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CO WICK & COSBY, EditoiB and Publishers
Saturday, November 15. 1S90.
Pav vonr taxes.
Beautiful weather.
Prepare forrbaiikcgivmg.
-rBuild sheds for our cattle.
Go to Brooks' for Colorado potatoes.
Send ns the news from the country.
Anew correspondent from Glencoe
this week.
Fresh roasted peanuts at Benedict's
every day.
Prepare for winter by subscribing Cor
the WobIiD.
Greely potatoes at H. Schultz. Will
duplicate prices.
Pure, sweet, Michigan Baldwin apple
cider at Benedict's.
Judge CUorn is holding court iu
Wallace county this week.
J. dJusgravo, of Ogallah, dropped in
last Monday to condole witli ns.
A. S. Marshall, of the Saline valley,
made us a brief call last Monday.
Just received the
liuest line of
gloves and mitts in tosrn, At Brooks'.
M. W. Ciift and H. S. Davis made a
business trip to Hill City last Thursday.
For pure sweet cider aud other ma
terials for mince meat go to Bestor's. tf
A. Spend, of Banner, was talking
politics with the bos here last Tnesdny.
Hon. Lee Mouroe attended district
court at Sharon Springs the first of the
Mrs. A. B. Baiter officiates as county
superintendent during Mr. Bakers b
eence. Go to T. K. Brook's for jour hard
ware, queens ware, glassware, dry goods
and groceries. tf.
John Dorus st.-u-ted last Tuesday
morning for a month's visit in Fulton
county, Illinois.
Good butter and eggs taken in ex
change for goods at the highest market
prico by H, Schultz.
H. Sckultz carries a full line of the
best boots and shoes on the market. Call
nnd get bottom prices.
Don't know what wo would have
done without the Kansas City Globe and
Star since the election.
A. J. Johnson, of Collj er, was trans
acting some business before the U. S.
land office last Saturday.
Hen fruit is reported eoarco at eight
een cents a dozen. Wonder if the
MeKiuley bill is to blame?
C. C. Yetter, of Ogallah, nnd one of
ihe best men in Trego couuty, was in
Wa-Keeney last Saturday.
Greeley, C )lorado, potatoes at $1.25
per bushel or $1.20 in ten bushel lots.
Marshall & UFronD
A surprise party at the residence of
Geo. Douglas last Tuesday ovoning The
joung folks had the right of way.
The official returns of the Trego
county election will be found in this pa
per. Save it for refereuce next year.
John Harrison, one of our esteemed
subscribers from Ogallah, was transacting
business in the county seat last Saturday.
You will find a staple article of cloth
ing, dry goods, notions, gents' furnishing
good?, gloves, huts, eta, at prices to suit
the times at H. Schultz.
Mayor Blair, Banker March and
Judge Saum went duck shooting last
Monday. Knowing how great would be
the temptation we did not inquire how
many they killed.
W. E. Saum should now be addressed
as Judge Saum. He took possession vt
the probate judge's office last Monday.
Judge? arc becoming almost as numer
ous in this vicinity as colonels.
Dr. A. B. Jones is taking a tour of
the western states and territories aud
will be absent several weeks. He has
worked hard and is certainly entitled to
a vacation. We wish him a pleasant trip,
A letter from A. V. Hixson. of Ogal
lab, who is temporarily in Pueblo, Colo
rado, informs us that he is receiving from
$3 to $4 per day for work with his team.
At the same time he expresses an anxiety
to return to Trego county soon.
Capt. Welch and family contemplate
moving to Wa-Keeney this week and will
ioccupy the residence just north of the
school house. The Captain has traded
his property here, stock and land, for
Missouri property wLich ho has rented to
other Darties. He will take possession of
the probata judge's office about Jan. lj
- Some of onr Ellsworth county farm
ers are trying the California system of
sowing wheat this fall, i. e.. plowing ery
shallow and and drilling the wheat to the
depth of plowing. By this method it is
claimed that the roots will penetrate into
IhoBoIidround retaining moisture longer
than Ibose groand, and consequently will
Lo able to withstand the hot and dry
eenson. The system will bear cloMistudy
nd a trial. EUtzcorlk Republican.
