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fS&--ri. n'-'lf II TJ IIMIl I i I I H II T i
A beautiful Metal Match Safe, in 5
colors, showing "The Girl Who Can
Tell the Best Lye," will b sent to
any address, ( istpaid, for one of our
Lye labels.
will make more and better leap than any other
lye; will also prevent and cure Hog Cholera, kill
lice and disease in the poultry yard. necessary
in your home and on the farm. Full direc
tions on label. Sold everywhere.
, E. Myers Lye Co.
4t South Third Street St. Luis. Mo.
Magnificent Crops for 1904.
Western Canada's
Wheat Crop this
Year Will be OO,
OOO.OOO Bushels;
and Wheat at Pres
ent Is Worth si.OO a
The Oat and Barley Crop Will Also Yield Abundantly.
Splendid prices for all kinds of grrain. cattle
and other farm produce for the growing of
Which the climate is unsurpasseu.
About 1PO.000 Americans have settled in West
ern Canada during the past three years.
Thousands of 'free homesteads of 160 acres
each still available in the best agricultural dis
tricts. It has been said that the TJnited States will
be forced to import wheat ttithin a very few
'years. Secure a farm in Canada and become
one of those who will produce it.
Apply for information to Superintendent of
Immigration. Ottawa. Canada, or to authorized
Canadian Government Apent J. S. Crawford.
No. 125 W. Ninth Street, Kansas City. Mo.
-Jk Martv-
Wabash Train
St. Louis
Lesva KANSAS CUT, H:1S p. mm. BaBy
ants WOM-D'S ram STATISH. Tree a. mm. "
Arrtvs ST. mOWS (Uataa Stsllsa) Till a. a. -
EQUIPMENT Pullman Sleepers, Free Ra
ollnlBs Cbalr Cara aud Coaches. Sleepers
and Coaches open at lu p. m. far oceupanoy.
WabeeK la the eatly line to WORLD'S
FAIR Main Gate. Return Train leaves
St. Louis 11 :4S o.m. for Kansas City. Ask
your AcentforTisketsovertaa Wtbmmh.
S. S. SHKLSS. l S. MmCtIU.S.
Trav. Pass. A seat. , Wasters Pass. Aaeet,
is somethtng every merchant ia looking
for. Writs us today for Catalogue.' Over
SO.000 "EAGLE" Acetylene Gener
ators in use In ResMenoee, Stores,
Lodge Halls. Etc
Oasr--al Aoetylene Oo.,
7ff Bmtmmrmrm Ot.rKmmmmm City asSo.
RlMaa Tabula are the meat aya-
. pepela medicine ever mssnv A
hundred aalluoaa of them hare
a km ia tee United states m
a elacle year. Coaatlpaalea, hean
bara, sack headache, alsatneas, bad
breath, aore throat, and every 111
ataas arislaar from a disordered
stomach are retleved or oared by Ittpene Taeniae.
One will seaermlly rive relief within sweaty mtsr
stea The Svweent paekaaa Is soona-h for ordinary
ah srasrins sail inan. -
1 Mustang Liniment
i . cures Sprains and Strain.
S04 Mm Tark Lite ilea-, KANSAS dTT, MO.
tC would teach tb h&j II
I Who buys.
I Lesson number tram. II
I Starch is an extraction
1 'f wheat used to stjf- J J
I lea clothes when
I JaTjdered. Host 1
H starches ia tuna II
H wiB rot th 1
M . foods they
'-art used to I
1 UtiiTsft, x ,
I vHvey If 'wOBtals
1 is abaohitary pore.'
I It gives new lift to
1 linen. It gives satla&o-
& tion or money back. It
1 sells 16 oonoes for 10 cents
jll At all grocers. It ia the
1 'very best.
I 1 OMAtUV - - NEB.
I BwithWJuiC I f
i I to time. Sold by dnisreivtm. -f
No Sleep No Appetite Just a Con
tinual Backache.
Joseph McCanley. of 144 Sholto St,
Chicago, Sachem of Tecumseh Lodge.
say3: "Two years ago my health was
completely ' broken down. My back
ached and was so
lame that at times I
was hardly able to
dress myself. I lost
my appetite and was
a n a b 1 e to sleep.
There seemed to bo
no relief until I took
D o a n's Kidney
Pills, but Jour boxes
of this remedy ef
fected a complete and permanent care.
If suffering humanity knew the value
of Doan's Kidney Pills they would nse
nothing else, as it is the only positive
cure I know."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. ' Foster-Milburn Co.", Buffalo,
N.Y. - . .
Earth's Oldest Inhabitant.
