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Advertising is all
very welly and quite
necessary perhaps in
the dry goods Business y
but after all there is
nothing that moves off
the goods so fast as low
trices. In our sales of
Cloaks in October , we
have had a demonstra
tion of this such as we
never saw before. We
happened ( owing to cir
cumstances which we
have explained in for
mer advertisements)
to have our "prices rath
er lower, in fact consid
erably lower, than . the
other Chapel street deal
ersy and we have reaped
the ' advantage most unmistakably.-
The pleas
ant thing about such a
chance as this is that
not only we, but our
custoiners. also are gain
ers. The low prices
are still there and there
are still plenty of
Cloaks, Coats, Sacques
and Mantlesyfrr Ladies
and Children.
We are showing ex
ceptionally good value
Iris, Marten and Seal,
in Eider Down Jersey
in unshrinkable
Stnped Flannel Skirt
and in Colored
. Venetian Cloths,
a very fine, heayy cloth
Tor tailor-made suits.
By a special ar
rangement with the
makers of the
We are able lo offer
their Black Silks for a
short time only, each
grade for the price at
which we have been
selling the grade below.
It makes an average
'difference throughout
the line of about 2$c. a
va rd. We give a writ
ten guarantee of these
silks with each dress
Pattern sold. , L
Has recommenced her lessons for the season, and
has vacancies for a few pupils. Terms moderate.
s2 Smo Two doors from Crown.
Miss Fannie C. Howe.
Charles T. Howe,
No. 847 Chapel street. Thorough commercial train
ing for young men and ladies. Evening sessions.
Apply for circular giving full information. 813
nrw TTrr;T. a Tvn
jn.UMlt' vocal ana lnsuiuneniai ana Toauiff.
RT. Drawing, PalntlnK, Modeling and PortraltTira.
KATOKV. Xjiteratiire mud iAnmuffei.
YtOitllSa leenntaooomiuoftUoiisfurfiO(l&dy stnoecu
' F AL.Ij TiilIi: begins Sept. llth. BeanUfully 1U a
jaiemiar rree. Aunrcsa x,. tuukjkb. juirector.
Don't Waste Your Evenings!
Less than a year ago a young man who was em
ployed In an office during the day? attended our
Evening School for a while, and is now private sec
retary to GeneralF. D. Sloat of this city. Another
young man, learned while working in a. shop, took
a position last November, and is now getting" $1,000
a year with a large manufacturing company.
Young men who have the capacity to see beyond
their noses will attend the Phonographic School of
811 Chapel Street.
Terms $ lO for Three Months.
Apply at -
No. 37 Insurance Bnlldine,
No Need of New Clothing
This Fall.
Send your Coats, Pants and Tests
Cloaks, Shawls and Jerseys,
Dresses, Sacques and Robes,
Ribbons, Trimmings and Gloves,
Feathers, Laces, Crapes, etc.,
and have them Cleaned or Redyed
In most cases they will look '
- Nearly as well as new.
Lneo Curtains & Window Shades
Done up equal to new. '
Carpets Cleaned by Steam Scouring
Of Every Description.
All of my work guaranteed.
645 and 878 Chapel Street,
Potatoes. Potatoes.
Nice Early Rose Potatoes 65c bushel.
Danvers Yellow Onions 60c bushel.
Now is the time to out in vour Winter' inirmlv of
Potatoes and Onions. Don't wait until they are $1
a bushel.
Pulsburys Best Flour $6.50 a barrel; 90c a bag.
This Flour is too well known to need comment.
The Beet Family Flour 85.50 a barrel; 75c a bag.
18 pounds C Sugar $1.
22 bars Higgins' Soap $1.
New Currant Jelly 10c a pound.
Still selling Old Government Java Coffee for 28c
a pound.
743 CSof.gn3.c3. Street.
898 CL33.C3. 808
New Buckwheat Flour.
TTIBST of the season. The genuine Piatt's pa-
1 1 tent, lor wnictt we are sole agents.
N Bulk and Bottles, from Vermont.
oc23 1
Porterhouse Steak 24c.
Sirloin Steak 20 and 22c. '
Round Steak 14, 16 and 18c
Back Steak 12 and 14c.
Roast Beef 14, 16 and 18c
Corned Beef 8o up.
Sparerib and Sausage 12c.
Sweet Potatoes 25e per peck -Native
Celery 15c bunch.
" White Turnips 25c bushel.
Finest Potatoes 65c bushel.
Codfish 5c lb. Fat Mackerel 18c dozen, Columbia
River Salmon 15c can New Buckwheat 80 lbs for $1,
Rye Flour 85 lbs for $1, 10 lbs Commeal 25c, Choice
Creamery Butter 82 and 25c, Raisins 10c, English
Currants 8c lb, P. R. Molasses 48c gallon, Syrup 45c
gallon, perfectly Sound Quinces $1.25 per basket,
our Dear ev process r lour 90.uu suiui eveay uu
jrreen x OUHry r natty axiu oaturuay.
Elm City Cash. Grocery,
ocau .
D. M. Welch & Son
The finest lot of Poultry we have had this season.
The finest unickens, lull areesea, ic id.
Tho Snewt Turkey, full dresncd. 22c lb.
The above lot of Poultry we guarantee to suit
everybody, come ana see tor yourselves.
- A carload of extra fine Greening and Baldwin Ap
ple Just received at vi.ro per mrrei.
The finest Cape Cod Cranberries in the land at ISO
Fine Delaware Sweet Potatoes 30c peck.
