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How's This
yr otter One Hnndred Poller. Reward fur u esea
f Catarrh, that oacnot be curet by HaU'a i'attarh
Core, y. J. CH ESTKT CO.. Prop..TSdo. O.
We, the nnderaleaed, nava known F. J .Cheney for
Che last 19 yean, and bailor, aim perfectly boooreble
In all baalaee. tranaectkm and flnani-leliy able to
carry out any obligation made-br tbelr firm.
Warr A Ilrii, Wholesale Drainrlete. Toledo, O.
Waldi. Kixxu A M4EV15, WllQle;o Ora-ft-leta,
Toledo. O.
Hair. Catarrh Cure to taken Internally, actl:i
directly apon the blood and mnooua irface.ot the
yatem. Testimonial, .en free. . Price. 5c pea
' bottle. -Sold by all Drnejrista.
Hair. Family Plila are the seat. .
. It is seid of an Atchison girl that
ehe Is thin enough to make a good
book mark.
lf tl-e people who.
doubt and become
cared wnii they douUt
who praise Doao'i Pill
the highest.
Aching backs are eased,
flip, back, and loin pains
overcome. Swelling of the
limbs and dropsy signs
They correct urine with
brick-dust sediment, bigfe
colored, pain in passing,
dribnlins, frequency, bed
wetting. Doau's Kidney
Pills remove calculi and
gTaveL Relieve heart pal-
itatfon, sleeplessness,
eadache, nervousness,
tried everything for a weak
back and got no relief until
I used Doan's Pi'U."
J. N. Lkwis.
w, ......j
a muwo
P. O .
For free trial box. mall this coupon to
FoffWr-Mtltum Co., Buff-io, N. Y. If lxTe
space is insufficient write address on ep-t-rmte
If anyone ottered you a good
dollar (or an imperfect one
would you take it?
If anyone. offered you one good
dollar for 75 cents of bad money
would you take it f
iWe offer you Pi ounces of tht
very best starch made for tOc'
No other brand is to good, yet
all others cost 10c for 12 ounces.
Ours is a business proposition.
and cheapest
We guarantee it satisfactory.
Ask your grocer.
Omaha. Neb.
f IM S I O N h to'n" U.Vl!
f Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Lta Principal Bxaminar U.S. Periston Buraau.
Syra in civil war, ttadjudicaJuic claims. atviziee
"We wish to announce early in . the
season that we have more enthusiasm
for the mother" and her frying pan
than for the Young Thing and her
chafing dish.
If so. use Red Cross Bail Blue. It will make
them white as snow. 2 ox. package 5 cents.
There Is considerable difference be
tween the pinnacle of fame and the
height of folly.
Lewis' " Single Binder " straight 5c cigar.
Iso ot her brand of cigars is so popular with
the smoker. He has learned to rely upon
its uniform high quality. Lewis' Factory.
Peoria, 111.
True to His Principles.
Miss Katherine Tynan relates that
politics generally' does not interfere
with the co-operative work which Sir
. Horace Plunkett has made successful
in Ireland. "But there is a case on
; record," she says, "in which at a meet
I ing held to establish a creamery ia
: County Limerick a local politician got
on his feet and asked: 'Is butter to
: te made on sound nationalist princi-
pies in this creamery?'
n Is extensively used everywhere in the H
11 world wherever the muzzle loader B
II has given way to the breech loader.
1 It is made in the largresi knd bent H
II equipped cartridge factory in exia-
1 1 This accounts for the uniformity of
I I - its products.
II Tell your dealer U. M. C." when I
l be aaka : " W hat kind ? I
II Catalog; free. 1
J I The Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 1
II Aseacr, 313 Bnadmr,
Y a'arla City, N. T, - 1
Yet Few Really Obey.
Of the brides led annually to the
altar the Christian world over, a
measured but' extremely moderate
V percentage refuse to repeat the words
of the marriage service binding them
to obey as well as to love and - honor
' . their bjubands '
Average Railway Journey.
In the United States the distance of
the average railway Journey Is twenty
nine miles. In England it is scarcely
ten miles, while in Germany It is fif
teen miles. In France twenty-one m,
and Russia sixty-five miles. ,
Oldest Ship Built in America.
The oldest ship in the world, the
mall schooner Vigilant running Into
St. Croix. F. W. I., although now un
der the French flag, was built of Ks
sez oak at Essex. Mass., in 1802.
The reasoi
get this trial free Is be
cauM thev core Kidney
ills and will prove it to
Wkst Bkakch. Mich.
