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GIVLER & CBOOKS, Publishers.
APRIL 1897.
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Summary , of the Daily News,
' The statement that Gen. Lee's serv
ices as consul-general at Havana would
oe dispensed with after April 15 is de
nied by the state department at Wash
ington. An enthusiastic gathering of ex-union
soldiers was held at Washington the
other night to form a soldiers' and
Bailors' national" monument associa
tion. The object of the meeting was
the erection of a monument at Wash
ington in memory of the officers and
enlisted men of the army and navy of
the United States who fell in the war
f the rebellion.
The report that congress had decreed
En increased tariff on tobacco, to take
effect April 1, caused great consterna
tion among cigar manufacturers at
Tampa, Fla., and they began to draw
their tobacco from bond on the 31st.
"Word was sent from Washington after
wards that it applied only to tobacco
imported after April 1. One man paid
8117,000 duty.
Secretary of the Interior Bliss
gave a hearing to a large congressional
delegation who desired to protest
against the forestry reservation order
issued by President Cleveland setting
aside large tracts in various states.
The general proposition urged was
that the proclamation be either re
voked in toto or its operations suspend
ed until an investigation could be
made as to the character of the lands
embraced in the reserve tracts.
Senator Morrili. gave it as his opin
ion that the tariff bill would not be
finally acted upon in the senate before
September 1, but this view is not
shared by other senators on his side,
many of whom predict that an adjourn
ment will be reached by July 15.
Secretary Long has issued an order
to stop some of the wasteful leaks in
the navy, especially in the case of
ships in course of construction. It was
said that all the maroon leather up
holstered furniture of the battleship
Indiana was ripped out and dark green
leather substituted to suit the taste o-f
her expectant captain for which the
government had to pay.
The monthly statement of the pub
lic debt of the United States showed
that at the close of business on March
SI the debt, less cash in the treasury,
amounted to SI, 003, 902,200, a decrease
for the month of SS,63S,254.
A new farmers bulletin, which is
likely to prove of great interest to
chicken fanciers, is being sent out by
the department of agriculture. It is
devoted to a careful and thorough de
scription of standard varieties of chick
ens. The bulletin is practical through
out, and gives a plain description of
each variety of chickens, so that it will
prove a trustworthy guide in the se
lection of stock for the farm or the vil
lage lot.
The president and his cabinet con
sidered on the 2d the question of re
scinding Mr. Cleveland s order setting
apart 21 forest reservations in the west.
The president announced his intention
to act on conservative lines and wanted
more information on the matter.
Rear Admiral F. M. Ramsay, chief
of the bureau of navigation, was re
tired on account of age on the 4th.
The six-day bicycle race ended at
Washington at 10 p. m. on the 3d, all
the men being in an exhausted condi
tion. Five of them made over 1,500
miles and will get part of the prize
money, the score standing as follows:
Shock, 1,670; Albert, 1,615; Golden, 1,-
fllO; Lawson, 1,583; Cassidy, 1.554.
A special to the New York World
from Washington on the 5th said that
A. E. Buck, of Georgia, had been offered
snd had accepted the position of min
ister to Japan.
The Indian agent has received in
structions not to lease the lands of the
Eiowas, Comanches and Apaches in
the Indian territory to cattlemen
This was said to indicate an intention
of the government to open the lands to
Memphis, Tenn., issued an appeal for
aid on the 5th for the refugees from
the flooded districts.
Four desperate prisoners confined in
the Greer county jail in Oklahoma
made their escape the other night by
overpowering the guards.
James H- Ai.drich, for IS years cash
ier and pavmaster of the Kansas City,
Fort Scott & Memphis railway, was
arrested on the 5th at Kansas City,
Ma, on the charge of embezzling 20,
400 of the company's fundi
The National Mining bureau has is
sued a call for an International Gold
Miners' convention, to be held in Den
ver, CoL, on the 15th and 16th of June.
The exhibitions will consist of refined
gold and gold ores and a general min
ing display. Miners' organizations are
invited to co-operate in the exhibit
and movement. Each county in the
mining states is asked to hold a mass
convention not later than May 80, and
elect delegates to the gathering.
Fred Acock, an ex-soldier in the
regular army, will start from lopeka,
Kan., June 15 to carry Old Glory
around the world. He will go to
Europe first and return by the way of
the Pacific '
The Globe savings bank at Chicago
suspended on the 5th.
