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sol. MImH:K,"r,'ue
Two Doilais tui, B Advaxc. rsyn-entehoeld be
wn be charged, t th. dlecreUon of the FaNWitr.
1 1 ma. 1 3 bio. I n-w. 1 1 year.
One Square
TwoSaaxfea . .
Three Square
Quarter of s Column..
lull s Column.
For ui other lcng-th of time, ta f"-f ,1U-
above rata, which apply ly, t res-.! arfvertlaln-.
B-uine-aeardaotSlneaorlrse.jayear. .
For Lezal and tranaient advertwemt-nts, 1 per anuare
lor tto ff-U insertion, and 50 centa per sonars for each eub-
ToScwiU be charge percent. er.: and
editorial advertleementa and pmonal communicationa,
"KtebVuDe; of .olid KnJlarrfIkotolqnar. All
fracSooaofbatfa square. 1B4 'oVcr, are counted aa a full
""IdVertlaemenU requiring to be eertUrf to wfU be
charged tie coat of certlfjlng. In addition to the regular
"Trsnetcnt advertsnente an ust be paid for tarariaUj In
advance. . , -
ry-JOB 'WORK of an kind, done em abort notice, m
loifaa the timee will admit. All Job Work moat be paid
for when taken from the office.
S. St. l-ETTZSOILL A CO- 37 Park Bow,
OKOT.GE P. HOWELL A CO, Park Bow. are our only
, tWJted,Advv-rtlsin: Agents in Xew Turk.
Shi, ii-xi) i &T!nt SL Louis.
Cook, Cobles a Co- Chicago.
4lVIPfCAlT COCrTTr sasstKCTwanV.
Judge 3d judiria) Uuiriet P. L. lTlliaain.
Coiiatr Ci.ninlsMiera Jna 1 Hi iin, lltnr 8TUU.
Sheriff SAMim. AfAUl.-IIA'a.
Treasurer Kontar Tbact.
'Vitinly Clerk Chabu KirrtLTE.
District Clerk Fkamc Bnnar-i.
Countv Attorney David SL Johvsto-c.
1-rt.l-sie Judre Kobfut Wit-iavao.
Kegisterof Deeds Dum-ax JIclNTWtt.
Superintendent nf labile IWWfctBn D. D. Eose.
CoruVr IjA. JTJrLAi.
Surveyor ngiET Wlteov,.
L O. O. F.
- a F meeU at Odd Fellows' HalL accund
ltnry rVim l!ukirk'a Iluil.lin- Main Stmt, every Sat
urdav evening, at 6 o'clock. Ilrolhera in good standing are
f-onualH invited tovi-.it the Liaise. .
Chas. S. Cats, R. 8.
IIlnllLAXD LODGE. No. 67. I. O. O. F- meet, every
Saturdav night, in the room ner M-rra A Cbww'a Dur;
Store, Ilill.I.nd Kansas. CUAS. CASWELL, X. O.
E-aC.Iavi, R.S.
TBOi CITS' LODGE. No. 38. I.O.O. i meeU every
9iieaday nisht In their llalL over C LeUnd'a atore. Trey,
Sanaaa. FRAXK 11. TKACV, X. a.
o. w. sti:ah ax, n. 8-
A A. F. & A. M.
TO? WHITE CIJiUD LODfiE. Xo.78. A. F. i A.
It, meeta at their Hall, thlnl .-tory of Wi-Kk.'
Uuildinc. the Levee, on Wedneiiday niht, oUfrlnfore
the FiiIlHtNin, In each month, and evirv two wreka there,
afler. II. M. VTlCUAMS, IV. iL
C VT. Siikeve. Pce'y.
SMITI1TOX LODOIi X.t 1. A. F. &. A. M meet at
UieirllalL in Wb;liland. on Friday niht on or btfore the
fill Min, and every two weeka thereafter. YUl!iu
Urcthren are oordially Invited.
W. Tbivitt. Sec.
afAXOXIO TroyLtKlgeXo 55. A. F. and A. Maaona
meet at their Ilall. Monday evening, on or before the full
saloon in each month, and the aucond Sat4irday niffht there
after. C O. lUUDGES, W. M.
P. S. SOPKR, SecreUry.
I. O. O. T. Yineeiit Li-d;e, Xn. IS4. meeta ever- Fflilaj
nlchtinOdd 1'elloH'a Hal( nvertt. Lcland'i-etorU Tr..,
Kintu. A. VT.IIEALE, W.C.T."
I. at Uoxr PEiiranEvT. Dr. David L. Rehliart, for
merly a reidrtit of Ui.htand. in thiaConnty, waa arrested,
hut week, at Salietha, Xetualia County, by Maj. CrowelL
on a charge of robluog and burning the poatoffice at that
place. (TVlrcamstanceamrealtnutaafihIuwa:
Dr. Gebhart waa Poatmaater, and partner In a drn;:
fttore, at Sabt tba. On account of dlrareenient with hia
partner, or for eome other caufe, he fonnd it neceaaary to
sell out to hia partner, which be did In ApriL Sevrr.il
liighta afterward, the atore, with ita content, were burned
the nre originating In the back part of the aiore, near a
barrel of coal oil, and Home distance fpo the atore. It ia
elated that there were twokeeto the door of the store,
-hid last bhOfeEhltt still had one of them. Ilewassne-pet-teil,
and watched. He paid off dclrH at dinVrent pbcea
lnssitage stamps i and on belug questioned about having
fcolttany atamjia, said that he had bought them at High.
M, er- hn fill lu H on a -rl.it art.r te Are-. litquIFy
r-iascnVto lli-,hLiuil, and it wji found he bad bought no
stamps thtre. Majtr t'roarlt waasent for. ami with hh)
csual energy aod penetnitioii, -umnriit.itel enough ciretim
aUntlal evidence to warrant him in making an airet.
Among other things, a tuanllly of i-ostage atampa, rt ia
rioua denomlnationa, were found in Ocbhart'a house The
priaoner waa taken to Atchison, where he waa to havb had
hearing before U. & Commiaaloner John M. Pril-e; but
the caae waa defrned until thia week, and he waa laken
back to Xemaha Connty.
It la the next thing to linpoaaible for pustoffif e and mail
depredators to escape flora Allt CrbwelL He rail tpot
them on sight, and never tela up on them nultl lib has liiem
wh-e the dogs caut bite them. Aa we have aaid before,
it will be an outrage upon the pnhlic service, and a ibane
to the politidaua, if the contemplated removal of Major
Crowell la carried into effect.
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Store for Cilsli, 2j it;r cent. clieaier than
anybody can sell on credit. "How you
like him I"
Emjiiu Sona'a Coirr. The following caaea were tried
In Juatice Sopera Court. last week :
State of Kanaaa ra. John Smith. Selling liquor on Kun
day. Pleaded guilty, and fined K3.
State of Kanaaa va. AViniam Hoflnian. Selling liquor on
Sunday. Pleaded guilty, and fined (35.
Sule ef Kanaaa va. WlllUm Hoffinan. Same charge.
rieaded CHilly, and filled (-25
State of Kanaaa -ra. John Smith. Selling liqnor without
license. Plntdxl (nitty, and fined 11.
State of Kanaaa . Patrick Hlnea. Aatalllt DetrHdant
convicted, and gave bond
In the Police Coort, two eclofel Men Wer tried for aa
aault, and fibed ti each and Coila.
- Patent Combination Hip Gore
Corsetts at Silverman's Store
iy We got rather a sorry print On the outside of last
week'a edition hfonr paper. In conse-nencc of the sud
dett emigratino ef our roller boy, we bad to j-atber up a
anbatitnte on abort notice, who did not understand the mm
dmt; and we Imagine that he must have apread the ink
ear the forma with the Ink paddle. Thia la tba first time
we have had U apologias for the print ef oar paper In
fact, that waa not a premium iasue.
-- fy A travelling femal ef an accommodating turn, aiop
pad at a hotel in Wathena for a few daya recently t and
when It came to settling ber bill, ahe gave ordera on divera
and aundry young men about town. We gather this from
the RtporUr; but we gather from other eou-rea, that one
of theae eigbt-drafta was on the editor of the JZcnortrf
Rise and explain.
l Save your money from going to
Atchison and St Joseph, for yon can do
as well by going to Silverman's Store.