Doan'sKidneyFillshittbe -case,
which was an unusual
desire to urinate had to
get up five or six times of
a night. I think diabetes
waa well .underway, the
feet and ankles swelled. .
There was an intense pain
in the back, the heat of '
which would feel like put
ting one's hand up to a
lamp chi mney. I have
usfd the free trial and two
full boxes of Doan's Pills
with the satisfaction of
feeling that 2 am cured.
They are the remedy' par
excellence." -
B. F. Ballabo.
, Not Over Particular. m '
"Your father did not object to our
marriage as much as I had expected."
"Oh. poor papa has given up the idea
of being too particular." Brooklyn
You can do your dyeing In half an
The fewer clothes a burlesque
actress wears, the more airs she seems
to put on. -
To Cure a Cold In One rtav.
Take Laxative Brorno Quinine Tablets. AO
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c-
Royalty may be all right,. .but kings
and queens are always topped by aces.
Brilliant and durable: I" ok like $100 Diamonds
Our prices lebs than you pay your jeweler for plain
imna rings, w a sena our catalogue 10 you xree.
Write at once. ti. J. Cut RatM Uumie. Kansas t : 1 1 v .
Mo., 3U4-3U5 Junction Bid.
It doesn't pay to brag about the
things you haven't done yet.
Pise's Cure is the best medicine we ever used
for all affections of the throat and luntrs Wm.
O. EsusLtr, Vauburen, Ind., Feb-10, 1800.
No, Maude, dear; the church social
is not made up. of socialists.
A Fortune in Ginseng Growing.
A few square rods of your back
yard in cultivated Klnseng will yield
as much profit as crops on an ordi
nary farm. Splendid for women ' to
cultivate. Send 2 cent stamp for cata
logue and instructions how to grow it
to Kansas City Ginseng Co., 1425
Spruce street, Kansas' City, Mo.
A woman's head will always turn
with the bonnet that is past.
Mother Gray's Sweet fotrden for Children,
Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse
in the Children's Home iu New York, cure
Constipation, Feverish ness. Bad stomach.
Teething Disorders, move and rt-frulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over30.(H0t
timoniala. At all Druggists. 25c. Sample
fc'KKE. Address A. S. Ululated, LeRoy.X.Y.
"Know thyself." and also ascertain
how you are rated' by others."
To the housewife who has not yet
become acquainted with the new
things of every day use in the market
and who is reasonably satisfied with
the old. we would suggest that a trial
of Defiance Cold Water Starch be
made at once. Xot alone because it
is guaranteed by the manufacturers'
to be superior to any other brand,
but because each 10c package con
tains 16 ozs.. while all the other kinds
contain but 12 ozs. It is safe to say
that the lady who once uses Defiance
Starch will use no other. Quality
and quantity must win.
Bay luck occasionally appears to be
good thing after it's over.
Passengers destined to St. Louis
and points east should go via the Kan
sas . City gateway, thereby , securing
the advantage of the Chicago & Alton's
fast night train, leaving Kansas City
at 9 p. m.. arriving in St. Louis at 7:44
a. m. Chair cars free of extra charge.
Compartment Sleeping cars. The Al
ton keeps their. light a'shining just
ahead of the rest. Write to L. D.
Cooper, Traveling Passenger Agent.
Chicago & Alton Railway, Kansas City,
Mo., for lowest rates.
Diplomatio silence ia often the
strongest protest' that can be offered.
THE K. C. &- ALMANAC FOR 1903.
The Kansas City Southern Railway'!
Almanac for Z903 is now ready for dis
tribution. Farmers. stock-raisers,
fruit-growers, truck gardeners, manu
facturers, merchants ana others seek
ing a new fie.d of action or a new
home at the very lowe6t prices, can ob
tain reliable information concerning
Southwestern Missouri, the Cherokee
and Choctaw Nations in the Indian
Territory, Western Arkansas. Eastern
Texas, Northwestern Louisiana and the
Coast country, and or the business op
portunities offered therein.
Write for a copy of the K. C. S. Al
manac and address, S. G. Warner, f1
P. A K. C S. Rv.. -Kanflas City. Mo.
Which Ray Is Responsible?
X-ray operators at Guy's hospital.
London, where the most extensive nse
has been made of -rays in the treat
ment of disease, suggest that the se
vere disturbances reported by Mr. Edi
son as coming from the X-rays are
really from the ultraviolet rays, for
in their large experience in the appli
cation of X-rays in skin diseases no
such aecldentB have occurred. -
- Eagle and Cows Battle.