Vk1 Vm. OA uinta flimm
"Our Pride" Buckwheat. We claim this to be
the finest Buckwheat to be had. Itsuitseveryooay
After you have had this brand you will take no oth
er, only id, au ins ior 91. iry 11..
A otHctlv mire ftmrar TJrin Rvnin for 45c rallon.
Early Rose Potatoes In quantities of 6 or more
Dusneis, w cenu a oiwneu
The finest Bleached Celery 15c bunch. .
IVos. 98 and 30 Congress Avenue
n6 "- - ' " .
VAniOUlE.I.C oituu Air. iwroiMs .,,:
.. Pafntacai ora Mir. ttnotr fM
y My lj ljuu
Money refunded wnereGoods prove unsatisfactory.
We have this "Winter made a
specialty of Overcoatings, and
have in stock an immense line of
Kersey, Meltons and Chinchillas
w!)l"h we will make up nt a low
87 Stand Lamps from 35 cents to $1.67.
1 implex lamp,
3 Oil (Jans with
brass faucets, holding 50 gallons
each. S5. 1 '
1 Double Outside Lantern with 15-inch re-
Hectors. 2 barrels machinery uu at a oargain. jubo
lot of Burners. Chimneys and w iocs, the bank
rupt stock of A. G. Worden. For sale at
oc27tf ' 51 Church Street.
Breakfast Cocoa.
Warranted abtotutelj pure
Cocoa, from which the excess of
Oil has been removed. It has f Area
timet the ttrength of Cocoa mixed
with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar,
and is therefore far more economi
cal. It Is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily digested, and
admirably adapted for Invalids as
well as for persons in health.
Sold by Grocers everywhere
f. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
Closing out our Books at very low prices,
---- ; '. ' AT L.-,; '
n6 - Just below the Bridge.
White & Colored Shirts
E. Irwin's Sod,
Established 1857.'
Tomatoes in glass.
Oneida Communitv Asimraeus and other vegeta
bles; also a full line of preserves, packed by the
same company.
rne tsesi jew rrocess u iour ior jo.ao oarrei.
5 trallons best Kerosene Oil 65c.
Hand picked Apples $2 per barrel.
Cider 10c gallon by the f
el for this week only.
670 Chapel Street.
Telephone ' p4
Madame Dean's
Patented March 80th, 1883.
Prleet Ladles', $3.00; DUsmi', $2.00.
These corsets are especially constructed with two
curved springs so as to fit exactly on and support
the shoulder blades, and another snrincr to suunort
the spine, both made of the very finest tempered
clock spring, thus creating a complete support for
the spine, sure to prevent or oure Backache, Spinal
irritation, nouna suouiaers, Btooping xiaDiui, l.iifti-
matism. Weakness. Nervous or General Debilitv.
Pains in the Hip, Back or Limbs, Diseases ot the
Spine, Heart, Kidneys or Liver, Falling, Inflamma
tion or Ulceration and allied diseases. .They supply
a covering for the open space, and thereby protect
the spine from cold and give a smoothness of fit to
tne oacK ox roe oress, masing mem a vaiuaoie- ana
most necessary corset for general wear, and of the
greatest benefit to children and young ladies at
tending school.
'4 ney support roe spine, relieve roe muscles oi roe
back, brace the shoulders in a natural and easy
manner. Imparting graceful carriage to the wearer
without discomfort, expanding the chest, thereby
giving iuu acuon to tne lungs, ana neaitn ana com.
tort lo roe ooay.
Take the place of the ordinary
corset in every respect, and are made of fine Coutl
oi nne uoutu.
in tne oest manner, xney are nighi
lehlv l
by the leading
modistes, the fashionable dress-
makers, and th
most eminent physicians in the
United States
and country.
United States and Europe. Agents wanted in city
jea in cn
oclS eod
Claret and Sauterne Wines.
XUTE have received this day 100 cases of Esche
Y V nauer & Co. s Wines, our own direct importa
tion from Bordeaux. Having handled these Wines
for the past twenty-two years we can confidently
recommena tnem ior purity ana get
to all of our customers desirini
ineral excellence
reliable and
770 Charl Street:
N0S. 160, 162 CROWN ST.
FInf Assortment of Fancy and Staple
At reduced prices.
. Old Government Java Coffee 9oo per lb.
Fine Butter 85c per lb, 4 1-8 lbs tl.
Splendid Cream Cheese 16c per lb.
8 boxes sardines 2Txs.
Mb cans broiled Mackerel 450.
8-lb cans Brook Trout 45c.
Large assortment of Canned Meats.
Great variety of fruits received every day.
Call and see us. Goods delivered to any part of the
oity. - -
Not. 160 and 163 Crown Street
auB , Ujitpn Copy
. 1
' . sSsslwSi V- r
action. It Sb a safe
ran andtrpeedy-otrr
CriES P TTi, as it
and J0T ONCE on
ZilVJSit and SOW.
them -W a 'nealthy
aad h.nn
6nda hsr
by it w lift a
frignd bad
JBsrfTea tbsznnn
' and "a " SPECIFIC." -
It CTKES all Diseases of the Kidneys,'
..ver Bladder and Urinary Orsanat
Jjrppsy, Gravel, Diabetes, Brishfa
Disease, NervonsDiseaaes, Exce.
see, Vemale Weakmeaees,
Jaundice, Biliousness, HeaoV.
ache, Soar Stomach, Drspepala,
Constipation, Files, J? alas in the
Back, Loins, or Side, Retention ar
Non-Retention of Urine.
Send for Dlnstrated Pamphlet of Solid Tw-
timonialB of Absolute Ciirea.
