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ftfte mm CJritf.
Sol. amJUER,
. Editor.
Thtireday, :::::: May 22, 1873.
Baifroatl AtseMMteM.
The Stale lioard uf Kailroad Assessors met mt
Topeka, last week, and proceeded to the perform
ance of their dntiea. Wliat seemed strange In a
body of men electeil mid sworn to pufonn a pe
cisl public duty, was the ftct that a nnniber of
.t i..n. sniiaurMl to be actiur attornevs.
lav av" . t- - - w -
or, to peak more to the point, aa the pnperig of
railroad corporation in mnr respective ntuu
In one or two instauces, members got into a reg
ular qnarrel. Mr. Johnion, of this County, fa
vored thr'bisbest assessment passible, and almost
had an unpleasantness wiui uauara,oi vvasuina;
too, who wai paxticnlariy araioesnn behalf of the
Central Branch road. Aa general thing, the
members stuck for as favorable figures aa possi
ble on rusds in their sections. In conaeqnenee,
the assessment of each road waa the anbject of
close contest, which will account for the odd fig
ures in aome of the'valuations. The Beard meets
again on the 38th inst., when it ia expected that
the railroaila will have their foreea on band to
secure a reconsideratiou, and a lowering of valu
ation. The valnation of all the road has been increas
ed over laat year, although the Companies claim
ed that their earning went lea. But the entire
law for railroad assessment i a fraud. Certain
officials of the companies -are allowed tomake
oath to earnings and valuations, and some of them
seem to have been selected with special regard to
their oath-making capacity. For example, one
swore that a numl e' uf acres of land which his
company owned, iu the heart of one of the most
prosperous cities in' the State, was valued at
$250 per acre! just double the Government price
for wild land I
The following is a list of railroads with their
aaeased value per mile, as fixed by the Board.
Missouri, Kaunas and Trias, $4,700
Leavenworth, Lawrence and Galveston,, . 5,300
Missouri River, Fort Scott and Gulf, 7,200
Central Branch U. 1 , 4,000
Atchison, Topcka and Santa Fe, S,000
Kansas Pacific, 7,900
Missouri River, 6,000
Leavenworth. Atchisou and North-Western. 7250
Atchison and Nebraska, 4,779
St. Jsaeph and Iteuver City, 4,700
rieasant Hill and Lawrence, 4,000
Lawrence and South-Western, 3,500
Kansas Central, 3,000
Wathena and Doniphan, - 3,000
Junction City and Fort Kearuey, 3,000
i i
A Wholesome Haxgi.vg Oat. Last Friday
was a good day for hanging; three murderers
having been snuffed out ia different sections of
(the country. Michael Nixon was hung in New
York City; Joseph 0Neil, at Mt. Carmel, 111.;
and Charles Mortimer, at Sacramento, Califor
nia. This healthy, active condition of the gal
lows, while it shows a bad state of society, yet
augurs well for the future. It means that the
murderer's niilleuinm has ceased, and that the old
fashioned practice of pnnishing crimes is return
ing. That false philanthropy tbat demanded the
abolition of the gallows has been tested, and the
result Is, mnrder and outrage irievery part of the
land, and murderers iu every direction going free
and unpunished. Call hanging legal mnrder, if
yon choose; but it is the only check to illegal
The discovery of the Bender murder-den brings
to mind a law ia Kansas, the work of philanthro
pists of the thin-skinned kind. Under this law,
s person convicted uf murder remains one year
after conviction before scnteuce is passed; and
after the expiration of that time, the execution
takes place only npeu the order of the Governor,
with the prospect that, rather than prononnre
seatanee, he will permit the criminal to remain
in prison. Jf the Benders are canght and convic
ted, this is the process tbey must go thmngb.
Wil) public feeling tolerate such dilly-dally ing
with justice! Is it not a temptation, iu each ag
.gravated cases, for the people to become execu
tioners, and inflict summary punishment upon
the offenders?
Coming Home to Him. Speaking of 8eaatr
York, when the remains of his brother were dis
covered, a correspondent says:
Utterly-overwhelmed, 1m sst by the ghastly remains as
one upon wham the band sf death had been laid, lie could
sot be comforted."
In that terrible -moment, 'Ve wonder whether
It occurred to bim how a mau'mnst have felt, and
the family of that man, who was betrayed and his
character assassinated himself disgraced and
his reputation mined by the treacherous con
spiracy of Senator York 1 An assassin of the rep
utation of a man, is as depraved a creature aa the
assassin of his body. The dsvilish work of entic
ing Dr. York Into a den, and then beating in his
aknll, was no more devilish and celd-bloeded than
"the concocting and carrying out a plan to dis
grace a man high in position, in the presence of
his constituents.
E7 One woald hardly imagine what a wonder
ful effect the falling of a bridge would have on
tht surrounding scenery. This remarkable effect
can be seen by reference to Harper" e Weettf fur
the present week. It contains engravings of the
Dixon (111.) bridge, taken on the spot, before and
after the recent disaster. Before the accident,
the vicinity is thickly built np with fine, large
houses, most of them surmounted with toll stee
Jiles. But after the disaster, the fine houses have
lieen replaced by a few small, scattering, shabby
buildings, every steeple has disappeared, and a
-windmill has suddenly sprang np in tbeback
.gronnd! But this effect is no more wonderful
than the theory that great battles bring on rain
C"? The latest horror comes from Wetmore, on
the Central 'Branch road. On the morning of
Saturday, the 10th, a Swede named Erricksen
went to the house of one Marquardt, near Wet
more, called him out, and shot him dead. He
then took the two children of Marqnardt to a
neighboring house, where he left them, saying
that he had killed Marqnardt, aud was going
back to kill his wife, A crowd was collected aa
sieedily ss possible, and proceeded to the house,
where they heard a number of shots. Entering,
tbey found Erricksou lying across the bsdy of
the woman, both dead. Upon an examination,
it was fonud that Erricksou had ravished the wo
man, then shot both her aud himself.
CP The Atchison Ciampiox office waa recently
presented with a keg of beer, aud the boys of the
office proceeded to place themselves on the outside
of it says an exchange. It must have been an
interesting sight ta see all the Champion typos
astnulle of a keg of beer!
1ST We have received a pamphlet copy of the
Premium List for the Ninth Annual State Fair,
to be held at Topeka,. September 22d, 23d, 24th,
25th, and 26tb. The list is very large and com
plete, embracing the entire range of articles that
figure at snch Fairs.
OT Mrs. Rebecca Han way, wife of James Han
way, died at Lane, Franklin County, on the 8th
lust, in the 67th year of her Sjmway
waa one of the earliest settlejaTaajsiii, aud
formerly resided in Darke ConntyjSTo.
iy The Topeka Coaiaosirrafl ssys the St.
Joseph bridge celebration will take place June
31st. They,could just as well have ont it off un
til the 39th.
ry From the Pa-da Spirit, we learn that the
Miami Ceaafy Xrpnllicau has suspended publica
tion' Did it ruin its health iu the Purification
CTwa4 .
