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AVege tabic Treparatioalbr As
similating liieRro and Regula
ting the Stomachs ancLBowels of-
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor MmeraL
J) pirn SaJ
jilx Scnnm
- Jil
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Slomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms ,Cormdsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Tac Simile Signature of
Charley Mann sold one of his farms
Inst week for $450. The man that
nought it at first thought he would
pay half down. .But when the time
came to transfer the papers he found
that he had money enough to pay it
all. Then Charley had a kick coming;
lie didn't want the money, and when
Charley doesn't want anything he
doesn't want it had, so after a good
deal of fussing the fellow gave Char
ley $50 to. take the money. ' Things
have come to a pretty pass when a
man has to p;ty you to. take money.
Sterling Bulletin.
. ,. There is always danger in using
uuntt-rfeilof DeWitt's WltchHa
zel Salve. The original is a safe and
certain cure for piles. It it a sooth
ing and healing salve for -sores and all
skin diseases.' Jones Xc Gibson.
' A merchant down- in Arkansas re
fused to advertise, "because" he says
if he d;es, "someliody will be 'pester
in' me all the time to show 'em my
goods." Me is the same man who,
when a customer came in and wanted
a suit of clothes, asked him to come
back some time "when lam standin'
up." This may be a lie but there's a
moral to it. Hoxie Sentinel.
Frost Bites and Chilblains
quickly cured by Banner Salve, the
most healing remedy in the world.
Jones & Gibson. -
Editor Bryan lias sent us his pros
pectus. If Cditor Bryan wants our
paper he'll, have Co subscribe for it.
W a. ain't got any use for Editor Bryan.
We've figured up what it cost us to
back our judgment on Candidate Bry
an. It cost us one squirrel dog that
we had refused $25 for, one demijohn
cf bug juice, one oyster supper, one
liat and 85 cents in Cash. Hickory
Hinge Missourian.
Like bad dollars, all counterfeits of
DeWitt's Witch - Hazel Salve are
worthless. The original quickly cures
piles, sores and all skin diseases. Jones
& Gibson.
A gold mine may be the sharp find
Of a tenderfoot, but the assayerof the
mint arrived by the other extremity.
Danger of Colds and La Grippe.
The greatest danger from colds and
la grippe is their resulting in pneu
tnonia. If reasonable' care is used,
- Ultl HOP oni I"""! i mKnpln I 'a 'rfV .... I .
Remedy taken, all danger will be
avoided. Among the tens of thous
ands who have used this remedy for
these diseases we have yet to learn of
.a single case having resulted in pneu
monia, which shows conclusively that
. it is a certain preventive of tltat dan
gerous malady. It will cure a cold or
-an attack of la triinne in less time
then any other treatment. . It is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale
.fcy Jones & Gibson. - ....
A Missouri editor apologizes to his
readers for the lack-of news in his pa-
! . c&ibtru bu nave
. marriage and a death notice this
week, but a violent torm pre rented
the wedding, and. the doctor being
lck himself the patient recovered,
and we are accordingly cheated out of
toth items..'?.--.
"Subscribe for the Would
For Infants and Children. .
The Kind You Haye
Always Bought
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Year
I cannot laugh and sing today
I cannot dance and skip;
My head seems full of brick and hay
For I have got the grip.
. Walt Mason.
'. Ton Know What Ton Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that
it is symply Iron and Quinine, in a
tasteless form. No cure, No pay.
It is said b? a modern Joseph that
everv man weighed in the 'balance is
found wanting everything he can
get his hands on. Gaylord Herald.
Jones & Gibson, the druggists, will
refund you your money if you are not
satisfied after using Chamberlain's
Stomacli and Liver Tablets. They
cure disorders of the stomach, bilious
ness, constipation and headache. Price
25 cents. Samples free.
The gentlemen who is not equally a
religionist in some form is not likely
to remain one.
Lingering La Grippe Cough
G. Vacher, 157 Osgood St., Chicago,
says: "My wife had a severe case of la
griptie, and it left her with a very bad
cough. She tried -a bottle of Foley's
Honey and Tab and it gave immedi
ate relief. A 50c bottle cured her
cough entirely. Price 25 and 50c
Jones & Gibson and Jas. C. Ellis, Coll
ver. Probably the greatest rupture man
kind feels is the death-sob on the bat
tlefield. Pneumonia Can be Prevented.
