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TjDestern 3Vaisa8 TDorf
Established Marca 1. 1879.
Saturday, Nov. 23, 1901.
Another Populist paper, and it was
a good one, deserts tbe Populist cause,
and joins the grand old paty the Re
publican. This time it is the Quene
mo Tribune. ' Listen to what it says:
"Henceforth the Tribune will stand
for and advocate the principles oi the
Republican party. In making the
change the paper comes neither ask
ing nor expecting anything, but be
cause it believes the politics being
carried out by the Republican party
can and will bring mora good to the
American people. Since the birth of
reform we have earnestly and fearless
ly advocated the principles of the re
form party. We have been sold out,
falsely accused and treacherously be
trayed, but have in the midst of ad
versity remained true to the princi
ples which we believe to be right. In
uniting with the Republican party we
feel that it is necessary to sacrifice no
principle. The increased output of
gold has made the free and unlimited
coinage of silver impracticable; the
talk of imperialism has ' been hushed
by the success of Republican policies;
the tariff has been and will be regard
ed according to the needs and best in
terests of the people. Other ques
tions will in their turns, we believe,
meet with proper consideration."
These changes do not come as sur
prises for the fact that -for a long
time it has been known that fusion in
Kansas has been cent to its last rest
ing place and that Populism of the
latter-day label has forced itself to
oblivion. Within a very short time
we expect one of the following
three things to iiappen with every
Populist newspaper iu Kansas. Quit,
turn Democrat or take up the banner
that is sweeping the land Republic
anism. Not only wili this be true
witii the papers, but with the mem
bers of the Populist party, who still
cling to the halucination tiiat they
have a political home. Bryan has
stricken the word Populism out and
substituted the word Democrat, but
this will only last until the next Dem
ocratic National convention meets
and then the way those eastern Dem
ocrats will go after the western brand
and those who have sought temporary
shelter under it, won't be slow. Pop
ulists of the west have joined the
Democratic party simple because, in
its make-over by the Nebraska won
der, some little Populist material was
used, and the question that now con
fronts us is. what will they do when the
regeneration sets in with true Democ
racy in the saddle Some no doubt
will follow the entire way, but they
will be the ones out for pelf and noth
ing more.
The Concordia Kansan is one of the
few Populist papers in Kansas which
stand for the maintenance of the Pop
ulist organization, though there is
little hope or cheer about its view of
the situation. It cites both Populist
and Democratic authorities to show
that Brvanism and free silver are
dead and gDne issues and confesses its
own belief that the gold standard
wing of the Democratic party will
control the next national convention,
thus severing the only strand which
holds Populism to the cause of Dem
ocracy. As showing the workings of
a troubled Populist mind we quote
from the Kansas article as follows: .
"We were willing, and are now will
ing, to go with the Democrats so long
as they are going our way under the
leac'eaship of Mr. Bryan. But the
Democracy of the Cleveland type is a
greater friend of trusts, monopolies
and the gold standard than is the Re
publicanism of Roosevelt.
"Populism cannot De led into that
brand of Democracy, and it looks very
much as though that brand of Dem
ocracy is going to be in the ascend
ancy. "It may be true that we are dead,
as our opponents say, but the Kansan
is not yet ready to wiap the cerements
of the grave about the amaciated body
and cast it into tbe tomb of Tamma
ny Democracy." K. C. Journal.
Here is what J. Sterling Morton, a
Democrat and a gentleman, thinks of
a matter which has been disturbing
small calibre of men ot all political
parties: "There are some men with
white skins and black souls men
whose intellects are darker than dark
est Africa. These black white men
often frequent political gatherings
and sometimes achieve social and po
litical prominence.
There are some black men with
strong minds who, by diligent study,
have accumulated great stores of use
ful knowledge and bestowed innum
erable benefits upon mankind. These
white black men are worthy of con
sideration. They even make more
agreeable dinnermates than the black
white men. That is to say, intelii-
gence incarnated in charcoai-coiorea
men is more .entertaining and in
structive than ignorance skin-clothed
in white. It would please most think
ing men to dine with Booker T. Wash
ington rather than with Herr'Most,
Leon Czolgosz or any other ignorant
white anarchists. A mind white with
useful knowledge in ever so black a
body is better than an intellect
black with ignorance in ever so white
a bod v." Gay lord Herald.
