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March 6, 1894.
Vol. LXII.
.i -
aqimrel zm& etavxitx.
n - iroa 1 Rft- OnK MONTH. 60
cento: Oira Weik, 15 cents; Sraout
Copp9. 8 ceniit 1:
Tuesday. March 6, 1894.
Bank Btatement-N. H. Cunty Nat Ben.
BroomB Braoley, Dann & CarrlntoB Co.
Brashes-Bradley, Dann Oartlngton Co.
Caterlnfl-C. A Bradley.
Dally Cnat-Malley, Neely Co;
Dr. Ball's Cough Syrup At Dru.JIMS .
Dr. Greene's Nerrura At Druggists .
Ely's cream Balm At DrogftaU
Freeh Bhad-Grand Arenne Kshltoati.
For Bal-Honse- Coh 8tM.
For Sale Horse-SOi Franklin gtreet.
5"lT iiTu mianal street.
I or neuinwui" ..... r- - M n
flhrnminip Kmnorlnm F. W. nrowa at i.
High Grade Sherries BK. Hall 8n- t1
Investment Been rl ties The Ohas, W.Boranton Co.
Lost Dor 187 Church Street. - -
IwD DrSstng-Bradley, Dann ft Carrlngton Co.
r8oia At urngrai.
Salvation Oil At Druggists';
Bometliloe New 8. H. street & Co.
Wantad-Situation 189 Olive Street.
Wanted Situation S30 Portaea Street.
Wanted Situation B. O., This Oflloe.
Wanted Situation 78 Congress ATenne.
Wanted Situation 70 Park Street.
Wanted Girl 180S Chapel Street.
Wanted Situation 80 Frank Street.
Wanted Situation 79 frank Street.
Wanted Situation 476 Chapel 8tret.
Wanted Situation 18 Carlisle Street.
Wanted Situation M , This Office.
Wanted Chambermaid 25 Center Street..
Offick or tee Chief I
- Of the Weather Bureau (
Washtnoton, D. O., 8 p. m., March 6.1SS4. J
For New Ed eland and Eastern Mew Tork:
Fair. ulle-htlT warmer in the Interior, south
Local W earner Keport.
FOB MARCH 5, 1894.
..... 8
' A.M.
Eel. Humidity .. .
Wind Direction..
Wind Velocity. . .
80 48
Mean temperature. 46.
Max temperature, 67.
Mln. temperature, 35.
Precipitation. .00 Inches.
May. valocltv of wind. 18-SW
Excess of temperature since January 1, 88
Deficiency of precipitation since January 1, 8 24
W.C.C. H. J. COX, Observer.
Note.- A minus sign prefixed to thermom
eter reading, indicates temrjerature below Eero.
A "T" In connection with rainfall indicates a
trace of rainfall too small to measure.
Snow is melted and resulting depth of water
not known.
Brief Mention.
High water to-day at 9:36 a. m.
A good Investment, cheip, B.E.Baldwin.
The first bluebirds have made their ap
The evening schools close for the seaeon
to-morrow night.
A pension has been granted Luoy S.
Spsrry of this city.
. Theron Ford of Mllford, who has been
very ill, is recovering.
Ezel lodge No. 3, Knights ot Pythias,
will confer the first and second rites to'
Lady Betty, Dolly Delight and Winsome
Winnie are again at Augurs. Secure
them at once.
Paul Jones, the globe trotter who fa in
Hertford, has mapped ont this city as his
next visiting place.
The harbor commissioners were unable
to master a quorum last evening, and in
consequence no meeting was held.
Rev. Dr. Haher of St. Mary's church,
Mllford, will give a lecture on his travels
in the old world at the chnreh March 18.
Everett B. Clark of Mllford has bought
the entire farm of Charles F. Smith of
Orange and will remove to West Haven to
J. J. Barns' bottling shop in Sohmidt's
building. Bridgeport, was burned ont
. yesterday. Loss to shop and on building
Mis. E. W. Crane, who has been ill with
pneumonia for seven weeks at her old
home in the oonntry, has returned and is
nearly reoovered.
The Steadfast olrole of King's Daughters
of the Howard avenue Congregational
ohnrou will meet at Miss Treat's, 73 Ros
ette street, next Thursday.
The lecture this evening by Rev. Charles
Oonklln on "Humorous Phases of Travel
in Europe" will be delivered in the leoture
room of the Church of the Messiah.
Camp No. 8, X. O. 8. of A., which was
- recently organized, held a meeting last
evening and adopted a set of by-laws. H
B. Perry was Initiated into the lodge.
Alphonso Thill, the merchant tailor
who was dangerously ill with pneumonia,
has been gradually regaining strength in
the last few weeks and is able to be ont
Jedediah Wilcox of this city and G. W.
Coy of Mllford, representing the Magnetic
Telephone oompany, were in Meriden yes
terday with a view of forming a local tele-
. phone oompany.
The board of directors of the New York,
New Haven and Hartford railroad will
meet for the first time In this city next
Saturday. The board will hold all their
meetings in the new offioe building here
The New Haven Street Railway com
pany had a force of shovelars at work
clearing the snow and Ice from its tracks
on Ferry and Lombard streets preparatory
to making trial trips with its electric cars
this week.
The Governor's Horse Guard met last
night and voted to give their annual ex
oursion on July 4 and appointed the fol
lowing committee to make arrangements:
Captain Lnddlngton, Lieutenants Newton
and Gebbie, Corporals Thomas, Hurley
and Hnntz and Private W. S. Rowe.
At the ministers' meeting yesterday
Jndge Sheldon gave a very interesting talk
on "The Henry George Theory of Tax
tioD," eettlng forth the theory clearly and
elaborately, though not endorsing it. Fol
lowing Kev. Dr. McLane and Rev. Dr.
Badger participated In the disco sion.
The Co-operative Bavlnsa Food and
Loan Association.
The Ne w Haven - Co operative Savings
Fond and Loan association held its thir
teenth annnal meeting at the offioe of its
secretary, Robert E. Baldwin, room 13,
010 unapet street, ibsi nignt. xne renew
ing was the report of the treasurer :
Assets Permanent loans, $46,400: tern-
-porary loans, $3,475; participation expense,
KW; cash, 3,au.oo; total, lao.ooo eo.
