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$Mem Kansas $toM,
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W. S. TILTON, - 7 - - - - Editor.
Satdkday, July 30, 1887.
Captaih Houston is making a
newsy paper of the Golden Belt atGrinnelL
Ralph Criswell is back at Gove
City and in the newspaper harness, driv
ing, as usnal, at a break-neck journalistic
run. His new enterprise is called the
Gove County graphic.
Aitybody who can muster the
.courage to discuss local politics in earn
est in this kind of -weather is in -his
element when he insists that straight
fanning out here is the only legitimate
basis pi existence.
The Oakley Times thus tries its
hands at the teeth-story business: "Dr.
Keeney reports a new boy at Nelson Ja&
person's, northwest of Oakley, last Sun
day evening. The child had two front
.teeth fully cut at birth. This is a freak
few practitioners ever meet."
At a ,big meeting in Oakley ltst
.Monday night, the citizens nf that place,
with only one dissenting voice, determined
to support Logansport for the county seat.
It's to be Logansport or Russell Springs,
then; at least as far as ihe temporary
4cpunfy seat is concerned.
40 of Each 160.
Trego county has a citizen by the name
,of Douglass, who located some seven or
eighfc miles south of Wa-Keeney in April
last. Mr. Douglass presented to us on
Thursday his scheme for making qt Kan
sas in a hurry an agricultural region. It
is to secure between now and the meeting
of the next legislature the signatures of a
majority of the voters of Kansas to a
petition embodying the proposition that
in the near future forty acres of each
quarter section of prairie land in the
state shall be brought under cultivation.
At least five acres shall be broken in
each year until the forty acres have been
attended to. If the owner of the land
fails to have the plowing done, any one
may do it, and collect pay therefor from
ihe owner of the land. Land planted to
timber or grass is to count as a part of
the requisite forty acres.
There is a golden thread running
through this theory of Mr. Douglass's,
but he will find, after all, that Kansas
people will prefer to retain the right to
dictate the extent jof plowing to be done
on their individual pieces of land. Na
ture has a way of her own for developing
the plains, and we never have seen a man
who could not improve on that way.
Nature's way is not to rush matters. She
kicks with remarkable efficiency against
making to-day'-e corn field in yesterday's
bu$! alo-grass lawn.
' . .
Pigeon 'Shpoting.
Kovenge on the pigeon tribe eems to
have been determined on by the city
authorities. They were getting pretty
thick, and their roosting in the M. E.
.church belfry was not appreciated. Con
siderable shooting in the direction of an
nihilating them has been done this week.
Wednesday evening an accident, fortun
ate in result, grew out of this shooting.
.Councilman Blair was following with his
gun muzzle a pigeon as it flew from the
Pennsylvania Investment building. The
bird flew precisely -between the gun and
Frank Hill, a colored man, who was
standing in the north door of The Cleve
land kitchen. Just then the load of bird
shot was discharged, perforating the up
per half of the door screen in half a
hundred places, and striking Hill in he.
face and breast. The bird shot was
picked out and Hill is all right.
The Lawn Social.
ThiB event, -which came off Tuesday
sveningj under the management of the
ladies of the Presbyterian church, was a
grand affair. Lawn tennis was played
on the beautiful grounds just south of
Mr. Barnes's residence. On the lawn
close by tables were laden with cake, ice
cream and lemonade. The attendance
was large, the social entermingling
pleasant, and the size of the net receipts
about thirty-two dollars.
.Of Course, It Is Eight.
-Hays City Free Press.
The Trecro ermntv ftniTimiRcirwicma Iottq
pasfeedthe following sensible resolution.
It is rigEtr'That" all section "lines be
and are hereby declared legal highways,
according to law, where said lines cross
the IT. P. railroad, jn Trego county, and
that township trustees be directed to re
quest tne railroad company to open
crossings on said section hnesr where
such crossings shall be deemed neces
sary." Old Settlers Ee-Uhion.
The old settlers of Lane countv are to
have their annual re-union at Farnsworth
,on August 12. They are as noble a band
of people 's ever lived on earth. The
writer has accepted vwith pleasure an in
vitation irom uounty Treasurer Lee, the
secSretary of the Old Settlers Association,
to be, present, and deliver an address.