A dispatch from Somerville, N. J-,
to the Drovers' Journal says: A large
gray eagle, the first , seen in this vi
cinity in.jnany years, create con
sternation among a herd of cattle on
the farm of " Charles Covert, - near
Mount BetheL The eagle flew from
the mountains to the lowlands where
the cattle were grazing. It took shel
ter In a tree, and waiting an oppor
tunity swooped down on a calf of the
herd. The mother of the calf and
several cows surrounded the eagle and
forced it from its prey. The eagle at
tacked the cows and its onslaught was
so furious that the animals . were
stampeded, but they rallied, again and
circled frantically around the -calf,
thrusting at the eagle, viciously with
their horns each time it renewed its
attack on the smaller animal.
The eagle resorted to strategic
measures, by driving the cows, one by
one, across the field. At this juncture
Covert, who had been attracted by the
disturbance among the cattle, ap
peared on the scene with a gun. The
eagle alighted on a rail fence to await
developments and a minute later fell
to the ground shot through the head.
It is one of the largest specimens ever
seen here and Covert will have it pre
served. Four of Covert's cattle had
strips of hide torn from their bodies
by the eagle. '
Bromus Inermis for Pasture.
Bromus inermis makes an excellent
pasture -grass, as it shoots up in the
spring about two weeks . earlier than
any of the native grasses, produces a
good aftermath or second growth, and
continues to grow especially late in
the fall. If the summer is dry it will
stop growing, and start again after the
beginning of the fall rains, but if the
dry period is not too long it will con
tinue to. grow from eary la the spring
until late in the fall. At the Kansas
Station we have grown Bromus inermis
in a field way for four seasons. This
summer we have, pastured some young
stock., ranging from 9 to 18 months of
age, on a field of Bromus inermis
seeded last fall. These calves have
not shown any noticeable preference
between Kentucky blue-grass, prairie
grass and Bromus inermis, and have
thrived well on the Bromus inermis,
The grass stands tramping by stock
exceedingly well. It s so vigorous
that it will run out all weeds and other
grasses, after, it once becomes well
established. It, however; may be
sown with other grasses and legumes
and allowed to take full possessior
a few years. Kansas Bulletin.
Why Insects Abound Now.
Prof. F. M. .Webster: There are
three prime reasons which have made
spraying not only necessary, bnl in
many cases absolutely imperative, if
success is to be secured.. These are
(1) the destruction of the food plants
of many of our now destructive na
tive insects," and the replacing of these
in large areas with plants of similar
nature; (2)' the weakening of - our
trees, plants and vines by hybridiza
tion, cultivation, grafting and budding,
and (3) by the importation of varieties
quite similar to those indigenous to
our country, but more susceptible to
attack from our native insect pests
and plant diseases. The clearing up
of the native forests ' where native
fruits were produced, and the destruc
tion by similar methods of many of
the food plants "of leaf -eating insects,
has driven these to the cultivated veg
etation, because these insects had no
where else to go, and it was a case
of either adapting themselves to a
slight change of food or perish.
Effects of Feed on Teeth and Skull
Schwartzkopf, of the Minnesota Sta
tion, treating of the influence of feed
upon the dentition of pigs, writes:
L The order of succession of teeth
in our precocious pigs runs the same
as in the primitive hog.
2. The times when the teeth appear
are variable, according, to race, feed
ing and health. The same breeds
raised under the same conditions will
show the same appearance.
v 3. The form of the skull depends
upon nutrition, health and more or less
employment of certain muscles of the
head and neck. Skulls of poorly nour
ished pigs are long and more slender
than from those well nourished. Pigs
that are prevented from rooting will
acquire a short, high and rounded
head, while those that are forced to
root to secure a portion of their food
will develop a long and slender fr-s
of head.. t
Where the Cream Should Sour.
Some hold the view that, since the
cream has to be soured before churn
ing, why not let it sour on the farm?
This is objectionable for the follow
ing reasons: I. It is the butter-maker's
work to introduce and develop the
flavor in the cream, which gives us
the fine aroma in butter which we, as
well as the consumers, so much desire.
2. The butter will be more uniform
in flavor when one man, who under
stands the work, does it, than when
a number, who don't understand it.
are trying to do It 3. The proper
facilities to do. the work are always
available at the creamery. 4. To most
farmers all sorts of flavors come un
der the head of souring, which to the
butter-maker might be most objec
tionable. 5. The maker has made a
study of the work, consequently is in
a better position to produce what Is
required than those-who are unlearned
in this respect. W. A. Wilson
Forty years ago rival food manufacturers delighted in calling me an enthusiast on pure food manufacture and culinary
science. Pure food history clearly proves, however, that I was worki rrg aion correct and practical lines. No better illus- '
'.ration of this can -be-given- than-tile fact-that seven out of every ten American "house wives unhesitatingly admit that the .
