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Daniel Wehater and Another Say JAere X
A' uefe Tning,
A gentleman who has achieved quite
a reputation as an extempore speaker
says that there is no such' thing, and
he has Daniel "Webster on his side
in maintaining this claim, for that mat
ter. "There is, to be sure," he says,
"such a thing as defending on the in
spiration of the moment, but you have
got to sketch out something in your
mindjas a beginning, even if only for the
purpose of throwing it all airay, point
by point, when you get up. My lan is
to go to work about a day beforehand
and imagine the speech that I am goingj
to make, from beginning to end. In
the calm of my chamber, of course, I
can think up a number of things to say.
"When I get-up to spaak I can remem
ber these things in a general way, but
the difficulty is to connect them logi
cally and continuously. Yery often
the connection becomes exceedingly
rough, and there is where the inspira
tion of the moment comes in. Some
shred of thought that comes from a
glimpse of some one in the room that
you know taking the shape of a humor
ous reference to him will help you ouf.
wonderfully, for the peisonal always
takes. Once get the people to laugh
ing at some of your carefully thought
out extemporaneous humor, and you
can get in any sort of 'chestnut' on
them even the story of the tramp, who
was offered a ticket to a banquet when
he was begging for money to buy food,
and who, when he found out there were
going to be after dinner speeches at the
dinner preferred to go out and lie
down behind a shed and die. This
story always make3 your hearers
laugh and acts like a wet blanket on
the fellows who come after you, thus
giving your address a relative brilliancy
that it might not possess otherwise.
Stories, stories always; don't forget
those. And if you canl remember the
connection you were going to tell in
them, tell them anyway. But if you
really find that you have thought of
something new since you got up, and
are actually inspired to say something
that you hadn't on your program, don't
hesitate to say it; that one inspiration
may give your whole speech a flavor of
extemporaneousness. And above all,
don't get into your shell and refuse to
make speeches, because that is simply
a means of incapacitating yourself.
Talk up somehow and you will do as
well as the rest after a while. " Bos
ton Transcript
There Is great intensity of the physical
condition sometimes, and there are facts
which we cannot go behind. In illustra
tion further of facts which settle the points
of a prompt and permanent cure, the fol
lowing cases are cited: In 188-1 Mrs. Mary
K Sheed suffered terribly with chronic
neuralgia. She writes from 1110 Maryland
Avenue, Washington, D. C. In the first in
stance she states: "I suffered terribly with
neuralgia in the facp; very severe attack
extending to back and bhoulders; suffered
intensely. Tried St. Jacobs Oil; had parts
well rubbed at night; in the morning all
pain gone, magically." June 10, 1887, she
writes from 234 Eleventh Street, S. W., as
follows: "Four years ago I sent you a "vol
untary certificate setting forth the fact that
I had been a great sufferer with neuralgia in
my face, neck and shoulders. I obtained a
bottle of St. Jacobs Oil, and after three ap
plications I was entirely relieved from all
Sain, and from that time to the present I
ave never had a return. The effect was
miraculous." Again, Feb. 6, 18S7, Mr. R.
G. Troll, St Louis, Mo., writes: "In March,
1881, 1 suffered terribly with neuralgia ; had
suffered nearly three vears. Applied St.
Jacobs Oil at 8.15 A.M. ; at 8.40 took the
rag oft'; at 9 A. M. went to work. In less
than five minutes after that die pain was
gone. The one application cured me. Have
not had return of it since." Mr. E. "W.
Bpangler, York, Pa., June 17, 18S7, writes;
'Years ago had neuralgia; am not subject to
it now. The cure by the use of St Jacobs
Oil was permanent There has been no re
currence of the painful affliction." Chos.
W. Law, Jr., Potlstown, Pa., April 19, 1887,
writes : "Was troubled for years with neu
ralgia in neck and head. Tried St. Jacobs
Oil: had tried different kinds of remedies
without effect One bottle of the former did the
business. No return of pain and aches." In
llmost every instance the reports are the same.