The oldest known inhabitatn of the
earth is a giant tortoise of New Zea
land, weighing 970 pounds. Its age is
estimated at from 250 to 300 years.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of C ASTORIA,
s safe and sure remedy for infants and children.
and ace that it
Bears the
Signature of
In TJse For Over SO Tears.
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought.
If you want to please people let
them fool you when they plainly want
A Crop of 60,000,000 Bushels of Wheat
Will Be the Record of 1904. -
The results of the - threshing In
Western Canada are not yet complet
ed, but from information at hand, it is
safe to say that the average per acre
will be reasonably high, and a fair
estimate will place the total yield of
wheat at 60,000,000 buBhels. At pres
ent prices this will add to the wealth
of the farmers nearly $60,000,000.
Then think of the immense yield of
oats and barley, and the large herds
of cattle, for all of which good prices
will be paid.
The following official telegram was
sent by Honorable Clifford Sifton, Min
ister of the Interior, to Lord Strath
cona. High Commissioner for Can
ada: "Am now able to state definitely
that under conditions of unusual diffi
culty in Northwest a fair average crop
of wheat of good quality has been
reaped and is now secure from sub
stantial damage. The reports of in
Jury by frost and rust were grossly
exaggerated. The wheat of Manitoba
and Northwest Territories will aggre
gate from fifty-five to sixty million
bushels. The quality is good and the
price is ranging around one dollar
per bushel.
Frank H. Spearman, in the Satur
day Evening Post, says:
"When our first transcontinental
railroad was built, learned men at
tempted by isotherman demonstration
to prove that wheat could not profit
ably be grown north of where the line
was projected; but the real granary
of the world lies up to 300 miles north
of the Canadian Pacific railroad, and
the day is not definitely distant when
the United States will knock at the
doers of Canada for its bread. Rail
road men see such a day; -it may be
hoped that statesmen also will see it,
and arrange their reciprocities while
they may do so gracefully. Americans
already have swarmed into that far
country and to a degree have taken
the American wheat field with them.
Despite the fact that for .years a little
Dakota station on the St. Paul road
Eureka held the distinction ot lw g
the largest primary grain market in
the world, the Dakota and Minnesota
will one day yield their palm to Sas
katchewan." Intellectuality is the cause of bald
ness. So says a baldheaded, scientist
Warning to Housewives.
The average consumer of baking pow
der does not know that a reaction occurs
in the process of baking;. Whenever a
chemical reaction takes place, the nature
of te original materials is entirely
changed, so that the substances which
remain in the food to be eaten are very
different from those which composed the
baking powder before baking. For this
reason, the statement that a baking
powder contains alum or cream of tartar
is worthlesa so far as Informing the
consumer as to what he eats. What the
consumer wants to know Is what goes
Into his stomach, not what Is in the can.
Food prepared with a cream of tartar
baking powder does not contain any
cream of tartar. Just as food prepared
with alum baking powder is free from
alum. In tne oass of the high-priced
trust baking powders this bread residue
consists of Rochelle Salts, the active
ingredient Of SeldUts Powders. That is.
when food prepared with these treat
baking powders Is eaten, the consumer
Is taking a dose ef Seidllts Powders.
Rochelle Baits is a medicine and not a
food, and this constant dosing will se
riously derange the digestive organs.
Prof. Wiley, chemist of the TJnited States
Department of Agriculture, has declared
in aubstance that "A loaf of bread made
from a quart of flour leavened with
cream of tartar baking powder contains
ia grains more, of Rochelle Salts than
is contained In one Seidlits Powder. At
a hearing before the Committee on Pub
lic Health of the Massachusetts Legists
ture. on a bill designed to prevent this
wholesale dosing of the public, the fol
lowing eminent Boston physicians testi
fied against the healthfulnesa of Roch
elle Salts, and strongly recommended the
passage of a law -which would prohibit
the sale of powders which left tLis dan
gerous drug in fooo: Dr. Hartung, Dr. C.
O. Kepler. Dr. F. B. Foster. Dr. O. M.
Why should the consumer pay forty
five or fifty cents per pound for baking
powder when the best baking powder
in the world can be made to retail at
twenty-five cents per pound the price
asked for Calumet Baking Powder) and
leave a fair manufacturer's profit T The
manufacturers of Calumet Baking Pow
der have for years made a standing- of
fer of $1,000.00 for any aubstance inju
rious to health fonnd in food prepared
from it. Bread made from Calumet ia en
tirely free from Rochelle Salts, alum,
lime or ammonia.
- The fool-killer should be remove
from office for cause.
