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'.Thursday, :
January 8, 1874.
Another Fallen Saint.
For several yea" past, there hare been reports
affecting tie integrity or Gen. Howard, of the
Freedineu'it Biirean. Bnt they were not generally
believed until lately, when It was officially an
nounced by tbe Secretary of Tar, that there i. A
deficit in Howard' aKonnt, to tho amount of
$273,000; and there U but little doubt that he is a
defaulter to a heavy ninonut.
The loyal people of the conutry had almost nn
bonudel faith in Gen. Howard. He was one of
the best General of the army, and did noble ser
Tice thrt-nghout the rebellion. He also manifest
ed great religious zeal, and was denominated the
"Christian Soldier." Siuce the war, he has been
at the head f the FreedmeiT Burean.
Within the past two or threo years, much has
been said about "Christian Statesmen,'' in way
of derision. Those who have used the term, have
been regarded as lacking reverence for Christi
anity, and of sneering at Christians and their
religion. This has not always been a just accu
sation. It has come to be a pretty good sign,
-when a man makes politics his chief business,
and puts his Christianity prominently forward
as one one of his strongest claims to public favor,
that he is a hypocrite, and is using the cloak to
cover np his rascality. It Is no reproach to gen
nine Christianity; but a man parading his Chris
tianity in connection with his politics, is so in
variably a sign that be is bogus, that the term
"Christian Statesman" has become a bnrlesqne.
The same rule applies- too frequently to "Chris
tian Soldiers."
The liEASOX. An observant correspondent
asks us:
M In riving list of officers of the various Msaoole and
Odd Follow Lodge, tat week, von Invariably made it
read, in speaking of the Mason, 'elected fur the ensuing
year,' sail in sneaking of the Odd Fallows, -elected for the
ensuing term Why this distinction P
For a very good aud simple reason. The offi
cers in Masonic Lodges hold for an entire year,
while the Odd Fellows elect twice a year, the
two terms being six months each. Although this
covers the question propounded, we will offer a
remark or two on our own hook. IVc aro an Odd
Fellow, but not a Mason, yet we regard the Ma
sonic rule in this matter as being by far the bet
ter and more sensible of the two. It takes most
men some months to acquire the efficiency neces
sary to make a ereditable presiding officer of any
Lodge. By the time that period has arrived, the
term of tlio Odd Fellow's office has expired, nnd
he leave the seat just about tho time he is ca
pable of filling it, to give place to another green
hand, under a custom which has become almost
as strong as law, of keeping np a rotation to en
able all tho ambitions members to "pass tho
chairs," as a questionable compliment to them,
bnt a positive detriment to tho LoOgo. lint the
Mason, having had six mouths iu w Inch to get
the hang of his office, has six more in which to
make himself useful; and if ho gives satisfaction;
is continued for a year longer, and perhaps still
another year, and another. Those governments
of any kind are most efficient which retain good
and competent men iu the same position for a
ecries of years.
Moore's Rural Xew Yorker. This excellent
paper, known in almost every household in the
land, has just entered upon the 23th year of its
publication. Tho first issue of the Xew Year is
a model paper. It is complete in every depart
meoi of the farm aud household, in news and
literature. Of all the agricultural aud rural pa
pers, this has beeu the favorite, and lias con
stantly grown in favor. A report has been put
in circulation that, in consequence of tbe pub
lisher being embarrassed by the financial panic,
tho Rural would be discontinued. It will not bo
discontinued, audsucha'thiug was never contem
plated. On the contrary, a new assistant publiubcr
has been associated in Its management, a full staff
of tho best editors retained, and the paper will be
made better than ever. All who subscribe, will be
sure of getting tbe paper for the full year, aud
of amply receiving their money's worth. The
price is $2,50 a year for single subscribers. To
Clubs five copies, and one copy free to getter
np of club, $ 12,50; seven copies, and one free,
$16; ten copies, and one free, $20. Address D.
D. T. Mooro, Publisher. New York City.
How is ThisI The Grangers of this Conuty
have resolved in favor of establishing an insur
jmco company; and iu Donglas County, they are
forming associations for loaning money. Tho
latter say their object is not to reduce the rate of
interest, for they want all tho interest they can
get; bnt such associations will facilitate the
loaning of money in the communities where lo
cated, to those who nood it. So it seems that, af
ter all, the Grangers possess the same sort of
human nature as other folks, aud do not object
to high charges, when they are tbe ones to take,
and somebdoy else has to give, lint if the farm
ers are all to become insurance men, and bankers,
what will become of the cry of corporate monop
olies, and moneyed aristocrats 1 And if they aro
able to undertake these enterprises, perhaps they
are not so much oppressed aud poverty-stricken
as they thonght!
ty-Tbo Daily Topcka Commontrealtk mado its
appearance, on New Year's day, from its new
filce, aud on its new material. It Is a most
beautiful sheet, and is now the largest and by
Ca the handsomest daily in the State. Capt.
King is a capital newspaper men, and deserves
.great credit for his nerve and energy in thus
emerging from the ruins of his former office.
Tiie CoaaontcealU has adopted the new feature
-of giving special dispatches from all tbe leading
points in the State, containing reports of tbe
news and business of the various sections. Wo
siope that the enterprise of its go-ahead proprie
tor wilt tie amply rewarded.
EP" Tho New Year's issuo of the St. Joseph
Gazette had a full history of tho bnatnesa and pro
gress of tho city during the past year. Tho Atch
ison Ctampio issued'an extra sheet the size of
its daily, filled exclusively with a review and
history of the business and tho public aud private
enterprises connected with the city, dnring the
last year. It is the enmpletcst paper of the kind
we have seen in the West.
Cj? Some one in Illinois, has discovered that
the air of coal mines is a remedy for the whoop
ing cough. Children haviug tho disease, are
taken down into the mines, and in a few days
their whooping ceases. It is probably the effect
oftheudptoxlntbacoal. It was long ago dis
covered that snlpbnr, in another form, was the
best thing to stop the whooping of the Indians
on fyt jreatcrn border.
ry-W are glad to learn that Maj.JohuM.
Crowell has been re-appointed Special Mail Agent
for Kansas. rfa enured he would be sacrificed,
as a friend of PomeroyV. Major Crowell is the
most active, energetic aud efficient man that has
over held a Federal office iu Kansas, and is a ter
ror to moil depredators. It would be a public
outrage to remove bim for political reasons.
tsTTbaXortlern Indianian, of Warsaw, came
out on Jfeir Year's In a handsome new dress, aud
with a bead ot beautiful design. The Indiantan
is one of ths rarwt enterprising papers of our ac
qusintancs, and as A local paper, has no superior
anynuere. We value It as an exchange, and congratulate-
it npoa this evidence of its prosperity.
E"F" "Lord Massey" is the latest impostor who
has been making fools of the toadying Americans.
When the flirts who want eraxy over him hear of
It, tney will exclaim, "Lord Massey!"
-refCeiit's'BELiKft.Tai ' papers 'fiKW o'fenea
np theperiodieftf disenssiou of Lincoln's relisons
belief- Tlioso papers-aref inert positive III ttfel'r
statements, whose editors netcr sttw Lincoln, nor
heard Mm give any exprrsslon of ttls belief.