(7 Thomaa H. If sore, of lawn Point, aaya that ha can
perform all the marriage ceramoalea that offer, aadaama.
ayof lbe-n!nadayaeany other man; but hia reapooslbil.
Ityceaaea with the performance of th ceremony, and all
that ocenra afterwards la beyond hia jurisdiction.
fy Oar friend J. iL Steele, of Wichita, gave na a ca.IL
on ilondav. He la State Railroad Aaseaaor far that Di.
trict. He la looking in splendid condition, from which we
Judge that ao-aethlag down in that country must agree
with him.
3F Hata and Caps at a small margin
at Silverman's Store.
J3" The weather prophet who predicted that we would
have cold, diaagreeable weather until June, evidenUy un
derstood hia buaineaa, or waa a good gucaaer. We are
within two weeka of the given date, and aettled warm
weather la not yet.
, iy The White Ootid School Board closed the pmbli
aehoolaof that place oo abort notice, laat week. Therea
aon aaaigned, la lack ef funda. There were about thm
weeka of the term remaining.
1 If you want to buy fine Silks, of
all colors, call at Silverman's Store.
fy Dr. S. A. Marshall, Dentist, la In the city again, and
will remain for a abort time. He ia so well knewn as a
aUUful operator, that It la hardly neceaaary for na to aay,
hurry np and get your teeth fixed.
ty Rev. Mr. Brawn, a United Brethren -rjaurfer. Chi
an eld aettler, residing oo Wolf Eirer, faaxOiarty feawwa M
"Daddy'' Brown, died laat week.
7 Th Court Honae Square ia getting a new fence
around it.
Ce.nU.tVr UalaieMt.
There ia no pain which "the Centaur Liniment will not
relieve, do swelling It will not aabdur, and no lameneaa
which It will not cure. Thia la strong langnag;. but It la
true. Where the parte are not gone, ita effecta an una
looa. It baa produced more ?i?S of l-heumatlam. neural
gia. lock-Jaw-, palsy, epraina, awellin caked-breaata.
aealda, bums, aaltrbenm, ear ache, die upon the human
frame, and of atralna, apavin, galla, An, npoo anlmala in
one year Inan have all other pretended femediea alnce the
world began. It la acoonVir.i'rritsu'u an aU-healling pain
rdierer. Cripples threw away their crutchea the lame
walk, poiaenona llu-s are rendered barmleaa and the woun
ded are healed without a acar. It ia no humbug. The re
ceipt la published around eatafcoVUe- It A Scfeng la no
article ever before aeed, and It aella because it doea Just
what It pretenda to do. Thoae who sow aufler from
rheumatiam, pain or awelling deaerve to suffer if they will
not use Centaur Liniment, More than 1000 certillcatea of
remarkable coree, including froaen limba, chronic-rhenina-liam,
gout, running tumora, ace, havn been received. We
will arnd a circular containing certifiratea. the recipe, tc,
gratia, to any one reqneatlng It. One bottle of the yellow
wrapper Centaur Liniment la worth one hundred dollara
for spavined or aweenied horaee and males, or for ecrew.
wormlnaneep, Stock-ownera thia liniment ia worth yoor
aWention. Xo family should be without Centaur Liniment.
J. B. I!os i Co, Xew To rk.
Cawivriai is more than a anbatituW tor Castor Oil. It
is the only eor article In existence which la certain to as
similate the food, rrgulae the bnwVH ValV wind4olic and
produce nVtnral sleep. It cuntatna neither mlneratc, m'of1
phlneor alcohol, and la pleasant to take., Children seed
not cry and mothers may reat. febUyl.
till tmr m atatnker; 47e-Atr.C-BwreaatiM.
BoUted, By the Fai-metf Proteetivd IJnieo, Xo. 1, that
the time haa arrived hen it is prudent to take the prelim
inary step to organize a County ITnfon.
We therefore issue the following call fr a IMegate Con
lention of Practical Farmers and Horticulturists, to meet
a He Court House, in Troy, on Saturday, the 31st of May,
at 10 o'clock ; and we earnestly urge upon the farmera of
neighborbooda that liave not already organized Unionaor
Claba, to da so Immnliately, In order that every part of
the County may be fully repreaented. The representation
In aid Omvention shall be aa follows ; Each organized
iaTilera Aasoeiatlon, of whatever name, ahall lie entitled
to two Delegates, and two for every additional IwenV
members after the first twenty, and one Delegate for any
fractional part nf twenty.
Ktmltied, ThAt the pT,Unhr-i in'thediaVrrnt paprraof
the Oiuntf tie rts-ctfnlly requested lo publish the above
call, and keep It atanding until after the d-ite of said Con
vention. A. L.VUZKLKKE.
WM.SKAECT. 1-rea.nfP. U.jTo.1.
Dealt, of an-Old Citlaea e-rBwe-lps-aa- Caaaty.
From the Bighamton (X. T.) Aiily RrpvUkan, we learn
that Gen. John Tdjless died in that city, on the 11th inst..
In the 71th year of hia age. Gen. Bajleaa was one of the
pioni-ernof Doniphan County, and one of the founders of
Highland. After a residence of eonie years In Kansas; e
returned to Xew York, wb7e hi i-midcd until his deatl'i.
Gen. llsxlnts was an earnest Free State man during the
Kanas struggle, and held several otnees during lis reef
deuce lit-re. Ilesene! one term as County School Super
intendent, during the iiitincy and IxfoVe the perftAAinn of
our -tb-ol s st ui : anil Be was a member of the State Sen
ate daring the Impeachment trial of the State offlcera. In
lets, having been elected to fill vacancy. HI record
during lnleasione--fl most honorable ; he having ateadi
lyaud flFnuy voted accenting to hia convictlona. from the
ci idence, muck to the disappointment ef the prime movers
or the impeachment, who sought the accomplishment of a
certain end, and who thought they eouM control the vote
of Gen. Kijlos as they pha-trd. The deceased waa the
tithrrof William H.IIajlrsa and A. n. Ilavlcaa. ..flll-h-IaiiiI.
We copy the notice of the Hinghauiton Jtfjmlliasn ;
ANOTItr.it Olii Citizex Goxk. tleneral John Rtylesa
lied at lits resilience. 173 Court Street. e-teribiv. He had
bren ill freble health for a considerable time; lint the Im
mediate can-e of hU death was a f-ill which lie aunVreil a
little more than ten weeks ago. Ho died without any evi
denre of alui sinking to rest at aunaet eaterday. He
waa nearly 74 years old.
He came to thfa County from Xew Jersey in about 1830,
and aittledin Milburn tnow Conklin Station) when the
country al-oiit here was nenrlv a wilderness. Soon after,
with but little a'talCe ho bnilt the Presbyterian Churrh
in thit place. whn.h hnbrcb W me tlf the oldest in Me
County. He waa an Elder in liic chnrkh of hia choice for
nearly forty yeara.
In 18S. dining the time of the Kansaa-Xebraska atrng
cle. General 1iI-mm went to Kansas -'and was back and
frtb. at different eriods, for three yeara of that stormy
period. In ipse faem,vt-il his r-unl!v tiVKanaaa. ami waa
one of the founders of the town of lli:hlaud. and of the
Highland Cnlelitvat that place. The location waa ae-h-rtcd
with sjm-cLiI reference to ita adaptabiUty - an edu
cational centi. and not to ita commercial adrantsgea.
Genera B.iIiiis was President we brlleve the first Prea
ident -of tlie llia-rd of Trustees of the Institution, now one
of the leading Preabyterian collegea went of the Miaaisaip
Id ltier. llentnrneil from Kansaa in IcCj and alncc re
sided In ltiugliampton. i
. Hia military title e-iine to him in the old Xew York
SUite niililia. llo rm-e from le lug apriratc, through the
aueeeaslre gradations, to be Ilrigailler-Grneral.