ExiBGETic Feoplcv The bungling manner in
"which the investigation of the Southern Kansas
mnrders was prosecuted, has been severely criti
cised; Vut reading the accuuuts of the Wetmore
tragedy, one is impressed with the cowardice and
imbecility of all concerned. Keason was uot
brought into requisition, and even instinct was
not present. A man takes two children to" a
house, saying he had killed ttitjr father, near by,
aud was gigteek to kill their mother. Instead
of taking prompt measures to preveut it, those
people flew around panic-stricken and senseless,
aud finally sent off aome distance for reinforce
ments, which arrived within ear-shot Just in time
to hear the last and fatal shots when prompt
ness and back bone in the beginning might haw
prevented this. Then, the conduct or the mur
dered woman was unaccountable. Her hatband
was called -out aud shot; the murderer then en
tered tbeliouse, took her twochildren from her, aud
conveyed them to a honse somedistanceon; yet,
duriug all this time, the woman remained in the
house, uot makiug any outer) pot' showing her
self, not embracing the interval of the absence of
the murderer 1o make her escape apparently
quietly waiting' to be. ravished aud murdered.
One energetic murderer with a revolver "might
go tbrongh and exterminate a whole community
like that.
ry A Green Bsy bay has, dating the past year, run Us
father la debt for fifty psawtsaf raaiae. an aaadrea potass
of loaf sarar, snd rir-nrh rlnaanw sr-T clave to pickle
hhaKx. m Z. x- '
Now, if that boy's father wereyi Congressman,
be csuhl draw all mat .track, aa -siaiionery.
Lowe's boys don't run hini in.debt for sugar, you
bet! J- tjr
(7' Diabetes is disease .& Rbicb i scere
tiens are charged with saoebariuo, matter From
his sugar secretions, Congressman Lowe most be
old Diabetes himself.
17 Two young men of Leavenworth are going
the rounds, attending tbedinVrent competitive ex
aminations for West Point cadetship. They
uniformly fail.
The passenger tnln bririj-ilae. we Immediately pro-
cesded to Wetmorr Artamito Co.
You should have attended to that before train
Q Henry A. Wisu has taken another flop in
Klitics. He is now figuring to lie the Adminis
tration candidate for Governor of Virginia.
CP" Col. John 31. Haherlciii, editor of the Ger
man paper at Leavenworth, died in that city, on
the ICth, of a paralytic stroke
State New.
A Denison man feeds his family of eleveu
daughters on buckwheat cakes, and to teach them
industrious habits, tells them to follow the exam
ple of the busy littls book-keeper aud chicken,
and scratch for a liviug.
A Wilson Connty furmer intends planting ten
acres of castor oil beans this season. He ssys one
ef the greatest incentives to immigration to a
new State is cheap physic and whisky.
Two weeks ago last Sunday, the stable of a
German named Myer, aud four horses and a har
ness and wagon in the stable, were destroyed by
fire. Mr. Myer lives on the divide between Lyon
and West Branch creeks, eighteen miles south of
Abilene. Two of the horses belonged to him and
the others to a family who were then visiting
witb him. He and bis family had been to church,
mid returned home with the visitors. The fire is
supposed to have originated from sparks from
the chimuey.
The Walnut Valley Time says that Mr. Satch
el). Hi iuc on Satchell creek, bad four horses stol
en from his stable on last Tuesday week, and at
the same time eiiiut young horses lielonging to
Judge Harrison disappeared. The latter were
running on me range.
The house and all its contents, of Hendricks
Clark, of Bichhtnd township, Miami County,
was destroyed by fire oa Thursday of last week.
The loss falls. very heavily on Mr. Clark, as be is
needy aud has a. large family. His neighbors
have rendered bim some assistance, and.be is in
tending to rebuild.
Four rattle-snakes have been killed at Clay
Centre already. It is believed that, notwith
standing the sevei e winter, the rattle-snske har
vest will be aa bounteous as ever.
A fifteen-year-old canary bird died recently at
Gamett. It became blind a few weeks before
its death, but retained its cheerfulness to the last.
nail stones lately fell at South Haven, Woodson
County, uino luetics in circumference, and the
season is very backward, too.
Frank W. Gordon, aged eleven years, a son of
Major Dsvid 8. Gordon, of the Second U. 8. cav
alry, was killed Tuesday afternoon, at the tarn
table of the Chicago t Hock Islaud road, at Leav
enworth. The boy, in company with others, was
playing with the turn-table, and getting under
it, was crushed. Upon being tsken home he re
vived, and was not regarded seriously hurt, but
died about three hours after being injured.
The Wyandotte Herald announces that the
Kev. A. uiirr win lecture in lu.it city ou next
Sunday night, on "The devil in Wyandotte."
Mr. D. O. Crane, of Osage City, was the last
man who pulled a gun ont of a wagon, muzzle
first. His arm will get well in about three
Near Wilson station, on the Kansas Pacific rail
way, some desperadoes or Indians have made a
dash along the Smoky Hill bottoms, aud ran off
all the stock for several miles, leaving only two
cousumptivs-lookiug little goats or kids.
They have a man in Marshall County who is a
washerwoman. Iu taking in a 1st of dirty clothes
receutly he found a new fashioned shirt, opening
at the back, which he immediately sewed np,ent
open the bosom and fastened buttons ou it.
One v, eek ago last Monday, Mr. Jacob Levwick,
living eight miles west of Baxter Springs, and on
the Chetopa mad, had his bsrn bnrned, including
its entire contents, among which were two
Hrs.XXJ.-CbatfiekLofOskalnota, met with a
serious accident on Tuesday. In stepping over a
low portion of the fence, her fiait caught between
the boards in some manner, and she fell, putting
her ankle ont of joint, and breaking the liga
ments in her foot, probably crippling her for
some time.
Young Maxwell, who figured in a row in Win
chester a few weeks ago, has lieeu arrested for
stealing a horse from Thomas Gibson, near Win
chester. He was canght at Ieaveiiworth, and
the horse found tied in the brush outside of the
city. He was recently pardoned out of the peui
tentisrv for a similar offense. So says the Oska-
loosa iKiepadtnL
Mr. D. W. Goff. of Oskalopsa, was robbed at
SIIn T.ln hh ITsnau Pier 'iiti TnMu1s morn
ing, of 11,600. He bad taken two car-ioads of
i a-tie ta St. Louis, and was returning with the
proceeds of the sale. He passed the night on the
train in safety, reaching State Line at seveu
o'clock Tuesday morning. As the train got in
motion, a fellow with a uote book in his hand
came to Mr. Goff, w ho sat reading a paper, and
asked him if he was going to Leavenworth. An.
sweringin the affirmative, ho was told to take
the front ear, as they were going to switch that
one off. He went forward, and as he stepped on
the platform he was siexed by half a doziu men,
who erowdod and hauled him abont,, tore open
hia vest, pickad his pocket, aud then flung him
off. Recovering himself, he canght up with the
train, aud was getting on, wheu he waa again
thrown off and left Iwhind. Mr. Goff offers $500
reward, and has detectives ou the track, who as
sure him that they will catch the robbers. ,
s isau sw
A Bio Cork Kaikkr. Judge D. P. Lowe M. C.
is the biggest corn "raiser" iu the State. He
contracted with the people to serve them at $5,
000 tier year. He nerved two years, aud then
voted himself (5,000 back pay. investing this in
corn at 20 cents per bushel, he wonld be the big
gest rnrn raiser in the State. He would have
25,000 bnshels of corn, and all he had to do was
to shut his eyes, vote "aye" and grab, aud this is
what be did. How high is this for Lowef No one
is so mean and so low as to palliate or excuse
this thieving vote. But the oppressed tax pay
er, and the settlers contending for their Gomes
will remember it. It will take two years to reachH
tills honorable Judge Lowe; but the people nave
'good memories. Parses' Ata.
