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Western Kansas World.
Established March 1, 1879.
Official Paper of Trego County.
Satukday, Septemker 28, 1893.
For County Clerk,
For County Treasurer,
For Register of Deeds,
For County Surveyor,
For Sheriff,
For Coroner,
For Commissioner, 1st District,
For Commissioner, 3rd District,
Notice of Delegate Convention.
The Populist County Central com
mittee met at the court house Satur
day, September 7, 189"), and called a
county convention to nominate coun
ty officers to meet at the court house
in Wa-Keeney at 1 p. m. on Saturday,
-September 28, 1895.
The several precincts to be repre
sented as follows:
Adair 4 Ogallah 6
Glencoe 2 Wa-Keeney 7
Wilicox 4 Franklin 3
Riverside 3 Collyer 6
Banner 4
It was recommended that the sev
eral precincts hold their caucuses on
Saturday, September 21, at usual
places. It was also ordered that the
precincts in the First and Third Com
missioner districts at same caucus se
lect their proper number of delegates,
as above, to attend the commissioner
district convention to nominate candi
dates for commissioner. The First
district commissioner convention to
meet at Ogallah on October 5, and the
Third district commissioner conven
tion at Banner October o.
S. L. SiioKTiiiLL, Chairman.
Ben. C. Rich, Secretary.
This week we nail to the mast-head
the name of the nominees of the Re
publican party of Trego county and
there they will remain until after
the people speak at the November
election. Is is a good ticket, collect
ively and individually. The nomina
tion was fairly conducted and the
nominees are the choice of the ma
jority of the party. These reasons
are sufficient to entitle our ticket to
the support of every true Republican.
Bicycles cannot run without
wheels, boats without steam, engines
without coal or newspapers without
cash. Our subscribers are all good,
but what good does a man's good do
him when it don't do any good? He
thinks every body has paid except
him, and so it won't matter. And
meantime the editor is carrying
about three-fourths of the subscrip
tion list from two to four years, wears
old clothes and is growled at for not
getting out a "live" paper! How can
the man with a lot of "dead" subscrib
ers? Say. neighbor, are you one of
'em? Ex.
If the truth is in the story from
Topeka about the Populist adminis
tration of the Blind asylum, the pile
of infamy at the door of Populism is
heaped higher. It is said that the
broom factory established fourteen
years ago by Superintendent Miller
has been allowed to lapse into idle
ness. This factory paid regular
wages to the pupils, purchased their
clothing and turned annually into the
state treasury $2,500 profits. There
were brooms to the value of $2,600 on
hand when the Populists took hold of
the institution. These have gone,
nobody knows where, for in the ledger
where the account should stand, six
pages have been torn out. The pe6
ple of Kansas must be nauseated with
the scandals that have been revealed,
but it is a public duty to face the
music and go to the root of all the
rottenness in public affairs. Leaven
worth Times.
Ending with last Saturday night
western Kansas experienced the hot
test weather ever known at that sea
son of the year. Our old-timers all
agree upon this statement and yet it
wasn't so very bad after all. It was
true that the mercury reached a
pretty high altitude during the mid
dle of the day, but the heat was tem
pered with a fine breeze and at no
time was the air sultry. There were
no sunstrokes nor fatalities of any
kind resulting from the weather. As
compared with other localities, west
ern Kansas was a health resort. In
the East schools were suspended,
judges adjourned court and many
kinds of business were temporarily
closed on account of the hot weather.
Following the heated term was a cold
wave from the northwest which
reached here last Saturday evening.
It was not a bad storm in this local
ity. A few had fires the following
morning, but more were comfortable
without them. A light frost Monday
morning was the climax of the storm
here. The entire state of Colorado
was covered with snow, eight inches
covering the ground at Denver and
fourteen inches at Boulder. , In Wyo
ming the snow was two feet deep and
several perished. Even Nebraska
was covered with snow. The com
parisons are only made to emphasize
a fact well known to our citizens, but
sometimes temporarily lost sight of.
