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SOL. jnTsT.ISR, .
. Editor.
Thursday, : : : : : January 2, 1873.
Certain memlicr of the Legislature, wlio are
abont to go to Tppelca for the first time, are mak
ing their calculations what measnres they will
carry through, and what extravagances they will
liip off, to reduce expense, and lessen taxes. If
they willhenrken to an old stager for a moment,
we will foreshadow the success they will meet
with in their riraleworthy efforts.
Tbey will start out brash for economy, and
fight Tigoronsly for about three days; bnt on tbe
third day, they will discover that they do not
amount to a rfiw of pins, and will incontinently
subside; and for the balance of the term, tbey
will look on in gaping wonder at the way tbe
money flies. Abont the second day, a resolution
will go throngh, ordering $5 worth of postage
stamps for each member and officer, amounting
to Mine $750. Then, ten or twenty copies of a
daily paper, at $i per copy for the session, will
be voted to each officer and member, making
about 1500 or 3,(00 copies, amounting to from
$3,000 to $6,000.
But when the pet State Institutions make their
modest demand, the idea of economy will vanish.
The Normal Schools and the Universities will pnt
in their estimates for current expenses, every one
asking fur an increase 'of officers, and an lucrvase
of salaries for the office. Tbe Penitentiary will
want at least $100,000, for current expenses, and
$30,000 for indebtedness incurred during tbe past
year. The Insane Asylum is already hinting
for $150,000, for additional buildings. The
Deaf and Dumb and the Blind Asylums will
each want new buildings, new furniture, and in
creased salaries. The State University will ask
tbe State to pay tbe lionds for which she went
security. The Agricultural College will ask for
a new building, a farm on which to experiment
in tree-planting, and farms for other experiment,
besides an appropriation to send an army of stu
dents ont over the plains, in search of pebbles
. and shells. The Capitol building will demand'
$20,000 to complete the East Portico, and $10,000
to pay for cutting next year crop of "jimpson"
weeds, nnder the fictitious title of improving the
State House Grounds. A bill was begged and
bammed through, last Winter, establishing or re
cognizing a Colored Normal School at Qnindaro.
This will fasten itself as a permanent leach upon
the Stale, and ask for its modest pittance of
$8,000 or $10,000.
This is not all. The poor settlers on the Jrou
tisrs n ill be suffering, and will ask for an appro
priation to keep them from starring. The Neu
tral Land fellows will ask that their losses be
paid. Commissioners will be authorized to limit
up new claims for losses in Indian wars; and
every man who has lost anything, or thinks he
ought to have had something to lose, will have
in a bill for damages, and will lie lobbying to get
the State to pay it. Besides these things, intln
ential members mid. others will have particular
friends, male and female, who are desirous of
pending the Winter inTopcka, and solicitous for
some easy means of paying their way. These
will be appointed to imaginary Clerkship, and
draw their $3 per day for work which they have
not done.
This is the way that economy will prevail.
And ths taxes will keep up, and tbe people will
groan and grnmble.
Tub New Year, and tiie Times. The ad
vent of the year 1673, finds the people laboring
under excessively hard times, with taxes high
BUW ianu iitj,i:w, mr uc.,., icuiuiieruiivu prices.
Dissatisfaction and discouragement exist, and
many are talking of selling out, and removing in
search of liettcr quarters, as if hard times would
not in turn assail them there, perhaps before
they are comfortably settled down.
Tbe best plan is to weather out tbe storm where
we are. The produce market liasevidently touched
bottom, and by Spring, press will at least
be bearable, if not as high as could be disired.
Europe, it is said, will require many luillinu
bushels of grain from abroad, much of which
must be supplied by the United States, and this
heavy demand innst materially increase prices.
The result of the Presidential election has settled
the financial policy of the Government, re-assuring
capitalists, and averting danger of a money
Taking all in all, there is good reason to hope
that, with the opening of Spring, business will
assume a more lively aspect, and that the press
ure of hard times will yield, and prosperity
again smile npon the land.
That "Cure" ricrcnE. The Water Postal
Record, published at Chicago, the nlost reliable
postal paper in the Union, says:
"How it is that the proprietors of Ot'K Fiiie
SIDK FlUEXD can give away to every subscriber a
beautiful chromo of 16x20 inches, and which re
tails every w here at $10, is mure than we can tell.
But they do it. And it is certainly an elegant
picture. The subject is most pleasing, and it
will be a beautiful ornament in any household.
OCR Fireside Friend has attained a very large
circulation, and is firmly established as one of
the leading family weeklies of the Union.
17 New snbstibers, who wished to commence
with the story of "Love and Skates," are inform
ed that we printed only onr regular editiou, last
week, and the numbers were soon exhausted.
We are sorry we cannot accommodate them. The
story will bo concluded next week ; and the week
following, we shall commence the publication of
a story that cannot fail to to interest all readers.
Those wishing it complete, would do well to send
in their names at once.
A GtfeUe fttjaelefce!.
The case of J. E. Dryden rertw One. Craig came
up in the District Conrt, on Tuesday, and was
thrown out, or squelched in some other way.
Thus ends (for the present, at least) a nice little
game to bleed the taxpayers or the Couuty to the
tune of almost three thousand dollars. A state
ment of the case may not lie uninteresting, as
showing how public servants sometimes guard
the interests of the people.
The County voted &S00,I of bonds to the St.
Joteph and Denver City Kailroad. For some
reason, for which tbe County was not to blame,
the lionds were not delivered just at the time
when tbe Railroad Company claimed they were
due, (we believe, on acconnt'of some flaw picked
by the Company itself,) and the Company de
manded interest for the time tbey were delayed.
The demand was resist ml, until the last meetingnf
that Board, consisting of J. E. Drjden, John H.
Utt, and A. B. Symns; bnt at the last moment,
an order was made, by the vote of Dryden and
Utt, allowing the claim for interest, amounting
to $2000. Symns opposed it, and indignantly de
nounced it as a swindle. Tbe warrants were is
sued, and the Railroad Company, retaining $1300
of the amount, divided the other half equally be
tween Dryden and Utt,or rrrr, as they said.
Symns, who opposed the gobble, having rendered,
no services, received no part of the grab. What
those valuable services were, has never been
stated ; but it will strike the pnblic that those
two officers, sworn to protect the interests of the
Couuty, were bribed with $630 a piece, to saddle
an unjust tax of $2G00 npon the people.
The new Couuty Board immediately organized,
consisting of A- ft. Symii, C.W. Noym, and 8.
Hatch. Their first act was to pass an order
commanding tbe Treasurer not n pay the fraud
ulent warrants. Dryden presented his, time and
again, aud was refused, by both Treasurers Rap
pelye and Craig. Utt undertook a more charac
teristic sneaking plan. Couuty warrants had
then reached par, and were uo drug in the mar
ket; bnt Utt offered Craig his warrants at 50
cents mi the dollar! In plain words, he tried to
bribe the Treasurer to pay the warrants, in viola
tion of the order of the Board and even then, he
would have made $325 clear gain. Time after
time, he asked Craig tomakehim an offer for tlio
scrip eeming anxious to get rid of it -at any
price, so that he could tempt the Treasurer to
commit himself, aud save him from losing his en
tire price for his dirty work. He also tried to
sell the scrip iu bank, in St. Joseph, with uo bet
ter success.