General llayl sa was alwa s prominent, dnrtng the. peri
od of his active life, ne waa a man of convictions. Inllt.
ieallr he waa an antl idavery man; and it Is difficult to ac
count fr tlie fact that he passed hi. long life here, and in
tbe West. In N-rsonsl safety. He brld nfs peace for no
msn, and in no presence, when princlplrs called him to ut
terance. Hislntereatin politica may he inferred from the
fjet that the last time he walked from home by himself,
was on election dav. ItCS. when, fearing that the carriage
would not come after him. he t-k hia cane, and without
giving notice to anv one, went to the M,lU,and cast hia
vole lor iicni rai urant. lie waa overuaen on pis way
home by one of hia sons, and aasisted, or Ub wUUld Hardly
have tw,n uliln Ia r-tnrn.
He was amoslt i-etllal .gcclleman; of great llndufeae,
courtesy, aiol iliiiiliiy; arid inioyed the high respect of alL
His charsi ter is a legacy to hia cliiMreu. who are among
tltemont estimable of citizens. Four of them are in the
West; ami three of them in Urootue County: twnof tbe
!attT--Joliu lla less and V. W. Itiyless in Bitighamton.
The funeral is expecte-1 to be held from hia late resi
dence, at 3 ik m, on Wedneaday.
f3F Gentlemen's Clothing, of all colore
and qualities, from $8 a suit to $30, at
Silverman's Store,
"Ax Oui E-rranusHiH FiEev-The inn of S. M. I-ettcn-gill
J: Co commenced their Advertising Agency in the
old Journal building. Xo. 10 State Street, Boston, nearly a
quarter of a century ago. (February, 1819), where their
Agency U still located, cutT ing on a Urge and aucccasful
buslneaa. They established a branch In Xew York City,
May, 18 which haa grown to be larger than the parent
houseIncreasing ateadily, year by year, until tlOw it haa
tlie agency of neaf1 every newtptper In the United Statea
and British Provintta, and doea a yearly buaineaa of han
dreda of thousands of dollara. S. M. Pettengill Co. have
recently opened another branch oft to al TtJi Cllasin at Street,
Philadelphia, where they are doing a aocceaaful and in-
creaaing bnslneaa. They have done advertising exceeding
ten millions of dollara since commencing buslneaa Thia
finuis favorably known not only throughout ibe conntry.
but In all parts of tlie world. They have established a
reputation for honorable and fair dealing which any firm
might envy, and but few nave attained to. We congratu
late thenT noon their aucceea. We would recommend all
alia want adveHil-fg dime In any part of the country to
call ripoH them. They eafl point to hnadrede of boaineaa
aaea who have followed their advite; and trusted to their
sagacity, and availed themaelvea of their facilities, who
have Blade rerlonee for themaelvea, and thai are dalljr aa-
aiating othera In the name path. BoaaaJfui ant, Jfayea:
l" Notions, Itibbons of all ColtJfS ahd
sizes, at SilVehiiau's Store,
tp" A man calling himself a Second Adi ehtist, bat who
came nearer filling the bill of a lunatic, waa in town, on
Monday, making rhymes, and propheaying. He aaya
Christ ia coming on the SSth of thia month. At Umea,hU
p-rotmeaiM embraced bat a partial fleacactioa of things.
The Court Haaaa and few other baUdiap Is town ware
doomed to come down oa the X3U isa-L Joat thirty yeara
ago, the deatrnctka of all thinga waa mapped out; bat th
world atm waga. and thoae wbo had prwvlded their aaeen-
aion rosea, have been drtaatd and aeat lath other diree-
1 If you want to bny Prints for 11
cents, call at Silverman's Store.
ryTle laws of Kansaa governing cities of the third
class, gives Item jurisdiction, for certain pnrpoaea, over
aa extent of live mtlea. EI wood ia tscorporated, and Wa
thena la not; and now, aa Wathena la only four milea from
Elwood. the latter proposes to extend her Jurisdiction ovef
her, and regnlate her!
(7 At the competitive examination for the appoint
ment to the West Point Cadrtship, forCongreesman Cobb'a
PtstricL held at Lawrence, last week, we notice the nattef
of Harmon H. Byera. of Troy, and James B. Pugaley, of
WMM CK-od. Is the list of nn-.uceea.fal competitors.
Jewelry of all descriptions flt Sil--
IV A colored "shindig.' held in town .00 Friday night;
eoJedfii a "shindy." The daiicers cleaned 6ul the rJJrfkf.
The next morning they were interviewed by Judge Sopef,
who made a amall aseeasment on aeveral nf them.
E5 We had a1 call, on Satnrday. from Mr. Yanl. of the
proposed new paper at White Cloud., Only a portion of
hia material has as jet arrived. He experta to issue hia
Brat nunrber abonf (he laat week ia thia" MonOL
19 Mra. Patten, of Iowa Point, died Mreral weaka age.
oaa wan aaeagtheflrataetllera af On Patat
17 The largest stock ef Lace Collars
at Silverman's Store.-
Do-nmlv a Piacxabu CocxTTAaiM Vfio manlfnld
horrora that come np from all parte of the State, It has oc
curred to Oa that Doniphan County haa been -dngnlariy ex
empt from each aenaatlona. We nave ear fall share of the
leaser Crimea, but th lnatenees have been few and far be
tween that they have araeunted to the borrible. Even In
the early troaUea, Doaipaaa County waa man favored
than tba balance of the State. Bordering oa IsJasoaTt,
snd opposite one of the lending cities, ahe waa overrun by
Pro-Slavery men ; bnt on one or two oeeaaiona only did
the strife eauae bloodshed. So, daring the war, the Coun
ty waa infested by lawless bands ; bat amtaateaeea or out
rage were moch fewer than OJIgi'tnaVe been antlcipatsd.
We presume that our ImmnnAiy from aenaatlona waa chief
ly owing to the effect that th settlement haa been gradual
there waa no raah nor excitement, bat those who came,
came to atay and build np homes, because they found beV
the beat County tn the State. While we silaaed the fn
ftre and rush, we thereby escaped the froth and riffraff,
wno are sure to form where cxrltemeat drawa peopei1,
and also, when the novelty snhaidea, resort to robbery,
murder, and all manner of Crimea, ak a means of support,
raher than get down to hard work.
We atiTl hare the beat Connty, and plenty 01 room for
quiet, ateady people, who are not afflicted with the home
atead mania, but can patiently labor an, and take dull
times as well aa prosperona.
EF" Shawls andScarft of all descrip
tions, cheaper than the cheapest, at Sil
verman's Store,
IT--nok toyourclstema, wbeu children are about: or
to yenr children, when cisterns are about. Henry C Bailey
went to a bonac In town on an errand, laat week, and got
Into the y ard JnstYn time to grab a child by the heela, that
waa going bead fiiremnet into a cistern.
tdtr "Whenever me or my boya want anything, you
Juat let them hare It, and ynall have yoor money owing to
-ron. Thia waa what .we beard a fellow aay to s ahop
Veeper, the other day. Xo tradesman nee4 wiah for a bet
ter thing than that.
GFTbe finest Dress Goods ever
brought to the Northwestern country, at
Silverman's Store.
t" Bridges has tbe stakea act for a new dwelling bouae
'on his Iota west of the Ckltf office. Dan. Sinclair la the
prospective occupant.
3r CoL Johnston, VS-unVy Attorney, last week paid ITS
into tbe County Treasury, for finea collected for violationa
ef tbe liquor law,
ty Shepherd haa a free paaa over the Denver Boad, to
walk on thetiea. He need It from St. Jo. to Troy, the
ft- Miaa Jennie Blair baa placed the CkitJ office under
obligations for s fragrant boquet, the first of the
Ijf The first engine ensued the St. Joseph liridge Tnea
lay afteruiMin.
E" Lawns, l'ergals, Brilliant, Mozam
bique, at bottom figures, at Silverman's
A Wars ta Traveller.!
