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7J.V A.
There comes a time when we grow old,
And like a sunset down the sea t
81ope gradual, and the high-winds cold
Comes whispering sad and chillingly;
And locks are gray
As winter's day,
And eyes of saddest bine behold
' The leaves all seary drift away,
And lips of faded coral say.
There comes a time wh-n we grow old.
There comes a time when joyous hearts,.
Which leap as leaped the laughing main,
Axe dead to all save memory, .
As prisoned in his dungeon chain,
4nd dawn of day
Hath passed away.
The moon hath into darkness rolled.
And b- the embers wan and gray,
.1 hear a voice in whisper say.
There comes a time when we grow old.
There comes 8 time when manhood's prime
Is shrouded in the mist of years,
And beauty, f nding gliding like a dream,
Hath passed away in silent tear :
. And then how dark!
But O! the spark
That kindled youth to hues of gold
Still bums with clear andeteady ray,
And fond affections, lingering say.
There comes a time when we grow old.
There comes a time when laughing Spring
And golden Summer cease to be,
And we put on the Autumn robe,
To tread the last declivity;
But now the slope.
With Boey Hope,
Beyond the sunset we behold.
Another dawn with fair light,
While watchers whisper through the night
There comes a time we when grow old.
Copyrighted, 1886, by 8. S. McClure.
He came weak and helpless into the
world. The little company of tfomen
that stood aroand the bedside shook
their heads over mother and child. In
deed, -with the uncompromising logic of
the poor, they reasoned that it would be
better for both to die.
Janko's father had left Bohemia soon
after his marriage, and after some wan
derings had secured work in a great mill
in Chicago. But he was killed by the
fall of a rail, a Bhort time before Janko's
birth. A few friendly women of her own
race stood by the poor widow at the time
when a woman most needs her husband's
comfort and love,
The child seemed scarcely to breathe.
One of the women took it, and, sprink
ling it with holy water, solemnly pro
nounced the words:
"I baptize thee in the name of the
Father, Son, and Holly Ghost, and give
thee the name of Jan. Now then, Chris
tian soul, go back whence thou cameth."
But the Christian soul had no desire
to return and leave the poor, weakly
body, and so Janko lived.
The mother and child finally drifted in
a small, ,old-fashioned village at some
distance from the city. The poor Bohe
rnian woman earned enough to feed and
clothe them in a certain way, and the
burden of old sorrows began to lighten.
At 10 years of age Janko was a strange
looking little fellow. His face was thin
and haggard ; his body bulged in a dis
tended fashion; hiB hair was almost
white, and straggled down over his clear
glowing eyes, that seemed to look out
into the world an immeasurable distance.
In winter he crouched by the stove, and
wept softly with the cold, perhaps, or
sometimes for hunger. In summer he
"ran around in an old shirtnd an ambig
uous pair of pants.
He was not a bright boy, and, like a
true child of the village, he put his fin
ger in his mouth if any one spoke to him.
It is impossible to explain it, but he had
one talent and inclination, for music. If
lie went out with the other boys for busi
ness, lie mwttVH reiiumcu. chjuj-u.ouwou)
but he would come hobbling into the
houBe with glistening eyes and exclaim:
"Ah! mother, if you could have heard
the music the woods played for me to
I will play on you, you good for
nothing," cried his mother angrily.
The boy cried and promised never to
listen again, but still in his thoughts he
heard the music of the woods, of the
oaks and birches and hickories. How
ithey sang and sounded, and the echo,
too. In the neias tne grass Diaaes sang
to him, Xnihe evening he listened fo
'those low 4fta" heard sounds that come
sottlj across the 'twilight in the country
Tillages. fcIf 'they set him to work in
fields , very likely they would find him
standing with hair blown back andjwide
open, unseeing eyes, listening to the
wind hum in the prongs of the hay fork.
TKa mother dared not take him to
church, for at the sound of the organ his
whole little soul was so stirred that there
seemed to be the reflection of another
world in his eyes, and his mother always
felt apprehensive. So they called him
"Janko the' musician," in the village-;
but God alone knew the beautiful sounds
he heard in the fields and woods.