Drjdeu was determined to go the hole hog,
so ho brought suit agaiust the County. The suit
would not stick, and ho was informed that his
only recourse was to sue the Treasurer on his
bond, for refusing to pay the warrant. He took
that course, and the case lias been pending for
some time Treasurer Craig having gone out of
office iu tbe meantime. Dryden's J&jO and inter
est is not tho full amount saved to the tax-payers
by the failure of the suit. His was put forward
as a test case. Had he gained it, tho Railroad
Company would have come iu with their $1300
and intercut; and Utt, having doubtless failed to
get an offer for his little $60, would have come
down nu the County for that.
It is a fine thing to have officers who so care
fully gnanl the interests of tho people the peo
ple being principally themselves. But what shall
we say of the liberality of a Railroud Company,
that so munificently rewards those officers for
their terricea iu attending to the public iuteiest,
when it is not able to pay any of its just debts f
Cold axd CaXAxmv The intense cold, last
week, was general throughout tbe country, North
and South, East and West. Reports from every
direction, show the thermometer to have ranged
from 10 to 20 degrees below zero; aud all agree
that it was the coldest weather siuce January,
Tbe period has also been one f calamity. Rail
road accidents, in alt parts of tbe country, have
been numerous, and some of tbcm very destruc
tive to life. Terrible storms have raged along
the coast, from Msiiietu Florida, canting immense
damage; and railroads throughout the East have
been blockaded with snow.
Destructive fires have also raged in all the
cities. One at Memphis, on Friday, destroyed
$250,000 worth of steamboat.
Taking weather aud causalties iu connection,
we doubt whether tho last week has ever had a
parallel iu history.
W A high public functionary, who ought to
be impeached, has got off the following execrable
Why is the Liberal party in Kausas like an an
cient religions sect 1
Thad yon see, (Saddncee.) They have no hopes
of resurrection.
lar Gov. Eskriilge, who is an aspirant for the
Senate, says he wants every candidate to skin
hisownsknnk. Can Eskridge amuse himself by
State lYewg.
The Wichita Eagle learns 'from H. H. Allen,
just, from tbe buffalo range, that on the 23d a
colored man was frozen dead fifteeu miles west
of that place; and a white man with him was so
badly frozen that he will probably die. A party
of four went iuto camp oil Moots creek, 25 miles
from timber, who have undoubtedly perished.
At a house 12 miles west of Wichita, 15 men ar
rived during the night of the 23d, all frozen; some
of them will lose their feet, ot Iters bauds and fin
gers. Tbe road was strewn with buffalo bids and
meat, aliandoned by their owners to save them
selves and teams.
Tbe Leavenworth Timet says while a man in
the employ of Mr. Popeau was digging a well on
the latter's place, in tbe western part of the city,
a vein of coal was struck twenty-two feet lielo'w
the surface of the earth. Mr. Pojieau imniedia
tly examined the coal, aud fonnd it to be of a
very superior quality. The vein is near two feet
iu thickness, aud is supposed to extend some dis
tance, iiiree wagon loads were taken out and
sold on tbe ground at twenty-three cents.
A few days siuce, a chimney sweep, whose
name we were unable to obtain, while i leaning
one of the chimneys iu Mr. Wni. McXeal dough's
residence, fell from tbe roof and broke his back.
The injury, although not fatal, is very painful.
and will lay , the poor man up with along sick
CyWe recehed a letter, a few days ago, to
which the writer liad neglected to append bis
signature, asking us to exchange with a paper
which he was abont starting. We knew of no
person who could write a worse hand than onr
self, except F. P. Baker; so we sent the Chief af
ter him, and sure enough, here comes the Deni
son (Texas) Jonraal, with his name as editor!
I3"" Prof. Snow, of the State University, says
that peaches cannot live in a temperrtnre lower
than 15 degrees below zero. If this be trne, (and
the Prof, ought to know,) our next season's peach
crop took its departnre with last week's cold
ST The Fort Scott Mouitoris instructing tbe
I&publicaii Legislature, not only whom to elect
Senator, bnt also whom to choose to the Various
Legislative offices. Its suggestions will bave
heavy weight with the Legislature.
Ear"" They tell a singular story of a man in
New Jersey swallowing a set of teeth, dnring
sleep. It i coming to a pretty pass, wbena
roan cau no longer safely go to sleep with his
teeth in his mouth.
ty The question is being agitated, principally
by Democratic papers, of aliolishing the office of
County Superintendent of rnblic Instruction. It
would' bo to the advautage of that party to abol
ish schools also.
t"5" The other day, a man passed through town,
driving a two-horse team, with an extra horse
following behind, and there was but one eye in
tbe crowd, and that belonged to the driver.
r"r" A blind girl at the Insane Asylum destroy
ed one of her eyes, the other day, by bumping her
'head against another girl's. It irfeared that her
aight will be effected.
Observations by Dingus.
To destroy the smell of onions in tbe breath
Place the individual, immediately after eating
onions, in the sf earn f.it-tauk at a pork-house, and
turn ou a pretty good head of steam for about
three hours. Then take out and cool off, and tbe
sme)l of onions will not be porcjiptiblj
What persons bave the hungriest look! Dish-
faced persons.
Of what avail is worldly wealth, iu securing
happiness for the great hereafter! It is harder.
for a rich man to go throngh a gnat's eye, than it
is for a camel to swallow Spanish-needles.
Tho liest cure for baldness, is a trip on the
plains. Tbe Indians make a business of ''raising
hair" for people, out there.
Tbe temperate man eats and drinks but little,
aud not much of that.
Teach frugality to your gals, and lie absf cniious
in your steam.
There is a mail iu Rooks County n ho is so near
sighted that he cannot go to sleep without his
specs on.
The Magic Niue Quinine.
A Tnzzle. A youth asked an old man for his
daughter's hand in marriage. Said the father:
"Go iuto the orchard and bring me au apple. Di
vide it, giving three-fifths to my daughter, one
hundredth to tbe parson, oue-teuth to the cobbler
over the way, the seeds to tbe old rooster, and
throw the core iuto the swill-tnb, then tell me
how mnch remains." Tbe young man did so.
Now, the puzzle is, Did be marry the girl f
A business that always hss gist iu. it Druggist.
Wanted to know, if the dog-star is a Skye ter
rier! Blessed is the man who cannot read, for he has
no need of a Webster's Unabridged.
A Match Hunt Hunting for matches in a dark
cupboard, at midnight.
If there was war in Heaven, so there is pugil
ism iu the skies; for, is not tho red eye of the
bull belted by O'Ryau f
Where do yon stick your finger, before going to
bed t In your vest pocket, for your watch-key. .
A sight to warm tbe heart Anthracite.
Winter is the time to remember the poor. The
truly Christian man will bo a father to the fath
erless, an orphan to the orphanles,aud a widow
to the widoniess.
