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The effect of JScott'r E,mxxljrion on thin,
pale children is magical.
It makes them plump, rosy, active, happy.
It contains Cod Liver Oil, Hypophosphites
and Glycerine, to make fat, blood and . bone,
and so put together that it is easily digested
by iittie toik.
Fresh pork at Baker's.
Subscribe for the World.
W. H. Swiggett is making a
specialty of carefully prepared
abstracts. . See him.
' Come in and see our fine line
of fresh candies, chocolates and
package goods. J. C. Owen.
Get yerbecks & Lucas' prices
on lumber, coal, stoves, paints,
varnishes and building material.
Tjhey will save you money.
Lost Last Thursday, gold
breast pin with amythist in cen
ter. Finder will please leave at
this office and receive reward.
Notice All persons are hereby
notified not to hunt on the north
half of section J.l-13-24 and the
south half of section 2-13-24.
Spitsnaugle Bros. -
For Sale 440 acres of good
farm land 8 miles northwest of
Ellis and 4 miles east of Ogallah.
Some alfalfa land. Address John
Goble, Wa-Keeney, Kan.
. -
For Sale Span of mares with
foal, 8 and 9 years old, weight
1400 lbs. 1 grey gelding, 7 years
old, weight 1400 lbs.- Beardwell
& Feeney, Wa-Keeney, Kansas.
Billious? Feel heavy after din
ner? Tongue coated? Bitter taste?
Complexion sallow? Liver needs
waking up. Doan's Regulets
cure bilious attacks. 25 cents at
any drug store.
If you are a kicker and see the
shadow of failure in everything
that is proposed tohelp the town,
for heaven's sake go into some
secluded canyon and kick your
own shadow on the clay bank,
and thus give men who are work
ing to build up the town a chance.
One long faced, hollow-eyed,
'whijiing kicke can do more to
keeptaway .business and capital
from a town than all drouths,
short crops, chinch - bugs, cy
clones and blizzards combined.
Ex. - " -
$200 Reward!
I will pay $200 for information
leading to the conviction of par
ties who stole cattle from my
James Walsh,
Collyer, Kansas.
Notice to Oar Customers-
We are pleased to announce
that Foley's Honey and Tar for
-coughs, colds and lung troubles
is not affected by the National
Pure Food and Drug law as it
contains, no opiates or other
harmful drugs, "and we recom
mend it as a safe remedy for
children and adults. w. w. GIB
SON. -
Township Sunday School Conventions.
The fall sessions of Township
1 Sunday " School convention will
meet as follows: -
j Sunday, October 27, Franklin
Township at St Elizabeth church.
Sunday, November3, Riverside
.'.II 1 - t m-t 1,1 1
iuwnsmp at ms. .rueasans.
Sunday,-November 10, Banner
Township at Banner.
The programs for the several
"TrifJfinc5i H.Tfi rwino ri-rA.T-fri Mid
1 interesting and helpful sessions
are anticipated. - -
The American Flag on Every School House.
The last Kansas Legislature
enacted a law, chapter 319, laws
of 1907, requiring the . school offi
cers of every discrict in this
state to provide an American flag
for the school building. The
jpuoiisner oixne iiaosas rarmer,
Topeka, Kansas, have procured a
.stock of standard flags sufficient
jto supply every school district
i . t; . . l t t -r-i
i jin the state and propose to fur-
jnish a splendid American flag
;f or each school house free of cost
tto the" district. Write to the
Kansas Farmer. about it.
i ' - - l-ACard.,-I
This is to certify that all drug
??ists are authorized to refund
your money if Foley's Honey and
Tar fail'yjure your, cough or
ijold. It tops the cough, heals
j-he 4ungs and prevents serious
esuns irom a -cola. Uures la
rippe cough and prevents pneu
lonia and consumotion. Con
tains no opiates. The - genuine
IB- a yellow package. Refuse
Substitutes. w. w. gibson.