Possibility ef Success In Restoring
Fertility of Sahara. -
It is estimated that the oases of the
Sahara occupy about one-fourth of its
area, the other thirty-nine-fortieths be
ing hopeless desert. But this is guess
work, as is, indeed, the exact location
of most of the cases themselves. So
poorly have the observations been tak
en by former visitors at many of these
spots that often an explorer who has
guided himself by their directions will
find himself far out of his course and
hopeless of untwisting the tangle, ex
cept by independent investigation.
Now that France possesses recog
nized claim to the greater part of the
Sahara and has brought the desert
tribes Into some kind of order, there Is
a prospect that the whole region will
be carefully gone over, so that in the
course of not . many years reliable
maps may be made. Indeed, the vari
ous expeditions under French army
officers that have been out for one
purpose or another during the past
year accomplished notable results.
Last spring Commandant Laperrine
of the military staff in the Tuat oases,
with three brother officers, an astron
omer, and a party of seventy-five sol
diers on fleet camels, covered a dis
tance of 1,300 smiles in four months,
at a pace which far exceeds that of
the big old-time expeditions. He
fonnd water and pasturage, and lived
almost entirely off the resources of
the desert. His report shows that of
forty-three places whose locations
were accurately determined by his
astronomer all but one had been
placed very much too far to the west
on the maps. Timissao, for instance.
Ilea 15 miles southeast of its old map
location.- Ideles, on the other hand,
lies about a degree of longitude west
of where it had been supposed to be.
With the desert once fully explored,
the next question will be how to make
It most useful. The dry river beds
show that in former ages it had, at
least in the western part, a much
larger water supply than it has now.
It may not be out of the power of men
of a generation hence to restore to
some extenjt at least the old condi
Prince Svlatopolk-Mirski Has Been
Chosen by the Czar.
Prince Sviatopolk-Mirski, the new
Russian minister of the interior, who
Prince Sviatopolk-Mirski.
succeeds the murdered Von Plehve,
has been successively governor of
Penza, marshal of the nobility of the
Province of Kharkoff and Ekaterinos
lay, and assistant minister of the in
terior under M. Sipiaguine, who also
was assassinated. The prince Is 47
years of age, and bfegan his career as
a soldier, but later entered the civil
service. He is said to possess a hor
ror of religious persecution. His fa
ther was a famous general during the
reign of Alexander IL The prince's
wife is a great admirer of Count Tol
Unoriental Trait in Chinese Minister
to London.
Minister Chang, Chinese represent
ative in London, is among the most re
spected, diplomats in the British cap
ital. He is gifted with an unoriental
preference for plainness In costume,
which is fortunate for himself, as he
is not wealthy. Prince Chen, an im
mensely rich Chinese nobleman, was
in London recently, and -in the coarse
of an Interview with the minister
said: "Why is It that-yon do not
dress more richly, and why do yon not
provide more elaborate costumes for
Mme. Chang and the members of your
suite?" Minister Chang replied, calm
ly: "In the first place, your highness,
I do not care for rich attire, and. In
the next place, being S poor man,' I
can not afford to do as yon suggest-
It Is understood that a substantial in
crease in Minister Chang's allowance
-was the outcome of this interview. '
, Energetic Southerner.
Got. Terrell of Georgia, has on his
staff CoL J. S. Ralne, who is a stick
ler for the respect due the state execu
tive and members of his family. This
was shown the other day at St. Louis,
where the governor and party are vis
iting the fair. CoL Raine knocked
down a camel driver in the Streets of
Jerusalem because the driver refused
to permit Mrs. Terrell to dismount
when she discovered that she did not
like to ride. The blow brought re
sults. The camel ,was stopped and
forced to kneel while the trembling
Wife of the governor dismounts. .
- French Millionaires.
The French ministry of finance has
just published the statistics of wills
proved in France in 1903, and from
this it is evident that he number of
very rich people in the country has
been grossly exaggerated. 1 Last year
only 497 wills, leaving -more than'
1,000,000 francs, or 40,000, were
proved, and of these only x4 exceeded
2.000,000 francs, of 80,000. There
were only eight fortunes of over 10,
000,000 franc or 400,000, and the
highest of all was of the exceptional
value of 2,000,000. It is evident,
then, that the real millionaires in
France are very few, but it should be
noted that rich men in France marry
rich wives, so that a family may be
much more wealthy than the will of
either father or mother would imply.
' No Owner to Valuable Lands.
