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Served up by the "World's" Rustling
Baxxzb, Tbego Co., March 18.
"We had a good rain yesterday.
Frank Taylor is digging a welL
The meeting at Banner closed last
J. O. Brown was at "Wa-Keeney one
day last -week.
Levi Morrison has gone to Norton
county to work.
Wm. Stranaban is breaking prairie for
Joseph H. Brown.
Dr. Conger was called to A. B. Baker's
last Thursday evening.
Sam Harlin expects his better half
home soon from Colorado.
A Banner literary draws like a Mexican
bull fight or a Collyer dance.
Bev. J. O. Elliott will attend the con
ference at Jewell City next week.
"Willis Cronk has moved home to the
claim which was owned by his wife be
fore he married her.
Mrs. C. E. Adams and Mrs. Goodwin
have moved from Topeka to Chicago.
Mr. Adams is in business in the latter
Mrs. Barber, who was once a resident
of this neighborhood, now lives in New
York state, and is very low with consump
tion. Died Friday morning, March 15, 1889,
the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
Baker. They have the sjmpathy of this
entire community in their sad affliction.
J. Cantkeii B.
March 16.
Mrs. King is able to be around again.
"Wheat is short, but it has a good color.
A big boom is expected in Biverside
this year.
Mrs. Ann Franks has returned from
her eastern visit.
DChristian Neilsen has been visiting in
Ellis county this week.
Miss Emma Locker was visiting friends
near Ogallah several days this week.
Mr. Snndell will start to Iowa the first
of the week, to bo gone a few days.
Mr. Earkson's have taken Mr. Sun
dell's baby, and will keep it for about six
Ever body is busy at putting in oats
and barley. They eeem to have faith,
for Christ saj s, "Faith without works is
dead." But whether that alludes to
Kansas, wo do not know.
A surprise party was held at Mr. John
Allman's in the night of the 8, which was
a grand success. There were present
about sixty persons, from four different
counties. The party was enlivened by
the music of two violins and on organ.
His new house was put to good use until
the rising of the sun warned the merry
makers that it was time to disperse.
J. E. E.
Designs for Cheap Houses.
In the March issue of Carpentiy and
Budding there is commenced the publi
cation of a series of designs of houses
costing from 1,000 to 2,000 each to build
Several months will be required to pre
sent all the designs that have been se
cured for the purpose, and the variety
that will be shown, it is believed, will
rank this series above anj thing else ever
attempted. The studies have been ob
tained through two competitions in which
liberal cash prizes were offered, and in
clude the work of architects in every part
of the country. Each design is accompa
nied by a brief specification of construc
tion and a detailed estimate of cost.
A Scrap of Paper Saves Her Life.
It was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, but it eared her life. She
was in the last stages of consumption,
told by physicians that she was incurable
nnd could live only a 6hort time; she
weighed less than seventy pounds. On a
piece of wrapping paper she read of Dr.
Sing's New Discovery, and got a sample
bottje, it helped her, she bought a large
"bottle, it helped hermore, bought another
and grew better fast, continued its use
and is now Btrong, healthy, rosy, plump,
weighing 140 pounds. For fuller par
ticulars send stamp to W. H. Cole,
druggist, Fort Smith. Trial bottles of
this wonderful discoTry free at A B.
Jones's drug store. . 4
Ladies and children traveling in the
Pullman sleeping cars' will find the deli
cate lunch Bervedin the Pullman sleepers
on the regular overland trains of the
Union Pacific a great convenience.
Croup is a terror to young mothers,
especially during the winter months, as
it is then most prevalent. It can always
be prevented, if properly treated as soon
as the first symptoms appear. Hoarse
ness is the first symptom; this is soon
followed by a peculiar, rough cough. If
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is freely
given as soon as these symptoms appear,
it will invariably prevent the attack.
There is no danger in giving the remedy,
as it contains no injurious substance.
Tor sale by H. J. Hille.
The Union Pacific "The Overland
Route," has placed a buffet service in ite
Pnllman sleepers on regular overland
train, which accommodation "will be
greatly appreciated by Pallmau."aleeping
car pattona.