. . Providence, K. I.
CIA TING 13 expressive of the most Intense
pain, and yet sufferers from Rheumatism and
Neuralgia say It does not express the agony
they endure. -
Mr. BenJ. p. Congdon, Randolph, N. writes:
Mrs. ' Mary J. Wilcox U rasing- ATHXOPHomos
. now continually for long'-standing' Ixtflamma
tory B-henmatiBni, probably her case Is incurable,
- but nothing else gives her such relief from the
excruciating: paina as AthisOPHOBos.
NO medicine has ever been nroducedl that
has been 60 successful as
and testimonials regarding Its efficacy come
uuaunciwia irom au pans ox me country.
Mr. R.. Watson, 181, 18th St. Detroit. Mien, says:
About March 1st, my wife was taken with a
severe attack of Rhaumatifim. nniwr anil inwa
limba swollen badly, suffered Intense pain, and
part of the time obliged to remain In bed.
Tried various remedies with no relief; was in-
duced to try Athxxphobos May 1st After tafc.
nx doses, pain was entirely Kone and swellinsr
ly all reduced. The medicine has worked
a charm, and I feel assured that another
nearlvall red
like a charm, and I feel assured that another
uuiiw ur rau wiu (fiB pooiuve cure."
If you cannot get Athlophosos of your drug-
gist., b wu.1 w;uu lb express
id, on receipt of
ttle We prefer
regular price one dollar per
that you buy it from your drugeist. but if he
't it, do not be persuaded to try something
else, but order at once from us, as directed.
Cured without tUe use of
the Kmire.
Wn. REED,(M.D., Harvard, 1848)
and ROBERT M. REED,)M. D., Har
vard 1870), Evans House, ITS
Tremoat St., Boston, treat
fIVrlII.A,IIl,ES and-AI.1,
X tJ ITl , without detention from
business. Reference given. Bend
(or namchlets. Office hours 11 a.
m. to 4 o'clock p. m. (except Sunday). a88eodjy
Prima Spring Lamb Reduced.
Hlndquarter Lamb, 14c a pound.
Forequarter Lamb, lie a pound.
Lee of Lamb,;i(ic a potuid.
Loin Lamb 14c a pound, .
Shoulder Lamb, 14c a pound.
Lamb breast, to stew, Go pound.
Fresh Pork and Sausages, lie a pound.
Lard and Salt Pork 11c pound.
Celery, in large bunches, each 15e.
15 lbs Standard Granulated Sugar for 81.00.
Finest Ponce Porto Rico Molasses 50c gallon. -
Old Government Java Coffee J35e pound.
8pring Chickens, 18o a pound.
Best New Process Flour reduced to 85c a bag.
Call early.
The nlace to find the best Refrigerator is to know
wnere tne nauy is soia. -j. nw is lust ueriect
every respect. Sold by
m5 360 state Street.
Trmuirnd from the recipe of Dr. Stephen Sweet
of Connecticut, the great natural Bone-Better. Has
been used for more than fifty years and is the best
known remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains,
Bruises. Burns, Cuts,. Wounds, and all external in
Standard and reliable, and never fails to comfort
the aged and nelp every ooay wno uses iu
The Oldest Dally Paper Published
in Connecticut.
Dilivxbed bt Cabbiiei iN Tra Crrr, 13
CXHT8 A WXKK, 43 CENTS A. KoMTH, $5.00 A
Tkas. Tbx Sajoe Tzuca Bt sCatju
Bate of AeTTertlslna;.
SITUATIONS WANTED, on insertion Mo; each
subsequent insertion &. :
"WANTS, RENTS, and other small advfctlsetrients
occupying sot more than six lines, one unerUon
75c; each subsequent I nsertlon 25c .
. One square (one inch) one Insertion, $1.30; each
subsequent Insertion, 40 cents; one week, $3.20; one
month. $10.00.
Yearly advertisements at the following raes:
One square, one year, $40; two squares, dne year,
$70; three squares one year, $100..
Obituary notices. In prose or verse, 13 cents per
li?e. Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths, 50
cents each. Local Notices SOc per line. . ,
Advertisements en second page one riceand a
Yearly advertisers are limited to their own Imme
diate business, and their contracts do not include
Wants, To Let, For Sale, eta
Special rate furnished on application for contracts
covering - considerable length of time, or a large
space. v
Evxbt Thubsdat Horning.
Single Copies 5 cents - - - $2.00 a year
Strictly in advance, ' - - - 1.50 a year
All letters and inquiries in regard to subscriptions
or matters of business should be addressed
New Eaves, Conn.
We cannot accept anonymous or return rejected
communications. In all cases the name of the
writer will be required, not for publication, but as a
guarantee of good faith.
Saturday,! November 8, 1884.
At the recent election in New York an
amendment to the constitution of the State
was voted upon which prohibits counties and
cities from going into debt for any purpose
or in any manner to an amount which, in
cluding existing indebtedness, shall exceed
ten per cent, of the assessed value of the real
estate. It is believed that the amendment
was carried, though the matter has been al
most lost sight, of amid the excitement over
the presidential contest. There is great need
of some such law as this in New York and
also in other States. . Indeed, it would be a
wise provision for any State.
There are in the United States about 2,400
counties, 311 cities and towns with a popula
tion of 7,500 and upward; about 8,000 incor
porated cities, villages and other small place8
with a population below 7,500; about 12,000
townships having a financial existence, and
105,000 school districts possessing a debt
creating and tax-levying power nearly 128,
000 minor political divisions all industriously
engaged in piling up debt for the taxpayers
of the United States to pay.