The East looks with amazement
upon the condition of the banks of
Kansas and cannot believe that there
are bonks in the state where tbe sur
plus amounts to more than their capi
tal stock. According to the state
ment of Bank Commissioner Albaugh
there are thirty-seven State banks
where this condition prevails. An
other thing which amazes the Bast is
the fact that Kansas banks are refus-
ng deposits. Eastern people who
have looked upon Kansas as a semi-
arid district cannot realize that Kan
sas really has money, more than she
knows what to do with. Tbey cannot
comprehend the fact that Kansas is
rich in spite of her short corn crop
and that they will not be called upon
again to furnisii food and clothing to
the people of Kansas. The East
should try to get it through its head
that Kansas has $80,000,000 in the
bank and instead of asking help from
the East, Kansas is ieady to loan the
East any amount of money, of course
on approved security." Kansas has no
money to burn, but the people of the
state have enough to indulge in a few
of the luxuries of life, live happy.
educate their children and help the
East out of the hole if necessary.
Hutchinson News.
The printer's best friend is the man
or woman who gives him items of
news. There are people we know of,
however, who iiave such prejudice
against telling a newspaper man any
thing that if thev died they would
not say a word about it." If a baby is
born to you give it in for publication
the item not the baby. If you have
visitors send us their names and resi
dence. If vou have made a successful
speculation and have money in your
pockets, give it to us that is. the
item, we do not need any money
Newspapers run without monev. Send
us all the news, and we won't object
if you occasionally send in a dollar for
a year s subscription to the paper.
Ellinwood Leader.
In the early settlement of Gray
county one of its citizens, who was
known as a droll character got under
conviction and was finally converted
Swearing had been his weakness in
fact, his besetting sin for years, and
his greatest trial in the new life was
to overcome this habit. Being "called
on" one uight at prayer meeting he of
course responded. The condition of
tiie poor lay heavily upon his heart,
and among other things he prayed
"Do thou supply their wants. Feed
them from Thy inexhaustable store'
house.. Send them a barrel of flour,
a barrel of meal, a barrel of meat,
barrel of molasses, a barrel of salt,
barrel of pepper oh li 1! that's too
much pepper -Amen! Ex. . .
Stand By Your Friend-
There is a cheap type of politician
who swells up with pride at finding
himself the proud possessor of at least
one virtue, who never forgets to wag
his head grandly and brag about
standing by his friends. Which is all
right but subject to amendment and
debate. It is good to stand by our
friends, but while you are doing it be
sure your friends are right. Loyalty
becomes a vice when it makes a man
stand by a wrong. There - is some
good in every man. To stand by that
good is the duty of a friend. But to
stand by the bad in a man along with
the good because he is vour friend in
folly. When a man violates the law
it is criminal to staud by him to the
extent of helping him out of jail. It
is alright to take care of his children,
to help his family, to give him succor.
But to stand for his crime, to condone
evil, to whitewash wrong doing that
is stretching virtue so thin that vice
shows through. It is always better
to stand by the right, to defend hon
esty than it is to stand by a friend's
vices.- A phrase often gets a man into
trouble by following it blindly. It is
just as well to throw aside phrases
and get down to the truth of tbe mat
ter. Standing by the right; friend or
no friend is bravery, honesty and
manlier thau to follow a phrase.
Stand br your friend, when he is right.
When he is wrong, stand by bis vir
tues and condemn the wrong he does.
Emporia Gazette. '
John W. Breidentbal. who was the
Populist candidate for governor last
year, gives it as his opinion that his
party is completely dead, aod the Re
publicans will carry Kansas next year
by 75,000 ma iority. Ness City News.
Go the Farmers' store for fresh
groceries. In Bestor's old staud..
An Ottawa man who lias been
breathing with difficulty has coughed
up what the Herald claims to be a
calcareous substance from his bron
chi n a," and the I ola Register demands
that be have some of the shale ex
perts from Trego county examine it.