AStobvAboctthe Mcbsk or Mb. Goodrich.
Among the strange stories which are in circu
lation in private circles is oue concerning a
mock marriage, which it is hintsd was very dis
astrous to his peace ef mind. There are quite a
number of persons at the present time who say
they saw a ouian at the honse. and this story
about a mock marriage having been performed
mar have originated from this fact. The police
have collected a great deal of information, but
they do net deem it judicious at the present time
to give it to the press. Therefore it is expected
there will be many facta brought out which may,
to some extent lift the. dark curtain which at
prusent shuts out the manner ia which Mr. Gowd
rieli came to bis death.
TKtkPirticBljriwf the Butcher Beadei'i
The Trick mt IB nre. 4 Mistress fasts
atomic Majsasr VJrmaHafc Tawtsww lav
vilwH a sjessistr r bsmMc bMsjcw) sVaw
crs Taw rarsSjisstfta Wmmmm ajiisekwra
wot Arsacsl Stew were 9nt mf Wosbbsi
A snster Access at saw dravea.
IFtoss the Kansas City Times 1
The font aud dreadful series uf murders lately
brought to light in Labette county, Kansas, con
tiuoesto'Ve the all-absorbing topic of specula
tion and conversation throughout the State, and
to excite wonder and amazed horror all over the
nation. Every item or circumstance connected
witb the aomd bnlcnery is diligently songnt af
ter, and ears made credulons by the fearfully
true story of the damnable deeds of the Bender
family, are made to drink in rumors aud stories
which have their foundation only in the imagin
ation, wbiih vainly labors to invent something
more strange and horrid than the reality. The
Tisus has already published such fall and gen
erally accurate account of the discovery of the
affair, and tbeaubsequent movements of the pop
ulace, officers and criminals, that little remains
to be added, bat the following facts, gleamed by
the Times's special reporter, who returned from
" Hell's Half Aero" aa the Bender garden will
hereafter be known yesterday, will be read with
universal interest.
otherwise the Bender house, is a small, rude
frame shanty, without lath or plaster or inter
vening substance between its floor and the raf
ters of the iNiiuted roof. In size it is 16x24 feet.
8mall. upright 2x4 inches are set to mark the
house into two coiiiiiartiueiits. but no uall bad
ever been niaik'1-thcr tlun a while cotton cloth
hung iu the rear apartment and against these
uprights. The front apartment had iu a counter.
over which the butchers once pretended to sell
groceries. In the rear ruoni waa a rmls bed, a
lame, a siovc onu lurwcssnira. sue nceoniisiij
ing diagram will best illustrate the interior: j(
" J I II "'T I.I I "
Cllh fartiUou. f
r i
i i
The table, to which the guests of the fiends
were seated, was placed directly over the trap
door, so that tho guest's back was to uud against
the white curtain. In this position it was an
easy thing for the male villains iu the front
apartment tn strike the form clearly lined aud
resting against the white cloth, and when the
blows of the sledge and hammer had knocked
the victim, with a crashed and broken skull,
senscles and helpless to the floor, for the female
liends in the back room to cut their throat. The
execution was as simple as it was dreadful, but,
though it would sctni resistance to such well
planned mnrder of the trusting aud unsuspecting
was impossible, the walls gave silent evidence
that some of the murdered lies had not been sent
to their doom without an effort to defend their
lives. No less than a dozen bullet holes in the
sides and roof of the houe attest that armed
men, when struck down so relentlessly, had at
tempted to shoot their mnrderers, but, uufortn
nately, the aims had been wild, and the murderers
are reserved for the hempen halter.
This building is located just on the rising edge
of a beautiful narrow valley-, circled on tbesontb,
east and w est by a range of mounds or hills,
fronting to the north in the month of the valley.
The hills are distant from the bouse from a half
mile to a mile, the closest being on the south, to
Ibtrear. The house fronted to the road just in
the bead, sitting back about its own length from
the roadway. From this iint of the road can
be had a full view of everything'for a half mile
in every direction, bnt not another bouse is
within sight. It is abont seven miles from Cher
ry vale, ten miles from Thayer, eight from Ladore,
and two from Morehead, and just in the north
west comer of Labette county.
With the exception of Dr. York and Henry F.
McKenzie, G. W. Lougcor and daughter, whose
families took charge of their remains and buried
them at Independence, the bodies of those found
in the garden graves were qnietly taken by silent
men, who knew them uot, yet longed for venge
ance ou tbeir assassins, to the base of a high
mound, about a mile to the southeast of the
devil's kitchen, and there a second time returned
to the earth to sleep until the final resurrection.
The first of the eight bodies discovered was
Dr. York, of independence.
Mr, Longeor waa a neighbor of Dr. York's, from
whom be had purchased a team just before he
started for Iowa, last December. He aud his in
fant child were buried in oue grave. He, as all the
other men, had the back of the skull crushed in
and broken aud bis throat cat, and tho body
stripped of nearly all its clothing. The child
was placed at the father's feet, wiibont a bruise
or mark of violence, and with all its cliothes on,
even the hood and mittens, and many Judge that
the infant had beeu burled alive.
was from Cedarvale, Howard connty. He hod
recently traded horses uear Ladore, aud was sup
posed to have had about $00 witb him. He was
recognized by a silver ring ou bis finger, which
waa indentified by the friend Johnson, with
whom he had traded horses.
w. F. m'rotty
lived near Cedarvale. He was en route to . Inde
pendence to contest a land claim; One report
says he had a large snm of money on his person,
and another, judged to be mere reliable, that
he bad bat small snm.
HKxmr r. m'kcxzie
was from Hamilton connty, Indiana, and wag on
his road to locate at Independence, where his
sister, Mrs. J. Thompson, resides. He bad but
little money and was on foot, and bad been mis
sing since December last.
resided in Howard connty. His body was so
mutilated aa to bo hardly, recognizable, but his
poor widow indentified him by bis peculiar shirt,
which hr own hands had made for bim. He had
started on foot for Osage Mlrrloo sometime lsst
December. ,,
The only one of the bodies not indentified it
supposed, and very reasonably, to be that of Jack
Bogart, who started for Illinois, on horseback,
abont a year ago. The horse he rode lias been
found in tie hands of a responsible man, who
purchased him from one of the suspected confed
erates. This completes the list of those yet discovered
on the grounds.