Wf ... ' -:
' . ..... - -
BOc. AND $1.00,
- Remember
our date just one day, Tuesday,
October 29, at American hotel
E. F. Sullivan, optician.
Entertainment 1907-8.
The Wa-Keeney Entertainment
Association announces the fol
lowing course of six numbers
for the season of 1907-8. Examine
the list.
November 2 W. Powell Hale,
the entertainer. Impersona
tions, monologues, etc. It is
said that Powell Hale is better
than - Marvin Williams who was
with us last winter; in fact, Mr.
Williams says so, himself. Those
who heard Williams will ask
nothing better, and no cthe rec
ommendation is needed.
November28 Marshall Choate
Crouch in "The Simple Life."
This is a popular lecture, full of
humor and pathos and sure to
amuse, instruct and elevate. The
time is Thursday evening,
Thanksgiving day. The Golden
Belt Educational Association
meets here on the following days
and all teachers should attend
this lecture, though it has no
connection with the Golden
January 10 The La Dell-Fox
Concert company, of Canada, in
cluding a reader and a. violinist;
four people. If there is any
music in your soul you will want
to hear this company.
February 4 Hon. G. A. Gear-,
hart in "The Footprints of the
Centuries." This is the one
solid lecture of the course and
should appeal to all thinking
March 5 The Royal MaleH
Quartette, including two violin
ists and a reader. Male Quar
tettes have always been popular
with Wa-Keeney audiences and
this one alone will be worth the
price of a season ticket. . ,
The executive committee is ne
gotiating for another number, a
musical number if" it can be se
cured, but cannot announce the
date at this time. By buying
season tickets now the purchaser
is sure of getting six numbers,
and probably seven, for the
former price of five.
Season tickets will be placed
on sale at the drug store Satur
day, October 19, buy now and
get good seats. The prices are
as follows: Season tickets,
adults $2; school pupils $1.50.
Single admission 50 and 35 cents.
'"Generally debilitated for
years. Had sick headaches,
lacked ambition, was worn out
and all run-down. Burdock
Blood Bitters made me. a well
woman." Mrs. Chas. Freitory,
Moosup, Conn. '
John Shirley, of Lucas, Kan
sas, writes to the Topeka Capi
tal about an experiment made in
the early days of planting corn
in winter, as follows: When I
came to my homestead on the
head waters of East Wolf creek
in Russell county in" the month
of August, 1878, I . saw a small
patch of corn in the neighbor
hood that had reached maturity
several months before. I learn
ed that it was a patch of five or
six acres that had been planted
by a Mr. Dalton in the month of
December the year before. "The
patch yielded a fair average crop.
I had nd knowledge of this ex
periment ever having been tried
anywhere else'in the state, but I
have often wondered why it was
not. It is certainly practicable
and most seasons possible to
raise a crop of corn from Decem
ber planting, which should "ma
ture early in July or even earlier.
It is an experiment well worthy
a trial. Kansas is ahead in many
respects and when the farmers
of the state get to raising corn
from December plantings it will
be among the leaders as a corn
growing state.
If- you take De Witt's Kidney
and Bladder Pills you -will get
prompt relief from backache,
weak kidneys, inflammation' of
the bladder and urinary troubles.
A week's treatment, 25 cents.
Soldjby w. w. Gibson. -
tops conjh nd Y.mmX lunjt
I. 0. 0. F. Resolutions. ,
- Long j'ears ago the decree
went forth that'All that is born
must die." - -
Friend after friend departs
Who hath not lost a friend?
There is no union here of hearts
That finds not here an end.
No distinction is made between
the rich and poor, the exalted or
humble all must meet on. this
common level all must submit
to the dominion of death. " "-
Once again we have been called
to follow a brother to the tomb,
there to take a last look upon his
familiar face and to say farewell.
Gloomy indeed would the parting
be were it not for the happy
thought of the time when friend
and fraternity will be reunited
never again to part. Another
brother has paid the-last debt
triumphantly singing as his feet
touched deaths dark river. O,
death, where is thy sting? P
grave, where is thy victory?
