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Wester n Kansas World.
back, smooth down its fur and coax it
to be good; but, instead, it gets a
good natured dig from one of its con
temporaries, and then it says that
Reeder may suffer from his fool
Established Marcfc t, 1879.
the X Rays in th
amination of Diseases.
Official Paper of tlte City of Wa-Keeney.
Saturday, August 6, 1898.
friends. TVell, Reeder hasn't suffered
any yet. but shall we say. that the
peevish, faultfinding, discontented,
spirit manifested by the Record ever
since the nomination has helped him
For Govenor,
Sedgwick County.
Lleutenannnt Governor,
Morris County.
Secretary of State,
Geary County.
State Treasurer,
Wichita County.
Auditor of State,
Crawford County.'
Attorney General,
Shawnee County.
State Superintendent.
FRANK NELSON, -Mcl'hurson
Associate Justice.
Wm. r. smith,
Wyandotte County.
For Congressman-at-Large,
Nemaha County.
For Congressman Sixth District,
Phillips County.
For Judge of 23rd District,
Ellis County.
Vankee Dewey went to sea.
Sailing on a cruiser,
. He took along for company.
Of men and guns a few, sir.
Yankee Dewey; Ha! Ha! Ha!
Dewey, you're a dandy;
With men and guns and cruisers, too.
You're certainly quite handy.
He sailed away to the Philippines,
With orders for to snatch them.
And thrash the SDaniards right and left.
Wherever he could catch them.
. And Yankee Dewey did it. too.
He did it so complete, sir.
That not a blooming ship is left
Of all the Spanish fleet, sir.
O Yankee Dewey you're a peach,
A noble, gallant tar. sir;
You're "out of sight," you're out of reach.
We hail you from afar, sir.
WTe greet you with three rousing cheers.
For you and your brave crew, sir;
For the deeds you've done and the victory
For Yankee Doodle Doo. sir.
Yankee Dewey, keep It up,
You certainly are handy.
With men and guns and cruisers, too,
O Dewey, you're a dandy.
Brooklyn Eagle.
The new Japanese war ship Itsuku
sliima is not so easy to remember as
the Maine.
Reeder is liable to suffer from fool
friends. Russell Record.
Give him the horse laugh, boys.
It should be no trouble to deter
mine closely the numerical strength
of our Cuban allies, now that the U.
S. commissary department is their
The effete east is denying that Miss
Cook of Kansas Is Hobson's choice.
That is to be expected, but not only
is Miss Cook the affiance of Lieuten
ant Hobson, but they are to be mar
ried as quick as the cruel war is over
and will pitch their abode on a Trego
county homestead.
The Gaylord Herald intimates that
the World is a recruit. Shades of
Colonel Tilton! What think you of
that? and if any member of the
"YYomj's staff is meant they have all
been in the short grass country as
long as Brother Headley, and the
next time we Tisit old scenes in Smith
county we shall prove it to him by a
dozen of his own subscribers.
- The Russell Record says that he did
- not see our issue containing the squib
about the Ladrone islands. We had
a half column article in the same is-
sue for the Record's especial benefit
- and we grieve to learn that he missed
it. How manifestly unreasonable it
is that because the Record's candi
date did not recive the nomination,
the Record must whine and whine to
. the great disgust of its party contem
poraries. All that the. Record wants
is for some ' one to stroke it on the
A distinct alternative is presented
to us Stanley or Leedy. Peffer's
candidacy is only important as it may
contribute to the election or defeat
of one of these men. The distance
between these two men and what
they represent is so great, that no
man with a glimmer of sense ought
hesitate a moment in making a choice.
Stanley is cultured, dignified, reli
gious; Leedy is ignorant, boorish, pro
fane. Stanley has judgment and
courage; Leedy mistakes insolence for
independence. Stanley is a man of
high ideas, Leedy thinks bravado and
bluster as statesmanship. Stanley
has intelligence enough to interpret
the constitution and statutes of the
state, and honor enough to obey an
official oath; Leedy stands convicted
of an utter disregard of his oath and
notorious collusion with joints and
dives for booze and boodle. Stanley's
election will elevate the state;
Leedy's election will debase it.
