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'-J ! JILL 'l-'M.UI-M
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Ihc InttsHG lucf.
Thursday, : : February 22, 1883.
Adulteration and Disease.
An article frnia tlieXrw Vurk Trihute lias ie
t nUy lern ko.ii (be round of the pre, lifted
bra metliriur company J an iutrudurtino to
nnecf tlirirathrrtivmrnlit, railing attention to,
and imjulrin tlif cans of, the alarming increase
in fatal kidney complaiuM throughout the roan
try. Why confine the ijuery to kidney com
plaint! There is a projKirtionato Increase in
what ate tinned heart dineaei, in paralysis, in
insanity, and iuallruanurrof diseases that were
not formerly so prevalent. Look at the ailment,
rheumatism how many we tv hobbling aronnd,
crippled up with it, while as recently as twenty
years ago, it wan not sucb a common thing.
There balern no great change f climate ; onr
vrealLer, on an average, has been a bo at the
same; therefore, it is we ess to look for meteor
logical reason-, fur the great increase In certain
We think thn problem is not difficult of solu
tion. The people of the country are being poi
Mined by wholesale, to satisfy the greed of scoun
drels in trade. The adulteration of tood is doing
the mischief. The flour, the brcead, the sogar
and coffee, the nyrups and vinegars, the spiers
and oil-, are being mixed with sand, and drug-,
and chalk, and slntn, and powders and decoc
tions, filled iu and colored, to increase the weight
ofcofttly articles by the addition of cheap dirt,
or worse, or to give an unnatural color to an in
ferior article, or to swell the bulk and give ap
parent life to a damaged article. And so the
sand and vile dirt arc shovelled Into the stomach
with the sugar; alum and chalk are stnffed in
with the bread: vile decoctions aud acids are
poured down with the syrups and vinegar; dnst
piled in with the spices; Kisons are ued to
give coloring to tea and coffee ; in short, every
thing a man eat, is Reasoned with a vile mix
ture, in order to make him pay the price of good
food for trash. Much of the butter Is no longer
butter, and even the luxuries, whiskey and to
bacco, are drugged and ioioned. Tho resnlt
is, that every man, woman and child is poisoned
daily, in erry tein, gland, pore, canal, sluice
way, hiuew, and function of the body, and U crip
pled up iu every conceivable shape. It is only a
matter as to which of the functions give out
first, to determine whether the victim shall tum
ble over with heart disease or paralysis, linger
with some disease of tho slower organs, or go
Icnt up with rheumatism.
With the growth of monopoly, these evils iu
create. As the great monopolies form nut the
small manufacturers and dealer, aud coutnd
the market, tluirgTeed for wealth lead them
to adulteration of every conceivable kind, to iu
rrea their profit. Wli-n the conntry mill
made the flour aud meal, and ni: It establish
ment k throughout the country supplied their
respective, articles, there was none of this adul
teration, and thii rouseiucnt increase of ail
ineutH. Wholvfime hn-ad i fjftt becoming a
thing of the pat; it Miiext to iupovs..j.c to get
buckwheat llmir that will piaLo a cake having
the faintest reuiiuiM cut- of buckwheat; geuu
... njola-ie is no longer iu the market ; and an
ui, through Iheciitiro latalogue of fofxl. Win,
rveii the whiskey of the present day I. IN in less
than half the time the old whiskey Hied to.
How to Mop Hit-nil, inure than wo can tell.
It cannot 1 done by allowing great monopolies
to supply our want, or by encouraging Imuie
limmtfacturvr to imitate the methods r the
gooiln of uiMiioiMdicH. The remedy will not come
until cvcr romimiuity encourages th building
upof rstnhlUbmenU to make everything In the
rdiapc of f.MMl that they can make, aud patron
i tea I'iito e-.tablinhments with nuOicient liberal
Hx.that they can afford to sell their ptfl with
Mir mixing tl.ein with dirt aud poivcm,
VrRT KlMi, Inkif.p.11. We have received a
printed letter from the Hrooklyu "Keveuno Re
form Club, a copy of which, they nay, has been
sent to a number of the leading journals in dif
ferent parts of the country, and it is hocd they
will make of it in any way they mc tit. We
expect to nee it iu all the Free Trade pajtein, in
tho hliape of a leading editorial. It is a misrep
resentation of the Tariff, and a bold-faced at
tempt to ahovr that a destruction of the tariff
would be the very nahaticm of American manu
facturers, if they only had the wnra to see it.
This letter is signed by Thomas G. Shearman, a
name very huggettitcof a native. Johnny Hull,
and we have no donbt that th money used in
circulating this letter came from tho same coun
try that Mr. Shearman did. We thank him, and
the Brooklyn Revenue Reform Club fur their
kindlier. Whenever we feel that ititourdnty
to aid the Colnlen Club in making war upon
Americau industries, nr shall avail mirself of
their literature. The love theAm-ricau matt
iifactitrtrtou well. They should at least wait
until the Ameriran manufacturer complaius that
protection from competitiuu with Kuruteati pau-
ttr labor is killing him. 1m fort, they ralli to his
IV There i another side to the apiminttncut
of Chaplain to the IVuitentlarv. We underKtand
Rev. WakefaKhe will not accept 'the position.
The reaMun imtlnimn. He could hold the place,
but a month, at mt. The appointment wai
made by a portion of the old Directors, who will,
iu a few dajH, go out of office, mi. era. of them
having I-ren KUperwded. Thee kirkeil-out Di
rectors mane the apptdutment as an ,unU to
tJov. I.Urk, knowing that Wake hji the most
obuoxioiii man whom they could appoint, he
having ew.it the lait ear almM ecluivelv in
Htlitical biimuiing for M. John. Ofvoiirw, with
a full meeting of the new Hoard, the first of
Mart li. this appointment would I rrrindM.
Hence Mr. Wake refusal t nrrej.t theapjMiint
inent. PF Parget Iifl el-ii prefrrntl n3inmi Judge
rreeoit. of ii-'i!iii IHtrirt.aiil the LrgtIn
tun is itivoliatiu him. tttid -ituntd for
inipCUt-huient - uhirb tbejk itr. ;iid to lw Hot
finding a gr..it deal, the imtrc t!ij. investigate.
The pnpivt ., th.it !Ve-.,..t will rtiM. ma
strougtr than b vent ii. It I one f those
dirty inditie.il light . of nhiehSalina uh fnrnii
dittirtie. and the part ieipKntN rmi cet down
wilb their ntmt det r into th timl. thin in
mm other tonti ill Kanu.
rT"TI.epJiersare fiising urr the apMdut
iiient of Jamrt Martin, itf enahi t'iiity. .is a
ittemler of the Mate )onrd of Charitiev lliey
May he iicallrd "Iirty Jim, and that he can't
writo his name. We do not know whether the
law requires that a penui bedding the position
should Ih1 abla to read and write: but as Mr.
Martin wat:ire, only few jeHr ago, elected
hherifftif Xrinaha County, them comments are
by no means rompliincntarv to a tusjirilyof the
jeoplf of that C4nnly.
. , ." 7 T. . . "" i t "iik-, would lu.e rutW anrin.l l-kin f,.r
ryAudm.w.?is.dthatMr.IiUinc---.lanSh.;!lUoU M wh, hv fWM .,, I(ii( -t
ter has Pirkr.l up a y had Mick, with manv J Valley Frsr and Ii1.1.t ., three le -4 ,-t Tren-
-i "!, Mini m- irtirviuuij trails; atut
that theit it iit ojdte of the .-id tire and oj.pott
tioaof her father ami friends. Ofronr, if her
frirntls, nhjrtetU and ewM-ri4lly if thev had wmI
cronnd- for it, i!ie wa Ufind to marry him.
Hut at).e tn the one nlm ha, to Mathl itf aud
U'dktMly rlie in hrraktM: their lieirt for her, we
fnesl we'll let them ;.
Z3? A swindle that li.it Iteeti in i-rati.m for
utne time, ralh-tl the "National .Marriage AM
Association if Tojieka, has Iwn ipottel. and
the manager were to have Wen arrested, on
WcJuemlay. by the United States ilarshal. The
President is John 1. Knox, an rx-Metbodit
preacher. Knox ia a staunch aiHirate of the
enforertuent of the law meaning the iroliihit
rj law. Hut it m not wronjj to iolate any
other law.
d?" Col. John V. Caqnter, Collector of In
inrnal Kerenne fur this State, who wa married,
leas than a year ago, to a Pittsluirgh lady, has
romuienced a anit for divorce. It ecmahewa
given to the eccentricity of writing letters to
the newspaper, slandering him, and also writ
ing him anonymous letters or a nlmHar import.
And he got mad about a little thing like that !
F"The I-egUlatnre is rushing work, passing
hills, aa next week closes the session. Many of
these bills ar of a local or private nature, bat
there are many of general interest. It is not yet
known what a conference committee of the two
Uonses will accomplih in the way of a railroad
thill. Aa we have before said, we doubt whether
they will accomplish anything practical.
C9TheMaiysTilIe.Vicad7, a paper that was
darted witlomt a long felt want to supply, aad
which fell far ..hurt of supplying een that, has
ttiggletl yj the Annie, anil Wen gathered in l.y
tlie AVirs.
IT" (instate Dore, the paiuler. and I tic hard
"rt'aguer, the eninnoser, are among the recent
deaths In Ktimpe.
This is an awful day In the history of Ameri
ca, Jnst one hundred and fifty-one years ago
to-day, a certain doctor, while hunting rabbits
near the Potomac River, iu Viglnia, fmnd a baby
in a hollow log, and carrying it to Bashrod
Washington's house, gave It to Mrs. Washing
ton. "I-et's call him George," said old Bufh.