In the death of Brother Chalk
Wa-Keeney I. O. O. F. Lodge,
No. 304, loses one of its oldest
and most efficient members, one
that ever was a stalwart cham
pion of all those exalted tenents
of which we boast and of which
we are proud. A brother that
never failed or faltered, but in
foul weather as in fair, stood by
his brothers. A brother always
ready, always willing to do his
part in any movement that was
for the good of the order. Sacri
ficing time and self to build up
the different orders to which he
belonged, he has passed to his
reward. Therefore it is fitting
and becoming that we, his
brothers, should in this manner
express our deep regret at his
death. Bowing in humble sub
mission to the will of the- Great
and Supreme - Ruler .who in His
infinite wisdom has removed our
worthy and esteemed Brother
Edward Bell Chalk,
Be It Resolved, That the wis
dom and ability which he once
exercised in the and for our or
der, his loving service, his wise
counsel, will ever - be . held in
greateful remembrance.
Resolved, That the removal of
such a useful life from our lodge
leaves a vacancy that will never
be filled, and cast a shadow that
will be deeply realized by all the
members of our noble order and
will be a loss not easily remedied,
to not only his lodge but to the
entire community in which he
lived and to the public at large.
Resolved, That expressing our
deep sympathy with his bereav
ed widww and family, we, at the
same time, express the fond
hope that even so great a loss
may be overruled for good by
Him who doeth all things well. .
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions, be spread on the
records of our lodge," a copy
printed in the local papers, and
a copy sent to the bereaved fam
ily. " . Frank Lindsay,
E. T. Tripp,
H. Jones -
' Committee.
Eastern Star Resolutions.
Whereas, God in his infinite
wisdom and love has removed
from our midst our dearly be
loved brother, Edward Chalk,
Be It Resolved, By the officers
and members of Margaret Chap
ter, No. 249, O. E. S., of Wa-Keeney,
Kans., who, realizing that
in the death of Brother Chalk,
We have lost a zealous, faithful
and . able member, be it further
Resolved, That his earnest and
efficient service in behalf of our
Chapter be ever gratefully -remembered,
be it further
Resolved, That our Chapter
extend to the bereaved , family
our sincere sympathy, be it f ur-
pner - -
Resolved, That our Chapter
room be djaped in mourning for
thirty days, be it further
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions be sent the bereaved
family and a copy spread upon
the records of our Chapter, that
a copy be furnished each of the
county papers for publication!
Salome A. Blair,
- Ida A. Pierson,
- - Committee.
The Hero of the Hour.
The man who wrestles with
the cow and learns the calves to
suck, who cast the corn before
the swine, is now in greatest
luck; for butter's on the upper
grade, veal's higher than a kite,
pork is climbing up the scale and
beef -is out of sight; eggs he
gathers every day from his
crowded chicken coop are almost
worth their weight in "gold and
we are in- the soup. His corn
brings him a fancy 'price, it's
rising every day, and he rakes m
all kinds of money for "a half a
load of hay. The farmer is. in
the saddle and when he comes to
town the rest" of us by right
Ml) 100 Ml -
Hundred! of Wa-Keeney Readers Find Daily
Toil a Borden. -
The hustle and worry of business men.
The hard work and stooping of workmen
The woman's household cares.
Are too great a strain on the kidneys.
Backache, headache, sldeacbe.
Kidney troubles, urinary troubles follow.
A Wa-Keeney cil Izen tells you how to cure
tbem all. " -
J. J. Hyde, living at Drum
mond House, Wa-Keeney, Kan.,
says: "Aly occupation requires
me to be on my feet in a half
bent position and this is what
gives nearly all the weak backs
to those in my profession. How
ever, besides the backache at
tributable to my work,' there
were too profuse and frequent
passages of the secretions, so I
made up my mind to try Doan's
Kidney Pills and I got a box at
W. W. Gibson's drug store.
They helped me all right and be
sides correcting the kidney
action, they relieved the" back
ache. I can recommend Doan's
Kidney Pills as a good medicine
for such cases, and I shall advise
their . use whenever I get a
chance." . .