We have the finest climate in the
world in western Kansas. Neither
too hot nor" 3-et too cold. It is just
about right and averaging the year,
one month with another, it will equal
if not excel any other locality in the
United States. It is always bracing
and health-giving. Never sultry in
summer and the theremometer sel
doms falls below zero in winter. We
think a few remarks, on the never
failing topic of the weather, timely
right now when so much fault is be
ing found in other, localities. Surely
our lines have fallen to us in pleasant
places in western Kansas and we
ought to appreciate it even more than
we do.
TnE crime of crimes in any nation
is treason. Anarchy is so closely al
lied to treason that a distinction or a
difference is scarcely perceptible. We
have often wondered why the strong
arm of the law has not been invoked
to suppress anarchy and stamp out
those miserable traitors and conspira
tors which infest most of our princi
pal cities and whose sole aim seems
to be to teach the doctrine of the red
flag and incite rebellion to our gov
ernment and our free institutions.
We continue to wonder at the lenien
cy of those who have charge of our
nation's honor, although an incident
occurred in Chicago the other day
which will send a thrill of joy and ex
ultation to the heart of every loyal
citizen, because it demonstrated that
anarchy and the red flag will no
longer be tolerated in at least one of
our chief cities.
"Charles Wilfred Mowbray, the
Englishman, who came to Chicago for
the purpose of teaching his doctrine
of no government, was stopped in the
middle of a speech at Belmont park
by the police. He was so badly fright
ened that after a few words of expla
nation, in which he said that he did
not mean to teach violence, he hur
riedly left the platform and made his
escape in the crowd.
Police Inspector Schaack, who was
a prominent figure in the troublesome
times of 1886, made preparations to
nip any kind of a radical demonstra
tion before it had gone too far. He
was present with a detail of police in
citizens' clothes, and a block away 100
uniformed officers and three patrol
wagons waited a signal to make a de
scent on the gathering.
Mowbray started in by abusing the
police and the newspapers. Inspector
Schaack bore this without interfer
ence, but when he began berating the
stars and stripes, and hoping for the
glorious day when the red emblem
would be raised triumphantly aloft,
the inspector gave the signal and Cap
tain Schuettler, who was on the plat
form, laid a heavy hand on the shoul
der of the speaker. Mowbray had not
expected this, and was plainly dis
concerted. He stammered and looked
dismayed, and attempted an explana
tion, but the big police captain
quietly remarked: "You have got to
stop that Kind 01 talk," and that set
tled it.
There was a howl from the crowd at
the interruption and several of the
more radical attempted to climb the
stairs leading to the platform. They
were prevented from doing so by the
police. Richard Braunschweig, a loud
mouthed radical, who can scarcely
speak a word of English, managed to
get on the platform and attempted to
shove Captain Schuettler to one side.
He was seized by'two detectives.
Mrs. Lucy Parsons was present and
after Mowbray's experience she re
marked: "It don't surprise me any.
Liberty is dead in Chicago. Any one
can see that." To which the police
replied: "Anarchy is dead in Chicago
for all time."
For Sale 160 acres of land in Tre
go county. A living stream of water
running trough it. Plenty of fire
wood. Best quarter section in the
county. Refused $1,000 for it; never
was worth less and will be worth $2,
000 in a few years. Will take $600,
or part in groceries and dry goods.
Speak quick. Call on John A. Nelson.
A Letter.
CniCAGO, Ills., Sep. 2, 1895.
C. C. Bestor, Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
Dear Sir: The Restaurant Com
mission of the Cotton States and In
teractional Exposition to be held in
Atlanta have awarded us the coffee
contract, so that our -Seal Brand"
will be served virtually exclusively
inside the grounds. New York, Chi
cago, Boston and New Orleans houses
were very active in their efforts to se
cure this contract, which wa finally
awarded to us on a basis of superior
quality and uniformity of coffee, as
was so practically proven at the
World's Fair.
f Yours very truly,
Chase & Sanborn.