All But One.
The Republicans of Trogo county
did nobly on Tuesday electing their en
tire ticket by handsome pluralities. EM
Kansas Tax Lasv.
Taxes nre due on the first day of No
vember. A rebate of 2 percent, on the
whole tax is allowed if paid before De
cember 21st. It not paid before Decem
ber SlBtno rebate is allowed nnd a penal
ty is added. No rebnte is allowed unless
the whole lax is paid at one time. Lands
are advertised iu July and sold the first
Tuesday of September, and after sale the
taxes and costs will draw interest at tho
rate of 24 per cent, per annum uutil paid.
Three jeare from dale of Bale tho holder
of certificate will be entitled to a deed,
and fivo jeare thereafter the deed becomes
Epwortb. League Entertainment
Tho Epworth League gave a very en
joyabloentertainmeut and social at the
M. E. church last Wednesday evening.
The recitations and music were all good,
Tha following was the program:
Pra er.
Sopg "Welcom1: to nil."
Recitation Mary Ga hart
German Song Rev. O. N. Maxon
Recitation Stella Sigler
Song ''The Saloon Must Go."
Recitation Stella Schultz
Swiss Song Miss Neuenschwauder
Recitation Clara McCollnm
T...n Jiiin liu
i xr;M. t?..f
",,e" MissCrall
Closing Song.
The German song we think was given
for onr special benefit, as none of the
rest seemed to understand it. The at
tendance was not quite so large as it
should have been, but will probably be
better next time. The entertainment cer
tainly deserved a better house.
Trustee, T. S Howe; treasurer, John
Harrison: clerk, A. E. McCollnm; justices
of tho peace, Joseph Run) on, George Mc-
Kinlej ; constables, H. W. Griffith, Joseph
Marquaud; road overseer, S. T. H. Baird
Trustee, J. C. Buchanan; treasurer, A.
Shepard; clerk, W. V. Perry; justices of
the pence, B. E. Fnrheck, Horace Fidler;
constables, D. B. Fulton, Edw. Orton;
road overseer, P. Hickey.
Trustee, G. L. Robinson; trc-nsurer, E.
M. Waggoner; clerk, T. J. Nixon; justices
of the peace, A. L. Richardson, Samuel
Anderson; constables, W. H. Jordan. J.
G. Henley; road overseer, G. A. Palmer.
Trustee, William Lawson; treasurer, A.
L. Gleason; clerk. A.P.Hinshaw; justices
of tho peace, A. P. Lawrence, C. W.
Sweet; constables, John Brown, James
Snelling; road overseer, A. E. Sigler.
Trustee, Jasper Rogers; treasurer, Wm.
Gregorj ; clerk, L. Garland; justices of
the peace, Wm. Hoobler, Volney Robin
son; constables, E. J. Badgeley, John
Beamer; road overseer, J. S. Smith.
Trustee, James Powers; treasurer, H.
M. Russ; clerk, Frank Spena; constables.
O. B. Kessler, John Connor; road over
seer, G. D. Tilton.
Trustee, George Young; treasurer, P.
W. O'Toole; clerk, W. B. Robinsou; jus
tiefcs of the peace, J. C. Neuenschwander,
E. L. Fre; constables, Otto Young, Wm.
Lutters; road overseer, Fritz Platz.
Unclaimed Letters
Remaining in the postoffice at Wa-Kee-ne,
Kansas, for the week ending Novem
ber 8, 1890:
Benedick, Mrs. J, A.; Johnston, Miss
Persons calling for any of the above
letters will please say "Advertised."