We-have a word to aay In urorof the MUj'ouri Pacific
Railroad. It waa tbe "pioneer" line Westward, and la tbe
"old reliable'' route to St Louie. With the improvements
which nave been made during the past year, we believe
that the Missouri Pacific liallroad Has the best track and
the finest and Safest equipment of any line wrat of the
A&iippt It ie the onlv line which runs three daily ex-
press trains of a five Coaches and Pullman Slce-NTs, equip-
I il- -t. Yf!1t... ' - .! .1.. . u.., ' l..1
i-f wiiii iiir sillier iaiioioi nioi me -iirui sii nu.r,
fnm leailing points in the West, through Kansas City. Se
dalia and Jeffemoa City to St. Louis aritAout ekange, con
necting at St. Lnula with erren difrrent krougk reafes to
pointa Xorth. Eaat and South. Particular Information,
with maps, time tables, &e may be bad at the varioua
"Through Ticket" Ballmad Stations in the West, or upon
personal or written application to G. n. Baxter, Western
Passenger Agent. Kanaaa City, Me, or E. A. Ford. Gener
al Paasenger Agent, St Louis, Mo. JanlS.
atereallaa; t a. Farmera.
The citizens of the County, w!w pnipose pUntiiig orcli
ai-da, will find II to their airantage to give th lr iiatronage
to E. Snider, of the Prairie Xiirserieft; al HlghUHil, 6o
keein. perhais, the largest stock in the State, and can fm.
nisb them at aa low ratea as the aame class of trees can be
pnrchased at from any of the leading Xurseriea of the coun
try. Mr. S. haa had a long experience In the btiatneaa. In
thia County, and haa s thorough knowledge or all the vari
eties adapted to thia climate, Partlea who deal with him.
may be assured that all ofdVH ail! be filled with the variety
wanted, ne keepa everything to he fouiid In a firsl-elaaa
Xnrsery, and solicits tbe patronage of the public Apply
to the proprietor,
E. SXTDEU. Highland Kansaa,
Or to C. G. BEItic.rji, Tmy nlyll-tr.
EaatgralieaTaralag! Caeap BrWaaaia Seatii.
weal Sllaaaari!
Tbe Atlantic 4 : Pacific Railroad Company offera 1,200,000
acre of land In Central and Southwest Missouri, at from
ti to $12 per acre, on aeven yeara' time, with free transpor
tatiun from St. Iraia. toall pnrchasera. Climate, soil, tim
ber, mineral wealth, schools, churches and law-abiding ao
cltly invite emtgranU IVnJH all pointa to this land of fruita
and Mowers. For particulars addrei, A. f Htk; Laijd torn
miasioner, St Louis, Mo. janie.
Price Raid Soldiers, call HH me and get your Scrip
casUbd. t will collect all linds of Government Claims,
Penaiona, Bounties, ax. Agent for Phoenix Fire Inaarance
Conipany! ddttice of the Peace; Xotary Public; RealEe
tate aBii Claim A gent. Will be la Troy every Monday.
Doniphan, Kaa.
Varans far Male.
Duncan Mcintosh, aa Agent, haa two of the finest Im
proved Farms In Doniphan County fur sale. aeplCtf.
On Thursday. May IS. by Rev. W. 8. Mahan, Mr. Jama
H. Bene to Miaa Maxt L. Cajb, all of Troy.
ST. Iet7la HAKamef :
St. Lot'rf; i(ay 1.
Hemp Dull and unchanged:
Flour -tj-aiat. anchangeC ., ,
WheatQuiet: choice eoft spring aold at II 4094 IS;
Xo. 4 red rail. It S3 in elevator; Xo. 3, II 601 R; Xo. 2,
II fO sample lots.
Corn Inactive, easier; Xo. 2 mixed, 3DS3"le- seller
(lata Steady bat not active; No. mlied, 37838c; sell
er June, 3S1&
Barley Buyers off nothing done:
Bye Quiet: offered at TOci-bo blda.
Pork---Quiet, unchanged.
Dry Salt Meeta Nominal; no sales of loose lota. . .
Bacon Doll, nominal; ahonlderS,7S72; clear sides, 8J
a 9a amall Jobbing lots.
Lsrd .Dull. nominaL
CatUe -Quiet, unchanged; (4 003 M fat beeves-fl MS
3 75 Inferior and common.
Iloja-Quict- bulk sales at H 734 83.
ClIlCAixi, May 19.
Flonr peld firm.
Wln-at thwneil firm: closeil dull and weak; Xo. 5 spring
sold at II 34 S3 331: closed (1 32 bid May; June. (I 31
Corn---ipened flno,cIoseil dull: Xo.2miteil39,c Junei
Oats Steady; Xo. 2, 32c cash; 33Je June
Rye Scarce, firm: Xo. 2, Toe.
Barley Quiet. 71380c according lo location.
Pork-Quiet; 114 23 June: IK 7517 70 July.
iJ-rdQaiet: 90 cash: 18 SO Jane.
Balk Meats Quiet, unchanged.
Jtaeoo AJulet and unchaagi-u, 00 aalea...
Cattle Market oreratockeil: dnll and prices weak; (air
to good sleen selling at IS 00 iS 40; choice lota IS 7S t S efl;
fairbatrbera'14 SOS 6 SO.
H,-rsI)ii1l. weak: few shippers in market, who aoleeted
a few loia of best at M JS t fair to choice aold slowly
$4 33ir4 fO; dosing, J-rns well filled.
-sS'-sssas as
l'Lt-'CK of THK Jliilxics. -Ttio Mialiicn are niak-in-;
n irallaiit resiatauce ti tlie truM. Intrencli
ed in their lava bed, tliey are battling like he
roes apunst feat-fill raids. If this liand of ravages
bad not cot thenMeWea loose from tbe sjmpatbiea
nf the world by tbelr act nf most nnparallelrd
perfidy, their present heroic contest would chal
lenge the greatest admiration even from tbeir
enemies. They do not always skalk in ravines
and bide in roekj erevltcs, bat hare boldly at
tacked tba intrenched position of onr troops.
From their lookouts tbej wave tbeir banneri vf
defiance. Haifa hundred naked savages against
near a tlmnsand troops armiit with nfle, howit
zer and flelJ guns, attd with Bioretban tbeir own
number nf Warm Spring Indiana aiding tbeir en
eoiies. It seems almost a pity that we marnot
admire to brave and reMlnte a band, bnt that we
must condemn them to a merciless extinction for
11 net of treachery for which civiliiattoti finds
no cxenao. Sail i-VrtseOro Ckrclittr.
kerilT's Sale.
In the: DWritt Coort for Doniphan County, SUte of Ka
C. E. Cook. J Plaintiff.
St. Joe Denver City J'DefesdanL
Railroad Company I
KOTICE U berebv given, that I will, oa the 3d day of
Jane, A. D. 1873. at 2 o'clock P. M, of aaM dav; m lota
So. and 10. in Block 108. in the dtv of Elwood. In
phan Connty, State of Kanaaa, offer for sale, at public auc-
Hnn enirr.li Ih. fL..l..AlJJ ,..,.iiw.l lil,Ml.l le ttt
wit: Ten thousand aeven tnndred snderghtv-t-iire (15,7-5)
feet of nine lumber, two thons-tnil foor hundred aod aixtv
eght (2.4C8) fn-t of oak lumber, erthtask car brakes, forty
atickaof timber for ear diMir-e !-.- -uitha Dronertr of the
SL Joe at Denver City Balln-ad Cempasy: an attachment,
and offered for sale to the highest Wide fit eaah, to aatie-fycertaiaJxmentasdcoatalioaaa'reccs-diutheDiattict
C-wrt for Doniphan Conntv, ta tbe State ef Kanaaa. in
which a X. Ceek is Plaintiff sad Urn St Joaa-ph at Dearver
CltyaUlartmdCampaiaDefwdaat. .
Glveasaaeraiy hata. (Us 2tt asrof May. A.TX U7X
stsjS8,I873-Sw, AVseesS
OIV HAltitlAfcE.
Hsjpy Belief for Toans; Xen from the effects of
Errura and Abases la early life. Manhood restored. Xer
roua debility cored. InvpedUrttV. to marriage removed.
Xew SRhod of treatment. Xrwa-ul n-markat-iervmediea.
lli.,ka and Circnlsra sent tree. In sealed envelope.
