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mtml , Mil &mxm.
Sept.' 8, 1880.
Or a far Hlghsr Class than any othar pro
prietary medicine of th. day stands y
Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer Aperient
And for this raaaon r It la an exact counterpart of
one of the moat Tamable natural medicines in the
world. We refer to the great Seltzer Spring of Ger
msay, to which thonaanda of the dyspeptic, the bil
ious, the rheumatic, and the Ylotima of venal dlaeaaea
reaort annually, and return to their homea eonvalee
oent or eared, 1 he Aperient la one of the first and
by far the moat aacoeaafal of all the efforts made to
reproduce, in a portable form, the papular mineral
waters of Europe, -
gea tnnt you purchase only the genuine
gold by all Prayglsts. se8ood2w
Vegetable Compound,
A postttve CURB
This preparation, it" name togiilfles. consista ot
Vegetable Propertlea that are harmiera to the most
delicate Invalid. Upon one trial the merits of tnls
Compound will be recognized, as relief Is immediate:
and when Its too ti continued, in olnotrnlna eases
In hundred, a positive ozkJ permanent cure is
effected. o thooaoadrwill testify. On account of if
proren merits. It ts to-day recommended and pre
scrlbod by the best physicians tn the country.
It will cure entirely oho worst form of foiling or the
o to run. Lcuoorrhoia, irrccuiar and PainfoJ Menstra
ation, all Ovarian Tronb,M inflamatlon and Ulcera
tion, Flooding, titt Displacements and the conseq oent
fjpinal weakness, and Is especially adapted to the
Change ot Life. It will dissolve and expoU tumors
from the uterus In an early stare of development.
The tendency to Cancerous Humors there Is checked
very speedily by its use.
In fact, tt has proved to be the greatest and best
ramsdy that has ever been discovered. It per
meate, every portion of the system, and gives new
life and vigor. It removes faintnees. flatulency, de
stroys all craving for stimulants, andtrelieves weak
ness of the stomach.
It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Frost,
tion. General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression and
Indigestion. That feeling of bearing do to, causing
pain, weight and backache, la always permanently
cured by Its use. It will at all timen, and under ail
circumstances, act In harmony with the law that
governs the female system.
Per Kidney Complaints of either sex this com
pound Is unsurpassed.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Is prepared at 233 and 235 Western Ave, Lynn,Ma8s.
PRICE 91.00 Six Bottles for $5.00.
Sent bymcil in the form of pills, also In the form
of Lozenges, on receipt of price, 91.C0, per box, for
Airs. PwihaM freely answers all letters of inquiry
Send for pamphlet. Address as above Mention
this paper.
Blood Purifier,
Will eradicate every vestige of Humors
from the Blood, nt same time will give
tone and strength to the system. It has
produced as marvellous results In Puri
fying ttie Blood as) the Tegetnblo Com
pound has In coring Female Complaints.
Price $1.00. Sis Bottles for $5.00.
No family should bo without LYDIA E. PINK
HAM'S LIVER FILLS. They cure Constipation, Bil
nousnow,and Torpidity of tho Liver. S6 ccnta per box
Sold bv o" Druggists.
For Diarrhoea, Dysen
tery, Cramps, Cholera,
And all those lVumeroiia Troubles oft lie
Stoiuf-cli and Bowels
So Prevalent at this Season.
No Remedy known to tlxm Medical Profes
sion haa ! in iie ho long audi with,
sac It uniformly satisfactory results as
It naa been used wit I. such, wonderful
success in all parts of tike world in the
come to be considered
For all Summer Complaints,
anil inch It really Id when taken In time
and according to lie very plain direction
Inclosing; eaclt bottle.
In audi diaoases file attack is usunlly
ladden and frequently very acute; but
with a safe remedy at band for immediate
use; there ts seldom dancer of the fatal
result which so often follonrg a few da.' a
The Inclination to wait and see if the
ntorrow does not brl ng a better feell.isr,
not unfcequeiil ly occanioiM a vast amontit
of needless snflVrlng, and sometimes cost
a life.
A timely dose of Pain Killer will almost
Invariably save both, and with them the
attendant doctor's fee.
It hai atood the test ol forty years con
ttant use in all countries and climates,
and is perfectly safe In any person's
It la recommended by Physicians, Nur
ses In Hospitals, anil persons of all classes
and professions who have had opportuni
ty for observing the wonderful resulta
which have alwaya followed ita use.
I have prescribed Perry Davis Pain Killer exten
sively in llowel Complaint (particularly for children),
and it ia, in my opinion, aaperior to any preparation
I have ever used for the relief of that disease.
No family can afford to be without it, and ita price
brings it within the reach of alL
The use of one bottle will go further to convince
yon of its merits than columns of newspaper adver
tising. Try it, and you will never do without It.
. Price, 5c. 50c and St per bottle.
You can obtain it at any drug store, or from
Proprletora, Providence, R. I.
a.1 d&wtol
14 Cents a Pound, saved in Datv
X, H and I lb Tina, uroeers & Draggista sclltt
Wholeeale.by E. G. Stoddard t Ce. and I. D. Sewell
& Co. ' " Je16 SmUw
Veterinary Notice.
DRS. O rfULLI VAN ft ROSE, Veterinary 8ur
I geons, Rr&du&tee of the London and Ameri
can v eteniiary ivOJiegee. (ineoniyquaiined
aarReoiis in New Haven.
Office and Hospital, 315 CHAPEL, STREET.
Honrs of attendance, 8a.xn.to8 p. m.
Tsleiprams and messages by post promptly attended
v - m It
MISS S. J. ROOT, Electrician.
HA VINa made electricity a remedial agent and
special study, is competent to administer it
Safely and effectually. Its use is very benenclal in
debility, nervous prostration, rheumatism, neuralgia,
at.., etc
Office Houra from t.8 P.. 91.
Xo. 494: Cliapel Jtrcet.
MANUFACTURER of Iron Fences, Orates, Doors,
Stalra, Shuttera, Balconies and' Creatines, also
Proof Vaults, Iron Columns, Girders, Illumina
ted Tile, eto. All kinds of iron work for public build
ings and prisons. Boot Bolts, Bridge Bolta,etc i. . ,
au-24 ly
CASH CAPITAI. ""I" - ' - "
- ' - M9,000
Chas. Teteraon, Ihoa. K. Trowbridge, J. A Tiahop
riT Trowbridge, A C. Wilcox, Chas. S. Iseete,
1, 1L liason, J as. D. DewelL Cornelius Plerpont.
CHA& PETERSON. President,
. CHARLC8 8. LOiETE, Vie. 1 resident. -H.
MASON, Secretary.
ft El. R. WFTTLETON. AaaH Bec'v. iylydstl
Peaches and Grapes.
WE have a lot of nice Peaches for eating or can
ning and fine Concord and Delaware Craves,
all fresh from the growers. f
Berkele Curtiss,
' .!- ? i v 1 ' ' a f lOSCharrh Street.'
it y-a lo .AireMa. orf owtf a
sfA v.. we. For terma ad-
'3 tmd anb imuc.
i Wednesday Morningr, Sept. 8, 1880.
Local News.
fFor other Local News see Second Page.)
County Commissioners.
Hearing Complaints Against a Prosecwt-
laf Agent Ltleneea Granted. -
j The County Commissioners held-their reg
ular weekly meeting yesterday. In the morn
ing they heard the complaint made by Stony
Creek parties against Charles H. Shaw, of
Meriden, one of the prosecuting agents for
New Haven county. Mr. Shaw was charged
with malfeasance in office, in that he "did
Offer to compromise and compound certain
criminal prosecutions" for violation of the
liquor law brought against Nathan C. Frink,
George W. King and J. B. Northrop, all of
the town of Branford. E. H. Rogers ap
peared for the petitioners and James H.
Piatt of Meriden for the defendant. George
A. Fay also appeared for the defendant,
and S. W. F. Andrews for the plaintiffs.
After a long discussion between counsel
as to what evidence should be considered,
Mr. Shaw made a short statement accounting
how the costs amounted to thirty-five dollars.
His witnesses belonged in Meriden and their
expenses made costs. There were four wit-,
nesses against-Frink and Northrop and two
against King. He agreed to settle with King
for twenty-five dollars.
i No decision was rendered by the commis
sioners and they will probably not decide the
ease until their next meeting.
