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jfoqt tytittti.
T2- Kansas ChisfL
TwoDoLLASSAYiAi,niJUri5CS. Paymentslvmld be
made strictly la advene: c4hervlse,tVerBtaof3 per year
wUI b ckxed, at Um dacnIiaB of tke FfUUtatr.
1 m. 1 3 aaa, I f mo. 1 1 year.
One Sonars........ ...
Two Squares.,
Tltfee Squares
Quarter of a Calama...
Half a Column.
130 00
40 00
For mar other leugU nf tin, ia aceordaace with the
bovn rates, which apply oaly to renlar adTertiatoj.
Business cards oil fines or leas, S a yesr. '
For Legal and transient advertlsementa, l per sonars
for tbe Erst insertion, and 50 eenU per square for each sob
seqnent Insertion. .
Special Notice, will be charred SO percent. exttBtend
editorial arivertlsemeata and peraoual weenrwikatlsns,
double price. ,
Eight lines of solid Jionpareil make one aqnare. All
fractions of half a aqnare and over, are rousted aa a rail
"Advertisements requirine to be certified to, will be
charfadthe coat of certifyfag. in addition to the regular
", Transient adTertiaonenU moat be paid for lnrariably ia
advance. , t
-3J0B WOKKJ ef an kinds done on abort notice, aa
lowao the tlmea wUl admit. All Job Work moat be paid
far when taken from the office.
' ' AOE.1TK.
8. 1L PETTEXOILL A CO. 37 Park Bow.
GEOEGEP. HOWELL A CO, 40 Tark How. are our only
authorized Advertlsine Agents ia Sew Tork.
flHirnnai a STaxx, St. Louis.
Cook, Cobubji a Co, Chicago.
."Judge Sd Judicial District P. I- ntnuuan.
'Uouaty CommiMionera-fOHX L.Buua, Hxxar Stulx,
?oara Kaasou-M. , jr
Sheriff SaxoII. IdAquuXfjf. .
"Hreaaurer Ronxn Truer.
lOscmty Clerk CHtBixa Kirnu.tr.
abstract Clerk raaK Baovrvj
aUonnty Attorney Joel Holt.
Probate Judge-Jon C. Goudoy.
BUgiater of jlrada Ducai Mel vroan.
choolulerliitdrnt D. W. Browx.
Coroner L. T. notxaxn.
Surrejor Ilxxar Wiieo.
J. O. O. P.
'White ciomi lodge. Xo. a. l o of
' Hi T- vnecta at Odd Frllowa' IlalL second
atory of Van Unaktrk's Building. Main Street. eTrrjr Sat
urday evening, at 8 o'clock. Brothers in good standing are
cordially Invited to visit the Lodge.
S. If. rEBBr, X. G.
Gcobcc W.Ttxr, R. 8.
IIIGULAND LODGE. Xo,T. L a a P., meets mj
SaturdsT night, in the room over II verm & Rose's Durg
.Store. lilghland Kansas. F. M. tlN'KEFER, X. G.
A. P. UxKcnta, B- 8.
a A. F. & A. M.
XX' rniTaf CLOUD LODGE. JSo. 78. A. F. A A.
er"" M, meets at their Hall, third story of Weeks'
Bunding, on the Leree, on Wednesday night, on or before
the Full Moon, in each month, and every two wprka there
after. B, IL WILLIAMS, W. II.
C W. Shrxtk, Sec'y.
aju Q. A. R.
Mb) PhlL Kearney Post, No. a. Grand Army of the
aamat, Bepublic, meeU on the first Tuesday erening of
each month, at the City Hall. White Cloud.
K. il. WILLIAMS, Post Commander.
Atchison aaa Neki-aska Bail way.
ivms TmoU .Vo. 10, taking efeet September 1I loT.
cOLva aouTH.
JfaO sf Ex. Freight. TaUi CVy Ac
Atchiaoa, 1 JO P- m.
Doniphan, 1.28 "
Jlrenner, 1 OS "
Troy Junction, 12S0
Fanning. 1U '
Highland Sta. 12.Xi
Iowa Point, IS 03 p. m.
White Cloud, 11 li -
Gibraltar. HUE! "
JtaleX, Xeb. liao "
8 tS p. m. 10J5 a. m-
HIS - 10-OJ -
7 IS " KB "
71S " 8J5
4 7 25 - e10 -
6Ji " 8d0 -
6.-2I " 8.10 "
5-Jl - 1J6
.S-SS " JO "
dS.25 - d7I0 -
4 45 6 45 -
4.3G " oilS
d600 "
5J0 "
aiiOi - 4.-35 -
d3S5 "
S.25 "
10 "
1 15
elj.u5p m.
dli'ij "
1130 "
I0J0 --5U
. ejo
8 20 "
J5 " .
7-20 a. m.
Falls City.
Salem, 10JS "
Dawson's. 10-11 "
Humboldt. tja -
TskleKoik, -M "
Elk Creek. 05 "
Teeumeeu, 8 45 H
HUrling, 7.50 "
Firth. 7 36 "
nickman, flu "
-NaltlUo, : "
Lincoln, k 00 a. m.
FoB Ciry Ac ' Freight. 3tiut o Ex.
.atcM-on, 4,m. 8Joa.m. iiSiv-m.
Jkwlphsn, 5 00 - i '?
Brenner. Si - !r 1-tO
Troy Junction, a5-45 " o0-0 117
- ifCD5 " rtlO-10 -
Fannin". 6-35 10iO - 1J "
Highland Station. 6 45 - I0-M - t4t -
Lwapoiut. ii i H : IS Z
WhlU Cloud. 7 40 " nllJS " S."
da oo - jizio
GibrslUr. 1 18 " l'i30pm. 4J1 "
linlo Y. XrbraaVa. of 40 " 1 - ftll "
iy A preparation so widely and favorably known as
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, needs few wonls
of praise from us. This compound hss won Its way to the
highest favor In the public mind; and multitudes, who
have vainly used other remedies for the restoration of their
hair. lave, on trying the Sicilian Renewer. been made glad
by the epeedy restoration of their gray hair to Ita natural
color, and the thin locka thickened up, aa in the days of
.early youth. It also preveute thehslr falling out, makes
it soft and glossy, and la altogether the best preparation
for ita intended purposes before the public PHtrenry
For the small aum of five cents, you can buy a cigar
of Shenherdaa rood' aa any cigar aold for ten eenta an-
-whrre else In town fact.
Mimto ax Whitc Cloud. There was a spirited meet
tag at White Cloud, on Monda) night, which was well at
tended, notwithstanding the bad weather. Speeches were
made by Joel Holt, A. Larxelere, C. G. Bridges, J. H. Long.
T. H. Drennlng. and Capt. E. Fleming. The people of
White Cloud are determined to wipe out. with their rotea,
the disgrace that was put upon them by fhe sals of one of
their delegates in the County Convention.