Present number of shares. 1,230,
Value of eaoh share First series, $196. 38;
second, $183 83; third, $174.61; fonrtb,
$165.29; fifth, 147.16; sixth, $129.72;
seventh. S118.SK: eteuin. to b: mntn,
$81.81; tenth. $66 40; eleventh, $52 06;
' twelfth, $38-27: thirteenth, $25 01; four
teenth. 112 26: fifteenth, si.
Liabilities Stock $53,277.20; profit and
loss, $58.45. Total, $53,385 65.-
: Smallest temporary loan, $20; largest
temporary loan, $1,500; smallest perma
nent loan, $2W; largest permanent loan,
$8,000. ' :
- - Temporary loans, 14; permanent loans,
27: number of shareholders; 174.
- .Dividend declared annually since 1888,
4 par cent. ---- -
There was no change made la the list
of officers except that James Bishop was
' elected to fill the position of vice presi
dent, made vacant by the death of H. H.
Strong. The board of officers for the en
suing year la aa follows: President, Henry
F. Peok; secretary, Robert E. Baldwin;
v treasurer, John A. Richardson; auditors,
John M. feok, Edward F. Mansfield; direc
tors, Franklin H. Hart, Nelson Adams,
' Frank S. Andrew, Charles L. Baldwin,
Joseph Porter, A. Beaton Robertson, Al
bert Til ton, Fred B. Farnswoath, Henry
H. S Darks, Franola Potter, James D.
Dewell; attorney, Bnfas S. Pickett.
30 per cent, saved on wedding gifts and
diamonds at SUverthaoa', 790-Chapel SL
Mayor Sargent
may be Allowed to
Hetatn Hla Present Offlee The
Aldermen Decide In Favor off Build
Ins an Area War Extension to be
Present Assessors' Quarters The
Newark mayor's Communication to
mayor Sargent A Resolntlon Intro
duced Appropriating; .Moner for tne
Entertainment or Visitors Better
Arransemente for the Treatment of
Contagious Disease Desired Otner
The meeting of the board of aldermen
opened in a decidedly unusual manner last
evening. After the roll was called, show
ing that all the members were present ex
cept Aldermen Skiff, Blakeslee, Leary,
Bussell and Morgan, Mayor Sargent stated
to the board that he had a matter which,
while perhaps of a personal nature, still in
the light of recent events he desired to
present to the attention of the aldermen,
With this announcement the mayor
handed to City Clerk Martin a letter, and
the recent Newark episode was preoipltated
noon the aldermen. -i'ne letter in question
was from Mayor Haynes of Newark and
read aa follows: "Inclosed please find
clipping from one of our olty papers which
exDlalns ltsell."
The enclosure oonsistea or a cupping
from the Newark Times, and was a pnblic
letter sent to that paper by Mayor JUaynes,
It is as follows:
Omen of the Mayor, City Haix.
Nkwabk, Feb. 20, 1894. During the ten
years that 1 have been mayor of Newark
my name has never appeared in the news
papers of this or any otner city appended
to a note of apology or explanation. It is
dne the mayor of New Haven that a state
ment should be made by me that will
place him in a proper light in the city of
Newark. -
A decent regard for the opinion of gen
tlemen would lead a committee, accompa
nied bv the mayor, from a city when on
an of&oial visit to a sister city for the pur
pose of examining any departments of that
olty government, to report to the mayor of
the olty and ask permission of him to visit
and examine the departments that are the
object of the committee's visit.
Un Tbttrsaay last (if eDruary 10) I by in
vitation aooompanled a sub committee of
the poor and alms department of this olty
on an official visit to New Haven. When
we called at the mayor's offioe we were in
formed by Mayor Sargent that a dual gov
ernment existed in New Haven, namely,
the city and the town, and that the town
Instead of the city had the almshouse in
lis oharge. We then applied to the town
authorities, or selectmen, and received
from those omoeiB all the attention that
gentlemen who came to a city for a definite
purpose conld desire.
Alter a tnorongu examination ot tue
almshouse, which 1 might be pardoned for
mentioning as being irom fonr to nve
times as large as the almshouse at Newark,
and also as having been ereoted at a oost of
$22o,UUU, we were invited to visit the fire
department and also to acoept the hospi
talities ot tue Montloello club. X'be party
from Newark ooneisted of tbe mayor and
his secretary, the president of tbe board of
education, Henry Klemm, Aldermen Ely,
Ryno and Smith, all of whom were pleased
and instructed by their visit to the famous
City of Elms.
You have olalmed and exercised a right
to blackguard the mayor of Newark with
out cause, but yon have no legal or moral
right to attempt to ridicule the mayor of
another city unless there is j oat cause
for so doing. The conrse whioh is invaria
bly taken by gentlemen when they sae they
have made a mistake is to undo as far as
possible the wrong they have done. Should
you not in justice to Mayor Sargent in this
day's issue of your paper publish this
statement without note or comment, with
the same large and startling headlines, and
allow an intelligent community to : form a
judgment for themselves as to your action
and that of Mayor Sargent!
Joseph E. Hatkis. -
As soon aa Clerk Martin had finished
reading this clipping Alderman Keyes
arose and sending a copy of the Evening
rcegister in wmeu tne mayor was arraigned
tor alleged dleoonrtesy, to tne clers's desk,
Galled for Its reading. Ibis article was
then read in its entirety on motion of Al
derman Gallagher.
At this point Alderman Connor arose
and said, "We have a great deal of other
business to attend to, but if you want to
dabble in mud and ancient history, I move
that we go into a committee cf the whole.
The motion was, however, within a few
minutes withdrawn.
Alderman Keyes then arose and said
"Gentlemen, I have here a resolution
whioh I deeire to submit. I greatly dep'ore
tne tact taat we nave a dual government.
We all dwell under the same vine and fig
tree, yet en account oi our anal munici
pality, a most lamentable misunderstand
ing nas arisen. (Jar mayor stands ar
raigned before the bar of public opinion
for having done what he deemed was bis
strict duty. I have heard general con
demnation of tbe mayor's action and the
exclamations 'Oh for the courtesy and
cordiality ot tbe spirits of genial Harry
Lewis and Hobart B. B'gelow.' I will ask
that the clerk now read my resolution."