This last iliictiiim has been set going by anoth
er article from Mr. Herudpn, a former law part
ner of ifncolnV, in which Ills-made tn appear
that Lincoln was connlilerauiy on the InCdel or
der, as it is usually fenn,l.",Ve;kuowiugJnAt
as much about lfasa'largotnajoritv of those who
are pitching In, win-venture to express the be
lief that whatever Mr. Henidon nay about it, is
strictly trne. He was the friend and companion
of Lincoln for years, and wonld have no interest
in misrepresenting bim now. As business part
ners, they donbtlrrs relieved tlieir office routine
by many a long and coGilenfia! chat on miscella
neous subjects, in which they revealed to each
other their inmost thonghts and peenliar views
npon the matters tliscnssed. Licolu was a close
rcasoner, and not likely to blindly swallow tbe
impositions and frauds invented by priests, aud
given to the world as the doings of God. lint
however he may have regarded tho manufactur
ed religion which has for so long beeu kept iu
the market, and in themakinguf which tlie class
called priests have maintained au exclusive mo
nopoly, Abraham Lincoln acted his religion.
Whether or not lie believed the lliblr, or in
Christ, or in the doctrines of any Church, or pre
tended to believe so if he could not reconcile it
to his reason, there were arts performed by Lin
coln which were as near GmMike as it in iu the
power of mortal man to approach. And regard
less of his belief, it is cur belief that if there are
any in that happy place which men call Heaven,
and whether tlieiiu tuber be many or fmv, Abraham
Lincoln is one of them. Therefore, we are uot
worried about what his theological views may
have been on this earth.
Wilkik Coixinh. The presence in this conn
try of this- great Englitdi novelist imparts an
immediate interest to his writings aumng Ameri
can readers, which renders thu new, low price,
and handsomely printed edition of T. H. Peter
sou &. Ilnithers both valnablo and opportune.
The enterprising publishers have placet! on our
desk a copy of his MaiOIoxktox; axi OniKit
Stories, which brings together iu one cover so
many of his shorter stories w hich are among his
best productioLs, and will causo thousands to
read it who hate never done n before. Price
only 50 cents, with a life-lika portrait- iif tho an-
thor on tho cover. The treat popularity of
"Wilkie Collins'" novels iu this series, compri
sing "Miss or Mrs.f" "Hide nnd Serk." "Th
Dead Secret," "After Dark," "The Stolen Mask,"
" Sister Kosc," "The Yellow Mask," "IJasil; or,
Tho Crossed Path," "Tho Queen's Kovcngo,"
"Mad Monkton," and "Sights A-Foot," have
never been excelled. They aro for sale by all
Booksellers, or copies will bo. sent, post-paid, by
tho Publishers, on receipt of price. Send to T.
B. Peterson &, Brothers, Philailelphiii, Pa., for
one of their New Illustrated Catalogue, scut free
to any address.
ry The Fsola Spirit says tho two Representatives flee
ted in Miami County bavu never been known to take a
Old Stambangh, at a country debating society,
took the side of fin-', ou the great question as to
which" VI" most urcful to mankind, fire or water.
Water, ho sain, people could do without; but
they must have lira to cook with. "But how
could yon Iivo withont water?" asked an antag
onist. "Why, I'd drink milk," replied Stam
bangh. "But how could tho cows live without
water?" pursued his opponent. "Sir," replied!
Stambangh, with emphatic earnestness, "I'd
fop 'cmT Perhaps these Miami County men
have a similar way of getting along without
UT Does the Atchison Champion think it is
doiug a just thing, in selecting sentences and
paragraphs from Scuator.Crozier's speech, which
contain nothing objectionablo, simply for tho
purpose of ridiculing him? It would not look so
much out of place, were the Champion not so very
solicitous for tbe fair fame of the Atchison Sena
tor, IngalU. Every word he utters in public, iu
aud out of Congress, the Champion publishes, as
the quintessence of wisdom and eloquence, nud
then copies every lino that other papers say
about it. Bnt if Crorier, contrary to the frothings
and predictions to tho contrary, shows that he
desires to do something for the benefit of the peo
ple of the State, mako light of it, aud hold him
np to ridicule!
Hp-The Junctien City Tribune doesn't answer
onr article on tho Crozier matter, aud doesn't
seem to try to. Weasked it, (leavingonrself out
of tbe question,) to name an editor w ho had been
charged with bribery in the Caldwell election,
who defended tho appointment of Crozier. Its
reply is very nsarly all devoted to ourself, and
the balance to George W. Martin, whom we did
not refer to. We said tho present editor ot the
Junction Union had denounced the Caldwell elec
tion from first to last, and had approved tho ap
pointment of Crozier. N. L. Trcntis is the editor
of tho ronton, an did as wo stated; furthermore,
he has not held a Government office The Trib
twe might have saved that amount of space.
ft?" From rnmors, it begins to look a little as
if there were something in the story of tho Pom
eroy nnd Scafield corruption story. It is an
nounced that Scofield intends resigning. This
looks as if he could not vindicate himself. This
is the reign of parity that was' inaugurated last
Winter! A certain old lady said she had a sign
by which she could always tell when sho was
going to bare twins. There is sign by which
it may always be known when a good deal of
corruption is going to take place iu Kansas, and
a now set of shysters come to the surface. It is
when a great noise is mado abont Purification
and Reform.
""""""""It now seems that Obr. Craigjis the Connfy
Treasurer who is in arrears $781 to the State, on
tho sale of school lands. Obo. says bo has a re
ceipt for nearly $1,000, oCfli1ch there is no ac
count on the Auditor's booksmno" rli.it he thinks
of notifying that officer that nnless the little
balance of abont J 123 duo him is banded over, ha
shall commence suit, and'have tbe officer ousted.
Bnt seriously, what sort of books duTThoman
keep, anyhow f It might have been well for
Wilder to have inquired a little, before making
his report.
CF In tho Shawnee County District Conrf, on
Monday, the case of Samuel C. Pomeroy was call
ed. His connsel asked for a continuance, on the
ground that he was under bond to appear in
Washington on that day, on the trial of Martin
F. Conway; but the prosecution objected, argu
ing that he never intended to put in an appear
ance, Tbe Court declared Pomeroy's bond for
feited, and the case continued, from necessity.
tp We beg Bro. Kalloch'a pardon. We snp
pesed the item which we found in tho papers, rel
ative to his joining the Bjpti-t Church, was sim
ply a drive at him, and commented npoa it
accordingly. We find it was earnest, and that
he has re-entered the ministry. We mako this
apology voluntarily, because we wonld not throw
anght in the way of a man who had honestly
entered npon a better life.
CF" Senator York is still lecturing on his Toin
eroy conspiracy. Doesn't he know that the sub
ject Is stale in Cict, exhausted f What do the
f . I
public care about haviug his dirty shirt flapped
in their facea, and being told that Tomercy dirt-
VSf It is reported that Judge Delabay has or
dered the arrest of Jndge Morton,-of Topeka, for
being in .contempt of him. Grncions! there are
noneof usfyife.
tS Iu Topeka, tradesmen designate their
place of business a being so manv doors from
tho burnt Cemmoniteqllh boildin"-. - "
iBEijkfo4fiL BieGRAPliii-'s.
