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.Vegetable Preparationfor As
similating the Food andfiegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
ness and Rest.Con tains neither
Opium, Morpliine norIiueraL
7ape efOUUb-SSMUELPlIWat
A perfect Remedy forConsfipa
Tion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
m My
I MAC ir t-M-. ... a. t fc
Pat: This Is a great country, Mary
Mary Ann: How's that?"
Pat; Shure th' papers sez yez can
buy a foive-dollar money or-Jer fer
three cints, Oi m after havin' wan
now wid th' money yez give me for th'
cake av soap.
Old Lady: One doesn't hear so much
of the young ladies running off with
their coachmen nowadays.
Second Ditto: No. but they go and
mary their chiffoniers," and that's
Chicago, Oct. 10. The Peruna Drug
Manufacturing Company, manufactur
ers of a widely known proprietary med
icine, has brought suit in the Superior
Court of the City of Chicago against
the Curtis Publishing Company of Phil
adelphia, alleging that it has been
damaged to the extent of $250,000 bj .
recent article in the Ladies' Home
The suit is based on a statement re
cently made In that journal that a
testimonial as to the merit of the rem
edy manufactured by the plaintiff, al
leged to have been given by Congress
man George H. White of South Caro
lina, was fraudulent, denial from Mr.
White that he ever gave such a testi
monial also being printed.
The Peruna company declares that
Congressman White did give the testi
monial in good faith, and that it has
two original letters from Mri White. It
declares that Mr. White was led to
repudiate the testimonial through a
This is the second large damage suit
that has been filed against the Curtis
Publishing company since it Inaugur
ated its attacks on "Patent Medicines."
All is not figure that dresses that
A woman can pretend almost any
thing except that she likes to smoke.
A girl is never sure whether you
squeezed her fingers or she did yours.
Remorse lasts almost as long as the
punishment for the thing that causes
An accident may make a man great,
but it takes steady plugging to keep
him so. New Yorv Press.
The Black Hand in Denver.
A little pickaninny ran crying up
Welton street yesterday, as though
bis litttle heart would break.
'What is the matter?" asked a man.
"My mammie spanked me," was the
"Ah, I see. More work of the black
band." Denver News.
Nothing Doing.
A German -who Invented a telamobilo
skop To detect when a -vessel is approach-
tag ,
Another vessel on the ocean.
Chose a mighty bad name
For a fellow to make a limerick out of.
Kansas City "Drovers Telegram.
In the Art Gallery.
Softlelgh I feel great reverence
when I stand before one of those old
masters. , Don't you?
N. Peck Tes. I am greatly awed by
one I have at home. Kansas City
Drovers Telegram.
It' Jim m H J
THf enmum MvPMnr. nnr vom enr
f- -ri"i; iimii hi- i
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
13 u-uarduruuis
1 won't sell AntUftrfplne to a dealer -who won't fnrantw
It. Call for your HO. BV BACK IS IT 1IOVT CUKE.
JF. IF. Sterner, St- Manulaoturer.SpriitfirZeld , J&T
Willie's Suspicion.'
"Say pa!"
"Go on, Willie," remarked the pastoi
of the Steenth Avenue church.
"When a watchmaker fills a watel
case it means there aint much in it.
don't it?"
"Yes son."
"Then what do you mean when you
say you are going to fill the pulpil
next Sunday?" Kansas City Drovers
You Rave Ho Right io Suffei
From Constipation, Bowel and Stomach Trouble
Q. W hat is th beginning of sickness?
A. Constipation.
Q. What is Constipation?
A. Failure of the bowels to carry ofT ttt
waste matter which lies in the alimentary canal
where it decays and poisons the entire system
Eventually the results are dath under the
name of some other disease. Note the deaths
from typhoid fever and appendicitis, stomach
ana oowei irouDie at tne present time.
Q. What causes Constipation?
A. !Nrjflect to respond to the call of natnre
promptly. Lack of exercise. Kxoesslve brain
work. Mental emotion and improper diet.
Q. What are the results of neglected Consti
pation A. Constipation causes more suffering than
any other disease. It causes rheumatism, colds,
fevers, stomach, bowel, kidney, lung and heart
troubles, etc. It is the one disease that starts
all others. Indigestion. dyspepsia, diarrhea, lost
of sleep and strength are its symptoms piles,
appendicitis and fistula, are caused by Constipa
tion. Its consequences are known to all phy
sicians, but few sufferers realize their condition
until it it too late. Women become continued
invalids as a result of Constipation.