Cletk Martin then read the resolution
which provides tor the appropriation of
a anm ot money tor tne proper entertain
lng of visitors from other cities. Upon
motion of Alderman Hllier the board of
aldermen then resolved itself into a com
mlttee of the whole and Mayor Sargent
given an opportunity to be beard. Alder
man Gallagher assumed the duties of
chairman and Alderman Lowe acted as
Mayor Sargent then explained his conrse
of action, tbe substance of whioh hae al
ready been printed in the newspapers,
Finally the resolution of Alderman Keyes
unanimously prevailed, and immediately
afterward the committee of the whole arose
and the board of aldermen was again
reaay lor Dnsinese. A t tne meeting ot tne
board of aldermen tbe resolution of Alder
man Keyes was referred to the board of
An opinion from Cotporation Counsel
Driscoll was read to the effect that all
matters left over from last year must 'be
commenced all over aeain. and that the
unfinished matters must be referred to the
several committees and new reports sub
mitted on tnem. xnis opinion was re
ceived and ordered on file. In oonsequence
of this action fortv-eleht petitions for
eiectric, gas and napntba lights were re
ferred to the oommittea on lamps- twenty-
eight petitions for cobbling, paving
uuruing ana otner matters relating to
streets were referred to the committee on
streets; tbe petition for damagei of John
d. warn, waiter A. nuos, Dennis O (Jon
nor, ttal., P. GroiBin. John Stammon
Minnie Stoddard, Bernard W. Moran.mem-
Ders or tne ooaid of public works for coun
sel fees, on account of closing of Ferrv
path, of congregation Blokur Cholim B'nal
Abrabam were referred to the committee
on claims, and a nnmbsr of other petitions
rererred to tbelr appropriate committees,
All these petitions oame before the court of
common council last year, but were not
A petition asking for the passage of an
ordinance regulating the epeed of electric
oars was referred to the committee on or
A communication from the board of fire
commissioners asking for a speolal . extra
appropriation of $500 for new hydrants was
reterred to tbe board of finance.
The following petition was referred to
the oommitteeon retrenchment and reform
We, the undersigned, residents Of the
city of New Haven, considering the inade
quacy ot tne present board of nealth ar
rangements in regard to tne care of con
tagious diseases, beg that some Immediate
measures be taken to remedy the brutal
and Inadequate system now in vogue."
xnia petition is signed by w. U. Unnning,
v. v. uameron, James r. Dunn. A. U.
Traeger, J. H. G. Durant, George R. Hodg-
uon, Davia uodgdon.w. u. Moseley, Wells
uunae, tne Joan i. tide sett company,
H. G. Redfield, Jacob Brosohart, F. S. An
drew, H. J. 8 perry, O. A. Dorman, W. H.
Bushnell, F. L. Averlll, M. Sonnenberg, B.
u. .uovenage, m alley, iNeely K uo., r . at,
Brown & Oo. and forty-six other.
The mnoh dieoussed Question of what
shall be done with the mayor bobbed np
serenely and held the attention of the" al
dermen for over .an hour. Alderman
Hiller, as chairman of the joint standing;
committee, submitted a report favoring
the building of a southerly extension over
the area way at a oost of from 11.200 to
ll.ooo, to be paid oy tbe olty, and In re
turn for this expense to get a lease of, the
r resent mayor's offioe for 999 years or an
absolute In terouange of properties. . ,-
Alderman Uonnor, tne otner aidsrmanlo
member of the committee, opposed the
above plan and favored having the
mayor vacate hla present offioe instead
of paying ont single penny for the bene
fit of the town : sovernment. He also
claimed that there was plenty of room In
the elty hall for both governments. :
After a lenetbv debate; during wnien
arcuments pro and oon were made by Al
dermen MaoDonald, Hiller, Moore, Connor
and Gllsgher,the two latter opposing the
plan, the plan as proposed by Alderman
Hiller was adopted with but two dissent
ing votes. This Dlan calls for tha bnlldina-
of the square southerly addition over the
Harmonle Hall Crowded Last Even- I
ing aa Excellent Rehearsal Large u
Crowd In Line Last Night for the
Bale This moraine
Harmonie hall was filled to ovei flowing
last evening at the ninth rehearsal of the
Gounod society. . There was a perfect at
tendance of the ehorus and excellent work
waa done. The attack, phrasing, shading
and execution were admirably rendered
and Slg. Agramonte. has just cause to be
proud of the Gounod society. . There will
be an extra rehearsal on Thursday evening
of this week at 7:45 and the final rehear
sal before the publio performance on next
Monday evening at 7:45. No spectators
will be admitted to these last two renear-
The sale of seats for the "Messiah" will
open at 9 o'clock this morning at the Hy
perion. There were fully fifty or sixty
men and boys standing In line last evening
waiting the opening of the sale. The
board of management of the Gounod
society wish it distinctly understood that
a clean ohart of the Hyperion will be
placed before the public this morning, no
seats naving previously been marxeo on.
An officer will be In attendance to see that
no one shall take another's place in line.
Eaoh purchaser will be allowed to buy ten
tiokets for both the afternoon and evening
neformanoes. Without a doubt the
"Messiah," as It will be given on Maroh
13, will be one of the finest musical events
ever given in New Haven.
The Bis Bins Silver Company A Hitch
in the Case Legal Proceedings
General News of the Town
There seems to be a hitch in the prelimi
naries of the organization of. tbe Biggins
Silver company, whioh was to locate and
build a factory on the south plains. H. E,
Biggins, one of the prime movers of the
projeot, is a resident of this place, while
several of the other stockholders belong in
Bridgeport. At the meeting heldheie last
Saturday there was a certain disagree
ment about certain preliminaries, and the
meeting was adjourned nntll Wednesday
of this week There are many rumors
afloat regarding the matter, whioh have
more or less foundation. Emory Morse,
who owns the land in the vicinity where
the proposed shop is to be located, stated
yesterday that the whole business had fall
en through and that the Bridgeport stock
holders were trying to frees) Biggins ont.
Where this Information oomes from Is not
known, and Its truth cannot be verified
until after the meeting of Wednesday.
There are certain arrangements to be
made, and nntll this matter is amicably
settled, no proteree is expected. Yes
terday Deputy Sheriff Poad was in town
and smnmortcd H. E. Biggins to appear
before the Fairfield county court In Bridge
port to ehow cause why a permanent In
Junction shall not be placed npon him to
prohibit him from making certain disposi
tion of certain machinery purchased from
the effects of the Hartford Silver Plate
company which was intended for use in
the proposed faotory. The general wish
here is that the matters will be amicably
The portion of B.Wallace & Sons' works
situated east of tbe raceway, which com
prises the silversmiths, tinning room and
a portion of the steel workers, will begin
to-day running ten Hours a day.