Howard Countt farmers residing in
the vicinity o'f the great Shrader gas
well, near Kokomo, Jhd., says the In
dianapolis Journal, go on record as
harvesting the first wheat by natural
gas light. A dozen self-binders and
men shocking wheat was truly a novel
scene, which was witnessed by hun
dreds of people, who surrounded the
fields of grain in carriages. The con
stant roar of the Shrader well can be
distinctly heard eight miles away, while
the light can be plainly seen fifteen
miles. The estimated flow of gas from
this well is 15,000,000 cubic feet every
twenty-four hours.
Senatob SaWYEB, of Wisconsin, says
that newspaper men are, as a rule,
among the fairest people he ever dealt
with. He adds that when in "Washing
ton he has to await th& arrival of the
Chicago papers to get the news about
doiBgg at the Capital
k. Tery Rapid Increase Under Decreaslse;
Tne jammed rapid decrease of the
public debt of the United States, as
shown in the statements published, has
leemed very marvelous to foreigners.
Fhe experience of other nations with
their public debts leads them to doubt
the statements of this country. Most of
them have continually increasing in
nstead of decreasing national debts.
How. then, they ask, can the United
States diminish its debt so rapidly ?
The prosperity of the people during
ill these years has been unabated. In
act the country has never seen such an
Bra of general prosperity. The two con
iitions appear to be contradictory.
Are tne statements truer
In one sense they are undoubtedly
jorrect, but the public debt has largely
'increased since the war. It nas accumu
lated to the great inventors and discov
ers whose eucoessful efforts have eased
Jhe burdens of labor and made pleasant
Ihe pathways of toil.
A grateful public should also acknowl
edge its indebtedness to those who have
promoted health and happiness. The
proprietors of Warner's safe cure have
given to the public a specific for all kid
aey disorders, and the innumerable train
)f frightful diseases that are caused by
hem. The late public teacher, Dr. Dio
Lewis, who seldom prescribed medicines
)f any sort, gave to this renowned spe
jifiohis warm commendation, and said
if te found himself suffering from' any
kidney disorders he should use it Kid
ney disorders are the cause of 93 per
sent., say the proprietors of that remedy,
Df all diseases. If you keep the kidneys
oi health, you have the greatest assur
mce of freedom from all disease.
Before the discovery of this remedy,
Bright's disease was deemed incurable.
How the number of victims of the dread
kidney diseases, and all others caused by
such diseases, who are by it snatched
from death, constantly increases, and as
the efficaoy of the remedy becomes more
tridely known those who have reaaon to
be devoutly thankful that this wonderful
specific has been made known to the
world, multiply with rapidly increasing
The hired man took a long pull at
the water juer, replaced the corncob
stopper, set it carefully down in the
shady corner of the fence with his vest
over it, and, sitting down on the end of
a projecting rail, while the boys gathered
around him, began :
"Once upon a time I worked for a
man out in Chemung County, and, I
tell you, he was the dandiest man I
ever worked for. Take it Fourth of
July, Decoration Day, or circus day,
didn't make no difference what we was
doin', nor how big the hurry was, he'd
always hitch on to his big wagon and
say : 'Jump in, boys, every mother's
son of you; I won't have no man of
mine workin' on a farm -when there's
a circus or a celebration anywhere
"Oh, he was a dandy man to work
for; and someway his crops always
seemed to be better than any one else's,
too. I don't ever expect to work for his
like again."
And, having sagaciously planted these
incentives to family pride in the hearts
of his employer's sons, he picked up
his hoe wearily and again led the at
tack on the luxuriant growth of weeds.
Hamar 3ads.
All other Missouri towns. Sure to win.
W. Smaix, jr., Kansas City, Mo
As a smuggler's aid the bustle has lately
become a marked success. We wonder what
success it is meeting with in the prohibition
states. St. Paul Globe.