Word was sent to U. 8. Commissioner Bristol
of Independence on Sunday morning, that a man
snpMMcd to be named Robinson bad lieen found
hanging upon a tree about a quarter of a mile
over the line in the territory. As it was out of
the jurisdiction of this State.' authority was wan
ted to bury the deceased anil to institute no in
quest. Commissioner Bristol appointed a Jus
tice to look after the matter.
The Ottawa Journal says that while nut hunt
ing last Friday. J. C. Molt accidentally nlmt him
self, a part of the load entering the loner abdo
men. It is feared that the wound nil! prove fa
The Central Branch railway is erecting im
mense corn cribs at Atchison, for the purpose of
storing some two hundred and fifty thousand
bushels. The railroad company take the corn
as payment on the lands they have sold to par
ties who find themselves now unable to meet de
ferred payments, bet-atise of tho low price of this
staple article. It is commendable on the part of
uie company, ami excellent lor ine producer,
as it enables him to realize on his crops at fair
market prices.
The Oswego Renittrr savs that a stramrer from
California, with plenty of greenbacks, stepped off
ue i rain, last aiumay wcck, anil got on a "glo
rious" drunk, and was taken to the hotel so stu
pefied that he knew nothing, In the morning he
missed his wallet aud $U00. The man who took
biin to theliotl waa 4 darkey limned JTronhv tin
was arrested, Imt no positive information of the
matter could be got from him. So far, the stran
ger is out enough for several big sprees.
The Ouiaha Triie states that a through train
to St. Louis will be immediately pnt on the A. &N.
mail, mnning over the B. &. M. and the Mo. I'arilir.
Freight also will be taken through exiicditiiinsly
and at low rates. Says the Tribaae: This shows
the value of the new Platte bridge to the State
mid to this County. We cannot commend too
highly the prompt action and the lively enterprise
os tbe A. Si, N., nor t lie spirit iu which the B. & M.
have met the proposition. Col. C. C. Smith must
'lie a man of energy, decision, anil a first class
ft. B, Everett has lieen appointed Local Treas
urer of the road at Atchison.
The Oxford Prm gives particulars of a shooting
affray that occurred at Dodge City on Monday
night of last week, between "Bully Brooks," ex
marshal of Newton, and Mr. Brow n, yard-master
at the former place, which resulted iu the death of
Brown. Three shots were fired by each imrtv.
Brown's first shot wounded Brooks, whose third
shot killed Brown and wounded one of his as
sistants. The buffalo hunters are in bad lnck. The cold
weather is freezing their hands and Icl-s. and the
sports f the chase are anything but enchanting.
The Wichita Eagle says: "Every returning
Earty has some startlinguews to impart. Several
ave arrived in Wichita witli frnzsn hands, feet
and limbs. There are several parties out from
this place, and tbe surmise and suspense of
friends are of the most painful character. There
are wives and children suffering tbe most terrible
(FerOa Chief.)
A ittny CkrUhaat mt Byraemm Sent-Bee-Dedaa
tume. Beeitalt, aad Ditbfua, ty Uw OkOireaGradee f
tkeXdoct PraenUmn CkrUwuu Oiftt, wit Aidrtmeety
FapOt U time former Tearker, itite Lam C Berne Ap-
fropriaUreriy by itlm Berne Ckrietwuu Dimmer, trilk
lie CkOdrenand Parenle UgeOHTDietrOutw Giftl
and Frizee U PafSefnai Cmritlmet Tree, ete.
Perbp no laore happy catberuur was enjoyed aaywbere
in Kansas, than was bad by tbe children, parents anal
friend who convened en Christmaa day. at Syraeiue
rhnol honae. In Dnniptun Coonty. Gond order prevailed,
snd the papils were all wide awake, to are all that could
be area, and each to do well their psrt.
First came the cmting and welcome, by little AlleeJo.
anna Archer, three and ahalf years old. "I wUh yon 3
merry, merry Chriatnua, and a happy Xew Tear! "
"lam very yonng. Wot what of that
Yon once wer vising as 1 1
And yon dun't know what I ran do.
Until yoa see me try.
I cannot tell yon on I know,
I aura 111 nut tell nft
For if 1 aheulil. I'm rrrr sore,
Voa'd only sit and lawgn ! "
ThU introduction a ao w.H girrn, as to pat all
proaent in the lmt passible honor. Next came Willie
Johnaia. with amlUns face and sparkling eyea ; snd next
was Elisabeth Orrm, wko gsre Ike sweet song of the bird,
"There now to mr window, one morniax la Spring,
A avert 11 tile Rubin, she caan there to sing ;"
which naed to be snug ao awrrtly to her as a lullaby, by hVr
departed mother.
Farorable mention sbould lie made of several girls woo
did remarkably well, Ue thetime and opportunity they had
iu peparaUon fur tbeif rrritala of poetry. Among these
wen Belle Archer, Kefcerca Orera. BU May Moll, MoUie
Webb. Anna Maria Ffr, Haltie Bitner. Sjllle L. Smith, (s
oos), Clara I. fkjrbb Xtlar, Maggia MrCoe, Maggie
Jobnaon, and Jcnnle'ArcborT
The bnja, in tbeir rcdtala ot poatry and declamations,
nearly all did well, and particular mention abonld be made
of Freddie 'Webb, Earnest Kaufman, John S. Smith, Milo
Spencer, George Biiaar, John B. Smith, William L. Cotler.
John Bums, and Wm. D. IlinchclUT.
A very pretty dialogue, from the "School Festival was
well recited, "How to look pretty.'' by llaltlo Bitner,
MoUle Webb and Anns Maria Fry. Then came one of the
best dialogues ever written for children, prepared by Mrs.
M.B.C Sbde, of Fall Eicer, Maat, entitled "The King's
Supper,"-foiiDd al-oia tbe "School Festival.' which waa
well rendered by Sallie L. Smith, Jennie Ejlar, Maggie
McCne, and Clara L Fry.
This school ia divided into three grades, according to ad
vancemeut uf papUs in Arithmetic, Geography and Gram
mar: not classed by reading and spelling alone. The low
eat grade practice in making figures, and easy mental ex
erciaea in "Felter'a Illustrated First taaons in Numbers,"
eommrnciug as soon aa they can read tolerably well in the
"iew American First Reader, snd apell In "Xew Ameri
can Primary Speller." Frintiug apelllng lessons from
Reader and Speller, and making figure from Arithmetic
on alatea and blacL-board, are daily exercises. Also two
tret wunla in apelling, and review of former words each
day. ThU is continued aa the pupil advancea ioto tbe Sec
ond and Third Headers, with tho Primary Speller of tbe
same series contlnaed; tbua making the thiol grade.
After this, the ptpil, when fully prepared, la advanced
to Felter's New Primary Arithmetic," fully illustrated,
with slate and bUck-hoard exercises, and a sufficient
amount of Mental Arithmetic Included in the same book :
carrying the pupil throngh the principles and practice of
(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication. Dlviaion. United
States money and tables ofcomimund nnnibrrs. Also now
taking "Gnyofa Elementary Geography," "New American
Fourth Keadrr," and "New Pronouncing Speller." Pen
manship in copy books Is now practiced three times s week.