There are sevferal dangerous holes in the
roadway on Kim street over where tb
sewer was recently laid that drivers of
teams should look sharp for or there- may
be a serious accident. The changing of
the frost in tne ground mates tne bad
William Dclehaaiy starts to-day on
visit to Ireland, to be absent until the mid
dle of April.
Wild ducks are plenty in the Qoinniplac
river above and below tne lske.
Town Clerk Martin filled out over eighty
pension papers yesterday.
ine condition ot Samuel Simpson yes
terday was reported as a little more com
fortable, although the end may come at
any hour.
The Hubbard hose and Simpson "hooks-
meet tuis evening, toreman Martin
the latter oompany wishes tvary member
to be present, as the new uniforms are. ex
peoted to be on hand.
Colonel W. J. Leavenworth is in New
York for a few days' business.
There is talk of the temperance league
increasing the facilities of the temperance
headquarters by the erection of a bnlldlng
tor a gymnasium, rne project may
carried out later it tbe interest still con
The electric road did a big business Sun
day dnrlng the afternoon and evening.
The oars were running on half-hour ached
hie and every car from Meriden was filled
to its utmost oapaolty,- and many were
nangmg on tne piatiorms,
Tbe Yale Divinity quartet will sing at
tne Baptist cunron xnursaay evening Ad
mission free.
Miss Bessie Flynn, who has been at her
home in Hartford, resumed her duties as
teacher at the Colony street tchool yester
PcBtmaater Jones has tendered his reels-
nation as town treasurer to the selectmen
to take effeot on Saturday next.
The selectmen paid ont $2,078 49 during
Jim Sing, the Chinese laundrvman, says
he Is to soon marry an American woman
In New York,
The robins and bluebirds were single
H. F. Kramp, designer at Maltby, Sto
vena, Curtis & Co., met with a painful ao
oldent yesterday, when he spilled a quan
tity ot not wax on tne oacx or bis band
bnrnlng it quite badly. Be will be die
abled from work for a few davs.
Thomas J. Doherty has received an offer
to acoept a position in Brooklyn as agent
of the Metropolitan Insurance company of
norwicn. , ne will probably accept tbe po
At Kockledge.
Beports from Kockledge, Florida, show
that aa usual. It is a great place for New
Haveners to visit at this season of the year.
Among those there at present are George
P. Merwin and wife of Eld street this city,
and the party who accompanied them,
Horace P. Shares, the brick manufacturer,
owner of Bockledge hotel, has sojourned
there for many eeasons. He has several
members of his family with him. This
year the hotel has a great number of
guests, owing to its having been greatly
enlarged and improved by Mr. Shares, and
owing to the many comforts there afforded
gnesis. Allen D. Baldwin and family of
this olty, are also in the vicinity of Rock
ledge, where Air. Baldwin has an oTange
grove. John Shares, the new chief officer
of Pyramid lodge, has been paying a visit
to Bockledge and violnity and is reported
to have grand success in gunning, reports
ot wnioa nave reaonea jryramia lodge.
A letter recently received in Mllford
Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Piatt of Cheshire, af
ter spending a few weeks at Bockledse.
started yesterday for a trip up the Ockla
waha river and several other places. Mr.
Piatt expects to return to Cheshire March
Miss Julia Piatt of Mllford aooompanled
her uncle on tie trip np theOcklawaba
rirer. Miss Julia will return to Bockledse
ncLapena tne rest oi tne winter.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Merwin of
Mllford took a trip to Eiea last week in
their naphtha launch. They report their
pine apples in fine condition. Mr. Merwin
and wife thoroughly enjoy the Indian
river, and often they invite their friends
foT a nice sail on the river. Mr. Merwin
has ft beautiful house at Bockledge. The
lawn la green as au emerald, and foliaee
plants, oaiia lines and geraniums are In
full bloom. He has also many tropical
punts mat are aanureo oy au tne tourists.
.Local Jotting.
State Organizer T. F. Gilmore visited
Smith oonnoll of New London last even-
tog-. I
Sidney J. Benham, a well known local
character of considerable means and no
ticeable for his peculiar style of dress, is
now at Sprlngslde farm, having been sent
there last weak upon the petition of Us
relatives. He will be taken to Middle-
town this weak and placed In tha Insane
retreat. ' - -
The funeral services of John H. John
son, who died of diphtheria, will be held
at Evergreen cemetery this afternoon at S
o'qlock. - The burial services will be con
ducted by East Book lodge, A O. V. W.
Bev. Dr. Williams will, It Is expected, be
the officiating clergyman. AU friends are
Invited to attend. Yesterday Mr. Burgess
of Lowell, brother-in-law of deceased, ar
rived in town. r ,
Will Give a Free Lecture In tne Hy
perionTMs Week Accept an
tatton From Some of New Haven's
most Diatlngntahed Citizens.
General Francis A. Walker, president of
the Institute of Teohnloology of Boston,
who is famed for his information concern
ing financial, Industrial and commercial In
terests In this oonntry and as a speaker
and writer, has consented to deliver a free
leoture in the Hyperion theater Thursday
evening of this week.
It will be noticed that those who Invited
General Walker here to lecture include the
most able representative men of the city,
It should be borne In mind that those who
extend the Invitation do not thereby com
mit themselves to any financial policy. .
Some are blmetalllsta and some are mon
ometallists, but all desire to hear what
our former townsman, General Walker,
baa to say noon the Important subject.
The following correspondence Is self-ex
New. Haven. Conn., Feb. 13, UM.
riAtinrAl Vrnnoift A . Walker: ' '
ThA nndArmariiad mtizaiu or New UETen coral-
ally inTite you to deliver an address in this city
on me currency qwon &l buvu wuw ,u u
l-f,,t,ipA a mnV twt miwt nnnTnient to YOU. We
halinvn that mir.h an addreM cannot fall to be
valuable as a contribution to the discussion of a
most important and complicated subject and as
a means ot puouc eaucaxu
lublic education:
George W. Curtis,
W. J.TTOWDnoge,
Charles S. Leete,
B. H. Trowbridge,
Joseph Porter,
Henry C. White,
Edward Harwood,
O. B. Bolmar,
Henry Stoddard,
Talcott H. Ru;bc1I,
Edward S. Lines,
Charles P. Clark,
Newman Smyth,
Pierce N. Welob,
A. if, usoorne,
J. B. Sargent,
Wilbur F. Bay,
Robert A Brown,
William D. Whitney,
S. K. Baldwin,
Arthur D Hadley,
Timothy Dwigbt,
B Morris,
T. G. Bennet.
E. G. Stoddard,
N. G. Osborn,
m. zunaer.
