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Vol. LXII.
Thursday, February 22, 1894.
Tell yonr neighbors, tell yonr enemies
(It yon have any it'll do even them
good), of t'ae excellent values to be
found here in
At 25c.
Ladles' fast WacV hose, Improved
shsus, high spliced heel and double
toe, Lonla Heimsdosf dyer, and ev
ery pair warranted.
At 25c
A popular price and special values
In tan and grey lpgratn and drop
stitch hose for ladies that cannot be
. beaten.
3 Pairs for $1.
Ladles,' fast black "E'eotric" hose,
excellent wearing qualities, beauti
fully shaped; easily worth OOo pair.
At 25c.
Boys' Bibbed Hose iu black that is
warranted, and we might say the
wear is warranted as they never fail.
At 31c.
Infants' Cashmere Hose in tan and
black for early spring weir, sizes 4
to 5f.
At 12 1 2c.
Men's fast black half hose, enperlor
quality, ep'iced heel and toe, Hermf
dorf dye ; matchless value.
At 25c.
lien's fat black, as well as tans, nat
urals, balbriggan and fancies, that are
right and sure to please.
' We are not talking Hcmiery as much
as we should, but we have the right
fetor! and are selling it.
762 to 768 Chapel Street.
We Lave secured the sale for
New Haven of the "Improved"
Grand Rapids Carpet Sweeper.
We are selling it for $2 50.
The regular Sweeper not
matked "Improved" same as
everybody sells at (3.00, onr
price $2 00.
Onr $2 50 Sweeper is plainly
marked "Improved Grand
Look for this mark on yours.
Complete House Furnishers,
71 and 70 Orange street,
cor. Center.
t am now delivering Koal
the cellar direct from wagon. Avoid
all dirt and buy of
5 Church Street, opp. Postofflce. 8i to Ol Ttailroarl Avenne.
Are Sou tiding Our Praises All the Time.
111- 1 UiV C. 1 jf T ii
I (jars
926 Chapel Street, corner of Temple
JN. A. f 1) LLLU
Branch Store,
100 different styles of
brated Hey wood Bros. & Co. make, ranging in price from
$4 87 to $45.00, by far the largest line shown in this city.
Paper Hangings, an
and popular designs, latest
perlenced paper hangers ;
' Arriving daily New Spring Goods in Carpets, Fur
niture, Oilcloths, Draperies,
Old Furniture Re-upholstered and Re-covered in
the best possible manner by experienced upholsterers.
Being as we are large manufacturers of Upholstered
Furniture, can do the work at lowest prices.
ft97 Orange Strot.
Promoters of Low Prices.
That the justly celebrated
"Liebotschaner Beer"
Is pat Dp by the
Geriesne Brewing Co.
Of Roches 'ir, N. Y. Don's confound it
with any other beer made at Rochester.
Price $l.CO per Dozen.
We are sole agents for its sale ia Now
It is brewed by them from the best Ger
man hops and Canada malt, and we detire
to strong'y impress npon your mind it 1b
bottled oy the brewers " at the brewery."
at a time the most f avorsble and with no
danger of a miztnre being made with other
ana cneaper man Beer.
We can safely recommend this Beer as
being absolutely pnre and safe for those to
use wno need a pure and mud stimulant,
and a sort of moreish taste for those who
are tolerably healtby.
0 .
' 6&eZ&T
Register Your Cbance for $25 Worth
of Free Furniture at
H. F. BLOGG & BR0.,
699 Ghapel Street, New Haves.
Folding Beds, Parlor Furniture, Carpets,
Oilcloths, Beds and Bedding, Baby
Carriages, Parlor and
Cook Stoves.
Character is Credit.
Socds for Gash or ob Weekly Payments.
Store open 7 a. m. to 6:30 D. m.
Saturday and
Holiday evenings until 9 o'clock.
Sizes 11 to 1,
Is only about HALF PRICE for those
MISSES' SHOE that we are closing
out. The lot includes all onr broken
lots. Regular price on theee gocds
was $1 25 to $2.00.
Sizes 8 to 10,
Is the price for broken lota of CHIL
Plsnty of Rare Bargain.
Ladies' $1.50 Counter.
Ladies' Ox. Ties and Slippers at 95c.
778 Chapel Street.
We srlve away HHEPP'S PHOTOGRAPHS of the
TOGRAPHED, that retail at $5.00.
Store closes Wednesday and Thursday at 6:15 pm
Prices to Sail tie Ties.
Our West Window
in bags and carried into
Mi SO Cents,
They know where they
the best Groceries for
the least
We have the finest Tea andj
Uotlee in the city ; our price is.
low as the lowest, but the quality
is better for the money than
i1 anywhere you might go.
r We have a special lot of home-
Canned riuits in glass
that are a bargain.
Come in and see us at the
1'U.N , proprietor.
1231 Chapel
Baby Carriages of the cele
" -
assortment, all new
and colorings. Ex-
shades and
estimates furnished.
For Sale or Rent,
Centrally 1 orated h-ue,
1107 Chapxl street.
jal31f HENRY S. PECK.
Society halls in Masonic 't'aninla- fnr-
uis.ittv, muu j.nitor service.
ii om uttAKltKa WILSON, Agent.
House and lot. 78 William street. Lot ia
suxiiz. inquire or s. a. oviaTT,
ja21 tt 8 Church street.
WhDle bouse, 5 rooms, rear ot 54 Ed
wards street, inquire on
jaitr premises.
Or to rent, the house
No. 8 Trumbnll street.
f!5 7t Inquire on tbe premises.
The store and fixtures No 734 Grand av
enue App y to D. W. COSQROVK & CO.,
ri o 1 1 45 unurcn street.
House 1,629 Chapel stroet ; sixteen
rooms, newly papered and painted t mod
ern improvements : reasonable to tbe
ngnt parry. n3 tr M w. (JUATF1EL.D.
New Shore Cottaere.
At Wondmott. for 8 le Chean and on
reasonable terms, mature or
f9 mt Police Headquarters.
Four new brick bouses. Lake Place.
twelve rooms each, all modern improve-1
.menia : lermaeanv. jaauireor
f 17 tf Rooms and 7, 158 Church Btreet.
Central Rent
Of 5 rooms and bath room on first floor
and two attic rooms; all modern improve
ments, including hot air furnace, mantel
mirrom, granue mos, enower oatns, Venetian
Diinas, etc. win rent to s small family only.
Ja24 28t Exchange Building.
Several pieces of central improvf d croD-
erty, bringing a Rood income and very de
sirable: owner would exchavee for well
stocKea iarm near new jiaven. AOdresg
PATRICK BREE, 88 Chapel street,
f 19 34tt Room 6.
Mast be 8old.
