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Vol. LXII.
Monday, March 5, 1894.
Worn Out Faces CoT'tioa
Rejuvenated IPS?
' so years practical experience
removing wrinkle, filling out
hollow cneesxre-xorming noses,
earl and mouths. All akin blem
ishes and deformities and their
treatment described and Illus
trated In a iso-pase book sent
sealed to any address for 10 eta.
John H. Woodbury
Dennatological Institute,
Established 1870. 1 W. 424 St., N.Y.
Woodbury's Facial Soap for the Skin,
Scalp and Complexion. 3 cakes, 91.00, at
Druggists everywhere.
We are now prepared to
show a complete line of
Mantels in all woods and
shades of finish Oak.
Cherry, Birch, Sycamore.
etc., etc., etc.
We have an endless variety of (hades
and sizes of the plain tiles. Also the latest
Art Designs in Embossed Tile.
Call and see them.
Furniture and Mantel Co.
Prices Low and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Orders left at
BRADLEY A DANN'8, 400 state Street,
ROB'T VETTCH BON'S, 97 Chapel Street,
LIN8LEY, BOOT & CO. '8, 33 Broadway,
Will receive prompt attention. F. O. Address
Box 855. Telephone 425 12
v us i Nr..
At all times should a sick person
have the best of care. At no time
should more be exercised than
during the period of recovery the
time of convalescence.
Strength is needed then. That
is given by the food eaten, that is
if it digests well. Notice how the
doctor inquires about how the food
agrees with the patient. Agrees
means digests. The genuine
Johann Hoff s Malt kxtract helps
ion; is so palateable. That s
the reason so frequently the only
malt extract given is Johann
Hoff's. It invigorates and tones
without exciting the system. A
verv refreshing beverage. Insist
upon the genuine.
See that signature "Johann Hoff "is on
the neck label, none genuine witnout tnis.
Eisner & Mendelson Co., Sole agents, 152
and 154 Franklin bt,, Mew xoric
854 dispel Street.
Special Sale
This Week
Dongola Button
$1.69 for $1.19.
"Penny wise and Pound
foolish" are those who think
it economy to use cheap rosin
and soda soaps, or washing
powders of any kind, instead of
the good old Dobbins' Elec
tric Soap ; for sale by all gro
cers since 1869, and used dur
ing all that time by millions
of intelligent economical wo
men who know its merits and
therefore use it All who use
it praise it- as he best, cheap,
est, and most economical soap
made, but if you will try it,
even just once, it will tell a
much stronger tale of its mer
its itself. Ask your grocer
for Dobbins .Electric boap
take nothing else.
UNSCRUPU- men make cheap
s VaVs imitations of the
LOUS beat articles;
other nnsorapn-
ioaa men seek to palm them off on their
customers as the genuine, for the sake of
ww sncunonai profit made by tne deceit.
Then are lota of imitations of Dobbins'
Eectrio Soap. Every one of them will
rain and rot clothe. See that our name
la on every wrapper.
Successors to L I. Oragin & Co.,
Philadelphia. Pa
fTo 10 2 1 0 14 CHAPEL ST.
a aV
Judges Studies- and Hotebklss Bui
Down Tbelr Decision in the natter
The Petitioner Advised to Carry
tne Question to tbe Superior Court.
In the oommon pleas court Saturday af
ternoon Judges Studley and Hotchklts
handed down their decision in the matter
of the citizens petition for action on the
nolle practice. The decision in full is as
Niw Havxn, March 2, 1894.
John W. AUlng. Esq., and other Petition
Sirs An answer would have been made
earlier had not your attorney, Judge Hun.
ger, by tne nse ot language which appear
ed to be discourteous, given us .to under-
tana that we were not expected to consid
er tne petition or to answer it.
Since the hearing we have become as
sursd not only that bis lanauaoe did not
have the sanotion of the petitioners, but
also that the petition wai presented and
tne neanns asked tor, so far as yon, tne
petitioners, were concerned. In Rood faith.
we tnerexore reel it to oe onr auty to give
you an answer.
In statins onr conclusions we feel that
we shall be better understood if we first
arlve yon a statement of certain matters
which appear to preclude ns from the
right to act, and therefore render it use-
it ss for us to proceed further in the Inves
When the criminal side of the court of
common pleas was established, it was pro
vided by statute that the court should ap
point a prosecuting attorney, find that the
powers and duties of the attorney be the
same as those of the state's attorneys in
the superior court. We find that the
powers and duties of the said state's at
torneys are only in part defined by stat
ute. With reference to his power to
nolle cases upon the payment of money
(which is the matter now in ques
tion), we find that by a long
oontinned and universal practice a
custom has grown np which has
become well established In the oourts,
and that by virtne of that onstnm the said
attorneys appear to have the right and the
power to settle cases in that manner. We
also find that the legislature has apparent
ly recognized this practice, by providing
that state's attorneys shall annually make
a report to the comptroller, among other
things, of the oases so settled. Appealed
cases, which are the only ones brought to
the criminal side of tbe court of oommon
pleas, were, prior to tbe establishment of
the eald court, and now are in all bnt three
counties, taken to the superior court. In
that conrt, at the time when the oonrt of
common pleas first came into existence,
state's attorneys exercised the right (and
they ever since have exercised it). In their
discretion, to nolle appealed and other csb
es upon tbe payment of money.
Under all or tne circumstances we coma
not well presume otherwise than that the
legislature had such custom in view when
It passed the said statute in regard to the
powers and amies ot tne prosecating at
torney of the court of common pleas. If
this presumption is well founded, then we
think it must appear that tbe prosecuting
attorney has the power to settle cases in
the manner referred to, and that tbe legis
lature intended both that he shonld hare
the power and that he shonld exercise it.
The question now presented by yon is
not a new one to ns. for it came np for
consideration at the time when thus court
was first organized.
The indies then came to the conclusion
and advised the prosecuting attorney that
it was bis lesal duty to follow the practice
of the state attorneys and it appears to us
that he has consolentionsly exorotsed the
powers and dnties of his office in accord
ance with snch advice and in a lawful man
As the law now stands, we are of the
opinion that, if the powers and duties of
the state attorneys shonld be enlarged or
a' ridged, thereupon the powers and duties
of tbe prosrcntine attorney would oe in
creased accordingly.
Therefore we renew the suggestion that
you take your suggestion to the honorable
judges of the superior court, and we be
lieve that if they will consider your claims
and render their decision thereon, whether
it be that tbe practice in question is wholly
or in part wise or unwise, or whatever it
may be, it will have the effect of determin
ing last what the powers of state and pros
eating attorneys are in settling casep, and
relieve them from embarrassment and un
merited criticism, and also of satisfying
public opinion. (signed)
John P. Studley,
Hob art L. Hotchkiss,
Judges of Conrt of Common Fleas.
Depew at tbe Kent Club.
Cbauncey M. Depew will addreea tie
members of t' e Yale Kent club in this city
Thursday evening next. His Bubjeot will
be "Kecent Views of Europe."