This disease always results from a
cold or an attack or the grip and may
be prevented bv the timely use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. That
remedy was extensively used during
the epidemics of la grippe or the past
few years, and not a single case has
ever been reported that did not recov
er or that . resulted in pneumonia,
which shows it to be a certain pre
ventive of that dangerous disease.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy lias
gained a world wide reputation for its
cures of colds and grip. For sale by
Jones & Gibson
Truth marches onward with love in
her heart, but a sword in her hand.
Persons who cannot take ordinary
pills find it a pleasure to take De
Witt's Little Early Risers. They are
the best liver pill ever made. Jones &
Gibson. - -
"Nothing is more disgraceful than
insincerity.? -
Piles of People
testify to the merit of Banner
Salve in curing piles. It is guaran
teed. Jones & Gibson.
We all think the creator of the uni
verse must, bave made a mistake
when He put some of our neighbors on
earth.-. -.' -.. .
FATAL delays are caused by experi
menting with cough and cold cures.
Foley's Honey and Tak will . pre
vent a cold from .'resulting in Pneu
monia. Jones & Gibson.7 -
It is a mistake to trr to bribe a
judge unless you are sure of his price.
Western Kansas" iVorld.
Established March 1. 1 879.
Saturday. Feb. 23. 1901.
The Snpromo Con rt oa. Joiat-Smashing.
The Kansas City Journal 'lias re
ceived many communications from
Kansas readers . insisting that inas
much as the liquor traffic is illegal in
Kansas there are no property ,-rigbts
in saloon goods and furniture, which
any citizen is bound to respect.- The
hatchet work of Mrs. Nat ion and her
associates is for this reason pronoucc
ed lawful and right. : This is the the
ory, that the joint-smashers them
selves have proceeded on and they
profess to have, no fear but that the
state courts will so declare when they
come to trial. The trouble with, all
these'people is that they have got
their law from they chimney corner
instead of from the law books.. They
certainly have not consulted the de
cisions rendered by the state supreme
Joint-smashing is not a new spec
tacle in Kansas, nor is Its lawlessness
or unlawfulness a new question in the
Kansas courts. Only two years ago
there was a case involving the very
many points raised by the defenders
of Mrs. .Nation, and it received the
attention of the highest court in the
state. In Cloud county, at the Jan
uary. 1889. term, of the district court,
a case came to trial entitled "The
State of Kansas, plaintiff, vs. ''Peter
Hammerli, defendant." The history
of this case is related by the Concor
dia Press, from which we quote as
Hammerli kept a joint in M ll ton
vale, in tliis county, some of the la
dies of that place, forerunners of Mrs.
jNatiou. rormea a "Hatchet, iirigaae"
and proceeded to thejoiht of Ham
merli, as they testified, for the pur
pose of destroying the intoxicating
liquors, the bottles and vessels-in
which kept, as well as the bar fixtures
and other property used in keeping
the joint and selling the liquor. The
saloonkeeper, Ilamuierli, oar red Ills'
door, and on the attempL or the bri
gade to break in he tired a loaded
shotgun into the crowd, hitting one
in the head and putting out ?iu eye.
He was tried and i-oiivicled on the
groudd, not that he had no riht to
defend his properly, Miougn a joint,
but that he had no right to o farther
or use' more force than to liiui was
reasonably necessary; ukil the-. force
he used was. under inecircumstaiiee's,-
unreasonable and unnecessary, and
he, therefore, guilty wl tne otiense
charged.- - ..- -.
On the trial the staLe claimed, as
Mrs. Nation does, ami as some of the
Topeka lawyers seem to, Liiat tne la
dies and their friends haO. the right
to go to the joint and lorcioiy destroy
it and the property used in carrying it
on, and that Oeleudant Had no right
to prevent or defend, at le..st to same
extent as other property
The instructions asked oy Lite state
at the request of the county attorney,
Mr. Culver, and his associate, Mr.
H a rkness, was as follows:
The jury is instructed that all
places in this state where intoxicat
ing liquors are manufactured, sold,
bartered or given away contrary to
law are public nuisances, and the law
will not protect the same, and the
keeper thereof cannot be justified in
using a deadly weapon m defense
against a person, or assemblage of per
sons, who are threatening or attempt
ing to forcibly destroy the same.