The residence No. 19 Warren Place! cost
$4,300; can be bought for $2,800; 7 large
rooms, balls, bath and closet: steam heat
llirouetiout; nan a diock rrom mate street cars;
rapidly grow ng section; lot 51 by 13G. Easy
fcerms Apply on premises. ra ll
No. 47 Prince street: lot 50x125: two fam
ily frame bou3e; 17 rooms, wl.h water and
850 Obpel Btreet,
(Monday and Saturday evenings).
Open evenings.
Laree, well built bouse. 11 rooms, about
nneen minutes waiK rrom poscomce, cor
ner lor. 40x100 ff et. wider in rear : bouse
rents w-ll, bas steam beat and all conveniences.
Price $5,500. Also bouse about same distance, 9
rooms, rented to two families, lot 33x150. Price
CU &3. D NICOIili & CO.,
82 Church street (Benedict Building), Room 15.
A very desirable piece of central im
proved property, bringing a good income,
or wouia exenange ror a zoo a rarm
stock and implements. Call on or address
George A. Isbell,
f 5 787 Chapel street.
The desirable residence No. 57 Trumbull
street, containing 13 finished rooms and all
modern appliances. A first-class bouse
nd first-class neighborhood. For rent on a
er mot years. Apply at
Beeclier's Exchange,
769 Chapel street.
gastritis to San mii Trsssit.
Building lots on Main, Fountain, West
da Preened. Wlllard. Alden. Barneti and
aaL other desirable residence streets In West-
rule, for sale at prices ranging rrom two to ten
seats per square root, now is irte iimewoaj.
Ior particulars, call on or address
H. O. Pardee,
alt tr 19 Fountain street. Westvtlle
Make Your Own Terms.
Houses for 1.500. 1.600. 3.300. 4.500.
Buy a lot in West Haven or Westville
for a little money.
K. E. Baldwin,
818 Chapel street
A verv desirable clace seven mi lea from
New Haven ; one acre land. Well built I
brick bouse in good repair, twelve rooms :
running spring water, healthful location, good
neienoornooo. Quarter mue irom xvit. siuon
with six train dailr. Eofv terms. If not sold
by April 1st will be for rent to a good tenant.
ja26 2m P. O. BOX 888, City.
How While Prices Are Low.
Valuable Lots on Whitnsy tanas.
TTAND30ME bouse on Whitney avenue ; a
XX bargain. Real t state in all parts of the city.
Erenlng8"8. Boom 18.
nnnire on Lvon atreet. below cost.
House on Bradley street, about what
land is wortn.
Double house on Warren street.
Double bouse on Brewery street.
House on Kid street.
jtt 758 Chapel street.
For Sale on GMuel Street,
Property agreeatiog over 10,CO0 square
xeet upon ine grouoa.
Price $160,000.
Also a fine piece on Cburcb street.
Otber central property.
f 16, tf Room 20, Benedict Building.
Now Is tbe Time lo Secure ft Home.
. Three one family bouses, 8 rooms escb,
ftl nivi
ill. Two two family bouses. 18 rooms each.
Two double houses, 4 tenements In escb, mod
ern improvements; soli single or do uble at very
low prices.
One one-familv house. 8 rooms. ImoroTements.
une iwo-ramuy nouse, g rooms, ,c,tw.
All of this DroDertT must be anld.
Honey loaned on the same at fi per ct- interest.
Uinmau's Real Estate Agency,
flS 12t Benedict Building, Room HO.
Real state for Sale.
Desirable property on George street.
suitable for business, f b UUU
Well locad lot on Dlxwell svenne,
3t test front, per foot
Nice one family hongs on Elm Bt., $4,600
Ballding lots on Frank street. 60 ft
front, $1,000
Basinets property on State E treat, $11,500
Honse on Foster street, $3,100
Building lot on Winthrop avenue.
4Uxibi, price
Bnslness property on Geo-tja ttreet.
pays over 9 p ct. on tbe money,
Honey to loan on first mortgage.
Rooms 17, Exchange Building,
i-x itirarcn atreet.
I - J
" lEjffS7
Two-Family House,
10 Per Cent.
Arm Rises,
Sun Una,
0:37 1
Hook Rises,
High With
I iv:uu
BOLTON KROONER In this city, Feb. Wat, at
tne residence or toe Drue, or iu- nor. it. c
Line, Clara a Krooner and J. K. Bolton, not
ot this city. t
BULKY At Woodmont. Conn.. Feb. 31, 1894,
Rachel C wife of tleo H BatleV. aged 48.
Notice of funeral services later.
LEX In ihi city, on the 20th Inst, Abigail A
wf.lnv nf li'.l .i r. T.u m trait RT tMTA
Funeral services will be held at tbe residents of
Her daughter, Mrs. Lewis Mix. ko. lHUoimm
street, on Ihuredav afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Friend, nm lnit.ri in attend.
FalKOHILD At the New Haven hospital, Feb.
21, 1894, Wll iam C. Fsirchild.
Fune al at Orove Bisect ceme ery chapel Friday,
n. 23, at 3 o clock, Frlenas are inviiea 10
AUaTIN-In this city, on the 19tb intt., Henry
Francis Austin, aged 59 years.
Funeral services win be hld at bis Ut real
dence. No. 76 Hill street, on rnursiay auer
noon, at ;30 o'clock. Friends of tbe family are
invited to attend: iw
Sib. Ann'e V. Lsmson. Doeue,
Neb Zioeri 8 Walli-gford, Higbie, Bai'o.
8ch Venus, Smith, Balto.
Money to ljoan
AT 5 per cent, interest on real estate
L. B. niHMAN,
ivi I4t au oen-'aici iuiiai"g;.
tl200 Ruth Half Interest
TN a good paiog business ; no expense except
a omce reni ; salesman iraveu oa vuiuuiia
ston : sometnmg all liquor cealers buy.
F. E. ALBRO, 332 M -in s .,
f2j 3t SpriagQeld, Msss.
Two bosses. Nos. 319 and 321 Water St.,
with alt conveniences ; possession March
st. Apply to
t 101 OH iNQE STREET, Room 2.
ITl HOWE 8TREHT. Miss Lena H Nichols
t II will aid a kindergarten to her school for
young ladies and miss s. Tbe hew department
will be in charge of a trained and experienced
xinaergartner. ana win open ior me spring cerm
Monday. March 26, 18M. f 24 2 28 mh3
To close out an estate, a two-'amily
house, with barn, 13 Fester street, corner
Linden H'reet : also two-famiir house 46
Houston street. ("Fair Haven.) Terms of nav-
ment can ba arranged to suit Durchaser. laiuire
of or address A. J HAR MOUNT. 138 Orchard at..
or Hals ted & Harmouat, Water street, corner of
fjaesinuii. is tx
Farm on Middletown turnDiks road. Are
miles from city ; well cuiv-ited. Address
121 7 t hismki UUUUl, on premlaes.
One-family hbus, 8 rooms, all modern
improvements. tJan or aadress
f 30 if 102 Orange street, room 10.