Rubber Sbop to Sbut Down.
The L. Candee oompany rubber factory
will within a few days close down for an
indefinite period in consequence of the
ovcrstcckt d condition of the market.
New Steamer at No. 7's House
The new steamer at No. 7's house will
be pnt into commission this week, and the
following changes to fill the positions
opened by the use of the new steamer have
been made by Chief Kennedy: Samuel A
Nash, who was stoker of No. 2 company.is
to ba tbe engineer; Philip H. Bellly, who
has been driver of No. 8 hose company,
has been appointed driver and is now in
charge; George H. Allen, No. 2 hosemen,
has been appointed stoker. The position
in No. 8's oompany made vaoant by Reilly
will be filled by G. J. Snllivan, now cf No
7. Beilly, on his departure from 8's, waa
the recipient of a fine demonstration of af
fection from the boys, and a horseshoe was
thrown after him for good luok.
Kenny's Policy Sbop Raided.
Frank Kenny of 78 Wallace street was
arrested Saturday by Deteotlve Sergeant
Dennehy and looked up, charged with
keeping a policy shop. He was snbse-
qnentlv released under bands ot saw tar
nished" by M. Kahn. He will be tried in
the oity court this morning.
Court Criminal
Side Jodie
William H. Driecoll, Connecticut school
for boy 8 complaint, discharged; Miohael
Pachter, theft, oontinned until March 10;
Herman Soharmonitz, breach of the peace,
same; Solomon Meyers, same, nolle; Sarah
Meyers, same, same; Walter 8. Davis, $1
fine and $5 43 costs; Kestln W. Coats,
same, same; William D. Kelly, drunk,
judgment suspended; Edward McShara,
same, thirty days In jail; same, breach of
the peaoe, same; Thomas Hunt, diuck, $2
fine, $5 43 costs; Robert W. Jerolman,
tneft, nolle; James J. Kane, breach of the
peace, $5 fine; John Connell, same, same.
Court Notes.
In the oity court Saturday the oharge of
theft against Bobeit W. Jerolman of the
annex waa nolled, as theL Candee Rubber
oompany did not care to prosecute.
The March term of the common pleas
oourt, criminal side, comes in to morrow
morning and will immediately adjourn un
til the following Monday, when it-is prob
able the DeLadson case will be taken up
ror trial.
The defanlt by the oity of the case of
Sargent & Co. against Tax Collector Theo
dore Tuttle, because no one appeared to
represent the defendant will not scand,Cor
poratien Counsel Drlccoll having secured
its restoration to the docket.
Ralph M. Hooker of this oity, who was
formerly editor of the Baal testate ttecord,
baa been granted a divorce from his wife,
Theodora A. Hooker. The qneation of the
custody of the ohild is still undecided.
His Funeral in Bridgeport Yester
dayYale medical School Bepren
The late Stiles H. Whiting of Bridgeport
waa the senior member of his class of '95
in the Yale medical school, and the first
student in that department In about twenty
years to die before completing hla eonrae of
His fellow students at the Yale medical
school took aotion at a meeting of the olass
of '95. Resolutions of sympathy were
adopted, and the class voted to wear
badge of mourning for thirty days. A del
egation from the school attended the fu
neral, which waa held yesterday in Bridge
port. Messrs. House, ircynn, Lawbongb,
Sheenan,Brookett and Gtlhuley officiated as
honorary pall bearers. The Bridgeport
board of charities attended the obse
quies, also the attaches of the Emergency
hospital. The services were held at the
Vniversallst ohnrch.
. at. Patrick's Day.
Rt. Bev. Miohael Tlerney, bishop of the
B. O. diocese of Hartford, has issued or-
ders directing every parish In the diocese to !
observe the fiftieth anniversary of the dio- ;
eese, March 17, St. Patrick's day.
Public Exhibition In tbe X. SI. C. A.
"3ym Service. In tbe Chnrenes
Death of Mrs. Wlllard luTallorr Im
portant Streets to be aprlnkjed Ro
bert's Decease.
Tbe second public exhibition of the phy
sical .lass of the Fair Haven Y.H.O.A. was
given in the gymnasium last Saturday to a
large and appreciative audience, three of
tne r air uaven pastors being present.
The large olass and the audience complete.
ry filled the gymnasium, so that many were
unabled to gain admittance. Under the
instruction of George L. Bnlst the class
has made rapid improvement, as shown
by the excellent work done by the class
and by Individual members, which brought
out frequent applause by the audience,
Several young men handed in their names
for membership at the close of the exhibi
tion. It is planned to give a public exhibit
onoe a month in the future.
On Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
Judge L. P. Deming will give an illustrat
ed talk, and "Scenes and Incidents of
Traveler" will be the subjeot. New views
will be used showing tbe various scenes
visited by the judge in our own country
and in Central America. Secretary Steele
will operate the lime-light lantern, ana an
enjoyable evening Is promised to all who
attend. Ladles will be welcomed if they
will bring a gentleman with them. Ad mis
sion free. I
The communion service held in the
Grand avenne Congregational ohuroh yes
terday afternoon was more largely attend
ed than ever before. Nine persons were
received into the membership.
Jr. U. KranBe of the Kale seminary, ad
dressed the Y. If. 0. A. meeting yesterday
afternoon. The talk was listened to with
great Interest by the large number present,
In three of tbe churches yesterday, the
communion service was observed and there
were large additions to the memberships.
There was an unusually large attendance at
the East Pearl street M. E. ohnroh in the
morning. After an address by the pastor
.Rev J. H. Hand, twelve persons were received
on probation and eight by letter. There
was also another large attendance at the
Grand avenue Baptist church, where six
teen persons were given the right hand of
fellowship by tbe pastor, xiev. Dr. Sage.
The first publio meeting of tbe Congre
gational Brotherhood of the Second ohnrch
held in that church last evening.
There was a specially printed service, with
short sermon by the pastor on "The Ninety
and Nina" and special muslo by the choir,
and all under the direction of the brother
The body of William Pryor, the man who
was killed in the Shore Line cnt abont ten
days ago by a q nantity of rock f ailing on
him, was taken in charge by relatives Sat
urday. James Degoan, a brother-in-law
of the deceased, took the remains to Wor
oeater for burial.
The schooner James G. Beecber of the
Hansoom fleet, now at Providence.received
only sixty-two cents per ton ccal freight
irom rniiaaeipma.
U. 11. (Jon way naa refitted his drnz store
at tne corner ot urand and Blatohley ave
nues and put In a large and Improved mar-
Die soaa fountain weighing over 3.UUU
Hngo Bnbsrg of 371 Lombard street,
who was iniured by a buzz saw at Leue-
ban's casket factory in River street, Thurs
day, died at the hospital Saturday.
Elizabeth, widow ot the late Wlllard
Mallory, died at Baltimore on Friday at
the age of seventy -nine years. The remains
will be brought here this afternoon on the
Colonial express and the f nneral services
will be conducted at the Second Congrega
tional church to-morrow at 11 a. m. The
deceased was a daughter of the late
D wight Davidson of East Haven and she
resided in that town and in Fair Haven
until in the sixties, wbea she removed to
Baltimore, whloh has since been her home,
exoept that she came here to spend each
summer, She leaves two sons D. li.