J. H. Baker, of Quinter, was in town
on Tuesday.
Township Trustee Biley Moore is
pursuing his official duties.
County Surveyor Ferris does consid
erable professional work these days.
Judge Osborn is to open a special
term of the district court in this city on
Monday next.
Sheriff Began was at T. T. Arm
strong's, on the Smoky, yesterday, on
official business.
E. Wickham, of the south part of
Sheridan county, was a pleasant Thurs
day morning caller.
Miss Attie Beattie started yesterday
to Colorado. She expects to remain there
until fall, if not longer.
"W. B. Kritchfield reached home Sun
day evening from a trip of some duration
in central and eastern Kansas.
Geo. Barrett has moved his carpen
ter shop from the court house square to
the west end of his residence lot.
When G. F. McKnight finds land
sales dull, he turns his attention to cows
He sold three to a Bohemian last Tues
day. The band stand was moved last Sat
urday to a location just across the avenue
north from the northeast corner of the
public square.
Duck-hunting is a favorite pastime
with our sportsmen. The valley of Big
creek is the principal scouting ground.
Ducks are pretty plentiful.
Bev. H. Morrill, of Salina, will hold
Episcopal services morning and evening
Easter Sunday, April 21, in the court
room of the new court house. Public
cordially invited.
Wa-Keeney was well represented on
the train which passed here for the east
Wednesday evening. Bouto Agent Lewis
and Pullman Car Conductor Taylor were
both aboard, filling their stations.
Master Fred Olson has been pros
trated for something more than a week
with malarial fever. His condition has
at times been serious, bnt the fever is
broken, and the best is hoped for.
Geo. W. Kessler, of Collyer township,
gave us a pleasant call Wednesday fore
noon. He, in company with Henry Cut
ler and J. P. Marquand, had been view
ing a proposed road north of Wa-Keeney.
Forestry Commissioner Bobb reach
ed home last Saturday forenoon. He
had been at Emporia to attend the G. A.
R. encampment, and at Dodge City to
look after the affairs at the forestry sta
tion down there.
Wm. Davis, brother of "Hank,"'
stopped over in Wa-Keeney through
Wednesday.. He resumed his journey to
Denver Wednesday evening. He had
spent the winter in Dickinson county,
with his parents.
A large flock of wild geese flew over
the city Monday evening, on the way
north. They imparted to us the consola
tion of knowing that the backbone of the
cold weather had been broken beyond
the possibility of substantial recupera
tion. A mortgage sale of horses is to take
place at Olson's stable this afternoon, at
2 o'clock. Sheriff Hogan will be the
auctioneer. The batch to be sold com
prises three horses and eight colts. The
amount of the mortgage to be satisfied
is 8300.
J. W. Kerns had good cause to feel
hilarious and set 'em up to the bojs last
evening. He had lost a roll of money
and valuable papers in the room where
'Squire Camp was holding court, and the
finder returned it to the owner. Oakley
Opinion, 16.
The delivery of trees to applicants at
Ktate forestry oration jno. j. is in prog
ress. Each applicant is entitled to 1,000
trees. It requires no great amount of
figuring to see that the planting of these
large numbers of trees will be an impor
tant factor in the development cf the
W. E. Saum moved his office on
Tuesday to the room in Opera Block,
which was recently occupied by the
county clerk. A walk-way is about to be
built, so that Saum's office can be reach
ed from the south side of the building.
He will liave one or the most desirable
offices in Wa-Keeney.
From C. W. F. Street we learn that
Mrs. Allen, wife of J. F. Alleu, formerly
Sheriff of Trego county, ha3 sued in the
court of Cook county, HI., for a divorce.
The grounds of the petition are desertion,
adultery and it is hard to tell what all.
She vows that she is after a divorce this
time to stay until she gets it.
Many persons contract severe colds
during the early winter months and per
mit them to hang on persistently all win
ter, weakening their lungs and paving
the way for catarrh, chronic bronchitis or
consumption. No one can afford to neg
lect a cold. A single bottle of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy will cure the most
6evere cold, and costs but 50 cents. For
sale by H. J. Hille.