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no others.
should go away back and sit
down. Ex. '
. We wonder how many of our
readers have noticed ' the differ
ence between the man who has
been married but a short time
and one who has been married
several years. You can always
tell a young husband from an old
one. When a man has been
married a few months, you will
generally , see him working in
the garden or fixing up about
the house and while he works he
whistles, or sings, or occasional
ly looks up towards the window
to see if anyone is watching him.
A year later he is still working
in the garden but the smile has
been exchanged for a frown and
he occasionally looks up towards
the house wondering why in
thunder breakfast is not ready.
Another year-, rolls by and his
looks would sour milk, but he is
still at work, stopping occasion
ally . to kick- the dog or throw a
brick at the cat;. ..' The next year
we find, him sitting on the porch,
smoking his pipe, while his wife
does the digging in the garden.
Now just watch our young men,
as one 'bygone," they are caught
in Cupid's; net and see if this
rule does not work out the . prob
lem correctly. Ex;
Henry E. Jones of Tampa, Fla.,
writes: "I can thank God -for
my present health, due to Foley's
Kidney Cure. I tried doctors
and all kinds of kidney cures,
but nothing done me much good
till r took Foley's Kidney Cure.
Four bottles cured me, and I
have no more1 pain in my back
and shoulders- I am -62 years
old, and suffered long, but thanks
to Foley's Kidney Cure I am
well and can walk and enjoy .my
self. ? It is a pleasure to recom
mend it to those needing a kid
ney medicine." - -
School Report-
' Number days taught, 17.
Number pupils enrolled, 11. :
Cases of tardiness, 2.
- Average daily attendance, 10.7.
Pupils not absent, Mabel,
Louise, George and Jesse-Kess-ler,
Mildred, Edward, Hilca and
Helen Cass. r -
. Nannie Glenn,
K - - Teacher.
Whenever we hear of the kill
ing of an automobilist through
some accident to his machine,
our admiration for old Ned, our
twenty-year-old family horse,
grows a bit more firm. Old Ned
doesn't lose his spark - plug, his
supply tank doesn't give out,
and he has never jret had a farm
er's team to haul his load home,
either. Of course we have had
to put shoes on him occasionally
but they don't cost $160.00 a
set Gomer Davies. -
Mutt Hive Wasted Much Time.
-Without the aid of a- glass, aa Aus
tralian Is sid to have written 10,061
words on a postal card.
Cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Sour Stom- .
ach. -Torpid Liver and"
Chronic Constipation.
Pleasant to take
This is ytfur . oppor
tunity to make the trip
to San Francisco, Los
Angeles, San Diego, and
many other points in
California at just half
the regular fare
Sept. 1 to Oct. 31,
low one-way colonist "
rates will be . in effect
to to the above points
These tickets are good
in tourist sleeping cars
and offer thh advantages
- of the ' v.
Excellent Through Service
-. via ." -
- Gor full information
inquire of
R: E. MORSE. "
v?v 1,-3 W sa
t to HIT what yoa arc aimine at
-best bird, beast or target. Mate yocr
(Vu count by -shooting tbe STEVENS.
Tot At years STEVENS ARMS have
ca r-: doB PREMIER HONORS lor AC
CX'HACY. Our line: -
Rifles, Sfcatgcns, Pistols
Axle rot r EealT in
STKVIKS. 1 f yom maot obtain,
we strip direct. -jr-
receipt of rata lnerprlf
Seanl 4 tt- in stamps
f m mo-pk Cacaloe
yf coraple wilptif. A
ei-efnr present and
f"iusnc-ff i v shorten.