Mallory of Baltimore being one of them,
Superintendent Doyle fays that Grand
avenne and Eiet Chapel street will be
sprinkled the coming eeaeon by the road
The illustrated lecture on "The White
City," to be given in the rooms of the Sons
ot Temperance, Central hall bnildicg, this
evening under tbe au.picea of the W. C,
T. U., should ba atteiidad oy a large audi
ence. Many fine views will be exhibited
and explained. The admission is 25 and
15 cents.
The mud digger is again at woik at
Stevens' dock Increasing the depth of wa
ter so that vessels of larger draft can oome
to tne dock.
County Health Officers.
At the meetiog of the connty health offi
cers in this city Saturday th9 following
were present: William A. King of Willi -
mantle, Isaac A. L?et of Stafford Springs
W. S. Judge of Litobfield, J. C. Chamber
lain of Bridgeport, W. W. Beaman of Mid
dletown, Daniel A. Matkbam of Hartford,
Charles M. Thayer of Middletown, and C.
E Hoadley of this city. The questions
ciecussea were tne necessity tor a more
nntform system of plumbing and the
placarding of houses where there is con
tagious disease. It was thought to be best
to nave a physician placard such houses,
report to the county health officer, the lat
ter to remove It when deemed best.
Nlntb Rehearsal To-nleht Sale of
Seats to Open Tuesday morning;
Sometblne About miss mary Louise
Clary, the new American Contralto
Seven men In Line Last Nlebt.
The ninth rehearsal of the Gounod so
ciety will take plaoe this evening at Har
monic hall at 7:45. The following card has
been sent to all members:
1 he three remaining rehearrals for "The
Hessian" will o-cur as follows: Monday. March
5, 7:45 p m.; Thursday, March 8, (extra) 7:45 p.
m,; and Monday, March 18,7:45 p.m. Note the
extra rehearsal for Thursday, March 8, made
neoessary by tbe succession of stormy Mondays
Every moment of these rehearsals will be needed
to properly prepare u. for the concert on March
13. It Is of the utmost importance that every
member shall make a special effort to be present
at these rehearsals, putting aside other engage
ments. Come, no matter whit tne weather may
do. jreroraer, -inenoara or uovernmenc.
The sale of seats will begin to-morrow
morning at 9 o'clock for both afternoon
and evening performances. Purchasers
are entitled to buy ten seats for each per
formance. With Miss Blauvelt as soprano,
Mies Olary as contralto, Mr. Daviea
tenor, Mr. Bushnell as basso, and a select
orchestra from Boston's best musicians,
better production of the "Messiah" could
not be asked for. The chorus this year le
evenly balanced and harmonizes perfectly,
Its work will be only of the beet.
One year ago Mies Marv Louise Clarv.
ths new Amerioan oontralto who will take
part in the "Messiah," made her debut in
New York with Walter Damroech and the
Oratorio society in Saint Saen'a "Samson
and Delilah." At that time it was said by
all the leading critics and bv Damroach
himself that she was the possessor of the
most remarkably beautiful and powerful
oontralto voice that has been heard in this
oountry since tbe days of Annie Loutee
Cary, and that a remarkable future waa In
store for ner.
Scarcely a full season has relapsed since
tnen and yet to day she Is regarded on
every hand as the great and coming con
tralto or tms oountry.
Miss Clary's appearance is as superb and
at unique as her voioe,and it has undoubt
edly aided greatly in her rapidly increasing
success. She is a Kentuoky girl, a native
vl ixiuutuio ana a qneen even among her
queenly southern slaters. Tall and as fine
ly moulded in form as a Grecian atatne,
she is at the same time a marked brunette,
strikingly dark in hair and eyes, but with
a skin that is aazzungiy fair.
"All in all," as the Louisville Courier-
Journal said after her last appearance in
that city, "Miss Clary, In the judgment of
many, bids fair to become to muslo what
Mary Anderson waa to the drama." And
this from Louisville is the perfection of
Her artistic career, although so short,
has been extraordinarily successful. She
studied in New York for three years be
fore making her debut as Delilah. After
her successful Interpretation of that role.
Damroech waa very enthusiastic in his
oongratnlationa. "Keep on as yon hare
begun," he amid to ner, "and yon will be
come the best singer we have ever had
one of the greatest in the world."
The first man took his place in line yes
terday afternoon, and by evening he waa
joined by six more, for the long wait until
to-morrow morning.
Reorganised .
The Dayville Woolen oompany has been
reorganized. The stock la held by Con
gressman Charles A. RuSFell, Frank Ben-1
nett and Charles Bond. The capital is
Burylnu- the Old Soldiers.
The number of old soldiers buried by
B tato ta 1893 exPene ' 35 each
were 127. Headstones were erected for 144
veterans at an expense of $15 each.
A Special Town and Borouarb meat
inc Factory Interests Tbe Biggins
Company Pension Say An Aged
Veteran's First View of an Electric
Car That Much-Abused Doc The
Ramblers' Club.
A special town and borough meeting Is
sailed for Thursday evening to take action
on the abatement of taxes asked for by tbe
new oompany that proposes to organize
and build a factory on the plains near the
railroad track.
The Housatonio Manufacturing compa
ny's works will start np again this morn
ing after week', shut-down.
Will Home has got the Lake Grove rink
ready for nse and has a supply of roller
skates and will open np for skating and
Several of the stockholders of the Big
gins Silver oompany were In consultation
together Saturday and discussed several
important matters. Another meeting will
be held next Saturday.
Judge Fowler has appointed Mrs. Mary
O. Brosnan administratrix of ths estate of
her late hatband, Patri.-k Brosnan. He
left no will.
Mrs. J. H. Holmes is 111 with rhenmatio
fever and her daughter Alice is also ill,
A notice has been filed of the claim for
damages by Mrs. Clarlnda Tuttle, mother
of ma. m. m. jonnson, ror injuries re
ceived on the evening of January 7, by
a fall on ths crosswalk corner of Ward and
Main streets, owing to a defeotive side
To-day is quarterly pension day and
Town Clerk Martin will bs in his office at
5 o'clook a. m. ready and willing to fill ont
all pension papers.
George n. fcellly stepped on a wire nail
Saturday and the nail pierced his rubber
boot into his foot making a' painful
Selectman J. Walter Mix had for his
guest one day last week Levi Munson of
Cheshire who has lived for over eighty
years, but had never aeen an eleotrlo car
and exhibited great wonder and astonish
ment at his first eight of the same. Mr.
Mix took his guest on the eleotiics to
Heriden and abont the Silver City where
Mr. Munson was onoe familiar bnt had not
for over fifty years visited np on Broad
street and the changes made during that
time were most too much for the old gen
tleman to realize. He expressed his
opinion that if a man stayed in Cheshire
and never got out of it he would never
know anything.
