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Western Kansas world. (WaKeeney, Kan.) 1885-current, April 18, 1885, Image 1

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Will in the Future as in the Past, keep a full supply of
Also, Qneensware, Flour, Feed, Stoneware, Confectioneries, Cigars and Tobacco.
A Liberal share of the Public Patronage is Solicited.
W. S. HARRISON, Proprietor.
'Bologna Sausage & Pressed Corn Beef a Specialty.
The) Trad Supplied. Bast Prlcas paid for Calf la and Hogs.
Buckeye Reaper and Mower,
Keystone Corn Planters, Horse Rakes, Weir & Deere's Plows
and Cultivators, Springfield Superior Grain Drills,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Iron, Steel and Glass,
Franklin Street,
And the usual line of goods found in a first-class
We can and do meet anybody's prices in
Western Kansas, both
We furnish SULPHUR at bed-rock prices. COAL OIL we
have bought 'way down, and on five-gallon lots will make
great reductions.
A full line of staple and fancy Groceries have been added to
our stock. Those who buy of us will get strictly good goods
at low prices. (
Weoave a select stock at prices which defy competition.
Don't take our word for it, but come and see. .
, mvestigatibnofourgoodBisinvited .
& O-KIIM:.
stock: eh&tjstg- the basis op otj":e& insriDTrsTiEMCES-
A dispatch from New York, on April 7,
stating that Gen. Grantwas delirous, caused
the postponment of the reception at the
White House on that evening.
Wm. E. McLain, of Terre Haute, Ind.,
was appointed first deputy commissioner of
pensions, vice C. B. "Walker, resigned, the
appointment to take effect April 16th.
L. G. Dyerin forth, assistant commission
er of patents, has resigned that office. Ex
Representative Robt. B. Vouce, of North
Carolina, will be appointed to fill the va
cancy. The president has appointad as postmas
ters, Geo. M. Houston, at Harrisonyille,
Mo., vice Wm. Bryson, deceased; Beni. B.
3niith, at Chillicothe, Mo., Vice Ely Marsh,
Secretary Whitney has appointed a com
mittee to investigate and report to him
whether the "Dolphin" has been con
structed in accordance with the terms of
the contract.
Senor Batres, minister from Gautemala,
has not received any information from
Gautemala confirming the report of the
death of Gen. Barros. He has, received
dispatches from San Salvador, however,
confirming the report.
On April 9th, Secretary Whitney receiv
ed a dispatch from Commander Mohan, of
Wachusett, dated La Liberated, San Salva
dor, which says Barros is certainly dead.
Nicaruguan troops entered Honduras rout
ing the enemy, who retreated in great dis
order towards Guatemala. A telegram
from Sealdavar to the authorities here says
Mexico will make a formal alliance with
3ealdavar. It is expected this will end the
trouble without another snot. Probably
both armies will march on Guatemalai
The Commissioner of the General Land
office has ordered that final action in the
land office upon all entries of public lands,
except private land entries and such loca
tions as are not dependent upon acts of set
tlement and cultivation, be suspended in
the following localities: All lands west of
the first guide meridian in Kansas; all
west of range seventeen was in Nebraska;
the whole of Colorado, except the lands in
the TJte reservation; all lands in New Mex
ico, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada, and
that portion of Minnesota north of the Pa
cific railrord and east of the indemnity
limits of the Chicago, M. & M. railroad. Fi
nal action in the land office is ordered to
be suspended upon timber culture entries
under the act of June 3, 1837, which law
has not already been examined; also in alL
cases of desert land entries.
The Prince of Wales left London for Ire
land. The Anamese have risen against French
Party conflicts at Paris are increasing in
Cholera, it is said, has broken out at
Iativa, Spain.
Spies report heavy desertions from Osman
Digna's army.
English ship-owners refuse to take rice
from China.
Henry M. Stanley will soon visit the
United States.