The first statistics of municipal indebted
ness were published in 1343, from which it
appears that the aggregate amount of the
debts of all the cities of the country was
nearly $28,000,000. There are no other sta
tistics until the imperfect " returns of 1879,
which show a debt of 515,810,000, exclusive,
of course, of State debts. In 1880 the work
i done for the first time thoroughly.
Every one of the 128,000 minor political di
visions was reached direct from Washington.'
A uniform schedule was used and a uniform
system of tabulation adopted. It was found
that in the decade upward of $300,000,000
had been added to this class of indebtedness)
the net local debt of the country aggregating
after deducting' tne" sinking " funas,"?83I,-
This money has gone for streets, for parks,
for public buildings, for railroads, for water
works, for schools, for libraries, for harbors,
for bridges, for fire departments, for war ex
penses and for cemeteries. Annually our
cities and towns and counties have to pay
about $69,000,000 for interest on this debt,
the rates varying from 2 per cent, to 10 per
cent, and over. - . '
It is easy for a State or county or city to
get into debt, as it is) for an individual,but it
is not easy to get out Therefore more care
ought to be taken about getting in. There is
no real need for a great part of the enormous
debt of the States, counties and cities of this
what "a Republican woman" has
in another , column- It is sound
to say
The people of this country could bear to
see Jay Gould a little less conspicuous in their
affairs than he is nowadays.
The assistant clerkship of the house will
attract the attention of a good many young
and ; ambitious men this year. William
J. McConville, of Hartford, is early in the
field. ;
The Dominion of Canada has a liquor law
which allows local option for prohibition.
The act has been accepted in forty-four out
of fifty-three local contests, and the cam
paign is now going on at St. John, Toronto,
St. Thomas, Kingston, and other of the larg
er cities.
Polygamy cannot stand against education
Utah. It is therefore pleasing to read
that seventy-one school buildings have been
erected in Ufah at a cost of $297,000. and
more than a dozen other schools are held in
rented buildings. In all, 85 schools are sus
tained with funds from outside the territory,
in which are employed 185 teachers, whose
salaries amount to $98,000 a year, and nearly
7,500 children are taught.
The question as to the habitability of the
planets has lately been discussed with much
ability, by Professor McFarland. His con
clusions are that the four large outer planets
have not sufficiently cooled down to allow
life on their surface such as is seen on the
earth; that Mara gives all telescopio and
spectroscopic probabilities of conditions com
patible with life as we see it; that the earth,
certainly for millions of years, has been cov
ered with multifarious life; that in respect
to Venus and Mercury no certain evidence or
knowledge presents itself; and that the sat
ellites are manifestly not fitted for such life
as the 'earth exhibits the moon, in particu
lar, having no water and no atmosphere.
Colorado papers say that a wholesale sys
tern of stealing "mine machinery is practiced
in that State. The owner of one mine at
Lead ville says he has lost by theft three
hoisting plants within the last two years. In
almost every instance where operations on
mine have been temporarily : suspended,
when the owners or their agents visit the
property to resume work they find their ma
chinery . dismantled, every movable piece
missing, and they are fortunate if they find
any covering to their plant. Numerous in
stances can be cited where entire shaft houses
have been- dismantled, every detachable.
piece removed from -the engine, and the
wrecked valuable machinery left exposed to
the elements. It is mighty enterprising
man that will steal a steam engine. -
' The Belgians do not allow their political
agitations to interfere with the execution of
measures of general practical utility. They
have just started a system of publio tele
phony which promises to be an immense
boon to the community. It will, it is thought,
largely supersede the practice of sending
written telegrams, and save a vast deal of
letter-writing' as well. , Telephonio com
munications for the use of the publio have
been established between the principal cities
in Belgium? and for the moderate fee of a
franc a man in Brussels . can converse for
five minutes with a friend or business cor
respondent in Antwerp or liege. An extra
ten cents will give him the ' use' of the wire
for an additional five minutes. , The ofEces
are to be kept open night and ' day; though
after 9 in the evening the rates are doubled.
The important question of the availability
of electricity for lighthouse illumination has
been brought a good way towards a solution
by the experiments and inquiring of the
French scientist AQard. . The results, arrived
at from actual teste, apparently, are .thai
while an electric light has not in any state of
the atmosphere the penetrating power of an
oil-light of equal candle-power,' and is pro-:
portionately less valuable as " the weather
thickens, it can in practical use be seen much
farther than oil in any atmosphere. Thus
the mineral oil light at Dunkirk, France,
which is of 6,250 candle-power, is in clear
weather visible 32 miles, while an electric
light of 125,000 candles can be seen 46 miles.
Bat in partly cloudy weather the electric
light can be seen but two miles and a half
farther than the oil, and in heavy fogs only
half a mile farther. '
- In consequence of the complaints of vic
timized tradesmen, some of the foreign em
bassies in Paris have determined to keep : a
register of their compatriots residing in Paris,
and a compilation of the different registers
will be published monthly, Nor. are the
Parisian tradesmen the only persons who
will benefit It will have the effect of
excluding from great society adventurers
who make their way on the strength of the
high, sounding titles." Last winter, it seems,
three or four such individuals, whose ante
cedents prove to have been most disreputa
ble, were constantly to be seen in the most
select drawing rooms of the Faubourg St.
Germain. Two of these "princes" have
since been "wanted'' by the Austrian police,
and their hostesses of the Faubourg have
learned, to their great horror, that one of
them was for a long time a garcon de bain in
Pesth, and the other a croupier in a casino.