A Party of "Juveniles.
Yesterday afternoon, through the
. ' invitation bf JMrs. -Walker, the children
pt the Baptist Sunday school had a party
at the residence "of Rev. F. L. Walker.
, There were plenty of "good things to eat,
,i and the little ones had a happy 4 time. ' ',
Open-Air j Concert. 5 4i -
This is, what the Wa-Keeney Cornet
.Sand will erie Fridav evening Ancr. K
Lucky is the cattle holder. '
Watermelons are ripening. '
If you aint hot, hpw are you?
Fishing parties are not entirely un
known. Henry Eeddig has returned from
More "work in the court-house park
this week.
Geo. Galloway has had his workshop
Normal institute opens one week
from nest Monday.
The dysentery epidemic seems to be
about ended.
A small, short rain shower fell last
Saturday night.
A good many covered wagons wend
their way westward.
Mrs. J. W. Bell has gone to Council
Bluffs, Iowa, on a visit.
On Thursday G. 0. Stebbins started
to Chicago on business.
W. S. Johns started back to Perry,
HI., on Friday of last week.
Mrs. Burroughs has 'begun the erec
tion of a handsome residence.
Mr. Booton, of the Winona Messen
ger, was a Wednesday caller.
--He who sold his cattle for a song
this season is strictly out of luck.
Artesian water, can we get it?
Republican. Ask something easy.
Farmers in portions of this county
are cutting their corn crop for fodder.
T-Judge Osborn had official business
at Hays City jfche fore part of the week.
Misses Mina and Jesse York were
visiting at O. A. Cortright's last Sabbath.
Jno. Barrett's little daughter was
taken seriously sick yesterday forenoon.
We saw W. P. Montgomery and P.
W. Smith, both of Hays, on the street
last Monday.
Mrs. Louis Ducros has been very
sick this week. Her condition is improv
ing somewhat.
J. B. Close, of Close Bros. & Co.,
went east last Sunday, after having been
here a few days.
We are glad to hear it. Louis
Ducros is about to open a photograph
gallery in Wa-Keeney
"Jack" Lewis, formerly a clerk in
the Wa-Keeney post-office, was in the
city last Sunday night.
The Presbyterian
occupied to-morrow
pulpit will
by Eev. W.
Brown, of Valica, Iowa.
Mayor Gleason's brother, from Coun
cil Bluffs, Iowa, is paying him a visit.
He is accompanied by his wife.
A rattling rain fell late yesterday at
ternoon. It cooled the atmosphere and
strengthened the pulse of the boomer.
Deputy District Clerk B. P. Blair
was visiting friends and relatives at
Solomon City the first days of this week.
Early in the -week O. T. Gustus, of
Orion, III., was out here, looking at lands
which he had purchased througlj Jno. A.
Judge Hutzel has purchased the Jnq.
Ronnquist residence, in the. west part of
town. It is good property, and post him
about 900.
D. J. Hille, familiarly known, as
"Dave," of Alamota, Lane county, was in
town the first half of the week, visiting
his many friends.
That bunch of alfalfa in frpnt'of
Spicer's had to go. Along with it, by the
city's orders, went all the grass and weeds
along the sidewalk.
F. W. Lemon, of Wa-Keeney, has
been applying his celebrated roof paint
to several of the metal roofs in jhis city.
Millbrook Times.
The Swedish Colonization Society
have sold eleven more quarter-section
tracts of their lands in the southeastern
quarter of this county.
Comrade Caddick has been very sick
the past week with dysentery. We
are pleased to be able to state ihat his
condition is improving.
There is talk on the part of some of
the land agents of getting up some
excursions to this place from the east
this fall. The idea is goocL
Jiayor uieason, it affords us
pleasure to state, is able to be around
again. He had a close call and a good
physician. The physician won.
Miss Hamilton, who is teaching a
class in music at Winona, was in the city
on Wednesday, and cajled- to see Miss
Jennie Tilton, an old Waverly, Kansas,
friend. '
From the Opinion we get a glimpse of
the movements of a former Wa-Keenian,
who is now the receiver of the TJ. S. Land
office at Oberlin: "Mrs. Tuliy Scott met
the Hon. Tully Scott at Haigler, Neb.,
and they have gone -to the mountains to
spend the heated term, and will visit Tom
Moonlight at Cheyenne befpre re
turning." Choler Morbus.