The time being close at hand -when the Lexialatore will
bo required to perform its animal ceremony of eleetlflja
United States Senator, something aema to whisper na a
little bird, or a ayrtn. or a stm small voice, aa It were
satin- that It la onr doty to do onr part toward giving the
Legislature aneh licit and Information aa will enaUe them
to choose wtseJy. we therefore resume onr authentic, and
eminently reliable biographies of the more prominent can
.dldatea for the high position. Firat on the list comes
In tbe Summer ef 1813, a party of far-tradrra descending
the Ulasiasippl Kiier is a flat-boat, discovered, aboct where
WTiltttTblll's Landtag now is, an object floating In the wa
ter, which attracted their attention. On overhauling it,
they diaooTered It to be an ordinary angar trough, contain
ing a male baby only three daya old, of French and Ameri
can extraction. They Judged of ita extraction, from the
fact that a frog eat on the head end of the trough, and a
Jack-knife lay at the foot. They took the child in, and left
it at tbe cabin of a settler, which they chanced to espy on
the tank of the river, a few hoars afterwards. Aa they
knew no name for the child, they called bim Waters, from
the circumstance of having funnd hint afloat on the waters;
and to tbU day, the HWislppI Elver is known aa the Fa
ther of Waters. For a Christian name, thay called bim
Bonaparte Jackson after tbe renowned French and Ame
rican Generala who fought their but and greatest battles
in that year.
A few years later, the aettiera having begun to flock to
the country along the Missouri River, attracted by the
fame of Daniel Boone, the people having charge of the waif
Waters emigrated thither, and located in what la now Kay
County, where the child, when he grew np, came tn be
known aa Waters of Bay. lie early exhibited a great food
neaa for books, but no books wens to be had. FinaTlr be
managed to borrow a mntilated copy of DabulTs Arithme
tic from a neighbor, which he read through half a dozen
times during une bard Winter. In the Spring, a family
came Into the neighborhood, who were the fortunate pos
sessors of the 1'ilgriin'a Progress and Gulliver'a Travels
Ilavlng perused them, he pronounced a Judgment npon
their merits, which has been pronounced by hundreds of
others, before and since that Gulliver was fully as sensi
ble and a deal more interesting than the other book.
lie also gave evidence of a thinking and reasoning mind.
One incident will serve to illustrate this. A pioneer school
was opened, and Bonaparte Jackson was one of the most
regular attendants. In storing his mind with the riches of
learning, he waa extremely neglectful of his personal .
pearance. The teacher observed this; and finally the
thought came stealing npon him, strengthened by the com
plaints of the boys who sat adjacent to Waters, that he was
infested with vermin in fart, that be was bmsy. Il.-.vlng
fully satisfied himself npon this point, the teacher one day
called Waters np, to lecture him. The boy came, raking
his fingers through hla hair.
"What makes yon keepopsnch a continual scratching
atyotrrhead!" demanded thetcaebsr.
"Buggers!" was the laconic reply.
"And are yon not ashamed to come to school In that con
dition ! Why don't you rid joursclf of them I"
"Tain't no nse," replied the boy.
"Xouse! Why do you say that I "
"The Scripture aaya so. Tlieyll one back again."
"Be done with this nonsense ! Why do you think they
will come back I"
"Because they are' 'bred npon the Waters, and shall re
turn after many days!'"
The teacher was so struck with thla'rrpiy. that be re
commended young Waters to a UroscopUn physician who
bid just located there, to read medicine In his oftlcu.
But that profession seemed to liare a tendency to keep
the mind from rising above the Influence of the fountain
head of the subtle science by which it is controlled, and he
detei mined to abandon It, never more, to resume it, except
as a pit atUr. The law was what his soul yearned for.
When a hoy, and beyond the reach of books; he had come
into possession of a conple of blank deeds, which he read
and re read, and stndied thoroughly, lie was Impressed
with the quaint beanty of their language and style; and
from that time, hla Inclination leaned atrongly toward the
law. lie now proenred a copy of a new work entitled
"Kvery Man His Own Lawyer," to which he applied him
self studiously, until he became thoroughly versed in the
lair. Be was chosen Justice of the Peace of his Township ;
and many of bis decisions In that position are referred to in
the Supreme Court Reports of the State in which connec
tion nsnally occurs the word "Reversed."
The first case before bim was a suit between two citizens
for a sum of money. After the decision was rendered, it
was ascertained that neither party was worth a cent, aud
that not only the debt could not be collected, but that the
tbTS of officers and witnesses could not be made out of them.
In this emergency, he promptly" decided that the Constable
tanst pay ti? costs!
On another occasion, a widow brought snit against a man
for defrauding her out of a wash bilL After giving her er.
idencr, the Justice asked her:
"Why didn't you make hlin pay in advance, before doing
tho work!"
" I didn't know I had any right to do that," she replied.
" Well, madam, ll is a well established principle of law.
that Ignorance of the law is no exense. Much aa I feel for
3'ou, I must do my duty. I shall have to decide thhi case
against yuo. and require you to pay the costs."
In a celebrated steamboat case, be once reversed a decis
ion of the Supreme Court of the United States.
In coarse of time, he was chosen a member of the Mis
souri Legislature. Aa Chairman o'f the Committee on En
grossed Bills, he acquired a knowledge of legislation and of
law which haa since rendered him so conspicuous In his
Mr. Waters, hearing tliat thjre was difficulty In persua
ding men to accept the office of United States Senator In.
Kansas, and that there were no persons in the State com.
pctent to fill the position, removed Jo this State several
montha since, and located at Fort Scott. 17' possesses all
the necessary qualifications for first-class Senat.T hav
ing had Legislative experience, and being the owner of s
newspaper and w ere we asked to select a man to till tLc
high and honorable position, we should unhesitatingly say,
B. J. Watecs!
KxcrsE Cs. The farmers of this Comity, re
cently, resolved to ascertain what manufactur
ers of agricultural machinery have refused to
sell to farmers' clubs nt the same rates they do
to middle men, and to publish a list of their
names, location. 'and the kind of machinery they
manufacture, iu tbe Couuty papers. That is,
they propose to advertise their business for them.
Xow, we are willing to do anything in reason to
accommodate the farmers; but to advertise for
manufactures of agricultural machinery free of
charge, goes against the grain.
t"? The local editorof the Atchison QhaiHrion,
on New-Year's Day, was presented, by various
parttes, with a gold-headed cane, a chronometer
gold watch, and a horse aud buggy. At least
this is his story; bnt be gets up so many sensa
tion items.
C In a map of tbe Atchison anil curaka
railroad anil counfctionx,gnt np forcircnlars and
Ietter-hcails, St. Joseph is placed duo cast from
Humboldt, Nebraska, lint if Atchison is proper
ly located, all right.
tjF The Legislature will convene next Tues
day. The Governor" Stcusnge will probably not be
delivered before Wednesday ; and for two wrekx,
bnt little else will be done except hatching a
So successful has Dr. Pierce' Golden Medical
Discovery proven, as a constitutional treatment
for Catarrh, when con pint with the use of Dr.
Sago's Catarrh Remedy, applied localy by the
nse of Dr. Tierce's Xasal Douche (tho ouly meth
od of reaching the tipper and back cavities of
me ueau.i mat tlio proprietor or these medici
nes has long offered a standing reward of $300
fur a case or Catarrh which he can not cure.
The two medicines, with instrument, furjiby
Cortland, II1 April 5M, le73.
Dr. Pjercr, BnffUlo, X. v.:
Dear Sir It is with pleasure I make this state
ment to you that after taking medicine for twen
ty years for the Catarrh, I tried yonr Catarrh
Kemedy and eflected a cure, so that it has not
troubled me for two years.
Teople should beware of those impostors who
copy Dr. Pierce's original style of advertising,
by offering various sized rewards for cases of
Catarrh and other diseases whicli they can not
cnre- Those who do not possess sufficient in
telligence to write au original advertisement are
not likely to have made great aud valnable dis
coveries in Medicine.