Shepherd haa Just received some genuine Pare Ci
der Vinegar from the East, which he will guarantee to be
"atraight goods.-
Fiix a Iowa Towssiiir.-Laat Friday night, the bonne
on the farm of Bolivar Heeler, on Cedar Creek, about threa
miles from White Cloud, occupied by Jossph Blatx. waa
burned down. X portion ef the house-hold goods were
saved. The fire ia auppoaei to have been eaoeed by the
naming out of a flue. It waa insured In the itna. for II,
00. Aa L0CCT.8 Tb Charter Oak Stnrea are becamlaf each
e-nlveraal farorltea, and are making their way Into aa many
households, that It looka aa if they were destined to cover
the fsee of the land as the locuata of Egypt- Unlike them.
. however, they arebJeaaUga Inatead of plagaea, and we
wish speed to the consummation.
Hndreth A Smith are to town, with their Photo
graph outfit, aad will be pleased to accommodate the pub
die with anything In the line of their profe-aloc, la the bert
style. Located west of the Post office, where they wffl re
.i.bnt a abort time. Callaoon.
Eu-ge stock of Initial Xote Paper. Juat received at
Mi-rav-We can attention to the card of W. X- atnmx
aign of the Kg Saddle. He doe. better work and aril,
ehenner than any mai In Xorthern Kansas, aad Is always
oStorrev.it. ForanyainglntheWdle-dHar.
neaa line, go for him.
Fer Bc-aweaemtarlv.
PT. .re antborUed to anuoune. that A. JefiV :
.dependant candidate for Kepnnentatlve tn tb. State
LeglaUture, from the Second District. .
noetic Window Sbadea. at Sbepherda.
A daughterof Daniel Graves, llvteg M-q-Jt.
Creek, about four mile, from -"-' Jl'TKr
above the wrist... Wedneaday, by teppi.S toto a gutter
that had been washed out by the rain, and falling.
A X.oBTScHOOL.wm be opened lathe "J"l
Houae, on Monday. OcL-Wh. -here " tb ";
good business education win be taught Hof.l
.foar nlghta a week. Student, will farnlaa ttnrwm
Ughta. For further particalara, apply to
a. T. M. BABBETT. rnrfeaaor.
Something new in a novelty Picture tent OB and
ore for yonraelvea. West of the Post Office.
Thahotel known aa the Sharer Houae. to.Balo.Xo
braaka, waa burned on last Friday plgjlr
jfaw atock; of WaU rapar at Sbehsrd'a.
d15 "
KK 9M " , ..
Falls City. 1000 - 1'0 - 3."
ialem. - 3.3J -
D.wn'a. , 55 " "
HnmbeMt, 3 - 4 -
Table Hock. J5 .
3-OI "
Elk Creek. 5-40 - 5:13 -
Teeumseh, " 5
WeWing. :.
Hickman, . " '
SalUlIo. "29 'J6
Lincoln, 1O05 " 8-Mp.m
r4BaV-VAax; -
lythmlT8.il dan
vU - B.X J"!
"Though last not least," la aa adage aa troe aa it ia aid,
and iUtrathUat exemplified a? the csaspletlon of the
Xew Una to the last, tU Creatoa and Burlmctoa. which,
though the last, may be called the lest rents in the West.
The Line consists of the Kansas City, Saint Joseph and
Council Bluffs B. B, with two daily trains from Kansas
City, through LeaTenworth. Atchiaoa and SL Joaeph. to the
Missouri State Line, then connecting with the Burlington
Boute, which leads direct to Chicago. Cincinnati. Indianap
olis, Logsnaport and Columbus through can are being ran
to all these points.
This Line U well built, thoroughly eqaipped with erery
modern improremeot, Including FaDmaa'a Sleeping and
Dining Can, and nowhere eke-can the passenger ao com
pletely depend on a speedy, aafe aad comfortable journey,
TheBurUagtoaBsote has admirably answered tba query.
"How to go Ksat," Vy the pohlicaUon af an Uteresttngand
truthfnl 'documeat. eontaining a Talnahle aad eorrart Map,
which can be obtained free or charge, by addressing Gene
enl Passenger Agent B. A M. R. R. R, Burlington, Iowa.
A San Way te Stake Jlaawy.
Ia the lmylagof goods, most people who wiah to prosper.
study economy In their purchases ; and it la a truth, that
the item otBoeta and Sboea la ao small one, in the families
of both rich and poor. Ta reduce the eipeaseef that Item,
it becomea necessary to buy where the brat and greateat
quantity of goods can he found, fur the least money i and
that lace ia at aa txeturtn!0 Boot aad Shoe store.
C. G. Bridges, of Trey, keeps the only Boot and Shoe
store in the city, and has aa exeelleat rarietyef allgooda
in that line. He haa them fine, and also common, but al.
waya recommenda good goods. He propusea keeping the
largest atock in Northern sTsnssa, aad selling them tneasa
bmytrt so lew that they can anataln him m trade, and boy
cheaper than at St. Joseph or Akckisen. It wUl pay farm,
en of the whole Ooaty to inquire of their families, la re
lationtothe numberof pslnof boots and ahoea, the sixes
and numbers, and giro Mr. B. a eaU. liberal discount
will be made on large billa, and caah buyers. BeeoDect
this article, and when yon come to Troy, iaquire for the
Boot and Shoe store of C. G. Bridgea, which you win find
near aouth west comer of Fabric onmre, one doer north ot
Shepherd's" Drug Store, Klgn of the Big Red Boot,
tcicatlait M Farmwra.
The cltliena of the County, who propose planting orch
ards, will find it to their adrantage to gire their patronage
to E. Snyder, of the Prairie Xaraeriea, at Hl-hland, -who
keepa. perhapa, the largest stock ia the State, and can fur
nish them at aa low ntea aa the earns daaa of treea can be
purchased at from any of the leading Nurseries of the coun
try. Mr. 8. haa had a long experience In the business, in
this County, aad has a thorough knowledge of all the rati,
eties adapted to thia climate. Parties who deal with him.
may be aaaured that all orden will be filled with the rariety
wanted, ne keeps everything to be found in a Arstdasa
Xnrsrry, and aoltcita the patronage of the public. Apply
to the proprietor,
E. SXTDEB, Highland Kansas.
Or to C G. Bui)!, Troy, jnly 11-tf.
The Tide rEnala:ratlea Taraew!
Seekers for new homes are pouring into Southwest Mis
souri. attnetedby tbeebeap Lands of the Atlaallc dk
Paelae Kailraaa 7esapaaf.
This Company offen 1,90,00 Acres ef the finest
lands ia the world, at from It to 112 per acre, on seren
yean' time, and with free tnnsportation to all purchasers.
This Bond. Nerer BUehaelrsl hr aasr, la destined
to become the national highway between Hew Yark and
Baa Fraaelaca t and to the Induatrfcma farmen of o.
der Statea we earnestly recommend thia land of cheap
homes, aura that nowhere can the poor man find a mora
gnteful climate, a better soil, or greater prodactiTeneas.
For full Information, with Maps and PamphleU, address.
AMOS TUCK, Land Commissioner, 25 South Fourth
Street, St Louis. ect3m6.