To Be oltlat Auction.
200 acre dairy farm, stock, tools and fur
niture ; iiouse and tbree barns ; big or
L chard and 20 acres of heavy timber : one
of the best farms in tbe State. Sale will take
place on the 26th of February at 10 a m. Call or
I address L. O HOADLEY, 49 Church street.
121 4t Boom 3, Hoadley Building.
ideal stone;
rpHE best Artificial 8 tone in the market for
A. sidewalk", drive-vavs ; mill, shop and barn
flo -rs : cellar bottoms, cur bine. coDinir. etc.
Ail orders promptly executed and satisfaction
ExcbauKS BalldlDff, Room 12,
1al3 tf CP. O. Box 866). NEW H &VEN.
For Sale Cheap.
Tbe Two Brick I Twa Frame Dwellings
No. 19, No. 17, No. 15,
and No. 13
This location, so accessible and central.
can but commend itself toinvetorg, either
to imDcnve for manufacturing or business
purposes, or to improve wun rencu nais, wnicn
would find quick and desirable tenants.
Tbe premises can be sold intact or In separate
lots ana aivisioiis, on easy terms or payment.
Kew from
Cove" to Cover
Successor of tho
' I'aabridgeu."
A Dictionary of
Fiction, .Etc.
A Grand Educator
Abreast of the Times
A Library in Itself
Hon. D. J. Brewer,
Justice, of tlie I'. 8.
Hupreine I'ourt, writes:
L commend it to all as
The One Great Standard Authority.
Published bv
ea-For pale bv nil r.ooksellers. .Send to the Pub-
Ushers for free prospectus.
S 8- Do not buv reprints of ancient edition?.
A tiartv will leave Boston March 13 for a Grand
xour ot to oajs uorougn ine Bouvnern otates,
Visits to be made to Lookout Mountain, New
Orleans, Galveston and San Antonio.
Ample time will be given to ali the leading
cities and otber places of historic and picturesque
interest in Mexico, including Eight Days n the
City of Mexico, a Four Days Trip over tbe Vera
Kjxuz umway, ana two uys in uvauaiajara.
In California, San Diego, Los Angeles, Pasa
dena, anta Barbara, San Francisco, Monterey,
etc,, will b9 visited.
The return tickets mav he used from Califor
nia on At y Regular Train until June 80, or with
I any one or in me rarties anaer special escort.
i witn acnoiee or. inree u inereci uoutes
Tour of 40 Days to Mexico, omlttinz California;
March 13.
California Fxcursions: March 8 and 13.
Excursions t Wahineton: Marh 13. Marh
SO. and Anril 37: to Lookout Mountain. March 1
to Gettysburg, March SO; to Richmond and Old
I'oint Comfort, April 27,
Oolorado Tours. Parties leare Boston monthly
lor lhe coioraao at uienwooa springs.
The Pandwlch Islmds: A Dar'y will sail from
San Francisco March 17 for a Seven-Weeks' Tour.
Rneclal Train Through Central and Northern
Europe, the party to leave New York
leave New York by the
&onh German Lloyd Line June 26.
tsyfiend for descriptive book, mentioning the
particular tour acairea.
sas Waahlnzton 8treet. opiosit School Ptree.
Bostw, Mass. Vii st
Of tbe many good things we offer
- this week in CROCKEEY and
CHINA will make you bargain
hungry. A special item Is an ele
gant Ml piece flnaly decorated
BET for
$4 98.
Buy a Wakefield
Baby Carriage
And alsajs bs satisfied with your
purchase. A complete stock of
this celebrated make of Carriages,
in great variety of npholsterincs,
to select from. Get TBE BEST by
buying a Wakefield.
To be found In this atty only at
.Fntattk L. ArailTs,
755 to 763 Chapel St
From All Quarters.
Erastus Wiman of Staten
Island in the Tombs.
Many of Them Were Clad
in Thin Clothing.
A Commodore Warns Peo
ple Against His Wife.
Erastus Wlmtn, tbe Advocate of the
inncitdoaot ranada; tbe Roilder
of tbe Staten Island Rapid Transit
Railroad and Well Known
Tbrouehout tbe Country, Is Under
Arre.t-He Ketuacd to tilve Rail and
Was Committed to tbe Tomba.
Nkw York, Feb. 21. Eraatna Wlman,
formerly manager for R.G.Dan & Co ,
mercsntlls agency, ballder of the Staten
Island Rapid Transit railroad, and a prom
inent advocate of the annexation of Can
ada to the Unllal States, was artested to
day chargid with embezzlement and forg
eries amounting to $329,000;
tf r. Wiman was arraigned before Judge
Martine In chambers in the general sessions
and committed to the Tombs in default of
$35,000 ball.
The arrest was made by Dsteotlves Von
Oeriohten and Bellley In the afternoon, at
the offioe of Hr. Wiman's aon-in-law, Nor
man S. Waller, in the Washington build
ing, No. 1 Broadway, on a bench warrant
issued by Judge Martine soon after the
grand jury bad handed down two indlot-
ments charging wiman with forgery In
the second degree.
Hr. Wiman expressed some surprise at
bis arrest, and then asked if there would
be any opportunity to get ball. He said
he ought to have a lawyer, and would like
to be represented by counsel. An effort
was made by friends to get ball late in the
afternoon, but wlthont success. Neither
did Mr. Wimsn have counsel when he was
taken to tbe general sessions by the detec
tives. As soon as it was given out that
Mr. Wiman had been arrestsd Assistant
District Attorney Llndsley made known
the complaint on which the indictments
were founded. It ia as follows:
To Hon. J. R. Fellows, district attor
ney. I beg to submit to yon for oat
official action this complaint of the firm of
R. G. Dun & Co. against Erastus Wimsn
for the crime of forgery and ask that you
send the same to the grand jury. I have
taken great pains to investigate these
charges for the purpose of satisfying my
self whether any successful explanation or
defence of them can be made and I think
yon will agree with me clearer oases, more
easily proved by reputable witnesses have
rarely, if ever, been euomittea to tbe
authorities The association known as R.
G Dun & Co. with which the defendant,
Wiman, was conneoted during the psiiod
covering the act complained of, was
formed on January 1. 1880, but Wimsn
had for many years prior to that date had
business relations with Mr. Don. Wiman
was not a partner of Mr. Dun in the usual
sense. Under the articles of association
be bad no Tight, title or interest in the
property and good will cf the business or
prohts thereof, lor wblie it was agreed
that he ahould reserve a certain percentage
of tbe profits, it was provided that he
should receive only snob sum for salary
for faithful service rendered, and that tbe
amonnt of profit ahould only be the basis
of determing tbe amount of salary. It was
also provide! in tbe articles of association
that he ahould not employ the name of R.