' In the afternoon a liquor license was grant
ed to Berry Sanford, of Milford, and one to
John Fuchsschwarg, 2 Hallock street, this
ity. A beer license was also granted Fat
rick McGuire,' of 1,589 State street, this city.
?wu licenses were transferred to other par
ties. Fair Haven.
Picnic of t&uinntpiac Engine Co. No. 1 at
High Rock.
; The weather yesterday opened with so
inuch prospect of its being a rainy day that
the managers of the grand excursion and pic
pic of Quinnipiac Engine 1, of Fair Haven
East, after a conference dispatched a tele
gram to Superintendent Quintard not to send
the train, but some time after, the prospects
being more promising, the cars were ordered,
especially as so many wanted to go and run
their chances. The American band arrived
and gave some of its spirited music, and the
news soon circulated that the train was com
ing, and a large crowd of excursionists with
their base of supplies with them rallied at
the crossing. Six car loads went off, and
such was the interest that it is quite
probable that had the day been fine
1)00 or 1,000 persons would have gone. The
train started away at about 10. The origins
intention was to have started at 8. The par
ty arrived at High Bock Grove at 12 o'clock.
On board was the popular Chief Engineer
Brown, of the fire lads, who was chief mana
ger of the excursion, and to whom all give
the highest credit, and a large representation
of the present and past members of this
popular organization, including many promi
nent residents of the borough, together with
a large number of ladies, whose presence was
of course a most agreeable feature of the
excursion and rendered it a complete success.
The sun struggled out soon after landing at
High Bock, and thereafter there was no rain
and all spent the day very pleasantly, ram
bling about and viewing the beauties of na
ture, rowing, dancing in the pavilion, play
ing croquet and in other diversions. The
raid on the dinner baskets betokened a hear
ty relish, and the ladies had provided an
abundance, as is their custom. All had a
good time and on the way home and at the
grove "the band played," while on the re
turn trip the owners of concert voices gave
some good singing, and the trip will long be
pleasantly borne in mind by the participants.
The Southern Cenaus Returns.
General Walker, in relation to the census
returns of South Carolina, where such an
anomalous increase has been noted, states it
as his opinion that the present census is
either a fraudulent one or else that the cen
sus of 1870 was very defective, inclining
strongly to the latter opinion. The marshals
and assistant marshals whq. took the census
in 1870' were in the main political appoint
ees, many of them colored -men, who, there
being every reason to believe, the general
says, turned their work over to the poor,
mean whites, who had more clerical ability,
and then went shares on the pay. There
were no township divisions recognized at the
time and many of the enumerators did not
know where the county divisions began and
ended, so there was every reason why the
census should be defective. Ignorance and
incompetency were, in his opinion, the rea-
Bon for this defect rather than criminality.
The Court Record.
Court of Common Pleas Judge Harrison.
This court came in yesterday morning at
10 o'clock.
The case of Belden vs. Saybrook National
Bank went to the foot of the list.
The case of Joseph Morse et aL vs. Mat
thew Maloney. all of Meriden, was defaulted.
It was a temporary - injunction restraining
the respondent from cutting timber on land
on which the petitioners held a mortgage.
The injunction was made permanent.
Counsel for defendants in the case of Doo
little, Stoddard and Bennett vs. William N.
Clark et ux. , of Branford, appeared in court
with a copy of the decision of the Supreme
Court of Errors, sustaining the plea in abate
ment. This court, however, could not take
cognizance of the fact because it had not
been "officially" comnfhnicated to the clerk.
This case was one to recover for professional
services. . The writ was signed and allowed
by one of the plaintiffs, William L. Bennett.
This was the ground for a plea in abatement.
The case was argued before Judge Pardee in
the Court of Common Pleas by the plaintiffs
and by Wells and Eaton of Hartford for the
defendants. Judge Pardee gave judgment,
for the plaintiffs. The case was continn A
until the decision was officially received.
Edward Warrington, born in England, was
Court adjourned to 10 a. m. to-day, when
the case of Johnson & Co. vs. Wales will
probably be tried-
City Court Criminal Hide Judge Stod
dard. Michael Havey, jr., breach of th peace,
$1 fine, $5.29 costs; Charles H. Davis,
breach of the peace, $1 fine, $7.28 costs;
Carrie A. Mix, keeping a house of ill-fame,
J ulia Cummings and Nettie Cnatfield, resid
ing in the same, Michael C. Stokes and Peter
A. Carter, frequenting the same, all to Sep
tember 11 ; Stephen Eagan and James Mur
phy, frequenting house of ill-fame, nollisd ;
Alice McCarthy, night walking, sixty days in
jail, $7.62 costs ; Nellie Horton, night walk
ing, fifteen days in jaiL $7.02 costs ; Stephen
Maher, breach of the peace, discharged.
City Court Notes.
. In the City Court yesterday morning the
case against Carrie Davis Mix for keeping a
house of ill-fame at 14 Union street went
over until Saturday. The cases of the par
ties found in the house also went Over until
the same time, with the exception of Stephen
Eagati and James Murphy, whose cases were
nolled, there being no evidence to show that
they were frequenters of the place.
Alice MoCarthy and Nellie Horton, charged
with street walking, were found guilty. The
former was sent to jail for sixty days and the
Horton woman was sent up for fifteen days.
Charles H. Davis, son of Carrie Davis
Mix. about 14 years old, waa fined 1 and
costs for an assault upon Charles Amesbnry,
a lad much smaller than himself. Because
Amesbnry told his teacher-that Davis had
stolen some iron the accused slapped him in
the face. -j ...
State Correspondence
t . : Wnlllngftnrd. .
A convention of the Sunday schools of the
State will be held in the Congregational
church of this place on Thursday, September
1C Among the different features of the con
vention will be an address by Ber. George F.
Pentecost and singing by Mr. and Mrs. Steb
bins. -
The Bepublioana win have a grand rally in
the Town Hall Friday evening of this week.
Colonel Tibbitts, of New London, and Sam
uel Warner, of MidoQetown, will speak, and
the Garfield and Arthur Glee Club will sing.
f '.' ,,,..;';.i?nwrl,,1-ii.! :-'
' The2 new school house not being 'quite
ready for oecnptionv the--opening of the
schools at tha Center was postponed to -Monday,
13th inst. - ,.,
.. Mr. E. Farsons has been appointed janitor
at a salary of $300 per annum.. ' -.
x Two . bean with their keepers pasing
through the streets to-day, attracted the usual
attention of bipeds and quadrupeds.
j J. lie uoiduiuu unuu pruputK xiaviiig uu o-
cursion and pionio at High Bock Grove on
.Thursday. Arrangements have been made
for the cars from here to go througn with
out change via the Derby road,
i Mr. James Bussell's new house on Bopson
street will be quite an addition to the ap
pearance of the street, and it is to be com
pleted about Nov. 1. . . Sept. 7,
State News.
j Betsey Booth, of Greenville, 'celebrated her
centennial birthday Monday. '
The Bidgefield town fair commences Sep
tember 21st and continues through the 24th.
The eleventh annual reunion of the Eighth
8. V. will be held at New Hartford Septem
ber 17th, by invitation of Company 0.
i The New York and New England road had
examined its workmen's eyes on its own
hook, and the State test confirmed its accuracy-
. ."
The Tolland county fair will allow no
games of chance nor tolerate the sale of lager
eer on the grounds ; bicycle races will be
Among the attractions.
! Mr. Conklin, 66 years of age, an old and
highly respected resident of New Britain, was
struck with paralysis, Sunday forenoon, when
calling at the residence of his relative in
Hartford. His power of speech is lost and
the stroke has affected his entire left side.
! At the regular shoot of the German Rifle
Club, in Hartford, Monday, Mr. William Hahn
won the club medal on the remarkable score
f 136 out of a possib'e 150, on the German
ring target, being the fourth time in succes
sion that he has been winner of the medal.
Last Thursday Mrs. Colonel Samuel Greg
ory, of Danbury, was in a peach tree gather
ing peaches. In stopping to look down her
ead came in contact with a small twig,
which penetrated her eye, causing painful
wound and apprehensions of losing her sight
in that eye at least.
All tlie Way From Norway.
Ice Brought Across the Atlantic A Speeu-
1 latlon Which the Mildness of Last Win
! ter and Present High Prices Contributed
so Make Sueeeasful.
From the New York Herald.