Mrs. Susannah, the celebrated Canadian
authoress, is dead.
The river Thames is on a rampage ,and
has overflowed her banks.
German holders of Russian stocks are
scared and are unloading.
Floquet was elected president of the
French chamber of deputies.
Forty thousand coal miners are on a
strike in Yorkshire, England.
The new Prime Minister of France has
read the riot act to China.
Indians at Froglake, in the Northwest
erritory, killed eight whites.
The Prince of Wales received many repre
sentative bodies at Dublin.
The parliament of the Island of Jersey
negotiated a bill to expel Jesuits.
French troops at Formosa will evacuate
the island and go-to Hanoi.
' Several of the Paris papers urge the im
peachment of the ministry.
M. Brisson, it is stated, has succeeded in
forming the new French ministry.
Canadian troops are ready to eo to Win
nipeg to put down the rebellion.
In4he event of war between England and
Russia Turky has decided to remain neu
tral. It is said that the family of the late Gen.
Barrios have left Guatemala for San Fran
cisco. The heat is so intense at Suakim that the
sickness among the British soldiers is in
creasing. A grand dubar at Rawal-Pindi in honor
of the ameer of Afghanistan was a great
Haaheen, recently the headquarters of
Oiman Digna's entire army, is now de
serted. France will send reinforcements to China
until a final treaty of peace shall have been
Conservative members of the British par
liament have resolved to oppese the Ezyp
tian loan of 145,000,060.
Battleford is surrounded by 1,000 hostile
Indians, and there is no telling when ah at
tack will be commenced.
The lord mayor of Dublin was hissed as
he drove along in official state in the pro
cession in honor of the prince.
The French government will form two
divsions to be sent to Tonquin in the
event China does not came to terms.
3 The new French ministry have indorsed
the project of Feriy'B cabinet concerning
the enlargment of the Suez canal.
The enthusiasm over the Prince and Prin
cess of Wales is reported on the increase
among the common people of Dublin.
An official circular issued at Constanti
nople denounces the mahdi as an imposter
and a robber chief of tha worst kind.
Snow is nearly five fleet deep in some of
the streets of Montreal, and a hsrd rain is
adding to the uncomfortable situation.
The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived
at Dublin. The flag floated from the Man
sion house. There was a large demonstra
tion and the citizen's committee presented
an address of welcome.
Nationalists met at Dublin and denounced
as flunkey ism the preparations made in Ire
land to receive the Prince and Princess of
A serious riot is reported in the Island of
Cyprus, growing out of a- wanton attack
upon a religious procession of the Greek
The Central American states asked Presi
dent Diaz of Mexico to appoint some one
to mediate between them, and Joaquin Bo
randa was chosen.
Justice Andrew Wyle, of the United States
Supreme ( ourt, has notified the President
that he desires to be placed upon the retired
list. Justice "Wylie iB 71 years of age.
The czar of Russia has informed the Ger
mtn and Austrian cabinets that he does
not desire war, but naval and military pre
parations are "being carried on with great
It is learned from St. Petersburg that the
Ameer of Afghanistan's plan of campaign
in connection with the English army in the
case of war with Russia is about as follows:
The Ameer's troops are divided into four
corps d'armie, one of which remains in Ca-
bul while the other three have taken up
positions against the Russians. The three
corps embrace 27,800 infantry, 8,000 cavalry,
and 116 guns. These three corps stand at
present in position at Tachtaput and in
Saribul. Together with the troops in Ca
bul the Ameer has an army of 67,000 men.
Carter Harrison was re-eleGted mayor of
St. Louis Democrats elected their entire
city ticket with the exception of one candi
date. John Henry Brown, formerly a resident
of Missouri, was elected mayor of Dallas,
Dr Trumbower was appointed state vet
erinarian by the curators of the Missouri
Gen. Grant told Senor Romero that he
felt anxious about the financial future of
his family.