Composition and letter-writing once a week. This makes
the intermediate or Second Grade. Next, after fully mast
ering all tbe studies of the second grade, tbe pupil ad.
anees to "Felter's New Practical Arithmetic," a very
valuable Imok, also "Gn.vot'a Iutermeiliate Geography,"
"Harvey's English Grammar," and tbe New American
Fifth lii-adcr." cia-tinutng the pmn-ntneing speller, pen
maasbi. compositions notes and letter-writiiig. Imitation
snd addresses. This makes tbe First Grade, as at present
arranged. Oral eirrcisea and object lessons, as suggested
in the reading books, are nrqucnt general riereim-s.
Declamations anal recitals once a week, by all pnpils of the
school. Itericw every Friday the leasonsof the week, and
public examinations at the close of each term. To com
plete the rull course for the common school, there should
be added, as soon as scholars are prepared for it, and not
before, an advance class, aa follows : Jlktory of onr own
Slate, and Constitution of the State United States History
and Constitution; Physical Geography and Geology ; Nat.
nral History and rhlleaophy; Elementary Botanv; lhsik.
Ke-"-h, end Al1lia7yaiT"tng two tlaw-rs anil one grader
more. '
According to the Urre grades In the achool. Hirer
"ChrUtnias Gifts" had lieen fimnd for the former teacher.
Miss Laura C. Hcrnr. now teachiug In thn Troy public
schools, and who waa present by special Invitation from
all her former pupils, some new ones, and the present
teacher. Besides thcte tiree gifts, representing the three
grades of the school, there was presented. In behalf of all
the pupils some not now in school, and in ls-half of all pa
rents and friends, an elegant "Silnr Cake," finely fnwteal
and decorated, with confectionery, and the name of former
tcarheMieanuTuIIy embossed in letters of gold.
First came forward all tbe smaller pnpils of the third
grade, with a fine volume in delicate tinted I-iper. from the
press of T. Nelson & Sons. London, England, entitled "Un
der the Microscope." The classes of this grade. First,
Second and Third Header, all marched forward, and when
in position, Anna Maria Fry, representing them, repeated
aa follows :
snd tout walla are rmbellishe.1 with sppropria-e mottoes,
sew sad elegant charts ; and from appearance, yon nave a
taars-aer whose beartU Inhla work. ,- ,.,-,.. .
-1 tender yoa. dear japili. my alnetre tjuinks, tor these
elennt teatJinonlals of yoor roatinoed regaro. iiuuv
dSduWngtonie. that I still hold a pfic. in your sf.
t-cclka . ud I mt earnestly hope that theday mav nev
ereome! that yoa will deem it a pleasure or a duty to
erased from Jvour memories. May von make as rapid
arridesinwariland upward" in the futnra.asyoa have
ln s m-i Is mr fervent nearer.
After thia feeling and touching address, very appropri-
ate remarks were made by trie memoera oi too ...v.
Board. And now it was full time for dinner, and the boun
tiful tables were aneorered; and first tbe children and
scholars were all gathered ruond. as It was specially pre
"pared for them, when the Dinner Messing was invoked by
the chairman of the District Board. Tbe children were an
handsomely waited npon by kind friends, until they had
all that heart could wish, or apetite desire. Then the ta
bles were prepared for parent and friends "of the s.ld
who were present. A Terr bonntifnl repast was this
Christmas dinner; too nnmrrons in meat and delicacies
here to mention in this already ton lenr-thy srtkle.
Bat we must mention the Christmas Tree, the centre of
attraction f..r an eye of tbe eMldren. It 1 bnt Just to say
thatltwasbesnUfuL loaded aa it was with many things
nniqne, and many useful and attractive book for the
scholars. The distribution of glfU was most happy and
aatisfactorytoIlpreaent.snd"nota line of beanty wa
marred." ThU day will long be remembered by tbe pnpils
and friends of the school in Diatrirt No. 7. And the im
pulse given in favor of true education I already beginning
to be felt. The grandest Idea yet "born of the ages," la
that of universal education, the education or the people,
the whole people, rich or poor. The grandest enterprise of
this most enterprising country tho world ever knew. Is the
inaugurating tit this Idea in tbe Public Schools. Our pnb
lic schools are doing for ns. In this land, what nothing else
can do: and the people of to-day may well eongratnlate
themselves, that they live in these latter times of the
nineteenth century, when education is razz to all.
Stiacl-sz, DoxintAX Co, Dec. S3, ISTi
(Turtle V kief.)
Elirroa ClllIPi Please allow me, through your columns
to return my thanks to the rhooI and citizen of Syracuse,
for the warm reception given ma on Christmaa Day; and
also to my former pupils, for the beautiful cake, portfidio,
album filled with chromo. snd book.
L. C. HERNE. Troy, Kansas.
Wbat the Great Papers Say of
Savs the New York Time of a recent date:
"Late advices from Kansas leave no doubt of
tbe re-election of Senator Pomeroy. Iu propor
tion to the population, more has been done tit
ward internal inipmve.nents in the State of Kan
sas than iu any oilier State, and for this, the
State is indebted ill the main to Senator I'limc
roy. He is a man of comprehensive viens, and
knows how and wbeu to say the right thing."'
The New York Herald in a late issue says :
"Keports from Kaus,is indicate u more geurn 1
Kepublican ote than ever In-fore. The re-vhi-tiou
of Senator romeroy seems to be beyuitd
doubt. Mr. Pomeroy certainly deserves well of
this State, for few States have ever had a more
faithful and efficient Senator. No man in the
United Slates surpasses him to executive capa
city." The Washington CAroaiccof DcccuiIkt 11th,
"We trust that Kansas will do herself the
honor and certain benelit that must result from
retaining tin- services of one who has lieen so in
timately identified with her history. Mo ha ac
complished great good for his Western constitu
ency. The history of Kansas is so closely inter
woven with that of her Senator, that the two
onglit not to be separated now. We know that
calumnious reports havels-rii raised against him,
but we know equally well they are nop credited.
Here, among those who know him li.sr his re
putation iu tho Senate is not second to that of
any member of this body. His generosity and
earnestness iu every Christian enterprise has
made him a host of friends. Slander and suspi
cion are fn-nnrntlv used as instruments to strike
down most faithful and deserving public ser
vants. It ought not to be a matter of surprise
that they haw been used against Mr. Pomeroy.
Kansas may have mnnv wortbv nsiiir.intH, but
she can't afford to dismiss her old Senator.'
and the Bte Takr-a fcy fbe Climbers I W
ctm .Ifea f .Tlrk. A nolid !xk of nni-v-inc in-
trrrst: 7-w urg P"Sf ueani.ra.ir imuna ana uinsimru.
A cranrt lunik to rYL
1 nniil
I1-BUHHING OX. SL Isftai. Ma.
it a ln iirlrc
- .". . -. . S.O
For rirflciipUHii n" " lui-nu tcrmn, apiiy 10 wu.tr
Agrnti wint4fL
O alU.1
South wiiit conwr of the PuMic Sjiurr, Troy, Kaiua.