One of the most marvelous stories ever heard,
bnt which is vonched for by reliable men, is
the following: One evening abont three months
ago, a poor woman, footsore and weary, traveling
to Independence, withont money, stopped at the
Bender den aud asked for some sapper and for
privilege of resting awhile. She was invited iu,
and being nearly exhausted, she took her shoes
and scanty wrappings off and kid down on the
bed in the back room. 8he soon fell into a trou
bled doze, from 'which she was awakened by the
touch -of the old hag of the den, who -minting to
an array of pistols and double edged knives, of
various sizes, lying on the table, said in the spirit
of hellish malignity: "There, your snpper is
ready." The woman was motionless and breath
less with terror, and as she sank back on the bed,
the devil damo picked np the knit es one by one
and drew her finger aloug the sharpened blades
at the same time glancing fiendishly at her in
tended victim. How long tuts terror issiwi tue
woman eonld not tell, bnt at last she, in the very
deeps-ration of fear, arose as though not alarmed,
and saade a private, excuse for going out. mm
was permitted to do" so, and moving around to
tb shelter of the stable, barefooted and scarce
half dad, she darted off on the wings of fear, and
ran for two miles to the honse of one who pro
tected her and gave ber shelter. As she waa run
ning away, she turned frequently to see if she
waa pnrsned, but no one followed her, though
she saw the light from the open doorway several
times, as tbongh the devils inside were awaiting
Even this story seems not to have aroused more
than the before existing suspicion that the Ben
der were Dot exactly the right kind of people.
a Buaouxo BUaDTESS.
Itlhaaihf TtTrr"T three yean this section
has bes infested with horse thieves aud mur
derers, and. this known to every one about the
country, it is probable the tame state of affaire
might have continued for ad indefinite beriod,
had not the murder of Dr. York, man of family,
friends and reputation, led to the exposure. Men
have been missed and bodies found of murdered
men for three years past, and "vigilance com
mittee have bunted and driven some men from
the country; but It would now seem as though
the leaden of these "regulators" were them
selves the villains, and honest nKn bad been
falsrlv and fonllr rasneeted and driven from
tbeir homes. Known villains have for that time
been sent to the penitentiary, only M ue rmruou
el ont by governors.
And even the band of seventy-five armed and
honest men who scoured the country in search of
Dr. York, wheu it was learned he was missing,
seem to have had very little judgment or dis
cretion. On the 28th uf March last, CoL York and Mr.
Johnson visited the Bender hWfe to which place
tbey bad tracked Dr. York, and endeavored to
roax some information from them, bnt they
would tell nothing. On the 3d of April this
armed band visited the bouse with the sole object
oftiudiugtbe murderers of Dr. York, yet they
did not notice the bullet boles in the honse, and
allowed themselves to be footed by an assumed
stupidity which was the disguise of most hellish
cunuiug. The old hag sat mam aud gloomy.
pretending slier coma uot unuxrsrauu or open
fiaetish ; old Bender said nothing ; Kate, she of
the evil eye, denied ail knowledge of the lost,
aud the younger male villain fooled thent with a
well made np story. He said that at about the
time they say Dr. York was missed, be, Bender,
in a lonesome place near Drum Creek, one even
ing, aud it must have been by those who killed
the Doctor. He described the place minutely,
nud then took them to 'it. and it was fennd as he
said, and tbey half believed his story, aud return
with him. Col. York Repeated the story given
above, of the supper of .pistols and knives offered
to the lone woman, whew the old hag soon found
her sense of the Englitk. language improved, ejbe
understood all that hsafheeet saiil, and flew into
a violent psssion. Sb, denied the story of the
supper, and said that that was a bad and wicked
woman, whom she woufd kill if ever she came
uear them again ; that the woman was a witch,
and had bewitched Kate's coffee; aud then she
ordered the whole band away. While going and
couiiug from the el eek, John told Col. York tli.it
his sister Kate could do anything, that she could
control the devil, and that the devil did her bid
ding. When tbey returned to the house, Col.
York tried to induce thts wonderful mistress of
the devil to reeal where the body of bis brother
was. She positively refused her satauic aid at
this time, giving a: her reason therefor that she.
could not do so iu the day time, and n bibs, there
were so many men and so much noise about,
The pretended sorceress and real fiend then
told Col. York privately that if he would come
the next night, Frids) when best she worked
her spells and bring only ono man with him,
she would take luui to the grave uf his murdered
brother. Had the Colonel beeu so foolish as to
believe the mysterious power of-the creature,
there is no doubt she .would have proved her
Eromiso good. The whole baud then left the
oiise. They visited the house of Koach and
Sraitlfauil Harness, at Lndnro, and made luauy
tbreats, but accomplished nothing. Tbeir intent
was good, but tbey lacked au exiierienced detec
tive for a leader. So strong was their conviction,
however, of the guilt of the Rojches and of the
Benders, th.kt tbey would have bum; tbem then
had it not been for th persuasion of Col York
and a few others, who weredetemiined t lint none
but the known guilty shoulif- suffer. Of course
this alartued the Beudrrs, and they fled. How,
lias lieen published in the Time.
It seems strange that no watch was put iion
the- suspected Menders, aud still more strange
that tbey should have ,beeu gone three weeks
lefore any knew of it. When they went to
Thaver they left their team ami wagou and dog
on tho public street of the'towu. On the street
the team and wagon remained for two days w ith
ont a claimant, when they .were taken charge f
by a livery firm there Bear Wheeler. No no
ticr, other.tbaii an item iu the. Head Ligbl, the
local journal, nun given of the finding of the
team, and no description of the horses published,
though tbey were peculiarly and similarly mark
ed. Had snch description ben givsii, it must
have led to the speedy pursuit of the fleeing
criminals. It is uot suspected that there was
any-gnilt in this neglect, but only carelessness.
No doubt Is Mttcrtnlued that the Benders have
not been alone in theirilamuable villainy. They
must have had confederates to -dnrnrom-rf Ihc
stock mid clothes of tlis murdered men, and sits-
filcinn has already pointed to a iiiiiuWr of men,
iving throughout that Section, ill different di
rections, mid to tioue with more evidence uf jus
tice tbun one
This fellow lives Kbi nt three miles south of
Panous, aud when C1. York was making si arch
for his brother, he tried to induce the Colonel to
employ him as a detective. Luckily the Colonel
would have nothing to do with him. This man,
it is said by two men who are generally credited,
at different places and times, aud separately, told
them that he was a member ef a baud of ".Regu
lators" in theCouuty, and that when they found
a criminal they never troubled bim with the law,
or put the County to any expense about bim;
that the baud always knew their own work
when tbey saw it, for evefy man they put out of
the way they laid with his throat cut, his left
arm across bis breast, and his right by his side.
In such condition and-position were found near
ly all the Bender victims. As a further evidence
agaiust this fellow, it is known that soon after
McCrotty's disappearance was kuowu, and when
there was about to be some action taken to look
for him, he pretended .to have a letter from Me
Crotty, telling of his safe arrival in Illinois, at
his intended destination.