Another parcel of real estate in
Brooklyn is discovered to have nc
owner of record, and taxes are piling
up on a $350,000 slice of the Green
point district. Two weeks ago it was
found that in South Brooklyn there
were eleven parcels, valued at $150,
000, tor which the city had no record
of the owners. But the big parcel in
Manhatan avenue, between Ash street
and Newton creek, offers the most un
accountable mystery. Real estate
agents have no knowledge oi - the
owners. Who collects the rents for
the factories on the land is a secret
the tenants profess not to know.
Hessian Money Made Rothschild For
tune. It is not generally known that the
vast fortune of the Rothschilds is due
In large degree to the money which
England paid for the Hessians. When
Napoleon was raiding Germany the
elector of Hease-Cassel intrusted this
treasure to Meyer Anselm .Roths
child, and the fidelity with which
that famous Hebrew administered the
trust raised him to that high place in
international finances which the fam
ily, in its several branches, has since
occupied and extended.
Tobtcco Receipts.
The total government receipts from
tobacco from all sources were $44,-
655,808.75 for the fiscal year, against
$43,514,810.24 for the fical year 1902-
1903, or an increase of $1,140,998.51
This increase is participated in by all
branches of the trade except cigar
manufacture here we see a decrease
of $236,756.01. As cigar manufacturing
shows the worst condition so tobacco
manufacture shows the best condition.
Receipts for this branch of the trade
exceeded the receipts for the previous
fiscal year by $1,007,790.02.
Many American Gulls.
Before the Belfast Natural History
Society J. Brown gave reasons for con
cluding that there are 2,000,000gulls
in the TJnited Kingdom and that during
the herring season each bird destroyed
200 fry a day, or 12,000 during the two
months of the season. These, if they
had come to maturity, would have been
worth $120,000,000.
Where Much iMoney Lies.
It Is published in New York (that
Contractor J. B. McDonald filled in
some swamps at Pelham bay with
earth excavated from the Jerome park
reservoir and made $3,000,000 by the
increased value of i,1""13- Perhaps
somebody will do something similar
with the Missouri valley overflowed
lands some day. i
Color mors goods brighter and farter colors than an,
ftsk dealer orwe will send post paid at 10c a package.
lb ClmOTHIMtll
Tht bat icternh, Julled wortntn end
3;ty-3on yrm experience hcavxic
TOWER'. Olickcn Grab end Mafe
fbmio the work cr Trty are nedein
on wry ooment beoringthe 3IGN Of
THE F ISM a guaranteed to five lot:
bfocticn. Al I refeite denlerj yeU then.
A4T0VTI CltaOSTOfJUiS-ttlA. '
Vma CAMHWCO.liaAr.10OT4ail
Strawberry and
Vogotablo Dealers
The Psxsencer Department of the Illinois
Central Railroad Company have recently issued
a publication known as Circular No. 13, la which
la described mho
best territory in this cccsfry
for the rrowfna- of early sumwheri les sad early
vearetasles. Kvsry dealer ia such products
should sddress a postal card to the underaiirned
t pubuous, , recinostlna; a eopj of
CaPcuiar No. Is.
J. T. htXEJRY, Asst. feeal Faas'r AesA.
St Ciiar batter Qsauty Him atost 10t Citars
Too Jobs as or direct t roam Factory. Psoras, 111.
W. N. U, KANSAS CITY. NO. 42, 1904
Supply Dapof
Bar tout nsaaiesl wants
7 snail from aa old re
liable Ann carrylns the
Jar-eat slock or musical
mercbanssse in the West
Nad roar nni and ad-
sreaarormy new Illus
trated eataloa-ue FRKX
Prop. Musical Mdas.
Dept. Carl Bofasa
Music Co-
101S-t014 Walnut Street,
f t u 1 1. ail.
VloUa Basal rin a specialty
aii tuns
3 W
- aVstlsmta
Mi awTas t
Mrs. Anderson,
.woman of Jacksonville, Fla., daughter of
'Kecorder of Deeds,
her signature to the
J . Z . 9 J
Lydia Ee Piiikham's Vegetable CompctincL
" Jkas Mns. PnrxnAM : There are but few wives and mothers who
bave not at times endured agonies and such pain as only women know.
I wish such women knew the value of Lydia E. Pinkba.m's Veg-etaJble
Componnd. It is a remarkable medicine, different in action from any
I ever knew and thoroughly reliable.
I have seen cases where women doctored for years without Toerma-
fient benefit, who were cored in less than three months after taking your
Vegetable Compound, while others who were chronio and incurable
came out cured, happy, and in perfect health after a thorough treatment
with this medicine. 1 have never used it myself without gaining great
benefit. A few doses restores my strength and appetite, and tones up
the entire system. Teur medicine has been tried and found true, hence
I fully endorse it." Mas. R. A, Akdzbsox, 225 Washington St- Jack
sonville, Fla. "
Mrs. Heed, 2425 . Cumberland Stv, Philadelphia, pa, says t
r7 Y M r
sf I 'M. z 1 vompoona to au sunering women."