Aitdreaa. HOWARD ASSOCIATION. Xo. 2 Sooth Xlnth
St, Philadelphia. Pa. nuy 30, 73-Iy.
AdmiButratrix'ii Afotiee.
THE nnderaign'od Tt ? granted, by the Probate
Court of Doniphan Coo-fly. kanaaa. letters of adminis
tration on the estate of Hiram UooacL deceased, late of
said County, bearing date April 7th. U73. All persona In
debted to aaid eatate, are notified to make immediate pay.
ment of the aame; and all these having claims against the
eatate, are renntred to present them for allowance within
one year from the date of aaid lrtters, or ther mar be pre
cluded from any benefit of the estate: and all claims not
presented within three veare. will he forever barred.
MARAS'DA HOCSEL. Administratrix.
May 8. ISTUw. IVa fee, 13.
For Sale.
fJPl II E Improved north-east quarter of section 23. township
Oa. 1. range 17, Brown County, Kansas. Thia quarter u
inclosed with a new plank fence. SO acres, broken, frame
tenant house, with a never 611m; stream of good water.
Price. s,uVtwoje tboasat-d rash, th balance in one,
two, three and four years, with 3'dYed of trnat to secure
tbe notes, with 10 per cent. Interest. .
the eout.n-asl nuaiter of section' 11. township I. ranre IA,
in Brown liiuiil-r, UrnUni from teerltyof White Cloud.
l-rier, rj.t) -TAp tjin4erd dollara cash, tbe balance
In one, two and three cant silti A deed of trnat on tke
liroperty to aeenre the bark avnieots. the notea to bear lu
per cent. Interest. .. J. II. BHRXK.
apr!7w4. Box 401, Wheeling. West Virginia.
.SAeriiFn Sale.
DosiniAN CtJiXTT, J s
In the District Court for Doulphan County, State of
P.S.Sunma, lPUuUu.
va. . . '
1). W.Sharp, J Defendant.
NOTICE la hereby riven, that' t will, o-rtln- !-th osr of
June, A. D. 1873. at the hoar or 2 o'cli-rk. 1'. M- of
saidday- at the north doori-f the Court H-Him-. iu the City
01. Trnj-, in Doniphan County, btate ef Kans-ta, offer for
aale, at public auction, for cash, the following desrribt-d
reat estate, to wit: Lot No. flee. (S) in Block Xo. seventr
two. (72) in the Citv of White Cloitil. Count v of Doniphan.
State of Kansas. Taken aa the nroprrtv or It. W. Sharp,
on attachment, and oflVrcd for .ale to the hibt-st LMiler
fur cash, to aatisfy a certain Judgment and o-ti now f re
cord In the District Court for Douiph-in -nntr. In the
State of Kanaaa in which P. S. .Siiunu is pbiiiililT. and I).
W. Sharp la defendant.
Given under uiy hanI. this Sth.lav of Mar. A D. 1 473.
sauuEl M.xtjriLrcnx.
hrriffof Donii'1'jn Coitutv.
May 8. 1873-Sw. IVa fw. .
SherifFM Sale in Pnrtilion.
Doirn. Cof-tTT, . J
Cahanne li'iVir, V'hiiitilf.
John S. Beelrr W nL, 5 Icfi mbiuis.
NOTICE is hrrehv givn. tliat I wlll.n IlieSllli dar of
May. A. II. IrCi. between the hour-. riOo'elork A.
M and four o'clock P. M of said dav. at the north door
of the Court Honsc, In the rllv - Tl'ov. in IVmlnh-in
Etfr'y.Stteof KsiWor enVr f-.rsslr, jl )i!.lie auction.
for cash, the following drsrnbed l-erl tetate, to wit ;
The east half () of the north-test iitisitir. 11) if strti-n
twenty one, (Sll Town.iilp one. (I) Itunze nimtei-n it'll.
The south-weit one-fourth (1) of tlieinrt!i--v-it oti-roiirth
(1) of Section twenty-one. til Titwrn-hip one. IlloflUn
nineteen (11). Theiiorth wi-st one fourth (Jl of tlieiorth
west nuart'ref S-itiontwrntv-one. kU Town-liifi lie. fit
of Range liitii-tef-n (13). The n-rth-fii.t iiuirtir i) orilie
nontbast iiiuirter(i( ef Section twenly. J0 Towu.liiii
one. (t) of Range mm teen (19.) The north.- est iuarter
(I) of tlie -outli-.ist iiurtr (i) or Srctiin twenty. (J))
Township oue. (I) of Range nineteen (11). The south-ast
quarter U) of the south-east fiuarter (11 of section twen
ty, (20) Tuwnhip one, (I) of Range nineteen (19). The
north-east quarter () of tbe south-east quarter () ufS-c-tion
aixteen, (16) Township oue. (1) of !ange nineteen (ln).
The aouth-east qnarter (1) of tse aonth east quarter (1) of
Section aixteen. (16) Tnwnshipone, (I) of Range nineteen
(19). Fiveaerea intheweat lartof the south-west qnar
ter (1) of Section fifteen, (IS) Tnwnshipone. (1) of Range
nineteen: (19) all In Doniphan Connty. Stale of Kausa-.
Alan, Lota one and two. (1, f ) in Block. sixtv nine (CI)! Jxit
nine, (9) in Block aixty-tnrf. (fell and LnU eight, (e) ten.
(10) and twelve. (12) in Bl-rk alxtv nine. (Qlland Lola six,
nine, and ten, (6, 9. 10) in Block st-traitr. (Tti) all said Lota
King and being in the city or White Cloud, Doni
phan Countr, State of Kan-uia. and nffi red for -ili for par
tition, aa the. propertv of Catharine Beeler, Jolin Beelerct
aU by onler of lite District Court for Doniphan t'onnty,
in the Slate ofKsnsaa. I'a.vini'uts to be made as follows:
Onefonrth rash in band. onef,-nrtb inonejear. one-fonrth
In two years, and one fonrtti lu ttine ears, with ten per
cent, interest. Ihf-rf eH paymenta to be sernrrd by mort
under my hand, thlaaal dav of A-ril. A. D. 187X
Sheriff of Doniphan Countv;
April 24, le73-5w. I't's fee, II9J0.
Shcriit's Sale.
Domihai Cocvrr, J3-
In the District Coort for Doniphan County, SUte or Katlsaa.
C. F. VanRuskirk tc Ox, 1 Plaintiffs.
WMoore, Jlbfendant.
NOTICE is herebv given, that I will on the 21th day of
Mav, A. D. 1P73. at 2 o'clock, P. M of said .lay. at
the north door of the Court House, in the rltv of Troy, in
Doniphan Conntr, S-ath of Kansas, offi r for aale, at jmblic
anstion. for casn. the following descrilied real estste. to
wit: all or Block eighty-one, (81) in the city or White
Cloud, Dimiphan Connty, State of Kansaa; taken as the
propertv of W, W, Moore, and offered for salo to the high
eat bidder for cash, to satisfy a certain Judgment and costs,
now of record In t o District Court for Doniphan Connty,
In the SUte ot Kansas. In which C. F. VanBuskirk & Co.
are plaintiffs, and W. W. Moore is iltfendant.
Given under my hand, this 2-M dar of April. A. D.
Sheriff of Doniphan Countv.
April 24. 1873-Sw. Pr'a fee. W.
Agricultural Warehouse,
Highland., Kansas.
AKES pleasure In nfiUfjrli th fitrroinK tAmBituiity
thst br hjw oiarnfd a rmnoletfl A:nicnltnrJ Store, and
is prrpsrvii in ku idc hksi inrjinivrti xij irti i
Rcapci-, 3Jto-vei-is,
Threshers, Separators, Corn Shelters,
Flows, Drills, CHlfivator,
8cythea, awake-i; Kttkforki, Hoes, fhovels,
jeld m
And a general aasortment of Farming Implement, all of
the best quality, which beHl aell at aatUfactory prices,
mcb 20,73.
3. L. PETEB8, 599 BEOAfiWA"?, if. Y.,
ated mailed, peat-paid, on receipt of starked price.