Morris F. Tyler,
George A. Butler,
T. EL Doolittle,
O. 8. Mersiok,
S. E. Merwin,
Henrv W. Farnara,
Eli Whitney.
Boston, Mass., Feb. S
, 1894.
Hon. Bimeon E. Baldwin and others:
Gentlemen I feel myself deeply honored by
your inrltatlon to delirer an address on the
monev Question in New Haven, and I have tbe
greatest satisfaction in taking advantage ot the
opportunity uuw auoraeu iu-.
Should that date be convenient to you, I will
speak In New Haven on the eighth ot March.
A New Engine Bouse In Fair Haven.
Fair Haven will probably soon have
another engine bonse looated within its
confines. At a recent meeting of the board
of fire commissioners, Messrs. Wine and
Walker were appointed a oommittea to se
cure a lot forth site of a new engine
house. Yesterday, this extntnxtneer, accom
panied bv Chief Keanedv and. William a.
McDonald . chairman of the board, visited
several locations In Fair Haven but did not
decide npon any special site.
BeBskllouu Win.
Shextok, March 5. The borough e.t
tlon here to-day resulted In a victory for
the republicans. About 218 ballots were
oast, with a republican vlotory. The ticket
elected waa aa follows: Warden, John H.
Barlow, rep. : Burgesses, F. u. Wilkinson,
dem ; D wight ABlohardson, rep.; Chatlee
J. Uonrad, rep ; and iNienoiaa u. uuven,
dem ; treasurer, Joseph TomUnson, rep
bsliff, Gideon TomUnson, rep.
Slight Fire In Oak Street.
About 8:80 o'clock yesterday- afternoon
a slight fire occurred in the grooery store
of Jacob Cohn, at 44. Oak street. The fire
was caused by a defective- flue and was
extinguished by tbe peop'o In the store
without catting out the fire department
There was no damage to the bnlldlng.
which Is owned by Harris Alderman, but
Cohn's stook was damaged to the amount
of (150 by smoke and water.
H H. 8.
The Prom. Tfeketa What la Said on
the Subject Preliminary Progress,
The report that considerable exoltement
and comment has been caused by the ticket
question Is almost entirely unfounded. : It
is true some little talk has been going on
since yesterday morning because - some
member of '91 inserted an advertisement
In a Sunday paper offering a promenade
ticket for sale to highest bidder. Promi
nent members and officers of the class
have declared that any member has the
right to do whatever he wishes with his
ticket. .
President McQuald, when asked what he
thonght abJut the occurrence, said that he
thought it-, was nothing contrary to the
wishes cf the Class. He also said nothing
wonld be done or said further concerning
tbe matter, and tne reported class meeting
wonld not take place.
Principal Thomas said to one of the
young men of the class that he did not
consider It a breach of good will for any
member to sell his ticket. What he meant
when he brought up the qnestlon before
the first meeting of the class about the sale
of tiokets was that a public sale ought not
to be made; that is, after assigning a cer
tain number of tickets to members, to sell
at auction or otherwise any large amount
of tickets.
In previous years graduating pupils were
given three or four tickets after paying
class does. Each person would nse bnt
one ticket, end the remaining ones would
be sold to outsiders, thus bringing the total
number of tlckels on sale in a olaes of
120 to about 400. To a veld a publio rale
tue class ot 'Vi voted to give but one ticket
to each member,the class officers receiving
a few extra. There are very few in the
class who will not attend the promenade,
and ic those few sell tbelr tickets an fx
oeedingly small number of outsiders will
be brought In and the affair cannot be
called a publio one.
To those members wbo have paid their
class dues a preliminary program will be
given to-day, which is to be filled ont in
preparation for the affair. This program
Is equivalent to a ticket of admission, and
anyone who possesses one is entitled to
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup has always been kept
up to the standard. It is the same it was forty
yearn ngu lire Dtrst sola.
pjetial Helices.
7 and 9 Church Street,
152 Portsea Street.
Looii at Onr SpiiiK Display
. OF
Meats, Poultry,
Vegetables, Fruits,
Early Rhubarb,
New Potatoes, r
Squabs, Sprisg Chisksss, etc.
350 and 353 State Street.
Pi Si
for an . Easter Service
lant Veasele Chartered ISrs. lHal
Ion's Funeral Fabllc r Exhibition
of the Boya Brigade. ,
frequent rehearsals are being held for
the Easter service to be given in the Grand
avenue Congregational church on tbe even
ing of Sunday. Maroh 18. . . There will be
music and recitations and exercises by the
enlldren of the primary department.
William S. Bowe. tbe jeweler, and J. D,
Vandeibllt, both of whom have been eon-
fined to their homes from the effeota of
severe colds, were ont again yesterday.
Mr. Yanderbllt's illness was doe to insem
ination whioh set In In an old wound con
tracted during the war. .
Mrs. Frank E.. Hill has been visiting
friends at her old home In Cold Spring,
Miss Nellie Alvord of Temoa Is visiting
Mrs. M. O. Alvord of Oalnnlolao street.
Henry Moody and family have removed
to Hartford, where he is now In business,
E. W. Coleman, who was active In estab
lishing Fort Hale lodge, N. E O. P., has
been over to Mllford, where a lodge is to be
The schooner Bonita has been chartered
to bring a couple of oargoa of oysters from
Virginia for A. B. Barnes. The New York
schooner B. F. Jayne has been chartered
by J. E. Bishop & Co., and E. P. Goodsell
and Captain Walter Avery hae gone down
to ioaa tne vessel.
