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W. . HARRISON, Proprietor. .-
Bologna Sausage & Pressed Corn
Beef a Specialty.
The Trad Supplied. Best Prices Paid for Cattle and Hogs
Buekeye Reaper and Mower,
Keystone Corn Planters, Horse Bakes, Weir & Deere's
Plows and Cultivators,Springfield Superior Grain Drill.
M d Ituj Hardware Iron h and lass.
Franklin Street, - - WA-KEENEY, KANSAS.
WiU in the Future as in the Past, keep a full supply of
Also, Qaeeiisware. Flonr, Feed, Stoneware, Confectioneries, Cigars ani Totaco.
A liberal Share of the Public Patronage is Solicited.
Medicines and Chemicals.
Including aiull line of Chamberlain's Celebrated Medicines, the
best and most reliable in use Perfumery, Hair Oils, Toilet
and Fancy Goods, Hair Brushes, Tooth, Cloth and Nail
Brushes, Dressing Combs, Fine Combs, Toilet Soaps,
Tooth Soaps and Powders, Face Powders.
Strictly Pure White Leaf, Colors Dry and In Oil, Mineral Paints, Putty, Sand Paper
Dryers, Varnishes, Paint Brushes and Painters' Supplies, Linseed Oil, Car
bon Oil, Castor Oil, Lubricating Oils, Axle Grease, Turpentine, Etc
Sugars, Green and Roasted Coffee.
It will pay you to all and examine our stock of Teas. They
are of splendid quality and low price.
Syrups, Molasses awl Vinegar, Spices, Flour, Corn Meal and
Crackers, Salt fish, Dried Fruits, Canned Goods,
' Laundry and Toilet Soaps, Concentrated Lye,
Matches, Liquid and Box Blueing.
Trade with tie and you
vary Dollar yon Invert.
get Fresh, Reliable Goods and 100 Cents' Worth fan
stock iF-A-iRiMiinnsra- .the ibjlsis op ottir, ihstidtjstie&heis.
The trial of Ferdinand Ward commenced
in New York the other day.
The casting of the fifty-four ton gun at
Boston was a failure.
Officers of Gallatin county, Montana, are
short in their accounts.
Two more bodies have been recovered
from the river at East Saginaw.
The Southern Pacific statement for Au
gust shows net earnings of $153,542.
The body of James A. Pale, 28 years old,
has been found in the river at Chicago.
McCullongh's wardrobes and stage be
longings were sold at New York.
Vernon Young shot his divorced wife
dead in a boarding house at Waueau, Wi3
Old "Tfncie Jerry," embalmed in litera
ture by Opie Reed, died at Little Bock.
J. 0. McVey, a switch-tender, was killed
by the cars at Sedalia, Mo.
Emery Thayer was shot and killed by
masked burglars at Geneseo, N. Y.
W. A. Huckeby killed Thomas Morrow
in Yell county, Arkansas with a knife.
Waterworks at Marshall, Mo., are finish
ed and have been accepted by the council.
Pennsylvania coal miners ore resuming
work at the terms offered by the operators.
David Congar was sentenced to impris
onment for life for murdering his wife a
Zanesville, 0.
Six farmers near Tyler, Tex., were robbed
by highwaymen of the proceeds o cotton
sold in town.
A meeting of carbon point manufactur
ers was held at Pittsburg for the purpose of
advancing prices.
It is said that P. 0. Beade, recently ap
pointed postmaster at Dee Moines, refuses
to qualify.
Henry "Ward Beecher has been sued by a
lecture committee of Hartford lor breach of
Near Glenallen, DaK., James Grey had a
deaperate encounter with two Indiana and
barely saved his life.
The schooner George B. Sloan was wreck
ed in a gale on Lake Ontario and the cook
drowned. i
John Conley, a farmer of the vicinity of
Bement, 111., w&s run over by his wagon
and Killed.
Women suffragists in several counties of
New York purpose to vote at the coming
One man was killed and three wounce
by an explosion in a mine in Chesterfield
West Virginia, the other day.
The annual reunion of the survivors of
Stephenson's California expedition of 1846
was held at New York.
President Cleveland and Secretary Man
ning left Washington for Albsny and Buf
ia?o, respectively, to vote.