Q. Dun & Co. exoept in the regular busi
ness, and should not nse the name of aald
association in issuing, making, drawing or
endorsing any note, bill of exchange, draft
or other obligation, except only In endorse
ments of suon papers for tbe account of
tbe association. He also had a right to
sign firm checks for firm purposes only.
All sir. wiman's reiatiors to Mr. lion,
who was tbe sole owner of tbe business, its
assets, property of every description, good
will and pronts, were expressed in tne.ee
papers, wimsn was a salaried manager
for Hr. Dui, with such powers only as tbe
contract gave him, with additional power
to draw obecka. Tbe property of K. G.
Dan & Co was not his property in any
sense. Tbe moneys cf H. ii. Una & Co.
were not his monejs in any sense, and the
prottte ot it U. 1J an ct Uo. not bis profits.
and yet by various acta of embezzlement,
through misrepresentations, concealments,
breaches of his agreement, mlsuee of the
potters confided to him and gross usurps
tlon of powers with which he was trusted,
be snccerded daring tbe yeare 1888. 1890,
1891. 1892 and up to Febrnary, 1893, in
etima from nr. van tbe enormous sum
of $229,018 90.
Tbat sum te owes Mr. Dun to-day,
That, In view of bis relation to tbe prop
erty of Vlx. Dun whloh Wiman helped to
manage under tbe name of n. u. Dun ot
Co , he Is guilty of the crime of having em-
biczled the whole or the greater part of this
sum, 1 have little donbt.
He bas committed so many crimes tbat
tbe aelt ctlon. tor prosecution is difficult,
bat out of the loog list of Lis offentes I
bave st-leoted for presentation to you two
fnrgeti-s and t wo or more larcsnia so per
fectly clear, so easily established and so In
defensible that they will serve the par pose
of prosecution wlthont reference almost to
niher.. .In February, 1893. R G. Dun
& Co. owed upwards of ten thou
sand dollars to E. W. Bollinger,
Esq, of this city, for materials
purcnasea on tee otn or r oraary, lava.
wiman Detng in urgent stral s for money
directed the cashier of R. G. Dan tc Co. to
make ont a cbeok to tbe order of Mr. Boll
inger and instead of transmitting it to him
In patt payment of bis account deliberately
forged toe name ot a w. ualllcger on tbe
back of the check and deposited it to his
own credit In his own bank. The acoonnt
of Bollinger on the books of the firm were
debited with tbat oheok in the nsual oonrse
of time. I need hardly say that these sots
of Wiman's were wholly without the
knowledge of Mr. Dun or of any of his as
sociate! in the firm of R. G. Dnn Co.
and that since then tbey have paid to Mr.
Bollincer the sum which Mr. Wiman on
the day named appropriated by means of
forgery to his own use
A few days Detore tne tsniiinger esse
j net recited, viz., on tne ZUtn day of Janu
ary, 1893, Wiman committed another for
sery under circumstances very similar. On
that date K U Dun ot (Jo. owed the Camp
bell Printing Press company the snm of
$5,680 for two printing presses, purohased
in May, 1893. Wiman procured from tbe
cashier of R. G. Dun & Co. a oheok to tbe
order cf Ogden Brower, treasurer of the
Campbell Co , on the pretext that he de
sired to pay the account. He then went
to tne uampoeii uo. ana reuing inem mat
R. G Dun & Co. were short of funds.
asked them whether tbey would like notes
for their account instead ot eash. On Mr,
Bower acquiescing in bis proposition he
made two notes covering the amount In hia
own name and delivered them to him. He
then forged the name of Ogdsn Brower.
treasurer on the check and appropriated it
to his use. All of these faots were con
cealed from tbe knowledge of Mr. Dun or
anv associates, but tbey subsequently, on
discovering them, paid tne Uampbell com
nanv the amount ot tneir acoonnt. Mr.
Dun first learned of any of Wiman's crimes
in the latter part of February. 189S.
Neither ha nor hi assistants in B. G. Dun
&. Co. had aav insplolon of the extent of
them or of the amount emotczied by mo
That oonld onlv be ascertained by a eriU
cal examination of their books whloh haa
recently been eompteted. But in discover
ing some of them Mr. Dun, Immediately
on the 20th day of February, 1893, termi
nated hia contract with Wiman. dismissed
him from bis employ and baa never aeen
uim ainoe.
"On learning that hia crimes had been
detected Wiman offered to transfer to Mr,
Dun certain real estate interacts on Staten
Island of doubtful value, and Mr. Dun
learning that Wiman waa Insolvent re
fused to accept thm, or to receive any
rjreference over h!s other creditors. Wiman
therefore made a formal assignment far
the benefit of his creditors, but hia assets
have amounted to a'most nothing. Mr.
Dun did not submit the proof of Wiman'
o times to the author Hies on first discover;
Ins them, for several reason.
"In the first plaos he was moved by con
siderations of sympathy for Wiman's fam
ily, with whose family he had been on
terma of f iendahlp for many years, and
the Dlteoua aorale for msroy whloh Wi
man made to him. In the second place be
had no appreciation of tbe amounts of tbe
embezzlements,, nor of the length of time
during whloh he hid abased hia confi
dence and betrayed the treat reposed in
him. Tbe whole history of hia many do
ings had to be unearthed from the volum
inous records. It baa required a vast
amount of time and labor to find all the
Irregularities by whloh he succeeded In
embezzling so large a snm of money. The
whole acoonnt with the history of each
item, waa not made up until a compare
tivslv rtcentdate.
''Again Mr. Dun was led to believe by
the gross exaggeration by WimaU of the
valne of Wiman's interests in Staten Island
tbat it was possible to realize something
substantial for hia creditors, many of
whom would suffer more severely than
Mr. Dun himself, although not in so large
a aum. In view of the fraud praotioed
upon them, as well as upon himself, and
upon the conviction that a man of Wi
man's bad oharaoter ought not longer to
be allowed to masquerade as an honest
man In this oommhnlty and as an ad vise t
of youth, and out of a sense of obligation
to the mercantile world, with which he is
so closely identified, he had decided that
bis duty red aires him to expose Wiman's
oonduct and to hand him over to tbe au
thorities, tbat he may be dealt with as the
law requires."
Theie was no siguature to the forego
ing complaint, but its authorship ia cred
ited to ex-Diatriot Attorney Delancey
Tbe names of the witnesses signed
were: K U. Douglas, E W. Ualllnger,
Orfden Brower, treasurer of the Campbell
Printing company, and R G. Dun &. Co.
Un being arraigned before Judge Mar
tine Mr. Wiman was asked whether he
would furnish bail to night.
"No. sir." said Mr. Wiman. "I do not
Intend to."
Judge Martine then held htm in J25.000
ball and he waa committed to the Tombs.
Before going to j all Mr. Wiman sent a
dlpateh to hia oounsel, Benjamin F.
His Drafts Betased
BoSTOft, Feb. 21 Assurances by letter
indicate that Ferdlnando de Filllpo's bank
ing csrrespondent In Genoa, Maura.