Q. Do physicians recognize this?
A. Yes. The first question yourdoctor asks
you is "are you constipated?" That in the secret.
Q. Can it be cured ?
A. Yes. with proper treatment. The common
error is to resort to pbysics. sucn as pills, salts,
mineral water, castor oil, injections, etc., every
one of whichls injurious. They weaken and
increase the malady. You know this by jour
own experience. -Q.
What then should be done to cure it ?
A . Get a bottle of Mull's Grape Tonic at once.
Mull's Grape Tonic will positively cure Consti
pation and Stomach Trouble in the shortest
space of time. No other remedy has before been
known to cure Constipation positively aiid per
manently. Q. What is Mull's Grape Tonic ?
A. It is a Compound with 40 per cent of the
juice of Concord t- rapes. It exerts a peculiar
strengthening, healing influence upon the intes
tines, so that they can do their work unaided.
The process is gradual but sure. It is not a
physic, but it cures Constipation. Dysentery,
Stomach and Bowel Trouble. Havin a rich,
fruity grape flavor, it is pleasant to take. As a
tonic it is unequalled, insuring the system
against disease. It strengthens and builds up
waste tissue.
Q. Where can Mull's Grape Tonic be had ?
A. Your druggist sells it. The dollar bottle
contains nearly three times the 50-cent size.
Good for Ailing Children aad urging Kothars.
A free bottle to rll who have never used 11
because we know it will cure you.
Send this coupon with tout name and art
dress and you druggist's nam, (or a free
bottle ot Mull's Grape Tonic for Stomach
and Bowels, to
148 Third Avenue, Rock Island. Illinois
Girt Full Addret mnd Write 11a Mf.
The '$1.00 bottle contains nearly three
times the 50c size. At drug stores.
The frenutne has a date and number stamped ox
the label take no other from your druggist.
All Up.
"Oh, yes, we were terribly sick, for
the vessel turned somersaults and
stood on its head for .an hour. The
night was black, too, but there was
considerable diversion on deck."
"Anything startling?"
"On.no; one thing and then another
came up, but nothing startling. We
felt great relief, though, when the
moon came up." Kansas City Drovers
laugh and be slad
Boy's Practical Idea of a Tangible
Object Excellent Footpath for
Flies Too Much Superstition Drove
Sleep From Romantic Maiden.
Worth While.
Passenger (on trunk line of rail
way) Somehow the scenery along
here looks different from what it used
to. .J
Conductor Tes; the road used to
run around this hill. We go through
it now, in a deep cut. It cost the com
pany $50,000 and two months' work to
make the cut, but it shortens our run
ning time nearly three seconds. Chi
cago Tribune.
Looking at Himself. ,
"We had quite a prominent actor as
a guest at our house the other even
ing." "Gracious! didn't you find It frard
to entertain him?"
"Oh, no, we Just handed him a
bunch of photographs and his own
was among them. He amused hL.
self for hours."
Which Can Be Touched.
"What is meant by something tan
gible, pa?"
"Something that you can touch,
"Then it is another name for an
easy mark."
The Whole Thing.
es, saia young Benedick, "we
went. to Niagara Falls on our honey
moon. Just as soon as we got off the
train my wife and I walked right over
to see the falls."
"Magnificent, eh?" remarked Kicks.
"You bet! You should have seen all
the men rubbering at her as we
walked along."
Not an Athlete.
"How is Jigley's boy making out at
college?" N
"Oh! he isn't amounting to much
"Why, I heard he was making great
rrogress with his studies."
"That's just it. He spends all his
time trying to acquire an education.'
Preparing fcr the Wedding.
"I suppose." said the facetious
stranger, "watching a workman spread
a carpet from the church to the curb
"that's the high road to Heaven
you're fixing there?"
"No," replied the man, "this is
merely a bridal path."
No Wonder.
"Where is Charlie Blower, the cor
net player?"
"Studying abroad."
"Who advised him to go so far to
"All . of - his neighbors." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
"Mother, what sort of a sign Is It
when you dream that you are mar
"They say that dreams go by con
traries, my dear."