DoxtriiAjf Cocvrr. Doniphan County reports
the business of tax paying ns progressing livrlv,
the people paying np fully ns well as iu the for
mer years. Doniphan is one of the best managed
comities in the state. Aud the same rrtwrt that
-" -UH III S3 natlllG VI .
comes from Doniphan comes from all the prompt,
well-manaired Connties n, ii- -.- tn mn
thepnblic business successfully is to run it on
business principles. Latrnct Journal.
The Kansas CAir, Sol. Miller's raper. pub
lished one of the largest papers in the State Xew
lears day, devoting sir columns of nonpareil to
County news. Jtehiton Ckanpion.
The Xew Year's edition nfiiinTnr nufmm
the best local paper ever issued in Kansas. We
JfortDK Chut iln this week's report, Z srfil commence
with School District No. 70 better knows aa the Winona
District. Tbe school house Is bnUt in keeping with the
general enterprise of the aarronndiag community, and is
furnished with nearly all the modem appliance necessary
for imparting instruction in the elementary branches of
education. Miss Johnson U teaching a second term of
school la thU District, and Is daily Increasing her popular
ity aa a competent and practical educator. Like every
other teacher. Miss Johnson haa her "one misfortune;"
and of all the SU that Infest the school room, a utscelnuse.
ouaaasortaCTtoflrxtbooka Is the greatest calamity. For
every pupil In her school, this teacher haa, at haul, one
school book different from all the rest, which fact necessi
tates her, not altogether. Interesting variety of recitations.
In this one particular, the school patrons or this district
are very much In fault : since a teria ef text books ought
to be adopted in every school! and the nse of all other kinds
should be prohibited. In favor of aoch a onlfunnlty. It
nerds no lengthy argument to prove lu advantage. If
not absolutely necessary t chuslficatlon.lt certainly aa
aisU materially in the work, and makes teaching more
effective, by avoiding ttaf confusion of definitions aad
rnlea which must arise in a' school when the books of aer.
era! authors upon tbe same subject are lb nee. The cost
of textbooks la a small loss, when compared with thgain
of having tbem uniform. First : Aa it economize time.
The teacher can do much more work when he need only
-listen to the recitation of classes. Instead of LndrrMnala;
and when be need not repeat to each pupil expUnationa
and illustrations of the lesson, and additions to H. The
time thus saved by the teacher can lie naod greatly to the
advantage of the pupilaaa individuals, and to tbe school
aa a -whole. Second: Classification stimulates'" pupils to
- more ddigent stndy. Tbe common experience of teachers
reveals the facCthat pupihi wDl study mere diligently to
make preparation for a class recitation, than fur a recita
tion by themselves. Thrpmcnce of numbers in the class,
and the competition of elassmatea,'will sometimes prompt
even dull mlnda to activity,7 welch otherwise could not be
accomplished. Third, ami last': It increases the teacher'
interest in the fostraetbinlielinpjrt. Animation 'on the
part of the teacher is essential to good teaching. A dull
teachermake a dnll claas.Ajclergyman would hardly
take a very warm interest la preaching. If he had but one
Hsb ner. The same principle iappUcable In teaching. A
teacher is roused np to earnest effort, when a large class
awaits hia Instruction. H t
School house, old, email, add uncomfortable, but well
furnished. School, quite huge, and making considerable
advancement In their, studies. .sToscher. a Mr. Yoong by
name, and also young In experience. The classification,
order of recitation, aad manner oC conducting elarts-driU to
be observed in this school, would, however, da credit tn
some older teachers, who. lacking Mr. Yonng'a energy and
close application, will forever rrtilti their present medioc
rity. I have often been led to question the motive of a
certain class of teachers for remaining la the profession i
and If they could be induced to atate the object they have
in view, or the mollies by which, they are actuated in
teaching, it ts to be feared that they would fail to come up
to the standard of duty which la adopted by every trne
teacher. There may be found, attempting to teach in our
schools, persona who have never made teachings stndy,
who have no love for it, .but who teach merely to put in
time null mime more congenial employment presents Itself,
or until they accumulate auffieient money to enable them
t engage in a different kind of business. There may also
bo fiHind those, who merely go through a routine of recita
tion, whipping, and scolding, most irksome to them s who
are careful to perform no duty bnt what they must; who
aro behind time at the opening of the school, and hnrry
away as Cist as possible after its close; who dUIike school
and pnpils, and are rever pleased except when paj--day
comes, and never seem interested in any thiug connected
with their schools, except an increase of salary, ahorter
school terms, and more numerous holidays. Such claj-sea
of rrsons are a dNgrace to the profession of teaehing. and
gins! teachers evrryw here are growing impatient with the
slowness of the process by which they are being got rid of
Speed the day when beter men, with ' tb r motive, take
tin ir place !
WllOOi. Du-TOICT NO. 19.
The teacher employed la Mis Clemlna Brown a lady
who has had considerable experience in teaching, and one
who is possessed of culture and refinement, aa ber school
and school room attest. In addition to mans and chart
tastefully arranged upon the Trails, the teacher haa also
placed mottoes, paintings, and drawings, which give her
school room a cheerful and attractive appearance. Miss
Brown's regiter and class-book go to prove that children
will attend school more regularly, and be more attentive to
their -itndlcs, learn mqr, and learn it better, when school
bouse are pleasantly situated, the school grounds properly
arranged, and the school rooms propi rly furnished. A
school house should.be aosituatod that the children who
frequent it can look ont in all directions apon a pleasing
landscape, since they are unconsciously taught by tbe ob
jects that surround them. When accustomed to look upon
the beautiful Iiiaiiatnre,.they will luarn to appreciato tbe
beautiful In life: aud when thus instructed, they will be
more apt to sho-n- tbe low ami the grovelling, the profane
and the vulgar, and to prove- the troth of the sentiment
of "How near to what is good is what is fair." Kot only
should the school building have pleasant suminndings,
bnt the school room Itself should be made attractive; for
children will not sit down in a mid, dark, gloomy, uninvit
ing room, and study wclb Such surroundings serve only to
blunt the taste, corrnpt tbe morals, and to create a dislike
for stndy at their very outset In the pur-rait of knowledge.
Bntsnrronnd them with what Is beautiful In nature and
art, and their silent teachings will awaken the natural
sente of beanty and refinement which, untouched, forever
remains dormant in the human heart.
D. D. ROSE, Co. Snpt.
Stale lYcirs.
DoxiritA.V CoVXTV. Mr. Kalloeh, of tho Law-
renC mount, in a letter to that paper thus
speaks oi"rr Couuty:
"Doniphan C'''n'y " without donbt tho host
improved ngricnlturai v- """'J" ' Kansas Xcitli
er would it he far from the il-trt to pronounce it
tlio best County to improve. It Las rjch mulat
to soil, the UL&iu.ilt'd qualifications ofy.'.'uc!i sro
well kuown. It is loss affected by drought CZ
excessive rain than any other soil. There is
literally no eud to its depth. Clay thrown up
from a well from a d pth of silly or seventy feet
would sell for manure in Massachusetts. This
may seem a little strong, but onr informant is
tho Hon. Xatban Price, an old resident of the
County, tbe present State Senator, and a gentle
man of nnimpeachablo veracity."
Tim Tturlington Patriot of the 18th says: Last
neck during one of the heavy rain storms we
experienced almut the middle of the week, Mr.