-There are to be no mOre Arctic expedi
tions under the auspices of the government
at least for the present.
Four members of theatrical companies
were fined $5 each at Cincinnati for giving
performances on Sunday. j
Secretary of the Treasury Manning says
the women bore him, and none are to be
allowed hereafter to enter his office.
Edward S. 8tokes of New York and Wm.
King of Minnesota propose to build a new
telegraph line from St. Louis to Duluth.
Insomnia caused Daniel W. Fales, a po
lice sergeant in Detroit, to kill himself with
a revolver in the Fremont street station.
Wholesale grocers and jobbers of Chi:
cago have petitioned the managers of West
ern railways to abolish car-load rates.
William B. Giles, alias William Geoch,
the British forcer, will be sent back toEng
landfrom New York.
Joseph H. Bowman, of HarrisburgPenn
sylvania, having lost both legs in a railway
accident.dropped himself from the Susque
hanna wagon bridge into the river.
A syndicate of Eastern and Western men
including prominent St. Louisans, is being
formed to build improvements in the Yel
lowstone National park.
A Chicago furrier.named Perioalt.claims
to have been robbed of goods valued at
$25,000, within the past three months, by
A company formed for the purpose of
manufacturing fire-proof lumber has been
incorporated at Springfield, HI., with a
capital of $1,000,000.
Five hundred men are to be thrown out
of employment for an indefinite period by
the closing of the Gautiersteel works at
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
The amount of wheat in sight in the
United States and Canada, October 31. was
51,702,000 bushels, being an increase of 2,-
Olb.OOO bushels over the preceding weex.
Corn, 4,664,000 bushels; increase 332,000
Lodie Smith, charge with murdering his
fkther at Morristown, N. J., was acquitted
on the ground of justifiable homicide.
Edward 8. Stokes is in Detroit making
arrangements for the construction ot an
extensive telegraph system in Michigan.
Dr. Samuel G. Armor, one of the most
eminent medical professors of Brooklyn,
died recently of pneumonia andappoplexy.
m The will of the late capte A. E. Good
rich, of Chicago, leaves to his widow and
son property aggregating over $2,500,000.
Postmasters have been instructed to in
clude postal cards and sealed packages in
the matter entitled to special delivery, if
properly stamped.
Cholera has, within a few weeks, swept
nway a thousand hogs in one township in
Champaign sounty, 111. It is said to be
rapidly spreading.
A census report just completed shows
Kansas City's population, exclusive of Kan
sas City, Kan., and other suburbs, to be
Four men were killed and several
woun d ed by th e explosion of the b oil er of
the tugboat Frank Moffett,opposite Marine
City, Mich.
The murder of John Douglas, a farmer
near Newark, Ohio, who had $2,000 on his
peison, has been followed by. the arrest of
hiB son-in-law. The lattei was once tried
in Kentucky on a charge of murder.
Mr. Samuel N. Brooks, ot Hyde, Eng
land, the father of the prisoner now in jail
at St. Louie, charged with the murder Prel
ler, has arrived in that city.
I David Marks, late deputy county clerk at
Helena, Montanna, had been arrested for
the theft of warrants anions king to several
hundred dollars.
Anton Pfans, of Peninsula, 0., took a
dose of morphine for quinine, and to save
him from dying the people used him so
vigorously that he sailed in and tried to
clean out the crowd.
In a foundry at St. Louis, a molder named
Scott Thomas undertook to pour five tons
of melted iron into a pit fourteen feet deep,
and met a horrible death by the breaking
of a manilla rope supporting the ladle.
Captain A. E. Lee, who was private sec
retary of B. B. Hayes, at his inauguration,
makes statements tending to disprove the
i3ea that Gtn. Grant thought Ti'den was
A political riot which for several days
has been in progress at Bustameute, Mexi
co, between the white and Indian parties,
has already caused four deaths. Every
man is a walking arsenal. The state offi
cers at Monterey have been called upon to
restore order.
A bout 150 feet of the bridge of Tleasant
Vale and Atlantic City Turnpike company
at Atlantic City, N. Y., fell yesterday while
about fifty people were on it. Many were
thrown into the water, but none were
The city of Evan sville, Indiana, hns failed
to pay the interest coupons on $3,000,000 of
water bonds. The holder of the securities
is an eastern life insurance company,
which is privileged to take possession ox
the water-works at its pleasuie.