"Mother, IH be afraid to go to sleep
now. -
Keep Off the Grass.
Jumper Say, Jimmy, come up here
on the path; the air is much finer,
and it's smoother walking.
A Sure Cure.
Jon eg What s good for the tooth
ache? .
Smith Walk About half-way to the
nearest dentist's. -Judge.
New Letter li the Alphabet.
Mother (who is teaching her child
'.he alphabet) Now, dearie, Tvhat
jomes after g? ,
The child Whte! Judge.
How I Suffered with Itching and
Bleeding Eczema Until Cured
by Cuticura.
"No tongue can' tell how I suffered
for five years with a terribly painful.
itching, and bleeding eczema, my
body and face being covered with
sores. Never in my life did I experi
ence such awful suffering, and I
longed for death, which I felt was
near. I had tried doctors and medi
cines without success, but my mother
insisted that I try Cuticura. I felt
better after the first bath with Cuti
cura Soap and one application of Cuti
cura Ointment, and was soon entirely
well. (Signed) Mrs. A. Etson, Belle
vue, Mich."
But Not Now.
I want to be an angel "
He sang this old-time song.
His face was bright with gladness
And his voice was clear and strong.
I want to be an angel,"
He sang then held his breath.
For a clear-cut crash of thunder
Had scared him most to death.
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
With Due Allowance.
Mr. James J Hill's characterization
of the isthmian canal as an expensive
toy that appeals more to the imagi
nation than to the reasoning faculties
will have to be taken with due al
lowance for his transcontinental rail
road Interests. He's cut bias. Bos
ton Herald.
The Indiana man who had died and
was called back to life by the screams
of his wife was evidently afraid to
die without her consent-
Most any man could succeed in
business if he could put up as good a
front as the average woman can when
a fashionable neighbor happens to
call on wash day.
A great many men scheme to get
themselves in the nine-hole, and then
complain about it when they get in.
The best day of life lies between
yesterday and tomorrow.
Best in the World.
Cream, Ark., Oct. 9th. (Special.)
After eighteen months suffering from
Epilepsy, Backache and Kidney Com
plaint, Mr. W. H. Smith of this place
is a well man again and those who
have watched his return to health un
hesitatingly give all the credit to
Dodd's Kidney Pills. In an interview
regarding his cure, Mr. Smith says:
"I had been low for eighteen months
with my back and kidneys and also
Epilepsy. I had taken everything I
knew of and nothing seemed to do me
any good till a friend of mine got me
to send for Dodd's Kidney Pills. I find
that they are the greatest medicine
tn the world, for now I am able to
work and am in fact as stout and
strong as before I took sick."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the Kid
neys. Cured Kidneys cleanse the
blood of all impurities. Pure blood
means good health.
A Dozen Don'ts.
Don't "knock."
Don't get gay.
Don't depend too much on friends.
Don't forget that the best kind of
advise is example.
Don't do all your pushing against
the breechestraps.
Don't be a good fellow at the ex
pense of. your family.
Don't forget that your wife earns
half of the money or more.
Don't forget that time wasted to
day is a draft on tomorrow.
Don't work so iiard trying to find
a way to live without working.
Don't forget that there wolud be
no tongue of gossip If there were not
at least two ears. -,
Don't keep all your good nature
for use during business hours take
some of it home with you.
Don't think that a brown stone
front will keep the butcher boy from
seeing the garbage barrel in the rear.
W. L. Maupin in Commoner.
The Army Teapot. ,
A Pittsburg genius offers, as a so
lution to the army canteen problem,
the suggestion that teapots with real
tea in them be used in place of the
whisky canteens. Now, let's see how
long it will be before some old granny
will rise up in her might and enter a
protest on the ground that tea is In
jurious to all except old people and
old maids and things.
"Good," He Says, "But Comfort Bet
ter." "Food that fits is better than a gold
mine," says a grateful man.
"Before I commenced to use Grape
Nuts food no man on earth ever had
a worse infliction from catarrh of the
stomach than I had for years.
"I could eat nothing but the very
lightest food and even that gave me
great distress.
