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L!" ftiV IW1 rKA? TV" W' Sk"tiy TtiV" ftA" IWk ' IV5J iKi" i
We will have on display, Friday, November 29, oiir large assortment of HOLIDAY GOODS and we guarantee the price to be M
the very LOWEST. ' . H
Photograph Albums,
Autograph Albums,
Necktie Boxes, - -
Collar and Cuff Boxes,
Glove Boxes,
Toilet Cases, .
Trinket Boxes,
Jewel Boxes,
' Fancy Match Stands,
Photo Stands,
Photo Boxes, .
- Fancy Box Paper,
Fancy Decorated Opalware.
Child's Dresser, . . : ,
Tool Chest, '
Table' Croquet,
, Parlor Croquet,
Folding Tables,
- Toy Cradles,
Toy Chairs.
Toy Dishes,
. Toy Trunks,
Toy Furniture,
. Xmas Cards,
Archarena Boards,
. Air Guns,
Shooting Gallery,
. Doll Cabs, '
, Bonton Alley,
Disappearing Cannon,
r Shoe Fly Rocking Horse,
Iron Toys, -Wooden
China Dolls,
Wool Dolls,
Rubber Dolls,
Bisque Dolls
A Big Line of JEWELRY for the Holiday Trade.
M. A. Gupton, the Osborne
dentist, will be in Wa-Kee
nev. Monday. December 9.
Painless extraction and satis
faction guaranteed.
A. C. Lord is on the sick list this
The Ferris house is closed indefi
nitely. Prof. Stein berger is now leader of
the city band.
Trustee Hoover whs up from Frank
lin over Monday niffhton tax business.
Our good German friend F Harts
field, of Collyer, paid us an agreeable
visit Tuesday.
C. J. Lofstead writes from Colorado
Snrings that he is well pleased with
his new home.
Win. Joraan was up from Riverside
last Saturday on school land business.
He made this office an appreciated
call. J
Presarations are being made for
Christmas already, the store windows
are presenting their holiday attractions.
Kd. Griffith was up from Ellis last
Saturday on business with theprobate
Judie. He settled up the W. JN. Jef
fer's estate.
Fifteen minutes after Verbeck's
lire last Friday the World had it in
tvn and in five davs Agent Wilson
paid Mr. Verbeck for damage done
to the amount of J..
We learn with regret that C. C.
Gardiner, of Topeka, who owns one of
the hnest randiest in Kiverside town
ship, had a leg broken bv a runaway
team last week while at work on his
we recently heard a lady who was
visiting in Wa-Keeney say she thought
there were more pretty children in
Wa-Keeney in proportion to its size
than auy other town she had been in.
From the many she picked out Robert
Forrester's little Jeanne as being the
prettiest little girl in Wa-Keeney.
At the Xmas Bazaar, Saturday, De
cember 7, you will find such handsome
pincushions in hve different styles,
sofa pillows, hand bags, dressed dolls,
darning sets, kitchen and fancy
aprons, liair receivers, laundry bags,
and well to name all would make
your head swim. Just drop in and
rest your eyes on a sight sucli as only
the largest cities of the world could
The clergy enjoy a joke at each
other's expense as much as the carnal
minded, says an exchange. A Metho
dist preacher said to a Baptist: "I
a reamed I went to Heaven last night
and saw no Baptist there, and on in
quiry for them was told they were
coming by water and had nor, arrived."
. "I," said the Baptist preacher, "also
dreamed I was in Heaven and I saw
no Methodists. I learned. the reason,
because they were on the outside on
six months' probation."
I.' T. Purcell and Johnnie Sims met
two Colorado Springs millionaires on
Monday's train and accompanied
them to Smoky Hill City in Ellis
county. The party was shown thro'
the gold mill and saw the genuine
stuff extracted from the shale. The
Coloradians took home with them sev
eral sacks of shale which they will
have assayed and if results are satis
factory they will invest in Trego and
Ellis counties. They said the indica
tions were good for oil.
Last Tuesday evening at the raffle a
big fat round faced full mooned man
stood for two long hours and watched
the little dice pass. One by one he
passed his little shining ten cent
pieces over until the twelfth one
came then bis luck changed and he
won the last tnrkey in the box. He
tucked it under his arm and trudged
merrily home with a smile caught on
either ear. When he arrived under
his humble roof his wife assisted and
they after they had stripped the prize
of its own coverings thev found it
weighed a fraction less than six
pounds. The full mooned man
scratched his head, looked wise, and
remarked: ''Well, maybe, I can sell
the feathers for something." Moral:
Sever buy a turkey for the feathers.