- Every peison is liable to sickness, erery
one is subject to sudden attacks of bowel
complaint during the summer, months;
in its mildest forms it in r?uHrrMnW
painful, and when severe, 'unless properly
Moabeu, it - -is ttuouiuteiy oaugeroiis.
There is' but one remedy in the market
prepared especially for bowel complaint,
that can always he depended upon,' that
is Chamberlain's Colic. 'Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It never faihi &W,m
1 1 - i - ' r-. . t -r -; -,
Sunday morning, at 1 o'clock, a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Cobine, of this city,
died at the family residence. She was
about three years old. A complication
of diseases, one of which was dysentery,
constituted the fatal agency. ' The
funeral sermon was preached by Rev.
Mr. Mahaffiie at the M E. church at 4 P.
m. on Sunday, and the burial took place
at the cemetery the same afternoon.
Mrs. Bollman, wife of C. B. Bolhuan,
died at her home, three miles north of
Wa-Keeney, Thursday night. The fu.-
neral sermon was preached at the family
residence on Friday, at 10 o'clock, and
the remains were buried on the same day
in the Wa-Keeney cemetery. Mrs. Boll
man, we understand, was about sixty
years of age. She was the mother of Mr.
A. M Stephenson, of this place.
Maeeied July 29, at the residence of
the officiating minister, Rov. F. L. Walk
er, Charles Moss, of Bent county, Col.,
and Miss Maggie Hamilton, of Osborne
county, Kansas.
"Jack" Downing was in the city on
.Tuesday. His face was turned to Logan
county, where he was bent for the pur
pose pf taking the census as the prelimi
nary step to her organization. Mr. Down
ing has before him a long spell of work.
Under tne new law, ne is to act as
assessor, as well as enumerator. His
trip through the county also involves the
location of the temporary county seat,
as he is to take the vote of each elector
on that question, and the governor is re
quired to declare in accordance there
Parson Mahaffie has purchased of
the M. E. church trustees the first lot
north of W. S. Harrison's residence.
This lot lies only a few rods south of the
church building. Mr. Mahaffie has be
gun the construction of a residence on
the lot. The residence, including
porches, is to be 28 feet in width and 3
feet in length, and will contain four
rooms. The residence, it is expected,
will be ready for occupancy about the
first of October.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Warren and
daughter and a niece of Mrs. Warren's
arrived in the city the latter part of last
week from the east. Mr, Warren re
mained here over Sunday, and went to
Denver, where they live. The rest of the
party followed him Wednesday night,
Mr. and Mrs. Warren have many friends
in Wa-Keeney, Mr. Warren having been
one of the original and only Warren,
Keeney & Co., of this place.
This office is in receipt of a grapevine
dispatch from Washington, which speaks
in flattering terms of the prospect of the
U. S. land olhce remaining m VVa-Jvee
ney. Some developments of a startling
nature, as our knoll observer remarked a
week or two ago, can safely be expected
before this farce ha3 been played clear
Mr. O. T. Birkoland, of Collyer, was
in this office yesterday. He ordered his
copy of the World sent to Chicago while
he remains there. He and Mrs, Birkeland
will go there in a few days, with the in
tention of remaining as long as their
daughter, Mrs. Gunderson, .lives. She
has consumption.
A fellow up at Sharon Springs, Wal
lace township, was arrested the other day
for burglary. He was tried before Justice
Bissell not Wilson and convicted.
Sheriff Baker went after him, and took
him down to the Ellis county jaij. The
fellow is thought to be demented in a
Mr. Swift and 71fe, of Chicago, who
had been visiting at Mr. Ferris's, started
to the Pacific coast Monday evening.
Mr. Wayman's attack of dysentery would
not admit of his accompanying his
friends, but he expects to be able to pro
ceed westward soonf
The cooler had a couple of occupants
last Saturday evening. They furnished
bail that evening for their appearance
before the police judge on Monday. The
judge assessed eaoh of them five dollars.
Their offense consisted in having been on
a hilarious razzoop.