The other suspected parties who have been ar
rested are men of bad repute in general, and be
lieved for sumo time to be horse thieves, if noth
ing worse. On Snndsy, Sheriff Stone brought
iuto Independence, nnder'arrest, Addison Roach,
of Ladore, and Wm. Bnxtou,a son-in-law of the
elder Roach, both found near Cedarvale. This
makes the number under arrest now on suspi
cion, so far aa known, twelve. The nsmes of
the others have beeu published iu the Times.
On lost Sunday there were about oneUhonsand
men, women and children, at the Bender grounds,
gazing witb rainjled emotion of horror and cu
riosity. The graves eveuyet sent forth a sieken
ing tteneb, aud women held their noses as they
peered down into the narrow tenantless boles.
Two special trains were run. one from Independ
ence and one from Coffeyville, to a point on the
railway line abont two miles from tbs honse,
and teams were busy 'running to and from the
cars to the grounds, while the greater portion of
the crowd was compelled to walk; These trains
brought abont GOO persons. There were abont
six or seven hundred persons there from all parts
of the surrounding country, iu wagous, car
riages, bnggieft, and on horseback.
The ennositvof luany seemed to master their
repulsion, and hundreds brought away some me
mento of the dreadful place. The blood-stained
bedstead was smuheapto 'pieces and divided in
the crowd, sjl the skmhbery and young trees
were brokeu or torn np and carried away, and
pieces of the bouse, borne, off by the enrions.
Snch another raid would not leave much of the
shanty. It was supposed that the grounds
would be ploughed and scraped again this day to
search for other' bodies, but the Intention was
abandoned, aud it is Lot probable any further
search will be made until it is dune regularly by
the County authorities,
REWARiar orreirm
Rewards to the amount of (5,000 have been of
fered for the capture of the mnrderers, and there
is not the slightest doubt bnt tbey will be recov
ered On last Saturday the detectives were on
the trail of the Benders, witb tberxpreaa certain
ty of effecting their speedy capture, and it is
more than probable that tbey are already taken.
With the number under arrest and the others
watched, no doubt some one will reveal the
whole truth, when Kansas will be rid of the
worst scoundrels that ever infested and cursed
this country.
-a- SO
Here's a Go! Here's a go! Mr. Sergeaut-at-Arms
Ordway has taken all the letters iu which
honorable members hare signified to bim tbeir
"irtnous intention uot to draw the "back pay,"
over to First Comptroller Taylor: and this offi
cial hasdecided that the letters justify bim iu eon
Teying back the money into the treasury without
any furt her ado. Fanty the feelings of such hon
orable members if such there be as have writ
ten their virtuous little letters with the airier
eases that the money must any way remain anb
ject to their order fie two years, and that it
might be aa well perhaps to. wait for the storm
to blow over! It's one of the best "sell'' ou rec
ord, and the public, at any rate, will relish the
fua hugely. Ext&aaje.
It appears that both Chicago and Boston-have
been rebuilt upon safer and letter principles than
before. The partition walla between buildings
have been made by law thicker, and parapets have
been carried above the roofs, thus separating
house from bouse.
The Minneapolis Tritwae ay: "Congressman
DunnsU undertook to sanctify his drawing of
backpay by giving $75 of it to hia pastor, bnt
the worthy minister sent the money back."
" ""--'Sf F".,LlS,Mi.Xi.
nr-was mew wmiur othw -
Asaraa the Km,
From the Xew Tork Times.
It is ufJhe last importance that too people
should know the names of the Congressmen who
voted themselves pay T.tf Surviccs never perfor
med. We have already given the vote at .two
stages of the measure. We propose now to atate
briefly the history of the measure, to analyze all
the votes taken upon it directly, to point ont
those who are consistently and unmistakably
guilty of snpparting It, and those who continually
and unequivocally opposed it, and tp leave the
remainder, whose record is not clearly pronoun
ced on either side, to explain their course to their
constituents as best they can. We shall confine
onrselvcs to the bouse of representatives, omit
ting the senate, because, in the first ptace, no
vote was taken iu the senate which conclusively
revealed the positron of senators on the merits of
the case; aud second, becanse the hou of re
presentatives is directly responsible to the peo
nl and can be sooner and more effectually call
ed to account. We also omit the final vote on
the report of the conference committee, because
that report embraced several other objects, and
the vote on it could uot be regarded jas uecessa
rilv and conclusively a test vote.
The history of the salary steal is as follows:
On the Wlh of Fsbrnsry a motion waa made to
suspend the rules for the purpose of having in
cluded in tho geueral appropriation bill a provi
sion increasing numerou salaries, among them
those of msmliers of Congress the increase in
their case to apply to tho forty-second Congress.
This provision included the naked question of iu
..... .,..1 l.lr i.sv- The motion to suspend the
rales was lost. It received 81 votes, and 120
votes were cast agaiust it. This was the first
vote on the question. , ., .
On the 23tli of February, me legislative appro
priation bill bciug before the honse, a motion
was msde to aineud one of its clauses by inser
ting a provision for increase ef salaries. This
also included inemtoreotCoogress, and embraced
the back pav. It woslost, receiving only 65 votes
to 120 against it. This was the secoud vote.
Gen. Butler gave notice of a motion to recon
sider the'vote just takeii. He had voted against
it, that course being necessary, we believe, to
give him the parliamentary right to move a re
cousideratiou. Iu analyzing the second vote we
shall, therefore, conut him in the affirmative, as
lie was notoriously in favor of the proposition.
On the first of March the motion to reconsider
came up. and t Was moved to lay it on the table.
This would have killed the measure. It failed
receiving GG yeas and 105 nays, aud 63 not vo
ting. This was the thirdvote.
Tho question then recurred on reconsidering
the vote by which the aiiimeiidineiit had been
killed. The vote was reconsidered, there being
104 yeas.TilnajOjnudO" "ot voting. This was
the fourth Mite.
The proposition war then changed by a rising
vote, tlio increase for members of Congress being
reduced from $7,500 a year to $6,W(. The back
pay feature was retained. This tfas the fifth
vote. Now it is plain that any iiieuilier who vo
ted for the increase and the lurk-pay on all these
votes must b held guilty. It must also be plain
to any oue coiitersaut with the proceedings of
Congress, and capable of determining the signifi
cance of the several votes, that any member who
supiMtrtsd the measures on the last three votes,
and did not vote ilgainst It bn the seeend vote,
must also be held gililty. Such u member would
lm iu the position of helping rev Me Ibu measnrv
after it hail been defeated, anil of voting for it as
revived, without at any time voting sqnarely
ngainst it. On the other hand, it is plain that
members who voted continually against the mea
sure must be held innocent. Those who voted
agaiust it on the last three votes, without hav
ing voted for it oil the scco.nl, must also be held
innocent. With theo explanations, which are
as coiiciss, ns it possible to make them, wuuppend
a list which we belie e to be made up in a per
fectly just manner. The Democrats and Liberal
Republicans are iu italics:
(1 C McKee. Miss,
tr WJfcAMry.lIL.