Lou Morrell and John Reynolds are
walling J. W. Phares' well this week.
Mrs. C. J. Ferris is in Kansas City
where she went to spend Thanksgiv
ing. ' Mr. and Mrs. Len Purinton. of Ban
ner, were shopping iu the city last
Tuesday. 1
Home-made candies on sale at the
candy booth will be a special feature
of the Xmas Bazaar.
Ed. Esther is painting the Farmer's
Mr. and Mrs. F. Stradal, or Collyer
township, were interviewing our mer
chants, VVednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harvey, of Ogal
lah township, were trading in the
county seat, VVednesday.
There were parties from Xorton
county here the first of the week
wanting to rent pasture.
Ed Yosts, representing the Yost
Milling Co., at Hays, was in the city
VVednesday on business.
Ain't it funny how some people like
to know your business when you don't
give a snap to know theirs?
Merchant Davidson remembered
the editor with a nice Thanksgiving
turkey for which he lias our thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Kelson and family spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. E. A. Rea at
Mrs. Frank King arri ved home after
several months' visiting in Illinois.
Her many friends will be glad to wel
come her home.
Tom Bundy left last VVednesday for
Kansas City. Tom has a good job
traveling foi the Globe Publishing
Co., of iS'ew York.
Mrs. C. N. Gibson is expected home
before long from Clarinda, Iowa. She
writes that small pox is getting rather
numerous in the vicinity where she is.
Hudson Harlan received a state cer
tificate the only one held In the coun
ty. This is a great ccredit to Mr.
Harlan and one that is entirely merit-orous.
jirs. j. jue leit for her home in
Barton county last Tuesday after a
month's visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. VV. D. Stepheus. south of
James Tague, one of the most pros
perous farmers and stockmen of the
west part of the county, was transact
ing business in the county seat, Wed
nesday. Al Tlinshaw was in the city last
Tuesday and laid in a supply of poison
for prairie dogs which are very de
structive on his ranch. He says they
destroyed 50 acres of his wheat last
Only 25 cents for a dinner of roast
turkey, beef, pork, chicken, cran
berries, baked apples, mince, apple
and pumpkin pies, with vegetables
sandwiched iu between and frisi oys
ters on the side only 15 cents extra.
Don't forget the place and date tound
Since the leaves have fallen the
court house park presents a neglected
condition indeed. Our court yard is
our one attractive spot, and it seems
to us that it is sadly neglected when a
little care would .add to its appear
ance' very materially.
Saturday, December 7, in the stone
building south of the Olson hotel, the
Ladies' Aid society will serve dinner
and supper in connection with the
Xmas Bazaar. There vou will find a
large and beautiful assortment of use
ful and fancy articles ranging in price
from 10 cents to $1.25. Just the things
to make glad the hearts of old and
young at the merry Xmas time, and
don't forget your sweetheart.
C X. Gibson received "a letter
Thursday from Paul Conger a foi mer
wa-Keeuey boy. Paul is living at
Sayreville, N. J. He read iu a New
l orK paper that gold had been found
in the shale along the Smoky in Ellis
county; also oil. He wanted to know
all about the finding of the precious
metal and how deep the oil well was.
He closes his letter with the remark
that some day he expects to visit the
beautiful prairies, of Kansas once
Everybody was full Thursday of
Mrs. Perry Johnson, of Collyer, vis
ited her parents the first of the week.
Uncle Josh Musgrave is building an
addition to his large barn in Ogallah
township. - -
Mr. and Mrs. F. C- Wollner spent
Thanksgiving out at Mr. and Mrs. F.
M. Morgan's.
Joe Irwin was in town Thursday on
gold business. He says all unbelievers
are skeptics.
Mrs. M. E. Cortright has found good
winter quarters for her cattle at Mr.
Fountain's near Hill City.
The Golden Belt Educational asso
ciation is in session as we go to - press
and many handsome school marmsare
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Sommerville and
Mrs. B. E. Grim ate Thanksgiving
dinner out at Mr. and Mrs. O. W.