Captain J. G. Hervev in the schooner
Gerry P. Wright will sail from here on
Thureday to load for William H. Potter
and others. Captain Charles H. Seeley in
tends to leave here on Wednc adav or Thurs
day for Hampton, Ya , to load a schooner
irom weineet, Mass., . that has been char
A stranger drove a horse attached to a
wagon to the llverv stable of Hiram
Thompson on . North Front street last
Thursday and left it. He has not been
seen since. The horse appeared to have
been driven a long distanoe,and Thompson
believes It had been stolen. -The police are
trying to ascertain to whom tha rlir be
Tiokets are selllns ranldlv for tha lecture
by Adam Chambers to be given In the
Grand avenue Baptist ohuroh Thartdav
evening. The subjsot Is "Bnnyan's Pil
grim's Progrets," and it will be illustrated
by tw.nty handsome pun tings.
Fort Hale nark will h Imnnnl th
coming eaeonyby an expend rue It of $2,
5C The cleaning of tha East Haven sireaia
oi arrow las week required a gang of twen
ty men. In some pUoea tha drift wet
tea feet deep.
xne remains of E Izaoeth, widow of tha
lata wiu sra Maiio.y arrived tram Beia-
more last evening and war taken to tha
Second Oongngational church, woara tha
funeral wlli be oondnetad thia morning at
ji o oiook. iter. u. at. James csiolating,
Mrs. MaUory died from naaajnonia af (a
an Hints or about ten days.
joun n. donoson, wbo died Irom tha
effects of diphtheria at tha hospital, for
contagious diseases on Sunday, formerly
resided here, and was a member of East
Hook lodge, A. O. U. W. Ha was ont last
A. H. Barnes has removed tbe old fix
tures from the store at tha corner of Grand
avenue and Qilnnlplao street, which he has
teased, and will soon fit it np for an loe
cresm saloon. -
There was a public exhibition, and drill
by company 4 of the Boy's brigade at the
East Pearl street H. E. obnroh last evening
held in the Sunday sohool room, and the
exercises ware largely attended. The com
pany numbers fifty-three members and is
attaining good efficiency in drill. A drum
oorps of about ten members is now being
And His Pal Captured Stole a Watch
another Difficulty.
Hartford, March 5 Bichard Parker of
27 Poplar street, Brooklyn, a distinguished
looking actor, was fined $35 and sent to
j ill for three months in the police court
this morning. He took a gold watch chain
in a jewelry store on Saturday and oon
oealed It in his glove. He passed it to
confederate, also an aotor, and the latter
escaped. Parker vai caught after a hard
run. ;
George White, the pal of Parker, who was
sentenced this morning, was caught thia
afternoon. He is a theatrical man and was
on his way to Boston.
Henry . Walton, who has a prominent
part in the "Dark Secret" company, was
allowed time to leave town by the police
judge. He misbehaved in the Brower
boos4 and was knocked down bv the mo-
prietor. ,-.
At Davenport Chnreh.
Miss Virginia Dox will speak at the Dav
enport ohurch chapel to-night at 7:45, giv
ing a thrilling account of her work among
the cowboys of New Mexico. The address
Is f nil of most interesting inoldents of pio
neer mission work, and will well repay any
one who can attend. The public are cor
dially invited to be present.
Two Liquor Violators.
William Mbrpby of 183 East street, was
arrested yesterday on a warrant charging
him with violating the Snnday liquor law
and snbsequently released under S200
bonds. Murphy's place was raided Sunday
by Grand avenue officers.
James P. Kelly who formerly conducted
a saloon at the oorner of Howard and Con
gress avenues was arrested yesterday by
Officer Klalber on a warrant oharglng him
with selling liquor withont a license. Kel
ly's license expired Jannary 1 and he has
not yet seoured another. He was releaeed
under bonds of $200, f urnlshei by Patrick
HI Chnreh Street - - - 538 Grand Avenue.
They will do so the best
of them. We
situation with a pair of Lace
or Congress, any style of toe,
at $2e50 to $5.00.
Our $3.50 .; Calf Lace Shoe
giyes style, comfort, and du
rability, r J
The New Haven
142 ltd S46 Chips! Stmt, Kiw Hivbi, Cobi.
A Special Town Heating Called
Bbaktobd, Mai oh 6. A speolal town
meeting has been - called for 'tomorrow
evening to take tome aotion to prevent tha
removal of the plant of the Branford Look
works which has furnished employment to i
many citizens tor many years. The look
shop Is of great Importance to the place j
and If the deal whioh is bow talked of to I
sell the plant to outside parties Is consum
mated It is probable tnat sne industry will
be taken away -from here. . The citizens
view the situation seriously and are making
every effort to prevent the works from
Dtlng removed away from tne place. At
tbe meeting to-morrow plan of securing
1 cal capital to purchase the works will be
considered. It is reported that the busi
ness men of the place and others with
capital will do all in their power to kep
the lock works here. There are about 800
hands regularly employed in the shop, and
the remarkable growth of the plios is
attributed to tha look shop.
SnowballlBK Costa $10.40.
. -George B. Putnam', a Tale atndent who
was arrested Saturday by Officer Caul&eld
for throwing snowballs on College street,
settled tbe ease against nlm by paying a
a fine of $5 and $5 40 costs.
Herbert BIackaaaas Death.
Shextobt, Maroh 5 The news of the
death of Herbert Blaokman causes much
sorrow here. He waa the only son of Sey
mour Blackman and was a young man of
great promise. He went to Florida a few
months ago, having scoured a position on
the Jacksonville and St. Augustine rail,
road, now In process of constructing ex
tensive branohes, and has been working in
the famous Everglades of that ' atate for
some time. He was on his wsy home, and
hla parents had expected him to sail for
New York Thureday. C. E Lewie 1
started for Jacksonville to bring home the
body. Deceased waa twenty-one years old
and an exemplary member of the Metho
dist church and prominent in the Y. M. O.
A. work here.
The Globe Trotter.
Hartford, Maroh 5. Paul Jones, the
globe trotter, spoke to the Trinity students
this afternoon about hla adventures to date.
He visited many of the large fast o lies this
morning, lie will give a lecture in
hall In a few weeks.
Mare Bans 1st Lyaa.
: Naw Lotdob", Maroh 5.--Bogerde Wolfs
general stora at Blank Hall (Lyme) '
burned this saornlng, Tha bnlldlng wi
large wooden) atmotnre and snataiaad tha
posteffioa. Then waa do means of saving
tha property escape by carrying; water to
tha Boena In bneketa. Loaa $5,000.