Thornhiiry, living near LeRoy, had a very nar
row esraiie from death. He was returning from
LeRny after dark, with .his horses and wairon.
and w hen within a fow rods of his home an elec
tric I ilt from the clouds' descended, instanlly
kiliing both his horses aud paralysing Mr. Thnni
bnry so badly that he fell forward from bis seat,
striking the tongue of tho wagon between the
dead horses. Ho recovered afier n few minutes,
sufficiently to find himself only badly stunned
by the shock, while his his horses were stark
.The Rnrlington r7rof learns of a terrible ac
cident in Coffey couuty.. It appears Mr. Pruileu,
at the house of Mr. Marsli, had been ont dnring
the afternoon squirrel hunting, and returning at
night placed his rifle, which was Iuaded, in the
rack on the wall, and 'went ont to get some
wow i. mere were several persons in tho mom
at tint time, including Johnny Marsh, a boy fimr
years old. who was playiiig iu in his cradle. The
gnu fell from tlio rack, the breech striking the
tloor. which diacliargedif, killing almost in
stantly the small lad that lay in his cradle. The
hall broke one of his MfTrisTaiid entered tho chest
iu the region of the heart.' He lived barelv five
minutes, expiring before tbe irrief-Htrirkpn In.
mates cnnld hardly realize the terriblo nature of
I lie accident.
One of the most ridicnlons expressions we ever
heard of is said to have been gntten oft bv a
ynong gentleman (!) nho hails from the land of
blue noses at the debating'elub this week. The
question was npon woman's rights to the ballot.
Iu the ennrse of bis remarhs he rrn,nrftted all
tho ladies present who desired to heromx mnil..
ers, to hold np their right hands. We didn't
hear of any hands going np, bnt we learn that a
fool went down iu t jje, estimation of all present.
Howard Cnuntg ileimenger.
Certain school districts in Anderson county
are going to repudiate their orders, which were
in payment for a certain mathematical apparatus
known ns "Wood's mathematical method of
arithmetic," on the gronud that the orders were
obtained by misrepresentation, and that value
received was not rendered.
We learn from the Clav county DUpaten, that
last week Mrs. Scott was throwu from a wagon,
seriously iuinrin-r her snln. -,...1 ...,,,.;,, ., ,-.
lysis of the, left side of the body. Her caso was
cousideresl qnite critical, being an old lady 70
years old, there were little hopes of her recovery.
It is reported that PM Ti, w ir... e
Clietona, one of tbe most enllnml ami hrillUt
men in the State, has lost his reason, and that he
recently attempted to commit snicide. Grief at
the death of his wife is said to have been the
cause of bis mental aberration.
The prairie fires have driven tht cattle or Mar
shall county into tho Solomon and Republican
valleys, where hay is worth two dollars per ton,
and corn fifteen cents per bushel.
J. S. Vincent, formerly sheriff of Cherokee
county, has ned A. T.Lea, of tbe Baxter Springs
J?3rihea, for $5,000 worth of libel. Lea, of
fence was opposing Vincent, for treasurer, last
vr.ll f, e. r... . . , I
The Iloaschold Panacea,
Family Z-inimciir,
la tbe best remedy in the world for the following com
plaint, viz.: Crampaln the Limb and Stomach. Tain in
the Stomach, Bowels, or Side, rheumatism in all Its forms
Bilioua Cbolir, Jf euralgla. Cholera, Dysentery, Colds, Fresh
Wounds. Bum, Sore Throat, Spinal Complaints. Sprains
and Bruise. Chill and Fever. For Internal and External
use. ,
It operation Is not only to relieve the patient, but entire
ly removes tbe caoae of tbe complaint. It penetrates and
pervade the whole aystero. restoring healthy action to all
IU parts, and quickening the Mood.
The Ilo-aa-rhwld Panacea purely
Vegetable and All ITealing.
Prepared by CUBTIS i BKOWX.
Xo. 213 Fulton Street, JTew Tork.
For sale by all druggists. July 10) L.
Happy Belief tar Toungr lien from tl.c tflW-ta of
Error anil Aim In early life. Matihoutl ntmL Im
pediment to marriage remoTed. Xew method of treat
ment Xew and rrmsrkaUo rrmedle. Ibaoka and Circu
lars sent fref. In sealed eortlope. AddrrM, IIOWJ.I.D
ASSXIATIOX. Xo. S Smth Xlnth St, Philadelphia, IVu
an InMtitntion having a high reputation fur honorable con
duct and profeiMlonal aVHL ocOO, 73-ly.
Thirty Years Experience of an Old
Tin; Wlnalaw'a Kihiu-; ft 7 rap is ihe pre--cript
ln of rnr of the leat Female Phrxle ian and Xur
'ea in the United State, and ha been ned fur thirty jrsir
with nerrr-IiiiHns nafrty and aurcrM, by million of moth
ers and cliiM1 ren, from the feeble Infant of mr week iM to
the adult.' It ctrrrrt aridity of the stomach, relierni wind
colic, regulate the bowel, and sire rrt, health and com
furt tn mother and child. AVc In lierr it tn be the B,it and
Surcxt Krmedy In Mm U'orR In all cnc or DVSKKTKU V
and DIAKKIUEA IX C1I1UJI.RX. vbnhcrit ariea from
Teething or from any other can?. Full dirrctians for mdn
will acewmpany each Nittle. Xno Rrnntne unlWi the fac
simile of CUKTI.S &. I'EKKINS U on the ouUhla wrapper.
Sold by all Medicine iValrra. JulylOyl.
Children Often Look Pale nnd Sick
from no other cane than having worm In the tomach.
nnovxs vkhmifitok comfit
will destroy Worm withont Injury to thf chQd, bcln; per
fectly WHITE, and" free from all adoring or other Injuri
ous IngrwuVntn lutiully ued In worm prcpairatifXM.
CCUTIH A. llROWX, Proprietors,
Xo 215 Fnltim .Street, Xew York.
Wd by VrvfjQuU nnd CMrmUtt, and VeaUrt in Medicines,
at Twextt-Five Claris a Box. J"lylfti 1.
Administrator'. IVoticc.
JWTOTICE i hereby riven, that letters of adminitratin
n no the rntate of Ermlula F, Drummond, dee'd. late of
Doniphan County, were granted to the nnri ensign cd I X.
ot Kan.!, 1 waring date Iecrmler 15th. 17X All penwmn
Indebted to the cutate. are required to make Immediate set
tlement: and all having claim agalnt the rotate, art-notified
that if the name be-not prewntM fur allowance with
in ne ear after the date f said letters, therniay leprr
clnded from any beneilt of said estate; and if not present
ed within three ears alter aid ilate. ther will In forever
barred. I X. SMALLWOOI.
AilmluMratnrof thcEntiteof Enuinla F. Immmond,
January 2, 1 374-3 vr.
I Vs fre. 93.
ALT persons are hereby f.irbiiMen to !
trrorpr Frederick Wfifmde, a minor, J
home to iro to, and I furnihed with all 11
barls r or trust
a Im ban a rmod
that is incciMtarr
for hi comfort. Anv ps-nMn trnnfin: bim, will do so on
their own lespoudbility, at no debts of hi cnntntrtlit't will
lie paid bv ine. HKXI.V AlIUAMS. Cuardian.
White CI'ttnL Kaunas, January 7, lc74-4w.
Makes dirvct connrctions with all lints dinr-in from
Atcliitiin to aud from tho
East, South and West.
rassrocer nhould lear thf fact In mind, that In selrctins
their tickrU via Atchison, they luvc the choice of many
routes over which
arc arriving and leaving dally. In close connection with the
Atchison & Nebraska Railroad.
The -A. V 2C. TZm T? 1CxTnMN nrrivr In
Atrljiii at l-5u p. nu, and leaves Atclii.ii at I. OS p. m.
THE MO. PACIFIC K. IU fr Karros City, St. Lonl.
Cincinnati, and tlio Kait, .irrivrs at l'-tlu p. ui ami 1 acs
at 2 00 p. in.