. The greatest wsnt of the present sge is men and wo.
men and rlgoroua in mind and body. The continued bead
achra, weaknesses, nsrrousaess and varying aOmente which
fflaict women are generally the result of imperfect action of
the stomach and otherrltalorgana. Da,WatKU'aCauroa.
iia Vlirj.au IUlTxaa. being composed entirely of Tepe ta
ble anbatances Indigenous to Csltfornla, may be taken with
perfect aafety by the most drllcate, and are a anre remedy,
correcting all wrong action and firing new Tigor to the
whole aystem. ectlOwi.
X. Stkttxb A Scami., 321 Commercial atreet. the
leading Dry Gooda and Clothing noueo in Atchiaon, offer
their tremendoua stork of gooda at greatly reduced prices.
Extremely large stock of Woolen goods. Flannela, Blank
eta, Casalmeres. Jeans. Aea nsndsnnie new styles Dress
Goods. S3 to 50 cen s per yard. Good Imported woven Cor
sets. 73 cents. Largest and best assorted stock of Men and
Boys' Clothing. To make room for other goods, tbey are
closing out their entire stock of Shoes at and below cost.
Price Bsld Soldiers, rail on me and gat your Scrip
cashed. I will collect all Made of Government Claims,
Penainna, Bounties, Ac Agent for Phoznix Fire Insurance
Company: Justice ofthrpesce; Xotary Public ; Beal Es
tate and Claim Agent- Will be in Troy every Monday.
Doniphan, Kaa.
Buy your Taiuta already mixed. Shepherd keeps
the Enamel Paint, ready for immediate use, thus earing
time ami labor in mixing, besides being cheaper, and will
sever more surface with same body and less labor than any
other Paint known.
The Enamel Paint la the cheapest and best Pslnt in
use. For sale at Shepherd a.
"LuAvrxworni State Xormal Scnoou" The first
term will commence en Wednesday. September 4th. It ia
desired thst every teacher la the State send for a cata
logue. Address, Join Whiecku.
aug.2-1. Learenwerth, Kan.
-Shepherd haa just received a large stock of School
Shepherd la getting on hie Fall Stock, and proposes
to sell goods cheaper than ever.
Parana far Sale
Duncan Mcintosh, aa Agent, haa two of the fineat lm
pro. eil Farms In Doniphan County for sale. seplltt.
Fins Cigars at Shephrrd'a-
ktAKBBAGE Grnz. Interesting work, numerous engra.
rings, 934 pages. Price SO-centa. Address Dr. Batto' Dis
pensary, 13 North Eighth Street. St, Louis, Mo. See ad
vertbeuirnt. IQfebly.
3Iia. WHrrooan'sSrair-The great aovthtng remedy,
rrice only 25 cents. Glreareat to the mother and health
to the child. Sold by Druggists, See Advertisement.
Fine Japan Tea at Shepherd's try It.
(For the Chuf)
SAtTT Loru. October 11. 1872.
Since Caesar lent the aanrthpn of his imperial presence
and patronage to the couteets of the well fed Gladistors,
the aports of the arena have formed no unimportant figure
In the amusement, if not Indeed the civilisation of the more
enlightened nstioas.
We have. It ia true, been Informed recently by sundry
wiseacres, that the Fain of today are the Immediate de
scendsnts of the commercial conventions of the milder
ogee, where the fine fsbrics aad spices of the Eaat, met the
cereala of the West, in the Bacaan ef Ceoeuntinonle and
the Queen of the Adriatic, but we accord them the leas Bo
nis but more chivalric pedigree of descent from the Gladia
torial ring of Home, and the more recent buU fighta of
However that may be, the American "Fair is aa useful
In spreading the Inventions of Taakee Ingenuity, and ad
vertising the -Xatioaal ad vantages f distant aad-jiverae
localities, aa they are essential) fhe exercise of Americas
plnek aad enterprise.
The St. Louis Meensnlral and Agricultural Association,
bids fair to rival all extemporaneous efforts, and to show
up to the world the Mississippi Valley aa the future seat of
empire, and SL Louis the metropolis of the Xew Continent.
To-dsy is the grrst day ell buaiaeaa is closed, sad like
tbeearnirala of MoWera, the whole population la upon
the atreet.
One hundred and fifty thousand persons have come here
to see the wonders of nature, artenee aad homes skill the
very air is alive with the hum of voices, machinery and
Hen the Csrolinaa with their cottons, meet their aatl-podi-a.
California and Minnesota with their grains Texas
and Maine exchange beef for factory ncodoeta the bloody
chasm la bridged by the almighty dsUar. aad comparison
of interests snd resources make aa aB brotbera.
What do you thlok of the enterprise which often aa out
side eitiiea a premium for beet eottea. of tea thoussud dol
lars! This atake baa brought here, four hundred hales sf
the choicest cotton, from alltbe Statea ia the triangle form
ed by South Carolina, Texas, aad Missouri. Arksnass dis
plays a full lint- she has In tale product alone an element
of greatness which should redeem her from the log cabin
and bowle knife reign.
The stimulstioB of cotton raising Is not so much the oh.
Jeet in this liberal -rot too premium." aa to bring together
the cotton interest of the West and induce ita manufacture
in thia valley. Georgia kaa two eottea factories esch pay.
ti g 90 per cent, dividend. Why caa not St. Laals have
A premium of C. 000 and thepraeeeda af a tobacco lot
terr scheme, is to be awarded the beet leaf tobacco.
The Geological coDectiena, aa lHoatxating the beeadlea.
wealth treasured in the bowela of thia valley, maybetak.
en as among the leading attractioaa. Lead and iroa ore
from thia State aa pure almost aa pit ial bright as Jet
tine, copper, aad over 0 varieties a? finest building stone,
lncladiag granite aad marble with pyrites af iron, aad
many carious sped men a form a tsUarirlna worthy a royal
1Im Art ftnrv la kamaJ .w. 4,I4Mk OP JjQ. I iwtljMi .
but Jean de Are, life else, in oil, and the Tosemite Teller,
both exhibited by Prttes aad Leotae, were noted aa famil
iar hiatorical characters.
Ia the ring some fine blood and good speed greeted a
huBdred thousand eagar eves, aad drew applause from a
multitude of throats. Pilot Temple brought down the
blue ribbon and one thoussnd doUan for "time," butow.
tng to the abort curve of a four hundred yard track, ha fail
ed to come within 2J9. which coat na the cigars.
The "noble red men" drew ansae attention. Thev w:re
of the Brule Sioux, en route to Interview the Great Father,
aad aa we aeanaed from the "Praia Stand" the familiar In
dian features, Iadtaa paint and blanket, aad heard the fa
miliar "oca's" wetbenght if they would only "raise the
hair" on the pious Commissioner ia charge. It would have
been both Instructive and amusing, and Save lent Mat to
the dav'e sport.
Butuetaus of ao much cannot ga fate a conatry newipa
per. It mast be seen to he apnreciated.
The grounds occupy seventy atresia the suburbs ef tha
citv, reached by two lines of horse ears fare tea eenta.
Masy of year renders tU remraibrr ctt "Beatoa Bar.
lack,?, with Ita herd task aad rattle trap aatimaa aaa
teplaeedVyaa amah Mais ire, aaa third, aula ta atrcaaafer
snrs FVarsl Bala ami Art rtasrleiu private exhibition
Bella, stack peaO Bathe. amfaUlaw paraphse-natm ofaa
fanmeass gathering on a graad aeala. 'The allegory of the
pruning book la here aptly Blaatnted.
