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- We are agents for -Chase
& Sanborn's Coffee's, Heinz' Pure Food Products, Schillings
Spices. .
We want your trade and in exchange we will give you the best
goods on the market at reasonable prices. We want your butter
aud eggs."
Trade with us. We will treat you right.
Star Grocery.
McDonald Amusement Co.
Up-to-date moving pictures;
life of a cowboy; latest songs
beautifully illustrated; other
fun. We don't tire you with
motion pictures. A little of
everything. Ellis wants us
again. Ask them. See the
Headlight. At court house,
Monday, December 3d. Ad
mission 15 and 25 cents.
Go to the Wa-Keeney State Bank
for Steamship tickets.
Dr.. Wickizer, optician, in Wa-Keeney
Wednesday, December 5. 0
For Sale 160 acres of land 6 miles
northeast of Wa-Keeney. Inquire at
this office.
For Sale Good house and block of
ground in Wa-Keeney; also house and
lot in Hays City. Samuel Parks,. Wa
Keener, Kan.
On Tuesday the 27th inst., the Wa
Keeney State Bank paid C. F. -Wolff
$2,800 for his itisurance on his stock
and building that burned on the
morning of the 17th of this month.
Pretty quick work?
The A. O. U. VV., or Collyer, will
give a masquerade ball at Razak's
hall Kriday night, December 7, 1906.
Supper will be served at the Palace
hotel. Everybody cordially invited.
By order of committee.
It is a mistake to use a violent
cathartic to open the bowels. . A gen
tle movement will accomplish the
same results without causing distress
or serious consequences later. De
Witt's Little Early Risers are recom
mended. "Sold by "W. AV. GIBSON.
An exchange says: Hughes, the Re
publican candidate for governor of
Sew York, voted In a barber shop,
and Hearst voted in an undertaker's
room. This accounts for Hughes'
close shave and for the fact that
Ilearst got hearsed.
. Newt Bracken accompanied his
father Tfaeo Bracken to Chicago
Monday morning. Mr. Bracken has
been suffering from a growth on his
foot for the past month, which has
become so severe of late that they
went to Chicago' to have it treated.
It is not known as yet just what
treatment he had to undergo. Phil
lipsburf Dispatch.
3 tSiS
Elvs Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Cive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold m the Head oruickiv.
Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
Easy to use. Contains no intorioas drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, 50 cents at Druggists or. by
: l . .t-: i c: t x , ,
mull j xruu iu cents oy t
ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., Naw Yorb-
Take your girl to the, show Monday. At
court bouse.
McDonald Amusement Co. at the
house, It's a good show.
Don't forget the entertainment at the
court house Monday evening.
Hon. I. T. Purcell was in Topeka the first
of the week on land business.
Monroe Stimits. station agent of Zurich,
was in tho city last Saturday.
Tom Roberts was up from Ogallah Wed
nusjay and made us a pleasant visit.
i'. E. Mason was up from Ogallah last
Tuesday and made us an appreciated call.
Will Wollner beautified the interior of the
Star Grocery this week by giving it a coat of
Mrs. J. C. Grisrgs, of Cawker City, Kans., is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Mrs. A. C. Sellers visited her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. James Power, at Collyer, the first
of the week.
Mrs. B. G. ShaefTer. of Omaha, Nebr., visit
ited with her sister, Mrs. Lester C. Mndge,
last week and this week.
B. E. Grimm, the Graham county Red
Polled cattleman shipped a car of porkers to
Kansas City, Thursday.
Last Wednesday afternoon short exercises
were held by the pupils of our schools after
which school closed until Monday.
Miss Lucy Beddig returned home Monday
from a three months -visit with her sister
Mrs. George Parr, at Studley, Kansas.
Joseph Escher left Wednesday evening for
Denver to spend Thanksgiving. He will
proced to his home at Pocatello, Idaho.
County- Superintendent Mrs. C. D. Smith
attended the meeting of the Golden Belt
Teachers' association at Wilson this week.
Our efficient corps of teachers attended
the meeting of the Golden Belt Teachers"
association at Wilson. Friday and Saturday.
Just as we go to press we received the sad
news of the death ot our old townsman and
friend. Leonard Schmidt. Obituary next
Mr. arid Mrs. James lihoades, of Topeka,
are visiting home folks for ten days. Mr.