! Another cargo of Norway ice has just ar
rived in this port from Christiansen, on the
ship Carla, which now lies at pier 52 East
river. The old saying of carrying cools to
Newcastle might seem to be illustrated in the
importation of such an article as ice, while
we have one State near us which is wholly
given to the production of that article and of
granite, and other New England States than
New Hampshire are not behind it in the large
natural manufacture of the article. It may
be said at once, however, that the importa
tion of ice is not likely to be a steady indus
try. In fact, the bringing of the present
cargo and of others, which are now on the
way here, was suggested- as a speculation
purely by the fact that ice has been selling
this summer at unprecedentedly high prices.
The last winter was extraordinarily mild, and
the ice housed along the Hudson was but a
small proportion of the amount usually gath
ered. The people of Maine improved the
opportunity to cut all the ice they could very
well get at, and so thoroughly was this done
that by the 10th of February the Kennebec
river was completely cleaned of it ; but after
that date the weather was so mild that no
second crop was gathered. The consequence
was that, whereas last summer ice was sold
here at eight and nine cents the 100 pounds
this summer it has been selling for forty and
forty-nve cents.
Such a state of things suggested to certain
shrewd men the idea that a profitable job
might be done in the way of bringing ice
from Norway. They looked around for
offers, but at first these were so low. that
nothing could be done. After a little more
search, however, men were found willing to
take the ice on arrival at what looked like
remunerative rates. At Christiansen, in Nor
way, a Air. farr nas an immense business in
supplying the London market with ice. To
him it was cabled to send a cargo to New
York. According to the statement of Captain
Tonneson, of the Carla, there was some
difficulty experienced in finding a shipowner
who would carry such a cargo, the general
impression being that it could not be carried
across the Atlantic in the summer. Captain
Tonneson thought it could be done and
offered to do it. His vessel was loaded with
700 tons. The ice was carefully packed, the
sides of the vessel having a thick packing of
sawdust behind boards.
The voyage was singularly unfavorable in i
one respect, tor the winds were light, with
long calms between, nearly the whole way.
From this cause Captain Tonneson was forty
eight days making the passage front Norway,
while his usual average is about thirty. Not
withstanding this, the ice arrived in the best
possible condition, and the captain estimates
the shrinkage at no more than ten per cent. ,
which is no more than the shrinkage which
takes place in a cargo from Maine to this
port. He says that there was more, loss in
the eleven days he was on his way from the
banks of Newfoundland to New York than in
all the time before it. It "is thought
by some that the captain has underestimated
the loss, but he is positive he is right.
A reporter of the Herald visited the ship
yesterday afternoon, and ' found the work of
getting out the novel cargo in active progress,
while the crew were at the pump getting out
water from the melted ice. The ice was in
blocks, very evenly cut, 24 by 28 inches. It
was amazingly clear, transparent as blocks of
fine glass, and free from impurities of any
kind. The ice men say that it is superior to
any but the very choicest qualities of ice
gathered here. Captain Tonneson explained
this by the statement that at the mountain
lakelets and ponds where it is cut the neigh
boring farmers are employed all winter to
keep the surface of the ice free by constant
scraping and sweeping, so that there is never
an opportunity for it to be protected from
the cold by a deep covering of snow. When
the ice is thick enough to cut, it is, by this
constant care, pure and hard from top to
bottom. In addition to the Carla there is an
other cargo of similar ice, which has been
contracted for here, and the ship carrying it
is now on the ocean, and may possibly arrive
within a fortnight. So far the importation
has proved a successful speculation for all
concerned in it, and the gentleman who has
bought the ice (delivered to him at the scales)
' is able to sell it at a handsome profit for one
dollar less per ton than the principal compa
ny in the city is selling its ice. But this is
due solely to the present extraordinary high
prices, and it may be years before it would
again be profitable to bring ice from Norway.
This will appear when it is stated that the
Norway seller of the ice gets about $2.50 per
ton for it, and the freight is about $4.30 per
ton, while the freight on ice from Maine is
$1.25 per ton. In fact, the purchaser of this
cargo says that in ordinary years domestic ice
can be delivered in this city at less than the
cost of the freight on a cargo of inrported
ice. The present experiment, therefore, is
interesting as an example of the shrewd dar
ing of the Yankee speculator rather than as
the beginning of a new industry.
The Right to Hie.
From the London News.
The question of the right of a spectator to
hiss a pef ormer or a performance periodically
crops up in the police courts. Actors and man
agers of course resent this manifestation of
adverse opinion, as they dislike unfavorable
criticism of any kind, and hissing is something
more than unfavorable criticism. It expresses
a certain revulsion of feeling, a moral and al
most physical disgust which cannot be agree
able to the objects of it. The act of hissing was
perhaps derived from the physical extrusion
of some object disagreeable to the lips and
palate and a strong feeling of repulsion or in
dignation is applied in it. Mr. Yaughan de
cided the other day in a case which came be
fore him at Bow-street that a spectator of a
public performace had legally a right to hiss,
and that he certainly had a right to claim pro
tection from an assault on the part of the
manager of the performance thus condemned
as punishment for his expression of disappro
val. A sensible person will very seldom exer
cise the right of hissing. He can go away from
an exhibition which he dislikes, and unless the
feeling which he entertains is so general as to
support him in a sibilant demonstration against
it, he will do better to enter his protest by de
parture rather than vocally. He is bound to
consider the comfort of the people among
whom he is sitting, whom such an exercise of
the right of private judgment often disturbs
and annoys. There are two groups of an
imals which express their angry feelings by
hissing serpents, which have a reputation
for wisdom, and geese, which have a name for
a quality the opposite of wise. A hisser should
be quite sure before he indulges in these ex
plosive utterances with which of these classes
of animals he is showing the most affinity.
Purifying, strengthening, nourishing, qui
eting and yet very economical are Malt Bit
ters. . A Sure Thing.
Chapin's Buchupaiba quick, -complete cure
far gravel, kidney, bladder and all urinary
affections. $1. ' 381 State street. .
Terrible Lutaa of f.tfe.
Millions of rats, mice, eats, bed bugs,
roaches, lose their lives by collision with
"Bough on Bats." Sold by druggists. 15c.
boxes. '
Mothers are "delighted with Pitchers
Castoria because it makes the children cheer
ful and well, and children almost cry for Cas
toria, because itia sweet. Wirrf Colic,- Sour
Curd, Rash, Feverishness and Worms soon
disappear when Castoria is used.
- 08 dawlt r ; ,
i Dis&ustingf Pinipls on a lady's face,
or severe Pains in the back ;, Wounds of the
flesh or neuralgia of the nerves; . Strained
Chords or a scalded hand ; a Sprained Ankle
or a Gashed foot ; a crippled man or a lame
horse can always be relieved and cured by the
wonderful Centaur liniments. , . o9 ldlw
Babies that Suffer ,
from- colic are immediately relieved by Milk
of Magnesia, a preparation most acceptable
to the infantile palate. ' As a laxative for
children it has no equal, and it is also an un
equalled anti-dyspeptic, eold by all drug
gists. . ; , se6 3teod
Have Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry al
ways at hand. It cures coughs, colds, bron
chitis, whooping cough, croup, influenza,
consumption and all throat and lung com
plaints. , 50 cents and $1 a bottle.
The Peruvian Syrup has cured thousands
who were suffering from dyspepsia, debility,
liver complaint, boils, humors, female com
plaints, etc Pamphlets free to any address.
Seth W. Fowle k Sons, Boston. -
- ' ' Pain Soon Ceases
when Dr. Grosvenor's Bellanodyne Porous
Plaster is applied'over the affected part; un
usual strength and efficacy is obtained. The
Bellanodyne Plaster unites the constituents
of the Belladonna and Capsicin Plaster, the
first an excellent anodyne, the second a po
tent and speedy counter-irritant. The anti
septic blended with these is washed and puri
fied rubber. As physicians are aware, and
state, it is of great value in rheumatism, sci
atica, neuralgia, pleurisy, liver complaint and
other pain-producing and harassing mala
dies. .
Sold by C. B. Converse, 165 Grand street,
seG MWS&w
Catarrh of the Bladder.
Stinging, smarting, irritation of the urinary
passages, diseased diseases, cured by Buchu-
phabia. 1. .Druggists. 381 Stat street.
Bed Bugs. Roaches.