"I went through the catalogue of
prepared foods but found them all
(except Grape-Nuts) more or less In
digestible, generating gas in the stom
ach (which in turn produced bead
ache and various other pains and
aches) and otherwise unavailable for
my use. , "
"Grape-Nuts food I have found
easily digested and assimilated, and
it has renewed my health and vigor
and made me a well man again. The
catarrh of the stomach has disap
peared entirely with all its attendant
ills, thanks to Grape-Nats, which now
is my almost sole food. I want no
other." Name given by Postum Co,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Ten day's trial tells the story.
There's a reason.
She Was Bewitched.
Thomas W. Lawson was once vis
ited in his Boston office by a young
woman who came laden with all sorts
of college diplomas and gilt-edged
references. It so happened that Mr.
Lawson needed a temporary secretary,
and engaged her on the spot. When,
later in the day, the young woman
handed Mr. Lawson a number of let
ter that he had dictated, they were
chiefly remarkable for their hideous
orthography. He called the girl's at
tention to her blunders, whereupon
she replied with a gigle:
"Really, now, I think I must have
been bewitched."
"Quite so," said Mr. Lawson;
"some fairy has evidently cast a bad
spell over you."
This story affords a moral to the
average stenographer and typewriter,
for If there is anything which exasper
ates a business or professional it is
the inability of his amanuensis to spell
Noble Man.
Mrs. Nuwed Come right In, you
poor man, and I will give you someth
ing to eat. I suppose you were not
always in this unhappy condition.
Selydm Wirk Indeed I was not,
mnm. Fifteen years ago I was rich
and prosperous.
Mrs. Nnwed And what brought you
to tnis unfortunate condition?
Seldym Wirk In 1896, mum, I saw
dat de honor of dis great country
was threatened by repudiators, an"
I sacrificed me immense fortune t
save it from the unprincipaled wreck
ers what was seeking to ruin it. It
was me patriotism, mum, dat brought
me to dis unfortynit condition.
Tbanky, mum, fr dis fine spread.
Cramp in the Legs.'
People who are subject to cramp
in the legs should always be provid
ed with a good strong piece of cord,
especially in their bed rooms. When
the cramp comes on take the cord.
Wind it around the leg over the place
where he is cramped, take an end in
each hand and give it a sharp pull,
one that will hurt a little, and the
cramp will cease instantly. People
much subject to cramp in bed have
found great relief from wearing on
each leg a garter of wide tape which
has several thin slices of thin cork
stitched on it.
Round Trip. Good for Twenty-one
To many points in Arkansas, Indian
Territory, Kansas, Colorado, Louis
iana, Southwest Missouri, Texas and
Nebraska. Tickets on sale October
3d and 7th, November 7th and 21st,
December 5th and 19th. Excursion
rate for the above dates. Seventy
five per cent of the one way rate for
the round trip, with a minimum of
ten dollars. The Missouri Pacific
runs North, South and West from
Kansas City daily. "Visit the White
River country between Carthage,
Mo., and Batesville, Ark. Excursion
tickets on sale at Union Depot and
City Ticket Office, 901 Main Street.
E. S. JEWETT, Gen'l Agent.
Kansas City, Mo.
The Reaon
"Why do you call your servant girl
"'Because she is such a peace maker.
Insist on Getting It.
Some grocers say they don't keep
Defiance Starch because they have a
stock In hand of 12 oz. brands, whlcn
they know cannot be sold io a custo
mer who has once used the IS oz.
pkg. Defiance Starch for same money..
Some men are sorry for the poor
only when their own pockets are
Don't depend on others. Be independent.
Representatives wanted to develop a home
occupation either lady or gentlemen.
Pleasant, easy and - profitable. Enclose
stamp for particulars. Address R. J.
SARAS x CO., Madison, Wis.
When a boy calls his father "the
old man" it is a sign that it is time'
to hunt up a hickory tree.
Those Who Have Tried It
win use no other. Defiance Cold Wa
ter Starch has no equal in Quantity
or Quality 16 oz. for 10 cents. Other
brands contain only 12 oz. .
A good employe is worth some
thing besides the wages paiu him.
More Flexible and Lasting,
won't shake out or blow out; by using
Defiance Starch you obtain better re
sults than possible with any other
brand and one-third more for same
A tract may save a soul if th
stomach is first attended to.