Mrs. Washington jojfolly acq ni raced, and the
child was v called. Now, George was no great
shake of a name, and there was nothing partic
ularly taking aboat it; but the tmtb is, those
old Washingtons were a little cranky on the
snbject of namen, and nsually pitched upon
something outlandish. One of them was called
Bashrod, another Step toe, aud ao on. The fact
that the father proposed the name of George,
instead of Beeswax, ir Headcheese, or Tarbnck
et, or some other outlandish name, as he was
just liabbs to do, was what cans-d Mrs. Wash
ington's joy, and she took him at his word, le
fore he bad a chance to back down. This is the
person whose birth-day we honor to-day.
Friends, let ns also be thankful that it was
George Washington, instead oMJverpad Wash
ington, or Clawhammer Washington, an It might
have been.
George Washington has been held up to the
children of posterity as the boy who could not
tell a lie. There have been boys who could not
smoke cigars, or eat oysters, but Washington
was the boy who could not tell a lie. Aside
from the queer taste for names, Washington's
parents were people of good sense. They knew
that there was not a boy ever lived who wonld
not lie if he could; so they had George vaccinated
for it, when he was a baby. It took, and thence
forth he couldn't lie, let him try never so hard.
When the old gentleman found his Early Rich
mond cherry tree hacked to death, he knew very
well who had done it. Says he, "George, who
cut those tree P George began to stammer, and
to grapple for a first-class boy lie, that wouldn't
hold water. The old man cleared his throat,
brought hit voice down to a deep bass, and re
peated, "who hacked them treeH George look
ed down In despair, and wailed, Iu heart-broken
tone, ''Father, you know I can't tell a lie. I
done cut It with my little hatchet! Bushro.1
felt that his attempt to construct a lie, aud his
ignominious failure, was sufficient punishment.
This well-known defect was what afterwards
determined Washington not to accept a third
term of the Presidency. He found that a man
who conlnn't tell a lie, had no bnsiues in the
office for more than eight years. In these latter
days, that accomplishment Is necessary for a
second term.
In the early days of our country, Washington
was the great pattern to model after. Parents
would exhort their children to imitate Wash
ington. If the truth must be told, that age was
more itui tativ e than this. So many of the boys,
especially in neighborhoods where he encamped
for any length of time, imitated him so closely,
that it generally made a fus iu the family.
Brethren, the trnth is, Washington was a sly
idd conn, and at the close of the Revolution,
thcrn were m many children resembling lii:n
that he was given the appellation of "Father of
his Country. As he grew older, the imitations
grail 11 ally ccated.
Washington wan very temperate, but was not
a probibitiouiht. In fact, he Wlieved it did not
hnrt a man .K-caMonally get on a well-regulated
Kprcc. He termed getting drunk, diriguising
himself with liquor. Wc uotico that this is
a favorite ditguise with yonng men who attend
maw)uerade lull.
Washington wldom used cuss words. Iu fact,
lm married a widow named Custis, who i.nde it
so hot for him that he took a dhdike to every
thing that hid Cus to it. He had 110 children
of his own at home. He was often heard to
remark that it was a shame to think that every
little shoat iu the conntry could have a house
full of children and the greater the shoat, the
more children while he could le tha father of
nothing'bnt his Country ami daugu.itiou take
the man that introduced the mumps Juto this
country, anyhow!
The only time that Washington swore, during
the Revolutionary war, was at the battle of
Monmouth. He had sent Gen. Ieou ahead, to
tackle the British. At the first tiro the enemy
broke and ran, but tlm rn.id were j dusty Iec
couldn't see them, and was not aware of it, ko
he ordered his army to retreat, and thus Itoth
armies were running away from each other as
fast as their legs could carry them. Washing
ton rode up, and demanded of Lee where the
British were. 'They have cut ns all to piece-,
aud are gathering in the stragglers" replied Iee.
Yoa d d old mackerel-eye! exclaimed Wash
ington, in a towering passion, "they are teu
miles away, and still minting. If oti open your
eves, and heiHip the mud out of them, you can
track the enemy by the knapsacks and guns
they have throwu away. I don't blame men for
running, when they ar actually whipped; but
a General who will order a retreat after the ene
my ha- commenced running, and has got ten
miles away, i a bigger ftnd than ThonipsnuH
Had Washington known ihat bis wife, great
granddaughter wonld one day marry another
I.cc, who would devote the energies of his life
I to an attempt to destroy his conntry, he would
have indulged iu one more hearty swear, ltcforc
he died, and would have pmnonncd nn anathe
ma upon the I-e trite.
Washington was very dignified aud austere, 1
and would permit no man to take, familiar liber- 1
ties with him. Nor was he a haudsome m-in, J
by any mean-t. It u slid that one of hit ac
quaintances, ou a wager, once presumed np.m a
familiarity with him. At Washington entered
a room iu wlurh were collected a party of geh
tleiueu, the jHrson stepped up. i litm, slapped
him 011 tin ihoiiMer, Kikeil his finder into his
rib., aud exeljiml, "Hello, old M; h
ml lei; h tv i v-titir i
W-.l,fM.t,a..v r- '
heel inre viiur toe-busted r
darkened, aud he gave the man one itour look.
TIih fellow lied from the r.nm, a raving maniac.
He died in a few months, contending that he
was pursued by 3 large nnioisl resembling a
bull with thr-e heads, ixcc in earh head, and
each bead hiv ing a nose like the horn of .1 w
ltiauM kiddb. Sii terrible w.t the frx-v.! .f
Washing ton.
But Wjtiingnii Iitd his f.itilt a whj of us
hasnotf One was that he couldn't spell. He
tq-elled Potomae. Pottowuiack. And hi wjfo
was just an awful k poller. Slit was hindotne
when she was voiing, aud ran around to doners
of night, instead of going to Mp-dliug school. '
Wahiu,lou nat-r methodical in Iris hah-
it?. He proposed tu the Continental Congress '
lint if they could not pay him for his services, j
they ought, at least, pay his personal ceiisv.
Among them wen ucli items a shaving, blark-
1111 limit. eti-
Ho-vever.Cougres.sdid pay him. They gave ,
nimawnoie irouutyot lam I 111 Western IViin-
Mlvania, while they paid tho private soldiers
with patent medicine advertisement cut out of
the newspapers. Now, the trader will readily '
ftnipo-e that Wdiin;;ti.n, Wmd . well heclel
with wild laud, that wan north nothing at thai
ton. ami wli'. ha.l lir-n n.-iit i.Tiiin- aith no'li-
hi lut lliti gunit.v jtarl.. in wlik-U lliir f t '
urrr lMimltrtl ujt, nnl nmtM Mt tUrm nil uj im
nlarrrlrartanf laiil. II it Wjmixtiu ra1 n tt
thai ir: uf a I1.niu-.inrrzrr. Wiirn an i.U
rtrrjn nonhl c.iul- tu bmi, rritli liia tivtli jll
l.mkni unt liitilis on llii- trii.prmiy naiN iua.l-
Tcrlrully Irft in ihr lHi.!irrl, Dfvrliirli llirir !
JMinday lut-pie at alley Forge had leen uiatle, ,
sainghewaimor, and had a lire family, aud '
..t: .. ,, . I... f
asking Ins old commander what sort of a chance ,
be would give him ou a little pitch of land ftr
a home, out in "Fyatt"" Countr, George would
pinch up his lips, go iotu a mental calculation,
and reply: "Ah, I remeinberrou well. You wa-.
a faithful, Mildier, and did nut take a single fur
longti in fdnryearatogo and see jour ferailv.
Well, now the best I can ilo f.r yon is, to let
yon have one hundred acrM at twenty shillings
an acre, one-thinl cash down, and the balance
in twoctiual payments iu one and two years, at
twcUe per cent, interest, tn be secured by per
tonallKnd, and also by mortgage on the laud.
In default of any payment of principal or inter
est, the whole obligation to become, due, and
the mortgage to forclose. In case of forfeitare
of the land, you are. to pay me for what timber
you lia cent on the premises." As the poor
fellow did not hare twenty shillings to bless
himself with, he departed with a sigh, and
Washington walked his room, chafing, because
he was not able to do anything for tbe poor men
who spent their youth and atreugth in the strug
gle for liberty, and had to sit down in their old
age iu poverty.
But they could not deprive him of the conso-
lti.an nf rait.!.... II- r
7 :: "-- """ Ior-rfarsave"rJ-J
tnau m the Lpiscopil church at Alexandria, and '
ta!ed around the grab-bar for the ronners.
u-.i,..,A i t . T .....
Washington is said to have been a Free Ma- .
sou. lou wbo Uave liecn wont to aasoeiate him
with tevere dignity, just Imazine him
, - 1
i hi i
drawers audhU stocking-feet, trotting around
the room with a rope round his body, like little
loyaplaing lmrae, Taitb alot of fellows titter-
Ing and haw-hawing; or imagine a lot of the,
boys toting him around stretched on a piece of
canvas fitted up with hand holds, and then
George setting up tha oysters to the fellows,
after the fan was over. How is that for digni
ty f It is aaid Washington was never Master of
a Lodge. Brethren, didn't he ever back out be
fore he became a Master Mason 1
Rot Washington had to die at last. He caught
cold, while out looking after Ids hogs. Dr.
Franklin had always been his family physician;
bat he was dead. 60 Washington sent for a
doctor living in the neighborhood, who owed
him, and he did not know how to get the money
out of hira any other way; so he sent for him.
The doctor came, and said the case was critical.
H administered a heavy dose of calomel, honrly
dsesof cincbonada, a dozen bine pills, a mus
tard plaster on his breast, a poultice on the back
of his neck, a fly-Mister in the small of his back,
bled him three times, and administered other
remedie, wherever he could find a racaut spot;
bnt in spite of all that medical skill could do,
Washington died on the eight of the 14tb of
December, 1W, first in war, first in peace, and
first in the hearts and bosoms of hi, coon try men
and countrywomen.