A Lyons (France) doctor, who gravely pre
tends that he can make unhappy homes hap
py by destroying envy, malice, hatred, jeal
ousy, avarice, obstinacy, and so on,- relates
at length in a work which he has just
brought out' many marvellous instances
showing how the character and disposition
of people are improved by intelligent ho
moeopathic, treatment. - He tells the world
how a morose, violent husband, after syste
matically ill-using his wife for a period of
sixteen years, was rendered as gentle as a
lamb and cured of hit defect of character,
quite unconsciously, merely by a few , glob
ules of nux vomica dropped by his wife into
his soup plate. Again a hard hearted, ava
ricious father, who was breaking his daugh
ter's heart by refusing his consent to her
marriage with the young man of her affec
tions, on account of the latter's poverty, af
ter being dosed, unknown to himself; with
globules of another kind, not only gave the
required consent, but, stranger still, a hand
some dowry into the bargain. By another
medicine, a student who had failed repeated
ly to pass an examination in mathematics
succeeded where he had previously failed.
H&th Kol.
To the Editor of the Journal and Courier:
Bath-kol was a sort of divination among
the late Jews. After the inspiration of the
prophets ceased, men were guided by a voice.
In fact,' when seeking instruction they put a
divine Interprbf&tlun" trpon- tne first "voice
: they chanced to hear and kindly .obeyed its
suggestion, ssucn tort nitons regulation or
conduct must necessarily prove in the main
embarrassing, and are calculated, if follow
ed unswervingly, to lead into difficulty.
tsatn-Kol nnds its modern representation in
the action of the "Independent Republicans."
Like that large-minded worthy among the
ancients who ostracised Aristides, not be
cause he had any fault to find with him per
sonally, buf'because he was tired of hearing
him called "the just," so the malcontents
who have rushed blindly from the Republi
can party seeking Bath-kol have had neither
higher nor ulterior motive than a "desire for
In tne earlier part of the campaign tne
power of the "Independents" was underrated
by many, but .sagacious politicians foresaw
the danger to the Republican party from the
very moment that the "Independents" bap
tized their party with its sad mis
nomer. Misnamed indeed they are, since
Republican" they will not be, and "In
dependent" they cannot be, or they would
never tamely consent to be tied to the tail of
Democracy; The question to be answered is,
did the so-called Independents fairly force
the result of their action? Were they then
prepared, and are they now entirely satisfied,
to ally themselves with open treason and re
bellion at the South, and tacit treason
and rebellion at the North? Are
the elder "Independents" willing to declare
the war a failure and themselves ready to
have made a craven peaee on cowardly terms?
Are the younger "Independents" ready to
own honestly in so many detinue Saxon
words that they would have barred the way
to the abolition of slavery, and the enfran
chisement of a race? And can both either
decry or admit without shame, that if they
are joined to Democracy, they are plotting
against the industry of the country, and
secretly seeking to reduce all classes of work
ingmen to the level of the European pau
per? Hixamme -tne record of the Democratic
party for the past twenty years and you will
ook in vain for one act of public policy
which is creditable to it. That the Republi
can party has sometimes made mistakes is
not to be denied, for when indeed is humani
ty other than fallible? But it is equally
true, and far more important to remember,
that upon the whole the national adminis
tration has been wise and honest. Why
leave it to follow the uncertain und irreso
lute voice of Bath-kol? -
A Republican Woman. .
The nights and gas bills are growing quite
long now. Boston Post.
There's many a slip betwixt the baby and
the washtub. San Francisco Post.
Base ball pitchers will winter at the vari
ous colleges. They want to winter in a con
genial atmosphere. Lowell Citizen.
Hammered silver finger bowls are the lat
est. The baby is supposed to do the most of
the hammering. Lowell Citizen.
The popular "crazv onilta" wem first so
called because it makes a man wild to sleep
under one. imiadeipma .News.
Two large polar bears, the only ones im
ported in seven years, nave just arrived at
New York. Up to this time they have not
been accused of cannibalism. Boston Post,
A boarding house paradox is the ladv who
talks so much that it seems impossible for
her to eat anything, while she eats so much
that it seems impossible that she should say
anywing. .Boston rost.
Next to having a cold in one's head that
one can't endure is having- a poem in one's
head that one can't write. Lowell Citizen.
A cold compress on the head will cure both.
Soak it well the compress, we mean.
Philadelphia Call.
"What is more awful to contemplate,'
said a lecturer, glaring about him, "than
the restless power of the ' mEelstrom? ' And
a hen-pecked looking man in the rear of his
building softly replied, "The femalestrom."
Lowell Courier. - , .-
Young wife "Why, Charlie, what have
you gone and bought a dog for?" - Young
husband "Ah um, my dear, you know we
can't eat everything that comes on the table;
no family can." Young wife "O Charliel
(crying) I knew you wouldn't like my cook
ing. O dear, dear!" . Young husband
"There, there! don't cry. I'll sell the dog."
Burlington Free Press.
I do not care to go to heaven
If carpet men go there:
I do not want a carpet laid
Upon' my golden stair.
I hope I'll never see again
Such doubly evil day .
As that I'll have to hire men
Stair carpets for to lay I
A setting hen lays never an egg.
And 1
I a lying carpet man
Never lays a carpet
, When promised, if
he can!
Philadelphia New.
Wicked Paris Debased Art Crime
Sarah Bernhardt Something
, abaut Theaters A French View of
American Polities "Oallopho
bes.. r- j
Pasjs, Oct. 2. :
To the Editor of the Journal xm Courier.