William Li. Marks has been appointed
administrator of the late sarah L. Marks'
The dog that was so maltreated Friday
afternoon was owned by E. D. Stevens of
Main street. And there is sufficient evi
dence to ehow that Eddie Hall, son of Peter
Hall, wa9 the boy who was guilty of tbe
dastardly aot, as he confessed in the pres
ence of two witnesses that he tied the rag
on the dog's tail and saturated it with kero
sene and set fire to it. Tbe dog came di
rect from the house of Frank Hall on cor
ner of Main and Church street, where the
deed was done. The dog oame home Sat
urday badly burned.
At a meeting of the Ramblere Cyole club
held Friday evening J. R Cottrill tendered
his resignation as record log eeoretary. The
clnb voted not to accept the resignation
and John will continue for the present
year in omoe.
The bowling match between the ofiioe
hands of R. Wallace & Co. and Simpson,
Hall, Miller & Co. at the temperance alley
Satnrday evening resulted In a victory for
Simpson team.
Robert Mantell in "The Face In the
Moonlighr," at the opera heme Wednesday
evening, Maroh 7. The company is a first
class one in every particular.
Large Totals Prom tbe Report
the Quartermaster General.
In General Hsrbieon'a repDrt the prop
erty of the C. N. O. even to how many
tent pegs on hand, ie accounted for. For
instance, table No. 8 shows the following
totals of articles now in possession of the
guard: Springfield rifles, 898; Peabody
rifles, 1,716; cartridge baxes, 2,364; bay-
otek scabbards, 2,366; waist belts, 2,572;
belt plates, 2,671; knapsacks, 2,470:
drums, 76; drum sticks (ptof). 81; drum
covers, 21 ; uniform coats, 2,639: blouses.
2,641, helmets, 2 638; fatigue caps, 2,609;
overcoats, 3,014; u cited states blanaete,
2,354; bngles, 45; musket ball cartridges,
sealed, la.ouu.
This Is only a few of the many items in
this table, and where the totals ooly are
given above tne table gives tbe Item for
every company and organisation in the
brigade. The report contains seventeen cf
tbe voluminous tabular statements, each
bound and folded into the report.
A Red Letter Day at Pastor miller's
Church Yesterday Interesting; Ex
Rev. A. P. Miller, B. D., pastor of the
Dixwell avenue Congregational ohnrch,
completed eleven years of continuous ser
vice yesterday, and great preparations were
made for the anniversary. The first eer
vice was held at 3 p. m., and included sing
lDg by the choir and a short address by the
pastor. At the close of the service the fol
lowing persons were received into the
cburob: Fred Hawley, J. W. Whlttlngton,
Edward Modeste, Cecils Bode, Bessie E.
and Bertha C. Scott, Sarah Martin, John
A. Adley, Thomas Nelson Baker, Henry
Eli Williams, Victoria Gray, William F,
Johnson, Lula Williams, Mrs. Charles
Chandler, Thomas J. Prioe, Panline Board
ley, Nellie Bell, L. Brown, J. 0. Newton.
The ser rice was dosed by an original hymn
prepared oy the pastor for this ocoaslon.
Another year its course has run,
And we are spared to see
The glorious triumphs of Thy Bon
Who died to make us free.
To-day, afra'n, we turn to Thee,
Oh! Thou the "Livlue Bread,"
And may our hope forever be
In Cnrist, our risen head.
May those who join our ranks to-day
Forever faithful prove,
Thy word receive. Thy will obey,
kxultant In Tby leva.
To mourning: souls Thyself reveal
In love and Joy and peace;
Oh, may they ever, ever feel
Thy loving sway Increase.
With stubborn hearts, do thou still pleaJ, -
Uotil they yield to Thee;
Oh I do Thou raise them from tbe dead
Thy love aad grace to see. .
And ween our stormy voyage Is o'er.
Oh 1 may we see Thy faos;
And with Thee on ttT eternal shore
Enjoy Thy love and peace.
In ths evening Rev. Adam C. Powell,
pastor of the Immannel Baptist chnroh,
whose ohuroh made the Dixwell avenue
church a fraternal visit, preached a very
interesting sermon. The choirs of tbe two
churohes oond noted the singing.
First Examination Under tbe New
State Law.
Under the provisions of the new state
law requiring candidates for the medioal
profession in Connecticut to pass a seveze
examination, the first semi-annual examin
ation has just been held here. The com
mittee appointed by the state board of
health examined the eight applicants in the
Yale medioal school, and finished correct
Ing the papers received. Five of the can
didates passed the examination. This is
the first examination of its kind ever held
in this state.
A Norwich Photographer Dead.
Noewich, Maroh 3. James O. Durgan,
the leading photographer of the oity, died
at 8 o'clock this morning from a complica
tion of diseases. He wss sixty years of
age, and bad been In business in this city
ior fourteen years.
W osnan's Relief Corps.
A nsw Woman's Belief Corps was In
stitnted in WiUlngton, Friday evening.
auxiliary to Ellaha Johnson post of that
plaoe. The Instituting oeremoniea were in
oharge of Mrs. Anna R. Loomis of this
oity. the Instituting and lnstalUner offioer.
Mrs. Charlotte Wright of New Haven, the
department president, and Mrs. A. Park
Hammond, past president, were present.
A supper waa served after tbe exercise.
the members of Johnson post being among
tne in vi tea guests.
Bat-led Yosterday.
Mrs. Ann Connell died In the Norwloh
almshouse Friday night after a short ill
ness. She waa f orty-seven years old. Her
husband died some time ago and her three
children are in an orphan asylum in Nsw
Haven. The funeral took plaoe yesterday
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the home of
Mrs. Miohael Biley, a sister of the de
There Is notbinc superior to Salvatioa Oil for
the relief aad cure of wounds of all kinds. Ita
effect is suuraious. 85 eta.
During the
pairs on interior of store, we
have been obliged to pack
away our stock and vacate
store until finished, which will
be from two to
When repairs are complet
ed inside, we shall put in all
new fixtures
stocked with the latest styles
Mnn TT
HATS and
GOODS, for Men, Boys and
Watch the
Opening Announcement.
780 Chapel Street,
Dr. Tait's ASTHMALERE contains
the blood, gives a night's sweet
so that you need not neglect your
11 : v . u V
BU Ulf U, gooyuig, AVI HHUtt 1UT
Vor sal. by all druggist.
PERMANENTLY and PAINLESSLY cured by the Bollinger System.
tut: gekmasi remedy company of Connecticut have 1
the only Painless Cure in the world for DRUG HABITS.
Special attention to those who have relapsed after other treatment.
B. S. LEWIS, M. D., Prest., R. M. GRISW0LD, M. D., Supt.
Room 39 Hoadley Building, 66 Fifth Street,
49 Church Street.
Farm Garden
374 and 370 State Street,
New Haven, Conn.
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothino Strop haa been used
for children teetnlng. It soothes the child, soften,
the gums, allays all ptin, cures wind colic and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea; 25 rents a bottles
Bold by ail druggists throughout the world.