Mrs.- Allison, of Brown county, is
visiting J. W. Tunnell on the Smoky.
She visited friends in Wa-Keeney last
Friday and Saturday.
Johnnie Shoemaker, of Ellis, while
working with the air brake received
a painful bruise on the head Thurs
day noon. He went home on 2o. 12.
Wm. Schrenkler. postmaster and
merchant at Walker, is looking after
land interests near town. He owns
the old VV. S. Harrison place west of
town. . "
Mr. and Mrs Chas. Steinberger,
formerly of Topeka, are pleasantly
located on Len Johnson's ranch on Big
creek. These people are fine musi
cians. Mr. Steinberger travels for the
Carl Hoffman music house of Kansas
A very pretty Thanksgiving wed
ding was consummated at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cypher. The
contracting parties were Mr. Alfred
Buchanan, of Ogallah township, and
Miss Alice CvDher. The trroora is one
Ogallah's industrious young farmers
and is a fine young man. The bWde
is an estimable young lady. The
World with a host of friends wish
the happy couple much happiness and
Ogallah Pickups
Carter Collins has moved into the
Several are helping Mr. Waener on
his big barn.
Mr. and Mrs. John Collins have gone
to Kansas City.
Mrs. Joseph Collins has moved to
the Frank Morton place. ,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Powers entertained
company Thanksgive evening.
Mr. Kurtz, our teacher, will give an
entertainment by the scholars Xmas
Mr. and Mrs. C. n. Benson enter
tained company Sunday to a turkey
Merchant Tawney shipped turkeys
Tuesday. M. D. Benson dressed them
ready for the market.
Everybody in Ogallah is in fine
health, and still toiling with daily
cares around home and farm.
George Buchanan Is home from the
hospital and is going through a treat
ment and Dr. Jones in charge.
A turkey raffle was in front of Mr.
Samuel's store Wednesday afternoon.
The lucky winners were: Joseph Col
lins two, R. A. Samuels one, Mr. Hei-
serone, Tom Roberts one, -A. Frogge
one. ' .
The Aid societv was entertained bv
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. .Furbeck last
Thursday. Fourteen ladies present
and were served to one of the finest
dinners by our hostess since the or
ganization which took place at Mrs.
letter's the 21st day of February
with seven members, now there are
sixteen members, and always a place
to go in advance.
To get the best farm experience
from the best and most successful
farmers, it Is necessary to be a sub
scriber of the farm paper which has
been acknowledged to be the best for
the western farmer. The paper which
fills this place is the Kansas Farmer,
published at Topeka, Kan., the regu
lar price of which is $1.00, but taken
in connection with The World the
two papers can be had for $1.35 sent
to this office. " Do not put this off, but
attend to it today.
"Wa-Keeney School Report. ,
For month ending November 22:
Notal enrollment .' 20
Average enrollment . 17
Average dully attendance..' 17
Not alisent 9
Names of those not absent:
diaries Hil!e, Mary Groft.
Gienn Jones, Nora Rinker.
Mattie Shaw. Walter Burnbam,
Grover Hays, Loy Hiskey,
Grace Pershing.
F. W. Henicksman, Principal.
Total enrollment 47
Averaire enrollment 43
A verajre daily attendance.. 40 11-20
.Mil absent zt
Not tardy 26
Cases of tardiness 45
Pupils neither absent nor tardy:
Susie Hnrnliam. Bertha Insctao,
Harry Kunihaxn, . Guy Jones.
Tra ('lemons. Arthur Keraus,
Rex demons, Myrt le Martin.
I,ucy Oortrieht, Grace Stranahan,
Grace Gorrell, Lewis Sieler.
Beulah Cortright. Anna Theil,
Jane Wilson.
Mrs. Ida Pierson. Teacher.
Total enrollment '. 39
AverafiE daily attendance ...85
Cases of tardiness... 14
Number not tardy 31
Number not absent. J)
- Those neither absent nor t rdy:
Helen Wilson,
flattie Burnham,
Floyd Clift,
David Retan.
Mary Best or,
Bessie Retan,
Irene c iouu.
Reba Reynolds,
Itov Davidson.
Blanche Gorrell.
dias Moser.
Bessie Taylor,
Paul Keraus.
Ree demons.
Iv ate tiiskey.