Henry Lee was shot and killed by
Bob Cheatham over a game of marbles
at Rockport, Ind. Both are colored.
Orrington Lust, founder of Evans
ton, I1L, and one of the founders of
the Northwestern university, died at
Evanston on the 5th. He located in
Chicago in 1840.
A DisPATcn from Muskogee, L T.,
on the 5th said that Jim Cook, one of
the members of the notorious Cook
gang, who escaped from the Cherokee
national prison last December, had
been recaptured and placed behind the
The Spanish government Has in
structed Gen. Weyler to introduce in
Cuba the reforms which the cabinet
recently agreed to for the island. The
Madrid Epoca, a semi-official organ,
stated on the 5th that negotiations for
the restoration of peace in Cuba were
in progress with every prospect of suc
Three men were asphyxiated by car
bonic acid gas while cleaning a beer
tunnel at Dowes' brewery in Montreal,
A six-round bout took place at Phila
delphia on the 5th between Owen Zeig-
ler and Charles McKeever. No deci
sion was rendered, but Zeigler ap
peared to be the best man.
Another disastrous break in the
Mississippi levee occurred at Fowler
lake, near Tunica. Miss., which will
inundate, the dispatch said, the coun
ties of Cohoma, Laflore, Quitman and
Tallahatchie and lay waste the newly-
planted corn crops. The levee near
Helena, Ark., had also broken, for
which the people had made such a des
perate fight to save.
The forest fires in the mountains
near Belief on t. Pa., were spreading at
an alarming rate on the 4th and- many
thousands of acres of valuable timber
land were going up in smoke.
A fire in George F. Otte's carpet
store in Cincinnati did damage to the
amount of over 300,000.
The steamer Fuerst Bismarck
brought nearly 1,000 Italian imn
grants to New York on the 4th.
The Jim river in South Dakota had
overflowed its banks on the 4th and a
steamer was sent from Yankton to res
cue the sufferers. Thousands of acres
of farm lands were under about six
feet of water.
Johannes Brahms, the well-known
musical composer, died at Vienna re
cently, aged 67.
A farewell banquet to ex-Ambassa
dor Bayard is to be given at London
on May 7, when a gold loving cup.
worth 2,500, will be presented to him
by the American colony in London and
elsewhere in Great Britain.
Millard Spencer, a farmer living in
Chautauqua county, N. Y., fatally as
saulted a stepdaughter and a young
lady who was visiting her, set fire to
his barn and burned 13 head of stock
and then cut his own throat.
The steamer R. T. Cole, loaded with
merchandise, sank near Clarksville,
Tenn., the other day. Three roust
abouts were drowned and one man was
reported missing. The boat was
total loss.
The Texas house passed the senate
bill appropriating 525,000 to buy the
San Jacinto battlefield and improve it
for a state park. It was understood
the governor would approve the bill.
Nearly S12,00O had been raised in
St. Louis up to the 2d to aid the flood
sufferres in the south.
At Kansas City, Mo., the other night
Dr. Jefferson D. Goddard shot and
killed Frank J. Jackson, a laundry
man. There was bad blood between
the two men, Jackson being jealous of
Goddard on account of the latter s
many visits to Mrs. Jackson. -Dr. God
dard ran a drug store for Mrs. Jackson
and his visits were said to be on busi
ness. Jackson was fond of morphine
and whisky and did not live with his
wife, but managed her laundry on a
Five hundred employes of clothing
manufacturers in St. Louis struck on the
2d. Last fall the price paid for making a
coat was reduced from 65 to 50 cents.
It was promised that the old rate
would be restored in the spring, but as
this has not been done the workers
A hurricane struck Peoria, I1L, on
the 3d and did considerable damage to
buildings. The roof of W ard's overall
factory was ripped off, taking along
two smokestacks and a section of stone
wall. Over 250 girls were at work and
many of them fainted.
A special from Toledo, O., said that
a gigantic farmers trust was being or
ganized in this country. Several
branches were secretly organized, and
the order is strictly oath-bound. It
originated at Lancaster, Pa., and was
incorporated under the laws of New
Jersev as the Agriculturists' National
Protective association. It is patterned
somewhat after the anthracite coal
A fire broke out the other morning
in the Phillips house, a hotel in Day
ton, O., and the west wing was com-
pletelv gutted and the other sections
badly damaged by water and smoke.
There were many narrow and thrill
ing escapes of the guests and several
persons were seriously injured. There
was a strike among the chambermaids
and it was said that one of them
started the fire in a spirit of revenge.