"When Baby was eick, we gave her Castor! a.
When slio was a Child, site cried for Castoria.
"When she became Miss, &he clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria
Business Was More Active Prices,
Especially for the Gransrera, Closed
Ksw You, March 3. Business was more ac
tive than has been the rule, and prices, especial
Iy for the Grangers, dosed; higher. The stock
market is often a harbinger of Industrial condi
tions generally, and it would aot be rash to sur
mise that tbe same conditions are now beginning
in the outside business world; a conviction,
namely, that we have at last touched bottom
and that on the new bails of economy there Is a
chance for renewed and profitable activity. This
Is In part suggested by to-day's bank statement,
which reflect, even more than last week's state
ment, a decided check to the eastward move
ment of interior deposits.
Last week onr total bank reserve increased
but $918,200; this week its net Increase, the gold
export withdrawals not being included, waa only
$761,100. No less striking, in the same connec
tion. In tbe improving condition of the federal
treasury's finances. Until this week, the net de
crease in the treasury balances has averaged
half a million dollars a day. But the total net
decrease since last Saturday is 900,468, a dally
decrease of only $150,000. Moreover, this im
provement comes chiefly from ths goremmeot's
inc i' easing; revenue. At this city aloaa, it may
be noticed, ths week's total of imported foreign
merchandise increased $3,833,080 over that of tbe
week preceding, or folly 60 per cent.
Following are the closing prices, reported ny
Pxixcn A WarTKLT. bankers aad brokers, 4,
Broadway. H. Y, aad IS Oeater street. New Ha-
t, Cobb.:
Bid. Asked
Oettoa Oil
Am. Cotton Oil pf d. .'.
jnenona Bugar Kenning
Am. S. B, Oo. nfd
Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe.,
Canada Mont her a
Central of New Jersey
Chesapeake A Ohio voting Certs. 1
O. A i. L pf d
Chicago A Northwesters 10
Chicago, Boruagtoa A Qulnoy,
unioag-o una...
ObJeaso. Milwaukee A Bt. Paul...
CI, M. A Bt. P prd.
Chicago, Bock Island A PaciOc...
Ohieago, 8LP M. A Omaha
Otsvaiaad. a, O. A Bt, L..........
00X)0Q00 1
extensive re
three weeks.
and will be
JJL,U 1 JtlllN lx,
papers for our
New Haven, Conn.
no opium or other I
iPostromce address we mail I
sleep and liKEKl
trial bottle I
and prove I
to you that I
bussiness or sit np
. 4.
will and does cure 1
lOOT Oi nUlSCBaOll,
bi urr eios. ediciie co., bochete. , y
, ' 9
or Hot "Water, Direct or
Driven wells a specialty. Englneera'Sapplles. First
class work guaranteed. Factory work solicited. Person
al attention given to modernizing defective plumbings.
0umnns. Hocking Valley A Toi. 197
Consolidated Gas. 1
Dataware A Hudson Canal 13S)d
D ilaware. Lack. A Western 1G6
O A R. O. ofd ilt
Distillery A CattleFeediag , as
General Electric Co 41 U
Illinois Centra. f 9m
Like Shore A Michigan Southern. 16?4
f.ke Erie A Western 15'i
LEA W. ofdx 64
Louisville A Nashville
Louisville A New Albany 8
Louisville A New Albany prd... 31 K
LMlede Qaa 15
LissourL Kansas A Texas 13
M., K. AT. prd 23K
Minhattan Elevated. 124
Missouri Pacifln 2tW
New York A New Haven 179
New York A New England 1016
Hew York Central A Hudson QVH
N. Y.. Chicago & St. Louis 1SV4
New York. Lake Erie A Western. J6i
New York.L. E. A We?t Dfd S8
New York. Ontario A Veirn ... :o
N.AW. pfd S0K
Nortii Amenean.., 4
Northern Pacific.,, tli
N P. pre lsvi
National Cordage Co 1 S
National Cordage Co, pfd 31 U
National Lead Go ,,, JTTU
National Lead Co.pfd 72-
Pacldo Mail Bteamship 17
Peoria, Decatnr A Evansville 4
Philadelphia A Beading VotlngCf . 21
Pullman Palace Car Co 109
Richmond West Point t'erCt.. 4H
BUver Bullion Oertlncatea SH
Tennessee Coal A Iron ie
Tennessee Coal A Iron pfd 68
Texas Padae 8W
Toh Ann Arbor A Mich 7
Union Paclflo 19
Union Pacldo, Denver A Gulf 5
Wabash pfd 14
Western Union Telegraph 65V,
wneeiing z taKe sne.
W. A L. E. Dfd
Wisconsin Central ,
Adams Express ,
American Express ,
Uslted States Express,,
Wetls-Fargo Express,.,
Uslted Btates Bobber..,
U. B. Rubber pfd
'i paid
Oo remanent Bonds.
Following are the quotations for United Btates
ootids at the call to-day:
U:43 p.
9 O
, liaa
, 114 a
, 10. &
, 104 a
110 a
'8 rt
Ext 2a, registered.,
is, VT, registered.,,
is, V7. coupons.....
9a, registered
6s, coupons.
Currency os, 1896....
Cnrrency 6a, IS9S,...
Onirencyea, 1897..,.
Oorreaoy 6s, IMS.,,,
. lass
Bankers and Broker.-
DiaJvj is nrnstment Securities,
16 and 18 Nassau Street,
BaTo-Tjcr Torls. Oity.
Pineapples, Pears,
urape raw, navel oranges,
Ptaoapote Oraana.
Bweet Apples, Grae alius.
uuawos urapes, lomaioea.
J. B. JXJDSON, Fruiterers
f8 Market Band lac. front.
1 1 Hit to.
Corner Church ud In Streets.
Saddles Venison, Black Bear.
Gro use.
Mallard, Bed Head and Canvaeback Decks.
Beef, Lamb, Huttoa and YeaL
Headquarters for
Hothouse and Southern Vrc-
Also a full line of Fancy and Staple
Schooner Fred Jackson
Now discharging at Long Whaif a superior I
cargo Coarse Salt
Low prices and custom house measi
from the vessel.
230 State Street.
Faacy Country Turkeys, fall dressed.
" " Chickens,
For sale March 2d and 3d.
Finest Table Batter only 30c lb.
Warranted to suit.
Good Table Butter 28o lb.
Fair Table Butter 24o lb.
Egfgs, Egg, Eggs.
Fins fresh Country Eggs 23o drsen.
Good cooking Eggs IScdrz.
10 barrels of fancy Snn-drifd Apple
only 9c lb : big bargain. Nothing like
old-fashioned dried apple pie.
California Canned Fruits.
Farcy heavy syrup Pears, Apricots, aod
'ireen Gage Plums, only 15c can : extra
large cans.
aoeet Florida Urargas 12, 20, 20c dcx.
roe nneet ixmoni iuc aoz.
Bargain iu Salt Mackerel only 10c each.
a and 30 Congress Avenue,
Branch, 8 Grand Avenue.
Telephone Wo. tap.