Invest at Lamar, Mo.
Mild climate and rich lauds. Buy acre
property and get rich. Address W. Smau.,
jr., Kansas City, Mo., or C. M. Mi t,t,t;r fc Co.,
Lamar, Mo.
The man who, named Joliet and Sing
Sing must have been sent up for a very
short time, or he wouldn't have seleoted such
hilarious names. Puck.
Iiook at Lunar.
Fortunes being made in real estate.
M. MnvtyKB & Co., Lamar, Mo.
Herr Most's mouth and the Duke of
Marlborough's pen are the most effective
boomerangs this world has ever seem-r Bal
timore American.
Shall We Plant Native or Foreign Trees!
"We feel justified in adding to these
general statements a word of strong
recommendation in favor of native as
against foreign, or at least as against
European trees. At the best the latter
are uncertain in almost every case,
while the former have an inborn and a
well-proved title to be trusted. The
most successful ornamental planting
that has ever been done in America
shows its results in the streets of such
towns as Stockbridge, Great Barring
ton, Salem, and New Haven, and was the
work of men who went to the forest
and not to the nursery for their infant
elms and maples. Certainly our more
recently planted parks 'offer small
promise of a like maturity of beauty
with their European oaks and ashes,
their Scotch and Austrian pines, in al
most as deplorable a state as their Nor
way spruces. "When not ornamental
but economic plantations are in ques
tion, past experience tells very strongly
against European trees, while the evi
dence of recent experiment with native
trees as in the plantations of indigen
ous conifers in eastern Massachusetts
is one of the most encouraging kind.
Century Magozin e.
An old maid may make lierseli gen
erally useful, but an old bachelor is
generally in everybody' way, unless
needed for something. Pittsburgh
Unless something is dons to rsviva
our merchant marins, the supply!
Bailors may suddenly be fotmd wanting
whsn most needed. Bowton TrantcrijpL
Is prepared solely wr &
cure of complaints wU
afflict all womankind, is
elves tone and strengia w
the uterine organs, .ana
corrects dangerous displacements and irregulari
ties. ItlsofereatTalneln change ofllfe. The usee
nancy greatly reUeTesthepalnsof motherhood ana
promotes speedy recovery. It assists aature to
safely make the critical change from girlhood to
'womanhood. Itispleasanttotnetasteandmay be
takes at all times with perfect safety. Price, 1.
The test and saxestBesMdyferCaxa of
an diseases caused by amy deraageamt ef
tae Liver, Kidneys, Stoaaelt and Bowels.
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, CoastipatioH,
Bflioss Complaints and Malaria of alikiads
yield readily to the fceneflcent infiaesee of
It is pleasaatto fhe taste, tones mp the
system, restores and preserves health.
It is purely Vegetable, and cannot tmti. to
prove beneficial, loth to old and young.
As a Blood Purifier it is superior to all
others. Sold everywhere at $1.00 a bottle.
Stomach, Liver
DsT" and Bowels
mniri Oliver
Cuius Constipation, Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Piles, Biok Hb ad achi, Liver Complaints, Loss
or appbtth, Biliousness, nervousness, Jaujt
A pail filled with fresh mortar fell
from the top of the new court house
in Macon, Ga., and struck squarely on
its bottom on the head of a colored
workman who was standing on the
ground. The bottom was split into
flinders, and the pail and the mortar
completely incased his face, so that .he
was in great danger of smothering un:
til relieved by a fellow-workman.
Lamar, Mo.
Now is the time to buy. For particulars,
address W. Small, Jr., Kansas City.
This is not good time to sail your specu
lative craft, whether it be cutter or center
board, on the uncertain wators of Vall
street. Wall Strtet News.
The unstinted praises this perfect sea
son receives from all sides unquestionably
accout for the crimson blush that is now
mounting to the cheek of autumn.
Lunn Ttfim. i
A "Wonderful Food and Medicine
Known and used by physicians all over the
world. Soott's Emulsion not only gives
flesh and strength by virtue of its own nu
tritious properties, but creates an appetite
for food that builds up the wasted body.