Bats, cats, mice, ants, feo., cleared out by
"Hough on Kats." 15c. boxes at druggists ,
Agency 381 State street.
Doctors May Disagree
as to the best methods and remedies for the
cure of constipation and disordered liver and
kidneys. But those that have used Kidney
Wort agree that that is by far the best medi
cine known. Its action is prompt, thorongh
and lasting. Don't take pills and other mer
curials that poison the system, but by using
Kidnay-Wort restore the natural action of all
the organs. sel eod3t lew
500 Reward.
We will pay the above reward for any case'
or iaver Oomplamt, Dyspepsia, feicK Head
ache, Indigestion, Constipation or Costiveness
we cannot cure with West's Vegetable Liver
Pills, when directions are strictly complied
with. They are purely vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Sugar Coated.
Large Boxes, containing 30 pills, 25 cents.
For sale by all druggists. Also sent by mail
on receipt of price. New .England .Fill Co.
sole manufacturers for the New England
States, Newburyport,Mass. slO e4thd ly
A Boon to Hotjsekeepees. Washing day
and house cleanins- time lose half their ter
rors whenthe thrifty housekeeper uses James
iryie s rearnne.
Dogs transmit it through their teeth. Teeth
should be kept free from virus. Use Sozo-
dont, keep the human teeth clean, and no
aamage can tie clone by the man who says to
his girl, "I feel like eating you up, dearest."
- sz ateoauw
Chew Jackson's Best Sweet Navy Tobacco
Use Kidney-Wort and rejoice ia health.
One package makes six quarts of Medicine,
si 3teodltw
To all who are suffering from the errors and India
cretions of youth, nervous weakness, early decay, Iob
of manhood, etc, I will send a recipe that will cur
you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great remedy
discovered by a missionary in South America. Sen
aself -addressed envelope to the Rev. Joseph T. In
man, Station D, Kew York city. my3 eodawly
Iiist of Unclaimed Letters
Remaining in the New Haven postoffice, New Haven
county, State of Connecticut, advertised Wednesday,
oep. o, oou :
A Lizzie AdamBon.
B Mrs Bowler, Annie Hrowr lizzie Drown.
C Maggie J Canny, Mary ;i;-i. Mice Currier.
D Miss M E DeLancy, Kate ; -iUa.
J Mary Johnston, Lizzie jo;;, .-.
K Carrie Keeler. . . .
1. Kate E Laury, Ame'ia Leonard.
M Nettie B Methrer.
N Kittie Neall, Alice Niuhols.
Q Hattie M Quinn.
R Maggie Reynolds, Mary A Rodgers.
S Kittie Smith.
A Frank M Anderson.
B Geo E Bartholomew, Hiram A Bentley 4.
C Chas Cam, Chas Clark, George W Clark.
D W it Denton.
V Nicolas Fiegel.
O Victor Galli, Robert Green.
II - He mfin Hamlin, George H Hart, C M Haywood,
JODa ilnaon.
3 Chas H Johnson.
M Justin McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, Thos Mo
Mahon. Thos F Merritt, William Millett, Frank T
N David Norton. "
O Simon H Owens.
Ji. Nelson A Bobbins.
S John Sawyer, Seavy Bros, Geo Simons.
T-lVffl H Turner.
AY Can Wedmore.
I.irit of Unclaimed Letters
Remaining in the Fair Haven postoffice, Sept. 8,
C Miss Jane Coffey.
C Capt Edward Cole.
S Foreman Smith.
W J N Willard.
New York Sun
The Weekly Sttn will be found a useful auxiliary
by all who are earnestly working for the reform of
the National Government. Believing that the evils
which have so long beset tbe country can be cured
only by a change of the party in power,THz Sus earn
estly supports for .President ana yice-resiaenr, has
nncK and F,nt,tkh-
In order that all those who sympathize wfth our
purpose may most efficiently co-operate with us, we
will send The Weekly Sun to clubs, or single sub
scribers, postpaid, for twenty-five cents for the
next tnree montns.
Address THE SUJT, New York City.
Embracing full and authentic accounts of every na
tion of ancient and modern times, and including, a
history of the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman
Empires, the middle ages, the crusades, the feudal
system, the reformation, the discovery and settlement
of the New World, etc., etc.
It contains 67 a fine historical engravings, and ia
the most complete History of the World ever publish
ed. Send for specimen pages and extra terms to
r Plaila.delpl.ia,, Pa
AGENTS WANTED to sell tlie LIFE of
AGENTS WASTED also for the LIFE of
Low price, quick sales, liberal terms. Agents sell to
both parties. Send for circular, or send 50 cents
for outfit for one or 91 for both books. Address
P. W. ZIEGLER & CO., 1,000 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
I" Alxl!4 AAU HTUJtCJfi-K.J1iJH.PJSlS oVt
Li can get Choice Ctooils cheap by writing on a
Postal for our Price List, which enables you to order
by mail the best way, and see tbe many kinds of
Aiercnanouse we keep for sale at surprisingly low pri
ces. We send samples of Hamburga, Laces, Ribbons,
fringes, ac, if requested, we sell wnoiesaie ana lie
tail for Cash down. A new combination system en
ables us to quote very close prices. We have SI, St
and $5 packages of notions which cannot be bought
for twice the money elsewhere, all wanted in every
family. Money returned if not satisfactory uuuuh
TON & DUTTON, 55 Tremont St., Boston, Mass,
Is Belling our two splendidly UluBtratod books.Li ves of
the first written by bie life-long friend. Hon. J. W.
FORNEY, an author of national fame, and an ardent
admirer of the " traperb soldier the second written
by his comrade-in -arms and personal friend, Gen.
JAS. 8. BKI6BIN, an author of wide celebrity. Both
official, low-priced, immensely popular, and selling
beyond precedent. Agents double profits by selling
both. Outfits 50c each. Act quick and coin money.
Address Hubbard Bros., Springfield, Mass.
(Business or Plain) in sets for collections, or by the
100 or 1,000, for Business and Printers. Samples and
Catalogue of 1000 varieties for two 3-cent stamps.
Larger lots at 13, 2tl, 441 and 88 cents. Postage stamps
taken at face. Catalogue (without samples) free.
F.Trifet, 25 School St., Boston, Mass.
A YKAK and expenses to agenta.
Outfit free. Address P. O. VICK-
EBY, Augusta, Maine.
ERAL STATE AGENCIES. Salary and expen
ses paid. Seferencea required. - TRIUMPH ta 'FG
CO., 11 Monroe street, Chicago.' -"
WE shall commence our Annual Clearing Out
Sale of Summer Goods to make room for Fall
and Winter Lines. Now is your time to secure Great
Bargains at
No. 294 Chapel' Street
We are bound to make a clean sweep If low prices
will do it
Men s One hand sewed strap Shoes,, 3 and widths
(4.50, worth te.
Men fine machine sewed, 1, 2, 3, 4. 8, 6 widths, (3,
worth Sa.50,
Men's One calf button, 3, 4, 5 widths, $3.50 and
S4m1. " - - -
Menu French kid strap Shoe, J4.50, worth $3.50.
' Men's Shoes of all kinds from $1 up.
. Ladies' French kid botton, Joyce make) S3, worth $S
IJoys' Calf Button, good and stylish, at very, low fig
ures. 1 "-.-- . .
Robert A." Bcii!.:u.i,
28M4 Cliapel and 293,Grard Streets.
jji7... .... ... :. . . t -
I j mi ,, lURIIIWllllUlBI
it -v xMMM
Wei Da Mover's Troatia. on Catarrh, j
explahu tbe following important facts : I
1. That Catarrhal Cold, become a poi
sonous infection, at lint local, and finally
oonstitortional. " t ki aiuu.)gi
2. That, beina- Constitutional, tbe infection is
beyenud the Tenth of mere local remedies.
; 3. That imparities in the nostrils, are
neoessarUy svallowed into the stomach and
inhaled into, the lungs, thus poisoning the
Digestive, Respiratory and uenito-unnary organs.
4. That Catarrhal virus follows the mu
cous membrane and oause Deafness, Dyspepsia,
Chronic Diarrhoea, Bronchi tie, Leucorrhoea,
and Consumption.
S. That Smokes. Douches, Inhalations, ana
Insoluble Snuffs, cannot possibly remove
infectious inflammation from tb. organs named.