Populism is dead everywhere but in
Kansas, and next November's election
should strike it with the blight of
death in our state. James A. Trout
man. "Let me give you a pointer," said
M. F. Gregg, a popular conductor on
the Missouri Pacific railroad. "Do
you know that Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarroea Remedy cures
you when you have the stomach ache?
Well, it does." And after giving you
this friendly bit of advice, the jolly
conductor passed on down the aisle.
It is a fact that thousands of railroad
and traveling men never take a trip
without a bottle of this remedy,
which is the best cure for bowel dis
orders in the world. 25 and 50 cent
bottles for sale by Jones & Gibson.
Two of the most popular pieces of
music arranged for piano and organ
have just been issued bv the Popular
Music Co., Indianapolis, Ind. "Bring
Our Heroes Home," dedicated to the
Heroes of the U. S. Battleship Maine
is one of the finest national songs
ever written. The music is stirring
and the words ring with patriotism
"Dewey's Battle of Manilla March
Two-Step" is a fine instrumental
piece and will live forever as a souv
enir of the greatest naval event in
the world's history. Either one of
these pieces and Popular Music Roll
containing 18 pages full sheet music
sent on receipt of 25 cents. Address
Populak Music Co.,
Indianapolis, Ind.
Was It the Crime of '73 or the Blunder of
'93 That Caused the Trouble?
E. G. Pipp in American Economist.
"You're the most exasperating wom
an I ever saw; you're mulisher than
any other critter in the feed lot," said
my Populist friend, as he planked
himself into the chair with such force
as to burst the cane seat. Then, jerk
ing off one boot, he threw it at the
corner, missed the stand and hit the
cat. Forgetting the other boot, he
continued: "Aren't you ever going to
let up? Must you continue world
without end? Am I to hear it for
ever and a day on this side of Jordan,
and must I have it dinged into my
ears as I go sailing through the pear
ly gates? Do stop! Enough is enough,
and I've had enough."
With that he run his long, bony fin
gers through his disheveled hair, set
tled back In the chair and raised his
bootless foot high in the air.
The meek little wite sat quietly be
side the table, on which was a lamp
and a twenty dollar bill, and darned
away at her husband's stockings, un
ruffled, undisturbed, unmoved.
My Populist friend is a big-hearted,
quick-tempered, honest, whole-souled
uncouth farmer, who learned to
"rough it" in the war of the sixties,
and ever since has fought life's bat
tles bravely. His wife is gentle, meek,
kind, forbearing, devoted, patient,
shrewd and tantalizing. They live
out in Kansas, and that day he had
been to the Kansas City market with
a car load of fat cattle. Tenderly lie
had cared for them, regularly had he
fed them, with a feeling of supreme
satisfaction had he watched the
market rise as the cattle gained in
flesh, joyfully had he contemplated
the time when he couki bting home
to the good wife a portion of the
profit. The time to sell had come;
he expected much, but sold at the
"top price" of the market and got
"Who would have thought," he
sa'd, after figuring it all over, "when
- Harmless and Pleasant, yet a Radical and Permanent Core far
and PROTRUDING PILES, ivominaiv iS'xje isissk;
II n D1IW nil DDrDlTlfllfC A remedy which affords immediate relief. Not an irritant, but sprepmrm
HU lAlrlrUL UrXnAIIUIlO, tionwhichwH)allayaJlinflammalionandpromptlycorrectAfctiretbe
moat stubborn case. Where physicians have failed this remedy baa effected a radical and permanent care,
in special collapsible tabes, as shown in eat. Most convenient in cases of internal piles.
Prloea, In Tubes, by mail. 7So.; Bottles. 50o
JAMES F. BALLARD, Sole Proprietor.