TIIK K. C- ST. JOE. Jt C. II. K. IU fr Mine point
as alN.vc. nrrirtsat 12.17 ixm., and Ic.ne at 10 p. m.
Al", f.r Ch leapt and the Ea.t, nrri.es at 9iZ0 a. uu, and
leaves at 6."t p. M.
THE ST. JOK. ., TOPEKA R. R, fr Chicago nnd the
Eat, rw "Iltirlinxtou Route, nrrhesat 10 00 a. in., anil
leaYi-nat2.no p. m.
TUP. H. .V .ST. JOE R. IU f..r Qniner. Chlnsn, Tole
do. Ac, arri.es at 3 JO a-mM ami leatsnt3JtO i.niaud
6:10 a. m.
TIIE CU IL L & P. R. R for Chicao and tho Kwt,
arrives at II 00 a. m, and 1ea.es at 3U0 k m.
THE A- T. & S. V. IC. ft- for the Arkansas Vallej,
Colorado, Ac , arrives at 1 1:40 a. ro-, and le es st 5.10 p. m.
TIIE C. It. t P. R. R, f..r Waterville, Ar arrives at
12:10 p. m, and leaves nt 30 p. m.
Through Tickets to all Points East, South and Vest,
Can In had at all the principal ttatiuns.
Commutation or Hile&ge TicuctJ,
Jt Three Cent per mile, for CWt or 1,T0 wiVrs,
Will besoM. on iersnnal apnliration todrnernl Tassen-
KrrAcrnt. They will brgnod fr tlimiauit sitmmitli.
?to ltalffare tickets will lie solil. cxrent tn rlililn-n nil.
uT twr!o Jiars of affe.
EacniJ"" ri'ea win not ite craiiiMi. ntnrss a special
aerecment is niatle'h tlencral Passmjrr At-at. as to
nnmbrr of ticket ."PinireJ, i'r
Gen'l Snperinlendent,
vT. T. W3ITE,
Crn'l .. tat,
Anmvjx, Kassas.
$18 IN VALUE FOR $3!
A Splendid Holiday, Rirthdau, lleddinj or Friendly
The original, popular. larje ami c!rint 03 CInuioo,
"ThooM onken hneket the tnin-honnil Imckrt
The mo.ioTered hneket, which hnng in the well,"
(after Jkromk Tnonrsos.) size nbrSS Inches. The bert
parlor pitiurt errr published, for 115. This lare and
trnly splendid Chrmnn. in all Ifa oriaal heoutj and ex
cellence, I otTrred aa a premium torncb (3 irarlysuhscrl.
Demorest-'s MoalMy Magazine,
The Chromo Is sent rarnl.hed and on a roller, postajje
ten rent extra r or mounted on canras and stretcher, a
an oil palntinr. Ilftr cent extra (which include transpora
tion); or mounted on canvas, and In an elegant 21 Inch pit
frame with arraliesque corners, three ranis of crimson
cord. andTnackrd fur 3: nukin; the whole ciminlcte. (in
clnilin: Frame, Chromo and rabscrlptlun tn the Manxine 1
cnlr W.
Io not till to send earlr and cet the maznlBcrnt
Chnimo, the -Oui t)Kct ItixKKT." which. In alio and
artistie merit. Is quite equal to an Oil Tainting worth Are
uiiuurci uoiiars.
Now ready! Sent ; anywhere in theU.S.oa receipt of
tbe amount of tho subscription.
833 llnsulway, Xew Tork.
Fruit Trees.
THE subscriber has now on hand, at hU N'nraerr on
tb Doniphan Road, four miles south of Tnn- alar-e
stock of .-':
For IT11 unci Hpriiigf Delivers-.
These tree are of two and three years' -mwth atl M r
ThU,i-k::u"lim't Pn,fiUMe Tiirtiti;i"einTry!
Warranted to be of the Very Best,
a. it was crown by one wlm haa made It a life bnsines,
it waa raised In Kansas, and Is therefore alrra.tr ,,3
to thi. Kit and climate. He will uelirer TrrnTn tholewho
soi.nlcr: or ho inrites farmers to call at th. VnVL.re ...I
ro.t approTe.1 TarIctIea,nt will fanulh ffnTt TresVof al
ITcdsc Plants trill also be Supplier! In
Any qnnnltfr.
All tree awl plant will be sold at reasonable nrte.. .-J
win take cash or lire stock la paymenL " Md
Anput 7. tJ-in. jl a TErs v.
uxrrACTCKis or aid nuuts n
Boots & Shoes,
5JH .7,e Itig Bot, irert of PuWe SqHarCt
m S risp.wim.a.t t iKaVsk Vv J n
"Uitr". rilT."a?nortoorder.Inthebe.t
turr-'leelwttlieliCTtiittteria i&Sgffi'
The publisher of ST.WICIXOI.AS. SrIbnet-
Illustrated :- furGirla and Boys, take plea
aorein announelnc Ibat by an arrangement with Messrs.
J. n. OssosmI V Cw.. their popular Majaiine
In addition to tho atrikbA noveltie. and ereat III terary
and artistic attraction already offered by -ST.MCH-t)LA&"
YOVMfi FOLKN wiU bo retained. -ST. XICII
OLAS" HAS BEEX EXLAEGED, new contributions have
been secured j among them
Late Editor of 0r Vopita F.lUs," which bejln In
the present number. Other Eminent Writer srrll
kii.watothereaderof"Oor Voting F.lk"hav
bern en-aced- We are thus enabled to present to the pnb.
lics.TliscazIne for Children nnd Voath, aeprrinr
in erery mptct to nny rrrry beCrr pabllsbol.
Tllttr.lt SrtxxniDSEEULSTOKits:
A Htary for Bay,
Author of "Tinj-a-Unz," "Roundabout Kamble. etc
Mr. Stockton is one of tho best of onr American Wrltera
Th scene of tho story is laid in Virginia. Tho boy-hero
has atartod ont with a t'" on Ills slioulder. and e may be
sure tbere. will be no end of fun and adventure.
X Ml err for Girls,
By OLIVE TIIOUXE (Men. II irrjet M. Mil urn)
A freat favorite with the rbihlren. It U a pnd. stnmj,
wholesome story of gicl life, and will be full of Interest fur
both boys and guU.
One of the m-t populur writers fronng foils In Amerl.
ca. Readers of -Jck-Hazan!,- A Chance rr IllnisrlC"
and MDoiu: his Best, will ttn.lertnd what m capital
treat is tn store lor luem in mt, 1 ntwurMfe s new iry.
AU these Stories tUI be Splendidly IHatrated
JI.13.ttYJ01i:V STOKIES-
Antlmr of -The William Keury Letters," "William Henry
and Ills Krirndet," mid Lncy Maria, " wlm has therare
and happypift ofLnnwinz hw to drlipht younj ps-ople),
wiu. .mutt M'kim. THE YKAK. There will alw be Mhar
Irr Miaries, Inpcrmt MriruccandIIilarr,Vnln
rnl IliMorr Wild Sports and Adventures, Nkrlche
orTrwrcl, Fairy Tales, Toems l'uzxle. Charades, J Ing
le. Fnn and Fancy, Imdructien. Entertainment and De
light. Somcthtn; for all, fn.ra Father and Jf other to
theRnbr. The Illmdrations will he tbe best that the
Artists of two continents can supply, and will bepriuted
with the sreattut care.