"I have been using Scott's Emulsion for
several years, and am pleased with its action.
My patients say it is pleasant and palatable,
and all grow stronger and gain flesh from
the use of it. I use it in all cases of Wast
ing Diseases, and it is specially useful for
children when nutrient medication is
needed, as in Marasmus." T, "W. Piebce,
M. D., Knoxville, Ala.
- K Robert Garrett wants to repair his
shattered fortunes let him take the place of
one of his sleeping-car porters for a few
runs. Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette.
Dr. Pierce's "Pellets," the original "Lit
tle Liver Pills", (sugar-coated) cure sick
and bilious headache, sour stomach, and
bilious attacks. By druggists.
A band of robbers "held up" the pas
sengers of a Pullman car out in Dakota, but
before they got off the porter had a quarter
out of each of them. Detroit Free Press.
If afflicted with sore eyes, use Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists Bell it25c.
It is apparent that the customs' officers
at this port are determined to break up
smuggling, even at the risk of making a
good deal of bustle. New York Mail and
If The London Ttmes keeps on praising
the United States, -we will all nave to club
in and invite the tory editor over to an oys- I
ter supper. nauvnore American.
are made pallid and unattractive by func
tional irregularities, which Dr. Pierce's "Fa
vorite Prescription" will infallibly cure.
Thousands of testimonials. By druggists.
If Buffalo teachers are over-working,
they ought to realize the fact in time. Three
persons who were lately of their number are
brain wrecks. Buffalo Express.
Coughs andcolds. " Those who are suffer
ing from Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, etc,
should try Brown's Bronchial Troches.
Marriage has a tendency to make a man
careless about his clothes. Still Solomon
was the best-dressed man of his time, and
ha was hopelessly married. Puck. '
Novel and New.
To know that Catarrh and bad breath can
easily be alleviated if not cured by a simple,
inexpensive remedy, which one can obtain
and use. One dollar sent to the under
signed will bring full advice.
Box 230 Kansas City.
The stringency in the money markets
meets with a responsive state in the pockets
of fathers whose families have been doing
taeir fall shopping. St Pant Globe.
X. N. U. T.
gP"When pnswering these
Please nienti n this paper.
advertMcrseirfr 1
J The CLP. A. Is eae of the few mesrim
the country who can ride on a railroad pass,
and who don't care a copper for the inter
state commerce commissioners. S t Paul
Safe, permanent and complete are the
cures of bilious and intermittent diseases,
made by Prickly Ash Bitters. Dyspepsia,
general debility, habitual constipation, liver
and Kidney complaints are speedily eradi
catedfrom the system. It disinfects, cleanses
and eliminates all malaria. Health and vig
or are obtained more rapidly and perma
nently by the use of this great natural anti
dote than by any other remedy heretofore
known. As a blood purifier and tonic it
brings health, renewed energy and vitality
to a worn and diseased body.
Spies would be hanged by proxy if he
could, and then the chances are he would
shake his proxy wife. St Joseph Gazette.
Offer No. 173.
FREE! To Mebchants Onm: An ele
gant silver-plated Water Pitcher, frosted
and richly carved; height 13 inches. Address
at once, R. W. Txssill & Co., 65 State Street,
There are 3,014 national banks in the
United States, and yet the only place where
a man can do business without getting iden
tified is at a faro bank. Boston Globe.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To the Editor:
Please inform your readers that I have a
positive remedy for the above named dis
ease. By its timely use thousands of hope
less cases have been permanently cured. I
shall be glad to send two bottles of my rem
edy jtbks to any ot your readers who have
consumption, if they will send me their Ex
press and P. O. address
T. A. bLOOUM, M. C, 181 Pearl St,
New York.
Another Missouri town has resolved to
give the drug-stores and the fusel-oil f acto-
1 ries a chance. It has embraced local option.