310 Horth Main Street. . ST. LOUIS, MO
Lumber, Coal,
Buys and sells all kinds of grain.
Agent for I. M. Yost's celebrated brands of flour.
Parties contemplating building should call and get my
prices on LUMBER.
I,I7I" T. 11-
1 RRB &
ii will t3r
side, and
bit I k pa- a ii is;i wfSf
1 1 Ii la
tt: i if i c m
liable parties. We will place aa instrument in your house, no matter how tar away yon live,
where you can test its fine tone, note its fine finish and compare it with any other instrument
you please. If you like it, you can keep it and pay for it. If you don't like it, send it back,
and we will pay freight charges both ways. Isn't that fair r Doesn't that show we have faith
in our instruments ?
If your local dealer does Mat handle Reliable Carfenter Organs, send to us for a large
illustrated catalogue, select an instrument that suits you, and (hen write us about it.
1 bought those yearlings less than
two years ago, that they would bring
that price now? There is a bit of it
for you," and he placed the crisp bank
bill beside the lamp.
The little woman glanced at it
quickly; the old familiar, mischiev
ous smile began to plav about her lips;
and turning to her husband she bland
ly asked, "What's the price of silver?"
It was this innocent little question
that caused the storm-cloud to burst.
But when it had spent its force she
said, with a mild manner and placid
tone. "Your reference to the time of
buying brought to mind the condi
tions then existing. Let's see; it was
in August, I believe; yes, August, '96.
Xothingon earth, according to your
notion, would ever bring up the price
of cattle and hog and corn and wheat
but the free and unlimited coinage of
silver at the ratio of 16 to 1: commod
ities and silver went up and down to
gether." -
At this my Fopulist friend jerked
off the other boot, threw it in the
other corner, said not a' word, but
listened to his wife, who continued:
"I told you that what" was needed
was employment for the then idle
hands; that wages for the workers, so
that they could buy beef for their
families, would "help you and me;
that so long as our country bought its
goods of other countries our laborers
could not be emploj-ed making them
and could not have wages with which
to buy what we have to sell. You
voted for silver, but in spite of you
the men of the East voted vou down,
voted for employment and Protection
to the workers of mill and mine and
factory, voted to give them a chance
to earn money with which to buy the
beef of the steers that we fatten and
ship to market. But where is silver?
What has become of the yoke that
hitched the white metal and the
steer together? Cattle are up in price;
silver down."
"But r really thought McKinley's
election would make money scarce,"
he answered, plaintively.
"I know vou did. You're honest in
whatever you do, honest in blindly
following the demagogic leaders of
your party. . That's what Irritates
me. Did it make money scarce?" she
asked. "Since election haven't we
been bothered beyond - endurance by
gents who have wanted to loan ns
Flour and Feed.
Wouldn't you like to have an Organ in your J
home a real good organ one that will last a long,
long time, and make the whole household happier?
We have been makiner hieh-erade Organs for !
forty-seven years, and our instruments are known
the world over as
We sell Organs at low prices, but they are
not "cheap instruments. About tne most
expensive and unsatisfactory thing you can buy is one
of these "cheap" Organs sold everywhere. When
you buy, get something that lasts years and years.
We sell Organs at from $25 to $200. ATo matter
what pr ice you pay, the same high grade is found in
every instrument. Our Organs are handsome out
the inside, where you can t see, is put
together as carefully and as accurately as a
fine watch.
We sell for cash, and on easv payments to re
Eastern money? Aren't farm loans
easier to get? Haven't rates of in
terest been lower? Aren't prices bet
ter?" "Oh, I don't know as you need crow
so much about cattle prices, it is
not home demand but foreign prices
that have helped us out,' asserted my
Populist friend, as he commenced pac
ing the floor in his stocking feet.
"Did you say that you saw Mr.
Birkett at market?" asked my wife,
seeming to change the subject.
"No, I saw him on the train."
"That is Mr. S. Birkett of Eureka,
down in Greenwould county?"