Good Times Corning.
Another Bio- Barnin Week. Qreat elauznter 1
of blgn prices on poultry. Not In years paat has
pouiu-y onen so eneap as at tne present tune.
You oan all feel haDPV bv buvlno- o cheer. Just
Imsfrtne, Turkeys ana Cnlckrns vnly 10c or 13c a I
pound. We have an excellent stock for this I
aeea s sales.
1, , s iirai aiarsec.
Telephone 415 4. Congress avenue.
Is at hand to secure
Weisbaden Preserves,
Of an kinds.
I At SOc cach(or$U.OUper dozen.
These goods are generally sold at
si.w .
Fancy Nora-ay Bloater Mackerel : these fish
aeiah 1 lbs, ar extra fat and athltr meat; IBc lb.
I ancy no. X Mackerel 10c earn.
Fancy Smoked Bloater Herring 25c dos.
" " Halibut.
" " Flnnon Had d is
Berrins;, small rl.hJic box.
" " Herring, boneleaa.
Salt Herrinc
Diamond Wedge Cod. In S lb boxes :! the flneat
grouice uoa on uie maraeu
r IUHR.U wo iu ana ajcpacaan.
Block Island Cod.
A fancy large Queen Olive, 10c bottle.
Our Homemade Bread n witnouL an moiL
Try it. At the o:d stand.
E. E. Nichols 378 State Street.
Telephone 533 2.
Stocks and Bonds for Sale.
IS sh N. Y., N. H. A H. BB. Co.
15 sh Berkshire RR, guar. 6 per cent.
S ah Kauiratack BR., guar. 10 per cent.
30 sh New Haven Gas Light Co.
14 sh Adams Express Co.
10 sh Meriden Britannia Co.
12 sh 8. N. E. Telephone.
Z ah N. Y. at New Jersey Telephone.
259 sh Cony's Electric Light of ronland.
as sh United States Rubber pref .
15 sh Consolidated Rolling Block,
ao ah 6lft A Co.
(4.000 Harlem A Port Chester RR. 4 a, 19: 1.
IA000N. Y., N. H. A H. BB. con v. 4 s, 1S08.
Kimberly, Root & Day.
Six Per Cent
.i2Starjs iin .rrz
DEN0MINA TI0NS of $100.
Issued in 1891 by Boorish ing city of 6,000
people, ti construct water works.
City bat no other debt.
Price, Par and Interest,
Full particulars upon application.
For sale by
MsmI Safe DHit Go,
Annual rental cf safe from rfvr. uhiiti
DOLLARS. Absoluts Security for Bonds, Stocks,
nua,Duiiios, ri.ie,.DVNrr, rreciODS Btcaas,
sod all evldeaoes of values. A cooes to vanlt
uirougn ui oanxmg room ox LD. XiKCHAKIta!
oar! a,
72 Cnarca, cor. Center 8t.
encpos rooms for convenience of natrons ai
perspaa tntereeted are cordially Invited tf la.
spect tbeoompany'apreoinws. Opea iron 1 4. a.
Thosas K. TBOWBBinos, President.
Ouvnn 8. WntTB. Vice Praaidaat-
Otiaa. H. Tinrainsa Hn. aad Trass,
National Trafaei's Ban!,
Draws Bills of Exchange
Alliance Bank (Limited), London.
Provincial Bank of Ireland. Dublin,
ww. own ot ocouana.
Credit Lvnansi
And oa All the Principal CSttee of
(a.uea C;lrcalar Letters efCrsdll AvaU-
aala Throeahaat atarapa.
GEO. A. BTTTLKR. PreaMtnt,
- ' visum.
8 she New Haven Water Co.
It aha N. Y N. H A H. BB. Co.
16 ana Swift A Co.
6 shs outhrn New Esgiaad Telephone Oo.
10 shs U. S. Rubber Oo. Pfd. stock.
8000 Swift A Co. es.
1000 New York A New Eng. BB. Brat 7s.
3 no New Haven Debenture 4s.
6000 Dan bury A Norwalk 5s.
For sals by
T&b Mas. W. Scrantoa Go,
aT.A. and a. '
o" vtuiMirotrMfw
Fire Insurance Agent,
818 Chapel Street. .
Yoa oft, hear of otbs. extract, arbtck
CLAIM TO BE "Just as gooa" as
Extract of Beef.
But tbeaa r la law oalr rail umtia fi
1". 'act Uat UM COsraliVl 1LX
The Standard
Vor quality.
DMrlbaUar Areata for Co... : TalnMt. rXe-
ka a UO-. ataruora. anal Wis las arm
Haw U Attala IL"
A WcAderftd Nav
Nd)ral Book.writara
for Urn Only. Oi
roar mar I
be nadir
oo application.
7tnn ftcrtar.
d ta taaatr am
People Who
Weigh and Compare
Know and ret the best. Coitoknc,
the new vegetable shortening:, hx
won a wide ana wonaertui popu
larity. At its introduction it v.m.-
submitted to expert chemists, promi
nent physicians anJ famous couks.
All ot these pronouncea
a natural, healthful in.l acvptaMa
fooJ-proJuct, better tiiaii larJ for
every cookinj purpov.
The suc.ess of Cot'.olcnc i now
a nutter of history. Will you share
in the better food and leftor heakh
for which it stands, by using it in
your home f
Avoid imitations -hts'Is
worthless. Slick to COTTOIXKE.
Sold In an I i pwjJ a.ia.
Made only hy
rrodacc Exchaare, Hew York
234 State SU Boston.
5sse Crnaiae witbeat Darse stamped Inside.
Price of 7 Is. Ssaaes Blaakrt, tl.
" - la. - aw,
avk ta as tke tie ether 8VA stylrs at frier. Is
salt everykedr. Said ay all dealen.
The ISUi aaaual meottag ot
The Nev Haven ra-oavarattva aavlags
Vaad aad Lass association
Will be bold In Boom 13, No. SIS Caapel street.
!Woridayt'yiarTb S. 1891, at 7:30 p as.
wan ruouoiuiviiea.
!HEK1tY F. PECK. Praoldeet.
BRobkbt E. Bauiaim BeCy. anbf at
Opening and Closing: of Slails.
money Orders, Itrxl.tered Lottcra, ate.
Ofhoe Mours April 1 to Noremtwr I, a en. to
8p.m. Noierober I to April 1, 1:30 a m. to 8 p
ax Sundays from 12 m. to 1 p. m.
Vestibule open ror the sccomtaodatloa of tbe
holders of lock boxes Frnm Merca 1 to Novaca
bar I, from Sam. to 19 mid night; Cram Novem
ber 1 to March 1. from 5:80 a. m. to M midnight;
eunaay signts rrom io n p. m.
aaarrAi. axo Du-ikrnut or nana.
Kew Yor-rTi 7. 9. 13 a m , x. 1 . 6,T.8p.
m. Close 5:S0,4, 10, 11 a. ta, 18:0, A, A Aa, i.
e. vi, it n. m.