Dcantifrjl tlrre-coVr Aknninnm H-rogcr will
J. Stevens Ayns & Tool Co., ,
P. O. Box 4096
CHICOFE2 FAXlLS, TT ASS., 17. 3. A- -
iff! BflW aa m ,
iVflf5x7A PrYflf Svnifl PiniPles
141AUUTV WJlUJf ' It is
1 I I
Bafore Ton Purchase Any Other Write
Many Sewing Machines are made to sell reear.
less of qaality, but the " Xew llm" Is mad
to woar. Our guaranty nerer runs out.
W make Sewing Machines to suit all conditions
of the trade. The "New Home stands atthst
bead of all HiarlB-aTraMle family sewixur machines .
- Sold fey Mtfaorlmed dealers enly. .
Trade Mark
Copyrights Ac
Abtoin sending a sketch and description mmy
smlcklT ascertain our opinion fr whether an
invention la probably patentable- Communica
tions strictly confidential. Hand book on Patents)
sent free. Oldest ajrency for seen ring patents.
Patents taken throotrh Mann & Co. reeelT
pcint notice without c barge. In the)
Scientific fltnericatt.
A handsometr flhratrated veekly. Irtreet cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms. S3 a
year : four months, SL. Sold by all newsdealers.
KUKN & Co.86'8'"- New York
Branch Office. OB W 8t Washington IX Gm
The famous little pills. '
- (First published October J2, 1S07.)
Notios for Publication.
Department of the Interior.
J.and Office at Colby. Kans.. Oct. 8, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Carrey G.
Roberts of Trepo county, Kans.. has filed
notice of his intention to make final five
year proof in support of his claim, viz:
Homestead Entry No. 25936 made February
10. 1903 for the southeast quarter of section
twenty-four (34). township fifteen-(15) south.
range twenty-one kzd west, ana tnat saia
proof wilt be made before Probate Judge
Peacock, at Wa-Keeney, Kansas, on Novem
ber 16. 1907.
Be names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of the land, viz:
Wm. M. Nelson. Ellis. Kansas. Sam Round
tree. Brownell. Kansas. Enoch W. Nelson,.
Brownell, Kansas, Horatio G. Watson. Mc
cracken, Kansas.
John Thomas,
' (First publication Oct. 19. 1907.)
Notice for Publication- Ho. 1636.
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Colby. Kas.. Oct. 15, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that John M.
Van Winkle, of Brownell. Kansas, has -filed
notice of his intention to make final comma-
Homestead Entry 19307 made May S.
1906. for the west ualf of the - northeast
quarter, of section thirty-two (32) town
ship fifteen 15) south, range twenty-two (22)
west, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Probate Judge at Wa-Keeney,
Kans.. on November 28, 1907.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cuftiva-
t.ls'in aulH lanrl vlw
Thomas Ryan. Albert Can Win. Elmer
Push, William. LaSball. all of Brownell.
Kans, ' i - -
John Thomas. -
Rocky fountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People.
' Brings fieldea Health and Renewed Vigor.
A speciflo for Constipation. Indigestion. Liver
;nd Kidney troubles. Pimples, Eczema, Impure
Blood. Bad Breath. Sluggish Bowels. Headache
and Backache. Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tab
let form. 35 cents a box. Genuine made by
Holubtib Droo Com pant. Madison, Wis.
Coldsi Pre rents Pneumonia
SALVE. For Piles, Boras, Sores.
No home is so pleasant, regard
less of the comforts that money
will boy, as when the entire fam
ily is in perfect health. A bottle
of Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup
costs 50 cents. It" will cure
every member of-the family of
constipation, sick headache or
stomach trouble. w. w. gibson.
Wanted Immediately'
Several quarters of raw and im
proved land. R. HTBUKNS.
- Obstinate cases- of constipa
tion and nasty, mean headaches
promptly disappear when you
take De Witt's Little Early Riser
Pills., Sold by w. tc. gibson.
The pain in Ma's head has gone,
She's as happy as can be,
Her health is right, her temper
bright, -Since
taking Hollister.s Rocky
Mountain Tea at night.
Cleanses the system"
thoroughly arid, clears ;
sallow complexions of
and blotches,

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