"Had he been to England again?"
, As the little woman put this ques
tion to him my Populist friend paus
ed before the chair and seemed unde
termined whether to sit down or to
continue pacing.
"Well, n-o-o, not th-i-s time," he
answered, hesitatingly.
"He had the other time, though,
hadn't he? That was before the pres
idential election, if I remember cor
rectly, about August."
"Yes, he was going over with cattle
then."" ' ' -
"Why not this time?"
'Well, you see " and by this time
my Populist friend was seated and
was squirming uncomfortably in the
chair; '-Mr. Birkett says that prices
are not so good over there now as they
were then."
And you found them better here,
this time, than then?"
"Lower over there in "93 than in '96;
higher over here in "98 than in '96; and
yet you say the advance here is caused
by demand there. Really, now, what
caused it demand, there or demand
here? "Who are the beef consumers?
Why, the workers, and you know it.
Why this increased demand and the
bester prices here? Simple enough.
More work and more wages here. Why
more work? Easy again. The Ding
ley law set our own rolling mills and
foundries and mines and factories to
going. Honestly now, husband, was
it the crime of T3 or the blunder of
'92, the election of Tariff reformers,
that gave us the hard times, which
are upon us no more?" " .
4iOh, ."you never would argue
straight," he growled, and piked off
to bed. ;
This is the Lames, Olds nH Only responsible Sanitarium
In the Country. Call nH Consul m, or W-:e a Oerer'ption of
Your Case, and We will Give Our Opinion and the Probable Cost
of a Cure. If Others Have Failed. Don't be Discouraged. A'e
Have Cured Hundreds that Have Been Pronounced IncurPble
and Given up to Die. Address all Communications to Dr. C. M. Coe,
Kansas City, Mo. We have treated and cured thousands of cases in tha
past twelve years, and it is only reasonable to say that our larse experience is a
sufficient guarantee of success.- We make it our' business to keep apace with the
progress of the aqje, always adding the latest inventions to our Sanitarium, there
by giving our patients the advantage of the latest improvements as well as our
many years of experience Ail leading lines of Commercial business have Ions;
since ad pted the practice of sending out men to represent them, and we .find it 3
source of great convenience to snd out from time to time, one of our Plivsi
cians whose duty it is to further examine ami consult our jiatients, there'iv
enabling us to bring about the most speed v and satisfitctorv results.
Jin order that our patients in your vicinity mav have" the atlvantajre of f-.:r-ther
consultation, one of our Physicians will visit" your town with an X-R.-.v
Apparatus, and other instinmcnts necessarv for the complete examination o'f
J . r m . - . ... . ....
uiMrdsc. 11 you are amiciea. or in any way in n-eit ot ftieiiical or Surgical ml.
call and "see the Doctor, who will give vou any information you may desi-
concerning the manner and nieth- d of this Smitarium.
Don't Forgst the Dates Come and Get an Opinion of Your Cas .
Consultat on and Examination Free.
Dr. McChesney representing the above Sanitarium will
have offices at the Union House in 5Va-Keeney, Kan tae,
Friday and Saturday, August 5th and 6th. Two days only.
dr , I S2r9"
TMJsOlTlm'"'",,tW I
6 JJT lus-tMstW 1 Ate
'.W.WAKELEY.f P. A.. St. Louis. Mo. J. C. BRAMHALU T, P. A.. St. Joseph. Mo-
WMMr. .To
Wffcyesreit eWavurtmeH. use o by
Our Coods Are The Best
Our Price the Lowest
Parry MfcjS ,nd3naPo,s
The Popular "ESSEX" Bicycle.
Our New '98 Model with up-to-date features
and guaranteed tires for
L A price never before offered.
On receipt of 2.00 will ship this wheel C O. p. Ex
press, (subject to inspection) for $23.00. Write us.
The Chicago Alachine co.
74 West Jackson. CHICAGO, ILL.
Taking Along i
Prices and

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