FMorey, La,
JDtoTfkU, Miss,
1. Mrers, 1'enn,
JSNegley, Finn,
5L XibUck. Flurula,
D Peek. Ohio,
t, V Pierce. Miss.,
J II rutt, Virginia,
r P l-rier, Os,
K II Frinnle, N Y.
it U Rainrr. S C,
SJ JbtsdoU. I'enn,
J C JfeKnsoK. I1L,
J Hmm. N T,
hll kogm, XC
Jl'C bhsnks. Ind
I. A ShcMon. La,
JlSltTmtTd. Fenn,
J tl Slou, Alabama,
II Suams Illinois,
OFSoiAVr, Ark,
n x .ittteiu, m.
J C Worm, Fenn,
V L SfHi-hton, Mich,
Wil UStowell. Vs,
O St John, Jf Y,
J O SouUurland, Mich,
J II STDiirr. La,
B S Turner. Ala,
J O TulmiO. Jf Y.,
D W rosrlsft, Ind,
A Jf WmJJrlt, S C,
K II WhiUlv. tia,
W Williams, Ind.
IT WiUUimi. X.Y,
B Wimdtntrr, Ky..
Fernando lTeod, t T.
Oases Ames, Masv
J T Ax-rill, lltiin.,
V J Baidj, Mawu,
J A Ingham, Ohio.
A lUparwan, La
C W Buckley. AU.,
S S llutdett. Mil.
II F Butler. Mass.,
K K llutler, Tens.,
U L Cnllb, S C .
J M LVighUn. CaL,
A Ovminjo. Mix,
. 1) (Vmhu, TriiS,
J CMUt. VirsiabL.
C D DarrsII, L.-L,
O H Dickey, l'enn,
MVOm Bom, i,
RT W Itvke, Vn,
OA EUridju. Wis.,
A E Uarrrtt, Tens.,
It L OrO, Pcnn.
D V ViMintji, Telas,
K I GUlidatt. Tenn.
J llfnnxt. Talas,
IJ.1I llanU, Ark,
A C Harmcr, IVno-,
J C llarprr, NO,
(1 E Hsrris. Mies.,
C llsys, AU,
WHUemdon, Texas,
S O Houghton. CaL,
CWKmUiU, Xer,
A King. Mo
W B Lansing. X TV.
J 31 Ltaeh.XCL,
H Mavnard. Tend,
E UcJnnkln, 1'enn,
Messrs. Garrett and Dickey voted for tho mea
sure on all votes except that to lay its reconside
ration on the table, and did not vote agaiust it
at any time.
t Messrs. Hanks and Mufaelry Voted for the
amendment itself twice (on the secoud aud fifth
vote), and not against it at auv time,
Messrs. Eli Perry and C X. roller, of New York,
J. Packard, of Indiana, aud J. it. Kiee, of Ken
tucky, Voted for the measure ou all bnt tho see
ud vote, (which was on the merits of the pro
position to pay $7,500 and back pay), aud then
voted against it. They therefore voted fur an
increase to J,S00 and back pay.
S W KelWi. Conn,
H W KMinzsr. Peon,
1) P Lowe. Kan,
J Lynch, Maine,
WileCUUand, Fenn,
G W MeCrary. Iowa.
A Tllelntn, Ga,
C L Mrrrlsm. X Y,
W itilerrut. MiL,
J SloB-rM, Ohio,
J M Pendleton, R I,
IS Huberts. X Y,
i M Hiftk, Wis,
R B SooerreU. X T,
P Sawrrr. Wis,
G VT KenneM. Fenn,
1. II Shoemaker, Fenn,
J A Smith, Ohio,
RX.Srcr. Fenn,
II II Surkwator. Conn,
J E Stevenson. Ohio.
TSiesmn, Maryland,
wTcitv. Vs.
W II Cpsm. Ohio.
MMWs Men. Iowa.
r.B Wnldron Mlh
K WetU. Mo,
TVA WTheeleT, '3 S"J
CW'TVilUnL Yt.,
J T Wilson, Oiilo,
BLAettr. Fenn,
J A Ambler, Ohio.
S A reJter, Mart land,
WEArttr, Ky,
I A Barber, Wis,
IT It Jtamam. Conn,
i Realty, Ohio,
A Blair, Mich- .
EHBniton, Ya,
J Buffiiogtoo, Mass,
O D Conger. Mich,
A. B Cotton. Iowa,
SSCoi.S Y,
JJDarU, vf Va,
II L Dawes, Mass,
W G IVanan. Iowa,
B T Eamea. U 1,
CCEsty, Mass,
G A Finkelnbnrg. Mo,
C rosier. Ohio.
W D Foster. Mich,
W P Free, Maine.
J A GardetA, Oblo.
It Goodrich, X Y,
E nale. Maine,
J T UarrU. Va,
J K Hawlev. Conn,
J B Hay. Ill,
G W nailrton. Wis.,
AT J MUxird.S II,
GFIIoar, Maaa,
HCBureharu.UI .
Mr, BlaiUe, the speaker, obtained, on his owu
motion, an amendment to the effect that the
back pay should not apply to his office.
We ask our readers to keep the above list.
They can rely upon it to this extent, that every
man set down as nnrjiiallnVdly guilty or innocent
of complicity in the salary swindle is so. There
are many Congressmen uot named. They may
have helped to steal by purposely absenting
themselves; they may have been unavoidably
absent; we only know that the record is not
conclusive with reference to them, one way or
the other. But concerning those we do nsme
there is no room for doubt. We earnestly urge
every reader of the Tisie never again to vote for
any man set down in the number of gnilty for
any office. All of them have courted aud deserve
utter repudiation by the public.
We have another list to add to the above. It
is very short. It includes all who, up to the
present time, have beeu announced aa refusing to
pocket the back pay. Here tbey are, all of tbem:
WPSpracne, Ohio, W A tvnorler. X. Y-
C W Willard. Yt, E Perry. X. Y,
OFBoar. Mass, IT U KoterU. X Y,
II W Cornett, (Senator from Kn Roberta. XT,
Oregon.) C .V Potter. V Y,
C L Marriam. X Y, Jas Monroe, Ohio,
J R Bawley. Conn, W H Upsas, Ohio.
Wra M Merrick, Md, Vic ProsMeat Wilson,
C C Est 7. Mass, P Tarn Trump, Ohio.
Offices are now sought avowedly for pay, used
for pay, abused for pay, and regarded as of little
value except for pay. To tbU deterioration or
dpravatinn of feeling we owe all the mean and
sordid legislation of the past decade, aud all th
scandals of purchased elections and equivocal
stock speculations. Accompanying this is the
waste of time in trival discussion or personal
differences, in rivalries and selfish intrigues for
future advantages. It is " all of a piece,' all the
outgrowth of a weakened sense of public duty.
The "back pay" is a condensed expression of the
whole evil. It tell io a word the vast distance
downwards through which we have pawed since
offices were sought for honor, even the honorable
effort, and used, at the worst, for the gratifica
tion of am ambition, which, if selfish, waa not
sordid. aoispo'i Journal.
iTar lis Ckief.)
r TUT MBtr.
Mypet,mydarHnx! ,yes!
If at an sho Is mine.
tCas tiers over a cheek so fair.
Was evor an sys so briihtl
So soft sad treat
She woold W th whole world's darling.