A. J. Harlak, P. M.
W.D. Lombard, of Adair, made us
a pleasant call, Thnrsdny.
vacant nouses aro not as numerous
in Wa-Keeney as they were.
Mrs. W, D. Matthews, who has been
quite ill for a week or more, is improving."
C. E. Cosby le(t last Sunday evening
for a two week's vacation in Gove county.
Mrs. J. L. Brown is expected home
this week from an extended visit to Iowa.
H. J. Hille has taken his cattle to
Barton county to winter. He has about
1.033 head.
J. L. Brown came up from Ellis last
week to exercise his privilege as an Amer
can citizen.
A. J. McCollnm, an account of
whose mjnries mention was made last
week, is getting along as well as could be
Master Clifford Baker was 14 years
old on Friday of last week and gave a
birthday party which, despite the bad
weather, was well attended. The yonug
folks present all report a bplendid time.
A. S. Peacock was in Wa-Keeney
yesterday. Mr. Peacock was defeated
for the office of superintendent of public
instruction by only four votes. There is
not a better qualified nor more compe
tent man for the qfSce in Trego county.
A. B. Cooper, of Ogallah, js certainly
experiencing a political change of heart
Once a democrat, now a member of the
people's party and yesterday he enrolled
for 53 copies of the World. Br its aid
the transirioa will be easy and certain
and we predict that, before the great no-
liucoi uaiue or. ioaz 13 fought
Cooper will bo a member in good stand-
ing of the g. o. p. So mote it be.
Blow out the gas.
-History repeats itself.
Candies, nuts and cigars at Bene
dicts The ynung folks gave a ball Thurs
day night,
Try pure, old-fashioned buckwheat,
at Bettor's.
'A few Colorado potatoes left at Bene
diet's. Who wants them.
For felt boots, nibbers nnd arctics at
low prices go to H. Schultz.
Mrs. C. A. Aylsworth has returned
from an extended visit to Iowa.
We have reached bed rock in western
Kansas. We will have better times
A. W Pnrinton's personal popularity
is attested by the vote received at his own
We learn that an effort is being
made to procure an organ for our pub
lic schools.
The Hill City Republican has a relig
ions column edited by Rev. F. L, Walker
of our city.
Those lovely geraniums in O. A.
Cortright's window are tho subject of
many remarks.
G. K. Dewey is in Nebraska looking
after some real estate that he owns in
that anti-prohibition state.
Yon will alwnjsfind a full line of
California evaporated fruits, canned
goods, etc., at low prires at H. Schultz.
The new election law in New York
compels candidates to swear to an item
ized statement of their campaign expenses.
Mrs. A. D. Elliott, who has been in
Kansas City for some time under the care
of her physician, is expected home this
William Hoobler, of Willcox, called
last Thursday. He sas that the recent
rain and snow is just the thing for tho
small grain.
Just recehed at Bestor's
Pure Buckwheat.
C. C. Bestor caught the spirit of im
provement this week and painted his
atoro building a looly sky-blue pink
It is giveu out that Jay Gould, one
morning before breakfast, recently pur
chased a controlling interest iu the U. P.
A. D. Elliott, of Culljer township,
has moed to Wa-Keeney and is ocenpy
ing the Nick Reddig property south of
the railroad.
Pleaching at the Baptist church to
morrow at 11 o'clock A. M. Bible day
exercises at night, consisting of recita
tions, music nnd a brief address. Every
body cordially invited to attend.
A Mrs. Quimby, of Wichita, who
professed to be a scriptural prophet de
clared that on last night at 12 the
trumpet would sound and all the people
except a few eloct would bo destroyed.
Strayed, from 5 miles east of Wn
Keeiiey, one nearly white cow with mule
shoe brand on right hip, fresh dehorned.
Also ono heifer calf, nearly white, no
marks or brands. Call at this office. 2t
Sheriff Courtney has invented a new
idea whereby ho can curry his mules
without losing the top of his head. It is
a very simple contrivance and consists of
a ten foot handle attached to an ordinary
On and after November 18, the Oak
ley mill will be ready to do exchange work
and to fill all orders for flour aud feed
Send for prices. Geo. S. Bick1,
Manager Oakley Roller Mills,
Oakley, Kansas.