Dear me, I am really shocked. I suppose
I ought to pack my gripsack right away, and
hurry back to some clime where the moral
atmosphere ' is less noxious. An innocent
little creature who wants to escape a blight
that will be fatal to his ihnooency has no
place in the gay French capital. Seriously,
I supposed there was at least a thin vineer
ing of respectability in Paris. I had fancied
that the stories of Parisian fast life had been 1
put forth, perhaps a little exaggerated, by
those who voluntarily yielded to the magnet
ism of fast living, and hunted ont those
things which are to be uncovered in any oity.
You know we usually find what wo look
for in this world. But no; the truth has
been understated. A sensitive person almost
feels guilty when he has looked into the shop
windows, gazed at the questionable pictures,
and conned the audacious titles of the books.
Nowhere is. this low ebb of morality more
patent than in, the; shopwindows jdong the
Rue de Riyoli facing the Tuileries the Eng
lish quarter, where one seeks English signs
almost exclusively. Although the stores are
kept by Frenchmen, French inscriptions are
in the minority. I am sure there are a good
many American husbands who would insist
that their wives' forfeit a vision of all the
glorious fabrics and Parisian souvenirs there
exposed for sale, rather than permit them to
gaze and read indiscriminately..
Oh art, how many improprieties are perpe
trated in thy name, what a mantle thou art
for the covering of a multitude of sins!
The utter death of reverence is illustrated
by one little example. Many of the stores
now have on sale pictures of Christ with
closed eyes, with legends underneath setting
forth that yon have only to look at the face
steadily for a few moments in order to see
Christ wink. Perhaps you con think of some
ejtcuse for taking the divine face in order to
illustrate an optical illusion I can't.
.Crime seems to assume such colossal pro
portions here. Yon know they gave a mon
ster fete two Sundays ago in the Tuileries in
the interest of' the cholera sufferers. The
payers naively observed the next morning
that the financial success of the fete was
slightly impaired owing to the fact that a
few over 112,000 counterfeit : tickets were
taken in at the gate! And that will be the
end of it, no doubt. Gay and brilliant as is
Paris by gaslight, one can hardly go any
where without encountering open solicita
tions to enter all manner of low and srilded
dens. But particulars on that subject I waive
to the province of the "Guides for the Night
Prowlers" which are to be had so plentiful
ly in English at the most elegant bookstores
-and not on the back shelves either.
I suppose Sarah Bernhardt is a fair tvpe of
the ripest French civilization. I went to see
her act Lady Macbeth the other night. Of
course you have read plenty of learned dis
quisitions touching her success as estimated
Jy the fraternity of infallible critics, and I
snail attempt notmng of the sort. My long
exile from the pale of English and American
reviews has kept me from learning what the
general impression is. But there are not a
few matters of interest to us of the great
common herd which the critics never say
anything about, but to which I wish to refer.
in tne nrst place 1 had no idea that Sarah's
ostracism from the national theaters since
the day when she decided to become a his
fa-ionic tramp had driven her to such inferior
quarters here. . She is acting now or was
last week in her final performances of Lady
Macbeth at the Theater de la Porte Saint
Martin. This house of amusement cannot
possibly be construed as a first-class theater.
It is old and dingy in appearance, poorly ar
ranged, meagrely equipped, and a perfect
death-trap. Next door to it is the Renais
sance, another only . . tolerably - good theater,
thus making the danger from fire exhilarat
ing. Indeed, both theaters have been burned
within a decade and a half. The Porto St.
Martin provides 1,800 seats, however, and is
therefore capable of containing a good deal
of money. During the day in question I had
come to the box-ofSce, but the crowd of
ticket speculators kept me at bay. In the
evening 1 wandered over to the theater,
secured a ticket after long waiting at the
tail end of a half-a-block-long procession and
entered tne tturd. balcony, it argues tne
continued power of the notorious Sarah as a
theatrical, mafnet here in her own city, when
one has to put up with the upper part of the
house in order to see her, and . then fight his
way to his seat. I found the parterre and
four galleries crowded, although it was stilT
so early: It was not such an audience as the
most ambitious actress ought to desire, thongh
that was not Sarah's fault perhaps. The
trouble was with the top gailev, which was
fringed with a set of theater fiends such as I
have rarely encountered elsewhere. They
whistled for the curtain to rise, ruined every
fine passage by noisy cheering and were odi
ously generous with their applause every time
the tragic divinity came upon tne stage.
Then, too, the abominable venders of fresh
water and lemonade created indescribable
pandemonium during the entire acts.
Of course the bulk of the audience was
fashionable and reserved, and could the
house have been decapitated all would have
been well on this score. There were other
draw-backs, however. It was a warm eve
ning, and the' myriad gas jets created an at
mosphere in which we fairly boiled and par
boiled. The curtains were frowsy, and the
scenery tawdry in the extreme. This was to
be expected, inasmuch as the Porte St. Mar
tin is a theater dedicated regularly to vau
deville and fairy extravaganza. The be
tween acts curtain was daubed with adver
tisements from top to bottom, so that while
waiting for the representation of the immor
tal bards inspired drama we could learn
where were the best places to
buy furniture, corsets, hair dyes,
blood-purifiers and American candles.
Altogether, I could not help thinking that
the management must be economizing in eve
ry possible way so as to make these mort
gaged performances pay.