New York Railroad Way Opea 8:3 1 m , 4,
io p. m. uoee n:a v a. nx. z p. m.
BaJUnsore, Waahlngtoe, Philadelphia
Bouthera Btates Opea i :ao, B.au, 11 a an.
C;3ti, 1 a. ro . S i-W, u p. tn.
OilrtaM and Weatm Htatea Onea 7:30. It
xo., it. 10 p.m. Close 6:30, iaa, 6, 7, 11
Albany aad Northern New York Open t It
a. m, ti, 10 p.m. does 6;). 8 a. so., IxstO, A, a,
i anarp, n p. rn.
Boston Onen ? a m. 1. A 4M. 7. 8. 10 p.
3oee,7. 10:15.11 a m, U:15. x, 5, II p. m.
worcreter upeo:ia m, a, .
90. 10 p.
Close 7:00, nrWta.
l:lo, s:!i. em lip
a -line. New Hampshire aad Vermont Opea 7.
10: 10 a. ta, 3, 4:30,
A 11 n. m
, 10 p. m
Ctoses, 10:16 a. av,
BprlnrWd Open 7:30, 10: Sa a m 8, 4:30. It
p-m. Clone 7, 10:15 am , 115. :30, 6. 11p.m.
Springfield Baaroad Way Open 10:89 a. m.
:4S, 10 p.m. Close a. nx,z:su, 11 p. m.
Hartford Open 7. 10:3 a m, 1, 4, 6. 10 p. an.
Close 7. 10:15 am.. 18:15. 8:30. S. 7. II D.
Meriden-Opea 7, 10:30a ra, 1, 8, 7: SO. 10 p. m.
jKm i. lunaa nx, ix:i,x:su, a, 11 p.na.
New Britain Opea 7, 10:30 a m., a, 10 p. m.
Ooee7. 10:15 am-8:30. 5. 11 d m.
Walhngford Open 10:) a m.,3.7 p.m. Ooar
6:50,7. 10: 16 am, :M, 6 p. ax
Keoslnctoa Ope. 10:80 am., I p. m. Close I
a m., x:au p. m.
North Haven Opea 10:30 a. m , 3, 10 p. i
Ctoee 7 am, 2:, 4, 11 p. m.
tiriageport crpea ., s:30. j m, a, 4. 7, 10 p.
m. Close 6:30, . 11 a. m.. 18:30, a. 8,7. 11 p. ra.
New London-Opea 7:30, 10:30 a ro, 8:30, 7, 8
p. m. Closes, io: is a m.,8. 4:30 p. m.
New London Railroad Way Open 10:30 a m.
7, p. m. uose a, io:i a nx, 4:au, u p. m
Norwich and East Coo sect loot Op-o T:3u, n
a ra, 4, 7, 10 p. m. Clase 0,19 1. nx, S, 4:30, 1
p. m.
Providence and ail Rhode Inland Open 7:30.
I0:S0 a. nx, 4, 7, 10 p. m. C'ioao e, 11 a m, 4:30,
11 P.m.
Newport Opea 7M a nx, 8:30, 10 p.m. Cuss
J a m 2, ii p.m.
New Haven and Northampton Way Opea 3, U
Piantsvuie, L'nionvilie, BootMngtoa and Kew
Hartford Opea 10:30, 3. S:30, 10 p. nx Close A
10: '.5 am., 8, 6 p. m.
Naugatuck Railroad Way Opea 10:30 a nx. 8
V W. IVJ7 . 111., o p. 111.
Waterbury Open 7, 10:30 a m, I, LI a
Ooaeo. A KhISanx. 1:3a A It n. m
Birmingham Open 10:30a m, L 4.S, 8p.m.
Onoe 6, 9, II a I SO, 5 p.m.
Orange Opea 10:30 a nx. Ilta
CI oss 8 a
Honsatonic Railroad Wav TYtm is o m
3ose 9 a. nx, 3:56 p. nx sharp.
Ktiepeug iiallroad Way Opea II m. Close tx
rp,. 49. OO A. i
Connecticut Valley Bauroad War Ooea A
10 1
Air Line Railroad Vfay Opea AM p. nx Ctose
f a m , lli,4:30 p. m.
Durham, CHatonvi.ie and Northford Ooea
10:90 a nx, 10 p.
Ctoae V a m fin nt
liiddletown Orjao lfhao a in L (- in n
i, iu:iaa n, is: in, a:a 9 oa. n, 11 p.
niamiara-osni o:su a as-, is ax, 7, io
Cloee t SO, 9 a m, X, 5. 11 p. an.
Danburr Ocea t a. nx. It
4. 10 p. I
Dose 5:80. A 10:16 a OX. A 3:66. 8:30. II n m
auirora orea e:au a m., ix nx, 11p.m.
Rwn. w.w, v, , w U '
Colchester Orjan A 10 n. nx Claaa 7 n.
18:30. 6 D-m. '
West Haven Oram 8 JO talll n
t.U A - "
,10, II a nx, t-.XX. A
Up. i
Carriers leave tbe offloe at M0 aad 11 :30 ml: m,
30,8 5 aad 4 p. nx. snakls tour daUvaria. r&
wrxMuneaanectioa aadLhres aad two further
" f"? "'ae aad two fanher
kectiooaare maoe from red street boxes bourtv
from7a nxontaiop. nx Prom wain ton
nnvCTi wow nauy, mat Of. nrtton at 10 p. nx
All treen boxes are or, asm by tbe carrier en
bis rea-nlar trroa " m. ana oiT
7 rr"rT".' ros rxnras at 4. T, 8 p.
.J1?! fee oa orders in tba trattad Btates ara;
. : "if? euo 'na; over sis
r t vw n-w
F rt mtaTT-VjS ana aot axxandrnTn
SToeaoat awer $70 aad aot anMfct'i't, i
t ee tor same aaly three oaata, and they
oar. wwv low aw. arw Baanea.
Laaar postage la tba Lalted Bfataa i
-aotieat to i
the end ot a
gratjcUcrsr Culflc
New York, Aew Haven
and lI&rtTord IL E.
SI, 1st!.
tX)n SEW TORX arSU, :, efeta.
tTje, vS.-ie. 8:18, t-ja, t: a. an, teres.
l:Scparlaraar BamlladX 1:BV, 1:4a, a-.ss.
at, ijo. tn, "Ja, ta, C:ss.
la. 1.1S BrtAawport annnaananllannsk, :!.
t-.U axam. cxav :Sa. aaos. a.-SS a, sa
ttm. 8 1i.T:ie. :!. 8:1. :! p. am.
fob aatanoToi via niiin buvesv
nt-.tea.sn. (daily), l:ll p. en.
to bostob vu Bmxinnj-imiiM
a. av. n.-Ol, t :tt p. as. 6cmr-l:a ratcfcO,
S M p. ta.
fDEKCE -1 11, '1:30. -11:11 (parlor oar ten.
Ba, -It-OS, 1SS, at ia, MAS aad t:M
av enruvs-t:lL .2:Kra :. an.
FOB Boerron iu an lbi asm n . a n a.