We owe comrade G. W. Hewitt
thanks for a mess of "Squaw" corn roast
ing ears which he presented to us on
Thursday. Mr. Hewitt, by the way,.has
purchased a horse and spring wagon, and
comes to town as comfortably as any
body, Miss Jennie Tilton, who is visiting at
"our house," receives word that she has
been promoted to the charge of the inter
mediate department of- the Waverly
schools. She has been in charge of the
primary department for the past -two
years. . ..'.- -
An extra of twenty-seven cars, loaded
with cedar ties, went west on Sunday, for
the Oakley branch. November 1 is the
time set for beginning the running of
trains On this branch between Oakley
and Colby.
A party of prospectors were out at
Win. Spicer's ranch, in the eastern part
of Gove county, the other day. They
found, in various "pockets" on his place,
about a bushel of the best class of coal.
Jno. A. Kershaw, son of Jno. T. Ker
shaw, is clerking at Kyle's store. He is a
young man of good address, and we are
satisfied that Mr. Kyle has done well in
securing his services.
Cool this morning, with a stout wfnd
from the direction of the Arctic ocean.
If you have boils,
If you are bilious,
If you have fever, .- 4
If your head aches, ' , -
If you are constipated,
If you have no appetite, ,u Tv
If your digestion is bad. , M.
If your tongue is coated,
If you are thin or nervous,
i l"i
If your son is fellow or drj;-'jk 1
If von .will, trtf onfthnttln .Vivi r -
Beggs BijOod Pubeetes akd Bxoop Mir
kxb; and are not relieved. it will ooit bi;
tlvHJ.Vra X ZL. .-JJLZ- Zlkijtf
-Postmaster Ufford and family have
returned from Illinois. The condition of
their sick child is improving.
Why will you be troubled with
'Sprains and bruises,
Old sores and ulcers,
Neuralgia and toothache,
Salt Rheum and Eczema,
Scaldhead and ringworm,
Pain in the back and spine,
Swelling of the joints, and not try '
Beggs" Tbopiga:l Om. It it does not
relieve, it will cost you nothing, as we
warrant every bottle. A. B. Jones, Drug
Mrs. J. L. Miller and daughter are
baolc home from Iowa. Mr. Miller has
rented the Pinkham residence, over on
"quality row."
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises,, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, -chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all eruptions, and positively
cures piles or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. Jones. 405
E. L. Gay, of Lane county, was in
town on Wednesday. He had recently
returned from Washington city. He told
us that, as he was coming through the
northern part of Illinois, he saw cattle
dying in fields from thirst.
Excitement in Texas.
Great excitement has been caused in
the vicinity of Paris, Texas, by the re
markable recovery of Mr, J. E. Corley,
who was so helpless he could not turn in
bed, or raise his head; everybody said he
was dying of Consumption. A trial bot
tle of Dr. King's New Discovery was sent
him. Finding relief, he bought a large bot
tle and a box of Dr. King's New Life Pills;
,by the time he had taken two boxes of
Pills and two bottles of the Discovery, he
was well and had gained in flesh thirty-
six pounds. Trial bottles of this Great
Discovery for Consumption free at Dr.
Jones's drug store. 2
The musical concert given by Miss
Innes at Opera Hall Thursday evening
had a full house of listeners. The
entertainment was participated in by a
number of our citizens, and was an event
of pleasure and profit all around.
The Verdict Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., tes
testifies: "I can recomend Electric Bitters
as the very best remedy. Every bottle
sold has given relief in every case. One
man took six bottles, and was cured of
rheumatism of 10 years standing." Abra
ham Hare, "Druggist, Belleville, Ohio,
affirms: "The best selling medicine I
have ever handled in my 20 years' expe
rience is Electric Bitters." Thousands
of others have added their testimony, so
that the verdict is unanimous that Elec
tric Bitters do cure all diseases of the
Hyer, kidneys or blood. Only a half dol
lar a bottle at Dr. Jones's Drug store. 2
of Call op W. E. Fagan, two miles south
town, for cheap cattle. 433-4
See the Buckeye Mower before pur
chasing. 434-tf Geo. T. Galloway, Agent.
Fancy Worsteds just arrived at
Spicers' the merchant tailor.