Miss Minnie Lvth was probably fa
tally injured and her five-year-old
niece. Anna Schniedermeyer, was seri
ously hurt by a train at St. Louis.
They were walking on the railroad
tracks viewing the flood when the ac
cident occurred.
A freight train, consisting of an en
gine and 15 cars loaded with coal and
iron, broke through a trestle in lower
Allegheny City, Pa., and fell, to the
street below. The fireman was taken
out dead and the engineer was fatally
hurt. About 150 feet of the trestle wai
Capt. Edward P. Dohertt, who was
detailed with 50 men to capture Wilkes
Booth, Lincoln's assassin, died at New
York recently of heart disease.
The Richardson building, the largest
in Chattanooga, Tenn., was totally de
stroyed by fire on the 3d, and Boyd Ew-
ing, one of the wealthiest men in that
section, and S. M. Patton, a leading- ar
chitect, lost their lives. The total loss
was about 400,000.
A Madrid dispatch stated that Gen.
Ruis Rivera, the Cuban insurgent com
mander, would be taken to Havana for
trial before an ordinary court-martial.
the Spanish government so directing.
It was said that it was not likely that
the death penalty would be imposed
upon him.
All records for long distance horse
back riding were broken on the 3d by
Harrison K. Caner and Tristain Colket,
of Philadelphia, who rode about 100
miles on relays of horses from New
York to Philadelphia in 6 hours and 53
William C. Plunkett, Protestant
archbishop of Dublin, died in that city
on the 1st after a brief illness, aged 71.
A Chinese Equal Rights league has
been formed at Chicago to Americanize
Chinamen in the United States and get
them the rights of citizenship.
A batch of 11 convicts was working
in a field at Waynesboro, Ga., when a
storm came up and the keeper strung
the convicts on a chain and secured
them to a tree. Lightning struck the
tree and shocked the convicts, killing
one named Dent, who was the 11th and
end man.
Count Radeni. prime minister of
Austria, tendered to the emperor on
the 2d the resignation of himself and
the entire cabinet. The reason was
that Count Radeni found it impossible
to maintain a liberal majority in the
recently-elected reichsrath.
The four members of the "Button
gang," named Francisco Gonzales y
Borrego, Antonio Gonzales y Borrego,
Sauriano Alarid and Patricio Talencia,
condemned to death for the murder of
ex-Sheriff Frank Chavez, were hanged
together on one scaffold at Santa Fe,
N. M., on the 2d.
Charles Richards, who kept bar at
"Rhoten's Rest," a roadhouse at El
Paso, Tex., was murdered the other
morning by a white tramp and two
Mexicans, who then set fire to the
house, burning it down on the dead
man. The charred remains, with a
crushed skull, were recovered from
the ruins. The rangers went in pur
suit of the murderers.
The president has nominated Theo
dore Roosevelt, of New York, to be as
sistant secretary of the navy.
Nearly 1,000 unemployed Germans
and Bohemians held a meeting recently
at Chicago under the auspices of the
American Railway union. Priests and
preachers were bitterly denounced as
hirelings of men who are oppressing
the masses.
The steamer John W. Hart was
burned at Greenville, 200 miles from
Nashville, Tenn., on the upper Cum
berland river. The cargo was de
stroyed, but no loss of life occurred.
The fire was caused by the upsetting
of a stove in the pilothouse.
Sporting men in New York have
heard rumors of another probable fight
between Fitzsimmons and Corbett. A
certain authority, who is very close to
Fitzsimmons. said that it would not be
a surprise if the two pugilists met
again in the ring inside of 12 months
in a bout limited to 25 rounds, which
could come off in New York state un
der the Horton law.
A newspaper published in Rome
said that the hope was cherished by
the Vatican that an understanding
would soon be arrived at with the
United States respecting the establish
ment of diplomatic relations with
Washington. The paper said it was
asserted that President McKinley had
recently sent for Archbishop Ireland,
who would shortly be sent to Rome to
confer with the pope.
In the senate on the 6th Mr. Morgan
spoke on his resolution for recognizing
both parties in the Cuban war as belli
gerents. The bankrupt bill was taken
up and Mr. Stewart spoke against the
measure. The sundry civil and the
Indian appropriation bills were after
wards reported.