It is ftshilinable toadvi-w the bovsof America
to imitate Wathiugtou. Uut we would advise
them not to imitate anybody. It might Ie
well enough for them to imitate him in just
one thiug they fthould get vaccinated against
Ijiug. Rut iu anything else, they would
prove failures, and watto their time, lint
Washington died, as he had lived, with modesty
and dignity. He did not get off any foolish
speeches, nor kick out the bed-clothes.
ty II. H. Warner & Co., of Rochester, N. Y.,
have rent $2,ZO0ti the Ohio flood snfferers. Bat
they make their money from disordered water
works, and it is no more than right that they
should pcnd some of it in the same cause. Our
old friend, Rev. Moca Kite, will Ik? glad to bear
of their liberality.
Hone f the Btizxard.
At Galena. Idaho, so far this seasou, the mow has
been about 70 feet.
Ice twenty feet tliirk in the Straits of Maekinsc is
brio blast d out with dynamite.
Frederick Kinj won a wager the other day, by
walking in deep now from HndMn to Cla'ytnn,
Michigan, and baek. a distance of thirteen milen. In
two hour.
In walking from hi bnane to hit barn near by,
the other night, Maron Saiilb, of Stearns County,
Minn., was to badly frozen that he will be a cripple
for life.
Mrs. Wallace a widow with fix children, I aup
poscd to have rb-hed with her fa mil r. some twen
ty miles north of Denver, recently. When lat pern
she was dririnz in a prairie schooner near Coal
creek. She may have found a house, however.
Several large ich let tell from the cone on the roof
on the Altorn IIouAent Ies Moines, the other day.
on the window ltshts over the court, and broke
through, fulling with a great crash on the tile floor.
There was a tampede among the lobby lounger.
Three commercial traveller, two in the grocery
aud onn in tlie ilru Hoc. from Wianeieg, were
canht in a blizzard while driving aero a prairie
and could nt eseane from it. Tliev pat up for a'day
and a. night in a friendly haystack, and eonnmed
all their supplies.
IlercH a tpeeitnrn item from the Winning, Man
itoba, paper: "At the gt-neral hospital. James Wy
lie, who was lironjlit in from Selkirk a few dars
ago with bin ban tlit bod It frozen, has had one of the
iiiendMTS amputated at the writ, in addition to all
the finger of the other.
A Norwegian was frozen to death in the Yellow
Medicine country, between Montevideo and Granite
Fall, Minn., the other nizht. The man was co
Ing home, an 1, i presmnM. lost his wav, as his
team was found at a neighbor! fmir milea from
home, with Id Uly frozen stilt in tho wagon box.
Writing from American Kail a, Idaho, to the Salt
Lake TriUnnc of J an nary 3th. a corrt-npondent tell
of one railway hand who was frozen to death, and of
manv other who hare Iot tho ue of their legs.
The locomotive nn the Oregon Short lane cannot
get water out of the tank, which are solid with ice.
At Virginia City. Ncv., during a cale not long ago,
n heet of tin PHtSug, eight yard long by threv
yard wide, was blown from the roof of the Gould
V Curry work. The roof utrnck John Wilnon, a
rtrangtriu the city, knocking kirn down and cut
ting his right foot nearly off. The section of roof,
ing weighed over half a ton.
A letter from Snmmerville in Eastern Oregon, to
the Walla Walla Statesman kavm: When the mail
carrier came in from Went mi, I learned that he
pacd fonrand a half mile this ide of We. ton
tspringn, a man breathing his lat. The night before
he fttoprd with Dick Fiilicr. and tho next inoruing
resumed bis journey, and evidently froze to death
in the Uluo Mountains.
Says the Saginaw (Mich.j Urrall: Tweuty-tw
men came down from Doyle a camp a day or two
since, fur the rcawm that they objected to working
while trees and limbs were being blown down by a
high wind. The foreman said they iunt go to
work or take the tote roid." and, as stated, twenty
two of them, including all the choppers aud sawyer,
walked to the station.
A Mrs. linger, who lives near the summit of Mont
Day, tho bisbet teak north of Mount Hamilton,
came near freezing to death on the mountain la4
week. She went in March of ttmue cows, and a snow
ttomi setting in, 1ccaii)o !ot. She wandered about
all day aid niglit and nlthoush earrh was made,
(lie was not dirovereil until the following day,
when he was ftiuud half Starved and frozen.
AImI Smith, of Wiunifteg, took two large snakes,
which he bad found lit Moiiy Mountain lat Satur
day, to that city. They were frozen cliff ami re
sembled long, cidcrcd fml. He kept them wrapiwd
in a cloth at Mr. Mcly-llan'a house. Several huars
after Mrs. Mclxllan had ceaion to iit the room
wbere the nike had been Irft, and she was horri
firdto ee tlie cloth moving. Mie did not know
what it cautained. In her alarm alie ealletl her hat
band, who wsnlo too much afraid to venture into
the room. When Mr. Smith returned he at nnro
surndM-d the raune of the alarm, and removing the
cloth be dicorcrcd that thi tnaket under the mtlu
enre of heat had come to life.
lErtgtn'sj UNeasc In Women
Tlie gentler sex, for a larletr of reains perfectly
uuderito4vl by tliem, are jecuIiarly liable to the
attacks which end in llright't Disejne of the kid
neys. tpn the special attention of women, there
fore, we ure the great virtne of llant' Itcmrsly,
the great Kidney and liver medicine. This supefh
medicine has .ved many a good woman from an
irmij 4i(-. 11 inrAiTiiriit tu tut l"
( diea!r of the wi, No medicine equals Hunt's
, Uemeily fur dilirate wotutn.
Il wa the custom of Governor Walter wheu ad
dressing a political gathering Iat fall, when he de
sired to i m pre thotte present with any particnlar
statement that he had made, to turn to the newtpa
ler men and reijuet them to "put that down. To
such an extent was the miucKt made duriug his
fipeeeh fu Middletowu, that It gave the same a look
of "dizzinei. when it aptearcd In print. It now
comes ocr turn to auk the attention of our reader to
tho Itiltiu-inr vfalriniTit of monevn stiden l.r Ilemiv
era tie oiScials. and to rrinet them, in the lan-nase
..four wrorthv (J.ivcrnor. toiutt'iat down:
State rMioari tJOO.OOi)
Mate of Arkansas i0i.00d '
State irTeiinr.l".l. ""!.! !.."." !.!!l-iw!wi0 '
Mat? of Ialuma .230000 I
Cit.vof IQtille..." -VO.OOO i
t)t.lTonriaillin.twohniidnMUndtirir thonsind
'a.llpal tint tulfll aaawnl-alBrv.. I. aatmll Thi f.STlal laltt I
dollars, ttot ta.en hr 'sea1aw:a2 1'eniildiraiis. hut
stolen fnini the States hy the "ltonrlMiu Uemoerats,
tho highly moral character tliat so to make nj
that creat Mrty" wlurh in a few short months will
"Imh ns l!.e jMtiy of "houety and rrfonu. TaMc
this in tjiittr hat, good reader, and when yon hare
time calculate the amount that the Democrats wonld
j sti-al ont ol the National treaury iftheyvnre pot
I crack at it, taking the aim re tli'resattahjMi. Xor-
1 leatb Conn.) Gazrlte.
"Skill and rntienreseceeil where ftirre fails.
The qniet tk.!l and natieut research wliicli hrouht
' forth Kidney Wort illnstratrs t!.e truth of the falde.
It zrand Mieeeca everw!ierw it admitted. licar
never romeH to ns without arane. Askaaycood
idiysician the reason, and he vill tell you some thin::
J laterferrs with the working of the great organs.
KidneyAVort enables them toorereomo all ohstrue
j tioo, and reiene jierfect health. Try hor er
Iwtlle at once.
Odd I'nrt r.'Vtr4 Ties.
Alfred Tennyson is la jail in lUltimftre
He is
eiiareti win. a-um ana oauery.
niy1,;y " wom sent tnj-iU in Petersburg. Va.,
1 it Friday, for stealing old junk
f'eorge Waybill t 011 ha just lieen sent to jail i.i
Vu4iiust(tu, furassaaltiuj Jobu Sullivan.
John (juiiiey Adsins was shot in the left shoulder
MtIeadwooJ. on the 14th instant. He Udoinj welL
Inj tmiti Franklin llatler. was arrested In Katt
M. Louis. Itt Trek, on the charge of stealiiau
(letirje Wa "'it 11 .rhni Fremont, rolnn-d. has jnt
lieen wtmittett to the lur r I'nsrp Wlilwai e.Mintr.
VirginU. ,
fjeore Waiii2tiii -ra!etl a laj robe fnim t!e
earn .f Ur. Ktekerts. tti II.ilt.nvrr. and i hot in t
jiil. t!eirt i m ndorel nun.
Don Ciuicron. of St. Ivtais. Ort.it Cunlr, llieh- I
i;an. haeaiis.il 1'iearreMt T. A. Iirhanl.trarh '
er. for pan.-hm; seho rMy.
llsrr Hali:o;tita and her Oioi-'itrr Mjrtlia '
ashinton. eolore!. were arreted iu Sivannaii re-
72 T .. .au.
Ntw Hlo.iiifii:li, Mis Jan.. ISSil.
i tiA to sav to von that I have been nfferins for
the Ust fire years wiih a severe itching all over, I
have heard of Hon Hitters, and have tried it. I have
ned np fiMir hotllcs. and it has done me more good
than all the dnetors and wedieinea that they could
ne on or with me. I am old and poor, bt feel to
bless you for such a relief by your medicine, and
from torment of the doctors. I have had fifteen
doctors at me. One gave nieaereu ounces of solu
tion of arsenic; another took four ounces of blood
from me. All tbey could tell was that it was skin
sickness. Now. after thes four bottles of your
niedhiae. mr skin Is well, clean and smooth aa
rEAt the reception which be held on his 83d
birthdar, Mr. Cooper said :
"While I bare always recognized that tbe objeet
of basinet is to make money in any honorable man
ner. I have endeavored to remember that the object
of life is to do good; and let me say that my expe
riences of life have not dimmed my hopes for ha
inanity; that my ana is not set tin In clooda and
darknesa. bnt is coing down cheerfully in a clear
firmament lighted np by tbe glory of God. who
should always be venerated and loved at the infin
ite scarce and fountain of all light, life, power, wis
drtu and goodness.