JLi on principal riti. btiT and Cotu.tr Wa inn tii, Gold,
SiItct, Ac and Krcrive IVimKitn.
1823. JUBILEE! 1873.
Better tfcaa Picture ia the
Tbe Great American Family XewapapeK
ti a Tear, with tie JUBILEE TEAS BOOK.
37 Park Raw, New York.
WonU yim avniil beinz "bit" by ICunes. Swlnillcrs soil
Hnmlmgsl Keadtlic -.SrvuSrAMiuctillAXXKR." A Urre.
Illustrated 40-cnlnmn 8-paze iapsr. ledger size. Solenoid
Stories. Sketches, Tales. l'itn. Wit. Humor. PnzzleM. Ke
cipcs.ac llthvear. (Ia ear, with clesaat Prang Chro
ma. -JkrrraN tiAVTs." free t slL ONLV II. TT rr
oxer. Satiefaetien guaranteed. Agents wanted. OutHt
FREE. Siwcimens, Ac, for 6 cents, .dilress "J1AX
XEIt." Hinsdale, ;x.H. JanSwl.
WAnn per ilav! Asents wanted' AH sex. youns
ibIJ nr. old. make mere niniiev at werk fur nsfn
tlirlr snare moments, or all the time, than at anything else,
l'sniciilar free. Address G. STIXSOX & CU, l'nrtland
Maine. janiwt
For anr ran of ItlimL Mrrdinir. Itcli
Inzor rirrratrd I'llr that IK Itlr.'s
11 IX 1.KHEHT faila to enrr. It U prr
Dnnd rxiimwlv t run- the IMm. and
iKtthin; elM. Suld lr all Jn.;3xita.
" iaTvYl
3VortH Side of Pulrtio Squnro,
eiIAKIKa HIBBV, Prwprietar.
TIIIS Ilraise 1 lrce and new, and is the principal Tlotel
in the City. Located In the business part of town, and
near the Conrt House. The talde always enntains the best
tbe market afford. Beda good, and nsima well furnished.
Attention rdven to the wants nf all fnests.
A psst Livery Stable and Wafon Yard adjuinlnj-lausWy.
Kanai. Special attention will be ci"! to the treat
ment of Chronic Disraara, Ditranraof theEje, Ac. Offic
at my mddrnre. HJnljTSjl.
-sa.ttoini.ey at XjAxtr,
WILL practice ln the Second Judicial District and the
Supreme Cnnrt of Kansas. Also, fn the Counties of
Platte. Buchanan, Holt and Andrew. In Missouri.
" fcuigTi
Irire. 11.00.
Iff, ffHl & fflRE
By JIail. 33 Cent.
41 Park Raw, New York. janSwl.
Attorney at Xja.xvr,
Tl.'OY, KAJfttAS.
-A.ttoxrja.eys at Jjaxnr,
Offer, Soutlieaml cirnrr fuUle Sjuare.
Attorney at Law,.
OmiE 'WcstSidel'iiblicSpiare, iu Jeff. RniMfn;. Up
Stairs. IsJulyWyl.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office. West of Conrt House.
Gift enterprise
Tte only Reliable Gill Distribution ia lis Coaatrj!
Mill (Kill 00
y It was reported, few weeks ago, that
Lewis D. Campbell was about dying. But the
public were cruelly" efI'TP:
ty Tbe Christmas Xnmber f To-Day, tbe
popular illustrated weelly, nf wbich Dr. Dio
Lewis is tbe editor, bas -just been issued. It is
one of the most brilliant anil effective periodicals
ever published ln this country. It contains twice
the usual unmberof pages; and these are filled
with choice stories, interesting sketches, delight
ful humor, spicy material from Dio Lewis, Christ
mas music and poetry, and unusually attractive
general reading suitable to the festival season.
Several authors of reputation are repreeouted,
among them, Edmund Yates, T. 8. Arthur, Chris
tian Keid, Jean Iugeluw, John D. Stockton, Max
Adeler, and others.
The number is rich in exquisite illustrations,
drawn by some uf tbe best. artists in the country,
and executed by one of the most skillful engra
vers in the profession.
To-Day must inevitably fiud its way into hun
dreds of thousands of homes iu the laud. It is
just the paper for the fireside and the family.
We cordially recommend it to the public; and
we assure those who desire employment that they
cau not do better than to canvass for To Day,
w hich ufires especially good terms and a marrel
ously beautiful chromo to each subscriber. Mac
lean, Stoddart &. Co., Philadelphia, New York,
Bueton, aud Cincinnati, are the publishers.
VST The excitement iu this part of Kansas, at
this time, is Dcnisou, Texas. Everybody wants
to go there, and make a fortune in a few weeks.
Those who intend to go, bad better go at once.
There will be money in Denison, for a year or
two; then tbe collapse will bo fearful.
IT Miss Wright, --.Wstant of Stale Superin
tendent McCarty, has Hurried lawyer Uirnie, of
Leavenworth, and pranked bitn away East somewhere.
17" An exchaugesays that "two halls came
offin town, this week." What poor fellow' were
I they, snd wbat caused them to come effj
A Jl'ST Tridutk. The Union Republican Con
gressional Executive Committee has forwarded
the following letter to Thomas Xast, Esq.:
Wa8HIN-OTO?. I). C, Oct. 31.
"Dear Sir: As this Committee ia almttt to
close tbe document work of the still pending but
about to be completed political campaign, we
leel mat we snail not tuny perform our ilnty
without thanking you cordially for the efficient
aid we have derived from your skillful band and
fertile but trntliful imagination.
Very truly your obedient servant.
8. M. Eemunws. Secretarr.
Tho.- Nast, Esq., Morristown, N. Y."
Secretary of State. W. H. Smallwoml's
majority for secretary of State is larger by 150
than that nf any other candidate's on the ticket,
being 33,670. the next highest majority, that
nf McCartr for superintendent. Iielnc XVfM.
Watbena has the honor of claiming Mr. Small
wood as a citizen, and-the people here will lie
pleased to leam nf bis great, popularity through
out the State. But one Republican paper during
tbe whole canvass ever spoke a wool against Mr.
Smallwnod'a re-nomination to the place which lie
has filled so satisfactorily during the last term
and to which he has again lieen so trinnipliantly
re-elected. The editor who wrote against Jlr.
Sinallwnnd no doubt feels cheap enough bvthis
time. rraOraa Reporter.
The advices from Japan are iulerestiiirf. An
important era in the progress of the country is
marked by tbe completion nf a railroad from
Yeddo to Yokohama, wbich was opened on tbe
14th nit. Ths department of religion which, it
may be parenthetically mentioued, is one of the
few possible bareans in which onr government is
wanting, has issued an order granting tolera
tion to all religions sects. On the other hand,
the commercial privileges of foreigners have beeu
curtailed, ou account of their alleged abuse.
Four native priests have lieen sent to Europe to
acquaint thenwelvea with the iHrTrrrnt rlimnn.
of that continent. If they persist in this rash
purpose, it is safe to predict that their ultimate
destination is an issane asylum.