6. That an antidote for Catarrh must pos
sess an inoculative affinity for, and tbe quality
of being absorbed hyi the purulent mucous
whorover located.
Based mum these nlain theories, Sr.
Wei Be Meyer'. Catarrh Cure bas proved
to be infallible. It not only relieves, it cures
Catarrh at any stage. Home testimony :
Cured ! Cured ! Cured !- Cured !
W. D. -Wooes, 487 Broadway, N.Y., Cured of Chronic
F. J. Haslxtt, 859 Broadway, N.T., 4 y'rs Catarrh.
G. L. Bbush, 443 Broadway, N. T., 10 y'rs Catarrh.
S. BxiramcT, Jr., Jeweler, 697 Broadway, N.
(lady friend), cured of Chronic Hay Fever.
Mbs. Eiu C. How-is, 89 W. Washington Square,
N. I ., cured of SO years Chronic catarrn.
Rev. Gio. A. Runs, 169 Jay St., Brooklyn. It
restored me te my ministerial labors."
Rev. Chas. J. Jowbr, New Brighton, S.I. " Worth
ten times tbe cost."
Rev. Alex. Fsras, Cairo, N. T. " It has worked
wonders in six cases in my parish. "
L. F. Nkwhaw, 805 Fullon St, Brooklyn, cured
ox 4 years Chronic catarrn.
Mna. J. Swabtz, Jb., 800 Warren St., Jersey City,
eureu OI lo years vuxuuic i;atarru.
&C. &C; Jfcc. Ac. 4c. -
A real core for this terrible malady, is tb.
most important discovery for the relief of human
suffering, since vaccination. Wei De
Meyer'. Catarrh. Cure is cold by all Drag-
gists, or delivered by v. 1). Biwti & Co., to
Dey St., N. Y. for 91.50 a package. To Clubs.
six: packages for $7.50. Dr. Wei De Mey
er's Treatise, with fnll explanations and over
whelming proofs, is Post-paid and sent free to
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Cataar X.inimenta, the world a great Pain-
relieving agents for Man and Beast.
1.11- K. A " 1 HEAJ. l ii.
The Great Internal and External Remedy
Rheumatism, Wenralgia, Dlalarln,
Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Sore Throat,
InH.mmfttian of the Ltunsrs. &c.
T.m. -Rulr inflammation of the Kidneys. Backache.
Piles, Bunions, or Soreness of the Feet from whatever
cause, Burns or Scalds, ana all innamniaiory uiseasea,
-Pvij.lrlv TTmI TTumnra. and all diseases of the Skin.
For all female complaints and weaknesses it has no
equaL Thousands have been saved from an untimely
death by its use. Do not delay, but try it.
It is a household necessity. Full particulars in our
Illuminated Cards and Circulars sent free upon ap
plication by mail.
A trial will benefit you. We guarantee satisfaction
or money refunded. Fifty Cents and $1 per bottle.
Trial bottles, 25 cents. Sold by all druggista.
Samhei. Gcuby a Company, Proprietors,
A"M MSawlvnr 237 Broadway, New York
Constipation and Piles.
DIL, K. II. CLARK, South llero.Yt., says,
"In oases mt EIDNET TSOCSIXS It has
acted llke.eharaat It has cured maay very
bad eases of PILES, and has never fulled to
net efficiently." -
JTELSON 1" AIRCHIL1), of St. Albans, Vfc,
eays, "it la of priceless value After sixteen
years of arreat auCcrlns from Pflca ond Cos
tiveness tt completely cured me."
C. 3. HOCAEOX, orBerksbire, anys, -one
uackaire has done awoaders for no i-i eon),
pletcly carina- . severe Liver sad Kidney
al aTasu. sal sea. ams M fja.ff f KE
"MHEi.Vt'" ft & B
Because It cleanses the system of
the poisonous humors that develops
In Kidney and Urinary diseases, Bll-
Mlousness, iiaunaice, Hjnstiimiwii
Plies, or In Rheumatism, Kouralgla
CniVrV.UaRT 1. n 1., - cerff ul!f
nowftd and can be sent by mail prepaid.
One package will makosix titaof medicine.
Buy it at the DrnrrUta. Price, 1.00.
TILLS, EIOEA2C3017 & CO., Proprietors,
3 Bnrlinrton, Tt,
D. r.v. a.
LvsuEiisia. iEfction,
And all troubles arising therefrom.
bick rieadacne, uis
Ealing, Acidity of the
Flatulency. Liver and
Complaint, Torpid
jCon st ipat ion. Piles,
he Back and Limbs,
the best Llood
i Purifier in
the World. Gnaran
tcd by alt
Druists to give pcr-
fect satis
refunded. fiction
or money
Our Vital
Bitters, the
Try it.
best ap-
petfccri.itheW'ta-id. Call ipr tbem.
D. R. V. C. Mfg. Co., Prop's,
New York Depot,
3. 8. Crittsatos, 115 IMtco Street,
O.H. Gidney
353 Chapel st.,
Between State
and Orange,
North Side.
Has received another stock of those 95 TEETH.
Also higher grades of Teeth at prices 25 per cent, low
er than they can be obtained at any other nrst-class
dental office in the city. All other operations in pro
portion. Office hours, 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Perfect sat
isfaction or no charge made. au31
Elm City Shirt Compauy.
"''onted.Mch.-' ,
TO Court Street, New Haven, Conn.
WE beg leave to inform our friends and tha pub
He that wa enter upon the Kew Year with a full
stock of goods purchased before tha late riae, and an
prepared to self our Shirts at the lowest prices. Our
Waolesale Department will be conducted as
usual. . Oar Cmstom Department will receive
special attention none but the most skillful mechan
ics are employed. The most approved makes of Cot
tons and Superior LtnenSjCaref ully selected for our
fin. trad., will be used. Kin. Foreign Fancy
shirt ings Ave have placed an order for the most
extensive and attractive assortment of French and
English Fancy Shirtings of superior fabrics, embrac
ing some three hundred dlnerent patterns of the most
novel designs and choice selected styles. The style of
our Shirts ia represented in the above cut. The pat
ent bosom and neck-baud make it by far the moat de
sirable as to nt and service. Goods are warranted to
giTesattafaotion in ovary particular. We invite in
spection of the fabric, workmanship and style of cut
ting, at our office, 70 Court street, oorner of State,
New Haven. - -
Wa have on hand a few dozen Shirta, madeofWun.
sutta and other good styles Cotton, which- we offer to
close at SO and 79 cents.
tt&tf ' 020. P. MAE YIN, SecretaTK.
L- aV
Is uch . .as
tress after
Kidn c y
Aches i
m.T A
A Positive Cure
Allan's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
"e. 1 will ear. any cas. 1m four days, .r leas.
No. will cur. the Most Obstinat. Cas., no matter of how long standing.
Ho nauseous doses of Cubebt, Copai.a or
duce dyspepsia by destroying th. coatings
Price $1.50. Sold by all Druggists or mailed on receipt of Price,
for further particulars send far Cirejalar.
P.O. Box 1533. J. C. ALLAN CO.,
No. 83 John Street, New York.
We offer $500 Reward for any rat. they will not cure. '
CtCICK, SAFE and SCKK CURE. - n31 ly
Key West Cltrars.
OA AAA MARGARITAS at $4.0 per box of 100.
Also 6,000 Boss Concha Begalla Just
57 59&610mnseSt
HAVE the finest Painted Bedroom Suites In the
city. New Parlor Suites, Walnut Bedroom
The best Sprint? Bed for the money.
Splint, Rattan, Cane and Kuan Seat Chairs, in great
variety, as low as can oe Dougm.
Promptly attended to. night or day, with care,
todies preserved without ice in the best manner.
Also sole agents for Washburn's Deodorizing and
Disinfecting Fluid.
A new lot of Folding Chairs and Stools to rent for
parties or ronerais. jeio
I WISH to call the attention of all lovers of good
Bread to the Golden Sheaf New Process
Flour. This Flour is ground by one of the most re
liable mills in -be country, and is first-class in every
Flour, Grain aid Feed Store,
496 State St, Cor. Elm.
Until September 10,
We shall sell our goods at 25 per
cent, reduction from the lowest
prices in tills city. We are receiv
ing' new goods weekly. Tlie old
maxim "the proof of the pudding
is in the eating." CaU and con
vince yourself.
Li. II. FREjEBftlAX.