T. W. C A.
Tha regular moathly sotartabtansot of
tha Yorrng"Woiaaira Cbrlstlaa aasoniatlc
will be- glvsa Bvaaarrow avaalng at
o'olock. "Tha Company's Husbands,"
whioh has bean ao annnsasfiilly presented
in this olty, wni be given, togetbex with
short musical program. The admission
free to all young women.
at Dsck
Clinton,. Maroh 5. Complaint has been
made by masters ot vessels about tha dan
ger of the new breakwater which la being
constructed at Duck Island, off this plsoe.
A bis pile of rocks hsa been dumped
this place, and at night there has not been
any light displayed to mark tbe dangerous
locality. Several small vessels ran on the
rocks recently and narrowly escaped de
struction. Tbe government has been asked
to place a light on the breakwater.
Dean's Rheumatic Pill's absolutely cure rheu
matism ana neuralgia. Entirely vegetable, bate.
When you bny candy buy Huyler's. 1
Hewitt & Co., Selling Agents. f7tf
1 Spring
Chapel St., cor. of State.
THE beat Artificial Stone la the market for
sMewalka, drive ears ; mill, shop and barn
Honrs ; cellar bottoms, curbiog, coping, etc
All orders promptly executed and satisfaction
guaranteed. . -
Exchange Balldlnar, Boons 12,
a!3 tf ' (P. O. Box 856), NEW HAVEN.
conquer the
- - If AliTiHY, KEELT & CO.
Haw HaVU.Taesday, March , IBM
Tht weather to-day Likely
to bt fair. I
- - - - r - - -
Nothing arouses and calls
out hard criticism like a
business project that strikes
the popular chord, hits the
oublic Docket. . increases pub-
a - I
ic confidence in the projector
and at the same time sells
in a jiffy the projector's mer
So when intensely ambi-
tious business men are seized
with a deep consciousness of
inability to become leaders,
human forbearance passes
over their most extravagant
Undoubtedly, last week's
sales became our strongest
advertisement The natural
law of human helpfulness
must have prompted hosts of
people to tell wltat they paid
For Men's Underwear.
Shirts, Suspenders, Neck
ties, Socks, etc. We judge
by the talk of new buyers.
rine reliable Mens fur
nishings at about half price.
Any wonder that such news
spreads? Better clip the
last advertisement as a Mem
These fine Skirts are su
perior in quality and unequal-
ed m style ana worKmansrup.
Prices 7;. 08 cents. Si. 25 and
up to S3.CO.
UuaUn Cndervraar Section.
To Housekeepers
' Monday Morning will show
a marked movement in " Bed
Tickinir" prices. . . First
class Tickings at 8 cents
yard, worth 10 cents.
1,000 yas. rancy lickinirs
at 10 cents a yard, worth
12 1-2 cents. . . 1,000 yds. at
12 1-2 cents a yard, worth 15
cents. 1 ,000 yds. of the ol
reliable A. C. A. Ticking at
12 1-2 cents a yard.
; Bales of ?6 inch Brown
Sheeting at 5 cents a yard
... 2 Cases of 36 inch
Bleached Cotton at 6 cents a
yard. . . i Case of 48 inch
Brown Sheeting at 10 cents a
Find value without a paral
lel in our 68 inch Bleached
Table Linen at cents
yard. 5-8 x 3-4 Napkins to
Linen Court.
Fine narrow Embroidered
Edgings with and without
cut out edges, also in colored
cut out edges ys to 9 inches
wide, all fashionable shades
from 8 cents a yard upward.
Chapel St. corner. Left aisle.
" What pretty cottons ! " is
a frequent exclamation with
women. Coming to the Lace
Stripe Lawns, they look too
pretty except to hang up for
admiration. But they're in
tensly practical at from 25 to
45 cents a yard. Wisdom
says, buy, make up and have
them all ready to put on.
Main Entrance. Left able.
Trade Table No. 1 for
Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday, the best Men's Socks
for 1 22 cents that ever cov
ered a foot.
$10 to $125.
Gash or Instalments.
OThe larre sale of FUR CAPES f
the last few days assures as
Othat tbe low prices at whicb wo at
are offering our Capes Is appro- t "i
elated. All of our stock lanew. VJ
OlaanlonaMa, and desirable. a3.
If tbe prioea are far below their ( 2
value, such prior are the result
Oof rreat pnrebaaes, or of deter- a.
mlnstfcm to elose- our stock I 1
while new. W
They art lars. fat. meaty roods. 45 of I ham
weign a pouna.
Best Maple Syrup 20c quart.
Finest Canned Tomatoes 12c
X Potatoes 74b bnifctL
Best Etrtter
Two pounds Bios 11a
Two pounds Corn Starch 11c.
' Fat Cicksrel lie eaclL
B. W. Kills, 882 State St.
F. M.
& CO.
Crystals. Stars, Bars,
Flecks and Flashes make
up the beauty of patterns.
And still the patterns come !
Sateens, 33c d.
Scotch Zephyr
In plaids, fine stripes and
small checks.
COC yd.
Choice High Grade
Fancy plaids and plain colors.
I OC yd.
Bright, new fancies in
Stripes, do tted grounds
and sprays.
25C and 30c.
Striped polka dots,
large figures.
1 21c.
A new Spring Stock
of Exquisitely Embroidered
Beautiful new designs, from
F M Brown I Co.
Solicitors of
American and Foreign
868 Chapel Street,
Hew Haven, Conn.
SpencecMatthera &Ca
241 State Street 243
.. .
"Penny wise and Pound
foolish" are those who think
it economy to use cheap rosin
and soda soaps, or washing
powders of any kind, instead of
the good old Dobbins Elec
tric Soap ; for sale by all gro
cers since 1869, and used dur
ing all that time by millions
of intelligent economical wo
men who know its merits and
therefore use it. All who use
it praise it as the best, cheap,
est, and most economical soap
made, but if you will try it,
even just once, it will tell a
much stronger tale of its mer
its itself, ask your grocer
tor Dobbins haectnc boap
take nothing else.
articles ;
other ansornnnv.
loaa men seek to palm them off on their I
customers as ths genuine, for tha sake of
the additional profit made by tbe deceit
mere are wia ui luuiauum ot aWDDina-
Ekctrio Soap. Every one of them will
walw. anrl tnr alnfV.aa Ou
U on every wrapper.
Saooeasora toLL Crsein & Co..