Mrs. M. D. Thrall, mother of Mrs
R. C. Wilson, of this city, died at Ottum
wa, Iowa, on the 8 inst., and was buried
on the Sunday following. Mr. Wilson
and his family were present. Mrs.
Thrall's death was not unexpected. She
had been in delicate health for many
months. Mr. Wilson and family reached
home by last Sunday morning's train.
The children have been suffering consid
erably with croup.
A large lot just received at Kelly Hard
ware and Implement Co. These seeds
are in bulk, and fresh.
Partner of the Man "Whom
Charles Fonts Killed.
Matt Zimmerman Caught in Utah.
A Cheyenne, Wyoming, dispatch of
last Wednesday relates the capture of
Matt Zimmerman, the cowboy desperado,
in Utah last Monday. He has been de
livered to the Nebraska authorities, and
is awaiting identification and the execu
tion of the death sentence.
Zimmerman is a joung man, but his
record is a startling one. Seven years
ago, when he was but nineteen, he raided
tho ranches in Hitchcock county, Ne
braska, in company with Courtney Bel
mont, a young Mexican, and stole a big
band of ponies. With those they rode
toward the east, and were soon followed
by Sheriff Jack Woods and a motley
posse of men and boys. Near the hamlet
of Minden, in Kearney county, tho stolen
ponies were found at pasture on the prai
rie, and while his men were busy securing
them, Woods and one deputy rode into
town to look for the thieves. They found
them at supper at the "Prairie Home."
Woods, without much thought of re
sistance, went to the door of the dining
room, gun in hand, and sung out for the
desperadoes to surrendar. Quick as a
flash, Belmont, who had his pistol on his
lap, made a snap shot, and poor Woods
fell dead. Zimmerman, with an equally
quick shot, winged the deputy, and then
both rushed for the door. As they were
leaving the room they fired another vol
ley, as if to intimidato any one from fol
lowing them, and R. B. Kelley, a guest
who was trying to get his wife stowed
away out of danger, was killed.
On the porch they met John Collins, a
mail carrier, who had just driven up, and
deliberately shooting him down, they
rode off toward the Kausas line. There
was a general turn out in pursuit, and
even the state militia was ordered to join
in the hunt.
A week later, in tho early part of No
vember, 18S2, Belmont was killed in
what was then called Kansas conuty, in
Kansas, near the southwest corner of the
state, at a place called the Point of Rocks,
by Charles C. Fonts, of Trego county,
Kansas. The thieving raids of Belmont
and Zimmerman included trips through
Trego, Graham, Norton and other coun
ties in northwest Kansas. In one of
these laids a valuable trotting horse was
stolen from tho Fouts premises, in the
Saline valley, and this was the cause of
Charles Fouts being in pursuit. Zim
merman w!3 completely unnerved by his
partner's death, and his capture was
easily effected.
He was taken back to MindeD, tried
and sentenced to death, but the supreme
court leversed the verdict, on the ground
that, as Sheriff Woods had no warrant,
Belmont and Zimmerman were justified
in resisting the arrest.
A second trial was had, and again con
viction followed, and tho death sentence
was imposed. Again the supreme court
reversed the findings.
Zimmerman was again taken before
Gastin, the same judge. For the third
time ho was found gnilty, and sentenced
to be hauged. Tho usual appeal to tho
supreme court was taken, and whilo it
was pending the prisoner's lawyer hit
upon a novel method of securing his cli
ent's release. He succeeded in convin
cing a United States commissioner that
he had the right, pending the hearing, to
admit Zimmerman to bail. He fixed the
bond at SI 0 000. Straw bail was furnish
ed, and Zimmerman levanted. This was
four years ago, and nothing had been
heard of Zimmerman until his recapture
in Utah last Monday. In the meantime
his case has been decided against him by
the supreme court, and the chances of his
being hung are quite promising.
New One to Surround
Court House Square.