Bhoades has a nice barber shop and is doing
a good business.
W. A. Jenkins, of Lansing, Mich., was
in the city last Saturday. Mr. Jenkins own
ed a quarter of Trego county dirt and he
sold it to good advantage. -
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Power, of Collyer, are
the proud parents of a 9-pound girl, born.
Monday. November 19. 1906. They say
Henry is the happiest fellow in Collyer.
German Lutheran services next Sunday
morning at 10 and 11 o'clock respectively.
German Saturday school for all German
children every Saturday from 9 o'clock a. m.
until 4 o'clock p. m. G. M. Bunge.
John Frazier was up from Franklin town
ship Friday on land business. He Informed
us that his brother. Alex, was building a
new house and the prospects looked bright
that he would have a helpmate before many
Marvin Williams grave an Interesting lee-
ture at tb court house last Wednesday
evening to an appreciative audience. Mr.
Williams is exceptionally good as a lecturer,
and those who attended spent "A. Jolly
Thomas Hinshaw, high sheriff and boss
plasterer, left Wednesday morning for
Ogallah where he will plaster one of the
largest houses in Trego county the new
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Yetter. This
mansion is 44x33 feet and contains fourteen
rooms, .
Last Wednesday morning at about 9:30
Peter Hargerty, a 13. P. brakeman was kill
ed by an extra freight train at Collyer,
Hargerty went to step on the caw catcher
and slipped and fell under the train. He
was horribly mangled. Dr. Jones was wired
as to holding an inquest and the doctor re
plied to gather up the remains and ship
them to Ellis, Dr. Stoner of Qninter, was In
Collyer at the time and attended to seeing
that the remains were put in good shape for
shipment. The deceased had been a resi
dent of Kilts about two years. -
From toe Ellis HeaAll'kt.
. D. C. Gugler, of Trego. Is away on a busi
ness trip to Dickinson county.
G. I. Verbeck. one of the leading merchants
of Wa-Keeney, was In town Saturday.
Harry Bryant left Tuesday night on a
trip through the western part of the state in
the interests of the laundry.
The high school proposition failed In this
county by 18 votes. A number voted against
the proposition in Ellis through a misunder
standing. Believing that it would have in
creased the taxes In Ellis, when In fact it
would have lowered them.
Commissioners Proceedings.
(October Meeting.)
Ia the matter of a road petitioned
for bo Thomas OToole et al came on
for final hearing and as all proceed
ings have been legally complied -with
as required by law -and the viewers
duly - appointed to view said road
have reported it to be a public neces
sity and of general utility, tbe road
is granted as petitioned for and in
accordance with tbe survey and plat
of tbe county surveyor now on file
with the petition and other papers in
the case. The' county clerk is in
structed to record tbe proceedings in
the road record and to notify the
trustee of Collyer township to open
said road in accordance to this order,
to-wit: Commencing at the south
west .corner of section eleven (11)
township fourteen (14) range tweutr
five (25) west, 6th P. M. and -running
thence nortii to tbe northeast corner
ofsection three (3) in said township
and range and running thenao west to
the southwest corner of -section
thirty-three (33) township (13) range
twenty-five (25) and thence nortb to
the northwest corner of said section
thirty-three (33) in said township
thirteen (13) and range . twenty-five
(25) and there terminating. Said road
to be located as per angle posts set by
the county surveyor and to be entered
pn the road record as Road No. 81. No
damage allowed. .
- In the matter of a road peiitioned
for by R. B. Briggs et al came on for
final bearing and as all proceedings
have been legally complied with, as
required by law, and the viewers
duly appointed to view said road have
reported it to be a public necessity
and of general utility. The road is
granted as petitioned for and in ac
cordance with the survey and plat of
the county surveyor now on tile with
the petition and other pape.-s in the
case. The county clerk is instructed
to record the proceedings in the road
record and to notify the trustee of
Franklin township to open said in ac
cordance with this order to-wit: Com
mencing at the north-east corner of
section five (5) and running tlienae
south on tbe section line to the south
east corner of section thirty-two (32)
and thence west on the county line
to the southwest corner of section
thirty-one (31) and there terminating
and then commencing at tbe north
east corner of section twenty-nine
(29) and running thence west on the
section line one mile to the north
west corner of said section twenty
nine (29) and tbence south on the sec
tion line to the southwest corner of
section thirty-two (32) and there ter
minating, all in township fifteen (15)
south range twenty-five (25) said road
to be forty feet wide. Said road to be
located as per angle posts set by the
county surveyor and to bo entered- on
tbe road record as Road No. 82. No
damages allowed.