, Ida S wisher, Teacher.
Total enrollment : Jit
Average enrollment 31
A veraee daily attendance 29.5
Not alwent . 22
Not tardy... 21
Cases of tardiness 19
Neither absent oi tardvr
Anna Bstor. Cora Marshall.
Floyd Burnham. Katie McAtee,
Webb Clift. F.ddie Moore.
Brye Forrester, Iay Moore.
Harry ICurfus. Clyde Miser.
Eddie Keraus. Martha Reynolds
Mrs. May Greenwood. Teacher.
Fou Sale The northeast quarter
section 23-13-23 in Trepo county. In
quire of John A. Nelson.
To Trade for Tretro land Four room
house, half acre of fruit treesand half
acre for garden in the town of Princ
ton, Mo. Address L. King, Princton,
Mo. , -
"The Jfebraska-Colarado Express,"
now leaves Kansas City at 9:30 p. in.,
arriving Ienver 3:15 p. m. next day.
three hours quicker. This convenient
hour of departure allows travelers ar
riving Kansas City on afternoon
trains, a few hours for business or for
visiting in thisattractivecity; arrival
Denver at 3:15 p. m. gives five hours
that afternoon in Denver before leav
ing for the West through Scenic Colo
rado; through chair cars, sleepers and
dining cars.
- To go through Colorado without see
ing Denver is to go through France
without seeing Fans.
The Burlington's morning Denver
Exrjress leaves .Kansas City at 10:40
a. rn. -
Personally conducted California Ex
cursions in through tourist sleepers
from Kansas City every VVednesday
and Thursday morning via Scenic
"The Burlington-Northern Pacific
Express" is the great daily through
train. . It's the time saver to the en
tire upper Northwest country.
Describe to us your proposed ' trip
and let us quote you the lowest cost,
send you printed matter, free, etc.
T. P. A., 823 Mala St , 6c1 Pan. Agent,
KaasasCity, Mo. . St. Loais, Mo .
Ceacral Maaagctv
St. Loais. Mo
Great Newspaper Bargain
Pay us we need coin.
The Semi-Weekly Capital and
The World One Year for
The Semi-Weekly Capital, published
at Topeka, is one of the bast farm
newspapers published anywhere. Re
alizing that a good market "report is
one of the most valuable features of a
farm newspaper, the Capital prints
twice a week a full report of all the
markets of the world, including To
peka, and the report is absolutely re
liable. It prints all the news of the civiliz
ed world fresh from the wires of the
Associated Press, covering the field
more thoroughly than any of the met
ropolitan weeklies. But in the mat
ter, of Kansas news, it has no competi
tor, our large corps of special corres
pondents enabling us to cover the
field thoroughly. Outside of your own
home paper, you can " get more local
news from the Capital than from any
other paper published.
.Editorially it labors unceasingly for
the State's moral and material, wel
fare. While strongly republican in
nolitifS- its friir.nrt:ll J r f ;i i r urirl nt
prejudiced, and its news columns are
open aiiKe to tne aoings or an politi
cal parties.
It is printed twice a week for only
$1.00 per year. Order it in connection
with The World for only $1.50 "
Colorado potatoes $1.00 per bushel
at Verbeck's.
v4-0 50 YEARS'
Trade Marks
-rO Designs
"rftf Copyrights Ac.
Anyone wndlng a sketch and decr.ption mar
nick 1 y ascertain our opinion free whether in
Invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent '
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken tbroucrh Munn & Co. receive
wpecicU notice, without chare e. In the
Scientific American.
A'handsomely illustrated weekly. T .unrest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year : four months. $L. Bold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36lBread-'- New York
Branch Office. 625 F St, Washington. I. C
Rents, Collections and payment of
Taxes for Non-Residents a Specialty.
Larjre list of lands for sale
at low prices and easy terms.
Made famous by the early Traders, Explorer?,
Pioneers, Mormons, Emigrants, Pony Ex
press Riders, Overland v Stage Coaches,
Indian Encounters, etc., are seen from the
i car windows of the Union Pacific trains.
Be sure your ticket reads via this route.
For full information call on or address
- ' Agent.
r":r-:ens.do? ir
Weare prepared to put up any size
Monument in Marbleor Granite. We
guarantee all our work.
: S"Givc us a call.

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