Therefore, in this case, if tl:e jury
find that the defendant was a keeper
of such a public nuisance, aud that at
the time the doer to his place was
broken by Cora Squires and others, lie
knew, or had reasonable grounds to
believe, that the only purpose of the
persons so breaking in said door was
to destroy the liquors by him so un
lawfully kept in said place for sale,
aud to break and destroy the vessels
in which the liquor was contained,
and that they did not intend to do
him any personal or bodily, injury,
then in such case the defendant had
no legal right to use a deadly weapon
to prevent said persons from entering
said place.
This instruction of court refused to
give, and instead gave the following:
in tins case, tne iact, n iaci it is,
that the defendant was a jointkeeper
and his habitation a joint, if it was,
and his property therein, liquor and
fixtures used in disposing the same, if
such is the case, can make no differ
ence. The mere fact that some are
engaged in unlawful business does not
give others any lawful right to de
stroy the property or injure the per
son or those so engaged, without in
tervention el law.
This case was taken to the su
preme court and the decision affirmed
by that court. October, 1899. - -
From the above it appears that Miss
Cora Squires and other ladies of Mil
ton vale, and not Mrs. Nation, were
the original discovers of the "Hatchet
Brigade" remedy for joints, aud the
question as to the rights of jointists
to life and property is well settled and
not 'in any sense new and undeter
mined. ' -
- HoW to Core the Grip.
Remain quietly at home and take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as di
rected and a quick recovery is sure to
follow. That remedy counteracts any
tendency of the grip to result in pneu
monia, which is reallv the only serious
danger.-'--A mong' the tens of thous
ands who liare used it for the grit not
one case "has ever been reported that
did not recover.. 5 For sale by Jones &
Gibson. :"y -' - ' ' - - -.
Some who have not been actors long
are still long actors. ' : ; " ' '
La Grippe Quickly Cured.
"In the winter . of 1898 aud 1S99 I
was taken down with a severe attack
f what Is called La Grippe" says F.
L. Hewott, a prominent druggist of
Wuifiekl, 111. "The only medicine I
used was Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy. It broke up the cold aud stopped
the coughing like magic, and I have
never since been troubled with . Grip
pe. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
can always be depended upon to break
up a severe cold and ward off a fry
threatened, attack of pneumonia. It
is pleasant to take, too, which makes
it the most desirable and one of the
most popular preparations in use for
these ailments. For sale by Jones &
Gibson. - ' -, "
Empty purses are. always open.
Millions of people are familiar with
DeWitt's Little Early Risers and
those who use them find them to be
famous little pills. Neve.-gripe. Jones
St Gibson.
A drummer may not bs a musician,
yet his chief stock in trade is melody
of "the chin. -
When you want a physic' that is
mild and gentle, easy to take and
pleasant in effect use Chamoerlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. Price 25
cents. Samples free. very box guar
anteed. . For sale by Jones & Gibson.
. No man can corner all the virtues
of other people without losing some
of his own.
The Best Prescription For Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply
iron and quinine in a tasteless form.
No cure No pay.
Personal attachment is beautiful to
contemplate, except when it relates
to a trunk.
La grippe coughs often continue for
mouths and sometimes lead to fatal
results after the patieut is- supposed
to have passed the danger point. Fo
ley's Honey and Tak affords posi
tive protection and -security from
these coughs. Jones & Gibson and
Jas. C. Ellis, Collyer. '
The happiness of many a man's
wire depends on the" way he trims his
beard. -
'A powerfulengiue cannot be run
witli a weak boiler, and we can't keep
up the strain of an active life with a
weak stomach; neither can we stop
the human machine to make repairs.
If the stomach cannot digest enough
,rood to keep the body strong, such a
preparation as Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
should be used. It digests what you
eat and it simply can't help but do
you good. Jones & Gibson.
An Oklahoma editor gives vent to
his exuberance of feeling in the fol
lowing strain: "How dear to my heart
is the steady subscriber who pays in
advance at the birth of the year, who
lays down his money and does it quite
gladly, and casts 'round the office a
halo of cheer. He never says 'stop
it' or 'I'm getting more sheets than I
read", but always says 'send it, the
family likes it, in fact we all think it
a real household need.' How welcome
lie is when he steps in the sanctum.
How he makes my heart throb! How
lie makes my heart dancel I outward
ly thank him; I inwardly bless him
the steady subscriber who pays in ad
vance." - .
. For the weakness and prostration
following grippe there is nothing so
prompt and effective as One Minute
Cough- Cure. This preparation is
highly endorsed as unfailing remedy
for all throat and lung troubles and
its early use prevent consumption.