Tttnt Womrn Should TL
Xvs-rpsia, weak back, despondency, and other
troubles caused me fearful suffering, but Parker's
Ginger Tonic makes me feel like a new be in jr. A
great remedy. Every wonsn should use it- Mrs.
Garlic Pittsburg.
Fob Jirrcfrox Democrats. Resolved, That an
adequate Pr;eeUn to Aweriean industry is India-
iecrab!e to tbe prosperity of the coantry, asd that
"u abandonment f the policy at this period would
1 attended with conaenueneea aenoua to the Iieat
Interests ef the ition.-iJcasoerft .Vanou' Ptat-
form, 1832.
Iliat wonia oe a sentim? uemocrauc piauonu a:
Vmmr Bfr. innsDamiiiL 1SSL JfrafBAi . fro.
I"? Speaking of river and barber bills, the Cia
eiaiiati isewirrr cries oat. "We have, enough river,
we want a harbor,
fTrriUemfor tU CUJ
a score.
W&n sittutg, one cbt, ia th twDiglit sk)s
Masiagoa days gene by,
A atraia of sweet maaie stole lau ttc nmai.
As soft as aa angel dx;tu
So trembliag and plaintive It anoto on my ear.
And so gently ft paMd aloof.
I almoat belier! that toy owa dreamy iLoagLts
Were tkntiog away ia mog.
Then qakkly tt rose to a loftier note.
BreatluBg of parpote hlgb.
Like a magical call from a voice all i v lac.
And my ht rose to caste reply.
WbDe I lUteaed, a sHroce fell swift over aflr
And taen, with a sorge sablime
As IX with oo aweep the impetaous votes
Had o'erleaped the bounds of time.
It filled all the room, like a wild rnsaia-flooj;
And my aoal, in Its enrrent strong;
To the beaatif at catca of the City of God.
"tVas borne 00 the tide of song.
Vcwlucry Coaaty, Iowa, Jaaoary 5J, HO.
iaai m -
Horrible Homicide.
The following account of the terrible homicide at
Junction. Or ia taken from a dispatch to the Orr
goniant dated January iWtb:
A shocking affair occnrre.1 here yetcrday evening
about o'clock, in which Henrr W. A trams shot,
and intantly killed Dr. J. U. llrownlcc Six hots
took effect, two in the upper part of the breast, one
In the left cheek, pasing throagh the head, and one
through the left side.
From what can be learned at present, they had
some difficulty lathe store of Alirams, which final
ly terminated as stated. Itoth jtartlcs are well
known, and are of high standing in this community.
The coroner's Inquest developed nothing new.
Abratns was brought to Eugene City on the after
nooa of the iSOth. A preliminary examination will
be held ou Monday. Intense excitement prevails at
From a gentleman Tko arrired lat night, and
heard the atory from eve witnesses an Ortytuian re-
Corter obtained the following version of the terri
!e affair "
llrownlce had le-n on a spree for rwvrral days,
and had returned from a hnnt. Inflamed with driuk.
He said to the constable, "111 kill somebody or set
this town on tin. He went Into Abrama f tore and
began talking In a lioisterons ami prvfane manner
in the presence of some ladies who were there.
Abrams father asked him todeitont of respect to
the ladies, whereupon 13 row nice Itft. lie returned
aoou. and began to abuse yonng Ahrain. Not con
tent, he aiczed a hatchet, dealt u blow uhirhAbrwas
dodged. The Utter ran Ikebind the counter, follow- j
cit by llrownlce. Abrams oiienel n il rawer, iccd I
his revolver, exclaiming, "Father, J doa't went Uk 1
but I'll bare to kill that roan," aud fired several
time. '
Our informant taid that l'ruwntce wa considered
a dejerate man. and wa reittcd to have killed a
man in Eatrrn Oregon. He leave a wife and fam
ily who a-e near neighbors to the slayerV father.
AsoTntza veio.
Another pacnger by last night's train, gave the
following verniou wldi u he received from ccond or
tliinl linnilc-
Abrams and llrownlce -crc warm friend and had
ocen so lor some time, lirnwniceraiue into Abranw
store, aud iu a friendly way lgan to rcntHr. They
sparred for awhile, and finally wrestled, there w a
a fall, and Alirams got the worrt of it. This angered
him. He feiezed a hatch ft an I rudied nt llrownlce,
who took it away from him and threw it outdoor.
A trains then went tahiad the counter, opened a
drawer, took out two revohtr. and bidding one in
each hand fired three hot from raeli wcaon.
The Ihdl'M tOrrytH) Ti-ttiMoHntalnrtr.
Delmar'o DKcerery
The New York TW&uwV 'ltnudwjv Xate-litNtk"
man says that Alexander IMmir. long the pillar of
Free Trade in thi country, aud the tJtiMic!an of
the Free Trader, has ceacd to Iteliera ia that doc
trine. Mr. llelmar recently aid to him :
"The so-called ev ils of protection are exaggerateil,
ifthey exit atall, by tboe who ee the American
tariff through the rjvectarles of a Kumpean aoeiety,
where labor and agriculture hul 1 the ntirrup for the
upiierclaMKa. There Protection is the ro'dwry or
the vart mas of cnnmner. Here Protection not
only mtrelv raises the ct of life, but alsi general
wae. All can afford to i ly tho tariff rat Itecan
It instantly raics the )iriMitiet of all. I dirovrr1.
a Iid many othcis, th.it the Frco Trade !ea::u of
twelve years ago wasa wlfi-!i organiz-ilin. working
in the interest of its own impiUations, with patriot
ism ororlookeil everywhere. Indtvsl, miiiiq of them
wanted America to go back in order that Knglaml
luicht co forward."
Mr. Drlinaralto told the following incident: He
was viiting ex-Senator Tliuruiau. at his Lome, and
he Mid: "Judge, do you know that I hive nude a
discovery in economic! "A what ieftl observed
Thnrman, taking unnff. I have mad, repeated
Hrlmar, "the diMcovrry that ia the detiiaratie so
ciety the facts that sefiamte protection and free
trade in c!a conntrie no longi r prevail; that
raising the price of one thing in America raises the
price of everything; that a tariff on iron puts up the
value on bntter; in brief, that so sympathetio is
American society that bounties, or tariff cannot le
invidiou; that imjiniving nun tr.ide bv law lifts the
general grade of condition up. "We'll. said Thnr
man, sneezing intellectnally. "you will find that dis
covery Dclmar. in Calhoun's writing. "I did Sod
it there," concluded Iletmir afterward, "but a year
afterward where do you think I came ujHin It. "hm
precedent to Calhoun himrlf Why, ia the Tahle
Talk of Samuel T. Coleridge. He nays: 'We are
sayins manv serious things nMut the American tar
ifl. Phaw! in a free ste;ety condition like theirs,
where cl.ts has not our fixel boundaries, wagea and
prices of every kind retpoud toanartifiehl rate, and
one man prosperity is the signal fur nil to move up
in proportion.
The Voltvic IIelt Co.. Marshall. Mich., will cend
Dr. Iyea Celebrated Klectro-Voltaic llelts and
Klectro Appliances ou trial for thirty days to men
(young and old) who are alUirted with nervous de
bility, lost vitality, and kindred troublrs, guaran
teeing pccdy cud complete restoration of health
and tiianly vigor. Addr a above. X. H. No rulc
s ineurre!, as thirty ilays'isalloweil.
TaerIInTesot Ilnd Knanxfarit.
The house of Keprrientatirc at Toprka voteil
down a proposition, cmbodie! iu a joint resolution.
for the reuhmiAion of the prohibitory amendment
to the Constitution. Wofibnerrcd among thoj who
voted against rvnbiuision, the nam; of a ntim1er
whoRe m ntimrnts are known to le inimical to pro
hibition. Political considerations intlnenccd tneir
votes. They want, and think it is poasiMe, to ipiic t
this agitation in the Kepuldican party ami unito the
broken fragment of the party upon a ha ms of U
ence niwn the subject. Nach a ho,o i utterly delu
sive asauy iue must know who has given a pisIag
thought to the natural or actiuircd propensities of
that part of human nature which prohiuitiouKt doc
trines permeate. Whatever mav lc aaid dispara
gingly of their widom or discretion, thre can be no
nitetinn aont their zeal. Thi is at tray eminently
the cae with thoce who strongly embrace popnlar
del anions. Neither argument. iM'rsnision, nur ridi
cule can move them, except towards a more tena
eionj hold of their tlifsirie. In seakinz thus w
refer to the leader in the movement. There is a
large clas in the community who are not wt dded to
theorie. who are cool headed and practical, and
look at the result; and this cla turn the scale
against prohibition. So long a prohibition remains
a political principle it will continue to disturb the
Ieaceof the party into which it has obtruded Itself,
aim npcraicasa uisorgantzrr. 11 .Mr. nmiiiv.ine
Speaker of the House, or any other anti prohibition
KeiMildicau want to run for Governor nt the iiett
election, lie will have to rarry mt.iliition on hU
hark, no matter how o!ions. it'niny Im. or lostltc
dis'iiirlivelv iroiiSitioi vote. Junction ily Unfan.
. c .111 me nur- un au unt 1 w iff m iw itrus
a Massarhusetta .oted at the "Jover.ier election.
""l1 tins question of lieene, and the ntfiriil retnms
""" "' assrecit of ft.3-21 otesln favor of Iit-cn-
"' ' a-ain-t it.
V The wire of Oenrra! Ke-eeran 1- utr.-rin2
.. !....
uudrr a etnkeof iMraltis.
ff 1 FORMOOK & CO.
UVitld rei'ilfullj-taH lutbesttrotionof the iu.. c
erally. thsi we lure a Luxe and well st-le lei sl.tet: ef
Pine and Native Lumber,
Ami are pnjared to farnUh all kinds of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, &c.
At prices which wIQ defy competition.