- JSp.an. acmava t:sTn.sa.
FOB a EJUDEJI. HaJfTTWRD. epnTManxxxt ,
1 aisM. e-es. 88. nana, -li-aa
: !-.:!'. in Vtt. CS:U aa bHMl
e. a. at. tcmuMin sack, :.
!3 taoe.) a. as.
Raw London trivial.
FOB SEW LOS DCS. Etc-J 11 alrfct. !.
akrat, T:50, 11:05. 11M Cpartor car BaJud)
a. SB, na, 18. :, t M. :U. 8 It
(OaUford aoc), :. (IMS p. av Oottford a.
ana). Scaaavs II alsM. t
nlbt,t:U p. an.
Air Lino IHrialan.
FOB SftDDLETOWa. kit J JM . vtii. w
a.a,l.-s.7,a B.ta. Omars 1.7
On.ascilna-at aUoatetoars wtta VaUe U-
vnaoa aad at Waitmaade rtt . T. A 9. C mat
r I. B H B B - St Till Ilia all, rtilia. i ,
RortbasBtton Division.
HAKTPORO aad latenaedsua staOeaa-f :V
I nMa.cn. aad 4. -so a. an.
potats this aid, at S Sa p. an.
aMaklr-e Dlvtaloa.
AMSOKtA. etc T.-oo, t u a. na ism. tJC. es.
:?, 1:36, UM p. m. 8cxBars-: a. at, :
tVR WATKRBUBT T.-ODL t:S a. an.: II S.
fcat, t:0, t: p. an. f? era rs 8:11 a. as.
FOB wntSTEO t IX s. an.; t.CS. 8:1
p. an. Bmuvs S:IS s. am.
ati, erxovo, ceicaoo akd the wet
1:42 a Bn.
rOB LTICHrTELD aad potats es B, U AM.
BB.-6:10 (via Brvrgeport) a. an, 4:SS (vs Baa
leyvfllej p. an.
O. T. H 8M fffTlta P.Oea. fajarsser At
StArin'a Mew liaren Tr&nrport-
iion lane.
Fvery Day Kirr.t ftatard.y.
.stfT"a, irave New Haven from r tartan
KvawannnnnnCDork. foot of Brows street, at 10 II
o ui.a p. m. The JOHN H. 6TAH1N, Captala
Mraji.irr, every Knnrt.v. Tueadav and Tburaoav.
The WM. C. EJERTON. fkM. Saw. mwwrw
Monday, Wedneaday aad Friday. BMnrahu.
leave New Yor from Her Is, ST. H-. toot of
Oourtlandt street, at p. an.: tba Btartn e.w w
Monday, Wedaeaday aad Friday ; UM Oorasaa
very Sunday, Tuesday aad Thursday.
rara, ania nerta in cama. nc; axaicraoens ai.
Tickets aad staterooms ran ba purrhaa.nl mt
John at. Uaea, Jr, S.I cxsapel KreK. of rok at
Blabop, rai caapel sueet, aad at ta. Ton Use
Free stare leaves the denot on arrival of Hart.
ford train, and from ooraer Cburca aad OhaM
tmeu every naif aour. rrimmeaclng at 6.1
.'clock p. m.
- rt t isMf.it. aavat. aew Havea. oan.
New Haven Steamboat Co.
Fastest staemer lerooxk Loag Iskacd Boaad,
taavts Hew Ravea dally (exorfit (toadayt at
IX: SS nahSala-M Hx.ruw. leans Se York ot
t oo p. nu arrtvtnjt at New llavaa at 8:11 p. en.
ta,teroaena for aala at Fera A IttsaosX tat
Oape. smv. aar at Mix" arac atom.
Tneae winf arm ligtrted ly aaeotraDrty aod
arated by etraarn. Tory aavo electrt. call bads
aad are rvrmajbed BiacntftnraUy Uaiaualinat.
r-are ioe.
' B! earner E P PECK, for frelrht ralr. leaiae
New Vork at t-eep.cn, New Have. a k ao a as.
EDW. C. LaBOCitCEOla, AavaA.
4ia ateit.ai. st xi
xe Years'
la Nervons Dieeaaea. Bosd aad Fkts AiTec
Hoaa, Kidney aod Bladder Traobtaa, aad all Pri
vate Otaeaaes of Mf. aad women.
PermaaealJy iorated im iba csty.
By apecaai atooy and stpeclsl srerk sen
keep in advaaoe, aad lead In tbe aiiiiimasfml
Ireatmeat of Sexual bebility. Weak Bean. Da
spoadsecy. Lost Power, all efferta of rir.ia.is
aJ Abueea typbliav and aU cteeesne of tbe
genttoannary orrana. CONSULTATION PBEE.
Xf-omoe at boom 8. Boardmaa BnllSiag,
cor. Caapei aad Btate atreeu.
Offloe Hoora: 8 a ax to IX ax, 8 to 8 P-Baeve.
tor J ta A Kasdaya. 10 to IS a nx
1 atieeta treated bv maiL OomssMaadeaca
I enerVtewllal. ml
ritMw rs.l, Shawl ReawA
-. aVler-Bva 'ha.ttt af.t . aMtfr .
rejutrtes; air rttfh Ktavt ,
K(-4l awjf ,.,i4l fwawtj
w t-ttsr rttvrtrwa. TaxLaa
I ts MhK. 0- djewrvMss sail stain -
ttaajaWsMsraiBYA AVI ItTaxijs-vSrra sat aaaan ataa.
m aiaaini rmrrlrulAre. swaruyaraMkaJs tun
UUrt IW 1 14 em eMwr. wtMmtm
Msnll- I .8awA 1 euinrwjiala Wauaw. a-.
Ctrlni4-rtkia-lrstl tn4e aa, mm
waSVsaartn. Ummmi O-an. -ilvV
Ko. 46 Brcadiriy, Kew Tori,
15 Center Street Kew Ktrn.
Members N.Y. Block Exchasire, Produce Es
hange aad Chicago Board of Trade.
MarageNew Baa
All Claasea of Hallway Stocks
and Bonds ; also Grain, Provi
sions and Cotton Bought and
Bold on Commission.
Connected by Prrvate Wire wttk New York.
Boston aad Cktlcaga.
Bankers and Brokers,
Dealers in Choice
UUliJlUlljlU UiiUUmilliO
EaH Go.
aaviag been reatad be
lbs boider. ot a autre aaaoast mf tae aataii
of ua Kew York aad New KagWad BsiliiisS
Coespany ra art as a Omitia. la f amnesia
i carry one a ptasi ror law rarira-anlaat.losi of
t railroad, request taa botdars of rvmaad
osd ttansare Boaaa aad of Pvafwiwd aad
New Tar, Feb. 1 , 1 8S4.
J OH I. WiriBBCBr,
T. JErPEaMK rooLiavcti, jat ,
Prea OLD Coins V UTTrrrr,
aavaa sbtaayxnu. nvaiua. i
nraH cmr phhti nsnxsur.
rt apartaitata.
aV M

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