Omaha Chronicle.
If a cough disturbs your sleep, take Piso's
Cure for Consumption and rest well
The murderer who escapes death wins
by a neck, and justice, handicapped with im
prisonment for life, gets second place. New
Orleans Picayune.
About the worst thing you can say of a
man is to refer to him as being a bigger
fool than tomato ketchup. Tomato ketch
up works when it doesn't need to Nebraska
State Journal.
Itching: Piles.
Symptoms Moisture; intense itching and
stinging; most at night; worse by scratch
ing. If allowed to continue, tumors form,
which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming
very sore. Swatne's Ointment stops the
itching and b'eeding, heals ulceration, and
in many cases removes the tumors. It is
equally efficacious in curing all Sskin Dis
eases. DR. S WAYNE & SON, Proprietors,
Philadelphia. Swatne's Ointment can be
obtained of druggists. Sent by mail for
50 cents.
Among novelties in dogs' furnishings
come waterproof covers with hood3 extend
ing over the head, and traveling dusters
with breast pockets for puggy's railroad
tickets. New York Sun.
We may not have a barbecue, we ne'er
shall see that pie; but we've got three mines
in running shape we'll have more bye and
bye. Leavenworth Times.
Moxie Before the United States Court,
Dr. Hawkes, a leading professor in one of
of the great colleges of the Northwest, and
living at 241 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, was
summoned as a disinterested witness on a
case against the imitation of the Moxie,
when he admitted that he had used the
Moxie a year; said he believed it to be a
"nerve food,"becaus it brought his weakly,
nervous, tired-out women to their feet at
once, without any apparent stimulation,
drug action, or action like a tonic, and pro
duced no reaction. He says it cures drunk
ards of the liquor habit at once under his
administration; that it3 action is entirely
healthful and harmless; says he drinks it
himself, but its best action is on weakly,
tired-out women; that it gives a large,
healthy appetite. If such a man as Prof.
Hawkes will admit that, the Moxie compa
ny is all right.
When you see a man trying in vain to
uproot a lamp post you may be sure of one
or two thingp. Either the post is tight or
the man is. Burhnqton Free Press.
Labor troubles seem to be adjusted more
readily this fall than ever before. Strikes
may come and strikes may go, but work
goes on forever. Boston Globe.
Whan Baby was sick, -we gave her CastorlS,
When she iras a Child, she cried for Caetoria,
When she became Hiss, she clang to Castoria.
Whan oho had Children, she gave them Castoris
That biff break in short-ribB in the Chi
cago market will cause the financial spinal j
complaint to assert liseii in a viguruua uuu
ner. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Somebody's child is dying dying with the
flush of hope on his young face, and some
body's mother is thinking of the time when
that dear face will be hidden where no ray
of hope can brighten it because there is
no hope for consumption. Beader, if the
child be your neighbor,?, take this comfort
ing word to the mother's heart before it is
too late. Tell her that consumption is cura
ble; that men are living to-day whom the
physicians pronounced incurable, because
one lung had been almost destroyed by the
disease. Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical Dis
covery" has cured hundreds; surpasses cod
liver oil, hypopho'phites, and other medi
cines in curing this disease. Sold by drug
gists. Evangelist Moody ts accused of draw
ing a long bow in some of his remarks. His
arrows usually hit the target, at all events.
Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette.
Best Cough Syrup.
'iastes rood, .use
in time, eoia
d by druggists.
to S8 a day. Samples worth SL50 FREE. Lines
not under tfie horse's feet. Write BrewsSter
Safety Rein Holdev Co., Holly, Mich.
K 8. & A. I. AAisJb .
Patent Attorneys, Washing
ton. D. C Instructions and
BoplBlonsoa patentability yaag. 20 yrs. experience.
Twtstr pages each, with Colond Coren
Addra PERRY MASON A CO.r37T8mp!e Placa,
Mustang Liniment
Tae IiMeraian needs It laaawof aeddeat.