Kelly Hardware and Implement Co.
have just received one hundred Iron Beam
Kod Breakers the cheapest and best
plow ever brought to the west. Call and
see them.
Mowers cheaper than ever before
At Galloway's.
Lettuce 20c per pound at Moores, '29
All kinds of Farm Implements man
ufactured by the David Bradley Co. sold
by Ellsworth.
All Wool Flannel Sheeting, 82 inches
wide, for 1.00 per yard, at Kyle's.
Call at Geo. Baker's for fresh smoked
hams and breakfast bacon.
A large lot just received at Kelly Hard
ware and Implement Co. These seeds
are in bulk, and fresh.
I can furnish for $25 attachments
which will make your mowing machines
about as good as new.
Geo. T. Galloway.
A few cloaks left. Will be sold at cost,
at Kyle's.
Geo, Baker keeps every thing to be
found in a first class market; pork sau
sage a speciality.
Melton Coatings just arrived at
Spicer's the merchant tailor.
A large stock of boots and winter
goods to be sold at cost for 30 days, to
make room for spring goods.
414-tt . .. , r- ,& TTOEBv
o'F 5. 1 .
J. J. u :j...tiiij-r. -i'i ..
tsi z.iTEEEEEDS..iny5 8Li!sic
A'largeinvoice just received at 'Kelly,
Hardwar.and.Imjplement.Co.TKjC y ,
Ice cream at Moore's at all hours. ,
, ;' FOitSALE: ' '-'P335 ; j
..Twenty-five 'head of .young mill cows
wim carves. . j. vi:n&urr, ; jc;
ma Afr-Eiiiswortn s jiaraware orore.
Windmills, pumps and Buckeye Ma
chines. At GaiiEoway's
Fine Woolens jusf arrived at
Spicer's, the merchant tailor. ' 421
If you want pure home made lard
call at Geo. Baker's market, onEussell
ave. 401
London Suitings and Trouserings
just arrived at Spicers, the merchant
Now is the time to get bargains. We
are going- to make a change in our busi
ness, and will sell our entire stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes and
Hats at Cost ayi s.
Call arid see the. Listers at Kelly Hard
ware and Implement Co., before making
any purchases. '
i Leave orders for ice cream-with mo
in the morning, ancll will-deliver it to
y-, part-of the city between f5,,and, 6
-i.i:u&. .- .:. ' v .If
vSS.Saeo,rci"u- WASSi
:-;r-prThe most wonderful thing for clean-
tnuver, glass, ana, m i.uvi,orvryuuugt
-,- tS, - " 1 fi -ct:
The best assortment, by; far, ever
broaght to Wa-Keeney, at Kelly Hard
ware and Implement Co. ' 41&t
ILK Cows and Ponies Tor Sale.
F Off SALE. Plenty of old papers, at this oOce.
OR BALE. Cattle cheap for cash. "W. E. Fagax,
two mues sown oz wa-Keeney. 438-3
-yjLTASTED.W tona of hay to stack.. Highest
V T maixef price paja. w. S. MEAD.
Wa-Keeney, Kan., July 29. 499-tf
FOB SALE. One of the best badness location
In Wa-Keeney. Easily accessible and dirt
cheap. JNO. A. NELSON, Agent,
IOB SALE. Seventy-five head of half-breed
mares. Arrl v at hard vara rfn nt
FOR SALE. One of the best ranch sections In
Trego county. Will be sold cheap. Bates
and terms made known at this office. 431-tf
FARM FOR SALE. As my business compels me
to leave my farm, in the Saline valley, I will
seU it at a bargain. a. C. ROBB,
427-tf Collyer, Kan.
XTTANTED. Good level land that will grow
f j grain, in exchange for mowers, corn shel-:
lers, horsejpowere, toed grinders, etc Machinery
first class. SANDWICH MFG. CO.
439-3 Kansas City, Mo.
FOR SALE. The cheapest ranch eection in
Trego county. Elegantly4 watered. Just the
thing for a live stock man or for a person who
wishes to hold for an advance.
JNO. A. NELSON, Agent,
Wa-Keeney, Kan.