Come and sr us. at our tttHer, on
asd wc w ill do you good.
Feb.!. lrL W. II. FOR.M'ttOOK Ac CO.
, jwi'i: ew
fFOR 7S83
J rjux to au arrcm
arpj-cscts. sjiv
orderiDCil Xti
treoers of last rear wttooct
law vivrleCescf Vesrtabto and Flower Ses
b.ta FmitTnM.M& InTShiaVai Ut fcj. hum
isUrtoMsrtrt Usrdeners. Hn4fcrtSt
D. M.FERRY fit ca Qetroit Mich
UaT.BsreecatlTcwitM Trnv, has lm;kt the MQliner
Shop of Miss HaUk'oa
Mmtm Sttrrrt, .Verf JiMr Io Stmrlatr's lrug Al re.
where she Intends to carry on nrst-clas MILLINERY
and DRESSMAKING, as far as desired bv her patrons.
SbewQl abM have on hand LACES. COLLARS, HOODS.
other Uudss nsually kept in a Millinery Store.
All orders promptly attended to. Ladies, please fsror
as with a nSL Nor. 16, lavs.
ffHE .pTKGEC & CONAni)
i ,7 a-rns-4 maHpft p SPFCaL
for ROSE? al? . Krve Pw J-lati cjtillr i, j
lnsnLsas nrrn chve't srfetr. tatioid.U awr i w -.
jam. 3r-rp4'-lTarryot'rohoicr.ta!Uh
75forlO!lO'-f-rCiri TfeClVEa MrtseiT
wjpnaroerk-r- onr HEWCUIOE. -
ZoaaOrewtrs, Weat , Chcittr Ca, I a.
rxror, ... kaxjs.
famo-, BaiEies, anJ Afjicillml Isplments
JJ1 wart arm b. vrH aad pnsapUT dw, aa4 an cLarna
ouLd rfaaonablcL
A Per fret CcanblnatUti srhli two allcal AJ
vstnlacro Hhtj ft C'aaccra Vm.
"There Is no taisuke about It. remarked Dr. IT. F.
Flower, of Gallatin. MbutxnJ. BEXSI)N'"S CAlX'INj;
FUBOUS PiASTEIaivoiieoftheiieatc-touniljlaaUHDa
vr produced. Taey Lave two kiad of advantages OTcr
all other, which wo may rail tho mlaor aal tb major.
First they are deaa and pleasant to ose, nevrr soilinz the
band nor the liaen of tho wearer. Second, they act quick
ly and powerfully. I have tried th Capctae PLutrr ea
myaelf for pneamonU. and on my patimu fur various dla
caae. socbaa Nearslsla, Mnsrolar EhcamatLun, Lamba
eo, Eidaey trouble, etcv, and tn all ca-scatrbef has followed
in 1
from three to forty-el;ht boors.'
Dr. Hower merely voices the written or oral opinion of
thmtsaiKl la hU mofedoa. BEN'SOX CArCINE I0-
EOCS TLASTERS are the perfect external sppbcatlon.
Tbe genuine have the word LUCI"SE eat la the centre.
Mnm s cenis.
Seabary A. Johnson, Chentbttj, Xcw York.
Steady cairlonnat daring Spriox and Summer.
Addr! J. U. ilcCUKDY i COl. St- LooU Ho.
CKr ntb Va.LT ABLB T(lEaTtSa UUa UMtM,t
aajatCcftr. QitKxpn-iidr.U.oddr
Bft. T. A. eLOCVat, in rMilL,Kw Tart.
Shall a Cough Carry
You Off?
"Etictly. You're right It 1 a mercy tluttttrre'a a
dozen poand left of ine. lint the greatest morry of all U
that be lure I actually coughed mt iwlf ont of existence I
gut hold of Parker's Ginger Tonic, and a few bottles of it
cored me." Ia this positive traut writes Mr. Abraham
Oraer, of Hich-splrc, Dauphin Co., Pa. The Toaic win
render yen the saute service. It is nvt a mere essence of
Cinder, bnt an uiigfaal cempoand of powerful carat ires.
It stimulates, warms. mxrfbes ami tones np the ytru.
: is a surs cure ;:
fcrclt diseases of the ICldners and t
; Ithas t?ecle actlea oa tali zicat izportast .
ercsc, eaatJiaa; it ta throw oltorpidltr sad i
tT!-, FlTinl?f.g thahalUiy aoeretlflaftf '
i tho 7C0e. sad bj Tceepiaf the bowels La tree ',
eondii3acirectl3fitsrcalardlsehsrss. '
f-lnloySo IfjoasresaSkrlnjtrora
tJidlciXIaa &slsrta,hTOtaoeinis, )
srUUoos,d7nepUc,CTOO&sUpated.Ildne7 .
Wort wlU ssxrly relievo and qTiloUy care. l
Iatia Eprlca toeleoosethaCTstcta.ererT' '
oss shocld tsko a taorocfh eonrso of ir. j '
TliU elc-itt &t3Lu?
it rL-e&rrcJ Iiv tS.-it!
riij5i"V "" -..-.
Jwlcemit f 13 sapericr
lit contatox nutnut
' oay that are tedJcil
necresthe t ctilal Cclc; Is Crc cr Tziti nzit
roller's ITalrCiIuin it Cacly perfumed onl is
warranted ta prevent Ctlbaz of tbe hair and to re.
curedaiM'juU'acdiidiu. lliscox&Co.N.Y.
90cuj ft tUM,st JsnmirBpa5deuddBM.
Iwmm :-.-. -V- ffW" m . jiu. urm
A Srlatlrc ll:aia and Strtcjtt Resteer.
If yen are a ir.cc!uaie or Cinsrr, worn out wkh
4Tcrcte. cranoiIiernui(!aLymilrorboose.
icIJ duues by l'.&t:i.. f xclk 1 kic.
IfrotiaisaliYyer, rsInLieroTliisiocsSEiattrx
iauixjC3LuEitiiDa!anu,batn$e I'siLn'iGiactTTocie
TcNiCoiJctrsyotu ilistheOreatewEloodPunficr
And Ihs C::t si J Scmt Cali Core tnt Used.
It Ton arc walic away from rje. iMpauoa or
any Juesre cr "eaJ.icss and reqciie a Ftuaulast take
CtNCETiONC9ta.e; itillinvimte andbiuU
voi up frort thi fiit tlcse hrt will cercr intoxicate.
It hu saved haadi-nls of Lj; it may tire yocn.
CACT10 !-HfM sll nbClBbt. fuWi Car-i-Tcak h
cf7iawJ l lit "l nwrCtU rcu la ILr vsril. and beOinly
ti&Mt f m ?trnLlMi f t u-r slant.' Es4 IJr cfavnlit to
IUki&CN. V. C0.ft.tlUfci,atIrnUdn2a.
crxAT r atiso trn.c roiLAC sue
Its nth and lsaiai; fntrraoce hss nude this i
dciihifulrcifumeexeeediicle TH-oular. Thsro I
IsBothlaIltolt. Iir&lupon harms Fl-oass- t
tux iouKas ana i co wr njtians? 01
r fcottis. Aty
fl t vr ifler la rttfiunrrj j
SAixa cctino vc srzr.
Is tlio Best Exltrnal J'oracdy ICcouu.
It will Imaied'alrly 'Here the fiola of SrslJs
sad rams aad cure tU vont can trl'J. n fnrn;
it rostTtvr.i.Y cuniis
rn.r KrvcR 5orr-, Lvoulkxt Uixxax, Cnsrs,
CiisrK. Ctts, .VorMr., nart'ea. Ciiilbliixs,
iOLr :.nlos, Jtcii'g3 isd IcKrrsTio.ts,
CJt Cots's CarlKdNahe; tho vrcir on the
pna'o la Mack and the Iftters rm-cu. fn3.1
w:. .5c.; laive Irtxej, 7.V
(ole's (arlio.isoap
It rieaes'ij-. hm'icr; and rTresj.Bp: free fnsn all
imparil.es. asd is aarfrtihJ ter ths Toilet and
Jth. I'rrpareJ tr.Ir tr
r, tr. cnhV x- co-
JZaek EUtr FiVt, TU
Tor ssle bj D. C(Btljlr A tiro., Traj, Kjbus.
Oct. 5. lewa.-1y.-e,m.
!or..I IVolici.
OrncE or Cot rn t"i kkk.
TmT. February 9, litX
"VOTICE I iH-re'tr riven, that aj-lirton was ret-ntcd
i!w to th lVunl of ComnU-uiMiers of Duatplio Count v,
Ksctas. st lhe'r tnettutna the 7th day of IVartarv. lzX
akic;r f.ir a chaae i.f ihe loeaticn of ihrriad rstsl.lihed
May fclh. IpTI sb.I annr.dfd rYWuary llth, Irt. front
Lewis's ErideMiuth tothelownskip line nf t'wnshi two,
(? of rani twenty. (iJK aad lownhip three, (3) of ranje
twrcty, (Jb mAiu; tho ro4 t ran co the srcthia hue. or
asmatiy s as jirariieaine. niciiwuticc ai uewis s J.rwce,
sim! tunaloc eat In ths rtwn Hite l-teed sertioas hir
tr three fl..) acd tlilrtj-fuur, (34theucestMith on the sec.
tlon line bt-twrtD stxtKHis IhiitT-thieern) and thirtr-four.
34 la tnwnhi tna, J nf raae twenty. 00) to Intersect
I lie c u. Taikei.iKi n-oii as ine lownuip line between
townhli4twf?) and thne, (3) it In-in? a uistanee of only
a.nnit lbiee-ei;hth() if a mile, and tb litairc where
It now runs U shoot thr.-e-f.unh (I) ef a mile.
WLeircj-on. the said I.dinl of County ConuuiivItu-rs ftp
rHiiottd the fvlkiwin! nanHil iwtxit.s, viz: Charlrs Herzin.