Mrs. tVlnslow'n Soothlnar Sjrrap. -Tor
children teething, softens the front, reduces fn
ssmmsAlon.aUs;spaln,ciusswtavoouc. 2aoabottls
The man who makes nothing but
money Is poorly paid. v.
Kvery housekeeper - should know
that if they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will save not only time, because It
never sticks to the iron, but because
each package contains 16 oz. one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in -pound pack
ages, and the- price is the same, 10
cents. Then again because Defiance
Starch is free from all injurious chem
icals. If your grocer tries to sell yon
a 12-oz. package it is because he has
a stock on band which he wishes to
dispose of before he puts in Defiance.
He knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package in large let
ters and figures "16 ozs." Demand Dot
fiance and saic much time and money
and the annoyance of the iron stick
ing. Defiance never sticks..
Some men mistake their moral dys
pepsia for religion. "
, fj hi
The Curative Power of PE-RU-HA
in Kidney Disease the Talk
of the Continent.
Nicholas J. Hertz. Member of Ancient
Order of Workmen, Capitol Lodge,
No. 140, Pearl Street Hotel, Albany,
N. Y. , writes:
"A few months aro T contracted sv
heavy coll w hich settled in my kidney,
and each time 1 was exposed to inclem
ent weather the trouble was ag-gravated
until finally I was unable to work.
"After trying many of the adver
tised remedies for kidney trouble, I
finally took Peruna.
"In a week the intense pains ta
my back were much relieved and in
four weeks I was able to take up
my work again.
"I still continued to use Peruna for
another month and at the end of thai
time I was perfectly well.
"I now take a dose or two when I
have been exposed and find that it is
splendid to keep me well."
Hundreds of Cures.
Dr. ITartman is constantly in receipt
of testimonials from people who have
been cured of chronic and complicated
kidney disease by reruns. Kor free
medical advice, address Dr. Hartmaa,
President of The Hart man Sanitarium.
Columbus, Ohio.
1 Must Have It
Refuse Substitutes
and Imitations
Ton wHI know them, despite their fan
ciful names they ere usually mixed with,
hot water and do not have the ce
menting property of
Mix witncoIuwater,any onecan brush it on; '
A Rock Cement
in white
and tints.
Kills vermin and disease germs; does no's
rub or scale. No washing of walls after ,
. once applied. Other wall finishes most be) ;
washed oft every year expensive, filthy '
work. They rub and scale, and the
glue or other animal matter in.
them rots and feeds disease germs.
Buy Alabastine only in fire pona4&
packages, properly labeled. Tmti
card, pretty wall and ceiling design,!
"Hints on Decorating" and our artists'
services in making color plans, free. f
Grand Rapids, Mich, or 105 Water St, MY.'
If vou have cream to separate a good
Cream SeDarator is the most profitable in-J
vestment you can possibly make. Delayf
means uauy waste
time, labor ana product.
$10.- per cow per year)
every year of use over all
gravity setting systems
and $5. per cow over!
all imitating separators, j
They received the Grand t
Prize or Highest Award!
at St. Louis.
Buying trashy cash-in-advance pa-,
rators is penny wise, dollar foolish.
Such machines quickly lose their corti
instead of saving it. '
If you . haven't tbe ready cash,
DE LAVAL machines may be bought
on such liberal terms that they actually
pay for them selves.
Send today for new catalogue and
nurnA rf Tifrfc local affent.
The De Laval Separator Co.;
aadetph A Canal Sts. I 74 Cortland! Strsst
three great pursuits
have aam sbowa
wonderful results on
Magnificent climate farmers plowing in their
shirt sleeves in the middle of November.
"All are bound to be more than pleased wlta.
the final results of the past season's harrest."
Coal, wood, water, hay in abundance schools,
churches, markets convenient. s
This Is tbe era of S1.00 wheat.
apply lor inrormanon to snpenntenaen or
Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or to authorised)
Canadian Government Agent J. S. Crawford
No. 125 W. Ninth Street, Kansas City, Missouri.!
(Mention this paper.)
est and beet. Send for prlnw.,
Chisago Seals CK, Caneaga, 111.'
W. N. U, KANSAS CITY, NO. 41, 190S
I I Best Cut
cuiitx anr.Ht sll tL3t fails.
Best Couen Syrup. Tsetee Good.
in time, soil ny anrorwia.

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