Odds and Ends.
TCST received, the following auction goods for sale
y at a bargain :
35 dozen Cups and Sauoera, 60c per dozen.
00 " Tea Plates, 0c per dozen.
IS u Breakfast Plates, 72c per dosen.
5 ' Scollop Dishes, 10, 12 and 17e eao
10 ' Bowls, 8, 4. 8, 8 and 10c each.
10 " Fruit Saucers, 42e par dozen.
X " Stone Chins Bowls and Pitchers, 75a pair.
Minor's Crockery Store,
51 Church Street,
Opposite the Post Office,
au34 dtw
Hoavdley Building.
ros WASxmre and cisASscja ;
In hard or soft water, WITHOUT SOAP, and
without ejaagar to thm fines fabric
and is rapidly coming into general aaa. field by all
Grocer. ; bat beware of vile counterfeits- Its
great sncaess .rings eat daaeren Jualta-
Always bears t be name of James Pyl.. NewYork.
Pears and Grapes !
WE sell the best stock at the lowest price.
We sell more than any other retail house in
the BUte.
The best and largest Melons at only 35c each.
Early Boss Potatoes, fine quality, at 76c per buabeL
Kice Apples at 16c per peck.
ellow Danver Onions at4flo par pock. .
Beat Soda Crackers at 5e per lb.
" Milk - - " at 8c per lb. . T f
" Oyater "at7cperlb.
" Block Island Codfish at 5c per lb.
" " " Mackerel at 25e per lb. .
i H. M. Welch & Son's, v , I
Nos.28 and 30 Congress Avenue.
-Hothouse Grapes.. -.
.,TK 8 HALL commence the aala -of Hothouse
V V aranee oa Mnnrlav next. 36th Inst. Tbe price
wlli b. moderate In baskets of four pounds eacb-
" I
Tor any ease of Blind, I
Bleeding, Itching, Ul
cerated, or Protruding 1
that DeBinar. Pile Kamnlr alia to
sure. It allays th. Itching, absorbs the tumors, gires inwurttntt re.
lief. Bold by all druggists. Prepared only br J. P. Miller, M.B.. cor.
10th a Arch Sta, Phila., Pa. CACTIOar. Atone tnmnne Unlut
tht wrapper on baUU oonlairu hu signature and a Pile sf Stones.
;AU druc7ita and country it cr will gee it for you.
Landaus, I-andanlets, Ber
lin Coaches, Coupes,
Broughams, Victorias and
Blx-Passenger Bockaways.
All strictly nrst-ciaes. Warranted to give
- v perfect aatisf action.
II . K I L L A 31 & CO.,
oistf Sew Haven, 3onn.
Oil of Sandalwood, that are certain to pro
of th. stomach.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Bachnsetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois,
lauuornia, j&Ansas, xuioae isiana, lowa, .new sersey,
Minnesota, Ohio, Louisiana! ac.
. Collections made in all parts of the United States.at
lowest rates, tnrougn reliable corresponaents. ratr
Rooms 9 and 11, 69 Church St
Chas. S. Hamilton,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Corner Chapel and State Streets,
Notary Public. " New Haven, Conn.
, apGtf
The Downes News Co.
HAVE received Harper's Monthly, Atlantic Month
ly, Appleton's Monthly, Popular Monthly.
Demarest's Lady's Bazar. Revue do la Mode for Sep
tember. Rand & McNally's and Appleton's Guides for August
.new line 01 nne capers ana envelopes in boxes.
Can suit all as to price. 1
We keep constantly supplied with Seaside and other
Photograph Frames, Easels, &c
aul9 5 Exchange.
Ellas Strong-, Dentist.
Set of Teeth. $10. Teeth extracted
.without pain. All operations warrant-
sea, uentists supplied witn uoiaf ou,
Tin Foil. Amalgam. Rubber. Artificial
Teeth, &e., at manufacturers' prices. Large Office to
rent, wanted, young man to learn dentistry.
Frisbie & Hart
Chickens! Chickens!
Broilers and Roasters
""MTE are selling the above at very low prices, and
iTT are prepared to matte special rates witn noteis,
restaurants and seashore houses.
' We would respectfully call your attention to our
oelobrated Durham Creamery Hatter, equal
to anytning in tnat line ever onerea to tne ssevr Ha
ven public
Look at our line of Fruits, Melons, Peaches
3oO and 352 State Street
Fine Fancy Groceries.
All tlie following goods are first quality
and warranted good.
Huckins' Sandwich Meats
Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Roast Beef,
Boneless Turkey, Boneless Chicken,
Potted Tongue, Lunch Tongue,
t Lamb's Tongue, Pickled Pigs Feet,
Pickled OyBters, extra quality, one
quart bottles.
Pickled Oysters, one lb. cans.
New packing of Can salmon, '
New packing of Can Lobsters.
The best packing of Cooked Corn Beet, l pound and
pound packages.
Good assortment of Jellies.
Also the Imported Jalea-de-Guayba.
Splendid variety of Pickles and Sauces.
Also the Crosse & Blackwell Pickles.
Fine assortment of Clarets, Wines and Liquors.
Also Imported Seltzer Water Apollinaris Water.
Imported and Domestic Cigars.
Please call and examine our variety of
Fancy and Staple Groceries
we nave no xancy pneeu.
Goods delivered to any part of the city.
Goods delivered out of town by Express.
Andrew Goodman,
Goodman18 Building,
Jyl6 Four doors from Church St., near Music Hall
IF you want IVIce Flour and Butter at bottom
prices, always go to 60 Crown street. We sell tho
ciioicest I or it state nutter as- irom zc to oc per 10.
less than any other dealer.
Table Butter, 20c per lb.
Nice Family Flour, 80c per bag.
Splendid New Process Flour, $1.04 per bag.
Those Eggs from Orange are always nice.
Good Teas 30c per lb., worth 40c
3 pound boxes Starch, only '21 c.
Corn Starch, 9c per pound package
New Haven Flour and Butter Stare,
CO Crown Street,
s4 (A fow doors below Church Street.)
Bureau of Infoi marion
COMPOSED of the following active departments,
for the purpose of making surveys, plans and
specifications, and making and carrying out of public
and private contracts in any part of the United States,
suDdiviaea as louows :
Bureau of Civil Engineering.
Bureau of Construction and .Reconstruc
tion. r Bureau oflnatirance and Re-inaurance.
. Bureau of Business Firms and Supplied.
Bureau of Land and Emigration.
Bureau of Collect lons-xjilercan tile and
The above Bureaus embrace the prospecting and
the drawing of plans, surveys and specifications, for
the eonstruction of Water Works, Dams, and the
storage of water for any purpose, and the construc
tion of Wharves, Breakwaters, etc., including minor
necessary wore, at nome or abroad.
OfficeNo. 803 Chapel Street,
my31tf fNear Second National Bank.
The Voltaic Belt Company, Mar
shall. Mien.,
WTT-T. send their celebrated Electro-Voltaic Belts
to the afflicted upon 30 days trial. Speedy
euros guaranteed. They mean what they say. Write
to tneia witooot. aeiay. ... awanwiy
New Mackerel.
- FEW kits of extra Mess Mackerel, quality -fine,
this day received, and for sale by
Gilbert & Thompson,
' .'394: Chapel Street.
G. Ii. Ferris,
, . - (Formerly of the old
511 and 513 State Street,
Foot ot Elm.
will answer night calls from his residence.581 State
street. , - Je23
Goloreil LisMs for Illinnmati ons
Special Rates to Iiargre Consumers.
jRAi:.Cressner- & Co..
ii.'. -" a :: .'ii. .' ? .v Tr.it'
ApoiiiBfans Aiiij
. i I. i SOI f9..l
3 (-hap.l Street.
.... ,-.. FOB SALE,w,. .
A SIX SKAT WAGON, one of the best rhakers and
in food order. . . 10. HU.L
iJM v ' . w jam unapet mreea.
Steamboat Line for New York
Fare $1, Including Berth.
Tickets for the Round Trip, $1.50.
) in w The steamer C. H. SOBTHAM, Capt.
tt'jU-,Jj o. Bowne, will leave New Haven at
iui i., . iindova excepted. Staterooms sold at
Berkele A Curtiss' 109 Church street, near ChapeL
Steamer cONTIKENiaL, lpt. jr. J. reca, u'.