The exercises af this day closed with a bloody feat net
ntbebUla. Aboat7o'clock,agaagef roaghain beotha.
engaged la a free Bx-ht, aad two men, Gos-Fortin and Pe
ter Brooke, an fatally stabbed. Their places win not be
missed ia to-morrow's throng.
Returning to tha City, we find Fourth Street ablate with
a glorious profusion of gas jets. All the principal Fourth
and Fifth Street retail bouses are iUumlaated and thrown
open for Inspection af visitora.
Wa walk into Jarcard a. aad ah. the diamonds, the Jew
ela.tls fretted plate, were enough to make na moan like
Rachel because tbey were not own. Sparklmg bnlltaata
daxxled many a fair malden'a eye a gorgeous poach bowl,
aWaaia stiver, eaativated mine.
G. Barr A Co.'a 8500.000 retail atock of diy-gooda, drew a
coatlanena swarm of latereatad ohservera. Silka of that
fine texture which "stands oa end like the quills nana the
fretted porcupine" In all the new aad delicate "tinta," col
era that have no name, exaept la tha asodiate'a paiama
laeea af the true blue YaJemdanee, and aVraad, anawla upon
which the Peraian loam had wrought Ha esstera xsadee
onlv 8109. Salts ta lustrous fabric ea post-aaiae, heavily
r.rasd and -trlamad la tUewa kind all these aad assay
more beantlea and wooden, brought the aaah ofantlclpa
tioa to some cbeeka, while it waa only aoar grapea to the
maas af Impecunioua spectatora.
Henry Wlleon. the gentlemaa from Maaasehnaetta, pro.
posea istell as to-alght, at Ssena-erfnt Haa what he
knows about tha Penae jrlvantn election. He had better go
la aur peiegilaatlons. wo bare met Wm. Maaa aad A,
G. Sanborn, of Trov. Cant. Joe. Browne. J. R. Wilila. John
.Dolman aad John Denschle. of SL Joe-, Geo. Campbell.
BLJoea. D.C.K. K-: X.XXXelson. now located here la
charge of the extensive house of Bignall Broa ; W. B.
Stone. -Kaaaaa City Planter i" C. X. Six, Topeka, and ma
ay others.
Our larpreasioa ta, SL Loots lea tug thing on ice. and
bound to win. Wa an invited to circulate around the cor.
aer to take a little aoaaethlne, aad bid yea good night.
. (For On Chief)
IBM aa-sjECA.
aiBTaremseata ratllien Aad a aiary
SrxiCA. October 28th. 1872.
Editobop CntKr. As your paper la now a necessity,
aad welcome visitor among oor people, and believing that
tha interests of Nemaha County harmonise with all local
papers ea this line of Railroad, wa think il proper that the
interests of our growing country aad village should occa
aioaally be represented ia your ctlumaa. Our town haa
Bothada ruaof Improvemeata the past srasno, not with
thecouatry. it has grown steadily, ta a healthy aad proa-
It ia conceded bvannartiea here, that Xeassha Countv
wOl give a large majority for Grant aad the State ticket,
and t hat the Republican County ticket win be elected by a
handsome majority. Many that hurrahed for Greeley
when be waa aomiaated, now dear the charge, and aay
they were always supporters of GraaL IT the election
were two montbo later, I do not believe a Greeley man
could be found In thia section.
Tha Liberal party of Nemaha County la now almost a
"thing" of the past. Only the little toe" or this great up
heaving haa yet been fmnd In our mldat : and although a
useless orgsn, snd called "Independent," it is only kept
alive by those troublesome "corns" found oa that part of
the animal creation, the moat prominent of which held the
office ef Sheriff for two terma, and waa the firat "com" that
appeared upon said toe. The second -corn" haa been a
.tending candidate for County Treaaurer alnce ray eariieat
reddleetion. and the neareat that he came to being elected
waa when ha received the Bominatiaa by "Dr. Towaer."
(which name we jr ill use, as we prefer not to be personal.)
The third "com was successful In getting ths office of
Clerk af tha Court, and eeems to rive the toe considerable
uneasiness, aa his bondsmen will be held liable for his
squanderings. The fourth "com" was elected to the office
of Countv Attorney, and were It not for some of his faults,
he would be considered an ordinary man. The fifth "com"
has been a candidate for office, and has succeeded In get
ting two oflleea, one a Land Office, aad the other a Clerk of
the School Board; the latter waa given him for honor, be
being desirous of growiag np gradually ia the esilmarioa of
the people. The sixth "corn" is the candidate for liepre
aentative against C L Scofield. nominee on the Republican
ticket : and aa the Liberala aeem to have given np all boiiea
ef electing their ticket, except Representative in this Dis
trict, it Is believed that they win be grseefallr scooped In
thaL Atone time, the Liberals considered the mstter of
cutting off the first corn ; but as "Dr. Towser said ft would
ruin the toe," it was allowed to remain. The second corn
Is vary prominent whea the toe bvtoraed up; and as it
ass mod to ha mora treubleaeroe thsa the rest. It wss rec
ommended by the psrty physician. Dr. Towser. thst it he
nominated for County Treasurer, which. If successful,
would be ef great benefit to the toe. The operation prov.
ed unauccessful. and although the ' com" was very much
Irritsted. It wss quieted with a promise from the Doctor,
thst the operation next time should be more soecessfuL
The third com Is very emsll. and as a portion of the
aame haa grown on the firat and second "coma." it has not
Injured the "toe" very much. The fourth corn is of old
stoadiae. aad haa become a part af the toe ; in thia com ia
found the bone, and in the first tha sinew. The fifth com
Is af but little ennseqnenee. It grows np In a bunch be
tween the first and second corns, aad peels off with but lit
tle Injury. The sixth eorn is quite troublesome, from the
fsct that Ita location can only be aurnilsed. Its location ia
supposed to be uader the nail, and the operation recom.
mended by the Doctor. Is now In progress ; but It is fesred
that the result will be fatal to Ida weakly atate ofmind and
hotly. BOB. CAESAR.
a ill a
Fraaa Waif River.
Wolt RliXi, October 31st, 1872.
EurroBTtor Cirltr. listing heard a great raanr ver
stone of the late delegate election, together with the pro
eeedingaof the County Convention at Troy, and witness,
log the tragk proceedings of the same. I propose giving its
main actors a little notice. Hsving learned that the Price
party had gotten up n ticket In oppiwition fo the one got.
ten up In Mr. Dronnlnga InteresL the Township Commit
tee determined to give them a fair chance at the election,
br putting on two who were thsn Price men aa Judges.