The solitary policeman of the village
more than once saw Janko's white shirt
disappear in, the darkness as he passed
the store where the village orchestra
practioed ni the evening.
Within ttra vinlillfi Banff CTulv. "WO
Bm wfll make the glasses dink," and the
k bit baas viols wambled srravelY. "As
':' God wills! As God wills!" And then the
policeman shouted to him.
rC- "Better be trotting oft home, you
frlistie rascal" But the sounds followed
CkaBfaiidhaU the night he lay awake
N v, ao& listened to the violins ringing over
- "ad.over again. "We will dance, we
St" will drink, we will make the glasses
click." and the bass viols droning. "As
wills! as God .wills!" How he
W longed for a violin.
-Finally Janko made himself a tiny
, '.;' fiddle out of a cornstalk, with horse-hair
iafainga, which buzzed and whined like a
u&j-ora mosquito. He played upon it
from morning tall night, and received so
xjtmmj kicks and cuffs for his idle mueio-
'pnmtMJJUg uiAb me puor xums uaww iuumu
f like a braised, uriripe apple. Jaakogrew
More wasted, the lower, part of his body
, proiraded more than ever, bat hia ebeekt
and bis breast sank more aikl axire.: His
the winter was over, he took so
nourishment beyond this hope.
One of the young men of the .village
had a new fiddle. - Janko had seen it
Jhamging in the back part of the grocery
store, and hs little hands fairly twitched
to get hold of it. One evening he step
ped around back of the stove and looked
in the open window. The fiddle hung
just where the moonlight fell upon it.
Mow beautiful it looked there. Tne
store was deserted, for everybody was
enjoying the evening on the steps in
front. Janko could hear them talking
and laughing. His heart trembled.
There was the glorious violin almost
within reach. The wind seemed to
whisper through the leaves over and ove
again, "Go on, my boy, there is no one
And the far-on whip-poor-will seemed
to repeat the refrain, "Janko go! Janko
go!" Then the owl startled him with a
long-drawn, emphatic "No-o-o! No-o-o!"
But the owl soon relapsed into silence,
and he only heard the encouraging voice
of the katydids urging him on with the
assurance: "No one there ! No one
Janko struggled up to the window siH
and in another moment dropped down
into the room. He slipped along the
floor. He only wanted to touch the glo
rious fiddle and. then to go home to dream
of it the whole night through. Soon
there came a low, soft sound 'from the
strings, as if a hand ha been laid on
them gently and withdrawn. Just at
that moment a form appeared at the
front dcor and a rough voice asked:
'"Who's there?"
Janko held his breath.
The voice repeated in loader tones,
"Who's there?" A match was struck. A
curse, some blows, and loud cries fol
lowed, and Janko was dragged into the
group on the steps.
The next day he was dragged before a
magistrate. Janko. had nothing to say,
though his poor mother was half wild
with fear, and grief and shame. The
Magistrate finally decided to release the
boy. It wouldn't do he thought to send
to prison the little fellow who did not
realize what he had done, or tried to do,
H9 instructed the constable, however, to
give Janko a good flogging, as a warn
ing. The great burly man picked up
the boy, tucked him under his arm, and
carried him away to punishment.
At each blow of the cane Janko cried:
"Mother! Mother!" But the constable
did his work thoroughly, and the cries
gradually grew weaker, and Janko nc
longer cried for his mother. Poor little
broken fiddle! The man did not have
a bad heart, but, like too many, he did
not believe a boy coulc be frail and
e 8k.
Janko's mother carried him home and
put him in his rude bed and covered him
with an old horse-blanket. The next day
Janko could not get up. The third day
Janko could not get up. The fourth day
the swallows twittered in the cherry trees
near the window, the sunshine crept into
the bare room and lighted up his tangled
hair and the little white face, in which
not a single drop of blood apparently re
mained. His sunken breast scarcelv rose and
fell, but his countenance reflected the
sounds that came in at the window, and
he smiled a little as he heard a party of
returning haymakers singing. Janko
listened for the last time to the sound of
the wind and th trees and the villagers.
Beside him on the old blanket lay his
rude little fiddle. Suddenly the face of
the dying child lighted up and his lips
"What is it, my son?" asked the
I mother, in a choking voice.