A recount of the votes cast at the Chicago
election is talked of. Mr. Harrison says he
is willing.
Ex-Congressman Eobt. B. Vance.of North
Carolina was appointed assistant commis
sioner of patents.
Secretary Manning was tendered a recep
tion by the bankers of Albany, but he de
clined with thanks. ,
On April 7, Gen. Grant suffered the pains
of another hemorrhage, and created much
alarm for a short time.
Evan P. Howell, of the Atlantic Consti
tution, has declined the appointment of
consul to Manchester, England.
Dispatches on the 30th announced Gen.
Grant to be in a most critical condition,
barely lingering between life and death.
Patti is out in a card denying that she
said she wouldn't sing any of Wagner's
operas, or that she spoke disparagingly of
Miss Kellogg.
Michigan went Democratic by 10,000
majority, the election being for a supreme
court judge and regents of the state univer
sity. Kate SmuBley, who went so long without
eating anything, died at Ft. Plain, N. Y.,
after laying in a comatoes condition for
Bevenu uaya.
- Dr. Joseph Robbins, a political enemy of
Gen. Logan, received one vote for United
8tates senator in the Illinois legislature,
cast by Collins of Quincy.
The Tammany general committee adopt
ed resolutions of sympathy for Gen. Grant.
The committee also endorsed the adminis
tration of President Cleveland.
. At a meeting of the Wabash Directors,
April 2d, Mr. Gould's resignation as a mem
ber of the board was accepted and E. C.
Clark elected as his successor.
Republican members of the Tennessee
legislature absented themselves to prevent
a vote on a legistration bill. Arrests were
ordered and there was a lively time gener
ally. At the city election in St. Louis, precincts
that gave a Democratic majority of 500 last
November now eave a majority of 2,000.
Francis, Democratic candidate for mayor
received 1.800 votes more than Ewirg,, Re
Complete returns of the Cincinnati elec
tion gives Smith, Republican, a majority of
3,893 for the mayor. J. w. juizgeraui is
elected police judge by 1285 majority and
Vincent Schwab is elected- magistrate by
1428 majority. These were the only suc
cessful Democratic candidates.
' Cyrus W. Field has resigned as member
of the executive committee of the Manhat
tan Railway Company and Western Union
Telegraph Company and will retire from
active business life having completed fifty
years therein. He still remains a director
in both companies, and will spend the sum
mer abroad.
Election day at East St! Louis produced
some exciting scenes. Maurice Joyce, Dem
ocrat candidate for mayor was surrounded
by his opponents who placed revolvers at
his head and forced him to retire before the
polls were opened in the morning. His as
sailants, one of whom was a candidate for
Councilman were arrested. Seven fights
nave occurred.
The Iroquis Club, Democratic, at its last
meeting adopted the following resolution
unanimously: Resolved 'that the Iroquis
Club of Chicago Hereby extends to Gen.
Grant its sincere sympathy in this hour of
his great Buttering and trial. A sympathy
which is heartily ehared by a great mass of
American people and by tne masses of tne
enlightened civilized world. ,
The President made the following ap
pointments: Consuls Charles T. Russell,
of Connecticut, Liverpool, England; A.
Haller Gross, Pennsylvania. Athens, Greece;
Wm. M. Long, Texas, Hamburg, Germany;
Henri Vignaud, Louisiana, Secretary of Le
gation to Paris: Augustus Jay, New York,
second Secretary of Legation, Paris. The
The three consuls named above were nom
inated during the special session of the Sen
ate but their nominations were not acted
A delegation of Californians headed by
Gen'l Chimy and Christopher Buckley, and
accompanied by Herbert O. Thompson,
called on Secretary of the Treasury Man
ning at his residence, in relation to the fed
eral revenue appointments on the Pacific
slope and particularly in relation to the col
lectorship of the port of San Francisco.