The stage manager thumped on the floor
with a sledge-hammer, according to the dis
agreeable French custom, and the curtain
rose on the first witch' scene. The transla
tion was by Jean Richepin, and materially
altered the nature of the play. There was a
melodramatic flavor about it tna; gave mn
nite satisfaction to the fourth gallery. The
witches acted like fussy old women in both
their scenes, making their passages farcical
instead of weiid. Their disappearance
through the floor, together with the boiling
caldron about which they had been dancing,
was neatly executed, and scarcely before they
were invisible Macbeth stood on tne spot
whence they had vanished. Otherwise the
company was a good one, the Macbeth (M.
Marais) proving mmselx a sterling actor.
The banquet scene was very telling, and be
ing much longer than the sleep-walking I
scene, aroused the most enthusiasm. A real
Banquo, blood-bespattered and ghastly, rose
through the seat of the vacant chair, illu
mined with a corona from a calcium light
above.' The effect was electrical upon the
audience, and Monsieur Marais seized the op
portunity to do some most powerful acting.
But a course curiosity centered in the less
conspicuous role of Lady Macbeth, as as
sumed by the fragile Sarah.
Of course Mme. Bernhardt labored against
great physical odds when she, so petite a
creature, sought to personate such a positive
and aggressive character. She had also to
forget all about the totally foreign methods
of French emotional acting, and merge her
self into the stateliness of English tragedy.
It would have been against nature for her to
have attained pre-eminence in this new field
in the face of such obstacles; but no one
could have failed to see in her performance
the elements af histrionio greatness. - While
she struggled almost too violently to domi
nate in her domestic relations with the hen
pecked Macbeth (and she was made to abuse
him without stint by M. Richepin,) she pre
sided at the banquet with supreme grace, and
writhed and shrieked and shuddered marvel
ously well in the somnambulistic scene.
Let me pause here to say that Sarah Bern
hardt can talk the most seductively sweet
French that I ever heard. I always envy
even the fish market women their musical
mother tongue, which no one can render
harsh; but Sarah Bernhardt's pronunciation
is charming beyond comparison.
Twice was the audacity of the real woman,
as I take it, apparent in the personation; once
when she seized Macbeth bv the shoulders.
raised her face to his, and looked him fierce
ly in the eyes as she urged him on to his
crime, and onoe when having returned the
daggers to the murder-chamber herself, she
displayed her bloody hands to her liege lord.
with withering scorn and contempt in her
eyes. ' .-
The sleep-walking scene was so startlingly
realistic that it seemed all too short. I can
only say that it was superb; or, if that is a
slightly flippant way of putting it, that it
was one of the most consummately skillful
pieces of acting that I ever saw. As you
know, Sarah keeps to literal historic accura
cy, and appears on the stage with her feet
just as heaven fashioned them, unencumbered
with hose, shoes, slippers, sandals, mocca
sins or anything else earthly. This is an ex
ploit which is not even attempted in "Little
Barefoot" by that lady of excellent taste,
Maggie Mitchell. ' I shall not try my hand at
describing Sarah Bernhardt's feet.- I pre
sume they are very ordinary, respectable,
serviceable feet. If they were not it is im
probable that Sarah would exhibit them so
unsparingly. They twinkled about the stage
bewildenngly, but the incomparable ' aeung
was paramount to all other thoughts and
speculations at the time. When at last she
seized the lamp, and rushed shrieking from
the stage, her hair and her long white robe
trailing behind her, while sparks actually
leaped from the taper which she bore aloft,
the play was over for me.
Although I felt that I had seen an actress
out of her element, I knew I had seen an ac
tress of shall I say matchless! gifts in her
special field.
The waits between the acts were exceeding
ly long and tedious. I cannot get used to
this cheerless European system of performan
ces without an orchestra to enliven the entr
'actes. Here again I met the obnoxious tip
ping system which has grown to monstrous
proportions in France. Even the usher (the
Fans theatre-nfthers are youug women with
large pink bows in their hair) calmly waited
for a gratuity, after she had pointed out my
seat; and when I did not understand, auda
ciously demanded it. Republicans here at
tribute this tipping system to the empire;
but the mass of people regard it as the out
growth of a universal insufficiency of wages.
At any rate, no corporation, hotel or busi
ness house pays its employes what would be
deemed fair compensation; for it is presumed
that a large amount will be picked up in the
way of pour boires. If a man delivers a tel
egram or a parcel to you, for which service
he is paid by the house to which he belongs,
he will linger for a fee. The man who cuts
your hair expects twenty-five centimes xtra
to put in his own pocket; hackmen, waiters,
porters, concierges, in fact all classes of la
borers expect, and will calmly solicit a gratu-
But however exasperating this evil, there
is one still worse; and that is paying from
one to two francs for the little cake of soap
that "yon use. The largest hotels also insist
upon renewing the candies every day at a
high charge, even if you haven't burned an
eighth of an inch of the previous one.
I should judge from the translations pub
lished in these English daily papers of Paris
that the French press must be densely igno
rant about a good many thing of importance
outside of France. A late number of that
representative journal, the Figaro, con
tained an article on American politics that
was of monumental stupidity. It went on
to congratulate the citizens of France that
at an election held in Chicago (!) the Uni
ted States had repudiated James G. Blaine,
and chosen Grover Cleveland as the presi
dential nominee. That this threw the reins
of government into the hands of the Dem
ocratic party, and freed the country from
grinding Republican misrule. That as Mr.
Blaine had always been an arrant hater of
France, the people of the latter republic
should rejoice at this radical revolution in
American politics. The article then went
n to review the "mischievous history" of
the Republican party, calmly treating it as
quite analogous to the Radicals here.