Above and Below. SarnilSong. IlvJqrb-1030
Back to the Old Home. Son: and Chorus. Stewart. .10
BeautifulForm of ray Dreatna, Stewart,
Darllilg. TT eep ho more. . Rung and Chonr. flaya.
Do not Weep so. Sister Darling. Sohg. Stewart.
lKm't forget tn Write me. Song and Chorua. Cox.
Fold we fair Hands. Song or Dart. lloildien.
Gone to the Heavenly Gaiden. Sung. Chamberlain.
IT you Were Lw.mldyoot Soag. Sliattuck.
Kisa me. Darling, ere we part. Stewart,
Little Blind XrlL Song and Chorua. Maty.
Utile Dan. Si-ng and Chorua, Hays.
Lord, forever at Thv Side. Danka.
Meet me, Beasie, In th !". i Stewart.
Meet roe, bcsr--s, with a Kiss, Danka.
My Boy across the Sea. Haya:
Oa! Give roe a Heme In tbe Beats. Haya.
Oh. Sam! Song and Chorua. Ilaya.
Only for Ton! Ballad. Delioux.
Our Little Pet. Song and CooTua. Haya.
Paps, -tar Home. Teuprranee Song. Hsjs.
Save one Bright Crown f.s me, Haa.
We pray yon Sing that Sung. Duet. Dnlphua.
Wilt thou Weep when I am Low I Walker.
POlK AS.-Sunbeam, by Kinkel, 33c; Belle of Saratoga,
by Victor. 3S eta.; May Flnwei-a- by 81mon, 35 eta.
MAZUKKAS Awakening of the Birda. 30 cU-i Happy
Thoughta. by Walker. 30 cts.i Isnghlng Wave, by Wiiaon,
lOcta.: Sunbeanvbyracber. Wcu.
O A LOPS -Charlies sad Freddie's, by Klskel, each 35c
SH0TTISCHER--Fstsl Glance, by Toung. 20 eta. ; May
Mbrnlng. by Schmidt, 30 eta.; Ssnbeam, by Uampel, 33c;
and Wlfils a. by KiskeL 3J eta.
MARCHES Bella of Saratoga, by Brnmhach, tOcta.;
Midlie's. by Kiakel, 33 eta.
WALTZES ClsriU's. Go.rgie'a, Lotties, SaDleV and
Maggie's, by Klnkel. esch S3 rta. : Vmf of Dew, by Allard,
sorts.: Snnbeaisu by Muse, 33 eta.
FOUR HAXDS Amaryllis, sneta.: Jncua Polka, 35c;
Love's Chass Galop. 33 eta.; Praise of Woman Pntka-Ma-sarka
an by Dressier.
SALOX PIECES. Danes of the Haymakers. WHaon,
75 eta.; Lore's Caresses. Klnkel. M eta.: May Bkuntna,
KinkcLMcU.; Plaints des Hears, Tnael, 40 eta.; Whis
pering Breexes, Wiiaon, 30 eta.
Any of the above mailed, prat-paid, on receipt of ifrtcE.
A"ddre ' J- L. PETERS,
may. 30 Broadway, ew York.
SheriaPs Sale
Do. man Cot-XTT, J
In the District Court for Doniphan. Connty, SUte of
Sarah K. Abbott and 1 a
Amasds E. Hamilton, Iptalntiffa.
va. f
T.M. Hamilton x at, JDefeadanta.
TaTOTICE U herebr given, thst I win. on the !Ul aay or
Jll June.' X, D. leTS, between the hours of 10 ach-ck,
. If,-anil fcur o'clock P. M-. of aaid day. at the north door
of fbt) Court noose. In the city of Troy, Doniphan Connty,
SUte of Kanaaa. offer for sale, at poN-e aartataa. ter cash,
the fpllowing deacribed real estate, to wit,i Lota one (1)
and fwo. CO of the aoatb-weat fractional oflu-ler ef section
eiiie..f-rA- f-ai In townahin two. 12) of range twenty-one.
(4f).fs Dorflphaa Connty. Kanaaa. Taken a. tae property
ofAsroa WyiKk. and on-red tui sale ta U-besJ Indder
lor caaa. la satiary ca-rxsia cesis now oa revs-ra mm
SctCourt forltaalphas County, tn tba Stale of Kanaaa.
la which Sarah E. Abbott sad Amanda E. Hamntna tn
-u.i-.tis-. nna x. m. jtsavuva-i ca aa. are oeieww..-.. .
afee, sj.
12.000.000 ACRES!
Clicnp Paiins!
The VSeapct LamLju market fur fait; by the
In the great Platte Valley.
3,000,000 Acrea in Central Nebraska
Xow for aale In tracta of forty acres an.1 nrilKii-tla -n nvr
gaT KZQI-Ikco,
Miu lan iibautul cirauTit, ncnu son, an asuxdascx
or conn WATKB
mlnlogi-aious of Wyoming. Colorado. Uuh sad Xavada
bring anppBed by tbe farmera la ta Plant Tallcy
SoMiers Med to iWmiM of 160 Acres.
FREE HOMES FOR ALL- Miuioasnr Acarsuf choice
Government Landa open for entrr under the Homeatcs.1
uv, near tnia ureal itaiiroan, with good marketa and all
theroaeuirncesofan old settled countrr
Free Dassea tn imrchaaera of railmsl Land.
Sectb-nal Maps, showing the Land; also new edition of
ueaenpure t'ampnici witn new Maps Mailed Free avery
where. Address
Land CmnmUri-mr V. P.B.R.
maycwL Oxaha, XxasASKs.
Scwiryir 9f ncliine
.IjieHfa fevrMfe-f,
Send for clrcnlara. Addeesa
K Manufacturers of Saws.
r Tilns, llrlllajsr rtaid .Tlnchlmrrr.
J t?'triEirltitscouxTs.i
1 ?- llice LUla snd Circulars free.
'J!s Bssloa, 3Iasa., & Detrsil, .Wra.
10,000 GIFTS,
)n Tn-IAV.JCLY eth, IK3, thr Third Gmml Gift
Cnnrrrt, nnilrr th raanftprnicnt of Ex-GoTernor Th. E.
1'mnilrttr. ami authorizml by wprrUl art of the LriJatiirf,
forth) iM-Dt-fat nf thr TaMie IJtrnrj nf Krctut-Ly. MMi-tivf-lyan-I
nnMiniroctlly cnmnnalf In thr ruhlic Library
Hall, at LuU!.lr, ltj- wlim 10 000 OiflcS all cj1i, nnimiLt
In; tA lAjn.con, will be dbtribntnl by lot aru.-Dj; the ticLrt-h-'I.trrn,
Thr mnnry t pay all thc jtifin Iu full la already
In tank, anil iwt aj-ble fur that 'DrMNtr( a-t the fi-lbiwing
tt-rtiflratr isIioits:
)ri.rF or Fabheha ad Dcovtiu. Haxk. I
IaOL'iiviijj Kt Anrii 7. IrTX J
ThU t t" r-rtffr that thrrrUin thr PnrntrrM mmiI
DrTri-! IS on It, tn thr cmlit rf thr Third HnnJ CIR
('ucett fwrthr I-r-Dfl.t of the Public Library of Krntnrky,
Virr Handrrd Thaiiinil DllnrM. whU-h ha lnt-n
t-t art br tlir ilam-ri-r- tu S- thr -dns in full, and will
!- ht-M by thr lUnk and i..itt uul f r tliii iMirrnr, and thU
Mir-a-i--r iiily.
(SisnnL) I:. S. VKECII. Cvhlir.