Taa Haaaewife needsltfor caBlfua!l7
The Mecaaaio seeds H always am alt wade
The Mlaer needs It In case of emergency.
Tae Pieaeer needs it-cant get along wita.
The Farmer needs it la his house, Us stable,
and his stock yard. ,
The Steasaaaat saaa ertae Beataiaa seeds
it in liberal supply afloat and a3hore.
The Herae-faacier seeds it-it Is ais best
friend and safest reliance.
The Steck-fc-rewer needs lt-tt will save kiss
onsaads of dollars and a world of tremble.
Neuralgia, Headache, Sore Throat, Sprains,
Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Lams Back,
And All Pains 01 An Inflammatory Nature.
Sold by JDraaSista, SOc aad Sjl.OO.
Wholly Unlike Artificial hystena.
Any Book Learned In One Reading
Kecommended by Mark Twain, Richabd Proc
tor, the Sclent fat, Hons. W. W. Astor, Judah p.
.benjamin. Dr. ilisoR, etc Class of 100 Colombia Law
Students : 200 at Meriden ; 250 at Norwich : 830 at
400 at University or Penn . Phlla. ; 400 at Wellesley
College, and three large Classes at Chatanqua Uni
versity, etc. Prospectus post free from
Prof. L, 01 SET T& 237 5th At., New York
1 or the enre of all disorders of the Stomach, Liver
Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Loss
of Appetite, Headache, Costiveness, Indigestion,
Biliousness, Fever, Inflammation of the Bswels,
Piles, and all derangements of theinternal viscera.
Purely vegetable, containing no mercury, minerals
or deleterious drugs.
Price, 25 cents per box. Sold by all druggists.
BR. RADWAYS PIIiLS are a cure for
this complaint. They restore strength to the
stomach and enable it to preform its functions.
The symptoms of Dyspepsia disappear, and with
them theliability of thesystem to contract diseases.
Take the medicine according to directions, and
observe what we say in " False andTruo " respect
ing diet.
SS-Send a letter stamp to DR. RADWAY &
CO., No. 33 Warren Street, New York,
for " False and True.''
Be sore togetRADWAY'S.
Builds op the broken-down constitution, purifies
the blood, restoring health and vigor. Sold by
druggists. $1 a bottle.
For the relief and cure of all pains. Congestions
and Inflammations. 50 cts. a bottle.
And others suffering- frith
rheumatism, neuralgia, kid
ney and exhausting' chronia
diseases, premature decline
of young or old are positively
cured by Dr Home's famous
t'-renrr State in the Union have been
irr RirfTT Instant I v felt. Patented and
old 10 vears Whole family can wear the same belt
KLKCTR1C 8CSPIK80WK8 free with male heltsAvoid
worthlesslmications ii-iaiuaBoiu '
700 cured in '86. Send stamp for pamphlet.
Qg.WJ.HotHEjtMvmoi, 191 Wabash av Chicago.
Ely's Cream Balm
Gives relief at once and cores
Cold in Head,
CHl ant Hay Ferer.
Not a Liquid or Snuff.
Apply Balm into Each Nostril
ELY BROS., 235 Greenwich St, N Y.
When! say care I do not-mean merely to stop thens
for a time and then have them return sgain.1 meair a
radical cure. I hare made the disease of FITS, EPH
tewv r -PAT.T.raft KldCNKSSalife-lansstadT. I
f warrant my remedy to core the worst eases. Because
ethers nave latieau no reason iot not now nceinnc
sure. Send at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle
ml my infallible remedy. Give Express and fost Office.
,H. G. B.OOT.M. C..183 Pearl &c New YarJc.
1PTJHTQ WiN'ftrnt0S6lli08itiTelytheyAST
uulin 10 n An IijUest sxixraa Book in the
KAltKET. "Gat-ly's Universal Educator,"
1 1,100 pages. 470 illustrations; prices low, over 60,-
000 sold. JSxclasiTe territory, ana most liberal
terms are offered. Address Kaksb City Pub.