Philadelphia, Pa
ITsas Ceasine wttaaat Bane stasnei laatde.
i-noser 7 in. saaset Blanket, MM
" " Ik. AAA
Ask to SfetfcsSAe otaer aa stylos at nrices to
jr; oeia ey au oeaiera.
was. ay res a sons, Philadelphia.
S inciter of 0. S. toil Fortigi Pittits j
A I frJ A aV M
bSaSsu ii rum yusss.
TO Caarea SU, Boobbs S aa4 4
Ofaaday, Tnoadar aad Wsdaeaday.)
bpbi anrLD.i MAaa.
lTiaiala Stroat.
(Tharadayrrloay and 8atm-lay.)
Eight years snerlsaoe as Ezasalner ts D .
Patent Offioe. Taeferaaoaa to H i j .
grtmistous, &c
Plaeapptea, Poara,
Ufmp. rrun. asvai ursnaaa,
Flaeappte Oraacra.
Sweet A.ipwm, OtWBtBga,
Catawba Orafes, Tomatoes.
J. 13. JUDSON, Fruiterer,
r KarfcRt BnMtnc. troat.
R. H. NesMt Co.
Canter tali ui Ba Strttts.
Saddle. Venison, Black Bear.
attl'ard, Bed Head and Canraaback Packs.
Bit?, lamb, Hultss ui Uil
Headquarters (or
HothooM and Southern Vege
Also a fall line of Fancy and Staple
Schooner FridJacison
Now discharging at Long Wharf a sapsrior
cargo CcanssSslt
Low prioea and custom bonse
from tbe Teasel.
2:t State Street.
F.ary Otuntrr Tnrk.y., faHdmaxL
Chickens, "
For sals siarca Sd and Si.
Finest Table Batter only 30c lb.
warranted to sou.
Good Table Bettor 2s lb.
Fair Table Batter 24e lb.
Egffn, FpE, Egg.
Fine freah Conn try Ep-ps 23c deceit.
Good cooking Ecgs 16c df a.
10 barrels ot fancy Saa-drhd Apple.
I only 9c lb : big bargain. Kotntng like an
old faaUoacd drtad apple pie.
our DBiTE ts rare
California Canned Fruits.
Fancy heavy sj-rop Pears. aVpriaota. aad
Qrasa Gage Flams, only 13a earn ; nnra
large ease.
Hwaat norma Urarpaa lit, 80, ze Oca.
Tha finest Lmona 10c dot.
Bargain In Salt Mackerel only 19s aaah.
D. M. WELCH & 803,
88 and 30 Congress Avenue,
Braaoa. S Qraaa Araaoa.
Trtgphoa. Ko. tm.
Good Times Coming.
Aaolbr Bis Barcmta Week. Gniai aauwahur
of hiss prions oa pooUry. Kot la yaa past baa
poultry raw carta as at in. praaaaiUBM,
Von oaa all fal bapnv try bvviaa- o daD. Just
1 1 marine, Turkeys and Cnlckvns caly ldc or 1 3c a
pousa. a nave aa fssoeurai aloes rorinsi
msak a sales.
Lit CtaatraJ Marks.
I l a.
Is at baad teaacj.
Weisbaden Preserves,
Or all kiadE,
At 80o each, or $0.00 per dozen.
Tbese good, are rmeraUy auid at
Vl.w i
Koraay Bloater Mackervt ; Umm ask
m, ar rxi-a lai ana vrtuir neat; sao in.
so. t Mackerel 10c each.
Fancy Smoked Hloaier Herring Se dox.
- " MailDUt.
" Finnan Had die
" Berri.c;, small fth2fe box.
M Herring, bonelrss
Salt Berrinc
Diamond Wetfe Cod, in 3.1b boxes ; tbe flaest
genui&e Cod on the market.
Fl BRED COD 10 and ate package
Block Island Cod.
A ranev larm Quern Olive, 10c bouts.
Our Homemaaa Bread ia m-itaout aa Mual.
i rj iu use o.a scana.
E. E. Kicitols 378 State Street.
Telephone 553 S.
r. H- huaky, its ciuircn ..
Hartford offioe. 2SS Haia aueeL. Adaiea. let.
ters to New Haven ofooft. aula If
Conserratory, 201 OiiweH Irbbl
JW. 8HEB.AN, Tracker of Plaao and
Onraa for New Bavea and acrroaadlaa
I to?ia. Engagementa forcnarcn entertainments.
parties, balls, tods-es, abcre teem la, etc, vitk or
.iudmi ensmi, ei umm m.illll rates. mf U
781 Cfcapel Mr-ret.
Tborous-h Huamal E4uoafJoa eiler tbe BBMAad
of foremost European Ooiwenalotvna.
vioua, nana, wrui. t-Jnrmr, nuta, laanoa-
etta. Corart. Freoca Bora. V
Kua. Deuo, uouost
andoua, Bandurria, Harmon, and fta-
lble PUT Inc.
instnaeuon ai.rte or la
Appttcaals reorlved dailv from to I and 4 to
p. m. aJStf 781 CHAPEL STREET.
83 Church Street.
Private Instruction Only.
Why be indifferent about vetua. nor Knee.
tactas propnrlv fitted f abea by cows; la
Darant'ft, the Jeweler.
Ton can bare roar err. eerf h!1v leMed and ai
errors of ferracUoa corrected at Vsatwr (Masses
only. All kinds of frame, kept ia stack.
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
Carefully ekecntel at
Durant's, 55 Church Street,
I mmi it v n a nmirnn
I W r -Tff & GUI.JUE.
Watchmakers aad Jewelers. '
FeB List SierEng SOrcr ui Mm
PWeiWam .
Ho. 788 Chapel Street.
Prtoea Low mz4 PaJtof action Guarantees.
Orders left at - -
BKATLZT 4 DAN.N-8, 0S gtate Street,
EOBTVKXTCH SON'S, S74 Chanel B treat,
LDiBLXY. SOOT A OO.H. u kmdn.
Wttl reoetve prompt attaatsna, K.O. Address
Too oftee hear of other extracts which
CLAiii TO BB "just a. rood" aa
Extract of Beef.
Bot Owes claims oalv can attaatSoa to
The Standard
. For quality.
DUlrlbpUj.. Aireata for Coaa. : Talcott. Trtm
bia A C, fiarUord. aahaWaStaan

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