The Concordia Kansan says: Whisky,
burdock and wild cherry bark used to
be considered, a century ago, as good
"bitters" to ward off any old disease.
It is getting to be the fashion in Con
cordia again except that the burdock
and wild cherry is no longer consid
ered necessary.
Well, remarked President Roosevelt
as the tail of the last Kansau's coat
disappeared through the doorway: "I
have fought Spaniards and charged
through barb wire fences; I have eaten
raw bacon and swilled stale water; I
have been chased bv grizzlies and
horned by Texas steers; I have had
the liver jarred out of me by bucking
bronchos; have jumped out of my skin
to escape the fangs of the musical
rattler, and thought I knew what the
strenuous life is, but these Kansas
raiders stop my clock." Lawrence
Journal. -
The Seattle Standard sings this
song: "The lowly spud a while ago,
was the meanest thing a man could
grow. He put it In on bis dry est land
where nothing was but building sand
He hoed it when his work was slack,
and dug it with, an aciiing baek. He
cussed the patch that held the spud
and plowed it when 'twas thick witii
mud; apologized for having used his
ground at all for spuds abused. But
now another story's told, the farmer
man the spuds uphold; worth more
than apples by the peck, it's got the
worla right by the neck. All other
fruit is sadly hit the 'tuber' now is
strictly 'it.' "
Ode to Kansas Writers.
The writers of Kansas! - How sturd
ily they toil, to boom her famous cli
mate, her rivers and her soil. In si
lent hours of midnight, in dusk of
evening gray, at dawn, at noon, at
morninsr, tliey blithely toil away. The
printers of Kansas! Who hold the
metal "stick," whose tireless nimble
titigers send, with a ceaseless click,
the type, in lines and columns, to sing
Kansas praise, her primrose paths of
pleasantness, her happy, peaceful
Tbe presses of Kansas that rumble
in tbe land, the ones that fly like
lightning, the ones, that work by
band, long may their-revolutions be
made, to give tbe world tales of Kan
sas glory, where "freedom's flag's un
furled." The papers or Kansas. (And
of them there are scores) which tell
about a country, tbe finest out of
doors, their work is one of glory, and
seldom one of gold, but never does
their ardor in singing praise grow
The writer and the printer, the pa
per and the press, have made a bloom
ing garden from a dire wilderness.
Rewards are slow in coming, but tbey
are on tbe way; if not before, we'll
get there, upon tbe final day. Walt
Mason. - -
Tliey Need Prayers.
We are requested to ask the Chris
tians of this community not the
hypocrites, but tbe real Christians
tbe men and tbe women whose inward
and outward lives conform to tbe doc
trines of Christ not those who pro
fess to believe and live up to the
teachings of Jesus Christ to hold a
meeting this week, for tbe sole pur
pose of praying for the slandering
gossips the men and the women wbo
lie about their neighbors; who go from
place to place repeating all sorts of
vile stories about those they know
nothing about the lying, standing
gossips who through envy or jealousy
speak unkindly of. others. These are
the people wbo Deed praying for; aud
we are requested to ask- the real
Christians to have a day of fasting
and prayer for the salvation of all of
them; to the end that tbe Lord will
call a halt on the gossips, the slander
ers, tbe liars aud the hypocrites.
Bent Murdock.
Tbe Came Law-
The present game law is ironclad,
and taken in connection with the gov.
ernmeut law, the man with a gun is
badly hampered. Quail can be killed
during December only; but even when
shooting quail in LVcember, one must
tiave permission from tbe owner or oc
cupant of the land. One can not shoot
quail even on his own premises save
in December. Nor can one shoot birds
on the open highway without first
baring tbe consent of the owner of
the land, adjoiuing such road. The
penalty prescribed for violating any
of the provisions of the game law is a
fine of not less than ti nor more than
$100 for. each offense, together witii
the costs and the attorney's fee of $10.
Eldorado Republican.
Colorado potatoes $1 per bushel at
Yer beck's.