Only a ft-w t'cVpt nltVii ntntnbl. mid thrrwill 1-r fur-nl-ht-d
t the flnt apliranta at thr fillnwin prirnt:
Wholf .ukrlK. .0. lialTnt,e5; quat-rrt, til; It wbolra
f..r100; -Mf-r.JO; 113 A 11,000; d 5T5 f.rffl00. For
tlckrttt and full in format ion. Apply n
Isnlville. Ky.
r A, ll: iaO. v rb:,
:I16 -Tlir.lntil St., W. i4nii, JI. maydirL
USK thr KeUin-f r S---h V-k and Stipi-irt to
NnpT.n2 In brcnlr. no mttin;,if u-h; rhrap, dnrahlr,
Trrr ranily app1ih hildii h at an place drirr.L and a
wrlf rutcnrr wht-ii thr uihUilnnn. .Srnd uteimpf'-r cir
cular. CirriiLitand ill ropprr-hrtinzt-d brk wnttianr
addrrwinilielj. S pitp.td. on rrrt-iptf-MrtJt. LiWral
tnditrmrnti to thr tradr. M AiTrntK wantnl. Addrriui
bur. I'a, mayc-wt.
tfl J9il per Amenta wantnl All wx. juun;
AJ lu JJ)U or old, make murr nmnrr at work fur dm ia
tnrlr npnrr mnmrhta, or all th timr. thin at anthinz fbr.
rantcuure rnt-. aiuurrsa ti.SU.NS-u & cix, rortiand
Millie. a niaygwl.
M'h will pay all Azrnta $40 per werk'in cash, who will
euzZ with 'tift 4T onck. Errrythln fumUfard and rx
pCnM-N albL aVddirim,
m.iy8w4, A. COULTER -t CO, Cbsrltttf, Jlich.
Kesr-ict.iti1eeini.I.iynient at luime, ilayi.r eveiiiii:; no capi
tal !T-anlred: full Infractions anil'valnattle lucLae t.f
CoimIa tu start with, sent free by niaiL Address, with six
cent return stamp.
M. YOUNG A CO, 16 Courtlan.lt SL, Xew York.
HOW 'TIS) DO-UK, ar lae Reeret ate
Mnstadie and AVhisVers In 4 davs. This GREAT
SKCRET and 100 others. RamMers' Tricks. Cardlnlnn,
Vcntr-l.-nnl-.nl, all in the 0K1IS1NAL ' ataak af TTss.
der.." Mailed Tor 2i cuita. A.ldresa 1). C. CUTLEK,
Cartha-;e, 111. raavS-rs.
Am U ill - hop PILLS.
Thry nirr Frrrr and Afiu at oner. IhimU Ague ami
Apufc'FeTrra are tnfrd aprrdilr, Tbey are hannlraa, and
alwaya rrliabl. IHrrcUoni ItifdaF laneoagra artnmpanj
For Fair by all DrnggUta, or aeat by mall, prrpaid.
For any raae of Blind, Bleeding. Itch
Inior Ulratrd Iilra that Dl Civo'a
PlLKRltMEnr failatncnrr. It laprr.
parra exprraiiy to cure me .mra, ana
nothinc else. Sold by all Dra.riU.
, fl.OO. naygw-L
j. r. wilmdx.
oexbHAI, MIIekS IK
Dry Goods. Clothing,
And all kinds of
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Sign of Greta Front,
rWaHfa-rrpat Cat-aer Patfellc Mqsi-trr,
6(11X0 oar Genda frmn first banda. In Eastern mar
keta, we can and willacUaacb--Bpa.an7 Iwaa in tbe
aty. ' . . IlJnlvWtl.
I TAKE pleasure In annonncinx tn the fiublic that I am
now better than ever prepared t- manufacture to order
everr style and deacrfptJonef BnnUand Shoes cesrse or
nne,-iTdor-weultSeatest and n-aat whstaithO
niiuni r;
A variety ef Eastern work on hand, for the aacon-neVida-tlon
of thoae wbo nrefer U. ,. .
Making and repairing dons to order: and tlie beat article
of ready made work en band at all timee. Shop en Main
Street, alzn of tbe Biz Boot, nearly onpoaits C V. Xovea'
Store. TillLIP KELLf.
Itrhlto Clnnd. Kanaaa. Aacvnt - 1ST.
Wet SUU J-mM'c Sertuur,
TROY, - - - - KANSAS.
A. JE3TS, Proprietor.
TIIIS lTouas baa lust been thoraaihly refitted and re
furnlabed. and ta now ae af tbe beat sad asset plena
ant places to stop at In tba Weat,
TaWeweU supplied with tb.aa-sttaesortrtaorilat ths
rsoms airy sad rsafertabls. sad beds eieaa.
Ceavcsientaaavitleiiiailfarabsslaiciiis. LI vary anal
feedstebls conrenlsnl.
to toe traveumj-su.uc.
suxifxcrrazs or ajp naaua ra
Boots & Shoes,
stgmofiiiBifatii. w-ifritii4win;
-. liaiMAix
S prepirWfo-lMi &. Slfi"!
M. stvle.' JTat jsaat. an an am as ana i
to.- JKksV,
:.z ".. i- jii--. .
arrl nee no-ie era tss neat saaarnu. iwj-a-yneys.
H Ranlalion D
X posedsrmplyofwea known ROOT8, HERBS
and FRUITS! combined with ether properties,
whicb ta their nature ais Cathartic, Aperient, Ka.
tritlooa. DtureUc Alterative and Ann-Billions. Tba
wbolsla preeerred In a anfikient qnantlty of spirit
train tba Hl'OAIt CAHK to keep tatm la aa
aUn-aU. wtilrti makes taa
one of the most desirable Taates a ad Caiaisif".
ties la tas world. Tberars Intended atdctlr as a
l Temperance Bitters
only to no naea aa a medicine, snd anraya acconrog
to directiona.
Iney are tba sheet-anchor of the feeble and debtO.
tated. They act npon s disesacd liver, and stlmslata
to aucb a dejeres that a healthy action la at onca
bronjht about. Aa a remedy to wbiUl Wons.nl
are eapeeially subject It la auperat-alug svOTOthsr
attmnlint. As s bprina and aaraaatrTaBia
they have no equal. They are a mild and rentla
Pnxaative aa well aa Tonia. They J-urify the Blond;
They are atplendlilAr-petlser. They -sake lbs weak
strong. They purify sal Inrlgorats. Ibey curs
Djipcpaia. Constipation and Ucadache. Tbcyactaa
n apecific Inall ipeclea of illaordera which i-ndern-iaa
the bodily atrengtii and break down the animal eptrtta.
Tepot, 63 Park Place, Hew York.
Only 50 Cents per Bottle.
at praseates die CHOTVT1T, YKESTXTTB
tas COIeOB, and la-c-rsases ths Tlgwf
asd BEATTTT af tas HAXB.
Or-ra TsTarr Trjuts aoo I-Toa'a KATwARn-t Ton
-m Hala was first placed ln the market by A-rofeaeor
E. Thomaa Lyoa, a graduate of I-nneetoa Coliere.
The name ia derived from tbs Greek, "KA-nrao.-'siaw
Bifyizqr to cfatajc, rifr, rrfln-raale, or rnfeec. Tha
farorithaarereired, and tbe popularity it baa obtained,
is unpsseadentad and incredible. -It incresaea tbs
Oaow-taaMBKAt-TTof ihoHaia. iTSsdellahtfnl
dreaaisa;. It eradicates IMndrolL ..ftTyravrnta tfia
Hair from turning gran Jt keepa Uo bead cool, and
ajvsstbsaairaoirt:glcyappbaranea. It la ths
aaara ta QoAa-rrrr and UCAUi l aa It waa over a Qiua-n-aof
a Cas-rusT Aoo, ind Issokl by all Dna-rWaand
Coamtry Stares st asUy llflr CcaU par Jsottta.
Instiraiie Company
ai? .
CAPITAL $3,212,175.99.
.&avaraxc. (dempany.
Nfrth r Pakllc 8tarc,
jirnairing and nsistisg dons with neatness and dispatch,
and all work warranted. lljulyliyl.
Witt Side PMie Saarr, near dig Hotel,
TROY, f i i f I KA.'JA.
KEEPS sconstantannplyafMestaotin'achnlcestqnal
iUrs. and of all kla.ls,.-whicl ha will fell aa low aa the
cuatomers can alwsta kare-Jast wba-ttbe-r.eall tie.
almit. Toe a""P la open at all seaA.-nal.le bnnn, and
Wantnl to buy. fat beef cattle, for -iiK te blcbot
market price will be paid. The hicbest price paid for i(..lea
and Furs.