Baking Powder and Flavoring Extracts that beat; my name are unmistakably the best. During all these years I have -, -devoted
myself to the single purpose of creating a scientifically prepared, ready-to eat wheat flake celery food. - Finally,
after nearly half a century of effort. I confidently launched DR. PRICE'S FOOD,, the only celery cream wheat flake
This food I consider a triumphant success. Its inherent merit and quality will win its way to the top as have my Cream
Baking Powder and Flavoring Extracts. I invite criticism frorn culinary chemists and from the educated palate of the epicure,
Palatable Nutritions
Mjr jigna fa rw i
Dr. Price, the creator of Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder and Delicious Flavoring Extracts.
A cook book conttlnlnc 7 aioallant receipts for using tha Food mined fraa to any addrsas.
Pfiptrtd by PRICE CEREAL FOOD CO., 34 Cass Strtst, - CHICA80, ILLiaOIJ.
If all the world's a stage most of us
are merely supers.
Clear white clothes are a sign that the
housekeeper nses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package, 5 cents.
Camphor makes the moth bawl.
The man who depends, upon luck is
usually a failure. . .
No chromos -or cheap premium's.
but a better quality and one-third
more of Defiance Starch for the same
price of other starches. -
It sometimes happens that the man
who keeps his mouth shut speaks the
Superior quality and extra quantity
must win. This is why Defiance
Starch is .taking the place of all
' i
Ceit and German In America.
Seventy-flve per cent of our foreign
oorn population in 1900- was of Teu
tonic and Celtic stock the very same
that made the English.' Of course, a
still larger percentage of the native
born are of these races and of their
admixture. It is an error, then, . to
talk of the American people Vlj a , con
glomeration -of races. There is an
American race, formed by fusion of
the original race3 that made the En
glish. sk You Druggist for Allen's Foot-Ease.
T -v'.aA ATI i. - w If I - e-c . t
and have just bought anot her supply. It
and itcbins: sensation in my feet which was
. 1 m rtjt n . (..... ., Kl. ...-.. T . . . . T .1 1. . . - . I
"'-- 'ivi ""UH1 1IUI ui; W 1 1. Li
Ollt it now. Mrs. W. J. Walker, Camden.
w - . bviu uy au j-rrugisis,
England's Iron Imports.
The large imports of iron ore into
England about one-third of the total
amount consumed is not due to any
fear of the - exhaustion of the supply
in Great Britain, but to a desire to
save tre nonphosphorous iron used in
the acid process. There is a large, al
most unlimited supply of iroa, con
taining phosphorus in Scotland " and
in the Cleveland - . and Staffordshire
mines. The imported ore is largely
from Bilboa, Spain.
Opium Smoking in France. ' .
.For Etrae time past doctors la
France have been warning the public
against the dangers of the latest craze
opium smoking. The habit has been
Introduced by officers and others
home. from Indo-China, and gradually
extended to society at Marseilles and
Toulon. After being adopted in other
seaports, the mania has now reached
Paris, where it is reported to have
widely spread.
" "' Woman In Politics.
Miss Ethel Bailey of Crystal
Springs, Miss., sister of Senator Bailey
of Texas has entered .Mississippi poli
tics as a candidate for state, librarian.
' For a Bad Back.
Sabra, Montana, Oct. 19th. A great
many men in this neighborhood used
to complain of pains in the back, but
now scarcely one can be touuj whe
has any such trouble.
Mr. Gottlieb Mm is largely respon
sible for the improvement for it was
he,, who first of all found the remedy
for this Backache. He has - recom
mended it to all his friends and neigh
bors, and in every case it -has had
wonderful success. ' -
Mr. Mill says: ; v
"For many years I had been trou- '
bled with my Kidneys and pains in
the small of mj back. I tried many
n.'sdicines but did not derive any bene
fit until last fall, when I bought a
dozen boxes cf Dodd's Kidney Fills.
After using th:n a few days I began
to Improve,' my back quit aching and
I felt better and stronger all around.
1 will keep them in the hjusa right
along for In my opinion they are the
beat metiic-ne Jn the market to-day,
and if my back should bother me
gain, I will use nothing else.
- The kind of preserves a woman jpvts
on the table when the preacher comes
is the kind she thinks che is a gianU
pastmaster at making. ' .