la the matter of a road petitioned
for by John W. Green et al came on
for final bearing and as all proceed-
ngs have been legally complied with,
as required by law, and the viewers
duly appointed to view said road
have reported it to be a public neces
sity and of general utility, the road
is granted as petitioned for and in ac
cordance with the survey and plat of
tbe county surveyor now on file with
the petition and other papers in the
case, the county clerk is instructecrto
record the proceedings in the road
record and to. notify the trustees of
Wilcox and Riverside townships to
open said road in accordance with
this order, to-wit: Commencing at
the southeast corner of section
thirty-six (36) township thirteen (13)
range twenty-three (23) and running
thence east on the county--line to
about one-fourth mile west of the
southeast corner of section thirty-
five (35) township fifteen (15) range
twenty-two (22) and there terminat
ing Said road to be located as mark
ed by the county surveyo.r and to be
entered on the road record as Road
No. 83 Damages were allowed to W.
H. Trott in the sum of $20.
In the matter of a road petitioned
for by Chas. W. Sweet et al came on
for final hearing and as all proceed
ings have been legally complied with
as required by law and . the viewers
duly appointed to view said road have
reported it to be a public necessity
and of general utility, tbe road is
is granted as petitioned for and in ac
cordance with the survey aud plat of
the county surveyor now on file witb
the petition and .other papers in the
case, the county clerk is instructed to
record tbe proceedings in tbe road
record and to notify tbe trustees of
Ogallah and Wa-Keeney townships to
open said road in accordance with
this order, yiz: Commencing at south
west corner of section 28 and running
thence north on section line to north
west corner of section 4 all in town
ship 11 range 22 and there terminat
ing, said road to be 60 feet wide. - Said
road is recorded in road record as
Road No. 84. " No damages were al
Thanksgiving Day passed off quietly in
Wa-Keeney. The foot ball game advertised
between our-team and Ogallah was called
off by Ogallah. In the evening tbe dance in
the new bank building was the social event
of the season. A large crowd was in atten
dance anaeveryDooy enjoyed tnemseives
Smoked bams at Baker's.
With But One
, Answer.
What are the most
delicious Food Pro
ducts on the rflar
ket? What are the -purest
and most
wholesome Food
Products you can
buy? What are the
most economical
Food Products for.
all to use? "
a a
Pure Food EH
Products K-
. Because they are
selected, ' handled
and prepared with
the idea of a pleas
ant business for
years to come and
not with the idea
of merely keeping .
within the limits of
Pure Food Laws.
And in addition to the pleasure
of using Pure. Wholesome and
Delicious Food Products you
can furnish your home Free.
Send Six Coupons for Catalog.
Pay us we need coin."
Pickled pork at Baker s.
Good fresh beef at Baker's.
For Trade
or hogs. E.
Kanss. 4t
-Work horses for cattle
B. Webb, Wa-Keenev,
A Fire and Lightning policy In the
Continental is a good and safe one. W
H. Swiggett, agent.
A fine new brick hotel all fiurniseed
to trade for western land. Burns &
Get "Verbeck & Lucas' prices on
lumber, coal, stoves, paints, varnishes
and building material. " They will
save you money.
Found In Wa-Keeney near rail
road track, holdback strap and bit all
new. Owner can get same by calling
at this, office and paying for this
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding
Piles. Druggists are authorized to
refund money if PAZO OINTMENT
fails to cure in 6 to.14 days. 50c
We learn from the Denver papers that Joe
Collins, at one time a section boss at Ogal
lah, was killed by a passenger train out in
Wyoming. He was working -on the section
with several other men aud they stepped
from one track to another to get out of the
'Way of a switch engine and in so doing tbey
stepped in front of the passenger train. All
three men were killed.