Furniture at Wholesale Prices.
We represent the largest manufac
turers of Household Furniture in the
world, and sell to anybody at factory
prices. . All shipments direct from
Chicago factory. Our large furniture
catalogue mailed to any address on re
ceipt of 6 cents in stamps to pay post
age. Our special baby carriage cata
logue, showing 63 new styles, mailed
free. . American Furniture Agency,
Retail Profit Smashers, Galena, Kan.
The Dakota Hot Springs.
The Hot Springs of Arkansas have
long been deservedly popular, for the
reason that there has been no other
place that has filled the requirements
of both a health and a pleasure resort.
This state of affairs have changed,
The Hot Springs of South Dakota
have, in recent years, been thrown
open to the people, and because of
their delightful situation and great
curative qualities, are becoming more
popular every day. Situated as this
resort is, in the famous Black Hills,
in the midst of beautiful mountain
scenery, possessing that balsamic at
mosphere which is in itself health giv
ing, with waters that are pronounced
by experts equal if not superior to
those of any other mineral springs in
the world, it will soon outrank any
other resort.
You can buy more grocer
ies for a dollar at Bestor's
than any other place in town.
St. Loui3 in a Blaze of Glory. Seven Weeks
of Uninterrupted Gaiety.
The name of America's greatest car
nival center St. Louis will be blaz
oned on the skies of gaiety from Sep
tember 4th to October 19th, 1895. The
eighteenth annual reign of carnival
will pervade the city, and for seven
weeks European capitals noted for
their seasons of mystery and regal en
tertainment will gracefully bow to
the superiority of the city on the
banks of the Mississippi.
September 4th will mark the open
ing of the Twelfth Annual St. Louis
Exposition. This splendid feature of
St. Louis' carnival period will remain
open until October 19th. In addition
to Sousa's world-famed bank, many
new attractions will be offered. Sep
tember 4th to 14th, the celebrated
French Equilibrists, the Kins-Kers,
will appear. September 15 to 28th,
Caicedo. "the King of the Wire," and
Louis Oloriz, "the Man Monkey," by
their unique entertainments will de
light the fun-seeking public. Septem
ber 30th to October 12th, Ivan Tsche
roff's celebrated educated mutes, the
Russian dogs, are carded for a series
of wonderful performances. October
13th to 19th, Price Kokin, the great
est Japanese juggler alive, will fill an j
engagement, while Buck Taylor and
troupe of native Sioux Indians and
Miss Cornelia Campbell Bedford, of
New York, Demonstrator of Cooking,
will appear every day during the Ex
position season."
That mysterious personage, King
Hotu, and his retinue will give a day
light parade September 28th. This is
one of the most unique attractions of
the carnival season in St. Louis, and
is grotesquely staged. October 7th to
12th, the world-beater, the great St.
Louis Fair, will be the chief attrac
tion. On the evening of October 8th,
His Majesey the Veiled Prophet and
royal court will parade the principal
thoroughfares of the city, followed by
the famous ball, which is known
throughout the land.
All the St. Louis theaters, during
the season of high carnival, have
billed most excellent attractions.
Among the number might be men
tioned "Trilby," "Lyceum Theater
Company," Chas. Frohman's Stock
Company, Hoyt's "A Black Sheep,"
DeWolf Hopper, etc.
The management of the Missouri
Pacific Railway and Iron Mountain
Route constantly having the interests
of St. Louis in mind, will sell tickets
from all points on the system to the
carnival city and return at greatly
reduced rates. For copy of the pro
gram giving the features of the car
nival season in detail, address com
pany's agents, or II. C. Townsend,
General Passenger Agent, St. Louis,
lft Day.
15th Day,
of Me,
0 IZI -it-t
' T a M., ' -a
30th Day.