EOR SALE. About 30 head of cattle. About
half of them are 3-year-old steers the balance
cows and yearlings. A bargain. Enquire at this
ofllce- 43i.
FOR SALE. At the Wobld office, dirt cheap, a
large number of news and job cases. These
are practically as good as new. They are for sale
because we do not need them any more. 436-tf
FOR SALE. At the World office, great big
Blotters, suitable for fastening onto your desk
cover. Call and got one while the supply holds out
FOR SALE. 1 team horse and mare 9 years
old, colt beside the mare; 2 three-year-old do
mestic mares; 1 five-year-old mare and 1 nine-year-old
mare, half-breeds, both with colts by their sides.
The above are all broken, and the mares are sup
posed to be with f oaL C. E. ADAMS,
423-13 Collyer, Kan.
WANTED. A buyer for a fine residence prop
erty in Wa-Keeney. Good houpe and plenty
of ground. Taken up one side and down the other,
there is not a more doslrabjo location in this city.
Only those meaning business need apply to
Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
EOR SALE. Cheap for cash. Sickness calling
my wife east, I will sell the following: Seven
cows with calves, three two-year-old heifers, one
yearling heifer, one two-year-old colt, two plows,
one new two-horse cultivator, team of good horses,
wagon and harness. O. T. BIRKELAND.
438-tf, Two miles southeast of Collyer.
! ' ! T ? "'Sr
Handle a Pull Line of
Shelling, Weir Drilling and Threshing Outfits,
Manufacturers and 'Wholesale Dealers of
Our Stock is New, and of the Latest Improved Styles,
Blacksmithing, Carriage and Wagon Work.
Also agents for Cook Architectural Device and Building Anchors
in Trego, Gove, Ness and Ellis Counties. Cor-
respondence Solicited.
Schmitt & Forrester, Wa-Keeney, Kan,
Wakenp, you
old kicljer, the
bonds have car
ried, and now is
the time to sell
your land ana
city lots.
tmwmffi& mtimrfi
i$ l
& "w - oaf
-j r-r-t-,.-. . - -r -;
TAfajjMbwm''aiik-iSft afcsari.'a
fi with Inn Mr fi Inmm .- I i . J ..-
irill b BbwaMy rawatesd. CaUattkoAMT4S7
I Trunin mmw. m. Unm ftnmn 11 -i . u.. ...
ball, ngstetedla TOL38.A.H. B. otth Boa ot. '
"yr .... j. . ww, rp wae ana aoeutv r
litt 8. T. HKHKU.
FOR SALE On reasonable tama pM la tfcis '
department. Yo are apt to iare far sale -
what yoar neighbor .wonidlfta to boy. Why not
lethimkaowltr Yon may want to bay what your v
neighbor wishes to sell. Why net let hhm knew K?
TR SALE. ThisieacaancelorapeornMn. I
JE havetoonwnycaitleformy pastes, so hayo
concluded to sell aboat 0 head of steers, eow asd
10 head of 3-year-old steers.
10 " yearling
10 " cows.
10 u heifers.
I will gire 1 year's time on cows and heifers, est
good bankable paper, at 10 per cent. Come early
and get your choice. BEN.. O. BIOS,
33-tf . Eureka Ranch. Ogahah.
For Ice Cream,
Lemonade, Cider,
Fine Confectionery,
Fresh Vegetables
And Fruits, go to
" Trff. MtiORE'8.
Money Eeady when Papers are
Made Out.
Office over Wa-Keeney Bank.
G. F. McKnighfc
charges five per
cent, for selling.
my books.
Wa-Keeney, Xan.
c5r -
- l
k . Cn
V4nr Ttr?--1 "Jg& JBKKri lbSE
tfit. - -er
' ' : Jfrwjto&J k invited to attend.
PMftf&ns ana sale. bow. by a. J, JiiUe.
WW!, as wo xuoraut.ee n u ywn
&&', s ?
f'i . ZACtSm?&4-&3'.5i.??Tt B
" -
f .. -?. (-P: iri
'. vJ
."C- .S.?wa3sa3.'ri,& la
jyireL. r. rf w .- , rrvst'J.4!feirs- .i-
.. yv. -Lijji "v tw-.r
. ,'!-rKs' c ."-

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