Grammatioa & Co., have been apprleed by
cable of his creditors' nneaaineea and have
refused to honor drafta in his name.
Vessels Of All Rations In tbe Harbor
of Rio Are Seeking tbe Protection of
tbe United Statea British Sailors
Trample Their Flag In tbe Dirt.
Rio Janeiro, Feb. 21 Tbe merchant
vessels at this port are suffering extremely
for want of water beoause of the refusal of
the Insurgents to allow a water boat to go
about the bay and aupply eaoh craft with
treen water. Tbe captain of tbe British
merchantman Nysmyth made appiioatien
to the commander of a British man-of-war
f r atsUtance necessary to enable him to
obtain a supply of water and was con
temptuously refused. The merchant skip
per propts-d applying to Admiral Benham
for aid, wbeieapon the oommander of the
war vessel aneerlogly answered tbat he
might do as he ltked. The captain of 'be
merchantman then appealed to Admiral
Benham, who assigned Lieutenant Kll
bourne to guard the water boat under the
Amerloan nag.
Vessels of all nations are seeking the
protection ct tne united sta:ea flag.
Britieh ssllo a are openly cursing English
officials, who, they declare, are sacrificing
commerce to aid da Gama. Evidence of
the existing feeling in this respect is given
in the faot that at the prinolpal landtrjg
yesteraay toe oriuau nag was trampled in
the dirt by British sailors whote officers
expressed no word of disapproval of tbelr
aot, which was accompanied by cheers for
'Uncle Sim."
Pleaded Cnlliyto Embezzlement.
PHiLADKLPHiA.Feb 21. Theo. F.Baker,
former paying teller of tbe Consolidated
National bank, pleaded guilty to day be
fore Judge Butler In the United States
court to the embezzlement of $47,000 from
the bank. Biker's sentence waa deferred.
Cloae of the Convention Officers
Elected A Mew Haven Lady for
Cblef Officer.
Rockvillx, Feb. 21. The convention
of the Women's Relief corps of the de
partment of Connecticut closed this after
noon in tbe town hall with the election of
officers, which resulted a follows: Presi
dent, Mrs. Charlotte E. Wright, New Ha
ven: senior vice preeident, Mrs. Florence
Hayden of Meriden; junior vice president,
Mrs. Barber of Torrington; executive com
mittee, Emma A. Coombs of Hartford,
Mrs. Puliz of Southlngton, Mrs. Almlra
rie.den or JNew Haven; delegate-at large to
the national encampment, F. Adelaide
Sackett of Hartford ; alternates, Helen M.
Brown of New Hartford; Jennie A. An
drews of Rockville.
Tbe corps took aotion regarding the in
troduction of a flag aalute in tbe public
eohools in the a tale, and which may be
adopted In the schools. Mrs. Hammond,
the ex-prealdent, who declined re-election,
was presented with a set of silver souvenir
spoons by the ladles. This evening the
delegates left tor borne.
it was voted to bold tbe next annual
convention at Mystic. Vottd to place tbe
world s fair souvenir exhibit In tbe his
torical looms at tbe oapttol in Hartford.
He Wants Recalcitrant Demoerata
Arreeted Torn Abont Fair Play
Tuesday Republicans Were Refore
tbe Bar of the House and Rlr. Reed
Thought tbe Demoerata Should lie
Similarly Served.
Washington, Feb. 21 When the
bouee met at high noon to-day, Sergeant-
at-Arms Snow teported tbat all but seven
members were bere, or on tbelr way, ex
oept such as bad been excused and that
deputies' had been aent for the seven.
' 1 would like to know," suggested Mr,
Reed, "whether a deputy has been sent af
ter Mr. John of Cleveland. Ha appetra to
be reoalcltrtnt."
Tbe sergeant-at arma stated tbat Mr.
Johnson had been aent for.
Mr. Used further wanted to know
whether those membera who ware bere
were under arrest. On being Informed
tbat tbey were not, he desired to know
why, Inasmuch aa there bad appeared to
be no trouble yen'erday about arresting
Tbe sergeant-at arms expressed donbt aa
to bia authority to arrest members on the
floor, but tbe speaker directed him to exe
cute Ma writ and make the arrest wherever
mem bars were fonnd.
Mr. Bland aeked unanimous consent that
those membera who were present bs ex
cused, but Mr. Reed objected.
Our people were paraded before tbe bar
of the house yesterday and now we want
to see youre." I Laughter. I
Mr. Bland theo moved that tbe bouse go
into committee of tbe whole on the eelgn
iorage bill and pending tbat that all debate
be limited to ten minutes, and on tha latter
motion be demanded tbe previous question
as usual.
Mr. Bland tried in vain to get a quorum
for the consideration of bia aelgniorage
bill and finally the house adjourned until
Attain In n Trance.
Walpolu, Masa., Feb. 21. Miss Msy
Freixall, tbe story of whose five-day trance
waa published lastsammsr.and who recov
ered therefrom, became unconscious again
yesterday at noon and has lain In tbe
same kind of a trance ever sines. Her ex
tremities are cold, her limbs rigid, and her
reapiratlon aim oat Imperceptible. Her
face ia suffused with a slight iush, whloh
Is the only indication of life color abont
No Conclusion Reached.
Nxw York, Feb. 21. General Counsel
Thurston of tbe Union Paolfio road at
tended the receivers' meeting to-day. Tbe
queation of wages of employes waa under
consideration, but no conclusion
reached. There will be hearing March
29 at Omaha before J ndgea Caldwell and
Sanborn of tha United Statea circuit oonrt
on trsffio relatione between the Union Pa-
clflo and Denver and Gulf. Receiver Clark
said be saw no algna of an early Improve
ment In bnslness.
Peace la Restored.
Hahovkb, N. H., Feb. 21. Tbe recap
tnre and return of the freshman toaatmae
ter bas restored peace and made easy the
settlement of all questions that had arisen.
The sophomores, though defeated In their
efforta to hold TirriU after tbe freshman
supper, ban q netted at White River Junc
tion to-night with tha permission of tha
Tbelr Arrival la New Tark In Deatl
tate Condition Admiral a lantern's
Story of tbe Loas of tbe Old Sbl
Tbe Experience on tha Reef Net
Hone for tbe ablp.
Nxw York, Feb. 21. Tha City of Para
arrived this noon from Colon, bringing tha
officers and crew of the United 8tatea
steamer Searsarge, whloh on February S
wrecked on Roneador Beef in tha
Caribbean sea. Tha steam or on her arrival
at her pier at the foot of Canal atreet was
welcomed by a orowd of several hundred
persona eager to see the Eearaarge men.
A large American flag bnng over the peas
anger gangway and two streamers of varioua
flags attached to tbe nag pole of the dock'
shed gave further ceremonial lo the return
of the shipwrecked men. Peat-Commander
of the Kearsarge Crowlnshleld, General
John Newton, preeident of tha Columbian
line, and several other weloomed tha re
turn home ot the men.