The greatest train through the Lou
isiana Purchase is "The Burlington
Northern Pacific Express," fastdaily
through train to Wyoming, Black
Hills, Montana, Idaho. Washington,
Puget Sound and Portland, reaching
entire Upper Northwest country;
through train service over the Bur
lington's Denver-Alliance main line,
in connection with this great through
train from Kansas City to the North
west; through chair cars (seats free),
tourist and standard sleepers, with
dining car service for"" every meal en
route to .Portland.
This route is tbeshortline and time
saver to tbe entire Upper Northwest
country. Send for special descriptive
folder "The Burlington-JNortnern r a-
cinc Express." . -
October 15th, November 5th and
19th, December 3d and 17th.
The Burlington runs the best trains
to Chicago, St. Louis, Peoria, Omaha,
St. Paul and to the Northwest.
Write us for rates and printed mat
ter describing the proposed trip.
T. P. A., 823 Main St , Oea'l Pim. Agent,
Kansan City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo
General Manager,
St. Louis, Mo.
Great Newspaper Bargain
The Semi-Weekly Capital and
The World One Ye An for
$1 50.
The Semi-Weekly Capital, published
at Topeka, is one of the best farm
newspapers published anywhere. Re
alizing that a good market report is
One of tbe most valuable features of a
farm newspaper, the Capital prints
twice a week a full report of ail the
markets of the world, including To
p'eka, and the report is absolutely re
It prints all the news of the ciriliz-
ed world fresh from the wires of the
Associated Press, covering the field
more thoroughly than any of the met-
roDolitan weeklies. But in the mat
ter of Kansas news, it has no competi
tor, our large corps of special corres
Dondents enabling us to cover tbe
field thoroughly. Outside of your own
home paper, you can get more local
news from the Capital than from any
other paper publislied.
Editorially it labors unceasingly for
the State's moral and material .wel
fare. While strongly . republican in
politics, its editorials are fair and u n
prejudiced, and its news columns are
open alike to the doings of all politi
cai parties.
It is printed twice a week for only
$1.00 per year. Order it in connection
with Tbe World for only $1.50
To get the best farm experience
from the best and most successful
farmers, it is necessary to be a sub
scriber of the farm paper which has
been acknowledged to be the best for
the western farmer. The paper whicli
tills this place is the Kansas Farmer
published at Topeka, Kan., the regu
lar price of which is $1.00, but taken
in connection witii The World the
two papers can be had for $1.35 sen
to this office. Do not put this off, bu
attend to it today. . -
Notice of Application to Purchase School
The undersigned hereby gives notice that
hn will, on the Tth tlav OI Oecemlier. Will.
make an application to the Probate Court of
Treno County. Kansas, to purcuase me fol
lowing described school land, situated in tbe
organized count y of Treeo. Kansas, vis:
The north half of the northeast, quarter
and the north half of the 10 th west quarter
of section 14. townstilp lif soutn. rauite rs.
He names the following persons to prove
hia settlement, continuous residence, and
Improvements, vii: D. B. Fulton. xesidence
Oirallah. Kansas, and V. it. heeler, resi
dence Ellis. Kansas.
Done at Wa-Keeney,' County of Trego,
Kansas, this lath day or iovemoer, iwii.
Notice of Application to Pnrchase School
The undersigned hereby gives notice that
be will on the Tth day of December. 1901.
malce an application to the Probate Court ot
Trego County. Kansas, to purchase the fol
lowing described school land, situated in the
organized county oi 'i rego. Kansas, viz:
The southwest quarter of section oft. town
shin 1.V nnze 22.
He names the following persons to prove
tils settlement, continuous residence, anr
Imnrovements. viz: Rollln Adkinson. resi'
dence Browned, Kansas, aud Arch Hays,
residence Brownell, Kansas.
Done at Wa-Keeney. County of Trego,
Kansas, this itn uay or ."iovenoer. iwii.
. . Petitioner
women to travel and advertise for old estali-
lisbed house of solid financial standing, sal
ar, 570 a vear and exoenses. ail parable i
cmIi- oVanTassfDE reaulred Give refer
ence and enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope. Address Manager, 35 Caztoc
Bldg- Chicago
Fok Sale The northeast quarter
section 23-13-2:1 in lrego county., in
quire of John A. -Nelson.