The situation at Fargo, N. D., was
said to be appalling on the 6th, the
Big Call river taking a big spurt and
flooding the west side of the city and
driving hundreds of people from their
homes. Sidewalks were floating about
and many people used them as rafts to
move to dry land. All bridges have
A been condemned as dangerous.
Municipal Elections In Onto and 91 Icblgmo
Unfavorable to Republicans.
Cincinnati, April 6. The election in
Cincinnati yesterday was for mayor
and other city officials and members of
the board of legislation. The repub
lican ticket was headed by Levi C
Good ale for mag-ar, and. the democratic
ticket by Gusta r Taf eL the latter be
ing elected by a plurality of 7,320, while
the city gave McKinley a plurality of al
most 20,000 last November and Caldwell,
republican, for mayor three years ago,
a plurality of 6,755. The issue here
was on George IS. Cox, who has been
recognized as a boss in the city and
county politics for years, and a con
trolling factor in state politics. The
ticket headed by Goodale was named
by Cox, and the issue was made against
it as a Cox ticket. The democratic
grains were made in the republican
Cleveland, O., April 6. The re
turns of the municipal election indi
cate that Mayor McKisson, republican,
has been re-elected by a majority of
from 1,000 to 1,500 over John H. Farley,
democrat. This is a democratic gain
of about 2,000 over the vote of last
fall, when the city gave a republican
majority of about 3,700. All the other
candidates 6n the republican ticket
are elected by large maj orities.
ToLEDO,0.,April6. Samuel M. Jones,
as mayor, and the entire city repub
lican ticket was elected in this city by
majorities ranging from 700 to 2,000.
Toledo has been a "wide open" town,
and Jones is supposed to represent
the restrictive element.
Columbus, O., April 6. For mayor,
Samuel L. Black (dem.) was elected
over Emmett Tompkins (rep,) by 427
Canton, O., April 6. As usual, when
McKinley is not on the ticket, Canton
yesterday went democratic Mayor
Rice, for re-election, carried it by be
tween 400 and 500 majority. The re
mainder of the ticket is divided, the
democrats winning a majority of the
Detroit, Mich., April 6. William C.
May bury, democrat, was elected mayor
! yesterday by about 1,000 majority over
i Capt. Albert, E. Stewart, republican.
Maybury's election is looked upon as a
decided defeat for Gov. Pingree, who
I practically named Capt. Stewart as his
j successor as mayor after the courts had
' overruled the governor's contention
: that he could hold both offices of gov
ernor and mayor.
Deputy CommUKioner of
Loses His Position.
Washington, April 6. The secretary
of the interior has accepted the resig
nation of Henry C. Bell, second deputy
I commissioner of pensions, to take ef-
! feet immediately. Pension Commis-
sioner Evans, speaking of the resigna-
: tion, said;
I On April 27, 1893, Mr. Bell voluntarily re-
' linquished his claims for pension. On Thurs
day last I was sworn In as commissioner,
- but owing to other business appertaining to
i the office which I had before the interior
department 1 did not take active hold of
the ofilce until Saturday. During the interim.
while Deputy Commissioner Dana was in
charge, Mr. Bell had his psnsion restored, dat
ing from April 28, 1893, giving him the original
rate and entitling him to over $500 baclc money.
Friday Mr. Bell tendered his resignation
deputy, and on the above fact becoming known
Secretary Bliss promptly accepted the resigna
tion, dating from to-day.
Kansas City Court of Appeals Renders an
Interesting Decision as to lienenciary
Kansas City, Mo., April 6. The
Kansas City court of appeals yesterday
held that a son could not assign to his
father, who was not dependent upon
him, the death benefit of a fraternal
insurance society, while his wife was
living. The death benefit had been be
queathed by will to the father, who
was only a legal creditor, no provi
sion being made for the widow, and
there being no children. The court
affirmed the decision of the trial
court that testator, by will, or the so
eietv, by its constitution, could not
contravene the statutes of the state.
which declare the widow the first ben
eficiary to be considered, and, after
her, the children, or others dependent
upon the insured.
Contest of Wisconsin. Illinois, Iowa, Mis
souri and Kansas Colleges Will Take
Place at Emporia.
Emporia, Kan., April 6. The inter
state oratorical contest of the state
normal schools of Wisconsin, Illinois,
Iowa, Missouri and Kansas will take
place in Emporia May 7. Yesterday
the judges were selected. Among them
is William Jennings Bryan, who is one
of the judges of delivery. The others
are State Senator Hessin, ol
Manhattan, Kan., and Superintend
ent Hayden, of Des Moines, la. The
judges on thought and composition are:
Dr. E. E. White, Columbus, O.; Dr. F.