Easy of Digestion
. Promptly
H e a. dl
Don't you know that Dizzi
ness. Biliousness, Sick Head
ache and Bad Breath result
from Constipation? c-
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
is the best remedy you can
take to cure Constipation and
Stomach Trouble. Try it to
day. . PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Moirticello, lit
Business Integrity of Women. '
, An insolvent . woman has applied for
relief from her " debts ' in one of the
United States courts. . Her appeal, so
unusual as to excite general comment,
speaks well for the fair sex and it
keen understanding of financial obli
gations. As a rule in insolvency pro
ceedings woman is generally the cause
of man's predicament, but is kept dis
creetly in the background.
Mrs. Winslows Koorultts Hyrnp."
For ebllclreo teething, sufteca tiie gums, reduces na
nsmm.tka.iiUajs sain, euros wind suUc 2ScboUas.
- Words of Wisdom.
Perhaps there was never voiced a
more potent truth than that which as
serts that "the worth of civilization
la the worth of the man at its center.
When this man lacks moral rectitude,
progress only makes bad worse, and
further embroils social problems.""
- Dealers say that as soon as a cus
tomer tries Defiance Starch "it is id
possible to sell. them any other cold
water starch. It can be used cold or
boiled. . '.
Acute Sense of Smell.
The aborigines of Pern can, in the
darkest night and in tbe thickest
woods. r . distinguish respectively a
white, man, a negro, and one of their
wn race by the smell. ,
Many who formerly smoked 10c cigar
now smoke Lewis' Single Binder" straight
Sc. Lewis" Factory, Peoria, 111. .
Let a pouting child alone and it will
come back to- the table . And by,-tbe-way.
a man is only a grown up child.
nTv Winchester .2a Caliber Cartridges sttoot when you want I
them to and where you point your gun. Buy the time- I
fHr5 tried Winchester make, having. the trade-mark "H" I
rJ5 stamped on the head. They cost only a few cents more I 1
jhftSf a box than the unreliable kind, but they are dollars better. I
gMi hi ir r
and Ready to Eat
K For aar
by all grwzrj
cures all
a.c lb e s
NO MONEY TILL, CURED. 23 yeas estabusheo.
We sea: ft and postpaid a 200 safe treatise Pitei. Fill all sad Diseases at tbe
Rectum: also 100 sage Hiss, treatise on Diseases of Womea. Of tactlwasiaJs cored! .
br our mild merhod. me paid a cent till cared we tarnish their assies on aeplicatios.
DRS. THORNTON cfc. MINOR. 1031 0 St.. Kansas City. Ms-
OBOBSBSBSBOasBBai,B - M'n rtrAiitt 1 n tioa lina anil
rV tfbM- I '.oilet Antiseptic we wlU .
-sssMBaasWb I mail a large trial fiacftslS
witn boon or Instruction',
absolutely fres. This is nos
a tiny sample, but a largs-pa'-'kase,
eaoufrn to con
vince anyone of Its valw
Women all over the country
are praising; Pax tine for wfaas
it has done in local treat
ment of female tils, curinsr
all inflammation and discfaarRes. wonderful as a
cleansing vafrinal douche, -for sore throat, nasal
catarrh, as a mouth wash and to remoye tartar
and whiten the teeth. Send today ; a postal card
will do. -
Sold by drocctsts or sent postpaid by we. SO
Cut, larsxe bosv Satisfaction sTuar-'nteedW
IBS U. VAXTON CO.. Boston, MasX.
- Sl-4 Colambui A.T..
'3.52 & 3 SHOESE
- Ton can save from- $3 to $s yearly by
wearing W. L. Dovglaa $3.50 or $3 shoes.
hey equal those -that
have been cost- '
ing von from 84.00
to 85.00 The im
mense sale of W. L.
Douglas shoes proves '
their superiority over
all other makes.
Sold by retail shoe
dealers everywhere.
Look for name and
priceTi bottom. -That
Dosaias asm Cor.
eaaioit rrom tk.re is
raise Is Doazlsx ahnea.
Coroaa Is the hirhoat
g. wle Pa). Leather male. !
F ax VnTnr Kulrm 1
Ojt $4 Qilt E dqe tin "annot be mQttatlvd at any price.
Shoes by Mail, 25 rents extra. Illa.trate4
catalog tree,, n . 1 IX) I n Brockton, J
frWEB Waterproof,
rr makes even bat cocbt
Thompson's Ejo Vatsr
WL.N. U-, KANSA8 CITY, NO. 43, 1903
II BostCSoush
1 I la llm
IE UJ, ElU fllllZ
-uprTaataa Good. UN
uotuto brrus.
la time, sola trr iranus.

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