To Trade for Trego land Four room
house, half acre of fruit trees and ha!
acre for garden in the town of Princ
ton, Mo. Address L.- King, Princtou
Mo. , .
GotoC. J. Ferris for
your carpets
and wall paper. New
samples just
V. E. SAUM. -
For choice bargains in lands rive me a Pull,
li kinds of business promptly attended to
for uon-resiaenta
Union Pacific Tint Table.
I Eastern limited , Due T :13 a. m
Kansas City Fast Line Uue 10:45 p. m
13 :40a. m
i Fast Express Due 8:05 a. m
1 tieuver oc 1 acme tjoast tmi a uuev:za o. 111
.. 1:38 p. m
Tickets old nnd harfraire checked to all
points in United States and Canada.
ti. c bcuaerer. Agent.
Notioe for Publication. No. 12899.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney. Kan.. i
October 2u, 1901. ( .
Notlco Is hereby eiven that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his inten-
!.-. in tit mttlfi, fi i) it 1 nmnf in snnnort of his
claim, ano tnat saia prool win oe maae ne-
fore the ICeicister ana Keceiver of tue u. .
l.anu V7 n 1 1 1 aii a-nmuejr, nauss, uu
December 14. 18U1. viz:
Theodore Holmes,
ITomestead Entrv No. 23897. for the north
east quarter of section 55. township 15 south
ranee z. west or tne ni-u r. m.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous resiaence upon ana cultiva
tion of. said land, viz:
Charles E. Holmes and Daniel V. Plants
of Wa-Keeney. Kansas; Luther Garland, of
unnsom, Kansas; truest jesse, or. dusqu,
. I.T PUKUKliL. Kegister.
Notice for Publication Wo. 12902.
Land Office at Wa-Keeney, Kansas, I
November 6. 1901. f
Notice Is herebv given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of her inten
tion tn ninkp final nroof in HunDortof her
claim, and that said proof will lie made he-
rore the itegister ana Keceiver ot tne v. a.
Land office at Wa-Keeney, Kansas, on
December 14. 11101. viz:
Lulu E. Gunckel. formerly Lulu E.
Homestead Entry No. 24178 for the north
west Quarter of section 12. township 15 south.
range 3. west of tlie 6th P. M.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon aud cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Lyman Burt. Larl lirumraona. nimam
Stott and Harry Chase; all of Brownell,
I. T. 1'UKCKLL. Keglster.
Notioe for Publication. No. 12903.
United States Land Office.
Wa-Keney, Kansas. November 5. 1901. f
' Notice is hereby given that the following
n.med settler has tiled notice of inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Kegister ana Keceiver or the V . .
Land Cltni-e at a-Keeney. ivansas. on
December 14, MM. viz:
George II. Albers.
Homestead Kntrr No. 24038 for the north
east quarter of section 14. township 15 south.
raiuzusi. west oi tne owi I m.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon ami cultiva
tion of. said land, viz:
Lvman Burt. Earl Drummond. William
Stott and Harry Chase: all of Brownell.
T. T. PnRCELL. Register
. Notice for Publication. No. 12907.
Laud Office at Wa-Keeney. Kansas. t
November 11. MM. (
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has Hied notice of her inten
tion to make tinal proof In support of her
claim, and that said proof will tie made be
fore the Kegister and Keceiver of the U. S
Land Office at W a-Keeuey, Kansas, on
December 31. M01. viz:
Mattie E. Towne, formerly Mattie E.
Homestead Entry No. 24149. for the north
half of the northeast quarter and the north
half of tbe northwest quarter of section 2,
township 15 south, range west ot the 6th
P. M.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon aud cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Ore li Joseph, of Brownell, Kansas; Harriet
Stott. John Kyan, Elisha L. liyau; all of El
lis, Kansas.
I. T. PTJKCELL. Register.
(.First published November 2, 1901.1
Ia the District Court of the 23rd Judicial
Distriet. sitting in and for the County
of Trego, in the ritate of K ansas.
Emma M. Beal, Plaintiff,
vs. ' - .
