Bastian
on "The Brain as an Organ of Mind," which
treatise is, according to a competent critic,
"perhaps the ablest of recent systematic
studies of the structure and functions of
nerve and brain, from the most elementary
forms of life in which nerve matter appears
to the complex brain and nervous system of
man." The work is in a single, thick, duo
decimo volume, with one hundred and eighty
four illustrations designed to elucidate the
text. For sale in this city by Judd the book
seller. ' 'Education : Intellectual, Mogal and Phys
ical," by Herbert Spencer, has now been
twenty years before the public, and during
that time has gradually made its way into all
parts of the civilized world. It has been ren
dered into the principal languages of Europe,
and is well known by complete or partial re
production in India, China and Japan. The
eminent directors of public education in dif
ferent countries have taken the initiative in
procuring its translation. The principles it
develops have been avowedly followed in nu
merous instances in shaping the policy of
public instruction and in organizing educa
tional institutions; and it has exerted a
strong influence upon the mental and moral
culture of families and upon the intellectual
life of individuals. Desirous of still further
extending an influence so wel4approved, Mr.
Spencer a year or two ago issued a cheap edi
tion of the book in England and D. Appletpn
Co. have followed his example in this coun
try. For sale in this city by Judd the book
seller. Very interesting and attractive to the
countless admirers of Dickens will be "A Se
ries of Character Sketches from Charles Dick
ens, being Fao-Similes of Original Drawings
by Fred Barnard," published by Cassell,
Petter, Galpin A Co. These sketches are of
Alfred Jingle, Mrs. Gamp, Bill Sikes, Sidney
Carton, Little Dorritt and the immortal Pick
wick. Descriptive sketches from Dickens'
books accompany the pictures, and the col
lection is one calculated to give lasting pleas
ure. For sale in this city by Judd the book
A prior arrangement A crow-bar.
Is a child made stone deaf by being rocked
to sleep ?
Time is money, if it is fast and on a race
track. New Orleans Picayune.
An old thermometer is never very popular.
Nobody wants to see a thermometer over 70.
A La Crosse minister prayed for those "who
are smitten with illness, and those who have
gone a-fishing, and also those too lar.y to
dress for church."
If Adam had been created a boy instead of
a full-grown man, he would have clubbed all
the apples off from that tree before the ser
pent had a chance to get through the fence
around the garden.
Father 'Here you have only been mar
ried four weeks, and almost every day you
come to me with complaints about your hus
band. You ought to "be ashamed of yourself. "
Daughter "But he fights me all the time."
"Foolish child ! . Haven't your mother and
me been fighting every day for thirty years,
and don't we get along peaceably and quietly
with each other.".
At Derby, Judge Maule was in the act of
passing sentence upon a man, when the gov
ernor of the county jail came to the table to
deliver some calendars to members of the bar,
and, in so doing, passed between the prisoner
and the judge. Maule thereupon intimated
to the governor that, in so doing, he had out
raged the best-known conventional rules of
society. "Don't you know," said the judge,
"you ought never to pass between two gen
tlemen when one gentleman is addressing an
other ?" The offender against this conven
tional rule apologized and retired, where
upon the judge sentenced the other gentle
man to seven years' transportation. Ail tne
Year Round.
There was' a little shooting scrape at a little
town in the interior of Texas, not long ago,
and it was not long before a Galveston News
reporter was on the spot interviewing one of
the principals.
"So you are going to write it up," said the
"Yes, I want all the facts."
"I don't care a cent what you say about
the shooting, but I have one little favor to
ask." - -
The reporter said he would grant it cheer
fully if he could. .......
"Well," said (he shootist "I want yon to
Eut down that my grandfather was one of
afltte's pirates, and the worst cutthroat of
the gang."
The reporter stared a little, but the shoot
ist went on to say :
"Please put in that one of my uncles was
hung by - the vigilance committee in San
Francisco, and two more of them are making
shoes in the Illinois penitentiary ; that an
other one of them is practising law in New
York, and my only sister ran away from
home with the down of a circus ; that as far
as you can learn there is not a member of
the family that has not done something dis
graceful." "Why, what do you want 'all that in the
paper for?"
, "Because I am sick of reading in the pa
pers that every fellow who has a little shoot
ing scrape belongs to one of the most re
spectable families in the country. Just put
it down, for onoe, that one of the parties to
the unfortunate affair belongs to highly
disreputable family. If you don't put it that
way you will wish you haa.
The Republicans of East Windsor are to
iave rally and flag-raising at Broad Brook
this evening, with - an address by General
The Republicans of Thomaston are to put
up a large building for campaign purposes.as
there is no hall in the place suitable for large '

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