W. Gunsaulus, Chicago; Superintend
ent Greenwood. Kansas City, Mo.; Su
perintendent Holloway, Fort Smith,
Art., and Superintendent Seifert, Mil
waukee. F. M. Malli" will represent
A Place for Ex-Mayor Davis.
Washington, April 6. According to
a well-defined rumor ex-Mayor Webster
Davis, of Kansas City, Mo., is to be
second assistant secretary of the in
terior. The matter is said to have
been decided yesterday when Secretary
Bliss, of the interior department, gave
his consent to Mr. Davis being given
the place.
Mr. Goodman, Williams County, 111.,
writes us: "From one package Salter's
German Coffee Berry I grew 300 pounds
of better coffee than I can buy in stores
r.t 30 cents a pound.
A package of this and big seed cata
logue is sent you by the John A. SaJzer
Seed Co., La Crosse., Wis. upon receipt
of l$enls stamps and this notice, k
Fnllnwinr " XnA AA ih. rw. 1-,' .1
bride?" ' Oh. ves." "Before evprvhvW"
Xo. after pvpn-lvulv ravnf th. nn,l
the organist." Detroit Journal.
Noj-To-Uae fop Fifty Cents.
Over 400.000cured. Whv not let Xo-To-TUr-
regulate or remove your desire tor tobacco?"
Paves nionev. makes health and mnnhnnf
Cure guaranteed, 50c and $1.00, all druggists.
Deserted Wife (in conversation with sym
pathetic grocer) "And I trusted him saV
Grocer ' Confound it! so did I." Tit
Bits. Like Oil Uoon Troubled Waters is Hale'a-
Honey of Horehound and Tar upon a cold..
1. iKe s loothacue .Drops (Jure in one minute.
He "I see that in making champagne the-
crapes are squeezed six times or more.
She " Isn't that nice?" Yorikers States
man. All sorts of aches and uains nothine
better than St. Jacobs Oil. It cures.
He "Why are you so sad, darling?" She
I was just thinking, dearest, that this is
the last evening we can be together till to
morrow. (.xmnc Cuts.
A lot of boitblaelcs sittins on a curbstone
may not be I-idia-rubber boys, though they
are gutter perchers.
The triants who frichten us most, often.
turn out to be common-sized men on stilts-
Barn's Horn.
A man is usually bald four or five vear
before he knows it.
Not a Well Day
Did She See For Months Can Now
Sleep Well, Eat Well, and Pains
Have Disappeared.
" For several months my health had
been failing, and I did not have a well
day in this time. I had severe pains
in my back, my limbs ached and I was
restless at night. I suffered with loss
of appetite and severe nervous head
aches. A friend advised me to try
Hood's Sarsaparilla. After taking this
medicine for a while I found I was
gaining in health rapidly. I now have
a good appetite, can sleep well, and the:
pains with which I suffered have aV
most entirely disappeared. I am gain
ing in flesh. I am still taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla and I recommend it wher
ever I go." Miss Sarah Smith, Sll
North Park Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
Hood's SF
Is the Best in fact the One True Blood Inrifler.
All druggists. (1, six for $3. Get only Hood's.
HnArl'c DIHc act harmoniously -wltn.
1 lUUCl t ills Hood's Sarsaparilla.
fj opened that'
Dome or
Root beer?
The popping of a
cork from a bottle of
Hires is a signal of
good health and plea
sure. A sound the
old folks like to hear
the children can't
resist it-
Root beer
la composed of the
very ingredients the
system requires. Aiding
the digestion, soothing
. the nerves, purifying
the blood. A. temper
ance drink; for temper
ance people.
Made onlr by
Tb Charlc B. Him C FhOa.
Apvktit BikM 6 Kallou,
moia mrymn.
The Waverley Bicycle for 1897 is
the acme of bicycle construction.
New and expensive principles of
construction involved make the
cost of building enormous. Hence
the price is $100.
The only bicycle
with true bearings
Last year the "Waverley was as
good as any wheel in the market
better than most. Because new
-machinery was not needed for its
continued construction, the price
of the improved 1896 model has
been reduced to $60 a saving of
$25 to yon. , Catalogue Free.
- Indiana Bicycle Co., indixnapcHs, td.

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