Delbert J. Alsop and Anna B. Alsop, Defend
ants. ;-
By virtue of an order of sale issued to me,
out of the District-Court, in the above enti
tled action, 1 will, on
Thursday, the Sth day of December. 1901,
at lOo'clock a. m. of said day, at the front door
Ul lueuiurfc uuumi. in nie iljp ui na-niwut'jr
in tiie County of Treiro. in the State of Kan
sas, offer at public sare and sell to the high
est and best bidder, for cash in hand, all of
tbe following described real estate, to-wit.:
The northwest quarter of section twelve
(12) in township twelve (12) south., range
twentv-tnree G. west oi ma oin l". ,vi
lying and situate In tbe County of Trego,
iu the State of Kansas.
Tbe above described real estate is taken as
the property of said defendants, and Is di
rected by said Order of Sale to be sold, and
will be sold without appraisement, to satisfy
said oraer oi sate.
Sheriff. Trego Uouuty. Kansas.
W. E. Sacm, Attorney.
First published in World Nov. 18, 1901.
Ada i aist ra tor's Notice. -
The State of Kansas. In Probate Con rt.
County of Trego, f To- alK to whom
these presents come breetings
Know Ye, That whereas Rudolph J. Horak
late of said county of l rego aiea -intestate,
as it hi said, havinz at tiie time of his death
property in this State which may be lost, de
stroyed, or diminished in value, if speedy
care be not taken of tbe same: To the end.
therefore, that said property may be col
lected, preserved aud disposed of according
to law. we do hereby constitute and appoint
Rudolph Horak of said county. Administra
tor of all and singular the goods and chat
tels, rights and credits wnicn were ot tne said
Knfiiilnii J. Rorakatthe time of his death.
with full power and authority to secure and
dispose of said property according to law.
and collect all moneys due said deceased.
and In general to do and to perform ali-other
acts and things which are. or hereafter may
be. required of him by law. or the decree or
order of any Court having jurisdiction.
In witness whereof. T. M. W. Cllft. Judge of
the Probate Court in and for said County, do
ltereto set my liati'l ana amx lite seat oi saia
Court, this 11th day of Novemlwr A. D. MOT.
11 Ik i'ruuata: J ude.
C. C. BLACK, Agent.
Hays city,
W. II. Swiggett, Assistant Agent,
Wa-Keeney . - ' - Kans.
W. H. Swiggett.
Abstractor of Titles.
Bonded in the sum of
Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
Furniture and ....
.... Funeral Supplies.
I will furnish everything
in the line of. Undertaking
that can be found anywhere.
All calls answered day
or night.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,"
Fresh Fruits and Vege- .
tables, Candies,
tobacco and -Cigars
These poods are all fresli and clean
Highest market-price paid for
butter and eggs.
Dry Goods, Staple
and Fancy Groceries.
Oranges, Lemons and other
fruits. Candies, tobacco
aim cigars.
These goods are all fresh and
clean. We want your produce
....DEALER IN....
Staple Groceries.
Oranges. Lemons and Other
Ili-rliest Market Price Paid for Butter
. and Eifgs.
CS"Yoiir patronage solicited.
Wa-Keenet; - - - Kansas.
Theo. Courtney,
"Your patronage solicited.
Geo. J. Rausch A. IT. Wilkinson
Builders NAD Contractors.
"Sliop at Sigler's old Stand,
I make a specialty of flne,carpenter
work. Make plans, drawings, specifi
cations ano estimates on ali work in
my line.
Notice of Fiaal Settlcatcat.
State of Kansas, t ,
In the Probate Court In and for said county.
In tbe matter of the estate of V. X. Jeffer.
Creditors and all othei Interowied In the
aforesaid estate are hereby notliied that I
shall apply to the Probate Court. In and for
said County, sittintc at the Court Hou.se in
Wa-Keeney. (Vinntr of Treso. State of Han
sax, on she 23rd day of November A. T). 1801.
tor a fall and anal settlement of said eaie.
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Of the Estate of W . N. JeftVrs. dewased.
Wa-Keeuey, Kauxaa, October 'SI A. H. i;0.

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