It was something of a compliment to
magnify our capacity to do harm to France
in this way, perhaps, but unless the writer
was hopelessly drunk when he penned this
extraordinary review, he has manifested an
ignorance for which the guillotine would
seem to be a mild punishment when one
considers the responsibility and importance
of the position he holds. With such teach
ers as this man, how can the French peo
ple hope to know anything about their
"sister republic!" I wonder if our leading
journals make such colossal blunders in
discussing French politics?
The "Paris" has not attempted to en
lighten its readers on the details of onr
party history so much, but devotes its
strength to inciting French hatred of the
great republic. It has culled out the un
favorable comments of the American pa
pers touching the French manoeuvres at
Foochow, and on the strength of them is
almost ready to declare war with the Uni
ted States. To be sure, it did not have to
go far for criticisms on the French opera
tions in China, since several of the New York
papers have been unreserved in expressing
their unfavorable opinions; but the "Paris"
need not so completely have lost its temper.
It characterizes the general tone of the Amer
ican press as surly, arrogant and aggressive
in reference to the Franco-Chinese question.
Never have the "gallophobes of London"
surpassed their transatlantic cousins, howls
the Paris, in the odious violence of their
abuse. "Gallophobes" is good, but I doubt
if it will have the run that Mr. Dana's adjec
tive "hebetudinous" had as applied to a
Cleveland editor. Th"e latter I ran Serosa for
a time everywhere in Europe, not only in
English journals, but in French and German
sheets, especially at Constantinople. The
Paris continues its wild screed by declaring
that everything which the hatred of venom
ous malice could suggest to "raving quill
drivers" had been uttered against France in
Then the said Paris acquits itself of one of
those characteristic examples of sublime ig
norance to which I have been referring, by
adding that this is all the less excusable be
cause Uncle Sam has no interest in China
commercially. I believe our commerce with
China is only second to that of England, and
greater than that of all the European coun
tries combined.
After all how absurd it is for a paper to
pretend to speak for its whole country; and
what puerile drivel this is which constantly
fills the columns of these wrangling, boast
ing European journals. Emtt.k.
How tlie Fumes of a Cnareosrt Fur
nace are Utilised at Ellt Rapids,
The old Baying that nothing is wasted or
lost in nature is true in regard to the smoke
from the furnace of Elk Eapids, Mich. In
this furnace are manufactured fifty tons of
charcoal per day. - There are twenty-five
charcoal pits, constructed of brick. Each
pit is filled with 100 cords of hard wood and
then fired. ' The vast amount of smoke from
these pita which was formerly lost in the air,
is now utilized. Works have been erected
to convert the smoke into chemical and
acid. These works are a curiosity. First,
they have a circular tube, made of wood,
with pine staves, sixteen feet in length.bound
together with heavy iron hoops. This tube
is placed directly over the pitB in a horizon
tal position, with an opening from each pit
into the tube. At the end nearest the build
ing there is a large drum containing a rotary
fan, propelled by machinery, the power of
1. : ..V. a TKot onlu .a a mi cf inn nr rlrftft
wuxuu u. " " .
for the smoke, which is conveyed into fire
BllllS mitXA VY 1 L 1 1 VVppvi vmw
half inches in diameter. The boxes in which
the pipes are situated are twenty feet square,
eight feet deep.made of heavy pine and filled
with cold water; they are all connected by
copper pipes; they are connected with the
main still, 100 feet in length ten feet wide
and eignt reet deep, miea wna copper pipm,
two and one-half inches in diameter, in hori-
from this conveyed to a purifier, from which
runs what is cauea pyrougneous aciu, wmuu
is as clear as amber, with an unpleasant
From the acid is produced, first, acetate
of lime; second, alcohol; third, tar; fourth,
raa. wVifti i. mnBnmwl nndArthe boiLor.
5ti 9ft 000 cubic
1MKU u V. n wu wuvmubv -"I
feet of smoke; 2,800,000 feet of smoke, han-
dlea every tweniy-iour nours, prouuciug i,
000 pounds Of acetate of lime, 200 gallons of
il,l f arntv.fiTro winnria nf tar. These
nmlnnta have a commercial value in the
manufacture of various articles. The smoke
f.-,.v. a( rwi ArtWia rtf wnwl mnBnmed tier an
num is thus made a source of much profit, a
t.ho vnrki ara automatic auu iwjuud uu
workmen to run them. '
Automatic Low-Pressure
Steam Heater.
The most perfect Heater ever built.
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XI o Talk of the People Who ITsc Its
"A good medicine."
"Never had anything act so pleasantly oa the
bowels. "
"One dose cured an after-dinner headache."
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the medicine I ever used1
"Never saw anything so quickly cure a bilious at
tack." "A wonderful blood purifier."
"A perfect cure for all scrofulous taint.1'
From Mr. William W. Jones, of Cardoino, Clay
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existence miserable in the extreme. Pains in the
breast a heavy, dull sensation in my head faint
ness at the stomach weakness in the leps kidnt-ys
badly deranged restless Ueep complexion saJlow
strength all gone. Rendered desperate. I went to
the northern part of Michigan, hoping tliata chauge
tf climate would do me good. I got no benefit.
Last spring I went to the city of Terre Haute and
resorted to the artesian baths therefor five weeks.
One day, glanciugthrough the papers, I noticed an
advertisement of Burdock Blood Bitters. In June I
commenced taking this medicine, though, I must
admit, with little or no expectation of relief. The
result was, however, marvelous and gratif j-ing be-
J-ond measure. Since using these Bitters I have not
ostaday's work. They take right hold and the
effects are always pleasing.
n3 d&w 9t
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