If they know.
at I for for her. i
Ah! forsursryifor;
For hopptnoos relrneth there,
And sorrow ber.
And. holding ber never so close,
I half divine.
That with all my yearnlnz love,
Sks Janet mine
As tb Bower faiath. you rami;
As tb grass wltneretht Oh I
Thst I lov her dearly, dearly,
Ii all I know.
' And never was cbws. o fair,
wonld b the whole world's darling.
U they know.
Oisoov. Holt Cocstv, Mo, May Mb. 183.
brroa Cbuut: Thanks to the splendid tarn oat and
company of oar old friend Fox, of Highland, far flying
visit to this town.. It will not be necessary to say thst
thU tows U the Couty Seat or Holt. At first sight, th
place preaenu a very needy and dilapidated spnearanca,
whkh wonld or eonld bo very easily remedied by toe ap
plication of neenSahNanluf whitewash or paint. The
town U beauUtuJIyj Valed. and tho pVsula hava disofsrW
groat energy.h. the planting of fruit trees in their yard
which U not only a thing of beauty, bat of utility ss welt
The Court House is situated in the centre of tho town, and
aurrvunded by as fine a grove as can bo seen anywhere.
The ground ia corrn-d a ith a thick coat of blne-graaa, ad
ding greatly to the beauty of the grounds. On tho West
side of tho Public Square U the Price House, run by J. L.
Howell, who thoroughly understands Bfs tnsinesa; good
rooma, good, clean beds, and s UVle spread with every
thing that the most fastidious may desire. Tho City Ho
tel, located at the Xortb-oast comer of the Square, U flttod
up and run in I!rt-clas stylo by W. U. Sterret. We also
paid a visit to the i ffice of tho Holt Connty SentineL The
gentlemanly editor, Mr. Klippel, gave us all tho attentioo
hU time would permit. He gets up a nrst-cLu Connty pa
per, and If the Ilolt Countiana do not give him a liberal
support, 1 will alwjys think tbey ought.
The OregonUus are luipreared with the Idea that St no
very distaut day they will lose the County Seat; but with
a Itberalliy characteristic of her people, they have voted a
tax sufficient to build a fourteen thousand dollar school
house. Wo noticed that they had a very Urge sad commo
dious school building, .which U to be torn down, and the
material incorporated into th now one, which, to me,
aeema to be very short-afe-nted piece of business.
The city at this tims preacnU a pU-msIu; ap)earance.
The fruit trees are"in full b!un) The apple crop promis
es to be IBfc Uf;e.t that thsjr have had Tor -rears. The
peach crop will not lie anxntire tailarej SoEie Irces prom
ise a half crop.
The wheat, that has been In dmibt so long, can now be
set down to a lulf crop. The cold, moist weather has been
eery favorable to its growth. The spring wheat is not far
enntigh advanced to give sn opittloh. The amount sown is
unusually Urge, and ahould the season prove favorable,
the fanners of llolt County will be handsomely paid for
their Ubor this year.
The Farmers' movement is spreading In thU County
rapidly. Farmers' Clubs are forming all oerr the Connty,
with a Icw to remedy some of the uses and abuses of
Railroad corporations, --who have le- bodies to be kicked,
or souls to be dsioued t" hence, they exact on of the farm
er such a high rate of freight, that it is Impisulble for him
to get his produce to shy wl" the markets, and realize liv
ing prices. KANSAS.
-os-wsa) as
(For Oe Chu.)
East Xokwav, Kaxsas, May 19, 1 STL
The farmers of Pcl.-.l District Xo. 8 met st the school
house, pursuant to notice. May 3d, 1P7X
Meeting called t order by Mr. Hinckley, President of
the Oakland Grove Farmers Club.
On motion, Charles Ladwl- waa chosen Chairman, and
Abrani Bennett Secretary.
On invitation, Mr. Hinckley atated the object of Fanners'
AssoeUtinns, followed b) W. P. Meece: and altera general
Interchange ef sentimeuta. the following committee waa
chosen topreparet t'onstltation: A Dennett, JohnTJeLv
ney, and John All-era.
On motion, adjourned, to meet Saturday evening. May
101 h.
Met, pursuant to adjournment and Wrl" eatled to order
by the Chair.
Kcporl of tho eommittf-s called for. Constitution con
sidered by sections, and adopted. Committee discharged.
The meeting tba proceeded to the election of permanent
officers, which resulted iu the choice ef Josephs Bobbins
for President! ti S. r.arns, Yice-Fresideut; A. Bennett,
SeerrUry; and Charles Ladnig, Treasurer. TheUtterde
ellning to serve, John IKUney waa elected in his place.
On motion, the following persons were chosen delegstes
to attend tho County Convention to lie held at Troy. May
31t, 1873: Charles Ladwig. Joeepbue Bobbins, snd Roger
Morley, with power to fill vacancies by proxy, if necrssary.
A. 1IEXSETT, Secretary.
ll a.
( For the CHef.)
Warncxs, May 18th, lfrn.
Enrrott Ciller- The coming Comity Convention la now
near at hand. Farmers should orgsnlze Into Clubs, wher
ever they have not: elect ePdcers, and send delegstes there,
with tho proper credentials. Business of importance will
bo transacted there. Facts will be hnsight before It, of
which you, perhaps, sro not now aware,
X new era U now abont to dawn upon na farmers. A
promising fatnrs U before us, fraught with plenty and easy
times. If we but follow np the good work ta which we are
now engaged. Let ns work while the sua shines, snd
strike wh'le the iron Is hut.
i A FACllEE.
Wheat Crop Prospects.
Tim follow ing is a summary of the condition of
winter w neat, just issued from tlio agricultural
department! Ju tb.t)rt week of April, a consid
erable portion of the northern belt of the winter
when! area waa covered witb snow, Tbe condi
tion of that visible gave promise of eiemptian
from winter injury, leaviug tbe crop object to
meteorological .vississitndea of April. In the
middle States, great improvement upon tbe show
ing of lsst spring; is everywhere concerted, cape
cially Iu New Jersey aud Peiinsy h Hnla. The
prospects in the States south uf Maryland is less
favorable thau last year, and there are indica
tions of diminishing area in tbe cotton States, al
though not intended to begheu iu this report.
Michigan, the ouly State of tbe northern border
iu which winter wheat ia mainly gmwu, presents
a green and vigorous growth where tbe snow hsa
disappeared to reveal it, and Ohio make far
more favorable returns than last year. Iu Ken
tucky a mora checkered showing is made, giving
the present apuearauce a decidedly unfavorable
cast, with iaslisationa-cof. fwsisro turpi sssement ao
tbo weather settled. In Indiana and Illinois the
unfavorable returns out numbered the rose-colored.