AU were glad to return home, from the
admiral down. They ara all in a sorry
condition, so far as personal effects are
oonoeroed. On tbe steamer one half of
them were without overcoats and they
shivered In the cold. They have loat
everything except what they had on their
backs. Some had not even so much, the
scant aoparel they wore to-day belonging
to others. Lieutenant Dratnard bad on a
pair of Dr. Barnnm'a shftee. Tbe hope waa
general that oongreas would relmbnree the
Admiral Stanton, when asked, described
the wreck In there words: "We went
ashore on the evening of February 3 at
akout 7 o'clock. Tbe wind wsa blowing a
fresh trade from tbe northeast and the aea
waa very rougb. Commander Heyerman
and I were etandiog on the poop when the
vessel grounded. We knew only tbat we
were somewhere near tbe reef. Some of
ns were sure we bad passed it. At any
rate, we were In the dark, not only men
tally, but physically. It was impossible
to see tbe breakers, and they, being to tbe
windward, were not audible to ns. Tbe
steamer strusk easily, and it was at first
supposed tbat we would get off without
dlffioulty. One half of our people were
on deck at tbe time. All were immediate
ly put to work. But the ship began to roll
very much, and to prevent all of na from
being spilled out the foretopmaat Waa cat,
whtob carried away the malntopmast and
broke tbe main top sail yard in two. It
soon became evident that it was all up with
the ship, although ahe did not leak for
several hours. We all stayed on board,
however, during the night, preparing
rafts, cutting away masts and sali, and
making other preparations for departure.
No one was hurt seriouely, only two men
being bruised. At break of day we launched
our catamaran and begaa transferring tbe
crew to th4 Kay.' The launching waa f-
fetsted In a heavy surf with difficulty and
only eight men oonld be taken at a time.
A rope from tbe steamer to tbe 'K.y guid
ed the catamaran. It waa not until 2
o'clock that ths last of us ltf i the steamer.
Commander Heyerman waa the last to go
nn the 'Kay,' wbton, by tbe way, is l.suui
300 feet iu area. We put up tents from an
old awning thtt we took along, and dog a
well, for we eouid take only KUU gallons of
water with us. We lived Iu tbe beat way
we oould. Tbe men caught fish and blrde
and we bad plenty of fluur and plcklea
from tbe steamer.
"The day we landed at tbe 'Kay' tbe sail
ing launch of the steamer wss fitted out to
go to OM Providence to give news of our
plight. Lieutenant Brstnard wsa put in
charge. He bad with him eight seamen
and Naval Cadet Stltt. Old Providence is
eighty miles away, and it was intended
that Lieutenant Bralnard ahould proceed
from ther.es etui on the launoh to Colon
He took a email schooner, however, at Old
Providence. While awaiting bia return
with assistance several tripe were made to
the Kearsarge. The hull waa examined,
and most damage waa found to bs near the
boilers. The hull was pretty well kocoked
out. The steamer when last seen was well out
of water,ltlugin water only seven feet deep;
she drawa fifteen feet. She Ilea diagonally
across the reef. We were proceeding under
full steam and sail, and were making eight
miles an honr when the ahlp ettuck.
The Para came to ns on Saturday, Feb
ruary 10, at 9:30 o'clock in tbe morning,
and we were relieved to aee her."
Commander Heyerm-n'e story waa prac
tically tbe same as that of Admiral Stan
ton. His waa tbe only watch that did not
stop becaure of tbe wetting tbat the men
received in trying to land from a catama
ran. In consequence great care waa ob
served to e e tbat tM watch was kept
Lieutenant Bralnard aald tbe wind and
the ourrent were responsible in the main
for the lot s of toe ahlp.
Nkw Londox, Feb. 21. Admiral Stan
ton, TJ. S. N., who returned on the City of
Para, which brought the crew of tbe
wrecked corvette Kearsarge to day, arrived
here at 8:10 this evening. His daughters
and son-in-law met him at the station and
the party prooeeded directly to Admiral
Stanton's home.
Commodore najo Has Poaled Hia
w Ife, W bose Family la Well Known
In Tbla State She Will Sna for Di
Washington, Feb. 21. Washington so
ciety is excited ovr an advertises e it in
eerted in the local pspers by Commodore
William K-njon Mayo (retired) declaring
that hia wife, Jennie Elton Stevens Mayo,
haa voluntarily deserted his home, bed and
board .and warning all persons not to trust
her. He announces that he will dishonor
all bills contracted by her, and will not, In
any wise bs responsible for ber eonduot.
(Join model e Mayo marriage here two
winters ago was a social sensation He
was seventy years old and hia wife barely
twenty five. Her family, who are well
known iu Connecticut, were violently op
posed to the matoh. A splendid reception
was given to introduce tue bride.
Lees (ban a week ltter Mrs. Mayo mys
teriously disappeared and baa not aires
been eeen It waa learned tbat she had
fce?n plated In a private sanitarium in Con
necticut. One story waa tbat ahe was on
the verge of lunacy; another tbat. aie waa
suffering from nervous prostration.
It Is nodei stood tbat Mrs. Mayo was re
leased from tbe sanitarium about three
months ao and refused to return to the
commodore. It ia a'd Mrs. Mayo will
commence proceedings for divorce and
everyone is wondering upon what grounds
she will bring suit.
They Were Suspected of Treaaon
Iluudreds Dying of Vellow Fever
Admiral da (itni Is eaSTerlng
Buesos Avres, Feb. 22. A dispatch
from Rio Janeiro says:
Three cf&oers suspected of treason bava
been shot at Santos. Hundreds are dying
dally of yellow fever.
. Utter dated Kio, February lb, eaya
tbat Admiral da Gama la suffering keenl
from the wounde received in tbe storming
of Armacao. His condition is ssld to be
very serious. Admiral da Alcalen baa
taken command of tbe insurgent faroee in
tbe harbor, who have been red need to auv
irjrs. J. miner of Hhelton Drank Soma
of the Poison In the Grand Union
Hotel at New fork and Died at Bel-
levue Hospital Thla BIornlnaT.
Nxw York, Feb. 22. Mrs. J. Miner,
sgei thirty-three, of Shelton, Conn., took
a doee t f laudanum in the Grand Union
I hotel laat night with aulcidal intent. 8he
wae removed to Bellavue ho-pltal, where
she died at 12:50 this morning.
The woman reached tbe hotel at 10
o'clock last night. While she was rrgta
terlrg she appeared to be laboring under
severe mental strain. She waa unaccom
panied and had no baggage. Her motive
in taking her Ufa Is unknown. She was
handsome and well dressed.
Biz Fire In Wateranrv.