T.L. Fike, of Colljer, bad the mis
fortune to lose his store bmldiug and
entire stock of drugs and notions, by fire,
laBt Sunday night This is a most se
rions loss to Mr. Fike nnd he has the
e mpathy of the entire community. The
origin of the fire is a mystery.
A bright little boy in the primary
department of tho Wa-Keeney public
schools one day last week was asked:
'What is blindness?" He answered:
"Struck in the eye with a stone." That's
what our alliancers got in the late election
in this judicial district flars City Sea
Unel. A great many of our readers will
regret to learn of the death of Boy
Proudfit which occurred November Gtb at
his homo in Friend, Nebraska. The
cause of his death was laryngitis. Mr.
Proudfit was a former resident -of Wa
Keeney and for a time was in the em
ploy of Marshall fe Ufford as clerk in
their dry goods department.
The next boom in Kansas will be in
fanning lands and not iu city property.
The great need of Kansas is the settlement
and cultivation of its farming lands.
Once that is done, the towns will take
care of themselves. No city or town can
prosper unless it has a good agricultural
country to back it. It will grow to a cer
tain point and there it must wait until
tho country catches up. Wallace Gazelle.
Why not organize a literary society?
There is nothing that would be of more
benefit to the pupils attending our pub
lic schools, and a great many outside of
the schools would be greatly benefitted
thereby. Wo suggest that the teachers
take the lead and we will render all tho
assistance we can. Let us talk the mat
ter over and then decide to have a regu
lar old-fashioned literary society - this
fall and winter.
Teacher's meeting at Banner to-day J
0 A. Chapman, of Trego Center,
was in town Wednesday.
T. C. Blaisdell and S. L, Garland, of
15-24, wore transacting some land oflice
business Wednesday.
L. G. Johnson, formerly of Wa-Keeney,
but now of Denver, was the first man
to pay his taxes in Trego county this
Not a Rincrlo ohnrrfVn coin nnr fnrA-
closure notice has appeared in this paper
iur MeenH. xnis speacs weu lor our
George" V. York, of Collyer, was
transacting business and incidentally
talking a little politics in Wa-Keeney last
William Bower, the wide-awako
manager of L. A. Fisher's Collyer store,
was in town between trains last Wednes
day evening.
A tie vote in Colljer township be
tween Joseph Brown and H. M. Rnss was
decided by the commissioners, by lot, in
favor of Mr. Rnss.
Vcr. few final proof notices are be
ing issued for Trego county. This shows
that our homesteaders are in no hurry to
prove up and move away.
Wo have a subscriber who has just
paid for fonr year's subscription in ad
vance. Snrely there is one man, at least,
who has confidence in the stability of the
Pat Conley, of Ellis, well known here,
committed suicide last Tuesday by tak
ing a large dose of laudanum. Financial
trouble is said to be the cause for tho
rash act.
The representative-e'ect from Os
borne county, it is stated, was a resident
of the state of Washington at the time of
his election and he refuses to come back
and represent the county in the legisla
ture. An observer of the course of the ten
der passion sas: At 3 j oars of age we
love onr mothers, at 6 onr fathers, at 10
holidays, at 1G dress, at 20 our sweet
hearts, at 25 our wives, at 40 our children
and at 60 ouiseves.
God never created this beautiful
country for stock raising alone. There
are those now living iu Trego county
who will realize this statement to the
fullest extent ard who will not be very
aged either before this prophecy is
Ufford looked decidedly nngry last
Thursday forenoon. His brows were
contracted, his fac flushed and he. kept
muttering to himself in a manner that
indicated luteuso feeliug. He informed
a WouijD reporter that TJuclo Cyrus had
beaten him threo straight gamos at
More life and sociability is what wo
all neod. Something to wake us up oc
casionally. We don't care particularly
what it is, j'ist so it is something. A lit
erary, social, spelling echooj, lecture,
anything. There is no need of falling
into a state of semi-unconsciousness just
because times are a little dull.