It was made to cure quickly. Jones &
Gibson. - " - -
Morton . Albaugh, of the Kingman
Leader-Courier, says lie has had some
small part in two political campaigns
and is convinced that the country
-newspaper is the whole thing in poli
tics. .Much talk has been had, he
says, about subsidizing the. press, but
it has never been charged that money
has been used to subsidize the country
newspapers. They stood, he says, for
principle instead of the county printing.-
He thought every newspaper
should line up for the party candi
dates, no matter what the personal
preferences of the editor after a fair
convention .- bad been held. He took
strong grounds against personalities
in politics, which he acknowledged
was the greatest industry the one
enlisting the greatest number of peo
ple in Kansas.
''Recent experiments show that all
classes of food may be" completely di
gested by a preparation called Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure, which absolutely di
gests what you eat.- As it Is the only
combination of all the natural digest
ants ever devised the demand for it
has become enormous. It has never
failed to cure the very worst cases of
indigestion and It always gives in
stant relief."- Jones & Gibson. .V
n A n n rt n .,o a tr n.
b most tMailns h trie worM
Ualaa Pacific Tiaic Table.
. . KArr.
I Fastern titnUed.
f Kansu City FhI Iint.
Tti 7:1:; . in
llu. tfl:AA p. m
:. in
. WKtiT.
t Fast Express rnir 3:05 a. tit
Dourer & PuciGt: Coast Init'd l)m:S7 i. ni
U.i - . 1:38 l- ni
Tickets sold and Iksku chwkod to all
Doiats in United statu and Canada.
- G. C. Schaefer. Arnt.
A.B.JONES. . -
For choice barjratnu in lands Rive me a call.
All kinds of bainesb promptly attended to
for non-resiaents
Notice for Publication Mo. 12533.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas. I
- ,. January . 1901. f
Notice is hereby tclven that the following
named settler has filed notice of liii inten
tion to make final proof in aupportof liis
claim, and that said pivxf will lie made be
fore the KeKtster and Receiver of the IT. S.
Land office at Wa-Keeney, KutisH-s. on
March 4, W01. viz:
John Glenn.
Homestead Entry No. 3261 for tho north
west quarter of socUon lu. township 13 south
range 25. west of the 6th P. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence -upon aud cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
James Tague. John II. Rrlggs. Albert Red
mond and Charles Gienn, ail of Collyer. Kan
sas. I. T. rUKCKLL. KeRister.
Notice for Publication. No. 1254S. .
Laud Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas. I
January 10. 11)01. f
Notice Is hereby friven that the followlngr
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will lie made be
fore the KeRister and Receiver of the U. S.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney, Kansas, on
March 5. 1S01. viz:
Henry D. Morrill,
Homestead Rntry No. 33355. for the south
east uuart-er of section 1H. township 10 south,
range Si. west of the 6lh P. M.
He names the followinK witnesses to prove
his continuous resilience upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Irwin Oimstead. of ITappy. Kansns; Will
iam Sorarnorvillo, of Wa-KiMjney. Kansas;
Jirhn MoCoy aud Cyrus McCoy, of Happy.
Kansas. .
IT. PUKCELL. Register.
Notio9 for Publication. No. 12518.
Land Office at Wa-Keenev. Kan.. t
January 1. 1901 f
Noticols hereby jrlven that the following
named settler lias tiled notice of his iuteti
tkn to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that saiil proof will lie made lie
fore the Register and Receiver of the U. S.
Laud Office at Wa-Koem-y, Kansas, on
March 16, lUol. viz:
Charles ir. King,
Homestead Rntry. No; 23304. for the south
east quarter of section 30. township 11 soutti.
mime 25. west of the 6i.h I. M-
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said laud, viz:
James Powers, Era Hitt. Levitt S. Myerly,
George Morell; all of Collyer. Kansas.
I.T I'UUCELL. Register.
Notice for Publication. No. 12547.
United States Land Office. . I
Wa-K-ieney, Kansas. January 19. 1901. f
Notio- is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, aiid that said proof will bo made be
fore the liegisterand Receiver of the U.. 8.
Land Offh-e at Wa-Keeney. Kansas, "on
March Id, 1901, via:
George Morell,
Homestead li'ntry No. for the south
east quarter of section 20. township 13 south,
range 25. west of the 6th P. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, viz:.
William K. Stranahan and Louis Morell. of
Wa-Keeney. Kansas: Charles Glenn aud
Charles II . King, of Collyer. Kansas.