Watxowuby, Feb. 23 A big fir broke
ont tbla morning at 2 o'cloak In th big
dry goods establishment of Oonlan Bros,
on Exchange place and situated In tha
hsart of the buaineaa oentar of the
city. Soon after tbe alarm waa
rung the building was enveloped
in flames. The flames are making rapid
progress and it la feared tbat the buildings
adjacent will be destroyed. Tbe firs waa
burning so Bereely at W tbat s general
alarm waa rung in bringing all tbe firs ap
paratus In the olty to tbe scene.
Flvs Anarchists Arrested.
Paris, Feb. 21. Five anarchists were
arrested to-day on suplolon of having
caused an explosion In Avenue Saint On en.
The explosion waa attributed to tha die-
charge of a bomb, bnt it waa subsequently
learned that It was ceased by the Ignition
of gas.
Fatrelanen Will Indalce In No Mora
Jobs Tbe Pension Fnnd Under
Tbe polios eommlsaioners mat last even
ing, but no retirements or promotions
were made. All ths eommlsaioners ware
present. Tbe entire seaelob was of tha
"atar ohsmter" order and onca again the
representatives of the preat w:ra excluded
from the meeting.
Patrolmen John Stanford, Owen Daley,
John H. Moon and William Oollett ap
peared before the board to explain their
connection with a joka perpetrated on Ser
geant Cook several nights ainoe. On the
night In question 8ergeant Cook waa pa-
troUIng the atresia in hia elllien'a hat.
ring left his sergeant's cap at beadquar
teia on aoconnt of the rain. Patrolman
Daley for Joke sent his cap out to blm
by Offioer Stanford, but the sergeant did
not take the matter aa a joke and the mat-
tor was brouabt to ths attention of tha
At last night's meeting rctrounan vajey
exonerated Patrolman Stanford and tbe
other offioera from all blame in the matter.
None of tbe officers were reprimanded, but
it was thought best to permit no mote lev
ity, and Patrolman Daley was compliment
ed on his straightforwardness in owning
np to the charge.
Tbe meeting waa especially caned ior
the ti sate of tbe pension fund to con
sider finances. It waa reported tbat there
waa $15,000 of the police reserve fond in
vested lo school bonds and about $6,000 in
rab on band, and it waa voted to Invest
$5,000 of thla amount In school bonds,
making a total of $30,000 so Invested.
It waa voted to have tfce minutes of tbe
several mestings since 1S91 bound in bock
Tbe following supernumeraries were ap
pointedThomas H. Bright, Dennis M.
Ahern, John Hanrahao, Edward J. While
and John McQueeney.
Two well dressed youths, who claimed
Springfield as their home, applied to Officer
Martin laat evening for lodging and stated
tbat they left Springfield a week ago with
$10, and went to New York to enlist In
Uncle Sam'a navy. Tney failed to both
get in and tbey then did New Vork "on
the Bowery," and were now walking back
home. Tbey were given a lodging and thla
morning will continue on their journey.
Both are under twenty yeare f age.
A colonial tea and tableaux will be given
n the Baptist cburch parlors this evening.
Tbe tea at 6:30 and tableaux at 8 o'clock.
The Simpson Nickel company and Malt-
by, Stevens & Curtis Co. 'a works closed
laat night until Monday morning
There will be good skating on the lake
to day If tbe anow doea not come.
Tbetexperance bowling alley w li be
open to the publlo at 2 o'clock tbia after
noon with free lunch this evening.
While the employee cf the raleieg room
at tbe nickel ebop escaped the 10 per cent.
rednoiion the otber employes in tbe factory
noder Contractor Parker had to accept tbe
10 per cent, reduction.
Judge Hubbsrd will attend tbe meeting
and banquet of the Sona of the Ameiioan
Revolution in Bridgeport to day.
Mis L. M. Hnbberd will go to wnora
ham, Hats., to-day to vtelt ber eon, Sam,
who ia attending tbe academy.
One of Postmaster- lect Jones' friends
remarked yesterday after reading tbe re
suit of the election in Pennsylvania, that
it waa lucky for George tbat the presiden
tial election waa te'.d in lt toeteaa oi
The new bowling alley under the tem
perance headquartera la unsurpassed in tbe
Tbe poetoffice bonrs to dsy will be from
8 to 12 The lobby will te open for bcx-
boldera from 0:30 to ?
The Metropolitan Rubber company's fac
tory will be olosed to day.
W. H. Newton ia visiting bia former
home In Vermont.
D L Barber will ins all tbe officers of
the U. R , K of P., in PlanttvUle this
Two of the Ramblers took in tbe Con
cordia maequeradetn Bridgeport laat even-,n8-
"Mikado" will bs given bere abont tbe
middle of May.
The eond'.tlan of Hon. Samnel Simpson
yesterday wsa more favorable, although be
1 In a critical condition.
Tbe schools will be closed lo day.
S. P. Rlcharda was report- d aa critically
IU yesteiday with paresis.
Tbe borongh offioera failed to get together
a quorum Tneaday evening and adjourn d
until Tuesday evening, alarcb l.
Tae uapreceoeotee ami of lor. Ball s
eyrao provokes cometltios: oat tue
cling to Or. Bull's Oouga Syrup.
A Fasrlnallnc Conalrr.
Travel la Mex'co baa peculiar faeclna-
tiona. Scenery, people, civilization and
climate are alike novel to vloltora from the
United Statea. The etch's of that strange
country can te eeen to the best possible
advantage In connection witn Maeara Kty
mond & Whltcomb'rt excursion parties, of
wh'cb one more will go out tb'.s Beaton,
leaving Boston Marca 13 The entire
journey ie to be made in a rpeclal Pullman
veetlbuled train, witn a dlnmg car. xne
tourists will visit all tbe principal places
of interest in Mexico, and after ncroeelng
tbe K'o Qrande many of tbtm will make
tbe round of California A descriptive
book may be obtained without charge of
Raymond Whllcomb, 216 Washington
atreet, Boston.
Worn Out Faces fX
Rejuvenated "Jr
to year' pr7iotlil eAiM'tlenfe
removing' wrlpSlna. flUtna wit
hollow rbrkJs.r-formlaft oomc
earaand moolbft. Allaklnbtom.
Uhao1 detormttlMaad I heir
tfMfmettl er-rib4 and Illus
trated la a lb pa book aent
at alcd to any addicts for 1 cla.
John H. Woodbury
Derrr-.tological Institute,
CMahlishcd I 70. 1 25 W. 42d St.. N.Y.
Woodbury's Facial 5oap for the Skin.
Scalpand CompleatoB. J cakes, at.OO. at
Druggists everywhere.
mip,ht fail v.-hrrc err? do" of pain
Killer "vouH sacocrU. if ou have
a courIi or cold t-r miy oiiicr winter
ctimi!::!!lt. try i'ain Kiilrr ul o::re.
It ticv-r f.!i!.ii-i civs i.:-4.i3l rriir-f.