Satuarl ruynter. and JtephC nk,asview-r, with In
slrurth'Ca 'it inert at tLe ilsee of Im-z'.calns, oa Friday.
tha 41 diyt'f llatcU, l-d3, and pnrmt ! view soi.1 rowl.
fite all )'JttK-s a harfjiz. aiMl asike dae tvjrt to sahl
aril, at their trawu t tx hrM ou the Ztb dav of March,
It order of BH of lacntr CaKiiiirdnrers.
Altet: I. W. SIOItfE.
FehrnarT li, l'rtt-Sw Coonty Clerk.
Son(! IVottcr.
DotniaV.v Conrrv. J '
OrncEorContTTCtrait, (
Tcor. Pchrnary II. lcX J
T&TOTICE is hftrh cifeo. that a petition was presented
1.W to the IToard of t'tMntiitsiicer f Dnipuaa County,
Kacsa. at their m tia ou the llthdavof February. lpfU,
askinthrt ans-I s-tMahdat the fttloiss points,
to wit t
r--jiualnc st tbe ioutl-rat corner cf XHiM Lee's farm.
thesoath-eat quarter of sertMia twenty-three. (3Mn lwn
ship three. (It xf ran-r twxitr, CJ") thence run Bins one and
a half tU) milrs north, tteace runnins half (Jl a mile wrsl.
thrtire tMitn to ltf unikM oest comr nf the btrtb-eat
tnirtrf sectioa tiil-ty are, (X) in twnLfp two. J) ef
ranye twmty. ejj) ih-nre cat vu tlw iMtrtb liao f taid
acctua thaly-Urtf. (3J) rereety-4.no (Tl) rnl. to tho Tny
ani uj-i.ein in'i.
Whereupmi. te sai.1 Ioa!I ef Loanty rfSMiaisaieri ap
nclntrl the Jia named jtwiis. vtt: W T. "Vd.
Jota llorersui, and .M. C rejK. as Tiswrrs, wita Intnw
liiatutat ttirat at thm xirm Al brritmitt on Manilavr tluilb
dsytaf MsjTb. l?iX and pr..eril toiiewsaid mol. sire all
pjrti-s a Itrarui arnl uaVe 4att report tn said I5.rd. at
their sewUa to be held on lb etb day of March, 1-uX
Itr order of tb IVsud of Cocnty tVsainiaAfenrrs.
Attest: 11. V. MORSE.
Felnury 13, L-S3-3w. Conaty Clerk.
EC end IVoficc.
DosirnK for-Tr,
Cocrrr Cixax's f irncr, I
TEOT, Fehraary It, IsuX i
NOTICE Is herrb din, that a petition was presented
to Iho Unord of CmmUi.ier of Doniphan Coantv.
Kansas, at th-Irmeetb;on tlw Hth day of February. Iffl3,
asking that a ehan of a road le ettaMtsbsd at the fcJlow.
iazputnts, to wit:
Ucpinainz at the iat corner atone where tbe road now
ran bcttxn theDnrth and socth half of the soath-eat
carter of scctfam niaetrra, (IS) in township (we, (2) of
rnje twenty, n ineecc rnnaiaz east on ine naif section
lino aboot on hnndrvd and thirteen (113) rod across a
briilse, thence in a south-easteily direction to where tbe
road enwrscs from the east line of tbe seata-weat quarter
of oertion twenty, fa) In township two, fS) of range twen
ty ft).
Wherenpen. t be said TCoard of County Conxralsskaiers ap
pointed lb foQowinj; named prina. vizi Georjco G. Fox,
James GaUaWr. atd G. U. Nnzam. as viewer, with In
straction to ntrt at the place of beginning, oa Satantsy,
tbe 3d dayaf Marrh, lA aad procml to view aaid road.
cire aJ parties a bearinz. aaa nuke dae report to aaid
aUuord, at their sion to be held on the 5th day of March,
By order of dwrd of County Coramiscsers.
Attest: I. U'. MORSE.
February li, lc-3w. County CWrt.
j. w. PRY,
loro3traVzxcof TTnnwag.
WILL taTe Gcxunl rmmlwum Stack Salm oa U
tMTODil KaiunUr of rach movtli. at SermeM, Wfitav
ida-at lOotUk. J-iL it SI will be
t3ATCKlAr, MAUCH 16, 13K1.
Cornaiiaaiona rewaaV. and nutom aolicitL Ttmm
froto m diavLuv mLtlihis atock nLL tan obtain naatnra Bai
tbe city oa laojwcabl tfrmL ."iU attead aalaa taroofboDt
tb coontTT, Tan dcMintL
I hare tu kmc ICOt) acrr of land in MMiInhaa. Bran
nnj ywaaha CoCBtlra, tiwfaqcBB.laakaa,fOJtinittttTid
faima, ao4 part Taxast lasL for fartner iniWaaAlwa, cat
Auctioneer and Stclc Brfcer,
fr .". IC, tJV
J s.BTfcy v.ws
l iJ, uMMSr!
XZWi -.ZSi
WiVTi'. Vf-y
r. u. box , &mnar Aanaaa
The price of the fuSowln- otraa ha beea advanced to I
$ l'J3 aince huertlng this elcatrvtype.
27 Stops, 10 Sots Roeds, 050
a-w'V-5 '.'t1
The aTawoMj Jierttiorz. f.-j- aestslnx
27 Maps, JO Acts Sited ,
OrdcrlcrneirisieredIie.tcr. 1 xc-1 aa-t sh-prcd
without aJIoinent'a 1X1 j. ratityrnnntDp"U.7
D1HIXL r. rUlXlV, 7u;irrti2, Km Jcrx-x.
Fi:im ar.ouui: i: koweu. a to.
; Oil and 613 CIIFMTM'T MTItKIIT,
I CiriTlU - 1,000,000. tlHIITFlt ij.kpetimu
f AHaat Exeat'or, Adiitriitort AivjHtr, Jietrittr, Cnmr
diam. Attorney, Ayrnl, lnuttt mud Vomutittt, iImw er it
rvmturetion trttA an imdiridual epfointtt.
Takes ehsrje of tboprvperjf of alnentres atxl avn-ml-dents,
eolli-ets ami remits laeonin f nnuptly, aad iticbares
f fsithfally the duties of etery tidurUry trut aad aseoey
I known to tho law.
Sifes for Ilent within Iturlsr nof Vaults of the most
i spproTfu eonruri win.
I Vffls krnt in Fire
WUIs krnt in Fire and UorjUrpnutf Safes without
i charge. l'utet sreurities and all other raluaMes seearely
I kept at a modfTateaanBal charge for wife return urfpeciflc
1 lar Trusts sad oLhcr appror! M-curUks for tale.
' Iaterest allotted on tIoaejsdej,MMted for dr finite M-rt-!
ls, or upon ten davsntiei.
1 W. a I'ATTEBSOX. I-mUrat
IHESTEi: CLYMK1, Vkc-ltrsUenL
MAI1LON' S. STtlKlr-S. Treasurer.
KKAXCIS 1UCUN". iser'yaiU Trust OAWr.
W. C. 1'ATTEiaoX.
I1I1X. T. r. DATAKH.
WilmiDStn. llrl :
nn.(iEo. w. i:eilv.
llnatingilon. Ta.;
Iaihnz. Vjli
Mifllintown. I'a.;
Wml CIir.Irr. Pa.:
IltiTltlown. I'a.:
Altrotoirn, I'a.
ai.h:i:d S.CtIU.ETT.
1'faib.Mlibla. I'a.:
1I0X. T r. ILlNItOLI'II,
alorristowD. X. J.i
Sf,V.T:OLIt. IIU.KT A- 4'
t!vUlItsbelin IM?:i.)
3 Eicban Court, X. Y. Itf3 ISslleStittt. Cities ;.
Special reilitiii fr the pnrrhso sad sale of
mtoc'kn, nomn, cuti.-v. iisoviniov4.
liefer tUThin.o,' Xalii.nat IUuk. Xew Trk; Flftli
Xationsl Eaak, Chieaso, and Utruun Srcailtr liauk, Iou
lirille. Kv
J. II. SeTMOrn, MrnlMT Xew Votk Mock K han;e.
J. A. 'Ircr. llrmbrr Chirac Jtoard of Trxde.
A. U Set mock.
c,uv!tfe08 HORSES LOST '".BKgi-"
IRV OFrrl(K4A.M HO I.tKI i: lt4 ran now Ik-
BIr,!, as Congress has jmt extrmlnl the time. Low ia
amj manner, a by arrident. hsrd marrbinr. Ac.. ill
he iaid for. If not the sMt-r's fsolL We find addresses of
witnesses whnMo whereabout are- unknown.
F E X "4 1 0 - aro due to all sMier snlV rin from dl
eae or wonnds eaul ,j nrrrW.
CHAN. A U' Tl.lt. Kl. AtOaatLaw,
010 I' Ml., M'ltshlustan. U. C.
or (!rrhrtral In.trum.ot nr Mo-
ftUalGuud.oranjLiatl.l'.rot.firn'l- I
Ins for o.t prirM U ALLEX IL f
IMjI)W0KTII.47 Lafarttlti.Iari'.
X.w Y.k. Ad .srlI.ot U flat
lialon Curort. sl.l.JOt IV.I I:
Hat Curort, now djm-iI br Librrati, I
4:10 I S..li E flat Alto Trucibonr, I
8-JO Smt C. II. II.. irltU oriri- I
, 10 pruceSt Xew York, ran learn the exact rut of '
any prouei itneoiiiir.ibilM.Mt in .mencan .ew. ;
parrs. rVlOO-pocc "omphlet. 23t
milC ieophif-nrralI.rf:rt that which they make a taar-
. .a, sei lor inpv tarmimirai oeiicr dwu iwrn. sou
The Times, which, from the day or Its Srt Isnae. touk t
place in the front rank rprocrr.'dro joarnsliHw. has kept i
alone at the douUe-qnkk step, and al this tic is a better I
newspaper than crer. It is a journal that never sleeps, j
and nerer takes a holiday. As there are 3G. day, so there I
are 365 Issues of The TmM.n a year. The week-dar edi- t
tfon of The Tutu is of fuor pace, Lin? tn a form soltahle
fur the htine man or the huse woman. The bnnlsr etlition 1
J of eiht pap's, contains a preatdealof the bent n.lncelUnv
as well as all tlio news. The olttorial strength of The
TlMKaneed nut W dwelt apon tho fsit that it is nnoted
more than any other paper ia A merles Is soflu-ient evidence
of its excellence in that dirertkm. Nor ncd the typograph
ical superiority 1q more than raeutittned for it is wWrlr
known at "the handsomest paper in tbe country."