"Mother! won't the good God give me
a real fiddle in heaven?"
"Yes, my child, yes I" replied the poor
mother and breaking into a passion of
grief, "Oh, Christ help me!" as she bent
over Janko.
When she raised hei Lead, and looked
at her boy, the eyes of the little musician
were open but immovable; his face fixed
and cold. The sunshine had disap
peared. Over Janko's grave the trees and grass
and birds make the old melodies he loved
to hear.
A Thrilling Recital by the Feminine Mem
ber ot the Firm.
Detroit Free Press.
What Mr. Bowser didn't know about
dressmaking up to a week age wasn't
worth knowing. What he doaen't know
now would fill a large-sized book. I was
fretting about the delay on the part of
my dressmaker when he suddenly turned
on me with:
"Mrs. Bowser, it's all infernal non
sense! When I order a suit of clothes
they are ready for me at the date set;
and if there is any ' reason why a dress
maker can't . do business on business
principles, I want to know it"
"But I can't help it" I protested.
"No, you can't! You women are fools
to be imposed upon as you are! I'd like
to see one of these dressmakers bam
boozle me around the way they do you !"
"But you don't wear dresses."
"For which I thank heaven! There
is more nonsense about selecting a dress
and having it made up than is seen in an '
idiot asylSm in ayr. I tell you, it's
all bosh!"
"You might select my c'reee' goods for !
T :.t TTll Itanx mn it
Yes I'll go down this very ater-
noon and buy vou a new dress, and Til
follow the cloth until you have it on your
back! Til show you, Mrs. Bowser, that
business is business."
He began operations after dinner. Mr.
Bowser has an alarm clock which goes
off to the minute. He therefore argues
w ,kw -a m
that everybody eke ought to go off with
the sanw promptness and d patch. Me
lumped off me oar ana rasnee: mio a
dry goods store and said: - '
"&ve b twelve yards ef
V f t
ip-tin jv. ,,
Til take ffreen and blue."
"But no one can get a dress
twelve yards of sOk and as
"out of
for the
"They can't eh!" howled Bowser. "Mjr
mother never had over ten yards for-a
dress, and twelve has cot to make one
for my wife. The colors are all right"
The clerk gave him what he asked for,
and Bowser rushed Jiome and flung the
package in my lap with:
"Been gone just thirty-seven minutes
by the watch, while you would have been
fooling around three afternoons. There's
twelve full yards, and if you have any
pieces left you can line my overcoat
Twelve yards ! Why, I never got less
than twenty-three! Don't yon see how
narrow silk is?"
"Urn! I thought it was sheeting width
of course. That's another fraud I'm
going to look to."
"And the shades I can't wear 'em
no one eould.".
"You can't! Well, you will, all the
same! This talk' about matching the
complexion with dress goods is the twad
dle of idiots! If green and blue won't
hit you then let her miss! It's my taste,
and I think I know what belongs to har
mony. We'll go down after supper and
get some dressmaker to begin work."
"But I know what .she'll say."
"Oh! you do! Well you ''eave that to
me; I'm bossing this job, Mrs. Bowser,
and I'll learn you a thing or two before
we get through."
After supper we drove down-town to
a dressmaker's. As we got out of the
carriage Bowser charged me to keep my
mouth shut and let him do the talking,
and I cheerfully promised obedience.
He carried the bundle under his arm,
and as we entered the shop he asked:
"Will you take a contract to build
Mrs. Bowser a dress and have it finished
at a certain date?"
"Let me see the goods," she re'lipd.
but no sooner had she opened the pack
age than she asked:
"Is it some fancy skirt for the circus
"Circus ring !" he whoopsd, "what is
there about these goods to remind you
of a circus ring?'
"The colors."
"Mrs. Bowser," he said as he turned
to me, "we will go elsewhere. It is evi
dent that this person has Cvme out of
some door knob factory to take up dress
making." At the second place the dressmaker
smiled as she saw the colors, and replied
that she wouldn't think of beginning
work without twenty-four yards of silk
at hand.
"Then you'll never begin!" exlaimed
Bowser. "It's high time this Iong-Buf-fering
public kicked against the dress
making robbery. When I buy twelve
yards of silk for a dressmaker to steal
you can expect I'm going to die the
next week."