The polls were opened at proper time, continued open on.
til there had not been n vote cast for more than half an
hour before the nolle were closed, and it was the fault of
the Vetera, aad aot the Jndgeerthat any did not vete. But
there waa one voter appeared after the polla were closed,
and but one J. W. Pry. This man had been In town mora
than half an hour before the polla were closed, and waa
atandlng dose to the polls when X. G. Xelson declared the
polls cloned, and then could have voted ; but he. together
with the other seren whose affidavita were prodncedln the
Convention, would not have complied with theprovisions
of the caU, vis: the support of the National Republican
nominees; hence, tbey did not offer to vote. Mr. Welch
bad been In town more than an hour before the close of the
polls. The Fitigeralds are both, together with Mr. Ma
honey. Greeley men, two are Danea, not having been In
America aix months, sad not hsving their nsturalixation
papers, or even declaring their intcntfona to become citi
Mr. Price, the champion of tbe ring, hsppened to beat
Severance, and worked hard, with the aseistsnee of his
Democratio allies. aU afternoon, with whiskey, eigsrs. Ac.
to secura the election of his delegstea. and Messrs. Wood
and Blair were at the other precinct, working in the inter
eat of tbe Price ticket But when the count waa had. Mr.
Price'a delegstea were beaten from 4 to 13 votes. Honora
ble men would have here given up the couteat; but to ear
ry the Intereat of the Price faction, one of the most glaring
frauds wss perpetrated known to Conventions, corrupt aa
they might have been. No Convention had any righL un
der the call, to go behind the Judges of election, aa their
certificate alone determined who the delegates were. If
tbe seats ef the delegates were to be disturbed, sll the Con
vention could have legally done would have been to declare
them vacant, tbey not having the power, under any Con
ventional rule, to fill their plscea with others who had no
certificates of election. But Mr. Price, the rhssapton of
the Ring, in his speech before the Convention, read the
pretended affidavits of eight voters who were prevented
from voting by tie polls taring closed too soon. In the ease
of Welch and Pry, this ia false, as they both had been la
town long enough to rote.
But Mr. Price, who is an ex-Jodge, and an Attoraev at
law. and knowing Parliamentary rates. Is aware that Par.
luunentary rules were violated in the motion to exclude
two delegatea from voting In tbe temporary organisation of
the Convention, with their certlllcstes ofelectien in their
pockets, and that all law and rule was violated in the In
troduction of the affidavita, aa they were taken in open vi
olation of law. la not notifying the cooteatee. But the af.
fldavita lack two creattsl ingredients, vit : the statement
that tbey resided In Wolf Biver Township, and had resided
then thirty dsys previous to the holding of the Conven
tion; and under the caU. tbe affidavita ahould have act
forth the fact that legal not'ee had been aerved on the coa.
teatee, aad that they, the voters, would have supported the
National nominees of the Republican party I hence the af
fidavlts were worthless In sny court or tribunal whatever,
where Juatlce had anvthlng to do. Now, we charge tbe
whole corruption of that Convention on those men who
were the spokesmen of that Ring, who knew tbey were dn-
Ptng the unwary, who were not lawyera, or did not know
arTlamentary rules. In regard to the bolL I would aay
that Mr. Drennlng had 21 of the legally elected delegatea
in that Convention, and If that ia not a majority of 39, 1
have atudled mathematics to no purpose. Believing thst
the people have been led long enough by the Troy clique,
and appealiag to them to correct the wrong bv their bal.
lots next Tuesday, we subscribe ouraelf. FAIR PLAT.
What f Speaking of the collapse of the Grewlejr
fraud, tbe Indianaolis Jomraal aajg: "What
aball we compare the Greeley movement tof
A .pent ball, a nqnrezeil orange, a stagnant pool,
a bnratnl bubble, a cnllapeed balloon, a broken
reed, a fired rocket, a last year'a bird 'a nest, a
rotten rcg, annr beer, maggoU cheese, dead dog,
aplayrn-ont game, an abortion, a monstrosity, a
freak nf nature, a aickening malformation that
died almost aa noon aa it waa born."
Tbe Maine farmer whom Greeley advised to
"be patient," has given fair aotice that he can't
hold nnt much longer, and must either "swear or
Happy atallftf tor Totatab; Xsm from the effects of
Errora aad Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Xer
roua debility cured. Impedimenta to awrriage removed.
New method of treatmenL Xew amdreaaarkabk remedies.
Booka aad Circulars sect free, la aesled eavraraes.
Address. H0WABD ASSOCIATION, No. 2 South Ninth
St, niladrlnUa. Pa. may 30, TVty.
Sher-aT. Procl--.ai.tm
DoxBitAX ConrtT. J00
The Ante of Xanana, te aa ta Whom them FroomU aiaB
KKOW TE. That T. aaaael MaquOkea. Sheriff ef Daa
jpaaa County, Tineas, by Tirtna af antherity ta aaa
eases, ao. uy earn s-vosaasnaHea. area panne wa
the Taeedsy succeeding the list Monday la Xi
D. 1872. then win be held a General Bectlee. aad tha oaV
cen at that time to be chosen an aa follows, ta-wtt:
Three El pus snts tires ia Congress, a Governor, a Uea
teaaalGeverBor, a Secretary ef SUM, aa Auditor of State,
a Treasurer of State, aa Attorney -General, a Justice of the
Supreme Court, a Sate Superintendeat of Public Instruc
tion, a Senator frees District No. 1. a Probata Judge, a
Clerk ef the District Court, a Canary Sopsrinteoueat at
Public Instruction, a County Attorney, a Judge of the Dis
triet Court for the Second Judicial District, five Electors of
Prestdeai aad Viee-Preaideat of tb United Statea. a Xena
bernf the Bones of laumBUIIvsaaftWI.eaThaslaxatram
Districts No. l.Ne. 2. and No. A
, And votes of electon for mid sv&cerswm barteairadat
the polls of each Election District la said Comity.
There win also be submitted to the electors, the propont
Uons to prohibit Mack from raaniag at large wtthla tha
hounds of Donjnhaa Conaty, aad to sail the Poor Farm ef
the County, aad parrtsss another with the proceeda.
n vusflsi wnssvos, a nave aereantu act my aaaa-axmy
m Tray, la aa)d County, thia 11th day of October, A.
BAXun:i, atAuuttJtaui,
BaeriflTaf Danipaaa Canty, Kaaaaa.
mW-af sMsi MAIlll,
And adAc3.dlo mioP
TROY, : : : : : KANSAS.
s3 keens for sale. Harness. Saddles. Bridle. Collara. are.
AU kinda of work done apea short notice, and satisfaction
guaranteed. ocL 31, 75
m I0U..E.EP.H
Wli has ramal asm af tat
Excelsior laiifactrag Coipaiy,
And all Live Stove Dealers,
H. "W. SHAW,
.Sheriff's Sale.
In the District Court for Doniphan County, State of Kanaaa.
The Life Association ef America, ) rlalntitt
David F.GottetaL, ) Defendants,
BATOTICE la hereby given, that I will oa tbe ad day of
1 December. A. L) lTi, between thebonnoflOa'rlock.
A. M- snd 4 o'clock. P. M- of said day. at the door of the
Court llouse. in tbe city of Troy, in Doniphan County. State
of Ksnssn. offer fur sale, al public aurtbui. for cash, the fid
lowing described real estate, to wit: The south-west quar
ter of section eighteen, (191 in township four. (4) of nnge
twenty-one, (21) situate iu Dontphsn County, Stste nf Kan
aaa ; taken aa the property of David F. Gott, and offered for
aale to the highest bidder for eaab. to aatUfy a certain judg
ment and eoata. now of record m t' e District Court for
Doniphan County, in the State of Kanaaa. in which the Life
Association of America is plaintiff, aad David F. Gott et aL
an defendants.