The Secretary carefully avoided making
any motion of who may be the future col
lector at San Francisco, but gave the dele
gation the impression that the appointment
would be of a character to" meet their ap
Geo. Harris of Shelbina, Mo., blew out
the gas in a Quincy hotel. He is in critical
Three Deo Die were burned to deatn in a
house near Asheville, Tenn. Foul play is
The losses by fire during the month of
MaTcb. were $9,000,000 in tne United States
and Canada.
A body supposed to be that of S. 8. Con
ant, the mifsing editor of Harper's Weekly,
was found in Coney Island creesr.
Henry Daurn, a hide and leather dealer
of Cincinnati; disappeared, leaving debts
amounting to $12,000.
Geo. Kinney, a stranger in the city drop
ped dead in the Missouri Pacific freight
yards in West Kansas City April 9th.
Howard Cooper, the negro who assaulted
Miss Kate Gray near Rockland, Mo., was
caught,and placed in a Baltimore jail.
Geo. Young, the Palmer, Tex., wife mur
derer, was captured, but soon died of the
wounds received while officers were, after
At Fort Madison, Washington territory,
an Indian woman threw a lamp at George
Hoeg. It exploded and burned Hoeg to
W. D. Rawden, the DJeria, Mo., mer
chant who shot Ed. McNeil sometime ago
and who died from his wounds, was releas
ed on bail.
Wm. Ke'tt'a and wife, who live near Can
ton, Mo., were almost suffocated by the gas
in a Quincy hotel. They were on their
bridal tour.
A.V.Arnold, a wealthy lumber mer
chant of Wilkensburgh, Pa., committed
suicide by shooting himself through the
heart. Poor health and business depres
sion were the causes.
While robbing a store at ban Vego, Tex.,
a gun was accidentally discharged by one of
twelve Mexican bandits, causing the instant
death of the robber the ball struck. Citizens
pursued the robbers.
Corvin Hecker, of Summerville, His., sui
cided by shooting himself. Financial trou
ble and drink led to the act. Hecker was
40 years old and a son of the laie Col. Fred
Hecker.. He left a wife and five children.
Col. S. C. Mewer, one of the proprietors
of the Milwaukee Sunday Telegraph, com
mitted suicide by shooting. Mr. Mewer
was favorably known in the military circles
of Wisconsin. No cause assigned for the
Secret organizations are being formed in
every ward in Chicago. The object is not
only to punish ballot box thieves and staf
fers, but murderers and highwaymen, if the
courts do not deal with them as they de
serve. Louis Deny, a member of the city coun
cil and at one time city marshall at Polar-
bluff, Mo. jhot his wife four times, killing
her instantly and then blew his own brains
out. Jealousy is alleged as the cause of
Derry's act,-he having accused his wife of
being too intimate with an other man.
Ferdinand Wolff, a German, and propri
etor of a planing mill, shot and killed bun
self at his residence, No. 509 Rutger street,
St. Louis. Wolff had lost considerable
money during the past winter, which, to
gether with the sickness of his wife, preyed
upon his mind and culminated in his
Ex-Mayor B.E. Pollen, of Paris, Ky.,
was found dead in his room at a hotel in
Lexington, Ky., havingcommitted suicide
by taking laudanum. He was formerly a
wholesale liquor dealer but lost his fortune.
He had recently shown depression of spir
its. An attempt was made before daylight
April 7, to blow up Charles NicoWa sa
loon on east Eighteenth street, by firing a
sinsra-XiE coif-st s ceistts
quantity of giant powder alongside of the
building. The force of the explosion spent
itself in bursting the windows and wreck
ing the plastering. Nicolas and family
were sleeping in the rooms overhead. No.
cause is assigned for the attempt.
A Winnepeg special April 8, says it is re
ported at Touchwood Hills that a band of
Indians are within one day's march of
Humboldt, where government supplies are
stored, and that an advance of troops will
be hurried forward to prevent their cap
ture. It is also stated that Riel has placed
a large force of rebels at the south branch
of the Saskatchewan river to prevent
trooDS from crossing over. Troops will
reach, there in about ten days, and an
gagement is likely tooccur.