New Haven at 10:15 a m., Sundays excepted, stopping
at 23d street, East River.
Peck Slip at 3 p. m., and 23d street at 3:15 p. m., and
the tXJ aij J!.nxaA as -xiyw o-cioca p.
excepted Saturday nights at 12 o'clock midnight.
sasaar sisai aw iar a.i . -
The steamer NEW HAVEN, Capt, Snow, leaves New
Haven at 10:30 p. m. Staterooms sold at the bUlott
House. Free stage from Insurance Building, Chapel
street, commencing at 9 p. m.
-t ickets are soia ana Baggage ctneoseu uixuugu w
Philadelphia, (both routes) Baltimore and Washing
ton. S3 JAB. H. waku. Agent.
Sail every Saturday.
These Steamers do not carry cattle, sheep or plgflU .
And every Saturday,
CABINS, $55 to $65. Excursion at Reduced Rates
rMMnte' ttumiuwisMUUB mro uuauqiHBCU,
All Staterooms on Main Deck.
Passengers booked at lowest rates to or from any
Railroad Station in Europe or America.
UrallB IBBUVt BHU "11 OltO, jj.jouio VHWUl VftAUrja
throuKboat England, Scotland and Ireland.
For books of information, plans, &c apply to
Hzvdxb&oh Bjsothzbs. 7 Bowiaora G&uir, N. Y
or E. Downoa 309 Chapel St., New Haven.
lloyal Mail Steamers.
New York to Queenstown and Liverpool
JSvery xnursaay or esiuraay.
TontL Tons.
l"V nf M N "Kr A144M Ulll OI UHUUHli 3L a
These magnificent steamers, built in water tight
com partmente, are among the strongest, largest ana
fastest on the Atlantic.
The saloons are luxuriously furnished, especially
well lighted and ventilated, and take up the whole
width of the shin. The principal staterooms are
amidships, forward of the engines, wnere least noise
and motion is ieit, ana are repieie wim every cum
fort, having aU latest improvements, double berths,
electric bells, &c
Thfl cniftine nas aiwavs oeen a Hpecmuv oi hiib jjiuo.
TjuUm' cabins and bathrooms. Gentlemen's smok
ing and bathrooms, Barbers7 shops, pianos, uoraries,
Jbr. Tirnvided.
Thfl Kteeriure accommodation cannot be excelled.
Passengers of this class will find their comfort and
privacy particularly Btudied, and the provisioning
ii v on vr-inHjafl
j- or rates oi passage anu oluha hlum nmuuu, f w
Itfl H MT AO. I. a Y.ai1. A front
Or to 31 Broadway, New.York.
Edward Downes. 809 Chapel street.
W. Fitzpatrlck, 117 Grand street.
Bunnell & Scranton, 205 Chapel street.
16 and 18 Nassau Street,
BUY and sell on commission, for cash or on mar
gin, all securities dealt in at tbe New York Stock
All issues of Government Bonds bought and sold at
market rates, free of commission, and on hand for
Immediate denvery.
New York, New England & Western
Nos. 31 and 33 Fine Street, New York.
No. 19 Congress Street. Boston.
Union Building, Chicago.
VFFERS to investors carefully selected securities.
bearing from C to 8 per cent, interest. Invest
ment securities bought and sold on commission. Set
tlements made for holders of defaulted securities.
Will act as agents in funding and reorganizing debts
of municipalities, railroad companies and other cor
porations. corresponaence soiicnea.
JOHiN o. KHUlt r, rresiaent, I VrwV
LUCIUS L. HUBBARD, Asst. Vice Pres., Boston.
WH. P. WATSON, Sec. and Treas., Chicago.
mh29 6m
203 Chapel St., New Haven.
(The charter requires not less than five.)
Chabi.es Atwatkb. Henry Killam.
Eli S. Quintabdv Wm. L. Evkbitt.
Cuabzks Bates. F. J. Whittkmobb.
Gkoegk IJotbfobo. Edwabd Downks.
Heney F. Andbdks. Benjamin ISoykr.
Jameh Thompson, East Haven.
Thomas Lawton, Mount CarmeL
Fbiend C. Allen, Wallingford,
B FN jam in Noyes President.
Hen by Killam Vice President.
Daniel Spencer Secretary and Treasurer.
Banking hours from 10 to 4 o'clock, and Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
Children's deposits received from ten cents and up
wards. The object of this institution is to encourago per
sons to small savings and thereby provide something
for the future, and also to accumulate the means to
purchase homes at an early day.
The Bank is conducted without expense to the de
positors for the present year, and all deposits called
for will be paid on demanp.
je3tf BE SJ. NOYES, President.
Coughs. Colds. Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Bronchitis,
Influenza, Asthma,
Whooping Cough,
Croup, and
Every affection of the
" It docs not dry up a cough, and leave the cause
behind, as is the case with most preparations, but
loosens it, cleanses the lungs and allays irritation,
thus removing the cause of complaint."
DO NOT BE DECEIVED by articles bear
ing similar names. Be sure you get
with the signature of " I. BUTTS " on the wrapper.
80 Cents and S1.0O a Bottle.
Prepared by SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Bos
ton, Mass. SolsJ by druggists and dealers generally.
Anollier invoice of those Reliable
Secure one and laugh at the Heat, Oast, Ashes,
Time, IjO-bor and Expense caused your neigh
bors by using coal stoves.
A list of 275 names of those using the Monitor in
New Haven and vicinity can be seen by railing at
395 and 397 State Street.
H. K. PEASE & SON, Agts.
Melons. Melons.
lOO Mountain Sweets just re
ceived fresh, 18c each.
Extra Nice Kipe Tomatoes, 2c
per quart.
Peaches, 5c per quart.
Bargains! Bargains!
' J. 11. IVliAlC-iN I'. X ,
rtr21 Cor. Hill HI. and Congress Ave.
R. F. Burwell,
Glebe Building, Cor. ( linrth ami Chap
Appointments made by Western Un-
,r';; ion Telephone.
llaikoabs, tit.
New York, New Haven and Uart-
lora jtcaiiroau.
OS and after Monday. June 7th. 1880
.Trains leave New Haven, as follows :
NEW YORK Exotbss trains at '8:28. 4:10. 8.-JS
0:33 a. m., 1:60, 3:35, 6:28, and 8:25 p. in. The : I.
a. ro. train stone at Mllford.
w oranca, u:4u p. m. , aally ezoept Sundays, atop
ACCOMMODATION TRAINS at 6:30, 7:1 a. m., 12rt.
u.u p. iu. xrain tor jmasepon a-.
7:30 V. TO.
SUNDAY EVENING TRAIN for New York will leav.
f as urana central Depot .1
11:60 o. m. L
Br-KlKUr li.l.L, BOSTON and the North In..
a:oo a m., uauy except Mondays) for BartronT
stopping at Meriden. This train gow frinfSS;
ford to Boston via Willimanti. .h 7?" UmTi-
STEAMBOAT TRAIN leaves steam wf
(Belle Dock), at 4:45 a m., daily, eicent Monday
for Springneld, stopping at Meriden and Hartford
only. Accommodation at 8:10 am. f.r kh
field JEipress at 10:38 a. m. for Meriden. Xrhn"
New Britain, Middletown, Hartford end 8BrilIS'
field; 10:48 a m., accom. to Meriden only ii
press, 1:21 p. m. for Sprlngfleld, stops at Hartford
and Meriden only. Accommodation 3-20 p. ui
to Springneld. Accommodation at 5:85 p ia for
Hartford, connects for New Britain and Middle,
town. Expresa:ll p. in. for Boston, stopplag at
Meriden and Hartford only. Accom. 810 p m
Tor Sprlngfleld. Express 12:00 midnight for
Meriden, Hartford and Springfield. Sunday ax.
press 12:00 midnight for Meriden, Hartford and
aSSliOSTON and the East Express train at " l2?i
: i- u. .raiu nops ai Kay
brook only. Accommodation trains at 8 08, 19-40
a. m., 4:00 p. m., (Special to Conn. River, etoo
plngat all stations.) 6:15 p. ro., 8-30 p m
(freight with passenger car, Kew Haven to Kew
Loudon, stopping at all stations.)
-Dally. E. M. KEED, rice President.
Railroad and Steamhnat TinLote
FOR 8ALE at Peck & Bishop's Express Office 219
Chapel street Baggage called for and checked
from house. . .
