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THE . '
30t!r Year.
Subscription $1.
Wa-Keeney, Kans., April 25. 1908.
H. S. Givler. Prop.
Number 8
List your land with Lester C.
He has t
he buyers.
Particular people have learned that
there is a lot of difference in the quality
of lumber, and as we make quality our
"long suit" you take no chance in buying
what you need, from us.
The most complete line of the best
lumber in Trego county is at your dispos
al, in fact anything you might want from
a lumber and coal yard. Estimates
cheerfully figured.
The Hardman Lumber Co.,
The Wa-Keeney State Bank.
1908-1885, we are 23 years old.
we have $25,000 Capital.
We have $25,000 Surplus.
we do a general banking business.
We rent Safety deposit boxes.
we sen Insurance in all branches.
The biggest line ever shown here.
All sizes of collars from $1.00 to 3.50.
goods and all kinds of repairs and fittings for harness.
The Celebrated Brown Pivot Beam and other rid
ing cultivators, Deere and Kirlin Weeders.
-De Laval and Tubular Cream Separators.
Coal Hail insurance Groin ,
O. D. YETTER, Manager.
A lazy liver leads to chronic
dyspepsia and constipation
weakens the whole system.
Doan's Regulets (25 cents per
box) correct the liver, tone the
stomach, cure constipation.
I am a candidate for tlii.'-r;ipullica Dom
ination for eouyresssmmi .f lh Sixth Dis
trict. In thin iiuiic it is not practicable to
stale the measures I beiieve in. but bopo to
be ab!e to state I hem publicly in H imiisnf
the district bftwten this and Au;jt:t 4'ii.
text. W.B.HAM.
Stockton, Kansas.
The Primary Law.
A good many people have in
quired of us the size of a petition
necessary to get a name on the
ticket for a county office. A can
didate for a county office must
get at least three per cent of his
party vote in at least one-fourth
of the precints of the county.
There being nine precincts in
Trego county a candidate must
therefore circulate his petition
in at least thi-ee townships. The
vote at the last general election
on Secretary-of State in the vari
ous townships was:
"Jthe only measure Mr. Cannon
ever even suggested as to now x j
ought to vote on. . . '- . . i
-- - Very respectfully, N I
W. A. Reeder. ' j
' Gcnniencing May 1st, 19G3, the
Pc3t office hours will be from
6 am tc 7 p m instead of 5 a m
to 3 p m. H S GIVLia, P A .
Cash Hardtt
Ft Ul J
Adair 9 31 2
Ogallah ... 74 51 1 6
Glencoe ... 32 15
Riverside.. 42 24 1
Wa-Keeney 210 120 3 6
Willcox 36 44 2 7
Collyer.... 73 87 4 1
Banner 32 ' 21 3
Franklin ..26 34 1 5
Total... 534 427 12 30 j
The law says a candidate s pe
tition must in the aggregate con
To Those Interested. j
The town of Wa-Keeney was i
laid out thirty years ago. It
was settled up, abandoned, re
settled again, abandoned, and
now we hope it is at last on per
manent line of improvement.
Thirty years ago wooden pins
were driven into the ground, to
permanently (?) mark lots and
boundaries so laid out. In the
coming and going, the ' plowing
up and changing that has taken
place many of those original
stakes are gone or decayed and
uncertain measurements , by
many and different parties have
changed the boundaries in some
cases until now few know to a
certainty where they are. We
believe the time has come to
make an end to all uncertainty,
and to so mark each portion that
it can never be lost, and acting
upon a petition widely signed, I
have already done some prelim
inary work.
I have been called upon time
- oo- ca i 1
J - J 1 - X ml i -
tain tne names oi a leas mree ; and as:ain to survev certain lots
per cent nor more than ten per or tracts. and after a few trias t
a. j l, 4 t . . . ; 4.1,,.
ueiit oi tut: Luiai yai tj' vuic 111 tiie
We will sell for cash and give a discount of 5 per cent
on all goods except Edison Phonographs and Records,
which we are not allowed to sell at less than the regular
pripe and terms. Remember we will sell just as cheap or
cheaper than when we were" doing a credit business, and
give jod a 5 per cent discount besides.
Gas ranges
Gas stoves
Washing machines
U. S. cream separators.
Cream cans
Sewing machines
Gasoline and coal oil
Machine oil
Linseed oil
Edison phonographs
Base ball goods
Oliver typewriters
Gang plows
Weeders Disc3
Breaking plows
Woven wire
Barb wire
Poultry wire
Screen doors
Sampson windmills
county. A republican therefore
would have to get a total of not
less than 17 names on his peti
tion and could have as many as 54.
If, for instance, he circulated his
petition in three precincts, say
Franklin, Banner and Collyer, he
would have to get at least 1 in
Franklin, 2 in Banner, and then
he could get the other 14 in Coll
yer if he so desired. The peti
tion required is exceedingly
small and will not stand in the
way of anyone being a candidate.
Says Stories Circulated That He Was For
Knox Were False.
Beloit, Kansas, April 11, 1908.
Editor Beloit Daily Times:
- Will you
kindly print the enclosed letter
from Mr. Reeder, which "seems
necessary in order to nail a lie or
two going . the rounds of the
newspapers, that are opposing
Mr. Reeder's candidacy for
Congress, throughout the dis
trict. Very truly yours,
W. H. Mitchell.
Strap n
To feel strong, have good ap
petite and digestion, sleep sound
ly and enjoy life, use Burdock
Blood Bitters, the great system
and tonic builder. .