Tbe dry autumn retarded seeding aud germ
inating, aud left tbe plauts too weak and shal-low-nsted
to endure well Ibe-effects of tbe. win
ter's cbangee of temperature. Similar causes af
fect the cuuditiou uf wheat iu Missouri, but a
great improvement over hut week is reported,
aud S still wore favorable condition exists in
Kansas. In Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa aud Ne
braska, aa ia known, very little winter wheat is
produced. But full reports are given of such ex
periments. Tbe indications from California point
to another year of great abundance, scarcely a
County reporting unfavorable conditions aa a
whole, the wheat prospect at the close of the
winter ia more favorable than at tbe same date
Gkxeral Crook's Roll-Call. Captain Tora
linsou, recently arrived at 8au Diem. California.
from Arizona, gives the following aa illustrating
General Crook's policy in dealiag with the
Apaches: General Howard's treaty with Cochise,
allowiug them to raid iuto Mexican territory,
would probably result in the Mexican Govern
ment bringing special damages against the Uni
ted States, tienera! Crook baa taken the bull bv
the horns. lie issued an order requiring every
Indian to be present at roll-eaU every morning
on all the reservations. When this waa an
nounced to tbe Indians, tbey, with one voice, re-
tuaeu so curopiy, woereupon toe ueneral sum
Boned them to hia quarters and saade thwu)
speech, telling then if tbey were Ma srteaeV they
would do aa be loM them, If not titer urowt pack
up and get ont of camp. Ha would giro tbem
one hour, and then be woald ba after them horse,
foot and dragoons. ThU was simple logic fur tbe
Indians, and they signified their acceptance.
Now, on sounding tbe rnll-call on the different
rancheries, tbe Indians vie with each other to be
ntst at tbeir posts to answer ta the roll.
Tberema vemrahUand nsroeetaM old ladv
ia Detroit who waa one the betrothed of Jeffer
son Davis. Tbey still correspond, but ao ootsid
er knows the reason why tbo two (M Mt eater
those Inly bonds which would bar resulted ia
oue of tbe Detroit lady's BettieoaU jsjttiar into
history as a covering fog a badly seared exJ
Southwest corner of the Public Square, Troy, w.
MA em nrineinal citW. hav and sell Cowirre Wamnt cM
SUver. Ax, and Receive Deposit.
IVortb Side ofPubUo Square.
CHAttLKS HIOBsT, Proprlessw.
rtviIIS House UUrr. sad new. and U tbe peinel pal Hstsl
JL in the City. Located in the business part of town, and
near the Court House. The table always contains tho bast
tbo market atrorda. Beds fond, and rooms well furnished.
Attention riven tn the wanta of all gnrsta.
A good Livery Stablo and wagon i aru a.iunuig.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office fa C. IS. Bid ford J- Co: Drna Store,
v.-... Special attention will be riven to the treat,
meat of Chronic Diseases, Diseases of tho Eye. Ac Office
at my residence, lljulyrryt.
Atttoxmoy At
WKJtLt. practice la th Second Judicial District and th
ww supreme Court of Kansas. Also, la th Coaatie of
Platte. Buchanan, Holt sad Andrew, la Uiasoari.
.ttomey ox Xia.'v,
ganeT. "
j&.toma.&Trm At
(rfflrr, SoMfJkeosf Corner Pttbllc Sqitnrr,
j4h1"toMioy at. T-jH.w,
Ornca Wot Side rnblic Square, In Jcfl Rnfldlnr, Up
lairs. HUnlyriyL
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office. Vest of Court Hone.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Lawj
Oatrr, Kfarlhriui Cornier swbllr stnanro.
WILL praellee in sll the ConrU or tV Second Judicial
District, and tho Superior Courts of Kansas.
Justice of tue Peace and General Conyeyancer
COLLECTIONS made, ami Tales paid for non-resident.,
(inite. West Side Public S-iusre, over Cass'a Stors:
j. f: hampson,
Justice or tlie Peac
COLLECTIONS promptly ilkuM to. (Offl. at the
Court Honse.) lUnly73yI
Notary Me, M CoMi Apt
CON VETANCINC. and sll kinds or Legil writlne. don
In the best style, on short notice (jane 13, C?-t y.
Kotry Public. Convoyttncoi',
AXES paid fiwnoD-nahlenta. lands located, and sales st
real nam man. ai reaaoaani rales. men. , .1.
Notary IlPrttolio,
fKARYCttT. lVnlphaB Cmmtj. Kimii. Jinicroaof
j iE wnuDf ooim oo anon oo-ce. jss
(over c. w. notes' store,)
White Cloud ... Kanatati.
Oct. I. IWd.
i?svM iii Boder'e Bank, on Main Street,
TKOV, KAftftAft.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry repaired,
PaiMts, Oik, kc., fcc.,
THE attention of physicians, ilealera,and th nubile ten
erallv, ia invited to the lndneementa offered to cash
borers, nrngs. Medicine. Oils, Palata. rntty. Brashes,
WlnAiW Obun. Dye Wafts. Pan Wine and Unoors, at tha
very lowest rates, School Books, Stationery. Wall Paper.
Pletnr ilmiWIOca. Ae, at a very moderate advanea on (US
mannfactarerV price. l(July73yL
Grain and Live Stock,
""TTeTILL eswthn. as heretnfeee, to pay Is lop of tho
W Mill, hrOsww; fc am-Mawa wfOremt nW tree
Stack soluble for shipment, ta lirrl iinsntlHm ar
and is always ready for trade. lUnlyTzmt.
Wheat, Barley, Oats and Cora
THAT are offered, lor which they are paying tb highest
market price. Ton thst haverrsla toseP, llv.oas
call, at r
On Ika St. Jotepl and Dtnttr Cilf Railroad.
WOtTLU rMaeetrally saamnc ta th Ladles of Whit
Clond and vicinity, that they wffl, dorinr the present
seassa, carry na the business .FASHIONABLE MILLIN-
KRT and DRESS MAKING. n sfl fliefcr siwil tta
Gooda la th MlWaery lino will be kept eonstanflyott baad,
and all work don promptly, sad ia the latest and heat style.
rne isvora er tne lame, are rrapeexraur souciieo.
Store room, comer of ilsln and Second Streets. Whits
Chssd.issss Eeb.,im.
Sberi.r's Sale.
Scsnnui Cocjrrr. J
lath MrtrktCssjrt farlwi! Connty.
ansae CnnL IPlaistuT.
Sf.BU. CL VTea 1
sad A. O. Err, I Defendants.
OTICB Is herebyrrvea, that I wflL on theMh day of
Juan. A n lira at tbe boor f 1 o'clock. P. M of
ssid day. st In north doer of the Conrt Honse,aa tb City
of Troy, in Dontpbsn Connty, State of. Kansas, offer for
sale, at public anction. for cash, tbe CullowlaB; described
real estate, to wit: Tbe north-west fcuarter of section
twenty four, (SI) In township three. (3) sf rsere twenty,
an la DsBlphaa Cooaty. Stale of Ksnas. Takes as ue
property faUUld& sad A. O. to sad sSfcrsd for
sliitn thi hlihaat y - J-r- - f-"-aseat
sad sasSasw f rs4te mtoVmmtAfant Urn Baa
Ins Cowry, ta tho SSsS f aTisan. a which Is Card
ll lllaair at If ,"--r ' " -
lawns ox uoawpaan vow.
Hay , ll-Jw. '
i ,
'- I 4'
'. te
u y
' V -A

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