Produces the above results in 30 LAYS. It acts
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others
fail. Young men and old men will recover their
youthful vigor by using REVIVO. It quickly
and surely restores from effects of self-abuse or
excess and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lost
Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Emissions, Lost
Power of either sex. Failing Memory, Wasting
Diseases, Insomnia, Nervousness, which unfits
one for study, business or marriage. It not only
cures by starting at the seat of disease, but is ?
Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Builder
and restores both vitality and strength to th.
muscular and nervous sstem, brinjing back
the pink glow to pals cheeks and restoring the
fire of youth. It wards off Insanity and Con
sumption. Accept no substitute. Insist on hav
ing REVIVO, no other. It can be carried in vest
pocket. By mail, $1.00 per package, in plain
wrapper, or six for $5.00, with a positive writ
ten guarantee to cure or reftrnd the money in
every package. For free circular address
OTor Sale by Joxes & Gibson.
No Change to Chitago.
The through service offered the
traveling public by the Union Pacific
system and Chicagd & Alton R. R. is
unsurpassed. The "perfect passenger
service' of the C. & A. with the well
known excellence of the service of the
Union Pacific assures the traveling
public that they "are in it" when they
patronize this popular joint line from
Denver to Chicago and intermediate
points. Pullman Palace sleeping cars,
dining and free reclining chair cars
without change.
Milk Pans.
Stew Pans.
Butter Jars.
Butter Jars and covers.
Churns and churn dashers at
First published September 7, 1893.1
In the District Court. Within and for the
County of Trego in the State of Kansas.
Alexander G. Wilson, Plaintiff,
Milton II. Johnson, defendant.
Milton H. Johnson will take notice that
the said Alexander G. Wilson, plaintiff did,
on the 30th day of August, 1895. ale his peti
tion in said district court, within and for the
county of Trego, in the state of Kansas,
against the said Milton H.Johnson defend
ant, and that the said Milton II. Johnson
must answer said petition tiled as aforesaid
on or before the ISth day of October, 1895. or
said petition will be taken as true, and a
judgment rendered in sAaid action against
said defendant, Milton II. Johnson, for the
sum of two hundred dollars with interest
thereon at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from the ISth day of March, 1894. less fifteen
dollars heretofore paid; and for costs of suit;
and a further judgment against said de
fendant, Milton 11. Johnson, for the foreclo
sure of a certain mortgage upon the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit:
The southwest quarter of section twenty
six C2(5). township thirteen (13). south of range
twenty-one (:1). west of the Gth Principal
Meridian in Trego county, Kansas.
Lying and situated in the county of Trego.
In the state of Kansas, and adjudging that
said plaintiff has the first lien on said prem
ises to the amount for which judgment will
be taken as aforesaid, and ordering said
premises to be sold without appraisement,
and the proceeds applied to the payment of
the amount due plaintiff and costs of suit,
and forever barring and foreclosing said de
fendant of and from all right, title, estate,
interest, property, and equity of redemption,
in and to said premises, or any part thereof.
John A. Nelson.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Attest: C.N.Gibson.
Iseal. Clerk.
iy G. V. Cross, Deputy,
State of Kansas. )
Trego County. S
In the Probate Court held In and for said
county and state.
Notice is hereby .'iven, that letters of ad
ministration upon the estate of A. A. Grove,
late of Trego county. Kansas, deceased have
been granted to the undersigned Ella Grove
by the Probate court of said county of Trego,
bearing date the 10th day of September, 1805.
All persons having claims against said es
tate are required to exhibit them to me for
allowance, within one year after the date of
said letters, or they may be precluded from
any benefit of such estate; and if such
claims be not exhibited within two years
jrom the time of the publication of this no
tice, they will be forever barred.
Dated this 10th day of September, A, D.
1895. '
Ei.t.a Grove,
Land OfBce at Wa-Keeney, Kan., No.