Ex-Goy. Greex oft The Trace. Manv -
pen throughout the State have made favorable
mentonot tne name or Ex-uov. N. Green, onr
distinguished fellow-citizen, in connection with
the position of IJ. 8. Senator. We are authorized
to state for Gov. Green that under no eircnnistau
cea will be allow his name to be nsed iu connec
tion with the Senatorial mutest. He is not an
aspirant for the office; does notswant it; and
while be kindly thanks all who have spoken of
him in this-connection, he desires it to be plainly
understood that he not, and will not be, a candi
date for this position. Holloa Erpra.
Exroluxo Clerk. Mrs. C. J. Xeal, of thia
city, will be a candidate for Enrolling Clrrk of
the Senate. Mrs. Neal has filled this position for
one terra in the House and two years fn the Sen
ate. She bas discharged its duties with capacity
and to the entire satisfaction of the members.
The widow of a soldier who died in tLe service,
she Ueaerrea the favorable consideration of the
Senate. We hope she will bo successful iu secur
ing the place she desires. Her past experience
guarantees tbe satisfactory discharge of "the du
ties of the position-Jtthitai Cbamphm.
Kimd Friend and Dear Trarl.tr:
We irtlntme yoa once icsln ;
And tliouch tbe baunuet we have mail
Is hamble tare, ana plain.
Our Antfs, still rilled with love.
Shall flouMv welcome efre:
Kind fi lewis will all onr merits see.
Will all defects Weirs.
Accent this vulnme, dear teacher.
Ah a Warn of our tore."
Xevt came the second grade, with a beautiful Albnm.
filled with Prang's best card Climmos for Albums; aud all
Xrw York Evening Vmt rails attention to the
bill which recently passed the House of Repre
sentatives, giving public laud as an aihlilion.il
bounty to soldiers ami sailors of tho lalo war. It
"It now appears that a little clause in the
amended soldiers' mid sailors' land and Ismuty
bill, which passed the House of I!epresiitaties
last week, contained a very large scheme for
misaiiimpriatiiii the- imldic Iamls. This clause
authorizes thu transfer of liounty patents by thn
soldiers to agents, mid thus the object of the
original incisure, to give homes to uesily soldiers
and their heirs, is perverted into a ineaus of
gigantic speculation. Should this bill lie enac
ted, there is no doubt that the vast amount of
land which it originally contemplated giting
anayfnra patriotic purpose will almost exclu
sively fall into the hand of the great laud
monopolists. Moro than two-thinls f the five
hundred million acres of public lamN now re
maining iiiiassigiied, would therefore lie at once
i:x v.r.TX.vnr.ii: giitt.s:
T be Drvwn Monday, Feb. 17th, '.873.
'.two sisa.:n-i capitals or
?."),)()() each in G'rccubncks !
Five Frizes S.iHO 1
Ten Prizes S100 2
1 Hme & Sc jgy, Tith S.lycr-HiOunUd Hsraess, worth
Oas Fine-tiasd Sos;w:od Pianos, vrcrth COO 0 !
Tea Yaly Sew:ne 3taeh Jiej worth S'O 0 each !
Flrr tioW Wntrhen ittl C7i'ff. tmrth ILIOO eoei.
e're foM .lnei''eff JtituHMjf ilntrtirw, trorlh fttSS
Tru Lnillem' f7if limiting Wutrhrn, trnriU JftJ. rarh.
eOO fj.Vf aud bitcer Ijrzer Hunting Watrlt (in till) vwrra
nus I., (.Kn tarn.
(Sold Chains. Sihcr-Warc, Jesreliy. Ae Ac.
Whole auaber of (ilrts, C.5J0. Tickets Limited tn 00,000.
T wham Liberal Premiums will be paid.
Slnuli. TlchW. elt Mix Tide.-!. (.-;
rrwelvu U'iohet, 8 lot 'X-wvul y-live
xichcis, rsiv.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
OBce, :rlbcaa! Corner Paiblie Majaare.
V7II.L. practke In all the Conrta of the Second Judicial
w v IHstriit, aud the Superior Court uf Kanaa.
r. iu nraxiii.
And Eral Estate Aents.
okkicks ix corirr house, tkoy, axd at
"VW7H.I. practice In all the Court of the Second Jndielal
T T District. (sept. ffl. ";o.
Jnstice of tte Peace and General (Meyancer
COLI.ftTro.VS made, and Tave paid f.-r non resident.
I mice. ret Side Public Snure, over Cass's Stops.
to Ihe Distribution. Kill Is scut to auy line untrnu tlietu.
tit ... ....... U ..i i . .
..,, ... it. .-, ,mr ou CTMrl tip
111 W.ithEt.
1.. D.
I.W:, BarMS.
u ae noac, 0.
standing In tin Ir bbecs, LiUic L. Smith tpeaHnj for this
class said, aa follow :
" Dear Teacher and kind Wend :
Tbe day i tall ofuy to us.
That crowns mr ChrUUnaa year.
And brine with It the cheering smiles
Of friend wbom we revere ;
A rain with open heart and han't,
w warmly welcome yon t
And lis the heart and not the feast
That make the welcome true!
rieaae accept. der teacher, onr kindest love, and this
small Albnm. aa a tskea of onr continued esteem lor yoo."
And now come the pnpils of the rlrst grade, with some
older one present, now necessarily detained fmtu school,
being represented in apcaMeg by John Itiirna. slio .poke
a roiiowa:
" Dear Teacher and fi lend : It U with pleasnre and cratl
tnde that we eject yon on tills, to ns. happy dav. This Is
a day of rrjJeing. and a proper time for eipreiuio,,, or
fond will to all. anil brartr cheer. We ant sbd to tell von
none f yoor former pupils bene ve fr-olten vonr Inces
sant labor for n. Slanv of ns are yet in tbe becinnlna- of
onr education, and the Utile we obtain here, will be our
only capital in life. TVs shall ever feel noble pride In
.,:.......... c :.i. .... , . , ... . ... ... I -... - c
u.rr.ee,.. ... ...... .... uciui i oil a pos,ve Hem- flrcnUr cntaiulns a full list of prize, a devrii.tion ol
incur lo ino country, anil tills woulil virtually the mauurr f . Inisinaud otlirriuroniutiouiunirrriice
iiuiiiiy tuc uumeaieuu law. "
The following ii among the St. Louis (llobe'e
Wednesday's ssiials from Washington :
Senator Pomeniy says, relal ive to tbe fac-simile
of a pretendetl letter of Ills published in yester
day's San, relative to tbe Indian agency, and a
division of protits from traders' post. I hat Mr. J.
11. Stewart, a well known lawjer here, states
that the letter was really written by a man
named Clark, at one time Stewart's partner, and
nflewninls committee clerk fur the senator.
Since then Clark is known to have committed
forgey, but was not prosecuted n account of bis
connections. He could imitate, Pi.in.-roj'.s wri
ting. The senator has therefore lieen uti.ilile to
trace the authorship of the letter.
The letter alluded to is the one aililriss.nl to W.
W. Koss, and recently published iu the Lawrence
thoaateaehera who bar aided a ao patiently and klndlr.
bee fop cm. Lm.
ann conunnefl interest la onr welfare. Please seeeot. kind
and a kind reran! for yon, dear teac!
and continnen interest in onr wlrr
teacher, thia Portfolio, a a amall thon-h aincerr, token of
onr cntinnsd esteem and regard."