Are created by worry.
What is the use of
worry ing about wh at
New Furniture and
Carpets you want ?
You may have your
choice of the very
brightest and best
new patterns at low
est prices in tnefataie
for cash or on easy
Drop in and see us !
P. J. KELLY & CO.,
firtii InssL Chirc. Strut.
on cans m Word etneM i
va etenta a War far n tmSt
(aarven tlasas.)
WO rood emtennea far State: nombatax-
L ptrkand eat! I horadav a. aa.
raitt OKO. DsLaKCV. Ke Ravea Be
A POSinOJI asbaokkeefoerbysyeaasladr,
ll ccrwrrsexwd : rrBcw. Address
fail, BOOK KEEPER, 1X4 Frank! at.
APTTDATtO by a Utaroerulr competes t
trial to do lend ijouseaora ia aa si il
oaa family ; best of city Mnwm c&II at
fgn aasooLCMBi s avenuk.
erTCATTOS by a ftaredtaa arl to do arc oof
work le a privateVamtiy. laarulre at
AsrrCATIOS to do second arerk ; said
city refers oca. Inquire
m ltt 74 POCT STREHT.
ATOUKO mis irlUi acme keowlnde of loot
ma ror, to act aa aadataat smpertateadMt
tn small stop I CfltM be quick aad aUInf
wore bard ; pay la small, wiia opfMrtuatty for
taklas IscnaiaS reepoaalbiltty : aoae aeed apply
wno oaaaot briar srod reoawaasSaUoas or
habile aed cha-acter. Address as below, atatina
pay wasted aed quaiiA-wiioea r n usa d for tAa
poarlloSL rstrf PHCET WETAL. Bos 7M.
AOEKTLEMAJI wbo will aril ia Kew Btna
Uao Fid -Illy Pemetual Record, watch a
jut out. Address Cor partjrnlani. I.. T V..
i-i r. to. pox v. iity.
APITOATION by aa aavrlm mms to oo
Bouaework for a email family or eeooad
w.rk. r-Jl a AdJrm K.tblacrfSW.
AroSl riON by aa eorrnrteooed auras to lata
-reol aa lnt-.lt t : t-iiyrefe-wnoea Addrtas
CrrtTTllNS for best help MRS.Bs.BS.
I last
I JS Court mt.
BY a Protestant woman. atuarioa la do
eookJns le a boardlew huee or botes, ctty
or country. I nave aiao a youas rrorteetaat flrl
for I'jrht work, ao-1 a atmlr at aloe apfteanea
uoeroet traced Irish alrls who will fro tato the
N j long expeneaoe will enable sne to auu yon.
Hart holorow.
Bowditch Bultdlwr.
BEST servants. Ladles steading bwip shoe Id
call bere. There Is bo otber way yon oaa
do as well. We haws beea eatabUabed bereyaaret
know aed supply all the beet- Help tor any ktaa
of work eaa always be secured bere. we awe
jodirmewt. oararully enter-tins only those (has win
do the work raautred. rieew? afflor. bast XeaUt.
ties and largest buotneiw ta Nw entrliaitd.
siLt lao l a r..-t I SUt.M'I,
dlT rn Chapel atiee.
,WK) ta 9 1 0.OOO to Loan,
"N flitt mont-ece. 5 per cent.
flStf 116Ctiurch etrwet
XOVA (Hcotia sprnce pHtec;, ell Ifwrtns susd
aiz on band ; aJao iach and atip atera.
Inquire of A. C. Merrill, m' baxla fo'tof llamil
ton street i H JO-S I OOOnRlCH.
AVOC.tl.mj, la handtome Mark walnut
caw. with twn manuals end nedat astacb-
m-riL. wutiable for ennrrh oa ; SfiM- Aoply to
ti; 71 E. M . room S. No. a Kim street.
Antinne (.roost.
HOCRrTH'LD good, carpmm. etc : mrge
stionn-aL M M.UJKYft.
If A FEET of land on Camel atreet : cheap
IU for caab: will he divided to eait par-
cbaiwr. Attdrrss fli Tt BOX MS. Crty.
Fresh Codfish.
TTADDOCK. eel. -neJ'. fresh herring with
I A eyes open, nice nvstrra. late rtsooes.
G. ll.Gidney,
;97 Chapel
AnlfWMal terth tVOO a ftrt and upward. Tweth
extracted 2c. Special aiteotioa givea to the
n, nM .arntw r f rw ntunrtu t n
Removal Sale.
On account cf re mo rat
to oar new quarters,
No. 882 Chapel street,
we shall offer the stock
in our present store
for the next 30 days at
SI 6 Chapel Strcil
Still Wines :
Our stock contains OLD and
MATURED native wines ONLY
prices not quoted in com
petition with the grades of
these wines generally offered.
Sold by
Single bottle
Hoen bottles
the gallon-
5Dio gaff & gon
Established 111.
ThuiKlay Kt-rht. Feb.
Waahlntrlco- BMhdar.
Th. Otialat nomedl.B KttJJK OOI.l jTP
And an I'eext-elled rornpesy la TBE FX SSI-
CST cm . u rarcaoai eaiertaiesoeaui.
la a Sew Harness.
Sale of rests open Tueeday.
Friday Eveoinit. February ta,
Otis SlsJ.razier,
Modjeokaa .... Portia
Ot Skioner as ... Shrlock
Bale of seats opens wtaneaaay. las
Raturdav. Feb St. Afternoon and Evealnsr.
W. S. Cleveland's Minstrels,
Allied with the
K tiro pears Vetadevillrs.
Great, Oread. Gor-reooe Oil t" M HI S drat part,
All She nlssatrel notables.
Sale ot seats opens Tnarwd.y. ta t
IIO.NDAY (One Msht). FKB. 8S.
. T-rr!iM i "THS VAGABOND,"
MORRIS "Muses."
Produce) -rtth an eneelle-t cast,
and complete detail.
Sale of aeets opene Friday rtast
Tbunday. Friday. Saturday. Febrnary ti, St, tt
special Holltfay Mstinee WaidiJnrtoaJ Blrta
Uy, Matinees Friday aaa tMUiirday,
Mosday, TueeAey, WedeessUv. Fafcr'y
atatioees Tneaday, Wedaeaaay.
Week ressaaasssrlaLa; Rs4ar, rh, 1 .
TUt? D1VC Aed aa sieaojnalsa1 array of
J lib n&Iu specialty ao-uata.
Open daily froai 1:SS tot:SS and ? to li a aa.
AeWssdoa toe.
Tk'rd ud List loirei Hsiicili
Desafr-Triol wjkCon?ertCo.
T llh the assist wee of Mr SAM SAXPORb
of bridceport. at
Tirketa at 8teiaerta Musae Store aad The
rieanaoar-TrooaVwyK School ot Music Ko. THl
Chapel street. fast

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