Given under my hand. Oils 30th dsy of October. A. D.
- SneriaTof Doniphan Countv.
October 31, lgTS-Sw. Pr'a fee. W.
A Splendid Bargain.
H WAT in.
ONE-HALF OF THE BBEWERT. situated at Troy
Junction. In complete running order, and almost new.
Purchaser may brew Immediately, and have hie money
back before April. License paid np till the 1st dsr of liar.
Apply on the premises to CHABLES COBBUSIEK.
Oct. Jt, iets-2t
Banner Mills,
TRACT & PARKER, Proprietors,
Fancy and leHiu Grades of Flour,
And Bolted Corn Heal.
Bras and Ground Feed Constantly on Hand.
Catsai Paid far Wfaeat aad Can.
t T
1TAKE plessun In announcing to the public, that I sm
now better than ever prepared to mannfnetun to order
every style and description of Boots and Shoes coarse or
line, pegged or sewed In the neatest and most snbstautisl
A vsrietr of Eastern work on band, for the accommoda
tion of those who prrfer it.
Making and repairing done to orden and the best article
of ready made work on hand at all times. Shopon Mstn
Street, sign of the Big BosT, nearly opposite C. W. Noves'
Store. TllILIP KELLt.
White Cloud. Kanaaa. August . 18TX
Booma Over 'WsitBon'a Hal na aa Shop.
Wark Warraaaad an lvw atlsemetsaai
Wheat, Barky, Oats ui Cera
mBT answered, far wktea they an
tbe highest
market price. Taa anal ten
M sell, five aa a
Oa (I SL Jctfk aw xOrareT CUf rUUri.
Ifetice Xer Biverce.
Ia the District Cart nf the Second JssUeatl District of lae
(date sf ataman, alttiur wtthra and br Deaiphaa Cowaty.
Heau7B.Batafra;i4alatla; J
Tka aatd aeaaaaamt, Adelaide E. Betsfor. h hareVr boJI.
Mtaatahaaasheeaaaed bymMpUati aadtWha
tSUSpzUOm ta aaM Oart-i thedayrf fWjher;
un.elariac herwlta tmnotecer. and prayias; that be
sv be mvaread fraaa aaM eVfcadaat. AM aaa m iBrtner
aedtadtaatawe rswuirsd toaaseej
aa eTaafaratha Tth day December. 189. ara
aa steal am aaaaaJssm Saaaa TTB aaeftV aaT a
mta n. iinfliHial in aaeavaaaaa wns asm .jee
? -"l'2XiLZ$. ft1.
aaM petlUoa. BEXXT B. BOTWOKD. Matatia:
at. (aVtaaTUatM aaswa......
sty A, r. aUSTO, km Atfy.
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Wartalewa laaltaliaan an oa the market, but tbe
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eases is when chemically combined with Uberwell known
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ed against using aav other.
la all eaaea ef imtatioa ef the meeeoe membrane
theee tabuts should be freely aaed, their cleansing and
heeling properties an aeteniahiBg.
Me wararest, never nested a cold. It Is easily eared in Its
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It U not a phi-io which may pire trmporary rrllrf to tbe
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niwe. lutn-rm Plies and kindrel dbaeajieft to aid In weakening
tbelnraltd; nor Is itadortnred Ilinnr, which, nnder the
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Ia there wat mt actlata fa, ysir 11 rrr !
Sfileraf Unless relieved at once, the blood becomea im-
Snre by deleterions aecretlnns, prtMlocinj avrofnluaa or skin
iM-aiMM, Ittotehes. Friona. Pustulea, Canker. Pimples, -tc
Take JmrWrhehm to rleanse, porlfr and restore thTi
tiatnl bbtotl to healthy action."
Hare yM si DyBrplt fltMacl-f Unless dlgrs
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Grneral WcaltneMi or Lawiltode,
Take It toaiuUt Difestloo witbont reaction, it will Im
part yrmthful vltt to the wearr snfiVrrr.
nstveys).- wekaeosrtaIalctisewf Ton are
in danerrof Chnmic IJiajrhosa or tbe dreadful Inflaaania
tidm f the BowtrU.
Take It to allay IrrlUtion, and ward off tendency to In
flammationa. Hsr yow wrakaru mt th rierlae sir Vrimary
riaas f Too nnt procure tn-taat relief; or you are ll
able to snflerinj: worse than death.
Take it to strengthen organic weakness, or life becomes
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rar, mcu, asmemtu toa
iriatah aria. M malariooa,
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f a, sore an'iT safe rare for
.m-Wm arVramWma. Such
M iti.xn now cnMe,i t 0ffer,
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ance, fosnt.le.1 aw yrect. Bat as' Kxraf fan'
arise from its aac hfany qnanrHy :
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dUordrr mast be af Immerse frrki frf Ore'
communities wncre it prerefti. Srrrrwrfoa
Is better ttan cure; for the patient escapes the
risk which he matt ran in violent af lacks if
this baleful diatempeT. Thij"Cru' npe(
tha mlvmatie poison of Vrsrer aaa Atrm.i
from the system, and prevents the devrtoj.
raent or the diwase. if taken on the Ant
approach of Ita premonitory symptoms. A
treat auprriority of this remedy ever any
other ever discovered for the speedy and cer
tain enre of Intermittent. Is. that it contains
no Quinine or mineral; consequently It pro
cures no (jainlsm or other Injurious effects
whatevcrupon tbe constitution. Thn.ecumt
l.r it are left aa healthy as If they hail never
had the disease.
Fever aad Arwe I. not alone the eon
scquenee of the miasmatic poison. A great
variety of disorders arie from It. Irritat on.
s-iion: which are "fearatg-ta. Ilkranaa
thaa. eV.at, Headacke-, aTHIawaean,
TsMstkaeke. Earache, Catarrk, Auk
ma. Palattatlaa, Palatal AmVetlaa
f tha Meia, Hysterica, Pa la la taw
"Basrala.Callc.Paralyale,aml derange
ment of the Stomach, ell or which, when
originating In this rau-e, m? on the inter
mittent type, or heroine penclicaL This
"CntE" expels the i-ou from the blood.
ami conwqncnlly cures them all alike. It is
ait invaluable protection to Lnmirrants and
persons travelnator temporarily residing in
tne esalal saw' eajri li 1 1. if utei .i.
ally or. daily while expeaeil to the infection,
that will he excreted frcm tier aystem, ami
cannot accnmaUte la sclBclcnt quantity to
ripen Into disease. Ilrnre It is even more
valuable for protection than core; and few
will ever suffer from Intermlttents If they
avail themelves or the protection thlj rem
edv affonls.
For Liver Complaints, arising from torpid
ity or the Liver, it Is an excellent remedy,
rtlmnlittng the Liver Into healthy activity,
and producing many truly remarkable cures,
where other medicines fall.
Dr. J. C. ATKR A CO, Lowell. Mast,.
rrarf e.t aaa -faolyftraf CAeanisfa.