The commissioners canvassed the
vote jesterday and declared the following
candidates elected: Representative, J.
Reeder, by 2 votes; superintendent pub
lic instruction, H. W. GrasF, by 2 votes;
probate judge, A. P. West; clerk of the
district court, Phillip Jacobs; county at
torney, W. L. Aaron Hays City Republi
can. Commissioners Proceedings.
Wa-Kee.ey, Kan., Nov. 8, 1860.
The board of commissioners of Trf-go
county met to-day to canvass the vote as
returned from the various precincts of
the election held November 4, 1890. All
the members of the board were present
TBofo persons having received the highest
number of votes for the different county
and township officers were declared to be
elected and the county clerK was instruct
ed to issue certificates of election to suc
cessful candidates aud require that bonds
be filed.
Board adjourned sine die.
Attest: C. A. Hor.
Conutv Clerk.
An Excellent .Recipe For Plain
Mince Meat
Two pounds of tender b3ef boiled, and
when cold chopped fine, a pound of
minced snet, and aud a half pounds of
stoned raisins, one ponnd of currants, one
ponnd of citron sliced fine, three pounds
of brown sugar, five pounds of chopped
apples, two teaspoonfulsof cloves, five of
cinnamon, a tablespoonful of salt, one
pint of cider, one cup of molasses, the
juice and grated rind of two lemons.
This is an old and well tried recipe.
All ingredients for above can be found
at Bestor's Family Grocery. tf
Coa! Oil, 15c. at VERBECK'S.
Tcr My Patrons.
Having conclnded to take a short vaca
tion I have fnade arrangements with Dr.
Bohrbangh, of JEllis, to attend to my bus
iness during my absence. His office
hours will be from 2 to 6 P. M., at my of
fice. I have every confidence in him and
heartily commend him to your patronage.
Respectfully, '
A.B. Joses.
Alliance Meeting.
An open meeting of the Collyer Alliance
will be held Thursday afternoon, Novem
ber 20, 1S90. at 2 o'clock, to bo addressed
Hv Rpn. fl. "Rih. nnnntv lecturer, on the
good ot the order, its benefits, etc. The
pnoue invueu. aiso a special wctmus
t tlnn Kama allinnrvn will be held in the
aroninc afc 7-flft nVtnnlr for instruction.
All alliance members invited to attend
Bex. C Rich,
" County Lecturer.
Oaspline t VERBECK'$. tf I
-J V ( T- y .
Wl?at iae
Receiving Immense Quantities of
Dry G-oods, G-ents' Furnisliiiig Goods,
Notions, Boots and Shoes, G-roceries,
Tinware, G-lass, Flour, Etc., Etc., Etc.
No W notice for a few moments and read some of our
prices on above goods: Q. Q. Tobacco, 25c; good plug
Tobacco for 35c; Horse Shoe, 45c; L. L. Muslin at 5 l-2c3
Otber goods in proportion.
And while we are thinking about these Great Bargains
we must not overlook the fact that immense bills of these
goods are daily sent to all parts of the count)r, and as our
foreign "trade is increasing so rapidly it has been found
necessary to import a Dutch clerk to wait upon the Bo
hemian trade.
A new stock of Boots and Shoes just re
ceived. Compare onr $2 Men's Boots with
others. In Ladies' Shoes we defy competition.
pounds of
the best coal
in market for
Yon will not regret it if you lay in you win
ter's supply.
On account of the late arrival of our immense stock of dry
goods, boots and shoes, we are not able to give you a
complete list of our new prices. Next week we will
give you some new features. Make no mistake go to
are oing
$ I ftXiiLO
. A-'

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