"The third dressmaker seemed to un
derstand the situation at a glance. She
opened the silk, rolled it up again, and
calmly but firmly Baid:
"I'm very busy just now. You'd bet
ter take it to some blacksmith shop."
Then we went home for the night.
Bowser was mad and wouldn't speak to
me, and as he slept he dreamed of dress
makers, and I overheard him baying :
"Colors! I tell you it's all boeh
How many horses and cows do we see of
four and five color"
The next day we visited twelve other
dressmakers. Two of them called Mr.
Bowser an old fool, and four others
laughed in his face, while the other six
refused to have anything to do with the
dress. When we left the last place ne
"Mrs. Bowser I'm a man who can't be
bulldozed. Those dressmakers have
formed a ring to steal goods and keep
up prices. I'll beat 'em at their own
game. We'll wait until we go to New
Ycrk and then buy a ready made dress."
When we get home we called the cook
into the sitting-room and gave her the
silk, and she thanked him kindly and
"It comes in very handy, Mr. Bowser.
for my sister is a tight-rope performer
and wants a new pair of silk tights."
"I couldn't help laughing, and Mr.
Bowser hasn't spoken to me since.
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Punch: Convicts should be called bread-
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Consumption :
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New York World: Familiar music that
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"Yea a few fellows, but they are light of
Two yoang mennxmed George McCom
ber asa W. W. Wreathmax attempted to
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Wall, thirty-five miles up Purgatory valley
in Colorado. They told Morgan to throw
up his hands, and while Morgan turned to
xeaoh for a revolver, McComber shot him
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store to see the cause of the row, and was
severely wounded. The murderers fled, and
were followed to Trindad, where they stop
ped at a house of ill-repute. They were dis
covered by the sheriff and posse at 6 o'clock
in the morning, and an attempt made to
arrest the murderers, when a fight ensued,
the aheruTs posse literally riddling the
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ever, who is still alive, says he shot himseli
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Republican Yajley Stock Farm.
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west has developed some very extensive es
tablishments for their breeding, one of the
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thoroughly reliable men with whom it is a
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horses, while Mr. Coleman's many years ex
perience as foreman for M. W. Dunham es
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E Snflerlng Womanhood.
Too much effort cannot be made to bring
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mained for six months under the treatment
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manent benefit. She was induced to try
your medicine and after a reasonable time
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attend to her business and considers herself
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proprietor of the American Hotel, Winston,
N. G., and is widely known.
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sues. Sassplt for trial seat free en aseHesMen. by
J814 Kansas Avenjdw, Tepeksw Tiaw.
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. H. P. CUSHMAM. Three alvsre, MJoH.
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nr THX sUKXXT "Gately's UuiveralJSdncsi'
tor," 1,100 paees, 470 illustrations; prices low
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1 beral terms are offered. Address Klnsas Citt
Pub. Co., 109 West Ninth street, Kansas City, Mo.
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Have been heartily enjoyed by the dtissos off
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Marvelous Cures have been performed, and wit
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Hamlin's Wizard OIL
it has ko xquatj roa THE CUBS 07
And Many Other Pains Caused by Accident er Disease.
It is safe and sure, does its work quickly aesl
inves universal satisfaction. For sale by drUS3StBV
) Pric8.50c OurSongBook mailed free to everybedb
For cold in the.
Head Ely's Cream
Balm worTts Wee
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wood, Banker, Eliz
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A i-article is applied into each aostril and is amsstti te
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Have yen heard of the astounding reduction for
Dr. J. A. Bhekhan's famoasHome Treatment,,
theoaly Imown; guarantee comfort Rnd cur
without operat'on or liindrance from labor ! Na
etc I or iron baads ! Perfect retention night and
ilay. No chafins;. Suit d i o all ages. ow $1 f
SLY. Send for circular of measureme&t'', ia
Btrn'tions and proofs. Get cured at heme and
b happy. DR. J. A. SHERMAN, 294
Broadway NewYerk.
The eldest acedicine in the world is i
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JOHN L. THjMPSoN 80NS a CO.. T801, JS. T
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