W hen women are troubled with
ness, leucorrhaea, displacement or ulceration of the womb, that bearin g--dow n
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache, flatulence, g-eneral debility,
indigestion, and nervous prostration, thev should remember there is one tried
and true remedy. Lydia E. rinkhani's Vegetable Compound at once
removes such troubles. .j
The experience and testimony of some of the most noted
women of America go to prove, beyond a question, tliat Lydia E. '
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will correct all such trouble
once by removing the cause and restoring the organs to a healthy ,
and normal condition. If In doubt, write Airs. Pinkham at Lynn,
lllass, as thousands do. Her advice is free and helpful.
No other medicine for women in the world has received such wide
spread and unqualified endorsement. No other medicine has such a
record of cures of female -troubles. Refuse to buy any substitute.
FORFEIT if ws cannot forthwith produce the original letters sad signs tares O
abovo teat.imoniala, which will prove their alwolute genuineness.
Turdla E. finfchana hlediciiio Cck. Ljdu, w-ir-
other drs. One 10c package colors silk, wool and cotton equally ijellMd
Writs far free booklet How to Dre, Bleach and Mix Colors. DUOd CO., c7iwts, Jfsaawatra
l tnm
TWer '
r.Uow tbe flag"
h x v gLjrrsm- t-a-s r
eTv ai. X s. JOT MSJU -Miir .
fcJ J l ft IttmaMaar Va
All rsilro&ds connect with tho davv mid nifftit trains on tho AVsbaahs
fell loca.1 agnt to ro-ata 70a vis too Wabash. The Wabash has tha only
tr aek to the World's Fair. Aasplo rest, and eating- rooms.
Wcatcn Piimrnpf AgsiiaW
truogeo K-r. p5S?4
cstsios Fs&s. r to veil. wi..J-,y..ni
5 s CV-ii?
f F.v-I ' iV?r. j'
a prominent society
West, who witnessed
following letter, nraises
"Dkak Mrs. Ptnkitam: : I feel it my duty
to write and tell you the good I have received
irom JLytlia t. linlrtiam'g Vegetable Com
"I have been a great sufferer with female
trouble, trying different doctors and medicines
with no benefit. Two rears asol went under
an operation, and it left me in a very weak
condition. I had stomach troublo. barikaolift-
palpitation of the heart, and was very
nervous: in race I arnfrl all wpr tind
yours u tne only medicine that reaches '
such troubles, and would cheerfullv rec
ommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
irrejrular or nainful menstruation, -weak
a7.L. Douglas
aimoisi tttmn
mot far. The reason W. I- Dooslaa 9S.CO shoes are tns
sellers ia the world is because of their exeeUent style.
xij ii l li i ia ana aiofnar 11 wi ills uiism u A own vuow
yen tba ellTafenee between tne shoes niade tn my factory and
those of other makes and the litsb-Krade leathers need, yon
would nnderstand why W. L. Douglaa SS.SO shoes coat more
to make, wby tney hold their shape, nt better, wear lonaer,
sad are of greater hHtlnete value than any other Safio shoe
ea the market to-day, and why the sales tor the yeas aialtna
JuJj J. were "
La, TXxi&MM turumnteemt their vmloa by --UTiptiiti tit vmam
1 Dries oo the bottom. Look for It take no anbstiuit.
Sold by bof dealers erc-rywbare. fat Color EyeitUi used
Superior in Fit, Comfort Mid Temr
T Aave firm. W. 1 TUmfilaA tSM than for the lamt tttehte 4rm
With absolute atUftum. J find them tujteriar tnJUcornJori
B. S. Me CUE, Dept. Coll- U.S. Int. AeveruA. SiekmottaWa.
W. Hm. Don)t;lu nmmu Corona Colts kJa In lils'SSJlO
hoB. Corons Colt is ocMicodod to oo ttm flwiwrt
Patent Leather TauMle.
Mf. to DOUGLAS B9tmmo mm
World's Fair?
Take the Wabash
Right ''to the Gates
Mo trouble. Mo Crowding.
Mo Confusion.
All Wabash. Train stop ml
tho main entrmnoe.
fijnlf ormod smployss to mint raasortt
'. . Sbl private) boarding" housos.
Travcaiog Fassecfe Aires
i cures catarrh of the rtffmnfflle

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