Six diBgn-'sed men rede up to the resi
dence of a colored man named Gzo Tem
plelon, in Hampstead county. Arkansas.
one night recently, called him out, and
shot him down.
.Thomas M. Turner, a young man in the
employ of John Conway, hasbeen'arrested.
charged with the murder of Mrs. Conway
and her daughter last week at Kansas City.
Judge Parrett, of Evansville, Ind., has
decided that the Bell Telephone company
is a common carrier of news and must fur
nish instruments to whoever complies with
the usual rules.
Frank Jones, A. V. Shuman and Harvey
Carlyle were convicted in the United States
district court at Springfield of burglarizing
the Covel (McLean county, 3 HI.,) post
office. Capt. J. N. Hyde, of Dixon. Illinois, who
has carried crutches since 1864 for a wound
received at Marietta, Georgia, has been
compelled to suffer the amputation of his
Senator Stafford, of California, has do
nated a tract of land comprising 85,000
acres, valued at three and a half million
dollars, for the endowment of a university
to be erected at Paloalt, that state.
A fire in the clothing store of Nathan Ja
cobs, at Gloucester, Massachusetts, caused (
loss of $40,000. Henry Eogers, engineer, o '
an electrio light company, was fatally in
jured by the fall of a coping.
A gang of burglars entered the residence
of Sir Frederick Ulnch Graham, at Carlisle,
Eng., and had-packed up nearly all the val
uables when a servant rushed out for help.
A fight took place between the robbers and
the police, in which two of the latter were
fatally wounded.
Boston Buck and six members of his gang
of counterfeiters, who had been operating
in western Pennsylvania, have been sen
tenced to hard labor in the Pittsburg peni
tentiary for various periods. Buck is
nearly 70 years of age.
The wholesale and retail grocery business
at Augusta.Ga. having been monopolized by
Chinamen ,the citizens are petitioning the
iti i :l nt davie means to stop the yel
tide of in: migration.
The illicit distillers of Franklin county,
Georgia, have begun a war upon law abid
ing citizens whom they suspect of haying
uiiuiuieu upon cnem. a. young man wno
testified for the government in several cases
has been assassinated, and many persons
have been ordered to leave the county or
take the consequences.
Judge Moran, in the circuit court at
Chicago, has decided that J. Young Scam
mon may redeem from the United mortage
company, at the legal rate of interest,
property on the corner of Congress street
and Wabash avenue valued at $400,000,
which was sold under a mortgage eleven
years ago.
The supreme court of Michigan has made
a decision which restores to Mrs. Cynthia
W. Crawford, of Detroit, a tract of five
thousand acres of land on the shore of Lake
Huron, to which her son, Leonard, had
obtained the title by forging a deed. Mrs.
Crawford is now 95 years of age.
George Washington, a colored citizen of
East St. Louis, paid no attention to threats
of tar and feathers unless he separated from
nis wnite wife. un Wednesday evening
he awoke to find a mob tearing down his
house, and was compelled to flee for his
A sand r cow operating at Milwaukee
found the anchoir chains of the steamer
Sebastopol. which was Eunk in a hurricane
thirty years ago.
The authorities of Montreal predict that
the small-pox epidemic wll bring thatcity
into debt to the amount of $500,000 before
spring. On one street in 8te. Cnnegonde
there is a ease to every house. An official
request has been made by the isolation de
partment for hoepital accommodations for
1,500 patients.
At a Polish dance in Chicago a terrific
fight took place. The hall "was crowded and
nearly everyone in the place was armed
with a knife. The women fled and the
men fought it out among themselves.
When the police arrived, they found two
men lying on the floor covered with blood.
A large number of those who participated
in the fight were cut, but managed to es
cape. At Seibertsville, a small village in Penn
sylvania, four tramps entered a small house
some distance back from the road, in which
lived two bachelor brothers, John and Wm.