! The Philadelphia Weekly Times
Covers a distinct field. Into The Wezelt ses the errant
1 of tbe daily Issues, and at tbe same time it contains natter
expeclally aupteu to tbe wants or readers in every part or
America. It rirealatos, as a fimt-class family Journal, in
every Mte and Territorr, and it has subscribers in every
part of tho world. Tho leading feature of THE WEEKLY is
the "ANNALS OF THE WAIL" This department em
braces chapters of tin writ ten bWtorv. cootrihutcd by prom
inent actors in the War of the Eehellion, and U has become
a recognized depository of snch matters, whether from
Northern or Southern nonrces. The ANNALS wQl be
kept fully np to the high standard of former years.
The Daily Times Twelve Out a rti. Mail HuV
criptions. pta;r free. Six Hollar a jear. Fifty Cents a
The Weeklt Tijir ift -six columns of the choice
readm. eKpecially prepare to nrt( the wants of wrefcly
nrwupaperreanrrs. One copy. fiaO; Five copies, t.00:
Trn copies, lkt)0: Twentvcopirs.rit.oa. An extra copy
sect free to any rtron cettiDz np Clubs of tenor t rat r.
THE SC3 ar Kunnji-Uwule sht, el-ht pazes. The
bent known and mst accompli-""! writers conlrihute to
its columns erery wrt-k. Twodollars a yrar, postage free.
Sinzle copies. Foot Cents.
THE T ME ALmsAc A Manual of roIUieal and Other
Information. publUbetl on the Flnt of January. evry year.
Jrlfteea Cents a copv.
TnE AxvtisopTHE Was A rojalortaT volaeieof rOO
pas. be9ntirotlriJntrated. Wntten lv rriiM-iiKid Tar
ticipants la the War. North and Suutb. iMce. LW.
Addnssall letters and othsr communications to
Times UnilJin- Chestnut and Eighth Streets,
ff Setwl for specimen copy. riULAtELrHla.
washinotow, n. a
Establislicd Thirty -Tito Tears.
. THE WEEKLY STAR is a large,
independent, double or eight-page
sheet of fifty.six columns. It con
tains reports of Congress and all
the Government Departments, U.
S. Courts, Washington News and
Gossip, Political, Personal, Society,
and Local Affairs, New York Corresi
pondence. Stories, Sketches, Home
Articles, Fashion, Religious, and
Literary Notes, Telegraph News,
having it3"own direct wire to New
York, tho Markets, Etc., Etc
It i ptibliiiHeil in a spacions
bulldlns or iU own, and printed
on tho lntost and fastest printing
and folding roaohinc. in tho world.
Washington, D. C
Coot-Jo taort rraJln matter fjr the manay than nnr
IttharT- It I tlat Ofalr MM taa&t maktw am attkrViaVlt V awf AaDaX-L
ran atflrtM. wnttt-n Vy Mir Am Henwo- and nCbrr pop
nlar ABwricaaoutbora. Thr baedrM and thirtj bub.
Iht noir rta.fx- The faQrD2aroan thm tMt ntn
rira. Full raiilo-a cuiltnl frr.
- Iriee.
3T. Tbe Srtt Sorrow, br Mar Ago IVainjE, aV-
ii Fated to Marrr, by Ma j Ac Flt-mlns. I Or.
C9. KaAt LT&ne, by Mr. Kmry Wood, Wc.
. Iura Tlwrnr, t Jf.
41. nioivl4ra of a TUhful Man, br the aotbor of
A Bad Boy Ihary, 1(V.
19. nilda.bythaatboror Iter Thome, '50c.
31S. 'iaitT-Dtiie Ia4a7ajjtlriutioiiA, tor.
Hi A 111 Itoy'a lury. 90c.
130. The Three Couatin. by May Aspen Fleaala. 10c
303. SarMfranIeata.byJcaaicS. Alrott, aoe.
U0. inaryofnVina-eGoMin. 0t.
Hi. A Park AtarriaMrn.bytb3Btoorcf Hum
TboTBe. 'Jllc.
9ML T1eKBichtabiUffoM5tct7,byC1aTlM-CraJ', 10c.
tit CiV-T BUlr, the Weaters ItertlTe, SOe.
THE PEOPLE'S LI BEAUT U prlsted fronj lar-e type.
on good papT. ISJd by newadealeJa. or Ball1! putt-paid
eanrript of price. AnyjtervonordeTinx 11.00 worth, we
will arad naplsdtd atory, by Mary (-'"1 liar, estitled
"Bock to tbe Old Home." KriYTeooiabnatdread It. Ak
yovr newadealcr fur the TEOrLES UtllAUV, or aend
J. K. OCIKTI n oV CO Pabltalier,
P. a Cox r:Cl. Z Itooe Srwt. rw Tark.
of Farmrra U called
to thm Airmimii.
B atmmt irxire and
the Af mm mth ltUr Kt mr Sr Cmrm. tbeb-tsad
BoaVprndattiTerartrtjra known. TrTIU pay any Farmer
SO per cent, mora than renxman com. rVnd nayoaronlcr.
ana if yea are sot astlanol on rccr.pt of com, ce teltt
rrfutml pmr waonry. 3 ancea. by mall. 10c. 1 poond
forSSci lpeck.bycxprea.e.; I beVLtU0:3 bnh
efaLMJtt. rWd for oct PrcianCaiaT)e Corn, Potat
and Gardea enl. Vee fe mlL
.janew. Ton. M. IUtCa it CtX, Cincinnati. OMi.
fc-r r."2--
(Tiifi Philflflfilnliifl Fimfisl A
X XI U X .11X1 U UU1U .11 1U. XX1UUU
Hardware, Stoves, Tinware.
Bain and Mitchell Wagons; Rncino Spring Wagons; a full
line of Slivllcre; cscIiimvo Agents for Weir Ciiltivatiirs, I'lows, &c.; Brown 1'Iant
ers; Haworth Clieck Ilowers; Leidy Stalk Cutters; Farmer's Frieiul Corn riahters;
full line of Itoek IMand ami Fnrt and Bradley l'lows and Cultivators: exclusive
Agents for Patco Tongneless Cnltivators.
We have a new stock of the hest Fanuinj; Iinilemeuts that money cm bny, and
will sell them as low as any linn on this side of the Missouri River. Come and see
us before imrchnsiii;;. We mean business, and will sell at as close a margin as
goods can jwssibly Ik: handled. AVe have bought our new stock in ear load lots for
cash, and
Will Sell to Cash Customers at a Heavy Discount!
Weals) have a lot of goods somewhat damaged by our late disaster, that we
will sell at a price that will astonish you.
Come anil figure with us, and we will make vou happy.
For Spring 18S3. .
Hardware, Heavy kt hm MasMnsry. Waps d km
Io tiew of the itrtperou fatare, and Iho almost rertaintv of another zood rear, I bwe taken speci.il
Iatn to Jar In a Ur; stoet for cab, anil will give I'liU'KS ICK.tl T DOWN TO IIK1 KOCK" HAMS,
fecial attcr.tiou i railed t the
Jno. Deere Plows and Listers ; "Weir Plows and Listers;
Deero and Weir Cultivators ; Deere and Weir Riding Plows and Cul
tivators; Atchison, Deere and Smoothing Harrows; Deero Corn
Planters ; Keystone Drills and Corn Planters ; Haworth and Deere
Wire Check Rowers; Bain and Mitchell Wagons; Columbus, Dayton,
Mitchell. Cortlandt and Abbott Buggies and Spring Wagons ; Clover,
Timothy, Blue Grass and Orchard Grass Seeds ; Barbed and Smooth
Wire, &c. Send for Prices and Terms, and call when in Atchison.
Atchison, KatiKt-, lVli. . 1V.
Flodin t5s Moyer,
Now han the Isr7et acd lt t L. in tln-ir Uae irr .r t
ia tUnpart of theCuuatv TLr I are
' Hardware, Cutlery, Nails, Stoycs,
Can f amoB hih ore tin- OaiUb! l'si-w' Ennv-rs aifl
' IorludinmaDurtrtatln ami reairinof alt kinlsof Tin-
j Also keep thi IIitcll 'Wagon, and Conrtlind Spricj
' "iVagora aid Eaggies.
! rUaud moc. atwr williwt In nn lfrH in thi iau
i irv ii.ooi.x a. jiovi:-:.
I-4-ona. Kaas.. Vr Si, l-'fi.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Harn a lar-o akirV, t NATIVE LrMIICE. all Oil.
mm-mmi'. aawiosu atnl Hrll aA.nttl, whirh th?y ott.-r t tli
Iuluc at jricr a low a. the low r.1. KrmrtuUrr tb iIarr.
Saw tlli It ait lite JLcvce,
wiiiti: CLOUD, KA"NAS.
XoT. 10, lltti
Highland Nursery'
orrca lui: sale
At !?.T IaI'J per Ilnntlred.
Gooil Stock of Ub Ms,
Of this season's jnowlo, at 1. per 1.CO0.
I trjlaral Will la l-aaal VlSlI 1T- mail atr lltiiaTwtMa. IHltll A Mil
i ut, 1 i The toik will then llrlirrr.L TlirH:U
: mnrnin Vamihr.niF i
T.i ho wire of jyltins Trees or Jlede.
Send Qrdes'M EJariy.
S. J. EDCEKIsY, rrnp'r.
nishlamt Ks . IVe. e, 11.