Ausrust 21. 1895. f 13771.
Complaint having been entered at this of
fice by Andrew J. Gullett against Henry A.
Walker for failure to comply with law as to
timber culture entry No. 10061 dated Septem
ber 7th, I88ti, upon the northeast quarter of
section 6. township 15 south, range 22 west in
Trego county, Kansas, with a view to the
cancellation of said entry, contestant alleg
ing that claimant has failed to plant or re
plant or caused said land to be planted or
replanted to trees, tree seeds or cuttings at
any time since seventh year of entry; that
there are no trees growing on said land and
has net been since prior to seventh year of
entry except not to exceed twenty cedars
and cottonwoods growing along the banks
of the stream and hot planted by man; also
that he has failed to cultivate or caused said
land to be cultivated at any time since the
saventh year of entry. The said parties are
hereby summoned to appear a-t this office on
the 17th day of October, 1895 at 10 o'clock a.
m., to respond and f urnish testimony con
cerning said alleged failure.
W. E. Saum, Receiver.
John A. Nelson, Attorney.
1 $384,255,128
SPENT annually for Tobacco. U
f lnousanas 01 men ale every year
f from that dreadful disease. Cancer of
f) the Stomach, brought on by the use of
a Tobacco.
f) ine use 01 xooacco is injurious to tne v
fj nervous system, promotes heart troub- V
'( les. affects the eyesight, injures the M
f voice, and makes your presence obnoxi- Q
f ous to those clean and pure from such a &
f filthy habit. Q
If you do we know you would like to
f) quit the habit, and we want to assist U
e you, and will, if you say the word. Q
fy How Can We Help You? Why, by in- U
4 ducing you to purchase a box of Colli's U
fl Tobacco Antidote, which is a prepara- O
fs tion compounded strictly of herbs and Q
i roots, which is a tonic to the system; al- W
so cures the Tobacco Habit and knocks v
Cigarettes silly. Q
f$ How Do We Know It Will Cure Yon? M
f First, by its thousands and thousands of U
f cures; Second by the increased demand M
f) for it from the most reputable whole- G
sale houses : Third, we know what it is Q
fs composed of. and that the preparation M
fiwill clean the system of nicotine, and G
K will cancel all errors of the past. i4
fS Your Druggist has Colli for sale. If G
he has not ask him to get it for you. If W
ft he tries to palm off something "just as W
(5 good." insist on having Colli. If he will
ff not order it for you. send us 01.00) one G
ft dollar, and receive a box of Colli post- W
f paid. Remember Colli Cubes. y
f In most cases one box affects a cure, G
" but we guarantee 3 boxes to cure any G
V one. G
Colli Remedy Co., 5
t Higginsville, Mo. g
(Successor to F W Fisher,)
Oranges, Lemons and other Fruits.
Crackers, Candies and Cizars.
OThese goods are all fresh and
clean. '
Watch this space for bargains
in Dry Goods. C. N. GIBSON.
A. H. Blair, Pres. L. E. Rogers, Vice Pres. 11. C. Wilson-, Cashier.
Capital Stock $25,000.
A. H. Blair. G. I. Yerbkck.
Barbed Wire and Fence Posts.
Paints, Oil, Window Glass, Nails and Builders
Exclusive agents for DIAMOND CEMENT PLASTER,
the best plastering material in use.
HgWest side of Franklin street, south of depot.
"Seal Brand" Goffee.
semd Exclusively to the
Over .Twenty-One Million Peoplfl
I 4kttt4tVVorid's Fair Grounds
itfrrtfng Floe Coffee of t!a IVcrld.
We make a specialty of keeping these
goods fresh, and clean.
We are up to date in everything and offer
yon the best goods and the best service.
C. J. FERRS & CO.,
I will furnish everything in the line
of Undertaking that can be found anywhere.
1 cv
and of the
We handle
These Qoo
IT. J. IIille.
R. C. Wilson.
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