The old fenco Biirronnding the court
house square has been torn away. The
new one which is to take its place is out
lined thus: Sis boards and a 2x1 inch
cap are to be nailed to the posts; the
posts are to be set eight feet apart; only
only one wagon entrance will be provided
for this directly east of the court house,
with a gate; at one side of this gate will
be a four-foot entrance, with "balk
posts;" the west entrance will be twelve
feet wide, with balk posta; the south en
trance, four feet wide, with balk posts;
the north entrance, four feet in width,
with balk posts.
Howarth and Loder are building Iho
fence. The work is to be completed
about April 1.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all eruptions, and positively
cures piles or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give entire satisficfioa or
money refunded. Price 2H cents per box.
For sale b Dr. Jones. 405
To Firita ef Great
All persons intending to rnrnish cream
for the creamery irill please call on F. H.
Conger or D. H. Henkel, and make ar
rangements for cauF, eo as to pet the
routes fixed, as we expect to start by
April 1 and make contracts for your?
cream. Gzo. PjyggAag, President.
Leaven Korili Coal $3.09 at Ycrbeak'e. !
Attorney at Law.
Real Estate Brokers
and Loan Agents,
j Monroe, Henkel&Dann,
All Kinds of Repairing Done on
Shop with Leonard Schmitt,
Badger Lumber Co.,
Goal, Lime, Cement, Sash, Doors
And Other Building Material.
Have a supply of the Celebrated
nana. screen jjoors ana oasn. rarties needing jjumoer or
other building material should call and get our figures.
Washington St. & Railroad Ave.
General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Money Loaned on Long or Short Timo.
Ghsse National Bank, New York. National Bank of Illinois, Chicago, HI.
National Bank o Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo.
Kelly Hardware
Weir and Deere's Plows and Cultivators,
The Springfield Superior Grain Drill,
Keystone Corn Planters, Horse Rakes.
QCarry a Full Stock ofP
Plow and Wagon
East Side Fraxklix Street. -
C Carries a Tall Stock ofrS?
XT JE TXT 1 1? "CX 12. ES
Of Every Description,
-A.ri.ci is Selling It at
A big line of Sofas, Safes, Bureaus, Chairs, Safes, Tables, Bedsteads,
Baby Carriages, Etc. New Goods are constantly arriving.
! Have a Fine Hearse, and am Prepared to do Undertaking in ail its Branches
The Importing
iPure-bred French Draft
Watchmaker Jeweler
A Cine assortment of Jewelry of an kinds always
on hand. Pepairing of fine watches. Jewelry, etc..
a specialty. Thanking you all for pat patronage, I
remain yours to please. u. m. UEXKJti.
Six years Register's Clerk,
U. 8. Land Office.
XT. S. Commissioner,
Short NoticeWork Warranto.
A. J. DAVIS, Manager
& Implement Co.
Wood Stock, Etc.
Draft Horse Go.
Percheron or Norman)
fe.. Etp??i
I aim to taks tha Fanntr'a Pro
duo, and sail tham at th
XvaqrtHBg faey need ia ta wty at
Gbqcekies, Boots mi Siqes,
andth genual sounds of aatoca vm
Benson Brothers.
BBS Solid Id Witch.
Sold for 91 W. UUU1 Uttljr.
Rett $83 watcb In tho world. I
rwltct HBUHiHr. war-j
miiM. uttrj Bona uoia
iHunung Cue. Sola ladies'
fand gcuta' (izes,rlia work,
and ciiti of equal ralaa.
One Pcraoa ia each lo
caltir can aecnra one free.
together with our Urge and ral
nable line of HotMChold
Samples. Thrit ample., a
well aa tbe watch, we tend
Fiae. and after tou hare kept
them fn yoor home for 3 iscnth and ahowa them t hoM
who may hare called, ther become your own property. oa
who writ, at osco can b. aura of reeelTing the watch
and Samples. Wejay all eipress, frelrht.eta, , Addrea.
HoiSSVfcO. isox SIS. rartlMd, Mate.
B7Kivins7-rs the current Information Baceeurrlft
Intelligently utilize jonr means tor 91.00
A 61-column paper, complete) In orery fscrif
necessary to miki it flrst-clasa, cn bo had for f IM
PER YEAE. TUoeo woo hTO roeelTtxi this Tsiiub
paper d urine the caaprlija neod no tntrodcotlOB.