The Farmers Bank at Norfolk, Va.
have made an assignment.
"Mediums" and clairvoyants were arrest
ed by the wholesale in Baltimore and fined.
The newly appointed postmaster, at Mat
toon, 111., has 135 applications for assistant
Heavy axd destructive rains fell in Mis
sissippi, doing considerable damage to rail
way property.
At Chicago in the Third ward the ballot
box was stolen and several arrests have al
ready been made.
The ball Beason opened at Indianapolis
the local clab defeating the Louisvilles (by
a score of 7 to 4.
The "Witch of Wall street" was arrested
in Baltimore and went to jail because she
had no funds.
The total exports of specie from New
York during the past week was $161,935; im
ports, $43,852.
First mortgage bondholders of the Nickel
Plate road met at New York to take steps to
protect themselves.
The body found in Coney Island creek is
not that of Mr. Coaaut, the missing editor
of Harper's Weekly.
The liabilities of the livery stable firm of
Ryerson & Brown who failed in New York,
are placed at $500,000.
Edward Lambert, of Chicago, shot and
killed his mother-in-law, wounded his wife
and then killed himself.
The Pennsylvania railroad, main line
and branches, earned $30,196,884 during
the year; net earnings, $10,509,926.;
Sullivan and Ryan have arranged to fight
at Butte City, Mont., June 16th with Bmali
gloves for tha championship belt.
General Passenger Agent Ford has issued
an order for the restoration of rates on all
of the Pennsylvania company's lines.
Orders were received at Philadelphia for
six iron cruisers from private individuals.
It is thought they will ba sold to some gov
The new Bank of Commerce building
just opened to the public, is pronounced
the most elaborately nnisnea Dans: Duna
ding in the west.
The New York Central fc Hudson River
railroad was asked to reduce its freight
rates to Chicago, but declined, saying the
road was satisfied with the present rates.
The Chicago men, who took the contract
to build the new state .house for Texas, will
lorieit the amount namea in xne oonarain
er than go ahead with the works at a loss.
The employes of the National line of
steamships at New York, state that the
English Government has bought the
America outright, paying 250)000 pounds
sterling for her. l
The supreme court decided that the
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad must pay
taxes in West Virginia, the company claim-.
ing rights not to do so under an act which
incorporated a road absorbed by the C. & O.
It is understood that the annual report
of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R.
Co., to be issued soon, will show a surplus
for 1884 of $850,000, without taking into ac
count the advances to the Sonora road
which amount to about $350,000.
Governor Marmaduke has issued an -order
making the members of the Legisla
ture, the county clerk and treasurer of
each county a local committee to secure
contributors to the fund for the extinction
of the disease existing in Calloway county.
Trouble with Missouri Pacific machinists
in Texas commenced again, but it was sat
isfactorily settled when the company's at-
tention was called to the fact that the re
cent contract made with the men was being
A special from Kansas City, April 11th,
says: George C. Faville, State veterinarian
of Colorado, passed through the City to
night en route to Jefferson City for the pur
pose of ascertaining the extent of pleuro
pneumonia in the State, and the result of
his investigation will probably determine
whether the quarantine of Colorado against
Missouri will be raised or on the other
hand made more stringent.
Happy Thmmgkt la the Night.
For years Mr. Jas. B. Acklev, of 163
Wes Fay ette street, Baltimore, had suf
fered with newralgia so that he could
hardly aleep. Bat he writes, "One
night I was suffering very much, and
the thought struck me that Brown's
Iron Bitters would do ice some good,
and perhaps cure me. It was a happy
thought, and to my great joy it has en
tirely cured me after using two bottles.
After three months I hare had no re
turn of the symptoms. I cheerfully re
commend it as the beet tonic I hare
ever cued.'' Neuralgia sufferers take the
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