Onr papain W type and rav words fr theyimnjrrst
rcailvTH. which ha. t been "a lift fn-ni thetirwt. will be
riutillilML Tiie rhiltlnu
will Ik- Ud tn Lnuw al, that
Ihu ilriartmrut nl
Is to be a pt-ruiancnt featurrof the niapizfne. Jack will
t-ll some of th motst curious things ever heanl, and nuke
hiiiiHclf :rnr rally entertaining.
hive nndrrtaken to mako the let niaaiino ponAihle,
fir the little folk. all a.-i ih'-sc wlh an older. Every
number of Ml. aXiclioIn will contain hm reuttinjr nut
ter for bti s and -jrls of aliases, brides anat deal of
kenrtr and inns nt fun.
Christmas come-4 but once a year, but Ml. IMrbela-.,
thenew maazliif for rU andlH, cnies et ery nn'uth.
It hsnalreatlv won tho hmrtsof Oiejounj Mkn. and the
laillle stlulil ecu nrr tUryiiip tor Mi. .-icUoIni.
Wt Want 100,003 Kra Hi TBBtt Mt ffiFW
Nt. Airbolns. a. riiLirstU. otutains one-lliiril more
niattrr tlun Our Vouuir I'olh. tint i tiuz a zn at
larii-ty furalL With lis errat Utrrary ami I'htnral
Atlractiitii. anl Its lieautlful l'rintinz. it will In ft-uml tt
In- tbe Cheapest Jlngnziuv in lite World.
Si'nx-Kimn'C Ptirr. f3 a Tint Tiik two n.rK m'm
EiruK XoxEMiritAMi DtcrxntK, "73. WIU. DKf-EVT TO
.IU. MtW-ltlKKks inl "74 KITIIOCT AliMTIOS It til IKCK.
KOl'U illlMII. mu (INK IMJLLAUi CT. A NlXllEK.
Mnnry msy lies-ntti ns In cherls pnjaMrto nnrimr
nler, or in tNt Othce loney Oriirrs. nriu llrci.l, rtrl
I-ttir. aluiuy in Ixtters nut Itt-Kiti-rrl, at iwinler's
mi:iii.-m:k a: ck,
C.I liro:itlsr:iy. Acss- Vorlr.
$1N in Value for $3!
?:tO in Vnlur for SO!
SI1 in Vnlnc for $9!
?7.J in Vnlur far $14!
Tin- Larrf-at. IVst anil most IViinlarOil Chmtnos In th
AVorM. in all their Iwantr ami artitic rsrrllrncr, fnm the
Original Motir.- I'uilrvnn sbr t7i'J8 inrlira. lrl- til
ratlu tjiii-n as irrn.iitins tujiarly S4ilri ilcrs tu
Demorest's Ulnsttaled Homlliiy Magazine,
AT8MI) ii:k VIM It.
Ilarins ltnrrli.lsrl the convrislits at an rnonnonsrx.
jiciisr. itli tliersiirctatioii of M-ri.rinjr the Urrst rircnU.
tionnf ir llaaaitioln Amrrira.snlL.Ts ilrti-nnlitMl n
malinl an ciiurllilil i.tTir of I lit- jn-tly nlrliralnl
Clironios, tlio
"Old O.-lL.ll niiclict,"
An-r Jrrouir 1 lotuiiwu, as a I'n niltnu fi,r Ic. t.
"Cnilir Child,"
After Jcri.inr Tiionipsn, as a Iinti!iim fir IrfTi
"Honir. Mwcrt Home,"
A fkr Jtnnio Th-imiMuii. as a t'rt-niiitm fur IS7C
"Aflrr The Nform."
I!) F. II. II. llrllsss, as a I'rrminni for 1T7.
Kjrli ritrtmns as a work of art. Is fully rqnal to an Oil
Vaintin-worth lre Ilnmlrnl IWIars.
The Chroiuii are no rvaily. anil are sent hr mail on rr.
tript cf Ihe anls-firi '"" f ' cilhi r, or all of ih rars. as
almie, ramUhnlaml on a roller, .i.tazr 10 n-nts extra.
Or nioootnt on CanTaa and Stretcher i Oil I'alntin-).
for M crnts e h ntra. which iuclnilr the ios:s-r. Or
niomiteil on Canrasanit Stretcher, Iu elegant 2 uich Gilt
Frame, with AraiNrsque Corner Omaioent. three yanla
of crim-win conl, alnl tsrkril fCSertra each.
W3 IHuiik-at, N'Eir YcrK
f For four years siilxcription (112). all Ihe fixirChm
!'"" sent ininieilUtelv; lint ilo not Ijil at least to sewt
iXOnfor yoitrsnWcriptlon for Irtt. anil cet as .rrniliini
the(a;ninrrntCIironii, "TIIKOLII OAKEN" BUCKET."
Either one of thcChrnmosor all fonr sent flnmetutelr
on receipt of Sl.00 snliMTiptioiis fur the jer aa In.llrate.1.
SCRI2&ERF0R 1874.
Tlienncxjnipl.il fjror aeconleii i.. lil II nxinrt bv
tliepnblic, enable nstn enter niion the eonilni-yeai ilh
the means of raakin" it more attractive and valuable tlun
erer In-fore to ita laranil Inrreasin- nnnilior of readers
on both sbleof the Atlantic. Tho Serial Strv of the
jcar. Kathrrino Esrle. hy alls Trafton, i, rharmln; Lore
Morj by a clrtrtt writer, wlio I destined U a wld. mi.
There will be Itrrllbnt Xorelellea awl tbe Ihmt Khnrt
Stories br Saxe Hohu. Bret Harte, an.1 other dcllchtrul
.t,?S!T!r."'riy.ns,,",.,ml'!ae reu. with lllnstra.
iTriniOM.TIm.t..I,,e- T l-LK.T,h.r. known f..r
his bnlliaut cotitribntlons to the Wotrm ItrM. will sin-
Tn.ViS.Br t"ie;.r.,.h '"W""'"? Wheel, The FlalL
The bUje Coach, tho Mill. etc. .
11 r.rt!.li.1"1 '"VPheial Sketchr of American An
PneoU. ""ir" ""J?1? lnS ami Stock lUWu- in
lZF!ZI?lk!?!iMlrmnthn '",,1 ""nilture. beside,
mai!? T JU"tratrn Ankle are now tn pre-
. ?V'',ri",M ""I" "Tliefireat S.wlh.- the m.t lm
1 .'fS't"'' sa-n-Ii-e. wri of Illustrated Papers ever
unilertalm byanr Jlacnii- will he eontlnne,ijrn.nsh
the year. In the Ieeember'nnilr wer.mplee theTa
peron LonWana. The next in onlerwill Is- The Lraie
Mar State i The ir.mMaIu Iilon of tbe S.nth : The Iron
mH.rfii2!iWV'?, ''nrr- "u teEyaad
Miorial l)bcnssIoi .or Literature, Selene, and Art.
.sketcheof Trarel. occasional I'oem. and Etehlnc. will
EL"--!?.1' fJ'.'Pll1", .,i'!lLln Lltfratnre desl-ned to
be "The liest in Ihe Wot Id."