"Then tbe whole achool rtalar, the old pnpil with them.
Mist Jennie Archer presented a splendid "Silver Cake."
nrosnled and Inaqtbed Ja gold letter prepared by ber
own hand., Kin Laara C. Heme," with a beantitnl chro
mo card in antnm lens and pdd, with the inscription.
' Merry Christmaa and a Happy Jfew Tear r aad apoke a
foUowa :
-Dear Teacher and friend: In behalf of vonr former pn
pila and many Menda here. aDowme to bid yon a cordial
and hearty welcome on thia o r Joyous festal dav; and also
wish yon a merry, merry Christmas. We feel t'rnly rrate
fnl to yon, dearteacher. for the kind regrard and continued
Interest yon at ill manifest tor ns; and we still remember,
as walwava shall, bow earnestly aad ardnonslyyoa labor,
ed for ns, while yoa were oar teacher for two year. And
I may here assure yon. that children, parent and citizen
"-'J-,",M: -j" oens ann earncai creetlng. to wel
roirf yon here! We are well aware that the anrronndinz
and the internal amarrmenta. at tbe old school hoase.
where yon Brat taaghr afne months, were neither imposins
nor very attractive. Nor were tbe old aoata and deVk In
last winter school of six months. In thia new school build.
In;, aa attractive, eon renient and pleasant aa those von are
here fcvdav. '
"lam td to tefl yoo that all rr scholar have nice Dew
b",kVJw R1'dCT;,l Kpellers: new Geojrraphies aad
new Arithmetics which we tike very mncht snd that sll
are trying to learn what they can. or think they can ; thonch
now. Just aa when yon were oar teacher, some try harder
than other, we. are very rare von gave manv of na oar
ef start in onr desire for knowledge and impmvement of
onr minds and hearts, ami we win always he very rratefnl
to yon for it,
"And now a small and simple exrmaion of oor es
teem, regard sad tore for yon. dear friend aad teacher.
F1!??? " V&P rf Present, to present yon thia
Ll!f,,sd.s,lT' C".. "a we again sasure von onr cor-
ois. ann neany welcome, on hU oor Joymu. happy day.
Bd ten yon that xan kind uKlebeerias word ton 'are
like apples of gold in picture of silver.' "
With mnch feeling aad eaotisa, yet tea dear d dis
tinct voice. Ml Herns very .ppropriately replied fol
lows: :Zln A.rLLJ?h" B.rLlllk.Smnh. A.
. !- - ...oeis woo nre neen isairamental la
EXTSFJlHSL?11 Chriatma. peesenU: It U with
ilS """f" 'hat I connot draerlbe. that I foci my.
!J S?TsT Hyy ",d fflar eeae aad faceii
and n tbemore touching HU tome, when I remember
IST t kS.. t"bfy Md PSP0- w'h feelian of plea.
EIe-dl.llrT"SJrI!JLto thtM acaool-lKmmtIrtiUm.
ihl. UVS,b"Jr,rt,,n,B,,,'lI rstmetyoa
UoTiei!. r'hlHmertnttrIe. andinno.
ES-JR..'.! "" I" deaka. and tbe Dare
iSTT i.?! "V h4 " " hvitbten by
litE.kSIi.'U,l,k.,,4 wn- wj0 lUricSety enrii
h. SLVSif!3 " f ' Wt So. 7, let
KJSLITZ. r"- BrforesaTtemi oftesdt
w5ueovedw. iUJJSr5.'?-S 2K "?
tss.l ..J-J r.i -l - UftSUH, ait IDw WIBOOWI
Z . -T Z ""T" ."ww !?
A FAttKS Max. When Col. IIIwhI, who is now
the reputed husband of Victoria Woodhnll anil
imprisoned ou the sumo charges, first Utatne
acquainted with tlinsewnnienhewasaiii.iu of
wealth. His career in the antiy had been n brave
one, his eltaures for the nomination for flovernor
of Missouri wern guod, he was M.ssrssiI ofuboi.t
one hundred thutisauil dollars' worth of projirrtv.
More than this.be was the husband of a Imeiv
and amiable woman. All these were sacrificed
to follow the fortunes of an uiinriiicililed woman
who had gained some f insular influence over
hint, and to-day as the result he is peunilev., im
prisoned, and an outcast as it were from all thnt
is desirable in life ou Ueg'ulcr.
Cheerful The editorial wag on the Hartford
Timr (Democratic) remarks: "Virginia 'old'
Virginia, that never tires is now claimed for
Grant. Rut, we learn that the. Grant Committee
in Kentncky now concede' that doubtful State
to Greeley by 0,000 to 10,000. This is consoling,
if not absolutely cheering. As the Sknwhrgan
minister thankfully remarked, looking into his
empty hat after it had lieen passed round for
contributions, "In such a congregation as this, I
am glad to got my mat Wk.' "
1846. Twenty-eighth Year. 1873.
Enlarged and Improttd.
"Tlic Best Literary and Society rnper in
Its lea.lia; deimrtments comprise Eihtorijls on topics or
fr.-sh interest: brillunt muunees and imitraitiin-s of
Anirrirsn life: Kditorial rel iessof npsr rtot. in l,H.l.l
or IMIcs-l-ltres. l'aintiu:. Sciilpture. Srirnce.3Insic.sud
the Drama : (Iri-inal -ji.; Ample Elcrrpls fnmi the
Ist.1 Kiinln-sli Writers ;h,irt letters from CorTru.h lit.
iu all Ihe great Capitsls of the World; Copimis KvtRirts
Tnim new lasiks : ami racy arcsints of siviiiis, hapis-nin"s
aiHl.loiugsintliellesnMoiiilei rralirariusthe vrr' fresh
est uiattersol iutrrrst iu this country and in Knropc th,
litle cioiiplrt. ly iiiimiriiig Hie wit and srholoin ; Ihe hu
mor and iiatlio, jbe news abd suatklin- i si.it. ir the
teems ron CLCTSS :
For the convenience of persons nukins up their IM of
"JC""';. ssasaalne f.w the coming year. th. tsildulirrs
of The Honiclolinial have rlnhlsl ilh u,o, ..c .... I
lTi.Nlicais and ofler lliemtosnbsrriliers (la.tk old and new)
with the benefit of a tirce discrfiut in pnees.
JiiKtice ol the Peace
COI.t.KCTIOXS pnmptlr attrmls.1 to. (Oflieo at the
f.Mirt llinise.) " IIJnlyMyl
Jnstice of the Peace, anil Notary Pnio,
CI IX VEVAXCI.VO. an I all kinds of Leal writln- dn
iu tile lct stjle. 1i.!uoi redlee. liilue II 'K It.
Jnstke of tlicPonro, Xotniy Public,
T AXILS pNkl f.ir rnn-n-ftlt-itte. UikU Watnt iin.T wTeii r
rwii rtatt nuilf at rraMUKiMe nil. jjn. as. Ti.