Go., 109 West .Ninth street, Kansas City, Mo. '
FOR SALE A 75 horse-powev engine of
Geo. W. Tift's make, in good condition,
ready for delivery at Topeka, Kan. Address
Topeka Power Co., Topeka. Kan.
IfPlTJU fnrQDlPTIV a S. K Agentsbuinecs.
lUlinJlfl .lLlilJuiuLrni Good BtnatioBS. Best chaasr
sver offers. Addiess J. D. Brow, Jtgr., Sedalia, Mo.
117 AD IT For all. $30 a week and expenses paid.
ll till ft Valuable outfit and particulars free.
1 1 VIIU p 0 yickery, Augusta, Me.
n nl fl is wrth $500 per pound. Petit s Eye Salre is worts
Q Ultt JI.000, but is sold at 23 cent a box by dealers.
Is TrVaraftW
See Large AdrertlseaMat la Prertoas Kamber of this Fsper.
To any New Subscriber who will CUT OUT and send us
this Slip, with name and P. O. address and $1.75 in
Money Order. Express Money Order, Registered Letter or
Check, for a year's subscription to the Companion, we
will send the paper free each week to Jan. 1st, 1888, and
for a full year from that date to Jan. 1st, 1880. If ordered
at efioe this offer will include the
Double Holiday Numbers
For ThanJtsgivUig aaa Unristmaa.
aad Fall-page Frontlspieca Flctsrw. Tbty
remove all worms except Tape-Worm. Act
ing as a cathartic, they cleanse thaaystsm
of all imparities. Give then a trial. They
are tae beat. Takenoothsr. Atdrajists
or by maO, in5c SOo and tl eisea.
Tibc Ufrinu removed alive in two hoars
IAPE IfORII by a special remedy, bead
guaranteed. Hundreds are removed an.
nually by this specific. Write for partfcs
laxa. Consultation free.
Address Prof. BYBON FIEXD,
. 8S2 Kansas Avenue.
Opp. Windsor Hotel. TOPEKA, KAN.
Frcpently Miter Music (3s e$ Coi-
Nov la the time to study the
ftau-rut Napping. Lewis. SO cts., $3 00pordos
Cnnstmas Gift. KosabeL 25 cts., 2.40 "
Kin,; Winter. Emerson SO cts., 3.00 "
Mesiago of Christ nas. Towno. 30 cts., $3.00 per d.
Also the Christmas Servico,
Birthday of our Lord. 8 cts , 72 cts per doa.
Cantatas for Adult Classes and Choral.
Christiuas. Gutterson. 80 cts,, $7.20 per doa.
Christmas Eve. Gade. S5 cts., $3.12 " "
Christus. Mendelsehon. 40ctsn$3.60 " M
Christ the Lord. Williams 80 cts., $7.20 " M
Christoforna. Bheinbenter. $1.00 $9.00 " u
Flight into Egypt. Belioz. 88 cts., $3.60 "
Flight of the Holy Family. Bruch
. 30cts.$2 78 " "
Also Cantatas for aay time in the Winter.
Holy City. GauL $1 00, S9.00 per doa.
Joseph's Bondage, Chadwick. 80 cts., $7.20 ' "
Rebecca. Hodges. 65 cts., 6.00 M "
Ruth and Boax. Andrews. 65 etc., $6.00 "
The last three may be given with cenery.
Send for list and description.
LYON & HEALY, Chicago.
Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston.
Solid Rolled Gold Rings almost
G-JLVJbHSr .A.'WjSk.Tri
Zagaceaeat Riar, lOe. Lady's Said Skidd, 10c
rivtea Band act with twa Flated Band wtfh eraa
lovely Btno Tarquoiaa t mental cap, As (triaa
aad a Brilliant, 15c Diamond aettlag, IS.
PejraTsr Flat Baad, BMae
Diamond aettlag-,25e.