Tiie December N'umlier (now reaiTel !- -i.t- iti.
on The Resumption or rWie Pavment. br Dr.Alwalrr
Poems by Ilret. Harte. jtarDonald and other: Tlio con'
iT.ii. .. IW"5'ni,L',",rl" rm-teT Storiea. Hplen.
did Illustration of New Orleans, the Pari of America i
,?;",2?,,",,,J'JJ'7""',,',,',rorps"'' writer. Topic
oftheTinieby Dr. Holland, lu which hermlira to-Some
lieuzions ncwsiianers; a un-lia!4o Etcliin-. 4e, i.r. An
entertauiin: nnmWr. The llili.lay Jfo.ot St. N'irbola.
our Splendid Xew llliistratrd Ifsailne for nirl. and
Roys, the llnest erer U.ue.1. wilt Ih- sent to an the .Suberi
lTsi.f taWn JlmtUn forma. AIk, lhr Xnrember
and I)ecrni!er numlirr of St. Nicholas sent free tn those
who nbs:rile for both Mazarine. The July nunilierof
.irnoer itonHly. contalnln: the Inlmlnctory Article of
the Oreat South Serir. sent to nbsrr1brrs to Xcribner
who request It when makln: their salmTlpilons.
Scribner's llontfaly ft CO, SLN'icboIa 3D0a year or
f!JD0 for both. "
Rond IVolicc.
JkTOTICE I. herehTciren. tliat a petition will be pre
n7i"fui '" tb-BMrd "f p" Commuononeri of
jlphan County. Kansas, at their meetlnc In February.
,BtWl? lot ehance In Ihe rood rnnnlns from Tror
tj. Hfjhfineou.menclnSat theiwntb.wt eorner,f
Jion thirty, (30) township two. m rsneo twenty. (IB) run.
Us: north one hundred and sixty-live rods, thence, west
aerenty rod, there romincsonth on said line, and thence
wtt ninety rod, to intersect said Troy and Hichland road.
.T MTC on imi.v
January l.lMw. . '.
Rond IVolicc.
"tVZ5C.E .hrnbr,d?7V-""' Potion will be prraen
u IT1 " ,h Bard of t-ormty ijommUshiner. of Donl
phan County. Kansas, at their Beetin' In Fehmary. li.
rrarin: for a continuation of the roaiTrnnnlni: from Tror
tnbjhUna.emnmencln-at the south-eiut corner of seel
.th,,rtJ' ""I ,"n",h.'p TV3' naf twenty. (SO) on
south line, west : one mile ; and thence north one-half mile,
tu Intersect said Troy anil nichland road.
r , ,, , JAiuaGILltOEE, rod Other.
January 1. liTMw. - Fr., ft
Adniinistrnlrix'M iYoticc.
mTOTICEi hereby riTen. that, on tbe Stb. day of Decern
"W ber. li!73. the undersigned was. by ths Probate Court
or phanCoanty. Kansas, appobtI Administratrix of
the Estate of IL C. Ha-klna. deceaaed. AU persona bar.
Slta?"sfa? "'tJEstate, sriU present the same for
payment; and those knowiny- themaelrta Indebted, win
make Immediate payment tn the undersigned.
TW1 . .a-JJP HAWKC.S, Administratrix.
Deeetnber II, 1K3-SW. Pr'afea.li
Southwest corner of tho Pnblle Square, Troy, Kansas
JU on principal cities, bur and soil County Warrants;Bol,l
SUver, it, and Keceivo rJeesiiita. ' "" "
Physician and Srjeon.
Ojftet in C. B. Hiclford .f- Ct." Drug Stoit,
at my residence.
.-ttorxxG-y at Iiaxv.
SPECIAL attention given to business In Doniphan Coun
ty. Ailurr,
Attorney at Ii.cu-,
Office, Soctti-kast Corxkk Pcbuc Sqvacc
-A-ttonioy Jit ILiivw-,
Ojnat West Side PuMicSinare, in Jeffs nun.Iinr. To
Stair. lynlyWyt.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
TROY, KA.-VsttS.
Ofllce. West ofCunrt Unas.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
ODIre, .Si'ortbrnsl Corner Public Mqnare.
WIU. prartice in all the Cmrls f the Swroil Jmlidal
I)W rirt. and the SuiM-rW Courts of Kanaaa.
p. s. son;if,
Jnstice of tbe Peace and General Conreyancer
COU.KCTIOXS mule, aixl Taxes rM f,.r non-resiilrat.
Office. Wrt Siilo Pul.lic Sinare, over Caso' Slor.
.rustice oi tlio Peace
COLLECTION'S pn.mi.tlr attrn.lnl to.
Onrt IIiiusc.)
(Otlirn at ths
Notary Pnic, and CoDectii Agent,
COXVKTAXCIXO. an-1 all llnA. of Lc.il writfnir. dna
in IIh liest atyle, on slmrt noth-e. (Jane 13, '67-ty.
iVotsii'- Xitlilic, Convfynncer,
f 1 AXKS wM f.r non rriiltnt. anU hmtttl, and aalr ot
JL realfwts.trmA.lt at rranaMo ratm. mch.9. I.
W'ltitc OIoikI - - - ICiiiinuh.
Oct. I. ISO.
Room lint Side of Public Srinrrr, two daart S'orth
nf Citf Hotel,
Clockri, AN'atclies and Jewelry repaired.
AUG. nnixER,
Paint.M9 Oils, &c, &c,
THE nttrntimi of ithyKiriana. iTmIrn,antl (hpftiMIoittni
rrallr, ft Inxitrtl U the liItuTnrnU ffrrrl fa nuh
ImTrrn. Irnsi. llftlidnn, (HIji. raint-t. I"iittjr. ItronhM,
Wln1nv f (Lim. Vfr- Stnlfn. Vint ',ur ami I Jtnora. at th
vrrr lowent rat, Srhf-nl lb.kit. SUtimwry. wall Iaprr,
rirtnrnMmiMtD'. lrat a rt-ry nioflrratcaflraara nn the
taanCiCturrr iiTim. SSangTHjl.
IVortlt SJIilo ot Iullio Siiim-o,
CIIAai,K.i Iticnv, Prvprlefar.
ritlllS IToasc Is Iar;e rn.l new, and Is (be prlnnal ITotel
X IntlieUltr. Icati'r3 in the business part of town, and
near the Court House. The table always contains the lt
the marVrt stTonls. Bed cowl, ud rooms well fiirnUhed,
Attention irilen to the wirnlaofaU irol,
A il Lirrry.SUbleanil WaSTJ Xp axlrdolli".
aarAcmrs cr
North of Public Sqnarc,
Ipairinz and pslntlnj: ii.no with nratnea ami dispatch,
and all ork warraated. J Ijulyyl.
Went Side Puhlic Square, near Cil Hotel,
TROY, I t ; ; z ICAXSAfi.
KEEPS a roastant supply of Meat or the choicest qnal
Hies, aud ofafl IIihIs. which he will sell s low a ths
time admiL
rue snort l open at all esonable honrs, and.
cnstiNnrrs ran alwayi
hare jnst what they call for.
Wanted to boy- fat beef cattle, for Which the hlchrat
araei price will He palu. TUe 61 Jlimt
hrstpriee paid for Hide
ami Fur.
r-efH. IV, lift.
Banner Mills,
TRACY & PARKEB, Proprietora,
Fancy and Mm Mes of Urn,
And Bolted Corn Meal.
Bran and Ground Peed Constantly on Hand.
Cash Paid for Wheat aad Cora.
VTE WAUT Agent, male or female. In erery
TtXt rt&aX Township, to aU the only standard
book of the kind published.
On, 25,000 WAXTS SUri'LIED."
The. largest, nort InporUnt, ad Talaall BZCUrT
BOOK ever Pailuhed ia the United State.
141 by 1TJ-19 COLon.
To erery subscriber. 100 per year aared to enrj m
who ha it. ETerybodywanU Iti nearly TrybouT bnya
It a aoon aa offered. 4t0 per week aare. Extra Term,
agents wfll miss It If thT do no ad?

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