TVotnry I11Icn Convcjnnccr,
TANKS paid for non residents. lsnlshswtet. and sales ot
real estate nia.1. at reavnuble rates. meh. 9. "11.
, MM mM m
asoata iMfao. kti i "-fTVT- v' - f
I 1reni.'0D1S S:
We Give Away
to every subscriber to OUR FIHEStDK FBIES1J Taw
I.ea4ias Faaally Weekly of America. Laree site
St"!?; fi" BEACTirrLLT iLLrcn-KAT-
EO. Full of reliable, instrnctive and interesting reailln
utter, new and miscellany. ( short continne.1 stories!
ahrtche and practical matter. Just suited to the wants and
wishes of
EVERY Tf oil AX.
m ... .. . . .v -. EVERT CHILD.
Whether livine In the city or country, and we aire to each
yearly aubscriber a copy of onr magnificent oil Chromo
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16x30 inchej. The rohject U Uf. siie. Elonisile and
phasing. ltesaohetoldfBOTtheorlclnaln.intin-an.1
1 really worth till. It exceeds in beauty, size and wine
"Wirt.?re ".T'r EiTra w.',,, "7 pablfcatinsu "o one hun
dred dollar picture can rive more pleasure or be a zrcater
ornament In any honsrhol.L It can be hid free, and we
doataskanbheTt..waltMatbforit. bnt win enl
It at once, or it ran be had of onr agrat. 8abscrlber par
ondeUveryofpictarra. Xowaith. Pirtore now re5d.
aad delivered by oaat once. If we hsvo ''
io Agent
in your neighborhood, we waat one.
Y want only Oood. Active A:et.ts.
euaer local or eurassin;. w slrat
RTiw.J.T,,l,W', 0,,,a, " furnish
the best payint agency in America. iro
exclusive territory and tbe best tool to
work with. One Aw,t Ii.m I
success, and maslnx from C to tu per day, one Agent
1UI. rrsnk Is-SIles Illu.tratetl XewsKitn-r. HUckwrnsl'
Jiaszine, . esimiusler Jicvlcw.r auy of th tjistiMh
(Juarterlies rrpublUhcd h. re) will Is- scut for 3, the roll
price lieing 7.
The Home Journal and trarVounc Folks for 9X50; full
rates eC 00. The Home Journal and LitteU Litiua A-e
forW Ml full price. III. fc '
SiibscnlsTs (lst bold slid new) formin; rlnhs for Tlie
Home Journal alone, will receive it at the r.te or three
copies, one year, or one copy, three cirs. for WOO; six
copies, one rar. 110(10. Sln-le sillietrihtKma, fl year.
.Subscriptions will tslir .late Uumnliately, or at any "time
the subscribers prrfir. A.hlress the pn.prirtors.
. Jioi!i:is.i'nio.H"SJtco.
Xo. 3 l'ark IMace. New Vork.
Umtm ia Kxlrr'e lUtal; aa ifnia Street,
ClitckM, AVatclics ami Jewelry rptMireii.
Paint,' Oils, &c.. &c,
fFIHl,"T";',' ?.f PB"i?an"" ''ealers.sn.1 the pnblic jren.
1-erT "fcl" iti" ''-hree,ent offered to S3.
rt.r.hrh i ?;?,"S.ciTm-r."'-J''iatm- r"T. Brasher
Win-low C hss. Djr Mnfls. Turo Wines ami Mimr. at thn
verv hiwest rsirs. rVh..I II..,k. s,.,t.. j5?!Tn . "
nrtar. Moulding Ac, a, . verv Ilto 1 on'.!.1.
(uinnMcinrrnc inmi.
very BMHlrnit ailTanc im th
Insurance Company
CAPITAL $3,212,175.99.
Insurance Company,
jsrxrov iroiui.
Ajtnt. Trtry. Kamaa.
Sheriff's Sale.
In the District Court for Doniphan Connty, State or Kansas.
The Life Assisriation of America, ) PlaintUL
David FTcott rt aL J Defemlants.
"TTOrLn respertfiilly annonnee to the Ladies or Whirs
Y Cloo,J aml'vicinity, that they wfll. .InTuVrTh, preii?
season, carry on the business ofFASHIOXAIILE Mif rtv
ChS.T-Suuuut0n,'r 0f "WU
JTtlUsdi X972
ment !
took 0 subscriptions la one day, other report from 10 to
S3 per day. Specimen eopie of paper, foil particulars,
term, ett. ent free to any address.
Writ at once to Oca Futzsuia Feujd, Chlca-o. m
Theat, Barley, Oats aa Cora
TBATmaBtraS.fatMhUh they are payinr the highest
market pries. Tost that have re.lV to sill tfv.na.
cUI. at
east kobway,
Oa fie SL-Joaepk mnd Dearer CU Eaitroai.
TOTICE Is heirby Elveriu that I win. on the 13tb day of
i Jannary, , A. I). IMS. between tbe h-mrs of It) o'clock.
A- lf ami 1 o rlnrV. P M yf sl.l !.- -. .1 t AT
Cnort llmup. In the city uf ' Trov in Itmlphm Cnonlr. SUte
r'Jf&Sf'i6 ?lr-a5 pntUc "rt". fr ch."tJie fc4
lowing si itMt rral i-tit- flAt. sn.7 .. J .
twtT;w.. fSU itiut In Doniphan CDtr, 1 fiiii ofSS
; Ukrnithe
niurvnmmrof ikarii v r . ,
.... . .! " ", iipi iFurrni inr
aisMUenienesl oiuoer t. cash, to satisfy certain Indi
ment snd costs now of record in t'e Diitrict Court for
Doniphan County, ta the State of Kansas, ia which the Life
Association of America i pUiatiir, and Davkl Y. Gott et L
are .iefendants.
Givea under my hand, thia 11th day of December. A. D.
,87- SAjtrra: MAguiLKEX.
, ,t..r Sheriff of Doniphan County.
December 12th l-5w. " pr" ter, si.
r oerl
J. V. HO,l,EBAVGa,
AVhltoCloua - - - linanna,.
Oct. 1. 186i
Boots cfe Siloes,
HAXD MADE riooto and Shoe a snecialtr and mod
sold CHEAP niH CASIL Pna"J. "W ds
i if ftKil Coonty are invited to call and eiambra
Stock an.1 Price.
Grain and Live Stock,
"W1ih?,?,T,,,t". . swefa&re. to pay the top of the
J? m.".rt" " Suh" for " Urol of Grain aad Lire
LtaSiShl;',lp,,"" to rseqnanUtle. mTSu,
ami U always ready for trade. llJoly7Sm,
1 ?s
laomuSI',nmumKia9 othepnblie,thatIra
eTerrmhV!uTdfl2rr.prf? ""anaehrre to order
SnTcSiwJ!SllJ!0ilof BooUand Shoes-eoane or
SSydorewtt-to thaaeateat ad moat aubataatial
tie?SWrk,," -afskin'
anal hmMw . .... . ....
ofrd.-i;-Zi"rrr",rl aaotaoDewsroci
at-T-. Hs''iim as au wmoa hood on ataia
S". wa aa ae , aearl, piu a r. Vrna"
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