T.C.SIIRKVE. Agent. White Cloud,
iru at cni.ttii. t .r
..a. d. r,,. s-,.,, inn.
J. A. CAMl'liELL A CO, Severance.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For tl retlef
ami cure of all
derangement la
the stomach, lir
cr, and bowels,
lhey are a mild
aperient, and aa
..excellent purga
tive, living pure
ly vepclaMe.lbey
contain no ruer
l cury or mineral
I whatever. Much
serious sickness and suffering is prevented by
their timely use; and every family should
nave them on hand for their protection and
relief, when tcquircil. Long experience haa
nmr.l litem tn lie the safest, surest, and
test of all the Pill with which the market
abounds. Dy their uceaskiiial tue, the blood
is iiui idol, the corruptions of tbe system ex
pelled, obstructions removed, and the whole
Sfr machinery or lire restored to Its healthy artiv
"Ity. Internal oripns which become clogged
and tlugxith are cleansed by Alter' VilU,
and stimulated into action. Thus Incipient
disease is changed Into health, tbe value of
which change, when reckoned on tbe vast
, multitudes who rnjor it, can hardly be com
puted. Their sugar-coating makes them
pleasant to take, and preservee their vlrtuea
unimpaired for any length or time, so that
they are ever fresh, and perfectly reliable.
Aluiongh searching, they are mild, and oper
ate without disturbance to the constitution or
diet or occupation.
Full directions are giren on the wrapper to
earh box, how tou.e them aaaFarailyrhysie,
ami for the following complaints, which these
put rapidly cure:
ForayasMiBBla or aWUereatlaa, aUat.
lessaeos, aVataajaar, ami Cam. af Ane.
tlte, they shonld be taken rooderatelv ta
stimulate the stomach, and restore IU healthy
tone ami action.
For aMv.r Cavaalalat and Ita various
srmptmus, BMIIasa. mfeaslaclsa. Ick
fIraa1isclss,aaaHllca orCIres-a .tck.
aess, ajlllaaa Cattle and atlllaa. r
ten, they should be Judiciously taken for
each ease, to correct tbe diseased action, ar
remove the obstructions which canse it.
lor avyaeaterw or IHaMa.Bv.a. but one
mild do. Is generally required.
For nhcaasatlssa, 3eat, 3 ravel,
Palpltatlaa aftaei Heetrt, Pala la
the Mini, Back, and ltae, they shonld
1 continuously taken, as required, to change
the diseased action of the system. With such
cliaiece thoe complsJnts disappear.
For aerates' and Praaelcal aarell.
laa-s, they smmM lie taken in Urge and Ire
qneut doses to imduce the effect of a drastic
lnrge. s
For awnanrsvaalaa, a large dose should be
tikrn. a. it produces the desired effect by
As a IHnmrr Pill, tike one or two PITfa ta
promote digestion, ami relieve the stomach.
An is-ea-liiiial ilo-e stimnlates the stomach
and IkiwcN. restore the appetite, and Invigor
ates the system. Hence it Is often adranta
grons where no serious derangement exists.
tine who feel, tolerably well, often finds that
n d i-e or lhee Plllm makes Mm feel derid
nlle lielter, trom their cleansing and reeo
Taliu r AVrt on the digestive apparatas.
mrraKLtt at
r.-. 7. C. ATT3 a CO.. Practical ataaiita,
.oir ;... ma., tr. k. a.
rur: sAt-r nv all pr t.ai,TS CTcnrwncac.
T. C. SnBErE. Agent. White Cloud
3. A. CAMPBELL A CO, Severance.
ataxrracTVua or aso rtiui ta
Boots & Shoes,
Stmm .IsiM, Boot, Wni ofPuhlU Bmwmn,
IS prepared to Brake Boots aad Shoe, to order, la tha best
style. Bis long experience In the business, together
with the fact that he is sn excellent Jndge ef leather and
ether abeemaker's atock. enable him to do crstelsss work,
aad use none but tha heat materuu- lejulyltyl.
ae(jitnt Canter Pkaite Sfrt,
W0EK dose la the bests style, aad warraated. We
make the celebrated -Prterson A Glamaa Boot-"
Bepahing done with promptas-aa tad despatch.
J. T. wiuox.
w. c. atoaxnxao
Dry Gtoods, Clothing,
And aD kinds of
Fancy and Staple Groceries,
Sijn Crtca Fmt,
flaalhwesl Caraer a"aiMle raatajire-,
BCTT5G ear Gosaa from f rat heads, ta Esetarn taar
kete, we caa aad wffl sell aa cheap as aaya-e-ela the
city. HJalyWyl.
suxtrafTcm or
Hit. t PsaaMtt Ssarc.
stenalrlac aad pslattnj daaa wn asatasas aad ahnstsa.
aadaeTkaarraaasd. Ilbxryftjl.
XOKTBLT STATraOnrT BLAXCS. aad all aaeh work.
execataatatbaaanivykSMtaa CkMfmmm.
afiaBBvsaBBBnABVsxv '
of Doniphan County, Kanaaa, for the pnrjnsne m
neoiring Van fit the ear OTA followa.
Paslenno. MmiiUr, N ember lltli,
Klvruoi!, Tncmlaj-, - lli,
Wathriia. We.liieiMl.f u 1 Jtli,
Ucll.-iiT.ilit.TIiiirs.lay - Uth,
Cailnniliii". VriiUv, 15th,
lhi miliati. Mti.nU. " 4l
Geary, Tne-Hlnr, " 19th,
Brenner. Ynliirrsl.i.r " 'Mth
Severance, Thiin-tUv " Slat,
Uirderwoml'ii, FritUiv- " 22A.
Fanning, Monday, " StStli,
HiKblatMl,Tneilay " SCth,
Intra Point, Wednesday, Hot. ifTtb,
?rhite Cloud. Thnrmlay, a tMth. j
be fiillnwins are lbe rate-, of taxation on el8
ttie Hundred Dollars valuatiiiu:
oijRe...-.. .........,....- w 'f
Stale icho.il all
County, criieral retVnne g
i, ftitrri-at on Railroad Bond ......
dVi, lorrfrat and Sinking Knnd hO
Iowa Townsftip ........................ .
Wolf Kiter " -V g
Centre .,........".. ........ r
Wayne ,.j..i...Z!:.t::. JJ
BiirrOak " -.
Washington1 ................".''.....
Marion ' ..,.............. . r?
White Cloud, rity a: J 00
!ij;hlaud ' 70
I my ................... J2,
Dotniiban " 20
Palermo " Jwj
Schn.il Distiiit No. 1 00
u -) ?n
u u 30
" " ' 4 100
" 5 150
" " "c so
ii u 7 ISO
a a aa 0,0, m . a a s m . a
U a kl Hfa
Oasis. . s"
M Q 50
ssVa we
" " 10 1
- '.ii ai
u u , -It e 1 to
aaa. a av IV
44 t If SO
a !. aaa
Sch--.I Diatrict No. U $ CO
aBBog, '
ll. 1 00
aas ass
" " 17 1 37
M o, a y
I U Ital 1.