S. M. Colby sold bis household
goods at public auction on the street
last Saturday and he and his family
will leave in the near future for
southern California where they will
make their home and where Mr. Colby
will follow the carpenter trade. Tbe
Colby's have lived in Oakley a long
time and have many warm friends
who will wish them suecess and pros
perity in their new borne. Oakley
Graphic: Mr. Colby erected the new
bank: building in tins city. J
'Royal W"
Is the best and purest pan
cake flour ever offered on
the market. N-
Those who are using it
cannot spea tooK highly of
its merits.
If you are not already
using it, try one package.
"You are taxing no chances
as your money will be re
funded if goods are not
"Royal W" Pan case
Flour was not changed, to
conform with Pure Food
Laws; it has always, "been
pure. 1
mam m. -w r
I now have an experienced Laundnrman
from Chicago of 15
am aomg gooct worjr.
GJjve me a trial and I will show you.
Agency at Fred Musgrave's Barber Shop. -
Plan a Trip to this Wonderful
' Land this Winter.
There's nothing just like it in the world. It has the
sunshine, the flowers, the watering places of
""" other winter resorts, but Ik has things
to see and a finer, drier air
to breathe. Go to
this winter, see monster growing trees, higher
than a a 21-story office building tees that were
standing 8000 years ago. These are only a few
.. of the wonders of the great state that knows .'.-.
"no winter. -'
Send for California books. Ask about the rates and
- the great train service via the ".' f
Inquire of
R. E.
Go to the Trego Mercan
tile company and examine
their new line of cloaks and
Ship your cream to Locust
Gbove Creamery, Denver,
Colorado. Highest prices
paid and no grading. We
want a reliable purchasing
agent in each town to buy
eggs and cream. I he most
liberal proposition for a good
man. write us toaay.
Locust Grove Creamery,
428 18th Street,
Denver, Colo.
Albrecht's Collection Agency.
Collections made through
out the state and taxes paid
for non-residents. Corres
pondence solicited. Ellis,
Kansas. 6-1-ly.
Wanted Improved and
raw land close to railroad.
List with us and we will do
the rest. Burns & Richard.
New assortment of china,
placques,- baskets, books,
stationery, post cards and
school supplies. Most com
plete line of chocolates in the
city all flavors. Call at
Mrs. M. E. Courtright's
Just received at the Trego
Mercantile company a new
line of cloaKs and skirts the
nicest in the city.
Wanted Man to husk corn.- J. H.
Maack, Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
For Sale Horse ahcT mule colt. .J.
II. Maack, Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
Baker will pay 6 cents per pound
for good hides until further notice-
Have W. H. Swiggett make your
legal papers. Htf makes. them cor
Fore Sale 13 thoroughbred and 30
high grade Hereford bulls. Geo. T,
Verbeck & Lucas have several of
those fine Peninsular steel ranges
You bad better get one for your wife.
Tablets. Druggists refund money
if it fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S
signature is on each box. 25c. "
Sow is the time to paint that
house, and Mound City strictly pure
paint is the best to use. Verbeck &
Lucas sell it.
Go to the Hardman elevator for
bran and shorts.
years' experience, and
This is the place to
Our Prices Reasonable
Agents for the Victor Talk
ing Machine. 10 inch.
Records 60c.
Picture Frames Made to
A lot of Pictures and Frames
Just Received.
Nice Line of Rockers for
Old and Young.
T. S. HOWE & "SON, "
Repair Work a Specialty.
Loans and nsurance.
Bonded Abstracter and
Notary Public.
Legal papers made and exe
. H. f. KLINE,
I ended in the sum of $5,000.
& Rents Collected and payment of Taxes
Jjarge list of lands for sale at low prices iffk
and easy terms.-
ISoti-resident Property.
The NE I 28-13-25, Trego county,
Kansas. Present price 91600 cash, or
$2000 on . time, one-fourth cash, bal
ance on time, interest at seven per
cent. '
This is the best piece of land
in Trego County, Kansas,
for the money.
Apply to Leonard Ekrktt,
; 18 Pearl Street, '
Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Do you want a loan? J)o
you want to sell your land?
Do you want to buy land at
a bargain? Call on John A.
Nelson, Wa-Keeney, Kans

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