I. T. PtJRCF.LL. Register.
Notice for Publication No. 12602.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas, I
" February 14. 1901. f
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made tie
fore the Register and Receiver of tire U. S.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas, on
March 30. l'JOl. viz:
Robert L. Gr.;er, "
Homestead Entry No. 84013. for the north
west quarter of section . township 15 south,
range 22 west of the 6th P. M .
He names the following witnessesto prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, viz: '
Robert L Bailey. Alfred S. Bailey, Joseph
Henley Eddie Greer; all of Browuell, Kan
sas. T . T. PoncilJ. Register.
. - (First published Feb. 0. 1901.)
Timber Culture, Final Proof Notice
. for Publication No. 12587.
United States Land Office.
Wa-Keeney. Kansas. Feb. 4. 1901. f
Notice is berebv - given ttiat Franklin A.
Fink has filed" notice of intention to
niukeflnal proof before Register and Receiver
of U. S. Land Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas,
on Saturday the 3rd day of March. 1 HOI. on
timber culture application No. 12525. for ttie
south half of the northeast quarter and the
north half of the southeast uuarter of sec
tion No. 24. in township No. 14. south, range
No. 2S. west of the 6th P. M.
He names as witnesses:
Isaac- L. Spencer. Loe O. Spencer, David
W. rrth. all of Banner. Kansas; and Tim
othy T. Armstrong, of Utica. Kansas.
I. T. PUUCKLL. Ueglsterr-
And Works Off Tn Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure
a cold in one day. No cure,. No pay.
Price 25 cents. "
West half of section 7-12-23. One
of the best tracts of farm land in
Trego countyonly one mile from
Wa-Keeney. r - . W. E. Saum.
"1 have always used Foley's IIok
ky and Tar cough medicine, and
think it the best in the world," says
Cbas. Bender, a newsdealer of Erie,
Pa. Nothing else as good. Jones Sc
Gibson. . 1
-. rLf thread; that thread is yuur
JLL satisfaction. Treat you hon
estly and it's ;s strong as a
cable; "abuse "your con fide pee and it
may snap like a cobweb. . .
We are Striving to Build Cables.
'- t herefore we handle
Teas and Coffees
- - imjvortod by
Chase & Sanborn.
This name means -a great deal in
thesflduvs of cheap everything; it
is a name that brings to you a guaran
tee and s;i t.isf;if-l iriTi M mi..i:...
of tea and coffee will produce." -
Agent for
. Importations. -
W. H. SwiGGETT. y,i
Abstractor of Titles.
Bonded in tlie sum of
Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
. .
Furniture and . ...
.... Funeral Supplies.
I will furnish everything
in the line of Undertaking
--vv J AA V A s9
All calls answered day
or night. '
Dry Goods, Staple
and Fancy Groceries.
Oranges, Lemons and other
fruits. Candies, tobacco
These good" are all fresh and
clean. We want your produce
uEALER in . ... .
Staple and Fa. icy Groceries.
Fresh Fruit and Vege
table.-, Candies
tobacco and
Cigars -
. 1 1
These Kiods;i re frcsli and clean
Highest m.-irket orii-e paid for
butler and eukrs
Well Contractor.
Wells made and cas
ing furnished. Wind
mills and pumps re- .;
paired. Houses moved.
Leave orders at Moser's Jewelry store.
Great Trains.
J'The Burlington-Northern Pacific
Express." Kansas City, St. Joseph or
Denver to Puget Sound, Portland,
Montana, Washington, entire North
west. Daily through train of coaches,
chair cars, tourist and standard sleep
ers and dining cars.
No. 15: morninir train, Kansas City.
St. Joseph to Nebraska, Denver and
Pacific Coast, via Scenic Colorado.
Weekly California excursions person
ally conducted. .......
No. 23: latest night train, Kansas
City, St. Joseph to Denver; night
train for Nebraska, Omaha, St, Paul.
No. 21: noon train, Kansas City,
St. Joseph to Omaha, St. Paul;
through sleepers. '
No. 56: famous Chicaaro Eli: dioine
and buffet library cars, chair cars,
. No 16: St. Louis Fast Night Ex
press. - -
NO- 42: fast morning train east.
Write for descriptive matter, rates
and information.
T. P. AS23 Mala St . . Oea'l Put. Ace at,
KaaaaaClty, Mo. St. Loais, Mo
' - Scacrat auuter, ''
St. Joncpi;, mm. ;

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