IS K1ST Ilia ST., (I'atoa Squrr,!
Mew voric.
Hare iatrulornt uimOTCMcni or uccatcs rsamcaL
TaLlx ilnrla tb. U.t yrar thja In anr milar prrtoil aiarf
tli latnalartinn of tlw Amrrirau Orf;aji bj tbrin, tirrntj
years an; al are now rrcrlTiajr fnim Ibrlr far twrira urzaua
aceraMisa n ciricrrr aw ut-tuxxcz innutn wuicti
nas CETOSX BCCC rsomcxp. ami reruialj worthy In L
raaknl with TUE txbt nsEaT m.icat. xssT&t-K.vra vt Tnx
WOCIP: nrt ro. jri. KIH I, S. BOO, 1 1-0. fITO,
1TM. -10. airl (300.
POrCLAB STTLI3. lociuiins tlio iant Talaabla f tb
rrrrat iuiitruretorDta, aixl ajajitnl t all ue la plain ur
rlrjaot ra. ar at fa. . K7, . Hi, t'l, K. CO. tt.
eiOi 5i0i to MU ami up.
MASON' &. IIAULIN" OECAXS arr awanlnl llw only
Itr.tlMTaizltlt. fur-loitramcntaof tbtaclaM, Earuianfir
IIICITION" rrrrnlly rlM at MIUX: al liar- talrn It.
IIIGIIET IION'Ul-S AT F.VKIiV (INK of tho i.txir
wDBU'DraTwiLrxromoi f.r roi-nTCf Traits lriy
tk aafy J MTu-aa Otytnt KirA Aarr tateA ff-A at amy.
S.0J al f.ir ILtSY PAVUENTS. or a jan win U.
rratnl nnti! tb. rent pay. frr IL ILLCSTKATEI) CAT
ALOGUED. (lrwriu!a UOZZ TII1X ox flCXPUXi -trixa,
with nrtrroM ami f"3 lrtlr!iIaM, FEEE. (Umrari
I7ma 'rviif, Main Slrrtt. Svut 0 PnUie Sjnart,
rsur, : t : s : HASSAN.
t'Kr?zz--j0zx i-
Aistl a Ceneral AbHortnirnt of
H anl Bliers' Harflware.
Also, alwaya Iter haait a romplWte atnek of
Joly, lfH.
JOHN JJ.a.CS-0-,
Crown, and Mason & Ham! Oips,
Crown, Harlfsnf. Howe, White, and H. Y. Slater
HCWixc jiaciii.m:m.
And wQl acO then at alaeat faciery prWea.
Mr. Ilatzzdne. not vpend far or flr Lnxdrrd dellara
yearlr, traTt-Clng aioaod. bnt ataya al bit-v and aeHa bla
nach'nea and ocean at few prit-ra. therefor fftrinf enr
cbaaera tho fall benefit iatrd of payia; It ttt tratrClnf
Errry nacUn ha a rjuranCr fur fire yrsra, aoI a Mr.
Uzz i locahd in crerance. and exprrte t lsy tbce
ifichaf r vd oC fear of LmIa' anything kcn dra&nc
With him. Joncl-19t.
tftfm A WEEhL lltadarathoa3eeanrmad&
IPI k Ootfltfrte- Aildrx-TrCO-,Antiirta.iUlfl.
Vftrj)irraf1ai-S I;
ripteasiS p
jsl- ar. 3E3L&JEmnm
isrsixicss cai:is.
KttabtUItrtl tn tSlO.t
' CjinrTII WEST -orn-r of t'.e X'uMie Siiare, Troy. Kso
KJ sis. Jjtau moDr, hay nntes. m11 rithsnseoa princl
lulnlirs. eHlritrtve"Jiin.ts.
"rESIICXT DENTIST. Trov. Ksaa. Irontpt at
JIj frotiMt ctvru tit all Lrambsttf t ho pnf ensioo, Oftre
St rrm.lfwr. two diHits east of llishv IIihik
Wdl rttit Srvrrsnee on tho tbinl MtmLiT o ach uotath,
and White Onvl ou tb foarta dwl4j u eartk toontb.
2JIIVSICIAX AXI1 srniiUOX. Trov. Kanua. Ofllc
In Ilorttaltrr'a bfidlin wrt.i!ef l'ublic Suarr,
op talr lonri.
WM. BFtHEH, 31. D. E. . iXKMOR. H. l
PIITSiriAXS AXIl M'laJLIIXS. barlii; f.nni
ro-l4Hnrr.biti in tl.r Ikrarti u( Mnlirioo ami S
lr. wmjU rjrrtrullr offer thrlr irirriuuU M-rrlc.
Ih. lituni.itf Trtiraml .urrountliof rouatiy. th3r..
iIi.T molb tf n.rrr.' llarjTar. M.m. llaptT.
PSIVSII-IAX AXIl KmiiEOX, D.m!jln. Kana.
DR. 1. is. BENNETT,
"JESIIIEXT HENTIST. KrYrranr... Kanau. Offlr
Jit- orrr Cnrtl. A. Franltin'a Urns Slikr.-. I will wait ou
prriwia. within twrr.tr Mili- Wuric nrrU onlr to bo arm
to Im af Iirrriatril. Tlio br.t of I.frrrnrr. All worL war
rauttil P. tl. Iix lltl. 5ict.ly
AT LAW. Trojr, Kaota..
Judse Pile.
():c. with
J V Office in Court ILtuar, Tntjr, Kan.aa. IIJaDl.
a. t. wooi.
N'ETS AT LAW. Tmr Kinui. ().Bn Ar.i
north of Uank. np stairs. lsn-'i.
w. i. wean. ioflT. wiLannoi
! 4 TTORXF.VS AT LAW, Trov. Kansas. Office ot
' xL Van Ilunklrk &l lreekeanl2 s store.
' tlr. Wrhb will bo la Troy Fi1.tay and SatatdaT of ear
week, UDttl he renjoris here iermsnf ally. lfcnchel.
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XX. C'ULLLCTI(N'AUE:.T,Serrrancr,KaasM. iToUte
lratHeai7ec-Lilly. llaorH).
-.k. Kansas. 3jun0.
a OXre in the Coort Uoua Troy. Kansaa.
A TTOILVEY AT LAW. Troy, Doniphan Count
-fa. Itanua. lSIaaro.
. A TTOUXCV AT LAW, Troy, Karat. (Ml nuth
a. aiueof 1'pLlie Suar-. ffJaDT)
4 TTOKXET AT LAW. Tn.T. Kaaua. Will i.rartlrr
a tb. MTrral Cotuta aftbr SlatA
TTOKXEVS AT L.W. Will prartlca In Atrbli,
2. Jrtr-rwn. Ihmlpbag, ami ailjrains Cmictlra. fS.
cornrr 4tb ao,l Cmoairrrial Strrtt-'. orrr W.brr'a. Alrbl-
ann, Kanaaa. ajonrts.
4 TTOUXET AT LAW. W.tbroa. Kaaaaa.
AQ Icai
. biularaa will be, carrfally attrndiil to.
-aTOTART rCBLIC. SrtrraiH-.. Kaaaas. Collrrlloie
IS ibm ao,l rrniittanrr. promptly maile. llrila, Mirft.
rajra, ami othrr tn-itrumrntj of writlni proprrlr drawn.
Euiini-M mlirllnl. Kfrbi
X Eotat. ArmL Wbit.lloml. Kamu Tair. pail Cut
bon-rnali-iit LuaUbwatril, aad aulra .r real rtato mail.
al rrawinable ratn. dnj.
7ETEEl.VAl:r SrntiEOV. Tw. Knm
T Viwrbcn. plarr, 03 Jaarti,in ruo,L
IMSrm a
4 rCTIOXEEIt. Troy. X.n.. .Will atUuI ir
,a ,, ...n -:
- ail pan 01 iuc i,iuuiy.
Cbarjra KawmaUo
I s:iotii.
Burlington & Mo. River Rallroafl,
East and West
Haily Express Train? are now Hun t
LI 3XT D O Tj 3XT,
Kansaa City, Atchison and Denver.
Omaha arid Lincoln.
All Thrwnjl. Trains are cinippM with sew and elegant
Pullman Palace Cars,
Pay Coarhea and Harzaje and Erpre Cara of the
latcat deaisn.
Are oat -ile at all Principal Station, where pMeenrs can
obtain Information as to IContea, Cite and Connection.
and can aeenre SIccpIo Car aceonuKMlatiotM.
Quick Timo,
Suro Connections,.
No Delays.
A train ran to and from TJniea PcpoU at all principal
CJen.! Ticket A seat,
Feb. W, 1-w-i.
Fine Horses for Sale
J HAVE FOG KALE, at the Um of Jaho S. MHIrr
thrr anlWiantth of Ponlphan, Kanaaa. thrae fine bloori!
ed S(alUn. One U a Xerman. tw year old; on a
iljun-uur, j j uf UN U KACr a (JlTdcadalC,
Bfi Tfaaf a-lil all liMrvdrift li a aa(.ut l :
rj draft horaea, raised la laocimoo
ixrasiy. uoDou.
ITiu alrr4 by tho fnportej Jbo Coepe,the Kr-eat tfraft
atsTM tier Imported t ta nmntry, wRhJnff a I w ptwnd.
and hiadaiawaan rnach IVrtraut aure. JehsayCoopo
U arrrybree aad powcrfc acneaiul weixbed. at tww
year of a-e, I.KS potutU.
ThcaM tmrarft will b fr aalo from bow tH aext Sprinjr.
aad It wta nar tarTwr ta. .. . t.k at thon i.
mrc iwry wans u auy er aoe ilico and imw ruradaont
aa appbraUon. IL V. MILUCE,
vnortw, i'ot office. UMUpoaa,
fSfiR w,k ta Taw . town. Iitml and 13 Mtnt
UU Iraa. Ac.t-U. IUuxtt at Co. rarttiaJ, llalaa.
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