HaadcoBie Caatee
Tht 1ot rati rtpraent ttx of tlw Iatat and mottpopolir inirm
nuofactaredln tht ring lis. Tb price vitmhrau'iptmlt
limply to latrodae our good. W rat
rinnto ba mada of Solid 18k. Rolltd G
oodi. W roiruU i each of lh abora
rinnto bo mads of Solid 18k. Rolltd GoM flat. OthtrdMlm
chargfrom $1.00 to $1.50 for nngi aot kal ' at good. WowiU
ehstrfnllv nfnnd tht moorr to asv iiutiitStd cutomer With
each riar wo ttnd oar Lux Illaitratcd Catalogs of Waichn,
Chain. Cnarou and other jiwtlrT. W tak poUr ttampa Ui
am a oath. Rings teat pott-ptld to aav poitoffleala tht UalU
SttUibnt not to Canada. Mention this paper. Send your tddrm to
The Domestic Mfg. Go. Wallingforcl,Oonn
Our If ew Store, irhlch we notvoccspy,
baa aboat 3 acres ot Floor Space.
issued Sept. and SXarcb.
eacltycar. 43-364 pages,
8xllj inches, wllh over
3V500 Uostratlons m
whole Plctore .Sallery.
GIVES Wholeaala TrlrM
direct to consumers on all fronds for
personal or family- nse. Tells how to
order, and giVes exact cost of every
thing yon use, eat, drink, wear, or
. have fan with. These IKVALUABLB
BOOKS contain information gleaned
from the markets of the world. JL
copy sent FREE upon receipt of
10 cts. to defray expense of mailing.
111-114 Alicalaraa AveaHe, Ckicasjs, 111
Have treated Dropsy and Its complications with tht
most wonderful success; use vegetable remedies entire
ly harmless. EemoTo all symptoms of dropsy in eiht
to twenty days. Curepatients pronounced hopeless by
the best of physicians. From the firstdose the symptoms
rapidly disappear, and In ten days at least two-thirds of
all symptoms are removed.
Some may cry humbnfr without knowing anything
about it. Remember it does not cost yoa anything to
realize the merit of our treatment for Yourself. "Wi
are constantly curing cases of longr standing cases
that have been tapped a number ot times and the pa
tient declared unable to live a week. Give a fall history
of case, name, age, sex, how long afflicted, tc Send for
free pamphlet, containing: testimonials. Ten days treat
xnent furnished FREE by mail. If yon order trial send
10 cents in stamps to pay postagre. Epilepsy (Fits) posl'
lively cured. (tyjlention this paper J
IH. H. GREEK & SON'S, M. D.,
850tf Marietta Street, AiLxt,CU.
C has taken the lead fa
the sales of tharclass of
remedies, and has givea
almost ttalrersal wnifac.
x.$, Tex
6 has won the laror of
Che public aad now raaks
aaonj; the leading i&U
dam of the o.ldom.
Bradford. fa
Soldby Drurrisu.
LeadinffNos. : 14, 048, 130, 135, 333, 16!.
For Sale hy all Stationers.
lforks:C5nidn,N.J. 26 Mm St, few Yrifr
enai fooriaUhweiacsirom,msr
Im&nr.wa will mall tawteeoavhK,
B. S. Icoaaaaca Cou Fwra.j
mmfk A MONTH. AgcnUWantei. MbestssO
AXJlll ine articles in the world, laaaple Vrss.
iMrisfWAddreM JAY BROSiSOff OSnt,Mem.
A $2.50
wffl bt mi aiTTy aMtmctht tak jra
Boston, Mass.
VJWU-V w-s
e SBSkflaH
JllVVwraaUed sot m m
f4y mmmUukmn.
p9 BTdoolrbrms
s .
- Cs.
-i -
lx&3&: &M&&&.4-:.
. S-i.'Oii
-. .V'.J.'-V'
' w&i
. imft.

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