Kept. 1, ie7X
Banner Hills,
TRACY & PABKEB, Proprietors,
facy yi Mm Grades of Flour,
Anil B-il.ed Corn Ifleal.
Bna tad Qrtmnd Peed OoBaiintly oa Hind.
Cask l-ailal for Wh'eai aatl Corn.
Js-st Psbliskett,-
AiUfraa," it. JJ. FTETCEItfS,
0 Broadway. Xew York.
(Tka SsBginn; reattrai.)
Haxe TnfcB.
aaCssnatSasaa, jasf paid, hi jL8 SvSpar doasn.
9. -. sTat'a, a-rwaatsray. Www TanaU
eiS A. si j rWrllt n il itr.cl.
ami sonii.
-tSVV- - ee-fcl,-
Also m raaaplrle and well seleelra slack at
TiIllles, GoodtS,
ys-rsasa fl fao I.T I --.. a. ..a..J . ..ff II. . . a. a
a .--. ...-r-.-a-.-,..;; -iinnnrwP Ia fHlllirT'. nir II Tf OtTf f
rtlat aaNtwnttt-Ma thM.itu-qiuiitftrauI i,aIitr can. In
-..a.Mn-., I".!- Mr-H "LIU, I itTrXjIUUl-aMtr LJl
ln-rttn ptirrhajinff t-lsari hm -
And aVTAPLtsM, f
HV ETA 31.Se
Ordee. by l-ctlrr Mlie!sr4. saarnalerac thai
bey will be a-toi-apllv sss raiihr-sHyeaccale-s:
AMI Mll.lt ll
II." "v. IIV"V ,. -,v,
april3-lw. WI11TF. CLOUD. K.SA.1'
Gift entebphse
Tl! 0117 Beatle Gill Distrilntifli in tbe Qttt!
iBBSrjiVRiBUfim k
ItiUt imdviAli MOST1ILY
To be Drawn Monday, Jcrn id, 1873. ,
ro nuvTiT c.A.iM-r.A.i,--' of.'
$5,000 eaeh in (ireeulmrjis f .
Fire Prizes 500n
Ten Prizes SlOl) rt
I Horn si Bttsiry; with Silver-mo anted Harnaja, worth
One Kae-tonr Bna-swood Flaasa, wsrtli S50OI
Tail Fara'ly Sewn? Bachiaii w-irth 8100 eachl
rVee Unlit irthew ant r'ift.ur. mirth fZOO rvrsA.
rVeef.'oM.lll'eRc-tM llifiltinj) HulcAca," irvrii. ,s-'3
Ten LmttK tSM iittuituij tt'itlrhe, erm-fA 7 k eoea.
WO Gvii oui iStrr Ia.r UhHj Waichn (is all) mirta
friuffjl lo SUM eacA.
OoM Chains. Silver Ware. Jen dry. Ac. Ac
Hhsle nsaiber of Gifts, ,SlK). Tickets IJsilled ta OO.OOo:
Ta wheal a.ibrral Premiaui. will k-e aalar;
!Sill -lit' 'A'icltft. felt Hlx 'riceH'tis. lf
'A'Vflve'A'iclceti, MlOi U'wclffy.lve
'A'icltrlM. -JO.'
ClrruLirs c'lit-iinin-; a full list of ptires .Teseription u
the manner .f erawtu-:. and i.tbrr inf.irnT.iti.- (n rcferencs
ti. the ln-.lrit.uli.in, sill beMiit laly onevnlcrlng tbenf:
All Itlti rs must be addrea-K-d to
ai i.,nt L.l. fllv E. Baa MOV
ljiW.otnSt. ttrtUi: .Cincinnati, 0'
A-fict i9Ca-S.-llo ,. Sla.c--oV
TROY, : : : :' : KAXSAH.
Cj AD1U.F. AXI) if .WS'fiS-i M KKfai. nTaniii.-cc.iic. s.l
9 keep, for sale, Ilarnsaa. Saddlea. Briillea. t'.JHrs. a-e
All klnda of work done npon abort notice, awl ntiri.t!n
guaranteed. . iet. 31. t
ifAXUFArrni-EK of
b36t Afib SHOESy
Soafitrral Corner rabtie Sqmirr,
Ol:K done 14 the beat st)le. and warranted. IV.
vfi make Uie celebratetl -reler-inn & f'lanun
nepalj-lnfts.-iie Wllb prvoiptneaa aim di-spatthV
n.." "
ManhoM: HowLost,HowEestore3.
WcTrraw Jnst pnMinhed. a new 'edition ef Or. '!
?jra vrrwell's Ctlrbr&fd T.Uf ' tlii"
-a"- S ' af rrfcae-ire(witbinl n-e.lM.ilie! ttt rKRliAT
'ilshnF oasHgi,i-reminaI Wesknn--i.Invnliii.Liry
Seminal L'-saea. iMOTTacr. Mental and I'hysieal Inca-se-ity.
Impedimenta t- Xirria-e, tic: also, Covsnrriov;
Ertursr and Fm, Induced by a.lfln.Inljesceor ae-liial
eitravazanca. , ,
fr Price la a sealed envelope only 6 ..nt.
The celebrated author. In. thia admirable e-M-vy. ele-trlv
.lem--natrates fron-i a thirty years' auceessfnl practice. Hut
tbv alarming conaemieneea of aelf-at-use may be radically
cured without the dsngep-us nse of Internal medicitM. r
the sppliestiow of the knife, pointing out a nstf of eure.
st once simjde, certain and enVctual, bv mean ef wLieh
every aufferer, n matter what hia condition may le, may
cure himself cheaply, privately, and radically.
Sir" This b-rtvre en.-u!d be lu the hands at every youth
every man tn the land.
Sent, under et-al. ln s plain envelope, tn any ad Ire...
post-paid oa receipt sf 6 cents, ar two pust-Atamp..
Also. Dr. Cnlverwell a -ilarriaseGuUle,- price X cent-.
Addreaa the Publisbera.
CirAS.J.CKI.lXEiO, . n
137 Btwcry, Jlew Vark; 1-o.tVnlce Iv.Jl.MJ.
Sfceriff's Sale.
Dtwif Ci Cocxir, jJVV
Is ibe DWricJ Court for ii-nipban County, SUte ef Kai.s.iC'
Frederick Lyman. Guardian. lriainUlt
v 1
If . B. Bmwn ef sf. J Defendants.
WTCmtiiM tUtebr given, that I will, on the ttth day ef
Xi afST.A.I. UU at o'clock. P. Jf, of aaid day. at
tas aorta doer of tbe Out Hmise. In tbe city of Troy. In!
Deaipssa County. SUte .r Kansas oiler frsJe.st put-l.'A
anctioa. forcssa.' ths following deatmbnl real ewtife, f.
wltt Lots one. (1) two. (21 three. (3) four. (J Bve. Ii) six.
((I sa-ves, fS) elcht. f8) nine, () ten. (10) eleven. (11) twelve.
(Isklktrteen. (U) faartees. (II) Hfteen. (U) slit.eet IH)
nuwteaa. (ltlaad twenty. (-) in 13.-rk Ihlrt-e-ft, (13) in
Eaat Troy. Doniphan Omlj, Kansaa i als-vioia seven,
teen (ID and eigbteen. (I?) In Block thirteen. (Ill ln East
Trey, Doaipbaa Conaty. State of Kanaaa. Taken aa tho
pr-HiertyeYALB. Brown ctsL. and onVred f.r aale tetbe
Ugbeat bidder fsr cash. (nastiafV a eerUIn Judgment and
caataTawwaf rsewa la tba DtsSict Caart tor Dnalpban
Csaaaa-. M las atsts f Kas. is which FrasrickLvmae,
BaataaM;siialatss -irt'' B.Brwa etaLare drftad.
sfAnrfl. A.D. XBH
ef psafasau Connty.
Af0 M, !-'.
Fr'afse. Itl.W.-
-30U.UUU uu
I a.
mFSf'ftjtJ&rS? 'taaaaaaaaaaVanaaaaal
xWiii si lLrSaV

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