To all othors wo ray, try It. Hand your nbcrlny
tlons to the editor ai Uila payor ud ha vtil fonnaA
came to us.
JOURNAL CO., Kansas OftyMo.
tdsl. a. s. joxraak
U. S. Lacd OEce, Wa-Kceney, Kan., ) v. .. ,,.
rehnnry 26, lim. SK xl'al
Complaint having been entered at this office by
Melvin L llowarth agalrii-t Henry Mason lor aban
doiiHv his homestead entry No. 19,703, dated April
S-, 1, upon tho sw V, of section 18, township 15,
rinse '-3. la Treso county, Kansas, with a view to
the cnuccllitiou cf fnld entry; tho ealil parties aro
hereby -ummoned to appear Lt this offlce on the 13th
day of April. 18M), nt 10 o'clock a. m., to respond and
famish testimony concerning said alleged abandon
ment. JNO. SCHLYER, BeceiTer.
J. A. Eowle, Att'y. 62
U. S. lAnd Office, Wa-Keeney, Kan., ) v
February 2G, I8HV. ) '
Complaint having been entered at this offlco by
MelTln L. Howarth against Tred C. Willcox, for
abandoning his homestead entry No 7,291, dated
January 16, 1885, upon tfc s V, to J4 end sHwJi
nection 6, township 15, range 23. in Trego county,
Konsa?, with a view to the cancellation of raid entry;
the ald parties are hereby summoned to appear at
this office on tho I7th day of April. 1889, at 10 o'clock
a. it., to re-pond and fumlah testirnonyjeoncerning
eaid alleged abandonment.
52 j:v. tjuuiuXizjL, ucceiTer.
J. A. Eowlos, Att'y.
Tint Dnblihed ilarch 9. 1SS9.
An Ordinance providing for the holding of a rpcclal
election to vole npon ine proposal oi is-uing uonu
of the City of Wa-Keeney, Kun.a, for the pur
chase of fire engine and other firo appararo, and
engine house.
Be it ordained by the mayor end council of the city
of Wa-Keeney, Kanss:
cmn!. That a eclal election shall be held
on Wednesday, April 10, lt89, for the purpose of
voting upon the proposition to l-ne bond of the
City ot wa-Keeney, aansu, iu iuw ""
hundred dollar, for tho parpoEC of purchasiar Are
ngiu and other fir apparatus and engine house.
K. ? That hi elertlcn provided for In Section.
The 'jK
reOTSTmcudbj BVPH?S3Ea,
1 of this ordinance fhall be held in the engine fiLr
house, on Busscll aenue, between txanaun m,-
rzAnofiw, KtrMtriE. nn mo nous wiu w uiscw w xt-'i-
eight o'clock a. K. and c!oed at eli o'clock P. it ot -
said April 10, 1883. . . ,, , . -"i-
Sec. 3. That the ballots vo:ea ai rata eecuu,cii$; -
shall have written or pnntea uiereon, iur
bonds for tha porchaw of fire engine, fire extinguish.
Ing apparatus and fire oiin" hase," or Asaint
?Z I.,,. .U for tn ncrchiec of fire Ktsrnjp, Cx9 .
' tisgnihinz ap-iratn. undfire crcins httvso.
I Sea 4. This ordironce mall tsSo tZect end bo
In force frora and. after Its puwicason in uie yhxt
ApprovedMarch?,lS39. ..,,
I hereby certify that the.above mI f orocoing is a . Ji
tru copy of an ordlnsnso ju-sed by taa cosneihnea'', -,
ot tho City of "wa Keeney. h.wi-as, ana &pproTca or, v-
th mayor en March a. 1K. s-(
In witness wborooi I hare hereunto st snyhan& 5 .
srad affixed the sal of th City of Wn-Kfeyi Han., tl
f ttHiinrcaiH i". w.o.iiiasi.
HEAI.J vnytasn.
?-irtTB ' .
AdK .i-i-. Lr-5 i

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