IC.saseessettssttl esse
14 1 frO
i. a A frv
a u on 2S
aUs s a a a
si ot o .in
arlsssssss.ssteesssse.s s v
14 44 1 rj)
v. a Aiiv
44 44 O-l I I!.
. a aaaar
51 ns
sSssk1' s m
" " ai 7&
44 44 - ?0
Ues ..,. IV
44 44 'II ?0
east. '
w w tl 1 "10
- .aaa a
a 44 '(A 70
9 n
'17 HO
) BJ
. - 11 Faft
av m.rp
" 41 WT
" i 1W
u u jt 2-H,
sB vvvvvv sa swaJ
" 44 SO
" -IS fiO
J rJ
" al7 1 Oil
If stssstsssss.tss.stts a rsB
& ................... . . .-t
.- u u 50...... 5tl
u u r.t rn
Sl. ...... . a ......... . W
fi?... ......... .... . .. CI)
" " 63 "... 100
" " 54 70
" Ki lOtl
" ' " 5 : 37T
" " 67 - 76
" " M 100
" " 11 P0
" r.i to
r.. 125
" " l . 50
" til , 60
" CZ, SO
-i ia, A
,-, ....... -..a...... ,
" " C7 : 150
llfj 4"
" " fkl GO
llsiF e-i-t
" " 70 50
44 44 71 Q0
laa sTV
71 7f
4ivsa van
4 ( -seaav
"J -4 4J-J
On all taxra tv'mainliijj ntipald on the 10th day
of Januarj next, a penalty rf 10 per cant, will bo
aililol. .
Taxes nn Personal Prcpfri.v, Irmainlne; nnpaiit
on that ilny, will lie collected by warrant iu the
hamls of the SlierlfT. aa reqnirrd by law.
KOIIT. TRACY, Co. Treaaarer.
Tkoy, Oct. 84th. lfga-slt
sJo.i loa rzin lUaiLxaaii
s - .. j amti.r-s-et.-ss
.llial-i-Uj'rfl-fc' a4 law""-
f- tj"re 'awftraatf CTittart,!. ,. -aaaa aV-
t n.v- . I.UI- .r-MUa -- ! a- wa-4
t-ttt4 t. ri'je;ir4ftfCfta.
J4 t a 1 .!. -,a.,--y. 1-4-X3 - -Ot-A K
roiies b itu Ji-Sic UX ssc U-ci--;3.
Tffan m)Tjlf U th- MrtM 4raaia 4-rJa ta
UlsJ ptw t, mt ! s) stark iriasrlira, fassm, fr
JUmf9tmh&UMtWHimkt-imMimWimXhm imiBm
av-i if etalkaa.
4lttnt a4rMattali U ! taw.-. UtaM, li . ZX$tM
I if-sfC f Martun iM raMasa, ft. L-ara.Ma,
look to your Children!
The Cre-a SeotMB( Rrme-r.
Sma. I c-.a..MfrWwt. o-ipJC
T-rTT-jri- S-..I'. ssSf-dHla.., s sfi qk
AT.RLP. I as--". 'CrT-iTS
Btms. I .-M-..IMI.--S.S..I.S hi Ipmca.
vaTsCtsta a "-- .n ai.-.i lt. .i w
lygtf, iis--...--.smii-'-s
mi?, i m. .' Cm TJMe-.s. PtimiiiiJ
n -u.bo. ..MS i.s,r ww
SVBLS. I.S-S..I.II.--I..
aSfitrn .siii.sit-sfc-s mttwsesiajstaaa.
Wemt BUU PmUto Bftmn.
TROY, - - - - KANSAS.
THIS Honse hss Inst been thnmnehiy refitted and re
rnrnLshed. sa 1 is nmr one f the beet and most pleas
ant place, to eli-n si iu tbe West.
TsUe well suiiilied with the best the market sOordsi the
roems airy ami cumfurtable. and beds clean.
Conv.nfftsmnleroomaforaliowlBssouda. Llveryand
feed stable convenient.
Tbe office Is la chsrge of Ifr. C. Allen, who is well known
to the trsvellis j public. IJseii7i
rTeat Side Public Sqrw, near CUf ffalsL
TateY, l t f I laJtMAH.
KEEPS a eMutsBt ennrdy sfX-.li the eavteest qnal
Itlee. sad sit klmlm, which he wiD sell aa Hea- as the
admit. The eb-f U '"n st sll srsamslde noota, and
sissys ursiHi woe, iner eau tor.
Wanted to bar. fat beef cattle, fur which tbe alaheat
sarket prle. win be paid. Sept. It. lata.
Campaign Music,
With a Pktare of Prnldeat Great.
TCe're Tested him In Dsys rone by. Songarhn. Tmxae. 33c.
Tbe Han who Havtvl the Nation. Sieir a Cho. Cooper. 33e.
We've a Vaa for oar Leader. Sonj aCherue. ilerbert. 39c
Grant'a Campalxn Marrh. atack. 33e-
Great a Galop to tbe White BaRso. Sreasler. JOe.
1-resideBK uraat a urann jsarea. ares
Aay oT the above Bulled, post paid, a receipt op marked!
price. Address. J. L. Panax. S"f Breadwar. Sew, Tora.
Sead 30 cents frr tbe latest nnmber of hna' UcaacaL
UnrrniT. aad yea will eel ehrht or nine choice piece, ef
A Tth. aseetiacWthsBswrdof CawartyCeaamaaaaaBera
r cr?,,rv,ur5Lh'M -- i7.
Hwaareanlvedt.awa.ait the following vasaesemeea ta tha
Lsrml rlertorstsf seed Casmtv. at th
nrru pat or .-uv Eat bxk, a. m. tnt.
IsC Shall tb. Ooaty C'emsilsslsani. of said Ceaatyba
reejaeatedta direct, by aa order, that awses, taajaa, asses,
L rlhaOtW CasC.al-dossfrVsMCeatybe
raqneeted t direct, by aa der. that swia saaB ant be al
lwwed ta raa at larrs withia the boaada sfsedd Owatyt
Baltots shall be prepared aa Mlowa. ta-wlti Thseela fa.
Teroftbeflrat frnpn.ltleg above meatlouta: "Feeeattla.
"M-.'!,l?- aaaasddse-rasvaracat hrram." Thee.
siii Itota.lrstaToposllioa above nsenBVi J 'lake
SSI- ZrzifUr!! 2 -i?" "- aw.-
. -. .-.- . nsi ovoiswsiob aosr. aseavM
-Tor swine rnamat at larre." The, msiltatka
AksSaan ta. Beard ef CasratvC
asesr farm ef said Casmtv sd with t
aaam. aavvaaa. sawaass. a-. ... t. J7ssi a. ,
Isad. snd with ataaveeawTtallseasliaj. Tfcaaa ramvoecf
aM saasaad noTihtsa, wal vwsea aaarl with tha av,
raesawsa'lsaevsvaiva.- TlMiins ill aa saM samtaU
walk aha
tm TOKTOm aad BfLLS. ealMvaaCMars
aaaaaatawnaa laaaini.
laialiTlisas nil II i
kABMM-jA Am. -s -
sssa ssf
t. -,
s- s

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