Kester. eeed respectively fifty and fifty-
four years, and demanded a large sum of
which was known to be secreted in the
house. Kester refused to reveal were the
money was, and the trsmps bound them
hand and fot and beat their brains out
with heavy clubs, After committing the
murder, they tied, and have not yet been
The earl of Buckinghamshire is dead.
King Alfonso has been ordered to take
hCDmolete rest for a month.
Mattei, who tried to shoot De Freyduet,
in Paris, is declared insane.
7 Sir Henry Drummond Wolff and the
khedivi have exchanged visits.
Economy has led Greece to contemplate
a general reduction of all state salaries.
English mercantile and manufacturing
circles are agitated by German competition.
M. de Lesseps has asked for permission
to iesuo $120,000,000 new Panama canal
The Congo free Btate is proving an ele
phant of huge proportions to the king o
English statesmen are greatly worried
over evidences of Russian intrigue in cen
tral Asia.
The Cork Packet company offered 3,000
to the boycuttit,K catilu oealeis to xe&ume
shipments, but the money was indignantly
The German missionary conference At
Bremen resolved to appeal to the govern
ment to stop the sale of liquor to natives
in German colonies.
Dr. O'Connel, rector of the American col
lege at Borne, will sail for New York with
the acts and decrees of the Baltimore coun
cil as revised by the pope
An express train on the railway between
Lisbon and Madrid left the rails on a bridge
pear the boundary, causing the loss of sev
eral lives.
The tenants on the Irish restate of Lord
Egmont have agreed to deposit their rents
in a bank as the neucleus of a fund for
their own defenpe.
Four Firm Fads.
No one can take morphia or other
poisons without injury.
No Morphia or opium is to be fonnd
in Bed Star Cough Core.
No case of cough that cannot be cored
by Bed Stay Cough Core.
No remedy is cheaper; it costa only
twenty-five cent.
The Kansas Btate Temperance Union had a
Large Meeting in Topeka October 27th
and 28th.
Thefollowingarethe resolutions adopted
We congratulate the people of the state
of Kansas upon the progress made toward
a complete enforcement of the prohibitory
liquor law in the state. After nearly five
years of trial, we find the following results
of the operation of the law:
The wholesale liquor trade wilhin the
Btate has almost ceased.
The sale of liquor as a beverage has been
immensely diminished.
The open dramshjp is almost entirely
The secret places in which liquor is sold
in violation of the law have been greatly re
duced in number, and the general sobriety
and wonderful prosperity of our people are
matters of universal comment by strangers
who come within our gates.
Bealizing, therefore, the great benefits of
constitutional prohibition in Kansas, we
demand of all political parties that it shall
be retained as the settled policy of the gov-
uriuueub m uiib siais.
There is but one way to enforce constitu
tional prohibition, and that is to make a
vigorous application of the law for its en
forcement. We do not demand extraordi
nary remedies, but we have a right to ex
pect that the officers of the law shall apply
the remedies provided by law for the sup
pression of the illegal liquor traffic. Yet
these remedies will not be applied unless
ha people require of their officers that this
uty be performed, and we call upen th
people for greater activity in this i -bee
Bosolred, That we re-affirm our convic
S.01! ? Prohibitory liquor law. being
. wwun ujuhwo OI UM Will OI UM
people, enacted by them inselfdefens
should be vigorously executed by all court
f and officers should have the prompt and
active co-operation of all law abiding citi
zens independently of personal opinion or
partisan connection.
Besolved, That the issue in this state is
simply law as against lawlessness, the sov
ereignty of the people as against the sover
eignty of the liquor power, and that we
cheerfully accept the issue thus made, con
fident that tbe intelligence, courage and
virtue of our citizens are able to mantain
the interests and to defend the rights of a
million and a quarter of people insolently
assailed by the liquor sellers and their con
federates. Besolved, That in our opinion, after
e perienee of six months, the prese
h nor law is in many important partica
larsan improvement npon the original
law, but as it is still imperfect on some
points, the executive committee is hereby
instructed to see that the needed amend
ments are carefully prepared and presented
to the legislatuae for consideration at the
approaching session.