Pickled pork at Baker's.
Washington D. C. April 4, '08.
My dear Mitchell:
Replying to
your letter of recent date I have
this to say. It is strange how
far some men .will go to carry
forward an opposition to some
certain candidate for some trivial
The statements going the
rounds of the papers opposing
me, that I am for Knox for presi
dent, is absolutely false, and
was started by an editor whom I
would gladly have accommodated
by recommending his son'for
post master, but could not do so
except in opposition to nearly all
the leading republicans of his
town. - -
Ever since President- Roose
velt decided he wouldnotbe a can
didate, I have been for Secretary
Taft for president, and have
never had a second choice.
Then there is the story being
copied quite generally that
Speaker Cannon controls my
vote. This is absolutely false;
Speaker Cannon only once tried
to tell me how he thought I ought
to vote, and that was on the
Statehood bill, and after he got
through with his talk telling me
why he thought I should support
the bill, I told him that I thought
him wrong, as I believed the ter
ritories should themselves de
cide whether they would come in
as One state, and that I should
work and vote against, tee bill as
then written. Myself ami forty
four other members worked and
voted against it. and defeated
became convinced that nothing
but a systematic survey of the
whole could be of any use, and
no one party could afford to pay
the necessary cost to absolutely
establish the corners on the
identical spot where they were
first set by Peck & Ellsworth.
I have already uncovered
enough of the old stakes to know
that the original survey was very
exact, although no. two " blocks
are exactly the same size neither
rectangles or squares, yet the
stakes were put where the plat
says they were, and not where
some people think they were. I
believe it to have been a mistake
not to have laid off the town at
right angles and the blocks of
uniform size, but with that I
have nothing to do, I have to find
where they really were, and re
store them, more to restore them
m such a manner that they never
again will be lost.
As to expense, compare it with
this To survey a township it
costs about $1.75 per quarter
section. A sinsrle Quarter sec
tion will sometimes cost $20j
The townsite entire will be but a
few cents, not to exceed 10 or
15 cents per lot, while a single
lot in some parts could not be ab
solutely established under sev
eral days work; further all meas
urements hitherto made are not
surveys. Anyone can measure
where his land ought to be, but
that does not establish a corner
The law provides only one way.
A man may be satisfied with his
supposed corner, but the land is
not his if it belongs to someone
else, neither is it his if it belongs
to the city. I am a sworn officer
and all who work under me are
sworn both .as to faithfulness and
impartial work. Lastly, I shall
prove to all who wish to investi
gate the work that I know what
I am doing and how to do it.
No lot can be defined unless
the block is known any more
than a center can be found in a
section before one knows where
the corners of the section are.
Sooner or later this must be
done, and the sooner the better,
before more permanent improve
ments are misplaced.
Hudson Harlan,
County Surveyor.
A Full Line of Hardware.
Public Sale!
I will sell at public sale at my farm 9 miles southwest
Wa-Keeney and four miles south of Voda on
com mencing
Monday. May 4! 1908. ,
at 10 o'clock a. m. the following proporty :
Four Head of Work Horses
Twenty-four Head of Polled Angus Cattle
and 10 spring calves, 6 milch cows, 18 head mixed cattle.
Farm Machinery
One Bain wagon, 1 two-horse buggy, 1 Peter Shutler
wagon new, 1 new three-section harrow, 1 Emmerson
gang plow, 2 header boxes, corn sheller, 2 sets work har
ness, 1 good saddle and a lot of other implements too num
erous to mention.
All My Household Goods
Everybody Invited to Free Lunch at Noon
- TERMS All sums under $10, cash; over $10 a credit of 7
months without interest if paid when due; if not paid when due to
dray 6 per cent from date of sale. 5 per cent discount for cash.
M. W. MASON, Auctioneer.
To have perfect health we
must have perfect digestion, and
it is very important not to per-,
mit of any delay the moment the
stomach feels out of order. . Take
something at once that you know Wednesday -
will promptly and unfailingly as
sist digestion. There is nothing
better than Kodol for dyspepsia
indigestion, sour stomach, belch
ing of gas and nervous headache.!
Kodol is a natural digestant, ancl
will digest what you eat. Sold
by v. w. GIBSON.
J. H. SPENA, Agent.
' WEATHER REPORT. Presbyterian church, to whichs
r - j i . J all men are cordially invited.
Maximum and minimum tern-1 J
perature according to the gov
ernment thermometer at Wa
keeney for the week ending
Wednesday noon.
Max Mtn
57 - - - 42
81 - - - '55
83 - - - 48
83 - - 45
76 - - - 50
76 - - - 51
80 - - - ' 45
Four-tenths of .an inch of rain
has fallen here in the last week.
Friday -Saturday
Men's Brotherhood.
Union Men's Christian
Brotherhood will meet next Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock in the
Kennedy's Laxative Cougb
Syrup the cough syrup that
tastes nearly as good . as maples
sugar and which children like so
well to take. - Unlike nearly alt
other cough remedies", it does
not constipate, but on the other
hand it acts promptly yet gently
on the bowels, through which the
cold is forced out of the system,
and at the same time it allays in
flammation. Always use Ken
nedy's Laxative Cough Syrup.
Sold by v. W. Gibson. .
Get Verbeck & Lucas' prices
on lumber, coal, stoves, paints
varnishes and building material
They will save you money.

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