Boston & New York Air Line R R
-wiFrunaTfoiowi- "i,"'y3'
g,8:06 a m. Train for Willimantio connects at
f v "i"" lth train, of tne K ?. T d
N. E. and . L. N. railroads, arriying in Boatos
at 1:15 p. rn.. Providence 12.:25. WorceZrTiSS
p. m.nd Norwich at 10.-50 a m.
10: a. m. Train for Willimantie, connecting at Wllll
mantic with V V .1 v . " " V"
Northern lUilroads. "mao
6:05 p. m. Train for WiUimantic, connecting at Willi.
rnanMcwith ew London Northern It. B., for
Norwich and New London. '
Train, loan 'IS, ... ; i ; .. . . , . . . . .
1:05; 6: ad 7:5 p m. " """ m.
rnnl Stflp.8"1"6 " 9:M 11:54
trains connect at Middletown with the Connecticut
Talley Railroad for Saybrook and Hartford.
Railroad and Steamboat tickets
I70R SALE at Peck a Bishop's Erpress Office 219
fromhust!Btreet Bagc called For and checke.
New Haven and Northampton
n and after Monday, May 8d,
;A " naven at a. m..
jfOiS8 a. m. and li.09 p.m.forPlaiuTini
Mew Hartford Westneld, Holyoke, Ethamp
ton, Northampton and Williamsburg
Traina wiU arrive from the above points at rl6 a
m., 1:36 p. m. and 8:16 p. m.
Close Connections.
JxlTZZltk,n' - w r
At Pine Meadow with Conn. Western It 11.
At Westfleld with Boston and Albany RH.
At Northampton with Conn. River RB.
For particuiarg eee smoU Time Tab, , fc
and depots. EDWABD A. RAY,
General Ticket Agent.
ISew navon May 3, 1880. SS
Railroad and Steamboat Tickets
1 71 OR SALE at Peck z Bishop's Expross Office, 219
ChajKil street. Baggage called for and chocked
Iron iiriiinn
Housatonic Railroad.
Through Cars Between. Bridgeport
and Albany.
Shortest, Quickest and Cheapest
Route for Albany, Troy, Sar
atoga and the West.
GA and the WEST, 10:10 a. m. (npon arrival of
9:33 a. m. train' from New Haven) WITH
ing at 2:50 p. m. Arrives at Saratoga 6:25 p. a
connecting at Albany with 3:10 p. m. Chicago
Express,, arriving in Chicago at :00 the next
p. m.
Loave BRIDGEPORT at 6:00 p. m. (connecting with
3:45 p. in. Train from New Haven) arriving in
Albany at 10:05 p. m., Saratoga 12:00 night.
RETIKMSG THRoboH CA1X leaves Albany
at 6:10 a. m., arriving in Bridgeport at 12:80
noon, New Haven 1:10 p. m.
Through Tickets sold and Baggage Checked at New
Haven Passenger-Depot for Pill all eld and all Hons
atonic Stations, North Adams, Albany, Troy and Sara
toga H. D. AVERILL, General Ticket Agent.
L. B. 8TILLSON, Superintendent.
Bridgeport, Conn., June 28, 186s. Je29
Railroad andTSteamboat Tickets
171 OR SALE at Peck S Bishop's Erpress Office, 2s
Chapel street. Baggage called for and cheoked
from house yM
South End and 3Iorris Cove "
LEAVES SOUTH END at 8:00 a. m., 1 and 6 p. m. ;
Sunday, 7:30 p. m.
Leaves Boston Grocory, No. 386 Chapel street, New
Haven at :30 a. m., 2:30 and 7.-:i0 p. m. ; Snnday, 10:39
p. m. Saturday leaves 8:30 Instead 7:30 p. rn.. chapel
street route.
Special contracts made with parties desiring to g.
to the Shore, or elsewhere, in stages. Apply to the
undersigned, or W. Bailey. JAMES D. ASHHEK,
JelOtf Manager.
COMMENCING MAY; 3, 1880. Trains con-
ff,-,necting with this road
6:45 a. m. connecting at Ansonia with Milk Train for
aterDuryand winsted.
10:00 a. m. THROUGH C AR f or Waterbury, Watertown
and Winsted.
2:00 p. m. connecting at Ansonia with Mixed Train
for Waterbury.
6:30 p. m. THROUGH CAR for Waterbury, Watertown
and Winsted.
6:30 p. m. connecting at Ansonia with Special Train
for Waterbury.
6:00 a. m., 1:15 and 4:30 p. m.
6:00, 7:10 and 10:20 a. ro., 2:31 and 6:30 p. m.
GEO. W. BEACH, Supt.
Bridgeport, Majft2878. myl8
New Haven and DerbyllJallroadr
Train Arrangement Com
mencing IrJay 8, 1880.
At 6:45 and 10:00 a. m., 2:00, 0::M and 6:30 p. m.
At 6:40, 7:55 and 11:35 a m., 3:10 and 7:25 p, m.
Connections are made at Ansonia with passenger
trains of the Naugatuck railroad, and at New Haven
with the principal trains of other roads centering
there. E. S. QUINTARD, Supt,
New Haven, May 1, 1880. my3
Soutli llaveiT" Stage.
A. B. Chidsey, Proprietor.
I" EAVES South Haven at 8:30 a. m., 1:45 and 8:45 p.
m. R. R. Depot, New Haven,10:40 a. m. and 3:03
p. uu 386 Chapel street, 11:00 a. in., 4:00 and 8:00 p. m.
Saturday, leaves Chapel street at 9 p. m.
Headquarters, Boston (Srocwy,
Jy8 tf 386Chapel street.
Starin's NewHavGn Transportation Line
Dally Except Saturday.
- TTLsifc Ieave New Haven from Starin's Deck
JvtsSSat 1):15 p. m. The JOHN H. HTAU1N,
Captain Mc A lister, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thurs
day. The EKASTUH CORNING, Captain Spoor, every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Keturiiing, leave New York from Pier 1R, foot of
Cortland street, at 9 p. m., the STAhlN every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday, the CORNING every
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Tho only Sunday
night boat frcm New York.
1'aro, with berth in cabin, $1 ; with berth in state
room, $1.50. Kxcursion tickets, $1.60.
Free Coach leaves the depot at 8:10 p. m. Ieava
comer Church and Chapel streets evary half hour
commencing 8:30 p. m. -
Tickets sold and baggage checked to Philadelphia.
Passengers by Fair Haven and West villa cars can
stop at Brewery street, only three blocks from the
Tickets and Staterooms can be purchased at McAl
ister & Warren's our up-town office, at the Tontine
Hotel, and at 309 and 351 Chapel street.
Staterooms for Sunday night boat can be obtained
at w. A. opauiding s drug store, 89 Cnurcn street.
W. B. M1JLLER, Agent, New Haveu.
: Sailing weekly from Pier yy, lNortn ttiver,
New York. Are among the largest steamehips
crossing the Atlantic. Cabin rates, f 50 to f 70 ; Excur
sion, $100 to $120 ; Steerage, ; prepaid Steerage
Tickets, $'2G. "Being i'2 lower than most other Lines.'
Offices, 69 and 73 Broadway, New York. F. W. f
HUltST, Manager.
Agenta at New Haven, BUNNELL it SCRANTON
OarTgefFalad Wajyons lor Sale."
N-ArffMfO BEACH WAGON, also 4-seat ltockaway,
. three second-hand i'litetons. Top Carriage,
shifting top, patent wheels ; also Becond-hand Wagons
and Carriages.
Repairing of all kinds promptly attended to and at
the Lowest Prices. Carriages and Wagons Stored and
Sold on Commission.
A victim of early imprudence, causing nervous de
bility, premature decay, etc., having tried in vain eve
ry known remedy, has discovered a simple means of
Belf-cure, which he will send free to his fellow-sufferers.
Address J.-H. BEEVES, 43 Chatham street,
N. Y. Jel2 fxxlAiu
Now located at the new and commodious sture .
returns her sincere thanks to the ladies of Now. Ha
van for their appreciation of her efforts, uiada In
their behalf, and also for tha liberal patronage be
stowed upom her.
She begs leave to announce that In- eonsequsBee of
steadily increasing business she will not set apart
any day for an opening, but will be happy to have tha
ladies call at her
at any time and inspect her really superb'and artistic
designs in - s

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