Basolved, That, whereas, that portion ot
the liquor law granting to druggists the
privilege of the sale of liquor for allowed
purpose was framed at the express request
of druggists thonselvea, and was designed
to protect honorable men in the legal pros
ecution of their business; and
Whereas, It is notorious that unde .
coyor of the law some druggists are selling
liquor as a beverage, and some dishonest
persons have opened so called drug stores
for thepurposeof selling liquor as a bever
age. We call upon all law abiding and
honorable druggists to aidiu lelieying their
business from the stigma placed upon it by
unprincipled men, and to assist the officers
in the detection and punishment of viola
tions of the law by real or pretended deal
ers in drugs, and we brand the men who
inflict untold damage on the community,
andtrample upon its laws,by sailing liquor
as a beverage in diug stores, as outlaws, no
more worthy of the respect and patronage
of the community than other outlaws and
we hereby hold them up to the contempt
and scorn of all honest people.
Besolved, That the existing law points
out the mode and provides the means for
the suppression of the sale of liquor as a
beverage by druggists, as well as in saloons,
and that, since the remedies are in the
hands of the people, we urge upon all citi
zens the necessity of the most vigilant and
fearless prosecution of violators of the law,
and specially of those who are using a legi
timate bu&inees as a cloak to conceal their
pursuit of a traffic always wicked and infa
mous, and now made criminal a traffic
equally condemned by the conscience of all
good men, by the decree of the law of the
land, and by the jast udgment of almighty
Besolved, Thata city government which
directly or indirectly licenses the sale of liq
uors within its limits, and derives reve
nues therefrom, is in wilful, defiant rebel
lion against the will of the people and the
laws of the state. The cities of Leaven
worth, Atchison and Dodge notably occupy
this position, and thar we demand special
action with reference to the attitude of
thes9 cities toward the constitution and
laws of the state, so as to put a speedy end
to this demoralizing situation, and that
while we note with gratification that the
law officer of the state is applying the rem
edies to the saloon keepers in these rebel
lious cities, we respectfully ask that the
remedies ot the law be applied to the cltv
governments, and that the illeeal snnrr nf
revenue be cut off.
Besolved, That we demand of all politi
cal parties that they support the constitu
tion and laws of the state upon the subject
of prohibition as well as on all other sub
jects , and we afflirm that we will not vote
nor act either directly or indirectly, with
any party which by its party machinery
does not favor the vigorous enforcement of
the prohibitory liquor law.
Besolved, The republican party in Kan
sas has rendered invaluable service to the
cause of prohibition, and is entitled to the
confidence and support of the prohibition
ists of the state, so long as it maintains its
present announced position nn thmt nnM.
Hon. ' "
Besolved, That in the name of the tern
perance people of Kansas, this union heart
ily thanks all offidale of every grade and
party, who have honestly tried to enforce
the prohibitory law.
Besolved, That officials of every grade'
and party who have failed to discharge
their duty to the best of their ability, de
serve severe censure, and should be given
to understand by their constituents that
persistence in that course will cause them
to be treated as unfaithful ssrvants.
Besolved, In the 'udgment of this con
vention, that in proportion to tbe popula
tion of the state now and then, there is not
more than one-tenth of the amount of in
toxicating liquor used as a beverage, that
was used for that purpose before the adop
tion of the prohibition Dolirv.
Besolved, That werequeetthe legislature,
at its coming session, to pass a law, giving
the people of each organized county a grand
jury at last ones a year.
Besolved, That the congratulations of
this convention be extended to the workers
in the various st es in the erase of pro
hibition, and we hereby assure them of our
conttnuad sympathy aLd co-operation n
this laudable work.
The following are the officers elected for
mo euaiungyear:
President-B. Kelley, Winfield.
Vice Pres. Albert Griffin Manhattan.
Treasurer-P. I. Bonebrake, Topeka.
Secretary James A. Troutman, Topeka.
Executive committee: H. M Grancy?
Atchison First district: James Marvin,
Lawrence, Second district: A. B. Campbell
?P'BidlictJB- AU,Neosho,
Fourth dutnet; B. Wake, Abilene, Fifth
&"& hPS11' EUaworth, sixth dis
dkrtrict' W8uttm' Dod- auJf Seventh
At large: If. B. Slosson, Leavenworth;
Tawnffi"01' Topek; H W'
.2ia& w mK:tF'iJ

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